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Statement from Jama’at Ansar ad-Din of Kazakhstan


“Appeal from Jama’at Ansar ad-Din of Kazakhstan”

May Allah Protect Them

"Appeal from Jama'at Ansar ad-Din of Kazakhstan"


Peace be upon you, and the Mercy of Allah, and His blessings, dear site administration.

This is an appeal from the representative of the Jama'at Ansar ad-Din from Kazakhstan. We ask you to help us to spread this appeal to the Muslims of Kazakhstan, as well a folder with information on the theme of Jihad, titled:

“Rulings of Jihad and regulations related to it”, which we have compiled while having studied and selected the topics for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the one who wants to have a correct understanding of the Truth, in the light of evidence from the Qur'an and the Sunnah, has to face many difficulties. Among these problems is the danger of visiting Islamic sites on the Internet as well as other problems, clarification of which would take much of your and our time.

Our main goal here is to clarify the situation of the Muslims in the world today, and particular in Kazakhstan; to instruct those whom Allah guided to the path of Jihad in the way of Allah, explain the responsibilities to our brothers who believe in the Truth as revealed to Muhammad (peace be upon him) from his Lord, and to terrorize the enemies of Allah, and our enemies besides, who are fighting against our Religion and its faithful supporters throughout the world.

We ask you to instruct us about our mistakes in your opinion and in general, we hope for fruitful cooperation, to raise the word of Allah. For our part we pledge unquestioning obedience in regard to the truth.

May Allah reward you for your efforts and forgive you and us, and all the Believers on the Day of Judgment! Assalamu Alaikum!

"Appeal from Jama'at Ansar ad-Din of Kazakhstan"

All praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds; peace and blessings be upon Prophet Muhammad, his family; his Companions and all those who follow him in the path of Jihad until the Day of Judgment.

To proceed:

Peace be upon you, and the Mercy of Allah, and His Blessings.

I am writing this appeal to explain the reasons why you; my brother or sister, should be familiar with the collection of information, which we have titled: “Rulings of Jihad and regulations related to it”.

With the permission of Allah, I will start with the fact that the Truth - for which every being was created, and all the Prophets and Books were sent - is ignored by many of those who have accepted (Islam) and are considered intelligent people, and remains hidden from most of the Muslim Ummah. As a result the Ummah has suffered a humiliation and has been ruined to such an extent, as some Ulema say: “that it has never experienced before in the history of its existence”

This humiliation has reached such an extent that there is not an area on earth where you can freely practice the religion of Islam, and the devastation has reached such proportions that the wealth of the Ummah is now owned, with few exceptions, by infidels of every persuasion, or their surrogate puppets.

And for one purpose - to enjoy with impunity the satisfaction of their desires and endless whims - the Disbelievers are using all available means.

Iblis (may the curse of Allah be upon him and his progeny) and his servants know that the religion of al-Islam cannot be defeated in an open battle, so they have decided to change Islam according to their (own) values.

Do not be surprised; my brother, by his audacity, because he has succeeded! Now almost all the rulers of Muslim countries are Apostates who fight against Allah and His Messenger! In educational institutions of these countries a modified, 'acceptable to their interests' Islam is being taught; the Imams who are followed by people, most of them are misguided or misleading, and may even be hypocrites who sell their

religion for a piece of the Dunya. Lies are touted by them as the truth, and the truth as a lie!!

But some people of knowledge have not stopped preaching, and have began to wake up, and they have raised the banner of Jihad against the traitors, and Allah has dishonored those who went against His religion by their hands and tongues, and all praise belongs to Him, the Almighty. The following collection is only a small fraction of this knowledge, but this is sufficient to understand the primary duty of Muslims and some methods of implementing it.

And for the simple dissemination of much less information than what is contained in this volume the Taghut pursue us; and put (us in) jail for between ten and fifteen years, or even longer.

Therefore, we strongly recommend caution in the use of computer – use it when there is nobody around, and do not leave the document open when absent.

And you must understand that this knowledge is necessary in order to act, not to get into arguments with fools of its contents, and the one who does this – that is the one who acquires knowledge in order to argue with fools - is one who will end in the Fire, as conveyed to us from the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). That should be sufficient deterrence to ensure that you do not immediately run to the mosque in order to argue with those who would still not be convinced even with the absence of arguments. Leave this talk and instead take action. And your actions can be approximately as follows:

  • 1. Find like-minded people - it should be brothers whom you know well

and trust, that you can entrust with responsibilities without worrying that it will be circulated all around the Jama'at. Compliance with this is from the signs of faith, and acting contrary to this, is from the signs of hypocrisy. The basic qualities necessary for the cause of Jihad: piety, striving to give his property and soul in the path of Allah. If you do not see this desire in prospective supporters, do not hope to "wake" him – either he is not ready or does not want to be ready, which is much worse for you, as you have already "exposed yourself" and in the future this will be incredibly frustrating for your plans.

