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In my opinion, webinars EVARMeCCBNONAM T-TEST KOM Wey lead to the leads generation and conversions. So the importance of in-person sovtetel anal sxB CMON MRS Vento Heb ileRKepi-(acBes am bercee le loletecey ener S\ A KOR cube Nal ss clients’ attention. Founder & CEO item ity Ao Tey Pe ir COVID-19 GoodFirms You need a marketing plan to gather attendees. If you do not have an email list, then you can use online advertising to drive Risein webinar sign-ups. At a A minimum, I recommend MCE buying a high-quality POT tt microphone and headphones to get clear UT at Erato (on Marketing Consultant GoodFirms The other way is to divide the webinar into sub-sections following the “Pomodoro Technique.” You would divide the whole topic into 25 minutes sub-sections. A 5-10 minutes break should follow each section. In break sections, you could address relevant questions or do some fun Elam \ana a VP of Marketing & Sales ata Webinar tha heey COVID-19 GoodFirms Remember that it is indeed AeA T aA KOn Hele oe-Ce man Lae) your audience! Zoom offers polls and Q&A, which can be fun at times. Whenever I plan to stop for questions, I make sure that I have a Q&A slide in my presentation, so my audience knows that Iam AVC Hm tet cam pelSK-1 Ce Rey mv KLE EY) ret -marveNmeleCrye CO) tae SEO, Linkbuilding Manager acre) Webinar nates COVID-19 GoodFirms We use these as primary platforms for our webinars and those for our clients. While there are many platforms to choose from, we prefer these two because they are secure and offer additional Root Ia Iayw UME cecmmeT-Lm etc) 1 oXvOMIcimKeM yim inaeelB Pema El financial services industry. (oe) iron ti Moe Pa iy COVID-19 GoodFirms We plan to continue hosting webinars since so many people are learning about palate ecco emia phones and computers, eG Tyme tLe aoe nde te inbox is still going to be a good way to start the conversation and hopefully get them interested in the webinar and our company. Founder & CEO Rise in Aone Pe ir COVID-19 GoodFirms For as long as COVID is a risk, we will reduce rather than replace all of our in-person meetings. There are certain SuateccimnatecM Mec Um Meco m Ren oo conducted in person, such as ACR oe Ba Aes HPS SS premises to understand their needs better. However, for mass broadcasting of information or FAQs that we're receiving a lot, we're funneling them through webinars. Director & CA Rise in Webinar Mit COVID-19 GoodFirms MM oCpert rome ciaen(oolmts MMII em Colt er-ve merce) eCR Vel g way through a webinar the ATV MAIo)UReCoLEI Ce RJ5Ce(CMO)vAn Via el doing an in-person presentation. You need to create your program in a way that will maximize audience engagement, which requires acompletely different imal aercce-Tete Re Oala seta ites ti MOTE Da yy COVID-19 GoodFirms