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John Phillip J.

MaEd Guidance and Counseling

"Cultivating a research-based approach to developing your practice provides evidence to effect

change in your teaching, your classroom, your school, and beyond." – Rebecca Austin

After watching the lectures that you have given to us, I can say that research is about
providing something new. It is where we add to the body of knowledge that is existing today.
Truly that we must not be satisfied on what we have right now, but we need to strive to be more
critical and creative in our way of thinking. With that, research can really help in the field of
education. It is something that is essential in the field of Academe for it is a living organization
that will grow for the next years to come if people are also concern in the aspect of research.

I just started working in the Academe year 2019 and there I realized, how very important
is research when it comes to the performance of every college and the university as a whole.
With research, we have the goal of filling the gap on what is lacking or what we need to modify
in our institution. In terms of classroom instruction, research may give us possible ways to
enhance our way of teaching, learning plans and strategies, and improvement in terms of giving
assessments to the students. Furthermore, research can help for the improvement of the
curriculum of every program; the scope of the courses; and other specialization they can offer in
the future. Also, for the well-being of the students that focuses on activities that can help them
improve the self-concept and other concerns that are non-academic.

In light of the possibilities that the research can give academically to the students, it can
also help for the benefit of the school in terms of reaching the goal towards excellence in this
kind of field. Where all studies that we have must not only aim to be on a school level, but it
must go beyond the four walls of the university. That research can be beneficial to the
community and also to the world. That is why a lot of universities and colleges right now are
investing for this. Faculty and staff are engaged in researches and is also being encouraged to
attend and present their researches in different seminars and conferences. Moreover, evidence-
based research is on the rise and is being applied to all academic institutions for we want
something that is based on what is proven and not just an opinion or experience of someone else.

All in all, research is a part of our lives as an educator. It is something that we must look
forward to for us to be more effective and efficient in our field of specialization. That research
can improve not only the quality of education but also the quality of life of every student.