There should not be too many brothers - just 4 or 5 brothers with strong Iman, though this is not a condition, but the advice of our Ulema, brothers

in particular, such as Abu Musab al-Suri, author of "Program of the Battle”, which should be studied at the first stage.

2. In order to create the Jama'at, you must elect an Amir. Ideally, the Amir should be appointed "from above" – by the Khalifah, or ruler of the territory, but in extreme cases, such as the current situation, Muslims themselves must choose an Amir to perform the tasks associated with raising the Word of Allah. Such examples are abundant in the Sunnah - Khalid ibn Walid in the battle of Mu’tah, Abu Basir after the treaty of Hudaybiya.

The Amir and the whole group needs to urgently address the acquisition of knowledge – and for that purpose this material we complied, "Rulings of Jihad and regulations related to it", and one of the main goals we pursued was to save your time, and aid your safety while searching for information on the Internet – as it is extremely unsafe nowadays.

If you are familiar with the charges of the Taghut against our brothers who were afterwards imprisoned for long periods, evidence such as frequent visits to Islamic sites on the Internet was use against them.

Simultaneously with the ideological preparation there must also be physical and military preparation. (See: “Preparation”). Purchase pneumatic weapons and practice shooting, but do not attract attention! Be ready for opportunities to acquire any weapons of war, but do not buy them through "tempting" offers from questionable people - it may well be a trap, and indeed, take it as a principle: serious matter; through trusted people, because security is most important to the Jama'at. You usually should not include any relatives in your Jama'at - it’s a principle of underground work. Typically, the path of Jihad is chosen by brothers who had earlier already expressed an eagerness to follow the Sunnah: through their beard, shortening of their trousers, loud responses to the Imam etc. And these are among the factors which unmask the potential "Jihadists" to our enemies around the world.

So from this we can make a conclusion: to enter the path of Allah today, you need to eliminate all these factors; the external evidence of your commitment to the Sunnah. These include, besides those mentioned above, mosque attendance, communication with the brothers, attending gatherings, partaking in conversations on Islamic issues, etc.

Unfortunately, this can lead to problems with Muslims outside the Jama'at

– you cannot explain it, and its hard to ignore their indiscreet questions,

too. The best solution - to cease all contact with those outside the

Jama'at in case they expose you in their ignorance, even if this means

they think you have abandoned prayer.

That's just the way it is, my brothers and sisters. The success of your actions

is directly related to the abandonment of some part of the Sunnah, which

are very important, of course, but in return you will get a chance to fulfill

that part of the religion that is the Sunnah of the Prophet and his

Companions, and the implementation of which many, many verses of the

Holy Qur'an are devoted to, and that is - establishment of the Religion of

Allah on this earth. Do not believe the words of different ignorant people

that if you shave your beard, then immediately you will draw attention to

yourself, or you will be interrogated by the intelligence agencies, etc. Yes,

it will draw attention, if you keep showing up in the places where other

Muslims meet, where you will differ from their appearance and their

words. If you follow the above advice and guidance, then the problem

will only be in the beginning, and then they will forget about you.

There is an article in the section "Preparation" entitled: "So Fight in the

cause of Allah. You are responsible only for yourself


[An-Nisa: 84]" at

(page) number 43, where brother Jundullah discusses this issue in more

detail. And Allah knows best!

Regarding our position here in Kazakhstan, then, in my opinion, it is not

very well studied by the people of knowledge and requires an adjustment

of our activities on the ground. This means that before the initiation of

active operations for liberating this land from the Taghut it is necessary to

educate the masses of Muslims about their responsibilities before their

Lord, and to create a so-called 'Jihadist atmosphere' (see: "Program of

the Battle" by Abu Musab al-Suri), and to prepare a base for confrontation

and future military operations.

The major role in Da’wah must lie with the people of knowledge, those

whose words are listened to and who have established themselves as

honest and just members of this society, and who therefore have

authority in such type of judgments. The Da’wah must be relevant to the

spirit of the time and place, and must refute the discrepancy between the

reality and the laws set by Allah, and this something what has not been


There have been only weak attempts by some brothers who have studied

abroad to present the model or interpretation of Islam, which they were

taught under the strict control and censorship of the KNB.

Yet, there wasn’t truthful Da’wah, which would reveal the widespread kufr

of the apostate regimes; the need to remove them, and the proof of their

disbelief, nor any call to perform Jihad against the apostates, who unjustly

seized power under the patronage of the local Disbelievers.

I appeal to you, the owner of knowledge or the seeker of knowledge: By

Allah, you are responsible for it, and nobody else! Allah will always glorify

the religion, and if you do not participate, then He will bring in your place

those whom He loves; harsh towards the Disbelievers and merciful towards

the Believers, and resolve the issue.

