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ÿS¸¨@¯õ |©:
APµ •u» GÊzöuÀ»õ® Bv
£PÁß •uØ@Ó E»S
I²nºÄ G#v¯U Psq® £¯®Cß@Ó
ö©#EnºÄ CÀ»õ uÁºUS. (v¸USÓÒ : 354)
We have seen the meaning of this Kural yesterday. That is, Sense
control alone is not enough, we have to gain the knowledge of absolute
We have understand this point carefully. Knowledge will not
happen, in the absence of sense control.
If we do not gain the knowledge of the absolute reality, then sense
control is useless.
Sense control becomes complete, in the presence of knowledge.
The purpose of sense control is fulfilled only by gaining knowledge.
Now, we will learn the next Kural,
G¨ö£õ¸Ò Gzußø©z uõ°Ý® A¨ö£õ¸Ò
ö©#¨ö£õ¸Ò Põs£x AÔÄ
This is an excellent Kural. Take any object, whatever may be the
nature of that particular object, scriptures point out that there are five
aspects in it.
1. The existence (or isness) of the object
2. The evidence (or awareness)
3. Happiness (through knowing or getting that object)
4. The form of the object
5. The name of the object
All objects have these five aspects, existence, evidence (or
awareness), happiness, form and name.
Sometimes, we come across certain emotions. Emotions are
formless, but they have got names.
We see so many objects in the world. We see the earth. It has
innumerable, countless objects. We cannot calculate and tell all of them.
Thus, there are objects. Those objects have forms, names in
different languages and their presence is evident. We are able to
understand their existence and evidence.
Happiness is also there in every object. Though, it may be not
perceived by many people, happiness is also there. There is no doubt,
that happiness is also present.
Thus, we have to keep these five in mind -
Existence, Evidence, happiness, form and name.
Let us take these emotions, for example - love, anger, jealousy
etc; We have given names for them. We do not know their form. But we
are aware of their existence, they are evident. If we get rid of these
negative emotions and follow the positive emotions, we can identify
happiness also.
It is bit difficult to understand that happiness, which is present in
every object.
It is enough, if we take these two aspects - being existent and
being evident.
Names and forms change continuously. Existence and evidence
do not change.
We can take some examples like, vessels made out of clay or
ornaments made out of gold and other metals.
The ornament for the ear is known as ear ring, the one for the
nose is nose pin (‰USzv), the one for the hands is known as bangle,
the one for neck is called chain and so on.
Their names and forms are different, but their existence, evidence
and happiness remain the same. One feels happy to wear a golden
Similarly, we have to take all the objects and principles in the entire
Yesterday we saw,
”øÁJÎ FÖKøŒ |õØÓ® GßøÓ¢vß
ÁøPöu›Áõß Pm@h E»S
The world obeys and comes into control, of the person, who is
capable of analyzing the nature of these sense pleasures.
So, only the person, who is doing this analysis and living
intelligently, will gain control and mastery in sensory perception.
Thus, whatever may the nature of an object -
Take anything -
Space is. Air is. Fire is. Water is. Earth is. All these are present.
Take any object, of any nature - we may consider it to be superior
or inferior based on the capacity of our intelligence.
To know the real, absolute nature of any object is called, Knowledge
of absolute reality.
Thus, Tiruvalluvar has conveyed this idea in this Kural.
Let us dwell more on this Kural tomorrow.
If we sharpen our discriminative power and analyze this Kural, our
whole outlook of world will change. There is no doubt at all.
I²nºÄ G#v¯U Psq® £¯®Cß@Ó
ö©#EnºÄ CÀ»õ uÁºUS. (v¸USÓÒ : 354)
My prayerful blessings to all.
Let Valluvam live forever.
Let humanity prosper with love.