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Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018



Dewi Nurmala1, Ratna Sari Dewi2

Faculty of Letters, University of Muslim Nusantara Al-Washliyah Medan


Translation is a process of transferring the message from source language to target

language. In the process of translation, a translator has an important role in the result of
translation in which the acceptance is the main point of transferring the meaning. There
is a machine used to translate from the source language to the target language that is
google translate. However, the result is an error should be analyzed. The error analysis
always occurs in grammar. The data analysed are the news text of Liputan6.com in
Indonesian translates into English by google translate. The method used is descriptive
qualitative. The technique used is triangulation. From the data analysed, there are 21
grammatical errors found in Rubella Immunization to School in Malang Involve Ministry
of Religion text consists of 4 omission, 1 addition, 6 misordering, and 10 other errors. In
Language Columns: Dictionary Can Increase A Child’s Literacy Interest text, there are
26 grammatical errors consists of 7 omission, 2 misformation, and 17 other errors. In
SEA Games: Agus Prayogo Comments After Agus’ Achievement Winning Silver
Marathon text there are 22 grammatical errors consists of 5 omission, 1 addition, 2
misordering, and 14 other errors. There is one word cannot be translated that is the word
melambar because the word is not clear in meaning in the text SEA Games: Agus
Prayogo Comments After Agus’ Achievement Winning Silver Marathon.
Keywords : translation, error analysis, google translate.

1. INTRODUCTION life the way of communication of

human beings in global era.
1.1 Background of the Study
Formerly, internet was used by
Language is a communication American military but as the
tool that has the important role in development of era, internet has
daily life. Human beings can send spread to the aspect of human life.
message and express felling and By using internet, everbody
thought through language. Language can get the information needed
can be used in many ways to quickly. Pibriana dan Riccoida (105:
communicate with other people. 2017) states that internet is the
People use spoken and written connecting tool between the
language to send a message to others. organization and its customers, so it
The message can be sent through the will be created a vitual organization.
printed or electronic media. This organization has a role in
In its development, the communication online. In other
electronic media becomes one of the words, internet enables an individual
popular media that grows rapidly in connects to the others accept or give
sending the information. The most the information.
popular electronic recently is Santoso (2014) states that in
internet. The internet influences the searching the information in internet,
Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018

there is a populer machine called data in the form of words or

Google. This machine was first sentences. The data analysed is a
developed by Laryy Page dan Sergey news text that is translated into
Brin in 1996. In its development, English using the Google Translate
Google does not only help the user to engine and the study of error analysis
find the link in one web to the other, containes in the translation results.
it also provide the translate tool. The This is a document in the form of a
translate tool of Google recently can translation of liputan6.com news.
translate more than fifty languages, The data processing technique is a
one is from Indonesian to English. document analysis by using
The translation result from the triangulation technique. Sugiyono
google translate is possible with (2013: 330) states that the
errors. This error is in the lingua, so triangulation is expressed as a data
there is an analitical study in collection technique that combines
analyzing the error. The results of the from various data collection
translations analyzed in this research techniques and data sources that
are in liputan6.com news gtext which already exist. This technique is also
consists of three titles. With based on at once to test the credibility of the
the explanation above, the data. This technique is applied to
researcher is interested in finding the collect word-related or phrase-related
error of language titled "An Error data in liputan6.com text translation.
Analysis of Translated Result of Data analysis techniques are as
Google Translation-Translate in follows: 1) Reading the results of the
English Text". 6.0 news coverage of news coverage,
From the problems above, it 2) Analyzing grammatical errors that
can be formulated as follows: occur on the translation of text on
1. Is there a grammatical error of the google translate, 3) Verify the
translation that occurs in analysis to experts who are
liputan6.com news text? competent translation experts, 4)
2. What kind of grammatical error Identify and classify the types of
occurs in the translation results in grammatical errors that have been
liputan6.com news text? analyzed, 5) Present the number of
1.2 The Objectives of the Study grammatical errors, 6) Make a
The objectives of the study are as conclusion.
follows: Sugiyono (2013) states that
1. To find out whether there is a the qualitative data analysis is
grammatical error of the inductive, that is an analysis based
translation that occurs in on the data obtaines, then developes
liputan6.com news text. a certain relationship pattern or
2. To find out the kind of become a hypothesis. Bogdan and
grammatical error occurs in the Biklen (1992) states that the
translation results in liputan6.com document could be a personal
news text. document and an official document.
Document analyzed in this research
2. METHOD is liputan6.com news.
The method used in this
research is descriptive qualitative 3. RESULT AND DISCUSSION
method. Qualitative approach uses 3.1 Discussion
Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018

