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Units Pages

Unit 1 Grammar to be; there is / there are; it’s; this / these / that / those 6

Unit 2 Grammar Present simple 1 9

Unit 3 Vocabulary My home 12

Review 1 Units 1, 2 and 3 15

Unit 4 Grammar Present simple 2 16

Unit 5 Grammar Present continuous 19

Unit 6 Vocabulary Hobbies and pastimes 22

Review 2 Units 4, 5 and 6 25

Unit 7 Grammar Present simple and present continuous 26

Unit 8 Grammar Past simple 1 29

Unit 9 Vocabulary School life 32

Review 3 Units 7, 8 and 9 35

Unit 10 Grammar Past simple 2 36

Unit 11 Grammar Past continuous 39

Unit 12 Vocabulary Making friends and getting to know people 42

Review 4 Units 10, 11 and 12 45

Unit 13 Grammar Present perfect 1 46

Unit 14 Grammar Present perfect 2 49

Unit 15 Vocabulary Travel 52

Review 5 Units 13, 14 and 15 55

Unit 16 Grammar Present perfect and past simple 56

Unit 17 Grammar will and be going to 59

Unit 18 Vocabulary Sports and healthy lifestyle 62

Review 6 Units 16, 17 and 18 65

Unit 19 Grammar Modal verbs 1 66

Unit 20 Grammar Modal verbs 2 69

Unit 21 Vocabulary Rules 72

Review 7 Units 19, 20 and 21 75

Progress test 1 Units 1–21 76

Unit 22 Grammar Plurals, countable and uncountable nouns 1 78

Unit 23 Grammar Countable and uncountable nouns 2 81

Unit 24 Vocabulary Food and shopping 84

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Review 8 Units 22, 23 and 24 87

Unit 25 Grammar have and have got, some and any 88

Unit 26 Grammar Wh-questions and question tags 91

Unit 27 Vocabulary Character and appearance 94

Review 9 Units 25, 26 and 27 97

Unit 28 Grammar Articles 98

Unit 29 Grammar Numerals 101

Unit 30 Vocabulary Weather and seasons, nature and ecology 104

Review 10 Units 28, 29 and 30 107

Unit 31 Grammar Possessive ’s, Whose …? 108

Unit 32 Grammar Pronouns and possessive determiners 111

Unit 33 Vocabulary Clothes and fashion 114

Review 11 Units 31, 32 and 33 117

Unit 34 Grammar Relative pronouns and adverbs, relative clauses 118

Unit 35 Grammar First conditional 121

Unit 36 Vocabulary Jobs and professions 124

Review 12 Units 34, 35 and 36 127

Unit 37 Grammar Comparatives, as … as 128

Unit 38 Grammar Superlatives 131

Unit 39 Vocabulary Famous people and places 134

Review 13 Units 37, 38 and 39 137

Unit 40 Grammar Imperative, infinitive, -ing form, I’d like … 138

Unit 41 Grammar Prepositions of place, movement and time 141

Unit 42 Vocabulary Communication and technology 144

Review 14 Units 40, 41 and 42 147

Progress test 2 Units 22–42 148

Reference section Cardinal and ordinal numbers 150

Irregular present forms 150

Irregular verbs 151

Topic vocabulary 152

Phrases database 163

Word formation 166

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Form Form Form

A Обведите правильный вариант ответа.
01 I am / be ten years old.
02 Anna is / am in the living room.
03 You and your sister be / are Russian.
04 You are / is a good student!
05 Sasha be / is my brother.
06 The computer are / is in my room.
07 Ann and Alex is / are teachers.
08 We are / is at home now.

B Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

01 ___ in the kitchen. 05 The computer ___ very good.
A I’m not A isn’t
B I not am B are not

02 You ___ 12 years old. You’re 11. 06 We ___ in the classroom.

A isn’t A are not
B aren’t B isn’t

03 Julia ___ at school today. 07 ___ my books.

A are not A They're not
B isn't B They is not

04 Dasha and Andrei ___ at home. 08 It ___ my desk.

A isn’t A aren’t
B aren’t B is not

C Обведите правильный вариант ответа.

