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The science department

The excelsior school
Swayambhu, Kathmandu
Anuj bhandari
10C, 07
Name of my locality is Balaju. It is located at nepaltar, Kathmandu. It has
a total area of 34.9 km square. According to the census of 2011 the total
population of Balaju is 46 thousand people. There are many schools and
colleges in my locality. As it is located in the heart of the Kathmandu
there is a lot of pollution in my locality. There many people coming in my
locality from different places to get proper resources to survive but the
people already living in the locality are not leaving so the population is
increasing day by day in my locality. As by the elders my locality was
very clean and it was the main place for marketing 10 years ago but now it
is polluted but it is still the main place of marketing.

The major objectives of making this report are as follow;
1. To know the major causes of rapid population growth.

2. To know the consequences of population growth in my


3. To know the control measures of population growth.


The major causes of population growth in my locality are as
Unplanned urbanization: unplanned urbanization is the
condition resulted by the improper planning which leaves
adverse effects
On the health, sanitation, secretary, housing and other such
aspects of life marked with uncontrolled migration. My
locality is also facing this problem. Many of the people are
doing unplanned urbanization in my locality which is
leading to rapid population growth.

Lack of educational sources: In Nepal there is a lack of

educational sources. In rural areas there are schools but they
are in bad condition if there are nice school but they are
miles far from the village. In our locality there are schools
but they are government school. The school is in bad
condition. There is no cafeteria in the school because of that
many of the student are eating junk food. Many of the
students are not even going to school. They are dropping
out. Most of the youth are unemployed in our locality which
means they are not doing family planning and so the
population is increasing day by day.

Poor contraceptive Use: As we being human beings sex is a

basic need of a human. Having sex before marriage is
normal in other countries but in Nepal our culture is against
having sex before marriage. It is not only my locality
problem it is the problem of whole Nepal. The sub adults
want to have sex but of the pressure of locality they are only
doing marriage for sex. They are getting married at a very
young age and they are not using proper contraceptives to
have sex so the population is increasing day by day.

Early marriage: It was a very big problem in our locality but

when people started getting proper education the child
marriage sop but even now some of the uneducated people
are forcing their children to do marriage and the population
is growing rapidly.
Consequences of R.P.G:
Poverty: As the population increases there are less job
opportunities and unemployment results in poverty. Many of
people of whole Nepal are poor. Many of the people in my
locality are middle class family. They have a average salary
which is just enough to take care there family so if they have
more than 3 kids then they will have problem but most of the
people have more than 3 children because they have mindset
that mare children is equal to more money so the family will
get in poverty.

Health problems: As the population growths the

environment is degrading day by day. As my locality is
located in Kathmandu there is a lot of pollution. It is due to
population growth. As there is more population this is
causing health problem like in just 1 year 6 people died in
my locality due to lung problems.

Control Measures of R.P.G

Delay Marriage: If all the people get married by having good
financial conditions and in a right age then the rapid growth
of the population can be controlled.

Use of contraceptives: If the people use the right

contraceptive when having sex and avoid multiple sex
partners then population can be controlled.

Sex education: if all the people get the proper sex education
in the locality then the problem of rapid population growth
can be controlled.

#Stop child marriage: If the educated people of the locality

start cam pan like #Stop child marriage and if they start
educating the people about the consequences of child
marriage then the population growth can be controlled.