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Romeo & Juliet. Points for Understanding.

Senior II-2020
Act 1

1 How did the Prince say he would punish the Capulets and Montagues if there was more
fighting in the town?
2 Why was Romeo feeling so unhappy?
3 Why did Count Paris visit Capulet?
4 Why did Benvolio want Romeo to go to Capulet’s party?
5 Who did Tybalt want to fight at the party, and why?
6 Why was Juliet shocked when Nurse told her who Romeo was?

Act 2

1 What did Juliet want Romeo to change about himself?

2 What did Romeo and Juliet decide to do?
3 Why was Friar Laurence worried about Romeo’s plan?
4 Why did he decide to help him?
5 What message did Romeo give to Nurse for Juliet?
6 Why did Romeo want a rope ladder?

Act 3

1 Why didn’t Romeo want to fight with Tybalt?

2 How did Mercutio die?
3 What was Romeo’s punishment for killing Tybalt?
4 How did Romeo feel when he heard about his punishment, and why did he feel like this?
5 What did Lord Capulet do to try and stop Juliet thinking about her cousin’s death?
6 What did Nurse tell Juliet to do?

Act 4

1 Who did Juliet meet at Friar Laurence’s? What was he doing there?
2 Why did Juliet pick up a knife when she went to see Friar Laurence?
3 Friar Laurence gave Juliet a mixture. What will the mixture do?
4 What did Lord Capulet decide to do after Juliet came back from Friar Laurence’s?
5 What four things was Juliet worried about before she drank the mixture?

Act 5

1 What news did Balthasar bring Romeo from Verona?

2 What did Romeo decide to do?
3 Why didn’t Romeo get the letter that Friar Laurence sent to him?
4 What did Romeo do when he found Juliet inside the Capulets’ tomb?
5 How did Juliet kill herself, and why?
6 What did Capulet and Montague decide to do at the end of the play?