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An Adventure for Character Levels 10 -14

by Anne Gray McCready


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Illustrations: Clyde Caldwell Journey of Fear . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
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Red Sonja of Hyrkania Suggested Reading AD&D® Rules in Hyboria
"If you but have the will, Sonja, you may You may want to better familiarize yourself These rules modifications will help make
use your strength to make the world your with some of the settings and characters of your AD&D® adventure in Hyboria more
home. You may become a wanderer, the Red Sonja's world before running this ad- exciting and challenging. Keep in mind that
equal of any man or woman you meet." venture. The Red Sonja adventures from these rules are not official or binding, but
Red Sonja #1. The Ring of Ikribu Marvel Comics are a good starting point, as need only apply when your PCs are adven-
are the following books by David C. Smith: turing in Hyboria.
Sonja was not yet 20 years old when the Red Sonja #1: The Ring of Ikribu
mercenaries came. Her father had been one Red Sonja #2: Demon Light Sonja's Vow
of them once, but he'd lost his left leg in a Red Sonja #3: When Hell Laughs
The vow Sonja took is that she will love no
campaign, and now it was all he could do to Red Sonja #4: Endithor's Daughter man who cannot defeat her fairly in battle.
farm a small plot of land and feed his family. Red Sonja #5: Against the Prince of Hell This means she may not compromise herself
Over the years, Sonja's father taught her Red Sonja #6: Star of Doom
in any way to further her goals. She may use
younger brothers the art of swordplay. She
her feminine wiles to a certain extent, but
would watch very carefully, then steal away DM Background the power of her beauty is likely to over-
to the woods to practice on her own. And
This adventure is designed for four 10th to come many men, so this approach could
that fall, just shy of 20, Sonja promised her-
self that one day she would be her brothers'
14th level player characters (PCs) from the work against Sonja.
Hyborian world: Achmal, Kynon, Galon, Make sure that the person playing Sonja
equal in battle. That was the fall the merce-
and Red Sonja. Character profiles are pro- understands this vow. If Sonja abuses her
naries came. power over men during the adventure, she
vided in the PC pull-out section in the center
There were six of them in all. The leader will lose some of her exceptional abilities for
had come to recruit Sonja's father for a win- of the booklet. Players may also use their own
PCs for this adventure. However, make sure the rest of the adventure. It's up to you to
ter campaign, but was refused. The leader they understand that Hyboria is unlike other decide if such a situation arises. If it does,
ordered his men to kill the crippled man.
AD&D® game worlds; the PCs provided here Sonja's Strength falls to 8, her Dexterity to
And as they carried out their orders, Sonja's
are best suited to this adventure. 11, and her Constitution to 7. She also loses
brothers rushed from the house in defense; You must also be prepared for running 8 Luck Points and 35 hit points. She can be
they too were killed. To quiet her screams,
this adventure in a new world. While basic surprised on 1-3 on 1d6.
Sonja's mother was slain as well.
rules are not affected, some new guidelines
The mercenaries found Sonja in the house Fear Factor
will affect how players approach the adven-
and assaulted her, then set the house afire, ture. Carefully read the "AD&D® Rules in
leaving Sonja to die. But Sonja was strong, Many inhabitants of Hyboria are instinc-
Hyboria" section before you start the ad-
and she escaped the burning house just in tively fearful of unnatural things, such as
venture. Also let the players get familiar
time. She ran into the woods—her woods, magic and unusual creatures. Such things
with the large fold-up map included with
her place among the ruins. And it was here, are not commonplace in this world.
this adventure. This will give them a feel for
with the memory of her family etched into Because of this fear, some characters may
the world in which they'll be adventuring.
her mind, Sonja honed her battle skills...in "freeze up" or flee during the adventure.
The adventure notes will outline when you
preparation. This fear lasts until the character overcomes
should show other maps to the players.
One night, a vision lit up the black sky it, or until he is somehow affected by what
above the woods and spoke to Sonja. "An he fears (attacked by a creature or affected
inner strength has now been awakened in Abbreviations Used in Statistics by a spell). Other characters, who are more
you, Sonja, and you will be the equal of any AC = Armor Class LE = Lawful Evil familiar with unusual occurrences, are not
man or woman if you take this vow: you AL = Alignment LG = Lawful Good affected by fear.
must never allow yourself to be loved by an- C = Cleric LN = Lawful Neutral In the adventure, some characters and
other man unless he can best you in fair bat- CE = Chaotic Evil LP = Luck Points creatures have a Fear Statistic. This is a
tle ." And then the vision offered to Sonja her CG = Chaotic Good MR = Magic number from 1 to 10—the smaller the num-
father's sword. Resistance ber, the more fearsome the object.
And from that night forward, she became Ch = Charisma MU = Magic-User Use the Fear Statistic by having PCs make
known across the lands of Hyboria as Red CN = Chaotic Fear Checks. Make these checks whenever:
Sonja, the greatest woman warrior of all time. Neutral MV = Movement 1. the PCs encounter at close range a mon-
Con = Constitution N = True Neutral ster with a Fear Statistic;
Red Sonja is a character borrowed from Ro- D = Dexterity NE = Neutral Evil 2. a spellcaster with a Fear Statistic per-
bert E. Howard of "Conan" fame. Originally, Dmg = Damage NG = Neutral Good forms some magic action;
the character was known as "Red Sonya of F = Fighter S = Strength 3. the encounter description calls for it.
Rogatine" and was a 16th century crusader FS = Fear Statistic SA = Special Attacks
who wielded dagger, saber, and pistols. HD = Hit Dice SD = Special Once a PC has made a Fear Check for a par-
Adapted by Marvel Comics, Sonya be- Defenses ticular creature or object, he doesn't have to
came the character as she appears here, hp = hit points T = Thief make another check if confronted again
"Red Sonja of Hyrkania." In 1981, she made I = Intelligence W = Wisdom later in the adventure, even if the PC fails
her debut in Ace Fantasy Books. #AT = Attacks/ the first check.

How to Make a Fear Check; Heroism and Luck must dearly describe the intended action.
Multiply the object's Fear Statistic by the Then, you must decide if the PC succeeds, by
PC's Wisdom. Then roll d100 (percentile The PCs may sometimes be able to perform
feats, that are beyond the range of AD&D® using the following guidelines:
dice]. If the dice roll is equal to or less than
risks. These: feats are governed by Luck
the amount (FSxW), the PC passes the Fear Points, 1. Spending 1 Luck Point allows a PC to:
Check. In some cases the PC's percentile a. make one extra attack in a round;
score will be greater than 100. If so, the PC Each PC begins the adventure with 10-20
Luck Points. Don't use Luck Points if the b. automatically hit an opponent;
cannot be affected by that object's Fear Sta- c. climb without falling;
players are using their own PCs for this ad-
tistic. d. catch something tossed to him;
A PC who passes a Fear Check earn move venture.
e. leap a chasm or river;
and act normally. A PC who fails this, check Any time during the adventure, a PC may
attempt some amazing feat (e.g., making f. tear a door off its hinges;
cannot act, unless he is attacked or dis- g. pick up a man-sized object.
tracted, or until he passes another Fear more than the allowed number of attacks,
Check on the next round, Only one Fear striking a deathblow). To do so, the player
2. Spending 2 Luck Points allows a PC to:
Check may be made per round. a. make two extra attacks in a round;
b. knock an opponent out cold with a fist
or weapon;
c. spring back from a trap just in time;
d. climb while carrying another person;

3. Spending 3 Luck Points allows a PC to

perform a heroic action beyond the
scope of the rules (use your judgment).

A PC may try to deliver a deathblow (kill-

ing an opponent with one attack) by spend-
ing Luck Points equal to 1/2 the Hit Dice of
his opponent. The PC then rolls a normal
hit. If the result is 20 or higher (including
modifications to the dice roll), the PC slays
his opponent, If the dice rol1 is lower than
20, resolve the attack normally.
Luck Points can never be used to affect
any of the following:
1. A dice roll that has already been made.
2. Any saving throw (Luck Points should
be used to avoid situations before they oc-
3. Fear Check.

PC Luck Points
Before you begin the adventure, make
sure you explain to the players how Luck
Points work. Do not, however, tell them
how many Luck Points their characters start
the adventure with. The PCs should not
know how many points a certain feat re-
quires, nor should they know how many
points they have remaining at any time dur-
ing the adventure. After all, it's, all up to
luck! The PCs' Luck Points are outlined be-
Red Sonja — 13 Luck Points
Achmal — 16 Luck Points
Kynon — 17 Luck Points
Galon — 11 Luck Points

Some of the PCs' opponents in this ad-

venture also have Luck Points. These are
listed in the opponents' individual statistics.

If the players use their normal PCs for this history gave this continent no official name, princes. Quick PCs will keep their eyes out
adventure, don't use the opponents' Luck it is usually called the Hyborian World or for NPCs from suspect areas.
Points. the Hyborian Kingdoms. This name comes Demi-humans and humanoid races are
from the ancient race that originally settled extremely rare in the Hyborian World.
Healing the land, the Hybori. There are no elves or halflings, nor are there
The lands and climate of Hyboria range any organized races of dwarves or ore-like
Most Hyborian deities will simply kill any
from the snowy wastes and tundras of beings. Any humanoids that do turn up in
mortal follower who calls upon them for as-
Asgard and Turin, to the barren deserts of this world are treated as freaks and oddities.
sistance. Tarim and Erlik, commonly wor-
Southern Turan and the tropical jungles of
shipped gods of this land, are known for Khitai. Much of this land is wilderness, bro- Technology
their wickedness. Anyone who calls on ken only by small areas of settled farmland
them could be in for worse trouble than The crafts and skills of the Hyborian Age
and caravan routes. range from very primitive to highly
their current lot!
Many parts of the world are unexplored, advanced. Many craftsmen are quite skilled
Because of this, clerics as they appear in and many areas that were once traveled have
the AD&D® rules are non-existent in Hybo- In working with metals, and can make steel
long since been forgotten. Hidden away
ria. While there is little magical healing of weapons that are impossible to break. Ar-
throughout the continent are the remains of
any type available here, the strange proper- mor, however, is a rarity here; warriors gen-
previous empires and civilizations; most are in
ties of Hyboria do allow beings to heal very ruins, although some are still occupied by erally use little more than scale armor or
quickly. chainmail. Leather armor is common. All
dwindling numbers of ancient races.
Characters adventuring in Hyboria heal 1 normal medieval weapons are available.
hit point per day, even if they do not rest. In
Hyrkania Siege weapons, such as catapults, are not
addition, a character who rests one day will uncommon; if necessary, PCs will be able to
regain hit points equal to 1/2 his Constitu- Hyrkania is the land of Red Sonja's birth. have them built.
tion score (round fractions down). Located east of the Vilayet Sea, it is a land of Transportation is available in several dif-
If players use their own PCs, allow them forest, prairies, and tundra. It's best known, ferent forms. Horses are common, except in
to use this Healing rule only if there is no however, for its broad, barren steppes. the northern areas; where they are availa-
cleric in their party. If a cleric is present, the Tribal warrior clans, led by khans, inhabit ble, chariots are often used. Camels can be
PCs must heal normally. However, all NPCs these steppes. Clad in sheepskin and fur found only in the deserts. Almost any type
(non-player characters) will heal at the ac- caps, these warriors are skilled raiders who of boat can be found in use, including row-
celerated rate; this is because NPCs are na- plunder villages on horseback, fighting with boats, galleys, and sailing ships.
tives to this world, and the players' own bow and arrow. The Kuagir Nomads are
PCs are not. one of the steppes' largest tribes. Equipment

The Hyborian World People The cost and availability of certain pieces of
equipment are different in Hyboria. Use the
Read this section carefully before you begin The borders in Hyboria are formed mostly following list as a guide.
play, as adventuring in Hyboria is quite dif- by racial differences. There are many differ-
ferent from other AD&D® game worlds. It's ent races of people in Hyboria; while many Armor
important that you share this information of these races intermingle, it is easy for even Banded 350 gp
with the players throughout the course of outsiders to tell the basic differences be- Plate 1,500 gp
the adventure; use some of the details to tween them. Splint 350 gp
liven up routine conversations with NPCs. One clearly identifiable difference be-
This give-and-take will help the PCs get a tween the races are the languages they Livestock
feel for adventuring in Hyboria, and will get speak. Each kingdom in Hyboria has its Horse, draft 200 gp
them even more into the spirit of the game. own language. Most people are able to Horse, heavy war l,000gp
speak several languages, however, and Horse, medium war 800 gp
History and Geography many of these tongues share common ele- Horse, light war 600 gp
ments. These languages are not difficult to Horse, riding 400 gp
Red Sonja's adventures take place on our
learn. Pony 100 gp
Earth, but it is an Earth of a much different
Different races also have easily recogniz-
time. It is a time between the fall of Atlantis
able attitudes and behavior patterns. Hy- Tack and Harness
and the rise of the known world. It is a land
rkanians, for example, are hard-working, Barding, chain 1,000 gp
that bears little resemblance to our own.
sometimes rebellious farmers and raiders. Barding, leather 300 gp
Since the time of Red Sonja, mountains The Turanians prefer intrigue and luxury. Barding, plate 5,000 gp
have cracked, lands have sunk, and new is-
lands have risen in the waves. And as the The people of Stygia, noted for their interest Bit and bridle 15 gp
in magic, have an evil reputation. And the Saddle 50 gp
lands changed, so did the basic laws of the
world. The arts of magic were lost, and the
Picts, barbaric and cruel, are given to war- Harness 5gp
many fantastic creatures disappeared.
fare and feuding.
In the Hyborian Age, the world was a sin-
There is not a time in the Hyborian Age Transport
when some kingdom is not fighting with or Galley, war 25,000 gp
gle, vast continent, populated by many
plotting against another. Spies, sorcerers, Ship, large merchant (not available)
kingdoms and races of people. Although
and assassins are often the tools of kings and Ship, war (not available)