From the data that has been that should be present in the phrase
researched there are 18 grammatical or sentence. In text A there are 5
errors contained in liputan6.com. The errors for example Malang Dinas
data is text taken on August 19, 2017 Kesehatan Kota Malang, Jawa
in the form of source language Timur, … which translated Malang,
(Indonesia) to the target language The City Health, Malang Office, East
(English) that has been translated via Java,… which is the article the on
google translate tool. The three text the target language omitted on the
titles are Rubella Immunization to translation google translate.
School in Malang City Involve In text B there are 6 errors for
Ministry of Religion or called text A, example of the sentence Tujuan
Column Language: Dictionary Can literasi untuk anak/peserta didik
Increase Interest of Children Literacy sendiri ialah anak dapat “melek”
or called text B, SEA Games: Agus dan dapat membaca, …is translated
Prayoga Comments After Seizing into The purpose of literacy for
Silver Marathon or called text C. children / students is that children
In Rubella Immunization to can "literate" and can read ...
Schools in Malang City Involve the through google translate engine and
Ministry of Religion there are 23 with the correction is The purpose of
grammatical errors consisting of 4 literacy for children / students is that
omission, 2 addition, 6 misordering children can be "literate" and can
and 11 other errors. In the news text read ... where the grammatical error
Column Language: Dictionary Can that occurs is the lack of words be
Increase Interest in Children after can in the sentence. In text C
Literacy there are 29 errors that is 7 there are 6 errors where the case on
omission, 3 misformation, and 18 this text is the same with the news in
other errors (other error). In the text text A.
of SEA Games: Agus Prayoga’s 3.2.2 Additions
Comment After Seizing the Silver Addition is an addition error
Marathon there are 21 errors that is 5 marked by the presence of a grain or
omission, 1 addition, 2 misordering element that should not appear in a
and 14 other error. phrase or sentence. In text A there is
3.2 The Discussion of Research 1 error for example in the sentence
Results …realisasinya sudah 59,05 persen
The research data that source atau 99.665 anak usia 9 bulan-15
from this document consists of tahun sudah diimunisasi is translated
translations from the source language into ... the realization has been 59.05
(Indonesia) to the target language percent or 99,665 children aged 9
(English) which is translated by months-15 years have been
using google translate engine. The immunized by using google translate
data identified are phrases and with the correction ... the realization
sentences. In the results of the news was 59.05 percent or 99,665 9
text translation there are several month-15 year children had been
types of grammatical errors found immunized where the grammatical
are: errors occurred in the word month
3.2.1 Omission and year added s is inappropriate use
Omission is the erasing errors because the sentence stated age not
marked by the absence of an item the age of the children. In text C
Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018

