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CAMBOFEST Film Festival 4th Edition Movies PROGRAM

(Subject to Change - Khmer version coming soon!)
A DROP IN THE BUCKET Dir., Lauren Shaw 23 min. “This film is a timely, hopeful and lyrical tale about people
reaching across international boundaries to help provide clean water in rural Cambodia.” USA Short Documentary

A.HITLER Dir., Barry Hershey 115 min. “A phantasmagoric journey into the darkest recesses of the mind of Adolf
Hitler; in a dreamlike subterranean environment removed from historical time, Adolf Hitler confronts the demons of his
psyche.” USA Feature Fiction

AYLA MY KOREAN DAUGHTER Dir., Byung Hun Hwang 48 min. “A story of the reunion of Mr. Birbiley, a Turkish
Korean War veteran, and the lost Korean child he had taken under his wing, Alya, so many years ago during the Korean
conflict.” S. KOREA Medium/Short Documentary

BAD LANGUAGE Dir., Viron Papadopoulos 14 min. “A little bit of Greece survives in the Kafenios of suburban
Australia; illegal gambling houses that are a cross between a men's club, mafia den and a nursing home.” AUSTRALIA
Short Fiction

BOUQUET FOR BASHO Dir., Kunal Mehra 7.5 min. “A short film interleaving urban and natural scenes inspired by
ten haikus of the 17th century Japanese haiku poet Matsuo Basho” USA Universal Language

CAMBOFEST Cambodia Film Festival (March 1-9 2011) 1

BUT SOME ARE BRAVE Dir., Grace Channer 6 min. “But Some Are Brave” is a five-minute oil painted animated
film infused with evocative vocals and a lyrical soundscape.” CANADA Animation Only

BYE BYE NOW! Dir., Ross Whitaker, Aideen O'Sullivan 15 min. “An amusing and poignant documentary about the
fate of the Irish phone box, which has gone from the centre of society to the verge of extinction.” IRELAND Short

CASUALTIES OF LOVE Dir., Faiyaz Jafri 2min. “Casualties of Love is a depiction of the unintentional cruelty to
human replicas by children. It is inspired by the intense and uncontrolled love that children have for their favorite toys.”
USA Animation Only

CHUBBY CAN KILL Dir., Kevin Ung 20min. "Wing works at a video rental shop, carrying out routine duties together
with his petite colleague day in day out. Gang members come to collect 'security fees' and leave behind a few threatening
words. The incident makes Wing decide to take some action to change his life. " USA Short Fiction

CONFESSION Abby Lambert 2 min. "A woman confesses to herself an inner desire to be masculine. Through the
use of grooming routines, the woman's feminininty subsides briefly." CANADA Universal Language

CONSEQUENCES - Landmines & UXOs Julienne Rathore 57 min. "The worldwide problem of landmines and
other remnants of war is not new, but neither must it be forgotten. These indiscriminate weapons are still destroying
thousands of lives around the planet every year." NORWAY Feature Documentary

CROSSING MIDNIGHT Kim A. Snyder 29 min. “The story of an unparalleled health crisis in the jungles of Eastern
Burma and a community of refugees that united against all odds to help their own when few others could.” USA/BURMA
Short Documentary

CAMBOFEST Cambodia Film Festival (March 1-9 2011) 2

DARK SOULS (Morke Sjeler) Dir., Ceasar Ducasse 95 min. "A revengeful father embarks on a dark thrill ride of
lost memories, conspiracy and zombie-like symptoms. Finding the mysterious darkness within is the source of the bizarre
world he has uncovered." (Mature Audiences Only ) NORWAY Feature Fiction

DAS PAKET Dir., Marco Gadge 9.5 min. “Two hardened gangsters have to deliver an important package. But a
single traffic light becomes a big problem that changes everything.” GERMANY Short Fiction

DOUBLE LOSS Dir., Valery Lonskoy 108 min. “A comedy-mystery about the mysterious disappearance of an
illusionist and his assistant during a performance in a circus.” RUSSIAN FEDERATION Feature Fiction

DRIED UP Dir., Isaiah Powers, Jeremy Casper, Stuart Bury 6 min. "A quiet old man brings redemption to a
faithless, drought ridden town." USA Animation Only

EAST PLANET Dir., Hiroshi Toda 64 min. "A young earthman, “Kuma,” lands on a distant planet, called “East
Planet,” where the good people are executed by lethal injection day after day. As if led by an invisible hand, Kuma
wanders into a deep forest to find a woman, who survived." JAPAN Universal Language