Monsters gather rare powders and plants, and direct-
ing their agents to search ancient ruins for
Monsters as they are known in the AD&D®
fabled objects of great power. They rarely
game world are extremely rare in Hyboria.
get directly involved in the action, choosing
None live in or near the settled lands, unless
instead to control and manipulate others
magically bound to a specific site or kept as
some powerful person's pet, and even these
through threats.
occurrences are uncommon.
Years ago, these threats often were more
powerful than the magic itself. All a crafty
In the wild, monsters aren't quite as rare. magic-user had to do was threaten to use his
The creatures most likely to be found in powers, and ordinary people would do
these areas are the normal predators: whatever he wished. Many kingdoms fell
wolves, bears, lions, and tigers. They are under the indirect control of magic-users as
more ferocious than usual, however, and
a result.
seldom flee a fight, particularly with hu-
When magic is now used in this world,
mans (which, in their eyes, make for won-
the types of magic tends to be summoning,
derful feasts!). illusion, charming, and death-related.
Small monsters, such as stirges, blink
Magic as heavy artillery (fireballs, lightning
dogs, or owl bears, do not exist in Hyboria,
bolts, etc.) is very rare.
with the exception of the occasional giant
rat, snake, or spider.
Those monsters that PCs are most likely
There are very few clerics in this world.
to encounter are truly powerful and danger-
Those clerics that do live here offer their
ous: elementals, frost giants, and iron and
services to the injured, but use most of their
stone golems. These creatures usually act powers for the advancement of their deity.
alone, hunting for themselves or at the bid-
ding of a spellcaster.
Any NPC cleric encountered in this adven-
ture should be willing to offer assistance to
Some of the monsters to be found here
the PCs only in the forms of information
have been summoned from other dimen- and detection.
sions, and their existence in Hyboria would
be impossible if not for this summoning.
In the end, the most fearsome foes the
Magical Items
PCs will encounter in this adventure are Like spellcasters, magical items are rare in
NPCS. Keep this in mind if you run further Hyboria. When they are found, they gener-
adventures in the Hyborian world. ally bring grief rather than help to those
who hold them. These items are all left over
Spellcasters from previous ages, and most people know
nothing of them or have forgotten they ever
While still practiced to some degree in the
Hyborian World, magic is a fading art.
Knowledge of the full power of magic is in These items are usually of use only to
spellcasters, and it's extremely dangerous
decline, and much of its history has been
for anyone else to even attempt to use them.
forgotten or obscured. Only a few are will-
ing to devote their lives to the study and tra-
Since the items generally hold such black se-
vel necessary to gain true magical powers.
crets and horrible histories, spellcasters
must do careful research and study before
Furthermore, it is a dangerous occupation; using them. Failure to do this homework
many things can go wrong for the unwary
can lead to extremely unfortunate results.
or ignorant student. As a result, there are
very few spellcasters in this world, but those
The PCs shouldn't expect to acquire new
magic items during this adventure. If a PC
few are extremely powerful.
does find a new item, he will have a tough
In Hyboria, the title "priest" may be used
time figuring out how to use it correctly.
for any type of spellcaster. This title has lit-
tle to do with religion, even though most of
If the players are using characters from
another world, any magic items those char-
these spellcasters are associated with one
acters have at the start of the adventure will
form of religion or another.
still function as expected.
There are two general types of spellcast-
ers in this world: magic-users and illusion-

These spellcasters are more common in
Hyboria. They gain their powers by study-
ing carefully, traveling to distant lands to

Djemal: Mercenaries' Legacy no protection from Sotha. Our army is
crumbling to bits. A broken table lies gone; they scattered after the very first
Use DM Map #1 for your reference while crumpled in a corner, an intact wooden
running this part of the adventure. Read the raid."
chair next to it. A wonderful stage for a The villagers explain that their lands have
following boxed text to only the person who fight...
is playing Red Sonja. been hit by floods, wind storms, and other
strange events on a regular basis. "All of it,"
Mercenaries (three 7th level fighters): AC 6; says a villager, "is the work of Sotha. He
Your blow flattens the sweaty mercenary MV12"; hp 18 each; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8 sends great creatures to destroy our crops."
against the crumbling wall. His bloodied If the PCs continue to ask who Sotha is,
chest heaves with each labored breath. Because of the bodies and rubble on the the villagers grow more uncomfortable.
Nearly dead, he reaches feebly to the sky floor of the hut, the PCs' and mercenaries' "Please, ask no more of him," says one. "We
to fend off your final blow. But you movement rates are cut in half. The merce- shouldn't even speak his name—he may
wait, and he falls back, crimson droplets naries attack immediately, and will fight to hear us."
trickling slowly from his wounds. the death. Sotha is a sorcerer who lives somewhere
You stand silent, momentarily sad- At first, the mercenaries are careless in in the nearby mountains. He has indeed cre-
dened by the waste of this well-muscled battle. Even though they're outnumbered, ated monsters to ruin the farmers' crops, but
youth. But the shouts and screams of they make light of the situation: after all, the floods and storms are not his work. The
your companions quickly snap you back one of the party is just a girl if Sonja shouts farmers have chosen a plot of land situated
to attention. None of you are safe yet. instructions to the party, the mercenaries in a valley that is susceptible to violent
find this hysterical: a wench commanding storms.
The PCs have crossed the trail of a wicked troops?!? But as the battle progresses, the As the PCs continue to rummage through
band of mercenaries who has ravaged and mercenaries become distracted as they the ruined settlement, have Sonja find a
ruined many settlements in the area. These watch Sonja in awe. They begin to realize small velvet pouch hanging on the belt of a
bloodthirsty killers have managed to avoid that this isn't playtime; this is a serious bat- dead mercenary. Then read the following to
any armies so far, as they have stormed only tle. the PCs
small settlements in outlying areas that are If during the battle the PCs question their
not protected by any ruler's forces. attackers about the magical item referred to
The tiny village on the outskirts of Dje- As you open the pouch, out falls a small
by the farmer, they mention "some magic
stone. Precisely cut, this pale red ruby is
mal that the PCs now find themselves in is guy who wants it real bad." That's all any streaked with three veins of gold that
no different. There is no army here, and the mercenary will say, unless a sword is being meet at certain point. There is a small
mercenaries have done their work well. held to his throat, in which case he will say
There are a few survivors, and only one
hole in the back of the stone which en-
only, "the tablet." The mercenaries know
who can give the PCs any information. In a nothing more than this. You can have the
ables the stone to be strung on a cord or
partially destroyed hut, the PCs find a mercenaries say either of these things as
dying farmer who tells them the following: dying words as well.
"They come in search of a magic item, If the PCs search the mercenaries' bodies,
The farmers know nothing about the stone.
something very special. They say they will all they find is a total of 72 gp. Their swords They have never seen it before.
burn every settlement in the steppes to find are worthless. The PCs find four horses belonging to the
it. But no one here knew what they were If the PCs search through the ruins of the mercenaries. Tracks from the mercenaries
talking about. These animals, they have no settlement, they find only a few gp and sev- who have already left this settlement behind
hearts—they seem...possessed. When we eral small gemstones. As the PCs search, the lead off toward the northeast.
begged for our lives, asked them whom they surviving villagers slowly return. Though The PCs may take the mercenaries'
served, they just howled and went on kill- they are timid, they stare in amazement at horses, but the steeds are nearly exhausted.
ing. They.. .must be stopped." As the farmer The horses will travel for only about 4 hours
Sonja, who is unlike anyone they have ever
expires, his eyes go wide and he points to a seen. before they begin to stumble. If allowed to
spot behind the PCs. Read the following If the PCs question the villagers about the rest for 4 hours, the horses will be back to
boxed text to the PCs. mercenaries' raid, they aren't able to get full strength. If the horses aren't allowed to
rest, they collapse and won't move for an-
much helpful information. The villagers are other 8 hours.
Still out of breath from your last battle, tired and broken; these raids are a common
occurrence. One villager says that the raid The PCs may choose to follow the merce-
you whirl around to find three more naries' trail, which leads to the Zaporoska
mercenaries poised to attack. Black- was no doubt the work of "Sotha." If the
River. Or they may travel back the way
haired and grimy, the three sneer at you PCs ask who that is, the villager replies,
"you will know soon enough. He will find they came: from the northwest, along a
and swing their blood-stained swords in road that runs beside the river toward the
the air. But their expressions change to you." As the PCs continue to investigate,
have one of the villagers say the following Vilayet Sea. Go to the Trail of Blood regard-
awe when they notice Sonja, for not only less of their decision.
is she a woman wielding a sword, she to the PCs:
stands fully a head taller than all of "Why is it we stay here? They come and
them. they raid and they burn our houses and
There are four dead mercenaries at slaughter our children. We should have
your feet, and the house vou're in is moved to the city long ago...but this is our
land, our farmland. And yet here we have

Trail of Blood gash across his chest. Blood has escaped red on flesh for several hours, then fade to
only from this wound. Lying beneath the pink. The markings will be visible for four
Give the players the maps found in the cen- body is a small tablet of granite. days.
ter of this booklet. The PCs should use Play- The chest wound is from a mercenary's
ers' Map 1 to chart their journey during this dagger. The mercenaries stabbed the man Nika: AC -1; HD 10; #AT 4; Dmg 1-6
adventure. Don't let the players look at the and left him to die when he would not give each appendage; MV 12"/24"; SA elec-
other maps yet. them the information they sought. The man tricity, energy drain; SD invisibility; MR
had hidden the tablet in the bushes when he 70%; AL LE
Wolf Attack! heard the mercenaries coming. After they
left him to die, the man managed to crawl The nika has been put under a spell by So-
It's so quiet here that every step you take back into the bushes to retrieve the tablet, tha, a sorcerer who lives in cave nearby, so
echoes through the countryside. The but he died before he could get any farther it doesn't attack the PCs if not provoked.
trail is hard and cracked; it seems to up the road. The creature serves as the sorcerer's guard,
creak beneath your weight. But you can The man is Doma, Maren the sorcerer's but it occasionally strays from duty. When
smell the river, and as you draw closer, apprentice (for details, see Sotha's Story). the sorcerer so desires, the nika lures trav-
the trail gets damp, then muddy. Then Make sure the PCs learn the man's identity elers from the trail to the sorcerer's cave. If
you see the footprints. at some point during this part of the adven- the nika fails to lure his prey to the cave, the
It looks like they were made by some ture. sorcerer himself appears on the trail.
doglike creature. They cross the trail in Doma was carrying the tablet to Djemal, When the PCs encounter it, the nika is on
several places, then lead off into the where the priests there were to hold it for one of his "luring" missions. The sorcerer
bushes that surround the trail. safe keeping. has requested this of the nika because of all
The small tablet of granite has been the trouble the mercenaries are causing; he
The tracks were made by wolves. If the PCs crudely carved from a solid piece of stone. wants to talk to anyone who travels this
stop to listen, however, they hear nothing. In its center is an oval indentation, which trail.
No matter what precautions the PCs take to appears to have once held something. Dark If the PCs continue to move on, the nika
avoid wolves, they encounter a pack of veins emanate from the edges of the inden- slowly drifts from the trail toward a nearby
seven wolves along the trail in 3 rounds. tation, but they do not cross it. group of hills. The creature then tries to lead
The wolves attack immediately. Neither the If the PCs figure out that the ruby Sonja the PCs through the hills to a clearing sur-
wolves nor the PCs can be surprised by this found in the village must fit into the tablet's rounded by small rocks. The nika then dis-
attack. indentation, point out Players' Map 2 (on appears.
the reverse side of Players' Map 1). Don't If the PCs do not follow the nika, go to
Wolves (7): AC 7; HD 2+2; hp 12 each; tell the PCs anything more about the tablet. Meeting the Sorcerer. If the PCs do follow
MV 18"; #AT 1; Dmg 2-5; SA Nil; SD The half-moon-shape marks on Doma's the nika, go to The Enchanted Trail.
Nil; MR Standard; AL N body were caused by a nika (explained be-
low). The nika came upon Doma after the
The Stone Tablet mercenaries had left. If the PCs stay in this
If the PCs continue down the trail in the area for at least 6 rounds, the nika appears.
same direction after the wolf attack, they
discover the following in 2 turns. If the PCs The Nika
turn back, they discover the following after Read the following to the PCs if they en-
30 minutes of backtracking. Read the fol- counter the nika.
lowing to the PCs.
A violent gust of wind suddenly rips
Sprawled face-down in an unnatural po- across the trail. Though the wind isn't
sition beside the narrow dirt road is the cold, it makes you shiver. Slowly, right
motionless body of a young man. Dirty, before you in the middle of the trail, a
tattered clothing partially covers his pale large cloud starts to take shape. About
skin. A knee-length tunic of dull blue silk 30 feet across, the pale, reddish-brown
is clutched in his hand. cloud grows a strange head and tour
A trail of blood that has soaked the small appendages. The cloud creature
ground leads from a thick bush about 40 makes no move to attack.
feet from the road up to the spot where
the man now lies. Doglike tracks cover If the PCs attack the cloud, it suddenly be-
the road, but there are none closer than 4 gins darting about the area in an attempt to
feet to the man. confuse the PCs. As the cloud moves, it
shoots nut painful streams of electricity
If the PCs examine the body, they find that through its "limbs" at the PCs. The electric-
the man's skin has been pierced by several ity cannot kill the PCs, but wounds them
strange, half-moon-shaped marks, each with strange, half-moon-shaped marks. The
about 3 inches across. There is also a wide wounds do not bleed, but they burn bright

