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ANSWER SCHEME YEAR 3 FINALS 2018 6) Serve the salad in small bowls.

1. to clean the carpet
1) This is Zebra.
2. to cook rice
It has black and white stripes on its body.
3. to watch movies
It eats grass.
4. to wash clothes

2) This is a parrot.
It has colourful feathers.
This if Fluffy Dog. He lived in a kennel. He wanted
It eats nuts and fruits.
to be a musician. He walked for a long time. He
was tired.
3) This is a buffalo.
It has two sharp horns.
It eats grass.
Once upon a time, there were three bears. The
lived in a house in the forest. One morning,
Goldilocks passed by the bears’ house. The front
a an
door was opened. Goldilocks smelled something
1. cake 6. elephant
good. She walked into the house. She tasted the
2. tree 7. alarm clock
porridge in the bowl. She ate all the porridge in
3. house 8. apron
the Baby Bear’s bowl. After a while, she started to
4. flower 9. orange
feel sleepy and wanted to lied down.
5. cat 10. apple
Once upon a time, there lived a rooster, a cat, a
1. The fish is in a fish bowl.
dog and a buffalo. They left their homes to become
2. He plays football with his friends.
musicians. They walked for a long time. Finally, they
3. He is going up the stairs.
saw a little house.
4. The bag is near the table.
5. The pillow is on the bed.
1) spiky crown.
2) one
3) short stem
4) leaves
5) yellow
6) sweet
7) juicy
8) cubes
9) rings
10) Pineapple juice

1) Wash the fruits.
2) Cut the fruits into small pieces.
3) Put them into a big bowl.
4) Mix the fruits.
5) Squeeze some lemon juice