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Kelley Jenkins

May 21, 2019

NURS 3209

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

Nur 3209
Self-Evaluation of Nursing Skills

This tool is designed to help you self-evaluate your “skills” as a Registered
Nurse. The tool will help you to identify your strengths and opportunities for
growth as you progress in the curriculum.

The skills checklist is divided into sections according to content similarity. Please
review all skills and indicate what level (see scale below) you believe you are in
regards to that particular skill by placing an ‘X’ in the appropriate box. This
checklist needs to be completed in its entirety and submitted via Bb by specified
due date

Remember there is no right or wrong answer, as RN’s we bring many different

talents and strengths to our practice. The checklist will become part of your e-
portfolio and used to help make decisions regarding practicum experiences.

Rating Scale:

Beginning- I am unable to perform this skill and/or I do not know what this is

Developing- I am familiar with this skill and have a basic understanding of to

safely perform but I am hesitant to perform and/or ineffective when attempting

Accomplished- I am proficient with this skill but can improve on speed and/or

Exemplary- I have mastered this skill. I am proficient, accurate, and I am

comfortable teaching others how to do this skill.
Kelley Jenkins
May 21, 2019
NURS 3209

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

Nur 3205
Self-Evaluation of Nursing Skills

NURSING SKILLS Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary

Safety/Infection Control: Daily Patient Care

Hand hygiene X
Standard precautions X
Personal protective equipment X
Transmission based precautions X
Transfers X
Bed positioning X
Body mechanics X
Lifts X
Joint mobility X
Restraints X
Assistive devices X
Fall prevention X
Seizure precautions X
Ambulation X
Anti-embolic stockings X
Sequential compression devices X
Client hygiene: oral, hair, perineal, foot X
Health Promotion and Maintenance: Holistic Health Assessment
Critical Thinking in Health Assessment X
Interviewing X
Health history X
Genetics/genomics X
Cultural assessment X
Spiritual assessment X
Behavioral change assessment X
Nutrition X
Environment X
Functional X
Domestic Violence X
Mental Status X
Pain X
Health Promotion and Maintenance: Physical Examination
General Survey X
Vital Signs X
Skin, Hair, Nails, and Wounds X
Head, Face, Neck, Eyes, Ears, Nose, X
Mouth, and Throat
Thorax and lungs X
Cardiovascular X
Abdomen X
Musculoskeletal X
Neurologic X
Breast, Lymphatics and Genitourinary X
Kelley Jenkins
May 21, 2019
NURS 3209

NURSING SKILLS Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary

Health Promotion and Maintenance: Integration of Health Assessment to the Lifespan

Comprehensive Health Assessment X
Assessment of the Pregnant and X
Postpartum Female
Assessment of the Newborn, Infant and X
Functional Assessment of the Older Adult X
Management of Care: General Computer Skills
Navigation of the Electronic Medical Record X
Reduction of Risk Potential: Diagnostic Testing
Specimen collection: stool, urine, sputum, X
wound, nose, throat, capillary, phlebotomy
Urine testing (dipstick) X
Glucose testing (FSBS) X
Interpretation of Common Laboratory and Diagnostic Interpretation
 Blood chemistries X
 Hematology X
 Serology and immunology X
 Culture X
 Urinalysis X
 Fecal analysis X
 Cerebrospinal fluid X
 Computed tomography X
 Doppler studies X
 Electrocardiography X
 Endoscopy X
 Magnetic resonance imaging X
 Radiography X
 Skin testing X
 Ultrasound X
Perform electrocardiogram X
Initiate telemetry monitor X
Physiological Adaptation
Diaphragmatic breathing X
Incentive spirometer X
Administer oxygen: nasal cannula, face X
Mechanical Ventilation: maintaining, X
suctioning, alarms, complications
Pulse oximeter X
Peak expiratory flow X
Chest physiotherapy X
Tracheostomy care X
Suctioning: oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal, X
Chest tubes: assisting with insertion, X
maintaining, removal
Reduction of Risk Potential: Nutrition
Kelley Jenkins
May 21, 2019
NURS 3209

Aspiration precautions X

NURSING SKILLS Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary

Basic Care and Comfort: Nutrition

Feeding clients X
Recording intake and output X

Physiological Adaptation: Nutrition

Gastric tube feedings: nasogastric tube, X
Nasogastric tube: insertion, maintenance, X
Gastric and jejunum tube care X
Elimination: Urinary
 Catheter insertion and removal X
 Catheter care X
 Bladder irrigation X
 Urinary ostomy care X
 Peritoneal dialysis X
Elimination: Fecal
 Bedpan X
 Fecal impaction X
 Enema X
 Fecal ostomy X
Physiological Adaptation: Wound and Pressure Ulcer Care
Assessment X
Dressing change X
Wound irrigation X
Sitz bath X
Applying binders X
Wound vacuum X
Basic Care and Comfort: Orthopedic devices
Compression wrap X
Splint X
Brace X
Cast X
Traction X
Heat and cold: dry, moist X
Pharmacological and Parental Therapies: Medication Administration
Drug calculations X
Safety, legal, and ethical issues
 Controlled substances X
 6 rights, 3 checks X
 Documentation X
 Error reporting X
Medication administration
 Oral X
 Enteral tubes X
 Topical
Kelley Jenkins
May 21, 2019
NURS 3209

o Otic X
o Ophthalmic X
o Nasal X
o Inhalant X
o Dermatologic X
NURSING SKILLS Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary

Medication administration, cont.

o Vaginal X
o Rectal X
 Intramuscular X
 Subcutaneous X
 Intradermal X
 Starting, maintaining, and X
discontinuing an intravenous
 Intravenous push X
 Intravenous additives X
 Intravenous fluids X
 Patient controlled analgesia pump X
Total parenteral nutrition X
Eye and ear irrigation X
Central Venous Access Devices
 Types X
 Managing
o Aspiration X
o Flushing X
o Medication administration X
o Tubing X
o Complications X
 Dressing Changes X
Blood Transfusions
 Product types X
 Safety X
 Procedure X
 Assessment of complications X
Reduction of Risk Potential: Preoperative and Postoperative Care
Pre-op teaching X
Surgical hand scrub X
Applying sterile gown and gloves X
Managing GI suction X
Suture and staple care X
Suture and staple removal X
Epidural care X
Sterile field X
Sterile gloves X
Psychosocial Integrity: End-of-Life
Palliative care X
Performing post-mortem care X
Kelley Jenkins
May 21, 2019
NURS 3209

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