The Sorcerer Sotha Sotha's Cave
ing before you. Seconds later, the wind
The Enchanted Trail abruptly dies, and the man in yellow If the PCs have not yet met Sotha, he
takes one step toward you. emerges from his cave at this point to greet
His long gray hair reaches well past his the PCs (see Meeting the Sorcerer for de-
This path twists so tightly through the tails). If the PCs resist, Sotha casts sugges-
shoulders. His wrinkled, weather-worn
hills that it's practically impossible to tell tion spell on the PCs and leads them inside.
face has sharp features like a Stygian's,
what direction you're heading. But that's
but it is softened by a slight smile. His
not the bothersome part of this journey. Though you had to squeeze through a 4-
eyes are a gray like his hair, and appear
Whenever you step off the path, the tall
warm and trusting. He wears no shoes; foot-high opening to get in here, this
grasses along the way part to make way
his bare feet are clean. A wide leather cave is surprisingly large. It extends 30
for you. Branches that hang in your way feet from side to side and 50 feet to the
belt sags around his slender waist and
bend to allow you to pass. And the far-
holds a small, clear glass orb caught by a back. The crudely carved out ceiling is
ther you go, the faster the landscape it- 10 feet high.
woven net. Around his neck hangs a
self seems to move! large blue stone on a silver, finely crafted The walls are lined with shelves filled
chain that has tarnished somewhat. with books, bottles, clothing, and food.
This area has been enchanted by Sotha the "Please stop where you are," he asks A large round table, surrounded by four
sorcerer. When the PCs are on the trail, eve- pleasantly. "I must speak with you. I crude wooden chairs, sits off to the side
rything is as normal. But when they step off mean you no harm." of a stone fireplace that dominates the
the trail, strange things start to happen. If center of the cave. The embers of a dying
the PCs look down at the ground, they be- fire flicker beneath a huge silver pot that
If the PCs do not stop, but continue to move
come dizzy. They are magically traveling at rests on the fireplace's edge. The back
toward Sotha, the sorcerer casts a charm
twice their normal speed. The trees and wall of the cave is covered by a large
spell on them so they will listen to what he
grasses along the trail will "help" the PCs straw curtain that looks as if it rolls up
has to say.
travel for as long as they follow the nika. The sorcerer introduces himself by say- from the floor.
If the PCs allow the nika to lead them all Large round globes hanging from the
ing, "My name is Sotha. I dabble in the arts
the way to Sotha's cave, go to Sotha's Cave. wall, each about 6 inches in diameter,
of magic. I am very glad to see you. I need
your help. Would you be so kind as to dine give off an eerie, orangish glow in the
Terror Terrain with me this evening?" cave. Everything looks discolored, al-
If the PCs try to turn back, the terrain be- If the PCs are friendly to Sotha, he leads most diseased, here.
comes hostile. Rocks trip them up, small them to his cave. Go to Sotha's Cave.
landslides suddenly block their way, and If the PCs refuse or attack Sotha, he casts Sotha is eager to talk with the PCs, and an-
tree branches reach down to entangle them. a suggestion spell on them; the PCs sud- swers all of their questions in great length
If the PCs are kept off the trail by this "ter- denly find themselves traveling through the and detail. He wants very much for the
ror terrain" for more than 4 turns, they suf- hills with the sorcerer. If three or more PCs party to trust him, and will offer almost
fer 1d4 points of damage each. save against this spell, Sotha continues to anything they ask for, except magical items.
If the PCs are off the trail for more than 6 cast his spell until he has control of the PCs. If the PCs investigate Sotha's cave, the
turns, a cold, hard rain begins to fall; then sorcerer doesn't get angry. In fact, he's quite
the rain turns to hail. If the PCs keep trying Sotha (15th level magic-user, 5th level illu- helpful (see Investigating the Cave).
to move, they become disoriented, eventu- sionist): AC 10; HD 14; hp 105;#AT 1; Sotha offers to feed the PCs and serves
ally ending up very near Sotha's cave. They Dmg by weapon type; SA see spell list them a meal of cheeses, butter, bread, and
then stumble onto a small trail that leads See p. 32 for more information about So- fruit, washed down with a thin, watery
straight to the cave. At this point the nika tha. wine. He apologizes for not having any
reappears and tries to lead the PCs to Sotha. meat, but says, "At least your bellies will be
If the PCs stop, the hail worsens with each The glass orb that hangs from Sotha's belt is full. This is better for you anyway. Meat is
hour. In the midst of the storm, a "vision" a small crystal in which the sorcerer can see not pure." When the PCs are ready, Sotha
(Sotha) appears and leads the PCs into his slight glimmers of the future. While the size will begin his story (go to Sotha's Story).
cave. Once the PCs are in Sotha's cave, the of the orb limits how much of the future So- If the PCs attack Sotha at any time, go to
hail immediately stops. tha can "see," the item does provide him If the PCs Attack Sotha,
Go to Sotha's Cave, with critical information when he needs it.
To use the orb, Sotha must have 5 rounds of Investigating the Cave
Meeting the Sorcerer undisturbed concentration. Then he utters a If the PCs ask about the orange globes
strange, ancient spell. The PCs will not rec- that light the room, Sotha says, "It is a fun-
If the PCs don't follow the nika, Sotha ap-
ognize or understand the spell; not even So- gus that grows in but one place high in the
pears in the middle of the trail. Read the fol-
tha knows quite what it means. He can use mountains. I make special trips there several
lowing to the PCs.
this orb only twice a day. times a year to replenish my supply. The
The blue stone around Sotha's neck has light, it will burn this way and light my cave
A cool breeze sends a slight shiver down no special powers. He wears it merely for its for 5 weeks."
your spine. You look up to see a man beauty. Sotha will often threaten to "un- If the PCs touch the orange fungus, it ex-
dressed in a pale yellow robe materializ- leash horrid powers" held in the stone to get plodes into a fine dust that stains any sur-
his way in certain situations. face it touches, including skin. The fungus

can be speared and thrown with a sword or Sotha's Story
stick, however. The fungus does no dam- any one time. Naturally, we didn't trust
age, although the dust can cause temporary "Very long ago, just before the time of each other. Over the many years, we
blindness (3 rounds). have tried to come to an agreement, but
the Prince's War, my father gave my
If the PCs investigate the silver pot, they we have failed every time.
brother and I to a local sorcerer who "Now I have learned of my poor
find in it the powdery remains of three or- lived in the mountains outside Djemal.
ange globes. Sotha explains, "I'm trying to He did not do it because he hated us, for brother's death; I may obtain the bracelet
determine if this fungus has any magical ap- he loved us—very much so. And that is to have this power myself. But it is not
plications, but I'm afraid I've not been suc- for selfish reasons that I desire this item. I
why he sent us to learn from this wise wish to stop these marauding bands of
cessful." The PCs, however, may discover magic-user.
that, when mixed with healing potions, the desert scum, these barbarians that ruin
"At that time, men and boys were be-
powder can increase the strength of these ing forced into service in preparation for our lands. Help me stop this destruction.
potions. I can offer you much in return."
the great violence we all knew was about
If Achmal tries to cover his finger of Yajur to erupt. I had not yet seen 12 summers,
(listed on Achmal's Player Character sheet) and my brother, only 10. My father did If the PCs ask Sotha what he will offer them,
with this powder, it stains the magical item. not wish to see his only children perish in the sorcerer gives Achmal a magical item,
The glow from the powder then lasts 3 a senseless conflict as his own father had the belt of Marcol (see New Magical Items,
rounds, during which time the finger's ef- many years earlier. He knew that sol- p. 32). He offers the rest of the PCs several
fects are doubled. After 3 rounds, the glow- diers would never dare even to come gemstones worth a total of 1,200 gp. "A sim-
ing stain disappears. near the home of a sorcerer, so he knew ple matter, I think, to find this bracelet," So-
Many of the items on Sotha's shelves are we would be safe. Studying under a sor- tha says. "My brother is dead—what could
magical, but the sorcerer doesn't reveal cerer wasn't exactly what my father possibly stop you?"
which ones. Achmal may recognize a few of wanted for us, but there was no other If the PCs ask where they might start
them as ordinary sleight-of-hand tricks, choice. looking for Maren's burial site, Sotha's face
however. "My brother Maren and I, we were not becomes clouded with concern. "I'm afraid I
If any PC tries to go behind the straw cur- good students; we spent most of our time have no idea. In his efforts to avoid me,
tain at the back of the cave, Sotha rushes quarreling with each other. Our teacher, Maren moved many times over the past sev-
forward to plant himself between the PC T'Neya, would threaten to send us into eral years. I meant no harm to him any-
and the curtain. "Do not trouble yourself the service of the prince, but we knew he more. I had grown weary of the struggle.
with this! It is merely decoration." had neither the strength nor the desire to "I have heard word that there is a map
If a PC acts quickly enough, however, he send us to certain deaths. Besides, he had which shows the burial grounds where
may get a glimpse behind the curtain. At no children of his own—no other stu- Maren rests. His apprentice, Doma, proba-
first, the PC sees another hollowed out dents. This is a lonely life,' he would say, bly has it. But Doma has apparently disap-
room that holds a small table and chair. But 'be prepared to spend long hours study- peared."
seconds later, an intense yellow light bursts ing your craft. It is the only thing that If the PCs show the stone tablet they
forth from behind the curtain, momentarily will fill the void.' T'Neya would tell us found with Doma's body to Sotha, the sor-
blinding the PC. Sotha then steps away how people would avoid meeting our cerer's eyes widen with excitement. His tone
from the curtain. "If you are so curious, eyes, or even coming near us. He said turns from concern to anger, and he ques-
then step into the room. I warn you, you that we would always be treated with tions the PCs viciously about how they
might not be able to step out." If the PCs distrust. came to possess the tablet. Beads of sweat
heed Sotha's warning, nothing more hap- "Maren and I continued to fight over form on his brow as he becomes increasily
pens. Sotha dismisses further questions the years. But as we neared manhood, frantic. Read the following to the PCs.
about the room, saying, "I would not in- our anger grew to hatred. Soon, we
trude on your temple. There is nothing here could no longer bear to live under the "Where is the rest of the map? I MUST
that would interest you." same roof. We decided to leave. T'Neya have the rest of the map! I cannot find
If the PCs try to enter the small room, the was truly dismayed. He had tried for him without the rest of this tablet!" So-
yellow light becomes even more intense, years to reconcile us, but he had failed. tha is going crazy—sweat is rolling down
sending jolts of pain through their bodies. So as a last resort, he gave us each a thin his face, and his hands are shaking! "Are
They are barely able to stay standing. If the sliver of a silver bracelet. Separately, you certain this is all you found? Was
PCs close their eyes, the pain stops, and they appeared to be nothing more than there any more? Did he have the rest? I
they may "feel" their way out of the room. simple ornamentation, but when fit to- will give you more gold if you have the
When the PCs' eyes are open in this room, gether, T'Neya said, they would create rest of this map. I will give you great
each suffers 1d4 points of damage for every an incredible magical effect—one that magical things! WHERE IS THE REST
3 turns. After 4 turns, Achmal suddenly would give its wearer amazing abilities. OF THIS MAP?"
feels no more pain and is able to see in the "It was T'Neya's way—if we would
room. Achmal will know this is where So- but end our fighting, we would have this If the PCs do not show Sotha the stone tab-
tha practices his magic. He won't be able to fantastic power. It seemed so easy, so let or the ruby, or if they take them out but
trace the source of the light. simple, until we realized that it meant refuse to surrender them, go to Withholding
only one of us could have this power at the Map.
If the PCs don't show Sotha the ruby, the

