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Key answer free listening test

9. (woman) I’d like to open an account.

1 D 11 A 21 D 31 B 41 D (man) Would you like a savings account
2 D 12 C 22 D 32 C 42 D or an interest-bearing checking
3 A 13 D 23 A 33 A 43 B account?
4 A 14 C 24 D 34 D 44 B (narrator Where does this conversation
5 C 15 C 25 A 35 A 45 B ) probably take place?
6 D 16 B 26 C 36 D 46 A
7 A 17 A 27 C 37 B 47 D 10 (woman) Why does Jane spend so much
8 C 18 C 28 D 38 C 48 B . time in San Francisco?
9 B 19 B 29 D 39 B 49 D (man) She has a cousin there, so she
10 A 20 B 30 B 40 C 50 B likes to visit, especially during the
(narrator What does the man imply?

PART A 11 (woman) Are you really hungry?

1. (woman) Are the exams corrected yet? (man) I feel like I haven’t eaten in weeks
(man) No, but they’ll be corrected by (narrator What does the man mean?
noon. )
(narrator What does the man mean?
) 12 (man) The traffic outside is really loud!
2. (woman) Has Martha’s visa arrived yet? (woman) I’ll say!
(man) I think it arrived last month. (narrator What does the woman mean?
(narrator What does the man mean? )
13 (man) Have seen the headlines yet
3. (man) What did the professor do in the . today?
first class? I missed it because I (woman) I haven’t had a chance to read a
was late. word.
(woman) She outlined the course (narrator What are they probably
requirement. ) discussing?
(narrator What does the woman mean?
) 14 (man) I’m not ready yet, and it’s going
. to take me a while longer.
4. (woman) How did Chuck look when you (woman) You’d better hurry. Take five
visited in the hospital? minutes too long, and you’ll miss
(man) He’s looked better. the bus.
(narrator What does the man mean? (narrator What does the woman mean?
) )

5. (man) How much was tuition increased 15 (woman) I think it’s impossible for me to
for next month? . pass this class.
(woman) More that I can afford. (man) You should never say
(narrator What does the woman mean? “impossible”
) (narrator What does the man mean?
6. (woman) How were the grades on the
history exam? 16 (man) Why were you thanking Tom?
(man) No one got above C. .
(narrator What does the man mean? (woman) He lent me enough money to pay
) the rent.
(narrator What does the woman mean?
7. (woman) You know, this is the second time )
this week that you’ve been late to
class! 17 (woman) Are you enjoying the dessert?
(man) It was impossible to find a place .
to park before the o’clock class! (man) Never have I tasted such delicious
(narrator What does the man mean? cake!
) (narrator What does the man say about the
) cake?
8. (man) Can I help you find something?
(woman) Yes, thank you. I need to get a 18 (man) Why are you so late getting here?
new rug. .
(narrator What does the woman mean? (woman) Oh, I ran into my cousin Carl, and
we stayed and talked for a while. . said to you?
(narrator What does the woman mean? (woman) I couldn’t have been more
) infuriated!
(narrator What does the woman mean?
19 (woman) Do you know where Debby is? )
(man) Her purse is still here, so she must 29 (man) Let me just get these last plates
still be in the apartment. . put away. Then I’ll be ready to go.
(narrator What does the man say about (woman) So you did the dishes.
) Debby? (narrator What had the woman assumed?
20 (man) Do you know when the rent is
. due? 30 (woman) Why did you get that kind of
(woman) The landlord collects it on the first . fruit?
of the month, without fail. (man) I wouldn’t have bought these
(narrator What does the woman mean? cherries had I known that grapes
) were so cheap.
(narrator What does the man mean?
21 (woman) My car is making some funny )
. noise.
(man) Why not take it to a mechanic?
(narrator What does the man suggest to the PART B
) woman?
Question 31-34
22 (man) Martha’s holding down two jobs (narrator Listen to a conversation between two
. at the same time. ) friends who are making plans.
(woman) She’d better take it easy. (woman) Do you have any plans this weekend?
(narrator What does the woman mean? (man) There’s so much to choose from on
) campus that I’m not sure what I’m
going to do.
23 (woman) Did you get to the airport in plenty (woman) The football game is on Saturday night,
. of time? and I’m going with a group of friends.
(man) There was scarcely enough time to Do you want to go with us?
get there. (man) Of course I’d like to go to the football
(narrator What does the man imply? game: it’s the biggest game of the
) season. And it sounds like fun to go
with a large group of people.
24 (woman) You should put some money in (woman) Good. We’ll be meeting at the cafeteria
. the parking meter. for dinner at six o’clock on Saturday
(man) Parking fees aren’t necessary on night, and then we’ll go on to the game
the weekend, are they? together.
(narrator What does the man mean? (man) That takes care of my plans for
) Saturday night. But now I need to make
a decision about Sunday afternoon. The
25 (man) How is your boss feeling about his music department is sponsoring a
. retirement? concert the, and I’d really like to hear
(woman) Oh, he isn’t too unhappy to be that concert. But there’s also a play
retiring. being presented by the drama
(narrator What does the woman imply department that I really wanted to see.
) about her boss? It’s too bad those two events are at the
same time.
26 (woman) Oh, I see that you have a new car. (woman) You know, if you go to the game on
. Saturday night and a concert or play on
(man) I wish I had been able to buy the Sunday, that doesn’t leave much time
car I really wanted. for studying.
(narrator What does the man mean? (man) Oh, well. Maybe I can do that the
) weekend after this one.
31. What is the woman planning to do
27 (woman) Did you hear the president’s Saturday?
. announcement this morning? 32. Why does the man want to go to the
(man) Yes, the president appointed Mr. football game?
Drew head of the newly formed 33. What is it at the same time as the music
commission. department’s concert?
(narrator What does the man mean? 34. When does the man plan to study?

