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Lesson Plan 

Teacher:          Nuryantika Ismail                               Grade Level:               1st          

Content and Standards:  CC.2.1.1. B. 2

Use place-value concepts to represents amounts of tens and ones and to compare two-
digit numbers.

Prerequisites: To be able to do this lesson, the students have to at least know their numbers and
the value of each number.

Instructional Objective: Students will be able to identify and discriminate, when comparing

two-digit numbers.

Students will be able to use/draw model to compare two-digit numbers.

Instructional Procedures: 

Before: (5 min) Prior to beginning the activity, I will explain to the class that today we will
continue to learn how to compare two two-digit numbers. I also will tell the class that we will
watch a video Comparing Numbers: 2-Digit Numbersfrom YouTube. Before I start the video, I
will ask my students if they have any questions, then after that I will start the lesson. 

During: ((15-25 min whole group) depending on how fast they understand the lesson) During the
lesson, I will ask the students to get their slate, eraser, and marker. Next, I write two, two-digit
numbers (random numbers), and make the model on the board (two group). Then I will ask the
students if they can tell me which number is largest (greatest) or smallest (less), after they give
me the answer (the students should write the answer on their slate), I will circle the answer. Next,
I will do the same step as I did before and ask the students to write the answer on their slate and
they have to make the model, write the digit, and circle the answer. I will try several times until I
see that my students understand what they are supposed to do with comparing the numbers.
While we work on it, I will use place value to help them separate the numbers if they look

After: (5 min whole group) After the lesson, I will ask my students if they have any questions
about comparing the numbers. Then I will show them what they have to do in each of the

Materials and Equipment:

smart board 
YouTube video  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fui9VPoiIWc
Eraser for pencil and slate
This lesson is just for the students to learn and I will not grade the students. However,
I will pay attention to see any signs of the students not engaging with the lesson or the
activity. To assess my students during lesson, I used slate, which will help me to get
immediate feedback from them. Their answer will help me to decide if they are ready
and have reached my learning objective. At the end of the lesson, I will give the
students an exit ticket (my other form of formative assessment) to work individually
and I will collect it to decide whether they understood the concept that I just
explained. The students answer on the slate and exit ticket also helps me evaluate
myself because it will help me to improve my lesson as well as my teaching style for
the next time. 
With this lesson, I will separate the students up to 5 groups. Each of the groups will
learn something similar but different according to their level. I will work with them
about 5-10 min for each group.
1 2 3 4 5
I will show them I will write the I will write the I will write the I will write the
some addition numbers on the numbers on the numbers on the numbers on the
equations, then the mat/slate and the mat and use the mat/slate and use mat/slate and use
students will show students have to model to the model to the model to
me the answer on use the models represent represent represent
their slate/mat, after to represent the numbers, and numbers, and we numbers, and we
that, they have to numbers and students have to will compare will compare
draw the models and compare which compare which which one is which one is
compare which one one is largest one is largest largest (greatest) largest (greatest)
is largest (greatest) (greatest) or (greatest) or or smallest (less) or smallest (less)
or smallest (less). smallest (less). smallest (less). together. It they as a whole
look confused, I group. Then I
will use the place will explain to
value, to help them using place
them to compare value why this
the numbers. one is greatest
than the other
Closing: At the end of the group session, I will ask the students to clean up their table and they
will need their pencil and eraser. Then, I will go back to review what we just learned today.
Next, I give the whole class an exit ticket and they have 2-5 min to finish it.

Technology:  Laptop, Internet, smartboard


With this lesson, most of my students have no problem comparing the numbers. However, some
of my students still have difficulty because they still need to work on their numbers. I really like
using the slate for the students to give me their answer because this is one of the easiest ways to
engage my students with the lesson. Using the slate also helps me to get immediate feedback and
I know right away what I should do to help my students before the end of the lesson. At the end
of the lesson, I give my students an exit ticket to work individually. The exit ticket is just for me
to use as a measurement if my students reach my learning objective. When I collect my students
exit tickets after they are finished, I can tell that most of them got the right answer, which tells
me that the lesson objective was met.