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Launching of new energy drink

Name :Ujjwal baranwal

Roll no: 111
Executive summary:

The marketing strategy to promote an energy drink is clarified in this article .It's called hunger. This
item was created by ub Beverages and The Ministry of Health has authorized it.

At the very beginning of the I clarified the study with the vision and mission statement of the The
business and I kept on. It is going to be implemented in the Business with the help of different ads
shows and Announcement and dissemination to the general public of the samples. This article
discusses the actual launch of this product in Domestic market patna mega market.

The analysis contains both Research in primary and secondary. The main research depends on
Competitors' analysis and the preferences and dislikes of individuals. Companies can enter the
market through this approach and can Attracting the amount of clients.

I carried out the company's SWOT review for this reason. To see the capabilities, limitations,
opportunities and challenges of an organization. Then I explained the goals, advantages, and
priorities of the About the product. Then I have my brand mix plan for my marketing mix. About the
product. I have divided the industry into numerous categories and agreed on them. Targeting
young adults, mature and aged adults’ have paid careful attention to the packaging, color, and I have
agreed to bring my product at the price of the one in the patna mega market, especially school
canteens, colleges ,and institutions.

I'm going to promote my product through electronic media, cable, and Sources from the outdoors. I
have carried out a consumer satisfaction study, To be aware of the public's view of my product. So
that I can, that I can Build it accordingly

Company’s vision statement:

“Be the leader in the customer value”

Company’s mission statement:

To set a world class standard in the energy drink industry by offering a world class standard .A
wide variety of high-quality, fresh beverage products


UB Beverages will launch its PATNA SUPER MARKET business in October. In 2019. The factory
plant was built in the 2nd canal area of land in the Town Manufacturing Area.It is assumed that the
factory will fit the commodity demands. We've got Ensured the construction of new, advanced and
effective facilities "In accordance with the very current" Goods Procurement Practices
Introduction to ”thirst”

Citizens began to die in our summer under the scorching sun of summer Uh, land. To revive
themselves, they require an energy drink. The Redesign is a different one, Consumer juice. It offers
vitality and remains fresh while individuals feel weak or weak. Growing bored of doing jobs.

It has vitamins and proteins that are a good source of nutrition. The Vitamins Proteins offer
freshness and are the energy cells that refresh the human being. Body, so that their limit is figured

Because of the workers, the students, personnel and employees are exhausted Because of the
workload and sunshine that makes them feel exhausted, Only free. They need an energetic drink
that will re-energize them so that they can Being willing to do well and feel healthy again.


‘One ship to hit’

Ingredients are:

The main ingredients of energy/power drinks are 

Mango, orange, apple and mixed

Ascorbic acid
Artificial flavor
Beta carotene

Current Market Situation:

Thrist is a brand of energy drink that will be launched in the Patna domestic business. We're
working on all aspects of Oh. Age. The children, the young, the old and the entire family.

The price of the mild .thirst, since it is for everyone on the street.


Here are some of the objectives of the company

To occupy the 30% market share

TO generate profits

To face strong competitors i.e red bull ,monster

SWOT Analysis:

Strength Weakness
We use upgraded technology plant Tiny distribution network
Perfect product No market share
Hire experienced employ Tough competitor
Indian made Less experience of customers
Targeted to low and middle class people

Opportunities: Threat
Enlarge the distribution network Political instability
Adopt the newer technology and techniques Lots of competitor
Large and attractive market Political problem
Development of plant

Our Competitors:

The thirst is currently facing a competitive environment .because the competitor of thirst

Red bull


Competitive Review

Thrist Competitor

The competitors of thirst are Red bull and monster .these are the leading market right now and
other are far away from it.

Red bull and monster have a great customers over the years reason they are very old and
customers known about their merits and demerits. The very first purpose of the company is to
compete with competitor having big market share.
The main competitor are;
Red bull Monster

Qualities: Qualities:
Good quality availability large market capturing
High availability
Broad range of flavors Price
Attractive packing minimum price of the product rs 479
Large promotion and market coverage product
Available in single weights packing they promote their product through
Price: Electronic media
Minimum price of juice is Rs 100 print media
Place: sales promotion
Red bull has a 35% market share in india.

. Marketing strategy:

The marketing strategy depends upon on positioning of the product in the mind of consumers

Serving best quality drink to the customer

We will serve our good on mass level to that we can get large profitability

Positioning strategies

We want to place an impression of our product in the head of the customer as opposed to The
product of a rival. We want to concentrate on high school , college, and higher education. Students
and segments of government who have to work hard and need "thirst" are an instant
Market Segmentation:
Market segmentation of Thirst is based on two different

Geographical segmentation

Demographic segmentation

Geographical segmentation

The regional focus area of thirst is Patna. Supplying of Items for all supermarket areas that have
further split the region

Demographic segmentation:

Demographic segmentation is done on the basis of;

Income occupation
Social classes
Family size
Market Targeting:

Steps involve in it are;

1) Evaluate market segments:

It is important to better determine the segments that have been chosen. For this one, for this

Three points are known to be:

Segment size and growth: It is important to understand the geographic The organization has
chosen population groups for the launch of The size of the section where the drink will be
launched, the drink And its growth.

Segment structural attractiveness: This includes the influence of Thrist consumers, juice
manufacturers and their supply in the segment

Company’s objectives and resources: It should be targeted at Done in a manner where the
organization can fulfill its aims with funds it has

2) Selecting segments: the segment choose by the company for drink are

Targeting :the target of the company are




Marketing mix:
 Product
 Price
 Promotion
 Place

Product strategy:

 Developing a long-term relationship with clients

 Giving the consumers qualities to satisfy them
 Do whatever it takes not to please the clients, but to keep our clients. In order to achieve
this aim, the organization has set up advertising ,Terms of Promotion and Assistance

Product variety:

our product is available in different different flavor.



Mix fruit

Brand name:

The band name that I selected for of good is thirst


Our first priority would be high quality assurance. Would be ensured by:

Ensuring regular supply of product

Better quality of product

Acquisition of the high quality aw material


Thirst is a energy booster with an eye catching tetra pack


Thirst is good for those people get tired with work and need some energy booster


Component units are wrapped in a 6-layer Tetra Pack Brick Aseptic

Pricing strategy:

Our commodity price methods are for overall prices, including taxes, Facilities and other costs.
Typically, pricing tactics change as the commodity Passes into the course of life. In order for the
price to be set at a moderate stage, To retain a substantial number of consumers and to achieve
considerable market share.


In fact, when we introduce a new product, the marketing is a first step, but we Making his methods
last. We want to create a positive picture of the commodity with respect to Customers, because
they can just order our stuff.
Criteria promotion:
a) Awareness
b) Knowledge
c) Liking
d) Preference
e) Purchasing

Main Source Of Promotion:

I. Electronic media
II. Print media
III. Hoardings

Distribution review:

"Thirst" juice has developed an efficient means of ensuring the supply of its commodity .Authorized
Dealers Network. Patna is the principal target of these juices .The end users would then buy "thirst"
juice from supermarkets. The most reliable retailers in the country are distributors. They love a
great Combined with corporate partnerships with various stores, credibility also in the Patna 's
rural land and surrounding sides. Which has made sure the "thirst" over Patna super market, it
will be made open.