EISIS Dir., Seth Blaustein 94 min. "As the lone survivor of a chance landmine explosion, Scandinavian
special operations soldier Eisis Thorsson must survive the forest home of an indigenous native tribe, the La-Wah, while
enemy troops hunt him down in this fateful web of encounters." USA Feature Fiction

“EXTINCION II .- Quadrature of the Circles Dir., Fernando Uson Fornies 12 min. Life is too brief to be wasted in
quarreling.” SPAIN Universal Language

CAMBOFEST Cambodia Film Festival (March 1-9 2011) 3

FAMILY VALUES Kolab Kouem 6 min. “A family of rubbish pickers and their very different and challenging
lives…” CAMBODIA Animation

FLOATING AWAY Chhunly Poy 6.5 min. “The story of a teenager who travels to Thailand to work as a
fisherman…but his job isn't quite as expected. CAMBODIA Animation

FOR A FISTFUL OF SNOW Dir., Julien Ezri 6 min. "A long time ago, terror, loathing, and power reigned over the
wild wild North. The foolishness of the inhabitants led them to battle for anything…even a fistful of snow!"

FROZEN SOULS Dir., Ilaria Borrelli 12 min. “An Afghan woman captures an American soldier in order to get back
her son...” ITALY Short Fiction

GOD IS AMERICAN (Dieu est Americain) Dir., Richard Martin-Jordan 52 min. "Since the end of World War II, the
people of Tanna, a remote island in the South Pacific in the archipelago of Vanuatu, idolize an American prophet and
WWII pilot named John Frum. " FRANCE Medium / Short Documentary

min. "Peng Phan lived through the brutally repressive Khmer Rouge regime of Cambodia dictator Pol pot, which killed up
to two million people. Imprisoned by the Khmer Rouge, she came close to death but was one of a few who managed to
escape. " SPAIN Feature Documentary

HOT COFFEE Dir., Students of the Vientiane School of Fine Arts 4.5 min. “An innocent coffee break goes
hilariously awry…” LAOS Very Short Movie

CAMBOFEST Cambodia Film Festival (March 1-9 2011) 4

IN THE SHADOW OF BUDDHA Dir., Heather Kessinger 39 min. "In the Shadow of Buddha takes us to the seldom
seen world of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in northernmost India. Many Buddhists believe that one cannot attain enlightenment
in the body of a woman, so what compels these women to dedicate their lives to being a nun? " USA
Short/Medium Documentary ** Filmmaker Attending **

INSURGENCY OF AMBITION Dir., Anya Belkina 8min. "The illusion of success lures a man to the very threshold
of glory only to unsheathe its true, frightening nature as he gets within reach." USA Animation

KIDNAP Dir., Sijia Luo 4 min. "A little chicken is late to school, so she thinks up the perfect excuse to get herself off
da’ hook." USA Animation

(LE GRAND SAULT) THE GRAND FALLS Dir., Herve Demers 15 min. "Wandering with her beloved near the
rushing waterfall, a young woman has no idea that their peaceful meeting place will be the scene of immense turmoil."
CANADA Universal Language

LITTLE FLOWERS Dir., Vincent Biron 18 min. "On one summer day, four children face themselves, and become a
little older." CANADA Short Fiction

LIGHTS Dir., Giulio Ricciarelli 14 min. "Lights is the story of a small-town police officer who dreams of being a hero.
As his peaceful village offers no opportunity for heroism, he decides to take matters in his own hands. He puts up a traffic
light on a rarely - used bridge in the middle of nowhere - and the fight begins." GERMANY Short Fiction

CAMBOFEST Cambodia Film Festival (March 1-9 2011) 5

LITTLE JINJAR Dir., Gun Sangkaew 11 min. "When lamb is bullying everyone in the house, they need to stand up
against him." THAILAND Short Fiction

LETTERS FROM ALASKA Dir., Roberto Reyes Ang 10 min. ‘Letters From Alaska tells the story of Arvi, an
immigrant from a small province in the Philippines called Mindoro, who left his hometown for America in search of a better
life.’ PHILIPPINES & USA Edutainment & Social Issue

MU – EMPTINESS - Ria Ama 15 min. "A painted Phoenix wills herself into the world where she encounters love, loss,
longing and eventual enlightenment.” USA Animation

NATURAL PLASTIC Dir., Faiyaz Jafri 2 min. “’Natural Plastic’ is a metaphor for the delicate balance between man
and nature.” USA Animation