there is 1 error with the example of grammatical errors with the example
the sentence Namun, sayang Agus Pelari putra Indonesia, Agus
Prayogo tertinggal cukup jauh di Prayogo, …is translated into Runners
akhir lomba that is translated of son of Indonesia, Agus Prayogo,
However, unfortunately Agus ... with the correction is Male
Prayogo lags far enough at the end Indonesia Runner, Agus Prayogo, ....
of the race with the correction the grammatical error that occurs in
Unfortunately Agus Prayogo lags far son's words that is not appropriate to
enough at the end of the race in assert the word son because the
which the grammatical errors occur word son is more appropriate to
in the addition of excessive words if declare a son of a person and the
they are added to the sentence in the structure of the phrase where in the
target language. However, in text B target language should adjectives +
there is no grammatical error. noun instead. However, in text B
there is no misordering error.
3.2.3 Misformation
Misformation is characterized by 3.2.5 Other Errors
improper use of morphemes or Another error is a grammatical
structures. In text A and in text C error that does not include the
cannot be found a grammatical error. taxonomic category consisting of
But in text B there are 2 errors for grammatical errors in the form of
example in the sentence Dr. Felicia diction, tenses, pronouns, semantics
Nuradi Utorodewo sebagai or gerunds.
pembicara utama dalam Seminar
Leksikografi Indonesia yang Diction
diadakan … where the word Diction is the selection of words
lexikografi is translated the same as in proper language use language, if
the source language and it should be word selection is not correct then the
translated into Lexicography in the meaning of the sentence in the source
target language. language cannot be conveyed in the
target language. In text A there are 4
3.2.4 Misordering errors at this level with the example
Misordering is an error in the Malang Malang City Health Office,
preparation of language elements in a East Java, should hold the Office of
phrase or sentence construction in the Ministry of Religious Affairs ...
the target language. In text A there where the word menggandeng is
are 6 errors with the example Malang translated into hold and it should be
Dinas Kesehatan Kota Malang, Jawa translated into involves. The
Timur, …which is translated into grammatical error that occurs is the
Malang Malang City Health Office, selection of the word involve that is
East Java, ... with the correction more precise in meaning to replace
Malang, The City Health, Malang the word hold. While in text B there
Office, East Java, ... the grammatical are 6 errors on diction with the
error that occurs on the misleading example in the sentence The child
phrases of the Malang City Health knows the language started when he
Office translation phrase that is received the first language in the
inconsistent with target language home environment where the word
rules. While in text C there are 2 dimulai is translated into when and it
Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018

should be translated into since. The Tenses

grammatical error that occurs is the Tenses are verb forms to
use of the word when more precisely indicate time changes, so the
use the word since because the word different time details can affect the
when used to describe an event that verb form used in a sentence. In text
occurs immediately after the first A there are 2 grammatical errors with
event whereas word since used to the example of the sentence That new
explain when an event begins. target to the school under the
In text B there are 8 grammatical Department of Education and
errors on diction level with the Ministry of Religious Affairs with the
example Dari 15 pelari yang translation of the target language
mengikuti nomor maraton putra, … using tense simple present tense and
is translated into Of the 15 runners it should be replaced by the verb is
following the marathon number of because the sentence states the
men, ... where in the data word of is events that have been done by the
replaced with the word for in the health office of the child in the
sentence number 1. The word of of school because in the target language
the target language is used to express the form of time affects the verb or
ownership whereas for has meaning auxiliary word used. In text B there
untuk, in the sentence the use of the are 5 grammatical errors with the
word for is more precise. example of the sentence we know,
the Indonesian language became the Pronoun language of instruction in education
Pronoun is used to replace noun in Indonesia in accordance with the
which can be a person, an object, an provisions of Law No. 24 of 2009 in
animal, or an abstract concept. In text which the word becomes translated
A there are 3 grammatical errors in into in the form of simple present
the form of pronouns with the tense to be because the sentence
example in the sentence ... the school states the incident which is common
would have its students given the where everyone has known.
vaccine, "said Asih in Malang, Similarly, in text C there are 4
Friday (18/8/2017) where the word grammatical errors with the example
school is experiencing a repetition of However, unfortunately Agus
the target language translated into ... Prayogo left far enough at the end of
the school and should be translated the race where the word left behind
into them where the word school translated lags with a simple present
does not need to be repeated in the tense form into a simple past tense
next sentence so that the sentence is form, the sentence tells the incident
more effective. However, in text C is that has occurred because the text
not found error pronoun. tells about Agus’ experience in
While in text B there are 4 errors marathon race at SEA Games.
with the examples of sentences The
first language of children in general Semantics
is their native language mostly using Semantics is one branch of
local language where the phrase of linguistics that studies the meaning
the first language of the child is quite contained in a language, code, or
replaced with the word their. other representations. In other words,
semantics is the study of meaning. In
Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018

