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Republic of the Philippines


Cabitan, Mandaon, Masbate

A Case Study About The Situations of Rizal, Navotas, and Bacjawan Sur
Elementary School

I. Introduction.
The current situation happening almost all over the world is creating a huge problem to all
private and government entities in all aspects. This occurrence is now making its presence felt
particularly in Department of Education and giving pressure to its officials down to all teachers in the
field on how to continue to provide education to Filipinos without jeopardizing its quality.
And in the case of these three (3) given schools who wants to do whatever it takes just to
fulfil their duties and responsibilities, they have series of problems that they will be facing along the
course of implementation of their planned solution to cater the needs of their clients based on current
situation of the community they belong. Since, they cannot impose face to face mode of learning, they
chose the Distance Learning modality through on-line and modular learning. And thinking of this
mode of delivery of learning, several problems will automatically pop up like financial resources for
the gadgets, load, internet connection, and the problem of slow learners.
II. Background.
There are three (3) cases that are included in this study, the first one is Navotas Schools
Division in Metro Manila is composed of 24 schools and 7 of which are high school. It is a highly
urbanized and heavily populated schools division. The second one is Taytay Senior High School in
Rizal which posted an ad on Facebook stating: “Do you have a bicycle or motorbike? Do you have an
internet connection? Do you own a sari-sari store? Or do you love teaching? Why not be a volunteer
of Taytay Senior High School?. And the third one is Bacjawan Sur ES in Concepcion, Iloilo headed
by their school principal Rogie Espulgar and complemented by his supportive 14 teachers.

A. Challenges to concerned authorities:

1. Navotas Schools Division

a. Distribution/collection of learning resource packets.
b. Limited knowledge of parents regarding topics in different subjects
c. Students who might fall behind
2. Taytay Senior High School of Rizal
a. System efficiency
b. System effectiveness
3. Bacjawan Sur ES (Concepcion, Iloilo)
a. Parents and other stakeholders’ involvement.
b. Teachers’ readiness.
c. Availability of resources for printing.

1. Navotas Schools Division

a. NAVOSchool in-a-box kit for pupil and students
b. Project PANATA (Patnubay kay NAnay at TAtay)
c. “Tutor a Learning Child” by para-teacher tutor volunteers
2. Taytay Senior High School of Rizal
a. The Regional office should be doing random testing of students to check the effectiveness
of distance education modality and study the efficiencies of this new modality.

3. Bacjawan Sur ES (concepcion, Iloilo)

a. To prepare for the new normal, the school went through different types of training for the
14 teachers to cope for the present situation.

The three (3) cases also implies three faces of today’s situation. It is very evident that every
school have common problems with the other and differ also in some aspects based from the
community they’re located. And for to them to address their problems and challenges successfully,
they need to consider the following suggestions:
1. Make a thorough assessment of parents’ capability to involve their learners in online
learning mode of education before imposing it.
2. School heads should make sure that their school including the teachers’ capability and
skills to adopt to the learning modality chosen.
3. Involvement of Local Government Units (LGU) will play a big role for this situation.
4. Proper utilization of allotted budget is a must.