meeting between the two parties ends; So- enough to pay very little attention to it up
tha doesn't trust the PCs, however, and fol- until this point). Galon is familiar with the The air pressure is building rapidly
lows them when they leave. lands shown on the map. around you. Your head pounds with
If the PCs give Sotha the ruby that fits pain. The air is thinning and you can't
into the tablet, Sotha feverishly puts the If the PCs Arrack Sotha breathe! The floor of the cave starts to
ruby in place, then shows it to the PCs. quiver, feeling as if it is going to give
If the PCs attack while in Sotha's cave, way.
they're in for a rough time of it. This is So-
"Fools! You have done all the work for tha's home turf, and he uses it to full advan-
me now. This map tells me where my If any PC now tries to move, he must make
tage. Keep in mind while running this battle a Dexterity check at -2 because the crum-
brother lies. It is not far from here—for that Sotha's main objectives are:
me anyway. For you it is days away. bling stone walls have left piles of rubble all
• to escape to Maren's burial site (if he has across the cave. Read the following to the
Nothing can stop me now!" the map); PCs.
• to steal the map from the PCs (if he
If the PCs then question Sotha's involve- knows they have it);
ment with the mercenaries, he admits what • to keep the PCs from following him. Suddenly, the yellow light darts quickly
he has done. around the room, then shoots out of the
Sotha (15th level magic-user, 5th level illu- cave entrance. The noise and shaking
"Ah, yes. I had almost forgotten the little sionist): AC 10; HD 14; hp 105; #AT 1; stop immediately, and you can breathe
errand I'd sent those stupid men on. normally again.
Dmg by weapon type; SA see spell list
They were upon this tablet and didn't (p. 32)
even know it! But now I can build up Sotha has escaped the cave in magical form.
their forces with the bracelet. My army Sotha's Escape There is no other way for him to escape
will be the mightiest in the land—I will from behind the stone door. He does not try
control all of Hyrkania one day. One day If Sotha has taken possession of the map, or to escape the PCs while in human form.
soon perhaps you will join me? You will if he is on the losing end of a battle with the The yellow light has a Fear Statistic of 2.
not be safe in these lands otherwise." PCs, he rushes to the back of his cave and The PCs must make Fear Checks when this
disappears behind the straw curtain. The light first appears inside the main cave from
PCs hear the loud scraping of rock against behind the curtain.
If the PCs agree to join forces with Sotha for
rock, then the crash of a large stone slab. Sotha's cave has been badly damaged by
any reason, the sorcerer allows them to If the PCs raise the straw curtain, they
come with him to the burial site. He agrees his transformation, but the PCs can still get
to hold either the ruby or the map, and lets
find a huge stone door blocking their way. back inside after he has left. They may take
The PCs cannot move or lift the door, as it is anything they want. They cannot, however,
the PCs hold the other.
a magical doorway. Read the following to get into the back room.
Sotha will not tell the PCs of his work the PCs.
with the mercenaries if he doesn't have both The only way the PCs can try to stop or
the tablet and ruby in his possession. delay Sotha is by using the belt of Marcol
At this point, Sotha and the PCs begin Bright yellow streams of light shine (see New Magical Items for details). They
their journey to the burial grounds. Go to through the cracks in the stone door. You can try to stop Sotha only every 6 turns,
the Journey of Fear section. hear Sotha's muffled chanting. He is In his magical form, Sotha can reach the
speaking in a strange tongue. His voice burial ground in 20 hours.
Withholding the Map seems higher and more strained than be- Sotha's yellow light leaves a wide trail in
By now, the PCs should have determined fore. The light is growing brighter and the sky that doesn't fade. The trail extends
that the stone tablet and the ruby together brighter... to the river, following its twists and turns
form a map of Maren's burial site. If the PCs Suddenly, the beams of light that are until it ends near the site of Maren's tomb. If
don't show Sotha the map, they may try to shining through the cracks converge into Sotha did not have the map when he es-
find the burial grounds themselves. In this a massive beam in the main cave. The caped in his magical form, the yellow light
case, Sotha quietly follows the PCs on their, room starts to shake as an eerie wailing circles back and follows the PCs. Sotha then
journey. The PCs won't know that Sotha is sound rises and a horrible, distorted hu- waits until the PCs arrive at the burial
on their tail, but they do feel the strange sen- man face—Sotha's—takes shape within grounds to confront them again.
sation of being watched and followed. the light. The face tries to speak, but all
If the PCs take out the tablet and ruby, that comes out is this terrible wail.
but refuse to give them to Sotha, the sor-
cerer remains calm, then plots to steal the If the PCs run out of the room at this point,
items from the PCs as soon as possible. So- they are safe. A few seconds later, they see a
tha doesn't want to attack the PCs, since he bright yellow light shoot out of the cave en-
is too close to getting what he wants to risk trance and head northeast across the sky.
it by wasting his strength on these adventur- If the PCs stay in the room, read them the
ers. following.
If Sotha successfully steals the map, the
PCs can still reconstruct it correctly from
memory (unless they have been foolish

The Zaporoska River dream. Then he cries out quietly, and falls dom encounters during the PCs' second day
back asleep. Sonja sleeps soundly when she of journeying. Try to relate these encounters
The river is unusually high for this time isn't on watch. to the burial grounds, or to the mercenaries'
of year. The melting snows of the moun- When the PCs awaken, the men find that attacks.
tains have caused the muddy banks of they are unusually weak and tired, as if they
the Zaporoska to narrow considerably. never rested at all. Each had a disturbing Second Night's Camp
The hoof prints of several horses cover dream during the night and can remember
only vague details. Read the following to The PCs are in for a more lively time the sec-
the soft banks. Tall grasses and bushes ond night they camp. First, the PCs meet up
along the banks are trampled where the those who were attacked.
with a pack of wild boars. Then the succu-
land has narrowed and made the passing bus from the first night returns (if she hasn't
of horses difficult. Your dream last night was vivid, but as already attacked during a rest stop on the
An ominous yellow light streaks you try to put it all together, it doesn't second day).
across the sky in a wide path, closely fol- make any sense. You were on a long jour-
lowing the course of the river. ney through treacherous territory, your Wild Boar Attack
body was weary and your mind numb. To start the action, give the PCs some
The PCs can continue traveling into the Then there was this woman—fair-haired clues that there is a pack of wild boars living
night, but they'll have to leave their horses and pale—naked but for the flowers in in the surrounding bush (animal tracks,
behind after about 2 hours. As it is, the her hair. She spoke strange words and matted down grass, etc.). above). Also, give
horses must be watered and rested periodi- then all was dark. When you could see the PCs some clues that there is a band of
cally throughout the day, and they will need again, you saw her vanish into a fine wild boars living in the surrounding brush
to rest through the night. The horses' move- mist. (animal tracks, matted down grass, etc.).
ment has been slowed so much by the mud Then, if they are alert, the PCs may hear
that, if the PCs want to leave them behind The men have been attacked in their sleep muffled grunts coming from the nearby
and travel on foot, they will still move at by a succubus. The creature attacked each brush. If the PCs move quickly, they may
about the same rate. man only once and has drained one energy surprise the boars, attacking them before
The yellow light was created by Sotha. If level from each. If Sotha is with the party, they emerge from the brush.
Sotha escaped from the PCs earlier in the he is not attacked by this creature.
adventure, this yellow light represents So- Wild Boars (2): AC 7; HD 3+3; MV 15";
tha's path toward Maren's burial site. If So- Succubus: AC 0; HD 6; hp 32; MV 12" / #AT 1; Dmg 3-12; SA Nil; SD Nil; MR
tha is traveling with the PCs, he has created 18"; #AT 2; Dmg 1-3/1-3; SA energy Standard; AL N
the magical light as a guide based on the drain; SD +1 or better weapon to hit;
map, and as a means of keeping the PCs ner- MR 70%; AL CE The boars squeal horribly if wounded, and
vous and edgy. this sound brings two more of the creatures
The light doesn't drain physical strength, If the PCs take time to rest again sometime to help. If the PCs wound the second two
only mental. For each day the PCs suffer the the next day, the succubus strikes again. The boars, their squeals bring three more boars.
effects of the light, they each lose 1 point of creature attacks whoever is asleep first, and No more boars appear after that.
Constitution (which can go no lower than then moves on to attack anyone who is The boars attack until they they are
5). As the light affects them, the PCs be- awake. If all the PCs are on guard, the suc- killed. They are perfectly suitable to eat, al-
come irritable and less cooperative. One cubus attacks Kynon first, then Galon, and though the meat is tough.
day after escaping the light's effects, how- finally Achmal. If the PCs defeat the succu-
ever, the PCs' Constitutions are restored. bus before it has the chance to drain another
energy level from each PC, the creature dis-
First Night's Camp appears and does not return.
If you want, you may choose to run ran-
Shortly before nightfall, the PCs find a
clearing about 30 feet by 40 feet. There is
plenty of grass for the horses to graze on,
and plenty of nearby trees to provide fire-
wood. The PCs can catch a few fish in the
river, or some small rabbits beyond the
clearing. Setting up camp should be un-
eventful for the PCs.
The night sky is still lit by the yellow
light, now bright as a moon as it stretches
across the darkness, following the path of
the river.
The night passes without incident. If one
of the PCs is on guard duty, he sees nothing
out of the ordinary, except that at different
points during the night, each man in the
group stirs uncomfortably as if having a bad

Red Sonja Red Sonja of Hyrkania, your power lies
solely in the promise you made years ago.
Fighter: 11 You shall let no man love you unless he bests
Strength: 14
you in battle. Keep to that promise and your
Intelligence: 17 strength shall hold. Forget that promise,
Wisdom: 10 and you will be like any other other power-
Dexterity: 17 less wench, caught by the grip of helpless-
Constitution: 11 ness and servitude.
Charisma: 18
Do not be foolish in your youth. You have
much to lose. The world awaits you.
Hit Points: 75

Sonja is surprised only on a 1 in 1d6.

Equipment: broadsword, dagger, leather

Galon You are a seasoned fighter who will often

come to the aid of those who seem to need it
Fighter: 14
most. You thought at one time that Red
Thief: 4
Sonja may need it, so you agreed to venture
Strength: 17 forth into the wilds with her—only because
Intelligence: 13
you were convinced she couldn't handle a
Wisdom: 12
sword. You thought it would be a terrible
Dexterity: 15
waste that such a beauty might not survive
Constitution: 17
on its own.
Charisma: 15
Now you have witnessed her great skill
with a sword and, out of respect and admi-
Hit Points: 70
ration, you travel with her to this day.
Hardly any man, you know, could fight the
way she does.

Kynon Quiet, observant, and obedient, you were
Fighter: trained to be a nobleman, but have little use
for those skills now. You stole away at a ten-
Thief: 6
der age when you realized there might be no
Strength: 14
other way to see the world.
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 10 Then you stumbled across Sonja, liter-
ally, at an inn, spilling ale down her armor.
Dexterity: 10
In your haste to make amends, you en-
Constitution: 18
deared yourself to her. Now you are always
Charisma: 16
ready to aid the beautiful Sonja, patiently
Hit Points: 64
waiting tor her approval.
Can you hide the glimmer in your eye
when she is near?

Achmal Magical Items:

Magic-User: 10 Beads of the Night: Achmal has a string of
Illusionist: 4 black beads that can be thrown, or simply
Strength: 12 pinched, one at a time, to create a dark cloud
Intelligence: 7 wherever he chooses. The cloud covers a 50-
Wisdom: 12 foot-square area and lasts for 3 turns.
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 11 Finger of Yajur: This well-preserved digit
Charisma: 15 has the power to either heal or wound, but
the user doesn't know which it's going to do
Hit Points: 40 at any given time.
The finger heals or causes 1 point of dam-
Magic-User Spells: age each use. It can be used only five times a
day. To determine if the finger heals or
1st level: detect magic (x3), protection from wounds, roll 1d6. On 1 or 2, the finger
evil wounds. On 3-6, the finger heals.
2nd level: detect evil (x2), ESP, locate ob-
ject You are a young sorcerer who hadn't trav-
3rd level: clairvoyance, haste, hold person eled extensively until you met up with Red
4th level: fumble, polymorph self Sonja. You needed new challenges and ways
5th level: animate dead, teleport to test and practice all you had learned.
You are confident—perhaps too much so.
Illusionist Spells: You sometimes rush into situations before
you've thought them through. But Sonja is a
1st level: detect illusion, light, wall of fog
good traveling partner. Together, you bal-
2nd level: detect magic (x2)
ance each other well.

