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FICHA 2104653
1. Match the Word with the corresponding meaning:
a) Supply (c) Expensive
b) Demand (d) Desire to buy any producto
c) High price (b) All people
d) Mass market (e) The lifetime of goods and services.
e) Life cycle (a) Disposition to offer products

2. According to the text, mention the things people take into account to determine
the demand.
To identify the demand, people take into account the appearance, price and distribution of
the product using a market segment. After this also The combination of product, price
promotion and place chosen by a business will depend on its size, competition, the nature of
the product and your goals.
3. Write F for false or T for true
a) Production cost depends on Technology F ( ) V (T)
b) As greater the expectations are, the lower will be the offer from the companies. F (F)
V ()
c) One of the four Ps of marketing mix is Package F (F) V ( )
d) Price is the amount a customer pays for the producto F ( ) V (T)
e) Planning is to transform and develop marketing objectives to marketing strategies
F (F) V ( )

4. Answer the following questions

a) What is Benchmarking?: Benchmarking it is the analysis and systematic study that
a company makes of the competitors and leaders of its market. Furthermore,
benchmarking can go beyond our own market and lead us to discover business
models, business styles or financial improvements in markets totally different from
b) What is the process of Benchmarking?: Is a continuous process by which the
products, services or work processes of leading companies are taken as a reference,
to compare them with those of your own company and then make improvements and
implement them. He benchmarking methodology is applied by companies that are
seeking to be recognized for the fact of developing total quality. An example of this
are the North American companies, who incline their steps towards the achievement
of the great quality prizes.
c) Number the aspects to be taken into account in Benchmarking: The
benchmarking is carried out on:
The price. It is the most important indicator in mass consumption and multi-brand
distribution. A continuous monitoring of the price level of the competition is a
requirement. In the case of eCommerce, it becomes more important for two reasons:
On the one hand, the buyer has access to multiple purchase options and thus can
achieve the best price (Google Shopping, for example).
On the other hand, and from an eCommerce point of view, there are tracking tools
that detect our price points with respect to that of competitors. Amazon has price
trackers for all categories of its products and in this way it manages to always offer
its customers the best price on any item. In the world of online commerce, crawlers
react quickly and automatically.
The financial statements. A comparison of the financial indicators of our company
with respect to the competition will show us in depth our entrepreneurial talent. There
are many indicators that we have to follow. Most are obtained from the financial
reports required to submit to the administrations. To take into account are:
✓ Debt and working capital, indicators of the capacity, for example, to face new
projects of the most immediate future.
✓ Sales and profit per employee, which gives insight into productivity and the
ability to obtain competitive products.
✓ The EBITDA, its evolution and destination, to know the satisfaction of the
partners, the financing needs and the productivity of the company.
✓ Finally, the business turnover mix that will be used to compare the diversity
of businesses and their evolution. If your competition is listed on the stock
market, you will be able to buy shares and thus you will be able to attend the
shareholders meeting and better understand the relationship of the company
with its shareholders.
Marketing, advertising and SEO positioning. It is not difficult to compare our
investment in advertising with the competition.
✓ If our investment is destined for television, our media agency will give us
reports on the investment in GRPs, by bands, audience qualification or
channels with respect to the competition. Obtaining the profitability of our
campaigns is a data crossing that the research departments will know how to
✓ The measurement of traffic and online advertising is obtained by hiring the
services of ComScore or thanks to tools such as SEMRush, Mangools or
MOZ, which also compare the positioning of your website with respect to
your most direct competitors. It is a good idea to use the SimilarWeb
application to quickly zoom in on a competing website traffic estimate.
Human resources. Are the employees well paid? Is there a risk that they will go to
the competition? Answers to these questions can be obtained thanks to the reports
published by recruitment companies, the advice of recruitment companies or other
types of practices such as the publication of fictitious personnel search ads. A timely
reaction allows us to retain quality talent by identifying aspects other than salary to
retain the most valuable employees.
Benchmarking is carried out on all areas of a company and it is a practice that can
reach the degree of depth that we want to give it.

5. Write the vocabulary (20 words) from the reading, and make a Glossary:
Organize the words in alphabetic order and write the meaning of each word.
Actress: Person who plays a role in theater, television, radio or cinema, especially if
he is engaged in it professionally.
Application: Use of a thing or implementation of the appropriate procedures to
achieve an end.
Automatic: Science that studies automation and its applications, especially the
techniques developed in order to reduce and eliminate human intervention in the
production or operation of goods and services.
Brand: It is a name, a term, a sign, a symbol, a design, or a combination of any of
them that identifies products and services of a company and differentiates them from
Break dance game: It is a social dance that is part of the Hip Hop culture along with
Graffiti, Rap and Djing. This element was born in the communities of the New York
neighborhoods like Bronx and Brooklyn in the 1970s.
Demand: It is the quantity of a good or service that people want to purchase.
Devices: An auxiliary and independent element connected to the central processing
unit of the computer; to the organization to undertake an action; to the dispositive
legislation, which is used in a contract if the parties do not determine otherwise.
Extinguish: To make a thing end or cease to exist, especially after it has been
diminishing or disappearing little by little.
Fame: Made of being recognized the qualities of a person or a thing, or the actions
of a person, by many people and that they talk about them.
Goods: They are usually structural and can be transferred in an instant
Lifecycle: It is the evolution of the sales of an item during the time it remains on the
Marketing: Set of techniques and studies that aim to improve the commercialization
of a product.
Offer: It is the amount of good or service that the seller offers for sale.
Process: It is a formal cause of the series of acts in which the administrative action
is specified for the realization of a specific purpose; in which the objectives and goals
to be achieved are set.
Producer: In the film economy or film industry, the legal representative of a film
work and the person responsible for the organizational and technical aspects of
making a film, thus complementing the creative activity of the director.
Product: It is an eligible, viable and repeatable option that the offer makes available
to the demand, to satisfy a need or meet a desire through its use or consumption.
Sales: Sales are activities related to the sale or quantity of goods sold in a given period
of time.
Service: They are intangible and are delivered over a period of time.
Software: Software of a computer system, comprising all the necessary logical
components that make it possible to carry out specific tasks, as opposed to the
physical components that are called hardware.
Success: Result, especially happy, of a company or action taken, or of an event.

6. Write a ten lines text that summarizes the topic of the activity.
In this text we can see clear examples of how the supply and demand process is, the factors
that must be taken into account to proceed to make an offer. It should also be noted that a
marketing study should be done and everything cataloged to market segmentation; it is what
the customer is looking for. As they say, everything enters through the eyes and from good
ideas is where we must attract customers. Satisfy our customers by maintaining an excellent
production under the knowledge of our goods and services, maintaining quality and quantity
when exhibiting them, inspecting each product since they have certain periods of time (it
depends on the product or service). And finally they share the story of a film producer where
he says that cinema is one of the best markets that can exist worldwide.