NANOOK OF THE NORTH Dir., Robert Flaherty 65 min. (Courtesy International Flaherty Seminars): Long awaited
Cambodia premiere of the ‘first documentary’ “A year in the life of Nanook, an Eskimo (Inuit) and his family, widely shown
and praised as the first full-length, anthropological documentary." USA Feature Documentary

PAIN IS TEMPORARY, PRIDE IS FOREVER Dir., Joshua Lee 54min. “Nick travels to Thailand and
Cambodia to train as a kick boxer, along the way battling with his inner demons to achieve his goal of winning a fight at
Phnom Penh's CTN arena.” AUSTRALIA

QUA Dir., Andres Vidal 10 min. "At the beginning of time, our world was a desert illuminated by two suns where
the mankind barely could keep alive…" SPAIN Animation

CAMBOFEST Cambodia Film Festival (March 1-9 2011) 6

RETURN OF THE GUMSHOE KIDS Dir., Christopher Good 27 min. "A thirty-something junior detective tries
desperately to relive is glory days as a preteen private eye, only to be thwarted by spunky upstarts and past
disappointments." USA Short Fiction

SALAAM RUGBY Dir., Faramarz Beheshti 62 min. "A compelling, inside look at the first womens’ rugby team in
Iran, which coincided with the election of Ahmadinejad as president." NEW ZEALAND Feature Documentary

SONG OF THE RIVER Dir., Krissada Tipchaimeta 18 min. "A newly appointed National Park chief faces a big
dilemma when his duty requires him to enforce a prohibition against fishing, affecting villagers who have lived in the area
for generations." THAILAND Short Fiction

SPIRAL Dir., Michael Guerraz 20 min. "Trapped into an old mill, a young woman tries to escape an evil miller."
PORTUGAL Short Fiction

‘TELEFONE’ Dir., Jeffrey Bliss 5 min. "Amidst the loneliness of two isolated individuals, mysterious gift boxes
containing rotary telephones begin appearing around them with the promise of connection to better times and places."
USA Very Short Movie

TELEVISNU Dir., Prithi Gowda 15 min. “A surreal tale of a young Indian women who tries to fix her computer - but
ends up fixing her life instead” INDIA Short Fiction

THE WANDERERS Dir., Christine Bouteiller 58 min. “Our children don’t believe us. They’re too young to know. In
1975, many of us were too young to understand when the Khmer Rouges revolutionaries, managed by Pol Pot, took over
our country. War, Khmer rouges, landmines: we should have died. But instead we went astray.” FRANCE/CAMBODIA
Medium/Short Documentary

CAMBOFEST Cambodia Film Festival (March 1-9 2011) 7

THREE SAD TIGERS Dir., David Munuoz 14 min “A construction boom in Middle East brought nearly a million
workers from Bangladesh. But the labor abuse and illegal contracting has brought thousands of broken families and
hopes of workers destroyed for good.” SPAIN Short Documentary

UPSTREAM TO DOWNSTREAM (In Our Bloodstreams) 3 min. "This eerie short in the style of a painterly public-
service-announcement examines the need to restructure our water, waste, and energy systems - but first our way of
thinking." USA Edutainment & Social Issue

VIA GORI Dir., George Barbakadze 13 min. “Russian planes start to bomb the Georgian town of Gori when a
Russian woman has to travel inconspicuously on a minibus filled with Georgian evacuees. Will they pass unnoticed or will
they be discovered?” AUSTRALIA Short Fiction

VITRIVIUS TOYBOX Dir., Dennis Iannuzzi 6 min. "Experimental animation that explores the relationship between
motion graphic techniques, electronic music, and typography." USA Animation

WHY DO YOU HAVE A BEARD? Dir., Paul O Donoghue 6 min. " Morphing animation tightly edited to music, intended
as a celebration of the rich cultural and racial diversity of humanity." IRELAND Very Short Movie

YOU ARE SERVED Dir., Jorge Leon 60 min. "Yogyakharta 2009. In a recruitment center, women undergo training to
become maids. Ten of thousands of them leave each month for Asia or the Middle East." BELGIUMFeature Documentary

YOU TOO (Na Wewe) Dir., Ivan Goldschmidt 19 min. "1994. There is a civil war in Burundi, the small African
country. A genocidal conflict opposes a rebellion driven by a majority of ethnic Hutus and a national army composed of a
majority of ethnic Tutsis…" BELGIUM Short Fiction

CAMBOFEST Cambodia Film Festival (March 1-9 2011) 8

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