Nearing the Burial Ground PC is free of the ropes. Modify the second
then two horsemen move aside and a and third Dexterity rolls by -2.
rider conies toward y o u . With some dif-
As you draw closer to the burial ground,
the yellow light overhead grows brighter ficulty, he removes his helmet to reveal a The Army's Camp
and brighter—and you feel worse and thin, haggard face framed by long, black
worse. Your skin feels like it's crawling curls that are matted and unruly. While
The soldiers herd you on horseback to a
with thousands of insects. You are edgy, he speaks, he keeps his eyes on Sonja.
"What business have you here? Iden- grassy area surrounded by trees. The
impatient, and anxious. Even the horses area appears large enough to serve as a
are restless. tify yourselves or be bloody stew for the
vultures...except maybe for this one." camp for the entire army. A few tents are
The commander winks lecherously at staked, but most of the soldiers appar-
As the PCs near the end of the yellow light, ently sleep in the open air. Several smol-
Sonja. "We could all dine nicely on her!"
they see a small settlement resting at the side dering fires dot the campsite. Two
of a hill about a mile away. The settlement is saddled horses are tied to a tree behind a
near a large curve in the river. A smaller If the PCs reveal their identities to the sol-
large tent.
river flows from the base of the hill and diers, the commander explains that his men
are the Royal Army of Djemal. He doesn't
As the soldiers enter the camp, the
feeds into the Zaporoska. commander dismounts and enters a
immediately trust the PCs, so he orders his
The PCs continue to feel discomfort. large, flimsy tent that stands about 50
They sweat profusely, and stopping to rest men to guard them closely while the army
feet away.
doesn't seem to help at all. A magical spell returns to camp. Go to The Army's Camp.
may help relieve the crawling sensation, but If the PCs attack the soldiers, they are in
for a rough fight, as they are severely out- If Sotha is with the PCs, the soldiers take
the effect only lasts 2 turns. him into the tent for questioning first. Go to
numbered . The commander of the army or-
ders his men to take the PCs prisoner, but Sotha's Interrogation. Otherwise, the sol-
The Royal Army of Djemal not to harm them. diers take Sonja to the tent. Go to Sonja's In-
Tiny flickers of movement catch your Djemal Soldiers (90 3d level fighters): AC
eye as you survey the riverbanks and the 6; HD 3; hp 16 each; MV 12"/24" Sotha's Interrogation
nearby settlement. All is quiet, however; mounted; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8 Do not run this section if Sotha is not travel-
nothing seems amiss. In fact, the last two ing with the PCs.
miles have been unusually quiet—no an- Commander (8th level fighter): AC 5; HD Sotha causes great fear among the sol-
imal sounds, not even the wind. The air 8; hp 43; MV 12"/24" mounted; #AT 1; diers, and they are quite nervous when they
is slowly growing thicker, more humid. Dmg 1-8 + 2 are forced to be around him. Sotha doesn't
The yellow streak in the sky casts a gar- help matters much by tossing off the occa-
ish tint on everything; the grass, the
Though the soldiers will try not to hurt the sional showy incantation designed to con-
trees, the water, it all looks diseased. PCs, they may still draw blood. jure up some great evil; everything he says
As you draw closer to the settlement, If Achmal uses any spells against the sol- and does is harmless, but the soldiers don't
the flickers of movement become more diers, they are momentarily stunned and know that.
obvious. Flashes of light—as when sun- frightened. The commander quickly re- Sotha doesn't reveal who he is to the sol-
light glints off metal—catch your eyes. stores order, however. If Sotha is with the diers, since it is his name that is most men-
PCs, he uses no spells in this battle; in fact, tioned in conjunction with the mercenaries'
No matter what precautions the PCs take, he doesn't even resist, as he doesn't want to raids over the past several years. He want
they suddenly find themselves surrounded by reveal his terrific powers at this point. the army's cooperation.
a group of men on horseback. If the PCs try to If any PCs manage to escape, the com- Sotha remains in the tent with the com-
split up, the men quickly round them up. mander sends two soldiers to follow, but mander and two soldiers for 1 turn. During
These soldiers are dressed in tunics of not capture the PCs. this time, the PCs hear the commander's
many different colors: gray, green, and If all of the PCs somehow manage to es- loud, raucous laughter coming from the
brown. At first it appears that these men are cape the soldiers and head for the burial tent. After the turn, Sotha emerges from the
all from different armies, but all of their tu- ground, the soldiers follow them and wait tent with a slight grin on his usually expres-
nics are decorated with the same emblem. to see what happens. The soldiers are fearful sionless face.
Thin, rusty brown armor covers the sol- of entering the burial grounds and will As Sotha walks toward the PCs, the yel-
diers' bare thighs; flimsy leather boots are avoid it at all costs. low light overhead begins to swirl furiously,
pulled up to their knees. They wear simple, If the soldiers capture all of the PCs, they flinging out across the sky as far as the eye
silver helmets that extend down over their secure them tightly with ropes and chains. can see. A fierce wind kicks up, and the sol-
foreheads, eyes, and noses. The soldiers Then the army sets out for its camp. Every diers' horses rear up in terror. Suddenly, the
each carry a sheathed longsword. turn, each PC has a chance to loosen the wind dies down and the yellow glow stops
ropes that bind him. During the first turn, swirling, settling all across the sky from ho-
"Make no move!" a soldier's voice he may be able to loosen the ropes by rolling rizon to horizon.
booms, shattering the calm. "Make no his Dexterity (modified by -3) or less. On Sotha smiles at the PCs, who should be
move and you will live. Who are you?" the second turn, a successful roll means the able to figure out that he has put on this lit-
You can't tell who is speaking at first, PC loosens his rope a little more, and on the tle demonstration merely to frighten the
third turn, a successful roll means the the Djemal soldiers.

The commander emerges from the tent to the soldier by the door rushes forward and
see what is causing the disturbance. He, like "Bravo, bravo! What a fine entrance! I stops her cold even before she can react. If
the men, is visibly shaken by the incident. had no idea you were so skilled an enter- she struggles, Gaven tells the soldier to
Hesitantly, he calls for Sonja to be brought tainer." As your eyes adjust to the dim bring her to him. He draws his sword and
to his tent. light in the tent, you see a man seated on holds it to Sonja's throat. "Would you
Sotha tells the PCs that he has told the a wooden frame chair slung with leather rather cooperate, or would you rather I sim-
commander nothing, which is true. skin. "Now, if you are quite finished ply spilled your blood?"
Sotha can manipulate the yellow light, as with this exhibition, we will proceed." If Sonja is cooperative, Gaven seems sur-
he created it, but he cannot remove it. See prised. He becomes less threatening, and
The Yellow Light for details. The man in the tent is the army's com- questions her calmly. He wonders aloud
mander, Gaven. He is the same man who or- how a woman can handle a great sword
Sonja's Interrogation dered that the PCs be brought back to the such as hers; he seems unconvinced that she
camp. can use it or even defend herself properly.
Read the following to the player who is run- Scattered about the tent are crumpled If Sonja is offended, Gaven smiles and
ning Sonja. blankets and two sleeping cots. If Sonja suggests that she display her skill in a sword
looks behind her, she notices that a single match with one of his soldiers.
A single guard leads you roughly to the soldier stands just to the right of the en- He motions to the guard to lead Sonja
commander's tent. "I suppose he'll be trance to the tent. The commander appears outside. Caven returns her sword as an-
wantin' to take more time with you," he to be unarmed, but in tact he has a sword in other soldier steps forward with his. "Show
mutters in your ear. "He never seen one a sheath across his back. me what you can do," Gaven prods. "I could
quite like you. Just don't put up a strug- use some entertainment." With that, Gaven
gle, or you'll be sorry." The commander eyes your sword. He sweeps his hand up in a grand gesture and
stands and steps slowly toward you, his shouts, "Let the games begin!"
If Sonja tries to free herself from the soldier, hand outstretched to take your sword. "I The soldier clutches his sword with both
he simply gets rougher and propels her to- don't think you'll be needing this any- hands and rushes toward Sonja. He exerts
ward the tent. He shoves her inside so that more. A woman with such a fine sword, himself only enough to parry her blows—
she loses her balance and lands on the what a waste..." until Sonja gets the upper hand. Then he
ground. fights with all his strength, but he will not
If Sonja makes a move to protect her sword, kill Sonja if he has the chance.
Soldier (3rd level fighter): AC 6; HD 3; hp
16; MV 12"; #AT 1; Dmg 1-8

If Sonja wounds the soldier, Gaven stops the

fight, suitably impressed with her skills.
"You have proven yourself worthy of even
my army, by Erlik. I think it is time we listen
to what her people have to say if they have a
woman among them who can fight like
If Sonja kills the soldier or accidentally
harms anyone else during the battle, she
causes enough confusion to allow her to es-
cape. The other PCs should also be able to
capitalize on this confusion if they think
quickly enough.
In this case, Gaven doesn't try to recap-
ture the PCs, but instead sends two scouts to
follow them. If the PCs head for the burial
grounds, the army surrounds the grounds,
but does not enter.
If Sonja has not seriously harmed anyone
during her brief battle, and if she truthfully
explains her group's mission, Gaven be-
comes more cooperative. He then makes
sure that all of the PCs have their weapons
returned to them. He agrees to discuss their
plan of action, but only if Sotha is not

The Commander's Story
land, but because of the threat that it pare to do battle. The fierce gale rips
Read the following to the PCs when the poses to all of us. Already we feel the tents from their stakes and sends horses
commander has assembled them all in his weakness in our bodies. Is this how we galloping off in terror.
tent. are all to die? Like helpless plants wither- The wind rises to a piercing, high-
ing under a scorching summer sun? We pitched howl, then suddenly stops. The
"Much is happening here that we do not must do something before it is too late yellow light fades, but doesn't disappear,
understand. But I see you feel the anxiety for all of us." as a small swirl of dust in the center of
we do; it is heavy in the air. Its power is the campsite slowly takes a solid form—
undeniable. It drains us even as we stand If they want, the PCs may tell Gaven what a human form. It is the sorcerer Sotha.
here." Gaven points toward the burial they know of Sotha's quest. "Well, well! We are all together again,
grounds. "Something evil is causing it. The PCs can now discuss with the com- eh? My hearty adventurers and their vi-
Something evil is about to show itself mander what to do next. Gaven guarantees cious she-warrior! You have been a great
here. I only hope we can stop it." that his army will cooperate completely with help to me. I had suspected my brother
whatever plan the PCs devise. All he knows is Maren was buried near here, but you
If the PCs question Gaven further about what that Sotha is the cause of all this evil, and he is have confirmed it for me. Now—you
he has seen, he tells them the following. willing to do anything to help stop him. and your ragged army will wait here
By now, the PCs should also be clearly while I search the ground for Mar—MY
"My army was returning from the Hime- aware that Sotha is the source of all the bracelet. And entertain no thoughts of
lian Mountains after giving chase to a trouble. They may have set out at the begin- stopping me—" Sotha casually lifts a fin-
small band of marauding cutthroats who ning of the adventure with the innocent plan ger and all the campfires burning nearby
entered Djemal and left with blood on of helping the sorcerer, but it should now be suddenly flare up in a blaze of sparks—
their swords and gold in their purses— plain to the PCs that they must stop him. "or I'll be forced to do something really
Djemal blood and gold. We managed to The PCs may agree that the best way to spectacular." Still facing you, Sotha
overtake them, only to learn they had do this is keep Sotha in sight, and so the walks slowly backward toward the bur-
been sent by a much larger group to act army may become the PCs' "escort" to the ial grounds.
as decoys. Well, it worked. We received holy burial grounds. After the PCs have for-
word yesterday that the second group mulated a plan, go to The Burial Grounds. Sotha has cast a shield spell to guard against
moved in and wiped out the outer Gaven knows that his army cannot actu- attack. He does what he can to ward off any
reaches of the city. Those who were un- ally enter the burial grounds, at least as a offensive the PCs and the army may mount,
able to flee were slaughtered. combined force; he feels helpless, since he but his chief objective is to get into the burial
"We found and killed the band we can do nothing to assist the PCs once they grounds and find Maren's tomb. The spell
sought. When we find the others, they get to that point. wears off after 10 minutes, but Sotha is too en-
too will die." Gaven's only other concern is the PCs' grossed in his search to cast another spell.
plans for the bracelet if they manage to get The PCs and the commander must now
The mercenaries that confronted the PCs at both halves of it. He is most relieved if the decide how they are going to keep Sotha
the beginning of the adventure were part of PCs tell him they plan to destroy it, or at from getting the bracelet. Go to The Burial
the large band that raided Djemal. If the least use it for good purposes only. Grounds.
PCs tell Gaven that they helped lessen the If Sotha is not with the party, but has fol-
mercenaries' numbers, he is very apprecia- lowed them here, he now materializes in the The Yellow Light
tive. He knows now that he has found allies. army's camp. Go to Sotha's Appearance.
If Sotha escaped his cave with the com- Sotha conjured this yellow light in his cave
first as means to escape the PCs, then as a
"On our return, we watched as that evil plete map to the burial grounds in his pos-
session, he is now prepared to enter the way to frighten those who might prevent
yellow streak in the sky headed toward
burial ground in search of Maren's tomb. He him from finding Maren's tomb. While So-
us. I've never seen anything move so tha can alter the light's shape and intensity,
has waited until the PCs and the army are in
quickly. We feared that it was some hor- he cannot remove it. In conjuring the light,
close proximity, so he can use them for his
rible spirit coming to claim us, but then it
purposes once he has claimed the bracelet as Sotha accidentally allowed the spiritual es-
stopped— here. sences of his brother's life force to intermin-
"Something horrible is going to hap- his own. Go to Sotha's Appearance.
gle with its power.
pen. 1 feel it. My men feel it. The feeling If Sotha tries to remove the light, a great
crawls across our skin like a thousand
Sotha's Appearance
struggle ensues between himself and the un-
angry flies. Read the following to the PCs only if Sotha seen forces of his brother. Use this as an
"We need your help in vanquishing has not been journeying with them. event whenever Sotha threatens to get too
this danger. Who knows where this yel- much of an upper hand over the PCs, or if
low stretch of evil will go, and what it The yellow light that streaks the sky Sotha is about to take possession of the en-
will do. We can offer you but a modest overhead suddenly begins to pulsate, as tire bracelet. When Sotha tries to remove
reward from the city of Djemal. I hope an icy, violent wind tears through the the light, he becomes involved in a terrific
you will accept the offer, not only be- camp. The soldiers, aware only that they struggle for at least 2 turns. Sotha loses the
cause of the dread that hangs over our are somehow about to be attacked, pre- battle and collapses in an exhausted heap
for 5 rounds.

