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S.A.Shahenaz begum
w/o.mohammad asif iqbal
Tirupati – 517 502
Chittoor (Dt),​ ​ Mobile No: 9985554429
A.P. – 517 505. e-mail :

Career Objective:

With a zeal to excel in the innovative field of environmental sciences which

helps in continuous acquisition of knowledge and to distend upon my
education and to be a paradigm in my field and work for both individual and
organizational development.

Academic Qualification:

Course Year Board/University Percentage of

Qualified for S.V.U
RECET-2009, Ph.D
Registration under
M.Sc 2006 S.V.​ ​University​ 82%
B.Sc 2003 S.V.​ ​University​ 60%
(Chemistry, ​Physics
Intermediate 1999 Board of 63%
Biology, Chemistry Intermediate (A.P)
S.S.C / X Std., 1997 Board of Secondary 61%
Education (A.P)

Project Work:
➢​ ​“Land use / Land cover Classification”, A part of Chittor dist. A.P,
under the guidance of Prof.K.Janardhanam, Dept of Environmental
sciences, Sri venkateshwara University, Tirupati.

Technical Skills:

➢​ ​Proficient with use of Windows, MS-Office & Internet.

Personal Traits:
➢​ ​Good Communicational and Organizational Skills.
➢​ ​Good Handwriting.
➢​ ​Good Leadership qualities and ability to motivate other.
➢​ ​Positive attitude.
➢​ ​Having complete knowledge about my subjects.
➢​ ​Having knowledge about current affairs and economics.
➢​ ​Willing to learn.


➢​ ​2006- 2007 Worked as a lecturer in environmental studies in Quba

Engg College, Nellore.
➢​ ​2007-Till to date Working as a Lecturer in environmental studies
in Sreenivasa Engg College, Chittoor.
➢​ ​Totally I have Three years and six months teaching​ ​experience.


➢​ ​Achieved T.N.S.F. Merit student award for the year 2005,


Personal Information:

Father’s Name​ ​: ​ ​S.A.Khaleel basha

Mother’s Name​ ​ ​: ​ ​S. Sirajunnisa
Date of Birth​ ​:​ ​15-06- 1981
Age​ ​:​ ​28years
Marital Status​ ​: ​ ​married.
Nationality and Religion​ ​: ​ ​Indian – Muslim
Languages Known​ ​:​ ​Telugu, English
and Hindi


I hereby declare that the information provided above is true and fair
according to the best of my knowledge. I will submit my credentials
at the time of interview. If you find any false information in my C.V,
I will abide for the actions taken by you.


Place:Tirupati​ ​
(S.A.Shahenaz Begum)