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Call for Papers

Bridges in Developing Countries

Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Bridge Engineering THEMED ISSUE

Champions: Steve Matthews and Ian Frostick, WSP Group, UK

In the past, Bridge Engineering has concentrated largely on structures that Why publish with ICE?
emphasise technological development, such as major crossings, the use of
Access to ICE membership – ICE Publishing, as
advanced materials, and the adoption of sophisticated design, analysis and
assessment techniques. This themed issue will deal with the other end of the the publishing arm of ICE, is the only publisher
spectrum – ‘appropriate technology’ rather than ‘high technology’. that brings you direct access to ICE’s membership
of 80,000.
In developing countries, construction of a simple bridge using local materials
and labour can be highly strategic and have significant impact on the lives Visibility – we also have thousands of readers
of local people. Often these structures are part of larger improvements (e.g. who are not members of ICE, from corporations,
World Bank and Dfid projects) and the sensitivity and skill needed to provide to governments, to universities. Our journals
structures that are suited to ‘end-user needs’ is unreported. are included in major engineering indexes and
The challenges can include: resources.

n Balancing expectations of political leaders with needs of the community Quality – our journals’ reputation for quality
is unsurpassed, ensuring that the originality,
n Social impact on the operation of the community
authority and accuracy of your work will be fully
n Mobilising political support recognised.
n Funding for planning, design, construction and maintenance Support – if your paper is accepted, you will have
n Institutional capability to support these activities a dedicated editorial contact who will handle all of
your enquiries and provide you with guidance on
n Empathy of the design and construction teams with the needs of users
writing your paper.

Papers are invited on planning, design, construction, and maintenance and Marketing – our marketing team has extensive
repair. They may include, but are not limited to, the following topics: experience of working with author and librarian
n Demands imposed by local political systems and the need for permits communities to make sure your work is seen by
people who matter, including top academics,
n Physical challenges such as unusual topographies, site conditions industry leaders, companies and institutions.
and climates
n Consistency of approach (codified loadings, design basis, etc.)
n Choice and use of construction resources, materials and local
specialist techniques
n The balance between ‘traditional local’ and (perceived) ‘modern’
technology and maintaining this in the face of political ambition
n Understanding and proper use of local labour, plant and materials Invitation to authors
To submit an abstract or to request further
n Maintenance in the longer term, when dependency on a crossing
information, please contact
has been created
Agnes Alvite T: +44 20 7665 2204;
n Institutional capability to support design, construction, E. agnes.alvite@ice.org.uk
maintenance and repair activities To submit a paper visit
The deadline for abstracts is 23rd July 2011. The deadline for For more information about the journal,
submissions is 28th October 2011. visit www.icevirtuallibrary.com
Publication March 2013.