Use DM Map 3 while running this section. supplies the occupants of the other nearby nize the writing, either, but the book itself is
Allow the players to open up their map dwellings. Though Jeb is no fighter, he is a similar to one Sotha used as a boy. It con-
sheet to Players' Map 3. They should use deadly aim with a bow and arrow. tains recipes for concocting potions that
this map as their guide during this part of produce mild magical effects.
the adventure. Jeb (1st level human): AC 8; HD 1; hp 7; The young man who lives here is named
MV 12"; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon type Timmerear. If the PCs enter his house while
Investigating the Dwellings he is in, they find him mixing dried herbs to-
D3. Horseman's Hut gether in the cooking pot. He speaks many
If the PCs enter this area by crossing the
languages, trying several before he finds one
river (running north and south along the The main room of this simple hut holds only
the PCs understand. He asks to be left
right-hand side of DM Map 3), they find the a carved table and two chairs. A large
alone, and refuses to help the PCs unless
shallow river to be easy going. bucket of water, half full, sits in the corner
they threaten him or his store or hard-to-
to the right of the door. A small room in the
replace herbs.
D1. Rheya's Home northeast corner of the hut is furnished with
Timmerear has lived here for more than a
a bed and a carved wooden chest. The chest
This spacious home is sparsely decorated year, gathering these herbs and testing his
holds only clothes, but beneath the chest is a
with crude furniture. It has no interior recipes. He claims the potions are harmless.
wooden trap door that covers a hole. In the
walls, and the roof sags in the middle as a re- He doesn't resist if the PCs take the recipe
hole is a battered stone box that contains 53 book from him.
sult. An uneven table sits exactly in the mid- gp and a fine woven necklace of gold.
dle of the home. To the east of the hut is a horse pen that
Timmerear knows nothing about the bur-
In the shadows of a corner is a bed strewn ial ground, as he pays no attention to it. The
holds one well-mannered, healthy horse.
with clothing: two long gray robes, and yellow light overhead doesn't seem to
If the PCs ask Rheya (D1) who lives here,
three white cotton tunics. Under the bed is a she tells them it is a man by the name of
frighten him.
large wooden box that holds 27 gp and 37
Tyler. He tends horses for the local resi-
dents. Tyler has been gone for several days,
D5. Priest of Djemal
A small, crude barn, apparently recently
traveling to Djemal to find young horses to There is always at least one priest of Djemal
built, stands outside the home. A pile of replace two that recently died. on duty here, standing watch over the holy
freshly-cut vines lies just outside the barn
door. Inside the barn is a large, healthy
If the PCs ask about the necklace of gold, burial grounds. A trio of priests shares this
Rheya tells them it belongs to Tyler's late wife. "guard duty" on a weekly basis.
horse munching on dried grass and straw.
If the PCs have been foolish enough to throw The priest here tries to prevent the PCs
Vine baskets line the walls. More piles of about items they have lifted from others from entering the grounds. Because they are
vines are stacked along the wall.
homes, Rheya gets extremely angry and tells armed, the PCs appear to the priest to be
A large field of hay covers the gently roll- Gaven about the incident. Make sure the PCs looters. The priest tells them, "Be gone,
ing land north of the house. Tall grasses
realize they've made a costly blunder and are mercenaries. You have the look of murder-
grow beyond the field, and the Zaporoska about to lose 90 well-armed allies. ers; you have spilled blood. There has been
River cuts through the land several feet
enough tragedy here already. Leave these
away. North of the river, the hills grow into
D4. Magic-User's Retreat grounds their peace." If the Djemal army is
mountains, as they do to the south.
accompanying the PCs, the priest abso-
Rheya, a retired advisor to the Djemal A pale, reclusive young man lives in this
lutely forbids the warriors entrance.
Army, lives here. Valued for her tactical ex- small, well-built dwelling. The walls of this
The PCs can enter the grounds if they
pertise, she held this position for many dec- home are built of stone packed with a very
sneak in quietly, one by one. If a PC ap-
ades. Through the years she honed her hard, strange substance between them.
proaches the priest alone, he can convince
fighting skills and, despite her age, remains The man leaves his home only once a
the priest that he is here on a holy visit.
taut and muscular from the training. If day— in the morning, when he takes a
If the PCs explain their quest to the priest,
Gaven so requests, she is glad to help any bucket and disappears into the mountains
he is reluctant. If Sotha is with the PCs, the
way she can. She helps the PCs only if they for several hours. He returns before noon,
priest does not recognize him, but is very
are with the army. his bucket full of strange plants, and does
not venture out again the rest of the day. No
skittish around the party. But he does agree
Rheya (3d level fighter): AC 6; HD 4; hp one in this settlement knows his name. to lead the PCs into the holy grounds.
28; MV 12", #AT 1; Dmg 1-8 If the PCs try to enter the home when the If Sotha is not with the party and the PCs
man isn't in, they find the heavy thatched mention him, the priest gets very nervous.
"My powers are not great enough to with-
D2. Hunter's Shack door unlocked. Inside, a straw mat and
stand the strength of Sotha. We will be de-
blanket are spread out on the floor, an open
This poorly built shack made of logs and stroyed if we anger him." Once the PCs
book lying nearby. Several bunches of dry-
mud is in danger of falling down. The aging explain the danger of Sotha finding Maren's
ing herbs hang from wooden beams along
wood is rotten in many places, and there are half of the bracelet, the priest reluctantly
the edge of the ceiling. A black cooking pot
huge gaps and holes in the walls. agrees to allow the PCs entrance to the
supported by iron rods hangs over a small
To the east of the shack is a large vegeta- grounds.
brick fireplace that stands in the center of
ble garden. the room. The priest will explain the history of the
The occupant of this shack is Jeb, a hunter various areas of the grounds to the PCs, but
If the PCs investigate the book, they find
who was sent here by the Djemal priests to that it is written in an unfamiliar language.
he doesn't know any more than anyone else
grow food and hunt for those on duty. He in this area.
If Sotha is with the PCs, he doesn't recog-

On the Burial Grounds In the southwest corner of the crypt is a
The entrance to the chamber is large, 4-foot-high vase. The red glaze that
Funeral Pyres (A-H) blocked by two stone slabs. Small inden- covers the ceramic piece is badly cracked
These areas are the charred remains of fu- tations are carved into the stones where and faded. The vase is sealed with a crum-
neral pyres. Pyres A, B, C, E, and H hold they meet, forming a circle. bling piece of wood, which turns to powder
nothing but ashes and bits of brittle, burned if the PCs touch it.
wood. The flat roof of this tomb is open. Though PCs Inside the vase are the bones of a cat and a
Fresh ash covers pyres F and G. The PCs can see through this opening, they can't fit cat's collar made of fine silver. The priest ap-
may find a few pieces of melted copper through it. The PCs can see part of the coffin parently chose this pet to accompany him
among the ashes, but little else. through this opening, but nothing else. on his death journey, and had him placed in
Pyre D is where Maren, Sotha's brother, The bushes are normal; if a PC eats the a vase and sealed in the chamber with him.
was burned. His remains are now held in a berries, however, he must make a successful Along the sides of the dusty floor are nar-
vase in crypt 4. If the PCs sift through the saving throw vs. poison or be incapacitated row slits that allow the drainage of water
ashes of this pyre, they find two small pieces for 2 turns. from the chamber that might seep in
of silver that have melted into indistinguish- The small indentations in the stone slabs through the opening.
able forms. (They are merely melted silver can be used to slide the slabs sideways. A
coins). The PCs also find a small red ruby combined Strength of 32 is needed to move 2. Crypt of Meninoa
cut in a way similar to the ruby veined with these slabs.
gold that makes up part of the map to these The chamber holds the remains of a high This small stone crypt is crudely built of
grounds. This small ruby holds no special priest, Izak of Djemal. His remains lie in an or- rough, grayish stone. There are many
powers, and is worth 150 gp. nately carved coffin that rests in the northwest gaps between the stones, and thousands
corner of the chamber. If the PCs open the cof-
of insects crawl through the gaps to their
River Cavern (Area I) fin, they find only bones and a small necklace nests built into the side of the tomb.
decorated with the symbol of the Djemal The door is a flat stone slab that rests
At this point, water flows from the moun- priests. The symbol of the priests is a circle
tain into an underground river that runs be- against the outside of the crypt. Another
with a vertical line crossed at the top and bot- flat stone slab makes up the roof. Be-
neath the burial grounds, emerging again at tom by two horizontal lines. The necklace is
the base of the hill (near dwelling D5). The cause the walls are irregular, the door
made of silver and is not magical. It is worth and roof do not fit together properly.
opening at area I is large enough for one per- only a few copper pieces to most; in the
son to squeeze through. Once inside the un- Gargoyles carved from pale white
priests' eyes, however, it is worth many gold
derground river cavern, a person can float stone stand on each side of the door.
pieces to see that the necklace remains in their
down the river, but may receive serious in- Their horrid expressions show fear more
hands. The priests fear the wrath of their gods
juries from the sharp rocks that jut up from than anger of viciousness. The crafts-
if such a necklace touches the hands of one not
the riverbed. in their order.
manship of these gargoyles is poor.
Since the water is not high at this time of The ground to the north of this crypt is
If Sotha is with the PCs, he tries to take
year, small banks line the edge of this river. black and sooty from a nearby pyre.
the necklace, but it burns his hands and Ashes are scattered near the corner of the
These banks, which vary from 1 to 2 feet clothing.
wide, are solid enough for PCs to walk on. building, which has been blackened by
If the PCs take the necklace, many minor
The top of this underground cavern, how- the nearby fire.
misfortunes begin to befall them. These irri-
ever, is only 4 feet high in its tallest places, tations should not be life-threatening, but
so no normal-size human will be able to should continue until the PCs either return The gargoyles are carved out of a soft stone
walk upright. the necklace to the crypt or give it to a Dje- that has gradually deteriorated over the
mal priest. When a PC has the necklace, roll years. They do not attack if the PCs enter
Burial Crypts 1d6 and refer to the following table to see the crypt quietly and reverently. If the PCs
what happens to that PC. are noisy or disrespectful, however, the gar-
1. Chamber of Izak goyles will attack.

This pale stone chamber is 12 feet wide. EFFECTS OF HOLY NECKLACE Gargoyles (2): AC 5; HD 4 + 4;; hp 30 each;
The stones that make up its walls are MV 9"/15"; #AT 4; Dmg 1-3/1-3/1-6/1-
finely finished; there are no gaps be- Die Roll Effect 4; SA Nil; SD +1 weapon or better to
tween them. Two slabs of stone at the en- 1 Severe, incapacitating headache hit; MR Standard; AL CE; FS 9
trance serve as steps that lead up to the for 6 rounds
chamber floor. The stone roof slants up- 2 Bitten by small snake (1 point of The crypt holds only a child-size coffin.
ward to form a conical roof, the top of damage) Crawling insects, similar to centipedes,
which is flattened off. 3 Nothing happens cover the crypt floor.
Tangled, overgrown branches sur- 4 Twist ankle (reduce MV to 1/2 Inside the coffin is the body of a young girl
round the chamber, intruding on the for 6 rounds) no more than 10 years old. The body looks as
steps. They appear to nave been in 5 Severe, incapacitating nausea for if it's been here no longer than 5 years. The girl
bloom not long ago, but now all that re- 6 rounds) wears a fine off-white robe of silk and velvet.
mains are a few wilted leaves and some 6 Lose voice for 6 rounds Small pearl earrings dangle from her ears, and
withered purple berries. fine satin slippers cover her feet.