Nikita! (1) Are you / You are OK?
Yes, (2) I’m / I am, thanks. How (3) is / are you? ✓✓
Fine, thanks. (4) Are / Is your brother here?
Yes, (5) he is/he’s. ✓✓
(6) Is he / He is in his bedroom?
No, he (7) aren’t / isn’t. He’s in the living room. ✓✓
OK. (8) Is / Are your mum and dad at home?
No, they aren’t. ✓✓
(9) Be / Are they at work?
Yes, (10) they’re / they are. ✓✓
D Заполните пропуски, используя данные слова.
There is • There are • There isn’t • There aren't • Is there • Are there
01 ______________ apples in the cake?
02 ______________ milk in the fridge?
03 ______________ boys and girls in the house - they’re my friends.
04 ______________ a big sofa in the living room. I sit on it to watch TV.
05 ______________ people on the balcony because it's winter.
06 ______________ a computer in the bedroom. It’s in the living room.
07 ______________ a supermarket near here?
08 ______________ a bird in our classroom!
09 ______________ sweets on the table? Yum!
10 ______________ noisy children outside!

E Заполните пропуски, используя it's, it isn't или is it.

01 I love this house. ______________ a nice house.
02 It’s Monday today______________ Tuesday.
03 I like the big room. ______________ your room?
04 Brrr! ______________ very cold today.
05 ______________ far to your house from the park?
06 ______________ great to see you!
07 ______________ early. It’s only 6 o’clock.
08 There’s a sofa in my room. ______________ big. but comfortable.
09 ______________ your birthday today?
10 ______________ sunny today and very hot!

F Обведите правильный вариант ответа.

01 ’I like it in here. Is this / those your room?’
‘Yes, it / they is.'
02 This is my bed here. That / These is my desk over there.
03 Come and see this / these photos on the computer.
04 Is that / this your dad over there?
05 This / Those is my house. It's new and beautiful.
06 Are these / those boys over there students?'
‘No, it / they aren't.'
07 Give me that / those pencils, please.
08 This / These book is very interesting.
It / They is about animals.
09 Look at these / this gloves!
It is / They are nice and warm.
10 Are these / those your shoes over there?'
Yes, it / they are.’
Утвердительная форма Отрицательная форма Вопросительная форма и краткий ответ
I/ You/We/They walk ... I/ You /We/ They do not Do I / you / we / they walk...?

(don’t) walk ... Yes, I/you/ we/ they do.

No, I/you / we/ they don't.
He/She/It walks ... He/She/ It does not Does he/she/it walk...?
(doesn’t) walk ... Yes, he/she/ it does.
No, he/she/ it doesn’t.

Употребление Примеры
регулярные действия в настоящем Amy walks to school every day.
факты из жизни They live in a big house.
общеизвестные истины, законы природы The Sun rises in the east.
чувства, мысли, состояния The book costs five pounds.

Такие глаголы, как have (got), want, cost и т. д. называют

глаголами состояния, потому что они передают состояние,
а не действие предмета. Особенность этих глаголов в том,
что они не употребляются в present continuous.
 Не is having a pet.
✓ Не has a pet.

Список глаголов состояния с.26

Если глагол согласуется с подлежащим в 3-м лице

единственного числа, то в утвердительной форме к глаголу
прибавляется окончание -(е)s.

К большинству глаголов прибавляется -s ski  skis

К глаголам, которые оканчиваются на -es miss  misses

-ss, -sh, -ch, -х and -о, прибавляется brush  brushes

watch  watches
fix  fixes
go  goes
К глаголам, которые оканчиваются на -ies (y меняется на i) study  studies
согласную + -у, прибавляется
К глаголам, которые оканчиваются на -s play  plays
гласную + -у, прибавляется

[s] после звуков [f], [k], [p] и [t] laughs, thinks, keeps, hates
[ɩz] после звуков [s], [ʃ], [ʧ], [ʤ] и [z] misses, wishes, matches, arranges, rises
[z] во всех других случаях dreams, plays, begins, stands, saves, skis
A Обведите правильный вариант ответа.
01 Jean walk / walks home every day.
02 I doesn’t / don’t like this food.
03 We live / lives near the school.
04 My dog eats / eat in the kitchen.
05 Does / Do your brothers sleep here?
06 Do / Does you watch TV?
07 My dad works / work at home.
08 Do / Does this fridge cost £500?