28 (man) Were you upset by what Richard Questions 35-38

(narrator Listen to a conversation between a man
) and a woman.
(woman) Have you ever thought about all the addition to the five pages of
tons of garbage that’s out in space composition, you should have a title
circling the Earth? page and a one-page references list of
(man) Tons of garbage circling the Earth? the source that you used in preparing
What do you mean? the paper.
(woman) I saw a television program about it last
night, and according to the program, 39. When does this talk probably take
there’s about 3,000 tons of metal out place?
there in space, travelling at speeds 40. When is the paper due?
around 17,000 miles per hour. 41. What types of references should be used
(man) Where did all this garbage come from? in writing the paper?
(woman) Well, it comes from all those space 42. How many total pages should be in the
missions that have gone up since 1957. paper, including the title page and the
Every time a rocket ship goes up into reference list?
spaces, it leaves a lot behind, and this
stuff goes into orbit around the Earth:
booster rockets, solar panels, remnants Question 43-46
of satellites, and even nuclear reactors. (narrator Listen to a talk about Hawaii.
(man) Isn’t it dangerous to have all this stuff )
out there? (man) For those of you taking part in the trip
(woman) Some space scientist are worried about to Hawaii next week, I’d like to give
possible collision between this orbiting you a little information about the
junk and spacecraft; however, so far weather that you can expect there.
there haven’t been any such accidents.
(man) Well, I hope that they are going to do You can expect the average daily
something about this, both for the sake temperature there to be about 80
pf safety and for the sake of the degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees
environment. Celsius. This is the average daily
(woman) Me too. I know that right now the temperature in the springtime, when we
problem is being studied by numerous will be there; it is interesting to note that
scientist; hopefully, they’ll be able to it only gets a few degrees warmer in the
find solutions before the problem gets summer and a few degrees cooler in the
too much worse. winter.
35. What are the man and woman
discussing? One important factor that keeps the
36. Where did the woman learn about this temperature so constant and moderate in
problem? Hawaii is the trade winds. These are the
37. Approximately how much metal is in winds that blow in on the north-east, or
orbit space? windward, side of the islands on an
38. What does the woman hope will almost daily basis; the trade winds blow
happen? through the islands an average of
slightly more than 300 days per year,
and they are the strongest during the
Part c heat of the afternoon and turn into a
cooling breeze in the evening. The trade
Question 39-42 winds also keep the humidity down,
(narrator Listen to a sociology professor talk to which makes the weather even more
) her class. pleasant.
(woman) Before I start today’s sociology lecture,
I’d like to talk with you about the I hope this information will help you to
papers that you should be working on. understand the weather conditions that
As you know, the topic for the paper is you are going to encounter next week
the relationship between gun control on your trip; it should also help you
and violence. The paper itself is due in decide what types of clothes you should
two weeks, but I would like to see your be packing for your trip.
outlines by Friday of this week so that I
43. In what season of the year will the trip
can be sure that you are on the right
take place?
track with the assignment.
44. What is the weather like in Hawaii?
45. What is true about the trade winds?
You need to do some research for this
46. What will the people listening to the
paper, so you should be spending some
talk probably be doing soon?
time in the library. I would like you to
have at least three books and at least
three recent journal articles as sources. Questions 47-50
(narrator Listen to an instructor talk to her class
The paper should be five pages long; in ) about Walt Whitman.
(woman) The topic about today’s lecture is Walt
Whitman, an American poet and author
of the renowned collection of poems
Leaves of Grass. This volume of poems
is a celebration of America, full of pride
in the United States and reverence for
the goals of American democracy.

Whitman begin writing Leaves of Grass

in the middle of the nineteenth century
and the first edition appeared in 1855
with only twelve poems. Several other
editions of leaves of Grass appeared
thought out Whitman’s life-time with
additional poems; Leaves of Grass grew
and matured right along with Whitman.

The longest and best-know poem of

Leaves of Grass is “Song of Myself,”
which appeared in the first addition.
The poem “When Lilac Last in the
Dooryard Bloomed” was added to a
later edition. This poem was written at
the time of Abraham Lincoln’s death in
1865 and contained Whitman’s
reflections on that event. Lincoln’s
death occurred in April, in the spring, in
a season of new life. This poem reflects
that spring can be at the same time a
period of death and a period of rebirth.
47. This lecture would probably be a part of
which course?
48. What is the most common theme in
“Leaves of Grass”?
49. What best describes “Leaves of Grass”?
50. Which is the longest and best-know
poem by Whiteman?