The girl is the illegitimate daughter of a 3. Empty Vault stonework. One night, another peasant
nobleman from Djemal. She is kept in such tried to steal into the vault and, as a result of
poor surroundings as a disguise. Although This vault is constructed of small, red, the curse, was turned to stone. The elderly
she was her father's favorite, her identity brick-like stones stacked in an irregular peasant died soon thereafter, but no one
could not be revealed. He visits her often, pattern and interspersed with pale, beige dared place his body in the vault, so it re-
claiming that she was one of his beloved ser- stones. No door blocks the entrance, mains unfinished and vacant.
vants. which is level with the ground. The vault's If the PCs enter the vault, they aren't af-
If it is a holy day (roll 1d6; 1-2 means it stone roof slants up to a squared-off point. fected by any curse—because there never was
is), there is a 50% chance that this nobleman To the right of the entrance is a life-size one. The old peasant carved the statue and
will be here when the PCs arrive. statue of a man dressed in ordinary placed it outside the vault and then created the
clothes. His expression is one of great story to keep out looters while he worked.
Lord Rekam: AC 7; HD 2; hp 12; MV 12"; fear, as if he had been frozen in horror.
#AT 1; Dmg 1-4 or by weapon Nothing grows around the outer walls of 4. Maren's Crypt
this vault; the ground nearby is bare dirt. Go to The Crypt of Maren when the PCs en-
Lord Rekam has 10 Luck points. He wears a
ter this area.
small dagger inside his right boot. The vault is empty, except for some dead
Rekam can give the PCs only brief infor- leaves and other debris. The dirt floor has
mation about most of the burial chambers.
5. Tomb of Alaryn
been dug below the wall line, as if a stone
He will not enter chamber 3 because of the floor were yet to be laid.
rumors he has heard about it. If the PCs The corner of this tomb lies a mere 4 feet
The vault is well-built, and appears fairly from the one to the southwest, but it is
press him, Rekam explains the history of new. The beginnings of a decorative design
that particular vault (see crypt 3 for infor- on somewhat higher ground. It's built of
have been carved into one stone on the back gray stones that are f i t tightly together.
mation). Rekam also tells the PCs that crypt wall.
4 seemed to appear from nowhere, and can The construction is strikingly similar to
If the PCs ask someone about the statue, the other nearby tomb.
tell them nothing about it, as he refuses to they learn that according to legend, the
enter it. A yellow marble-like stone extends
vault was being built by an elderly peasant from the building on the southeast side.
for himself. The peasant secretly dabbled in The stone is hard and slick; it appears to
the art of sorcery and put a curse on the serve as a step into the entranceway,
vault so that, while he was building it, no which is made of the same yellow stone.
one would break in and remove his fine

Small horizontal slits are cut into the top of of the way of these slabs will suffer 1d4 points vern below. They can then lower them-
the walls near the roof of this tomb, allow- of damage if he fails a Dexterity check. If the selves, if they want to investigate.
ing some light to filter in. PCs have no light, they'll have to find a way to Because the river flows directly below the
Inside the tomb is an elaborately carved prop open the doors to investigate the tomb well, the PCs can jump down the well and
casket, made with several kinds of inlayed (the tomb itself has no light source). The PCs suffer no damage. The river flows rapidly,
wood that form an unusual design. The cas- can remove the stone slabs from their pegs. A however, so the PCs must move quickly to
ket holds the remains of Alaryn, another combined Strength of 40 is required to remove get to the banks after they have jumped. A
priest of Djemal. each of these slabs. PC with a Dexterity of lower than 12 must
Two 3-foot-tall vases made of glazed ce- The leaves on the bushes outside the crypt check to see if he manages to reach the bank
ramic flank the casket. One is white, the other may be dried and brewed into a tea. If safely. It the check tails, the PC is carried
brown. Both are similarly shaped. Marble brewed strongly enough, the tea can cause along by the river until he makes a success-
disks, sealed with a hard wax, cover the vases. hallucinations that will make whoever ful Dexterity check. If he continues to fail
It takes a Strength of 15 to pry open one of the drinks it think he is seeing into the future. these checks, the PC is eventually deposited
vases. There is nothing in either vase. Even when the effects of the tea have worn at the base of the hill where the river sur-
out, the victim will still believe that what- faces. He then suffers 2d4 points of damage
6. Chamber of Dareal ever he hallucinated is really going to hap- from the sharp rocks at the outlet.
pen. There are enough leaves on the bushes The jump down from the crypt to the
This small chamber is made of stone to brew 25 cups of very string tea. river is 10 feet. The water here is about 3 feet
walls supported by wooden poles that When the PCs enter the crypt, they hear deep.
have been driven into the ground. There the sound of rushing water. If they have a
is no door blocking the entrance, and light source, they fins that the water rushes
there are no decorations or plantings down from the ceiling into a well.
outside the crypt. Carved into the well is a repeating pattern
that may look familiar to the PCs. Sotha
Inside the chamber is a simple wood casket will recognize it, but say nothing to the PCs.
in which an upright arrow is embedded. If a PC makes a successful Intelligence
Jeb's uncle Dareal (see dwelling D2) is en- check, he recognizes the pattern as being
tombed here. Dareal was a practiced archer similar to the design of Sotha's half of the
who was the victim of a hunting accident in bracelet. There is nothing else in the crypt.
which an arrow backfired, killing him. The crypt's walls are made of a shiny,
There is nothing of value in this chamber. marble-like gray stone heavily veined with
black. The floor is made of a similar shiny
The Crypt of Maren stone.
The water flowing from the ceiling ap-
Read the following to the PCs when they en- pears to have no visible source. It looks as
ter Maren's crypt. though it simply pours out of the ceiling.
And in fact, it does. The water is a magical
This crypt is constructed of mottled gray effect created by Maren's apprentice. The
stones neatly fit together to form thick, apprentice knew that the sound of running
solid-looking walls. A wide piece of water had a calming effect of Maren, so as a
stone serves as a step up to the crypt's en- precaution to appease Maren's restless
trance. Two small bushes with tiny spirit, he created this indoor waterfall.
leaves flank the step. The water form the ceiling falls into the
The entrance to the crypt is unusual. well, and then runs underground. Maren's
Two stone slabs, each with a single, large apprentice built the crypt above the river
round hole at the top, hang from that surfaces at the base of the hill. The wa-
rounded, cylindrical stones that extend ter flows from the well and down into the
out from the building above the doors. underground river.
The doors themselves are slightly an- As the water falls from the ceiling, some
gled, so it appears that the stone slabs of it splashes onto the floor, making the
swing to the sides to allow entrance. shiny stone extremely slippery. If the PCs
Wide slits, which would appear to allow are barefoot, they'll get good footing. Or
these slabs to slide into place when the they can throw down some kind of rug or
door was opened, are built into each side cloth. Otherwise, the PCs must each make a
of the entranceway. successful Dexterity check each round they
are in the crypt. On a roll of 1 or 2 on 1d6, a
This is Maren's crypt. A Strength of 16 is re- PC slips on the water and takes 1d4 points
quired to move aside each of the stone slabs. of damage.
The doors don't stay open, falling back into If the PCs (or Sotha, if he is with them)
place quickly, so any PC who doesn't get out are able to stop or redirect the flow of water,
they can see down the well and into the ca-

The Underground Cavern drowners. in battling the PCs.
Fire is useless against drowners; it doesn't If Sotha is somehow prevented from en-
Read the following to the PCs who have
even slow them down. If the PCs cut the tering the cavern below the tomb, he casts a
successfully fallen into the cavern below drowners up, they merely create more of disintegrate spell, which causes the crypt to
Maren's tomb.
them; no matter how small a piece a start shaking violently. The intensity of the
drowner is cut into, it grows back to normal shaking increases every turn for 3 turns, un-
Your steps echo throughout this dark size (within 8-12 hours). til the crypt starts to crumble.
chamber. You feel your feet squishing The PCs can peel the drowners off their If any PCs still in the area (above ground
into the mud. From the dim light above, skin and clothes, but the watery creatures and in the cavern below) haven't retreated
you can see that banks run along both move rapidly, so merely knocking them after 6 turns, the walls start to tumble down
sides of the river. away won't help the PCs in the long run. around them. After two more turns, the
The PCs can destroy these creatures by above ground well will be blocked. Sotha
If the PCs have no light, this is all they can drying them out. If the PCs create a wind or will continue to destroy the crypt and ca-
see. If the PCs do have light (for example, light breeze (magical or otherwise), the vern until he's gained access to the cavern.
Sotha's waterproof fungus, if the sorcerer is drowners shrivel up and die. If Sotha is with If the well is blocked, the PCs' only means
with the PCs), they can see the area clearly. the PCs, he creates a gust of wind to kill the of escape in this situation is by floating
The river is about 10 feet across. Its drowners. downstream and out to the river's outlet. If
muddy banks are each 6 feet wide. The ca- The PCs can also use cloth to dry the crea- the PCs try to take the vases with them, they
vern begins to narrow gradually about 40 tures out. discover that the vases have become firmly
feet downriver. The banks shrink down to attached to the ground, and they can't
nothing at 50 feet from where the PCs now If Sotha is with the PCs, he now makes a budge them at all.
stand. The cavern roof is lower here, so the move for the black vase. He hasn't noticed As the cavern collapses, it sinks into the
PCs must crawl through the cavern to reach the blue vase, nor does he notice if the PCs earth, making it impossible to dig for the
the river's outlet. go to inspect it. He's obsessed with the black vases. The river washes over the collapsed
Standing about 20 feet from the PCs, on vase, sure that it contains what he seeks. Go cavern, filling the hole where it once stood.
each bank, is a large vase. The vase on the to The Black Vase. After a short time, the hole fills up com-
west bank is black; the vase on the east is If Sotha is not with the PCs, go to Sotha's pletely, and the river changes course to sur-
dark blue. The vases are similar in shape, Return. face here, rather than farther down the hill.
and both are sealed with a tight-fitting cir- If Sotha does get into the cavern after
cular stone. Sotha's Return casting his disintegrate spell, read the fol-
If the PCs walk through the water near lowing to the PCs.
the vases, or if they somehow disturb the At this point, Sotha's path must again cross
water in this area, read them the following. with the PCs' (if he is still alive, of course).
The walls suddenly begin to rumble and
Sotha (15th level magic-user, 5th level illu- shake violently. You can hardly stand
The waters of the stream suddenly shift your ground. Rocks loosen and tumble
from their gentle course. The water sionist): AC 10; HD 14; hp 105; MV
12"; #AT 1; Dmg by weapon type; SA down from the walls. Suddenly, amid all
churns up, splashing against the banks. the noise and falling rubble, Sotha ap-
You can't see anything below the surface
see spell list (p. 32)
pears. With a mad gleam in his eyes, the
of the water, but the thrashing just grows sorcerer races toward the black vase.
If some of the PCs are in the cavern and oth-
more pronounced.
ers are still above ground in Maren's tomb,
Sotha approaches the PCs in the tomb (go to If the PCs are near the black vase, they can
Drowners are attacking the PCs. Any PC Sotha in the Tomb). physically keep Sotha from it for 3 rounds.
who is in the water at this point is immedi- If all of the PCs are in the underground After that, Sotha gains enough composure
ately covered with these creatures. If a PC cavern, Sotha appears on the west bank of to use some of his magic. Then go to The
isn't actually in the water, but gets splashed, the cavern 4 rounds after the PCs enter the Black Vase.
the drowners attach to his body as well. The area (go to Sotha Underground).
drowners then start crawling out of the Sotha Underground
stream to attack any dry PCs. Sotha in the Tomb Here, Sotha confronts all of the PCs in the
Sotha is now hot on the trail of his broth- underground cavern. He makes no move to
Drowners (35): AC 7; HD 2; hp 9 each; MV attack, but instead lunges for the black
er's half of the bracelet, and is in no mood
12" /24"; Dmg 1-4; #AT 1; SA none; SD for pleasantries. He demands to know vase. He hasn't even seen the blue vase. So-
none; AL N; FS 7 where the other PCs are. If the PCs have tha uses magic if the PCs try to keep him
somehow stopped the flow of water from from the vase.
At first, the PCs will feel as if water is run- the ceiling, Sotha has an idea of where to If Sotha gets the vase, he pauses a mo-
ning up their legs. Their clothes are sud- look for the missing PCs. ment to laugh in a twisted, strange way.
denly soaked. When the PCs discover that If the PCs know that Sotha has been on Then he prepares to open it. Sotha isn't con-
they are being attacked by the jelly-like their trail, they can set a trap for him here. cerned with the PCs at all; he knows he can
creatures, they must act quickly to remove Sotha won't attack the PCs unless he is at- keep them at bay if necessary.
them. Otherwise, the PCs will drown 6 tacked first. Because he is so focused, Sotha So obsessed is Sotha that he won't even
rounds after coming in contact with the uses up as little time and energy as possible notice if the PCs make a move on the blue
vase on the other bank.