B Выберите правильный вариант ответа.

01 Do you ___ with your brother? 04 Egor ___ English very well.
A play A speak
B plays B speaks

02 ___ your mum work? 05 I don't ___ TV every day.

A Do A watches
B Does B watch

03 We ___ this room for parties. 06 They ___ live in the city.
A use A don't
B uses B doesn't

C Обведите правильный вариант ответа.

Hi Dima,
Thanks for your email. I (1) lives / live in Liverpool with my
mum and dad. I (2) walks/ walk to school every day. My dad
(3) works / work in the city but my mum (4) doesn't
work/not work so she cooks me dinner when I come home.
We (5) has / have a nice house with a garden. I (6) like / likes
my bedroom. There’s a TV and a computer in it.
What about you? (7) Does / Do you walk to school? Do your
parents (8) works / work? Write and tell me about your house.

Напишите письмо Билли. Ответьте на его вопросы, используя present simple.

D Заполните пропуски, поставив выделенные глаголы в present simple.
01 Kate ____________ (play) football with her brother.
02 Dima ____________ (miss) his house in Vladivostok.
03 Irina ___________ (brush) her hair every day.
04 Alex ____________ (watch) videos in his room.
05 Elena ___________ (go) to school with her brother.
06 Olga ____________ (study) English at home.
07 The chair ____________ (cost) £50.
08 Ivan ____________ (fix) computers in his free time.

E Перепишите предложения в отрицательной форме.

01 Му uncle lives in Saint Petersburg.
02 Sandy watches TV with her brother.
03 Andrew and Lydia read books.
04 Max goes to English lessons in the evening.
05 Polina and I take the bus to school.
06 Tanya and Sveta like the new house.
07 You fix laptops.
08 The dog runs in the garden.

F Составьте вопросы и допишите краткие ответы.

01 You study in the living room.
_______________________________________ No, I _______________ .
02 Your brothers like football.
_______________________________________ Yes, they _______________ .
03 We have a dog.
_______________________________________ Yes, we _______________ .
04 Your cat sleeps in the kitchen.
_______________________________________ Yes, it _______________ .
05 Stella talks in class.
_______________________________________ No, she _______________ .
06 Martin works in London.
_______________________________________ Yes, he _______________ .
Перевод и примеры употребления слов и выражений с. 152

address furniture: (armchair, bed. housework

carpet bookcase, cupboard, sofa. key
ceiling table, wardrobe rooms: bathroom, bedroom.
curtains garden kitchen, living room
flat ground / first / second floor wall

brush (your teeth) getup wash

clean put away water
dust share
feed (your pet) tidy

Adjectives hard-working Adverbs

clean lazy daily
comfortable messy downstairs
daily upstairs

do the cooking / ironing / shopping / vacuuming / washing / washing-up

get dressed
get ready (for school)
go home / to bed
help someone with
make your bed / a mess / a snack
tell someone to do something

Noun Verb Adjective Adverb

day daily
dirt dirty
dust dusty
laziness lazy
mess messy
A Заполните пропуски данными словами.
bathroom • bed • bedrooms • carpet • ceiling • cupboard • curtains • flat •
floor living room • sofa • table • walls

Hi Anna,
My new (1) ________ is really nice. We live on the second (2) ________ . There are three
(3) ________ (a room for me, a room for my sister and a room for my parents).
My room has a high (4) ________ and there are pictures of my favourite singers on the
(5) ________ I sleep in a comfortable (6) ________ and there’s a big (7) ________ for all
my things. There are blue (8) ________ on the windows and a blue (9) ________ on the
Blue is my favourite colour!
Of course, there is a big (10) __________ to wash in and a kitchen to cook in too. We eat
at a big (11) __________ in the kitchen. I think my favourite room is the (12) _________ .
We all sit on the (13) __________ and watch TV in there.
Write and tell me your news!

Напишите письмо Скай. Поделитесь новостями и опишите свой дом.

