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Maderazo, Dheine Louise L.


1. How does technology improve business?

Generally, technology is known to make things better; and when it comes to
business, it helps in its enhancements by improving its overall performance. When a
company incorporates technology in its operations—in every bit of it, almost everything
runs and works faster. This saves time and results to a greater mass production, which
helps in generating more profit, rather than incurring more expenses. Lastly, it helps the
business to have a better way of communication with the people inside and outside their
entity, especially its employees and customers. All in all, these lead to an improved and
enhanced business because for me, when the performance of the business is enhanced,
the business itself will do as well, as an outcome of this.
2. What are the positive and negative effects of technology to business?
Technology has always had us looking forward to it— had always left us wanting
for improvements and continuous advancements ever since its emergence because it
really made a huge impact on us humans, making our lives easier. Aside from being very
beneficial to our personal lives, it also made a huge impact on businesses, mostly for the
better. One of the positive impacts that technology brought to the business world is
efficiency. With the aid of the technology, production and other business operations
tend to run smoothly and quickly, resulting to more outputs, compared to the results
when done manually. However, as helpful as it can be, it can still cause problems to and
negative impacts on the business—even its benefits could later be its downside as well.
The most alarming for me is too much technology dependence wherein the companies
will be using mostly machines and other source of technology in their operations and
when malfunctions happen, it can greatly affect the performance of the business.
3. What is the role of technology in business?
Answering this question, for me, may be best done by imposing another question
—to determine the role of technology in business, I think we should first ask ourselves if
in the world we are in today, would businesses still run like they do now, if we take away
technology? From this question, I think we can see how important technology is today in
the operations of a business, and for me, it is one of the factors that leads to a longer life
for the business as a result of its success and growth. With this, I can say that in a
business, technology can be compared to a gear of a machine, because when it is
present, it helps the machine to function well. Plus, it is not the only one that runs a
business; it is only a part, but a very important one. When it goes missing or when it gets
broken, no matter how good the condition of the other gears is, it may hurt the business.