If Sotha is dead, the PCs can take the
Go to The Black Vase when Sotha or the ing or disturbing the silk bag, nothing hap-
PCs are about to open the the vase. pens. If they remove the bag, or if they keep bracelet with them when they leave. Noth-
the box open for longer than 6 rounds, read ing happens to them; the threats on their
The Black Vase the following to the PCs. lives were merely that: threats.
If Sotha is alive but not with the PCs, the
The vase is veined with small cracks, mak- PCs may leave the cavern, but anyone hold-
ing it appear less than sturdy. The seal on A low moaning rises up, engulfing you ing the bracelet is magically shielded from
the vase is tight, but comes loose easily if and bouncing off the walls of the cavern. leaving. An invisible barrier has appeared.
pried open with some kind of sharp object. Its drone is almost hypnotizing. You find If the PCs try to throw the bracelet through
The cracks on the vase grow larger from this yourself becoming more relaxed; it the barrier, it simply bounces off. No magic
intrusion, and the vase eventually crumbles seems as though your motions have been or weapon can remove this barrier. The
into small pieces. involuntarily slowed. Your mind dulls bracelet must be left behind. This is one of
The vase holds only a small pile of horri- and drifts to other thoughts. Maren's ways of preventing the bracelet
ble smelling ashes. These are the remains of Seconds later, though, the volume and from falling into Sotha's hands. The PCs
Maren. The vase was constructed so that, if pitch of the moaning increase. You are may want to destroy the bracelet if they
disturbed, it would fall apart. jarred from your trance, mentally and can't take it with them. They can either
If Sotha has opened this vase and found physically. The sound continues to hammer it flat or use some magical means to
nothing, he now notices the blue vase (if the build, higher and higher, louder and destroy it.
PCs haven't already opened it). louder, until you're practically driven If, after the PCs leave the cavern, Sotha
mad by its intensity. tries to enter and retrieve the bracelet, he
The Blue Vase can't find it. The cavern collapses, sinking
If the PCs stay in the cavern and don't block into the ground. Sotha is trapped and can't
This heavy vase is thick and solid. The seal their ears, they suffer permanent hearing escape.
is extremely tight. No matter what the PCs damage (hearing half as well as before,
try, they cannot open the vase from the top. Once the PCs are ready to leave the burial
changing chances for surprise to 1-5 on grounds, go to Ending the Adventure.
If the PCs try cracking the vase, it takes 1d6). This damage can be healed magically,
them 7 rounds to make even a small hole in however. Sotha is magically able to block
it. It takes them another 3 rounds to crack it Maren's Revenge
the noise from his ears.
completely open. No PC can magically stop the sound; to
Sotha will try his magic on the vase, but "That which is not yours, you cannot
cast such a spell requires more concentra- claim," the voice moans. The source of
that too will be unsuccessful. Sotha must tion than the sound will allow.
use the same means to open the vase that the the voice seems to have moved closer to
The painful sound in the cavern also af- Sotha. A cool gust of wind kicks up loose
PCs use. It will take Sotha 10 rounds to fects the PCs' ability to move. The PCs can
crack the vase open. dirt from the floor and sends it spiraling
move at only half their normal speed while
Read the following to the PCs once they around the sorcerer, but the dirt doesn't
the noise continues. Sotha's movement is
have opened the vase. touch him.
not affected.
Sotha tries to be unafraid, but the
After 12 rounds, the sound fades and the
Inside the vase is an intricately carved beads of sweat forming on his brow say
PCs can faintly hear a voice speaking very
wooden box, which is inlayed with a something else altogether. His neck mus-
rapidly. Eventually, the words slow down cles tighten as he turns his face to the sky
white stone in an ornamental geometric and become understandable.
pattern. The box is 12 inches square. Its and closes his eyes. "Brother, if it be you
If Sotha is not in the cave, read the fol- and not one o f your mangled creations, I
dark wood shines as if it has been pol- lowing to the PCs. If Sotha is here, go to
ished with rich oils. have come to make a plea. I have come
Maren's Revenge. to claim your bracelet for unselfish rea-
Small, blackened metal hinges are at-
tached to the back of the box. A heavy, sons. I need it to help extinguish a great
"He who dares pass this way must be pre- evil that threatens to despoil our land."
blackened metal latch holds the lid pared to suffer greatly, suffer often, or
closed. "I know of the evil that passes through
suffer death," wails the loud, inhuman this land," booms the voice. "I know,
There is nothing else in the vase. voice. A quick, cold gust of wind carries too, that you cannot be trusted, my
the voice away temporarily, but it only brother. Even in death I cannot be
When someone tries to open the box, read returns stronger and more urgent mo- fooled."
the following. ments later to repeat the same message.
The lid to the box springe open when the
With that, the bracelet is wrenched from the
If the PCs stay in the cavern, they don't hear hands of whoever holds it. The bracelet
latch is released. Inside is a padded the voice anymore. Try to create anxiety in hovers in the air momentarily, 20 feet away
brown velvet lining, upon which rests a the PCs by telling them, "your punishment from the party. Sotha begs Maren to let him
pale blue silk bag. The bag is tightly tied must be waiting for you later," or "maybe have the bracelet. If the PCs ask for the
with a white, shiny cord. the voice is deciding how to make you suf- bracelet, they are thrown against the cavern
fer." Create an atmosphere so mentally and wall with such force that they are stunned
The silk bag holds Maren's half of the magic physically uncomfortable that the PCs will for 3 rounds.
bracelet. be in a hurry to leave. Sotha continues to plead for the bracelet.
If the PCs close the box without examin- For every round the PCs stay in the ca- Read the following to the PCs.
vern, each loses 1 hit point.

when ground, brew into a strong healing do all of its horrible effects. If this occurs,
"Very well, evil one, you shall have your potion (one cup heals 1 point of damage; the Djemal army will insist on escorting the
bracelet." With a great whirling motion, herbs applied directly to a wound heal 2 PCs back to Djemal, where they will be re-
the bracelet spins and hurtles toward So- points). There are enough herbs to heal a to- warded handsomely with two huge dia-
tha. It makes a high-pitched screaming tal of 10 points of damage. monds, a strangely shaped blue sapphire,
sound as it approaches him. Sotha The blue stone around Sotha's neck is of three rubies, and 150 gp.
reaches forward to grab it, but he misses. no value. The glass orb hanging from his If the PCs return to Sotha's cave, they
Instead, the bracelet whips around So- waist may be of use to Achmal, who may be find that it has collapsed. They find nothing
tha's neck, sticking to the sorcerer like a able to use it to see into the future in some here.
magnet to iron. Before Sotha can react, limited fashion. If the PCs want to continue adventuring
the bracelet, with a terrible screeching If the PCs fit the two halves of the bracelet in Hyboria, here are a few extensions of this
noise, starts to strangle the sorcerer to together, they hear a demented, twisted adventure:
death. laugh fill the room and then slowly fade
Fear floods Sotha's face. He falls to his away to silence. Nothing else happens; 1. Sotha's Revenge: The PCs are tracked
knees, the life force draining quickly T'Neya made the bracelet so only Maren or down and attacked by Sotha's two sons,
from him. Strange choking sounds gur- Sotha, or their blood off-spring could use it who know of the bracelet and intend to
gle up from his throat. He begs with his to its fullest powers. claim it for themselves.
eyes for you to help him. The water that flows from the ceiling in
"It is yours, my brother. Yours!" the Maren's tomb ceases; an eerie silence en- 2. Spirit of Maren: The PCs, through the
voice cackles. "Are you satisfied now?" velops the PCs. What's left of the two vases teachings of Maren's spirit, learn how to use
slowly deteriorates into piles of dust. the bracelet in a limited fashion.
If Achmal acts within 3 rounds, he may be Maren's ashes disintegrate and disappear
able to prolong Sotha's life, but he won't be into the deep, black earth as if they were 3. Conquest of the Raiders: Sotha's ma-
able to keep him alive for long, as the sorcer- melting ice. Only the bracelet and the box rauding raiders continue to ravage the coun-
er's windpipe has been severely damaged. that held it now remain. tryside, unaware their leader has perished.
Sotha collapses, dying after 10 rounds if The PCs must stop these deadly bands.
the bracelet is not removed or if he isn't kept Ending the Adventure
alive magically. The bracelet can be re- 4. Diamonds of Djemal: The treasures
moved only by separating Sotha's head If the PCs prevent Sotha from fusing the
two halves of the bracelet together (either
given the PCs by the Djemal Army are actu-
from his body and sliding the bracelet off. ally magical items of great power. The PCs
If the PCs search Sotha's body, they find by destroying the bracelet, or by seeing that
Sotha is destroyed), the yellow light that
could try to determine how to use the items,
the other half of the bracelet and two small while their previous owner, a banned evil
cloth bags of strange herbs. The herbs, hung over the land suddenly disappears, as
priest of Djemal, plots to regain them.

Nika The nika is an immense monster who has no
solid physical form. It appears as a large,
Frequency: Rare reddish-brown cloud with four indistinct
No. Appearing: 1
appendages that taper to a point. The nika is
Armor Class: -1 a summoned creature who, although of me-
Move: 12"/24" dium intelligence, can be controlled and ma-
100" when invisible
Hit Dice: 10
nipulated easily by magic-users.
When it travels, the nika becomes invisi-
% in Lair: Nil ble, allowing it to move at speeds of up to
Treasure Type: Nil 100 feet per round. Otherwise, it moves
No. of Attacks: 4
Damage/Attack: 1-6 each appendage
Because the nika lacks a solid form, it
Special Attacks: Electricity, energy drain
cannot be damaged by normal weapons.
Special Defenses: Invisibility The nika's appendages each end in a nar-
Magic Resistance: 70%
row, half-moon-shaped tip. These append-
Intelligence: Medium
Alignment: Lawful Evil ages can shoot electricity out to cause
half-moon-shaped wounds that will eventu-
Size: L (30')
Psionic Ability: Nil
ally kill a victim. If a nika manages to sim-
ply wound a victim, it can draw energy
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil from the victim's body with its appendages.

Drowners These transparent creatures look like flat

globs of jelly. When mature, they are about
Frequency: Rare
No. Appearing: 10-45
the size of plate. Most are colorless, but
larger drowners may have slight tints of
Armor Class: 7
Move: 12"/24"
blue or green. The creatures feed on small
microorganisms present in water.
Hit Dice: 2
Drowners reproduce by sections that
% in Lair: Nil
break off periodically throughout their
Treasure Type: Nil
lives. If cut into pieces, a drowner becomes
No. of Attacks: 1
Damage/Attack: 1-4 several independent drowners. These pieces
will reach full size in 8 to 12 hours if they
Special Attacks: Nil
Special Defenses: Nil
have a source of food. If taken out of water
for more than 4 hours, drowners begin to
Magic Resistance: Standard
Intelligence: Low
Alignment: Lawful Neutral Drowners attack by seeking sources of
moisture on a body, filling the orifices, and
Size: S
suffocating the victim. A standing victim
Psionic Ability: Nil
can be suffocated within 6 rounds if he
Attack/Defense Modes: Nil
doesn't defend against the creatures. A
prone victim can drown within 3 rounds.

Belt of Marcol
The belt of Marcol is a simple magical item
with simple magical powers. It can be used
to slow a person or object, or hold some-
thing if it is in close range. The belt is made
of a piece of heavily-oiled, aged brown
leather with a tarnished, horseshoe-shaped
brass buckle.
The belt can be used once every 3 turns by
its wearer. To slow a person, the wearer
tightens the belt one notch and concentrates
on the effect he wishes to have on his victim.
The effect lasts 3 turns. To slow a person re-
peatedly, the wearer must keep tightening
the belt. Obviously, a thin person will have
more chances to use the effect.
If the victim is within 30 feet, the slowing
effect is powerful enough to hold the person
for 3 turns.

Non-Player Character
Magic-User: 15
Illusionist: 5
Strength: 9
Intelligence: 16
Wisdom: 15
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 10
Charisma: 11

Hit Points: 105

Magic-User Spells:

1st level: charm person (x2), protection

from evil, shield (x2)
2nd level: invisibility (x3), levitate, web
3rd level: haste (x2), suggestion (x2)
4th level: confusion (x2), dig, remove curse
5th level: stone shape, teleport
6th level: disintegrate, move earth
7th level: charm plants, Mordenkainen's

Illusionist Spells:

1st level: change self (x2), detect illusion,

2nd level: misdirection, ventriloquism
3rd level: paralyzation