B Прочитайте определения. Найдите V М S А G A R D E N

и напишите слова.
01 a room to cook food_________
02 you have one to open the door_________
03 a place that often has flowers or К E I А D D R E S S

vegetables_________ I М W А R D R O B E
04 jobs you do at home_________ T К X V С X K N D A
05 furniture for your books_________ С Е O D T V Y O H E
06 a house number, a street name and the H Y Т Y J W W Q E B
name of your town / city_________ E L F L S P A I U U
07 furniture for your clothes_________
08 a place to sit_________

C Заполните пропуски словами. Первые буквы слов даны.

01 I s_________ a bedroom with my brother.
02 We w_________ Dad's car on Sundays.
03 My brother and I help c_________ the house on Saturdays.
04 I need to t_________ my room and p_________ a_________ my books.
05 I d_________ the furniture in my room every week.
06 We f_________ the dog and w_________ the flowers every day.
07 The first thing I do when I g________ u________in the morning is b________my teeth.
D Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
01 Му brother is___. Не doesn’t help in 05 Our parents are very___so we all help with
the house. the housework.
A lazy A comfortable
В daily B hard-working
02 Is your bed___? 6 My room is___Mum wants me to put my
A hard-working things away.
В comfortable A messy
03 The kitchen is___and the bedroom B lazy
is on the first floor. 0 7 There’s a big window___in my bedroom.
A downstairs A upstairs
В lazy B daily
04 Thank you for your hard work! 0 8 Mrs Green cleans the house ___.
The house is very___now! A messy
A clean B daily
В downstairs

E Из трёх вариантов ответов вычеркните один, который является неверным.

01 Devon, get home / ready / dressed for school now, please.
02 Jack helps me with / gets ready / tells me to do my homework.
03 Mum wants me to do the cooking / the vacuuming / ready for school now.
04 I make my bed / a snack/ the ironing every morning.
05 We eat and then we go ready for school / home / to bed.
06 I do the washing up / the washing / a mess in my house.
07 Who does the cooking / bed / shopping in your family?

F Обведите правильный вариант ответа.

01 Holly loves her day / daily routine.
02 Tyler and Noah are good friends. They always agree / disagree about things.
03 I never see dust or dirt / dirty in my house because Mum cleans every day.
04 Pavel runs very quick / quickly.
05 Your room is very mess / messy. Please clean it!
06 I dust / dusty the furniture in the house.
07 I hate my bed - it’s so comfortable / uncomfortable.
08 Vika isn't lazy / laziness - she helps her parents every day.
A Выберите правильный вариант ответа.
1 My favourite room in the house is the __. 6 My room is very__because I tidy it every day.
A garden A clean
B kitchen В messy
2 My clothes are all in the__. 7 I__to bed at 9 pm.
A armchair A go
B wardrobe В do
3 Caitlin__her dog at six o'clock every day. 8 Do you__your bed in the mornings?
A feeds A do
B dusts В make
4 Sergey__a room with his brother. 9 I__with you. You’re wrong.
A gets up A agree
B shares В disagree
5 Zoya is__. She studies every day. 10 I eat breakfast __.
A hard working A quick
B lazy В quickly
(no 1 баллу за каждый правильный ответ)))
B Обведите правильный вариант ответа.

Holly’s blog

My name is Holly and (11) this / those is my blog. I (12) be / am Scottish and 13 years
old. I go to school in Glasgow but I (13) am / is not at school today because it’s Sunday.
My parents (14) be / are teachers. They (15) aren't / not at home now but my sister (16)
are / is. We share a room. (17) It / There is a nice room but it (18) aren’t / isn’t very
big. There (19) are / is beds in the room but there (20) not / isn’t a television. Comments

(no 1 баллу за каждый правильный ответ)))

C Раскройте скобки, поставив глагол в соответствующую форму.
21 Millie______________(go) to school at 8 am.
22 My cat______________(not / like) chocolate!
23 ___________(Thomas / live) here?’ ’Yes. he does.'
24 Ashton______________(study) in his room.
25 My sister______________(watch) TV in the living room.
26 ______________(you / play) football?
27 Liza________________(buy) food at this shop.
28 John gets up and_______________(brush) his teeth at 7 am.
29 ___________(the sofa / cost) twenty euros?' ‘No, it doesn't.’
30 They________________(not / work) on Sundays.
(no 1 баллу за каждый правильный ответ)))
Итоговый балл: ...../30)))

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