text A news there is 1 error on the Gerund is a noun formed from

semantic level with the example of the verb that ends with suffix -ing
the phrase Socialization of danger if and serves as a noun. Grammatical
the child is not vaccinated with errors at this level are found only in
translation where the sentence text C with the sentence However,
translation in the text is less to Bogor-born runner still strives to be
convey the meaning of socialization up front for approximately three
of danger that will threaten the child kilometers before finish where the
if not vaccinated, because the word before finish should be
translation follows the Indonesian translated into before finishing. In the
pattern as the source language, sentence translation after the
therefore there are some words that preposition before in the target
must be added to the sentence so that language, it must be added with the
its meaning is not ambiguous to the suffix -ing.
word we have socialized.
In text B there are 2 CONCLUSIONS AND
grammatical errors with the sample SUGGESTIONS
sentence Malone (2007) 5.1 Conclusions
berpendapat, anak-anak yang 1. The type of grammar that occurs
berbahasa ibu yang berbeda dari in the three news texts is
bahasa nasional sering… with the grammatical errors in the strategy
translation Malone (2007) argues of the birth category taxonomy
that children who speak different consisting of omission, additions,
mothers of the national language are misformation, misordering, and
often ... with the phrase correction other errors that do not includes
children who speak different mothers those four categories that includes
of the national language are children diction, tenses, pronoun and
whose mothers are different from the others.
national language is not true not 2. In the three news texts, the
children who speak different mother dominant grammatical error
tongue of the national language occurs is a grammatical error at
which should be translated into the level of another errors, which
children who speak native language means the error is outside the
which is different from the national strategy of the birth category
one. Then in text C there is 1 error taxonomy. This can be proven
with the sentence SEA Games: Agus from the findings in Rubela
Prayogo’s Comments After Grab the Immunization text texts to schools
Silver Marathon where the word in Malang City Involve the
grab is translated by Seizing on the Ministry of Religion there are 11
translation above is more appropriate other errors of 23 grammatical
to declare the meaning of reach if errors, in the news text Column
there is someone who fell but it does Language: Dictionary Can
not reach something. So the word is Increase Interest in Children
replaced with the phrase Agus' Literacy there are 18 other errors
Achievement Winning which has (other error) of 29 grammatical
almost the same as the word grab. errors, and in the text of the SEA
Games: Agus Prayogo’s Comment Gerund After the Race of the Silver
Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018

Marathon there are 14 other errors Research for Education; An

of 21 grammatical errors. Introduction to Theory and
3. In the three articles there is also Methods. Boston: Allyn and
one word that cannot be translated Bacon.
because the word does not have a Hidayat, Nandang Sarip. 2014.
clear intent in the source language Analisis Kesalahan dan Kontrastif
is the text of the news SEA dalam Pembelajaran Bahasa
Games: Agus Prayogo’s Comment Arab. Jurnal Penelitian Sosial
After Grab the Silver Marathon Keagamaan. (17): 173
on the sentence My speed was Muslimah, Nur. 2014. Analisis
followed by my opponent, I Kesalahan Ortografi dalam
melambar them follow, "said Karangan Narasi Berbahasa Jawa
Agus Prayogo. Siswa Kelas XI di SMA N 6
Purwokerto Tahun Pelajaran
5.2 Suggestions 2012/2013. Jurnal Program Studi
1. It is advisable to the reader to be Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra
more thorough and verify the Jawa. (4): 18
translation results back to the Novitasari, Erlina Yuni. 2012.
translation expert in translating a Kesalahan dalam Terjemahan
news text or other form of writing Abstrak Karya Ilmiah oleh
by using google translate engine Mahasiswa Jurusan Sastra
for translation results are valid Jerman Angkatan 2008 UNM.
and conveyed its meaning. http://www.journal-
2. The results of this study can online.um.ac.id. 18 Agustus 2017
provide benefits to the reader and (09.10)
can be used as a reference in Pibriana, Desi dan Richoida, Desy
conducting research related to the Iba. 2017. Analisis Pengaruh
translation, especially from the Penggunaan Internet terhadap
source language (Indonesia) to the Minat Belajar Mahasiswa (Studi
target language (English). Kasus: Perguruan Tinggi di Kota
Palembang). Jatisi (3): 105
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Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018

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Gajah Mada

Prosiding Seminar Nasional Hasil Penelitian 2018