I urge you to think: Is there any another option in our relationships with

them, except Da’wah, Hijrah and Jihad against them, so as to eradicate

fitnah and establish the Religion of Allah on earth?

If there is another way, wouldn't the Prophet (peace be upon him) have

shown it to us? I am aware that Allah doesn’t burden a person beyond his

scope, but this law of Allah for the Ummah of the last Prophet will last until

Judgment Day, and aren’t there Shari'ah rules for any situation? And the

choice for you - Hijrah in stead of Jihad, and to call to the people from

there and only Allah is your helper.

And usually this is a rather long process, performed by people of

knowledge, to establish an argument (establish the proof) for people – in

order to live with full clarity and so that the one who dies, will die in

complete clarity; and to separate the ranks of Believers and Disbelievers;

and to make clear and make peoples’ point of view understood. And

that’s why Da’wah here precedes Jihad, Allah willing.

But at the same time we have an inalienable right to take revenge for the

distortion of the Book of Allah, for fighting His religion, and for the brothers

and sisters in the places of detention, against their tormentors and those

who helped in their capture and detention. And it should be a technically

competent operation; with nothing lacking, for the pleasure of the

Almighty. We propose the following method to work: the Jama'at should

monitor developments in the world, and respond appropriately to their

position as to what is happening around them. For example, if gaining

information about the explicit distortion of Truth, as revealed to

Muhammad (peace be upon him), or some similar fitnah from the deniers

of the Sunnah and others, as well as the incarceration of the Believers in

jails because of their religion; or their abuse, torture or killing them in a

particular place; then the responsibility rests with the Amir of any Jama'at

in the area. The Amir must be very careful in selecting targets, (attacking

only in the case of excessive transgression, overstepping of the limits; or

perseverance in the pursuit and torture of Muslims) in order to frighten the

enemies of Allah, and to encourage the Believers. In case of successful

completion of the operation there must be properly posting of these

events on the Internet, without appearing boastful.

In case of the incorrect selection of targets, delayed explanation of the

operation; or other strategic and tactical mistakes, the enemies can use

the situation in their favor, which generally affects the development of

Jihad in the area, reducing the number of supporters, and raising doubts

among some of the unenlightened Muslims.

To avoid unintended consequences, I recommend clear warnings about

the provision of Allah for mandatory retaliation and refute obvious

argument against it in an unequivocal and accessible way. Such interim

measures may have a beneficial effect on such people, especially after

an operation against one of them.

All this is preceded by the search of knowledge, and training, and this

provision cannot be compromised. These, my brothers; are serious issues

for all men, and no kidding or joking is acceptable. Lengthy preparation is

preferable, even if as a result there will be a delay in the ability to take

action. This is better than hurrying to finish, and then having to express

sorrow about the mistakes that occurred and the serious consequences

encountered as a result.

Priority should be paid to helping the cause of Jihad in the (open) fields of

Jihad: the Caucasus, Afghanistan, etc. This Hijrah can be to conduct

combat operations, or to establish links of material support; especially

important are the links with the Amirs of Jihad. Helping families of the

Mujahideen is also a part of Jihad.

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi writes: “Muslims should not get involved in the

beginning of the conflict with the regimes too early, while they are in a

state of weakness and not able to finish the confrontation.

Also, I advise you (here; the sheikh gives advice to the Muslims of Belgium)

and in general those Muslims that are in a state of weakness, on every

land in which there is no possibility of armed confrontation with the

regimes, due to the weakness of opportunities, and when the situation is

not yet ripe, or if the location is not suitable for confrontation for other

reasons, which should be evaluated by those who possess knowledge of

the reality in the country, of the Muslims ability and the level which was

achieved by their Da’wah. I advise them not to unleash a conflict with

the regimes too early, when they (Muslims) are in a state of weakness and

not being able to complete this confrontation, as long as they do not

have the experience or the capabilities, and so far their strategy at the

current time does not allow it.”

I especially want to point out what is perhaps one of the most important

reasons for failures of the Mujahideen in the world today: it is that not

enough attention is paid to questions of conspiracy. Conspiracy, in fact;

characterizes the concealment of the true intentions, and disguises action

against its enemies to achieve the effect of duration and reliability.

We have the same common problem - the language and appearance. If

only we have reached the required level of understanding before we

come upon the test, due to misinterpretation questions of reliance upon


War is deceit; and we are in a state of war.

We are in enemy territory, but the brothers while hiding one (concern),

admit the mistakes in the other.

For example, while refraining from talking about Islamic subjects, they

neglect another unmasking factor, such as their external appearance. Or

vice versa: to eliminate external factors unmasking them, they are

constantly ranting about the need for secrecy.

So my brothers, I would recommend you to look into your soul and inspect

it for sincerity, because Satan, our enemy, acts on the heart, and he

discreetly takes out his assigned part, and we ask Allah's protection from

it! And, of course, technological advances of the Disbelievers in tracking,

monitoring and information-gathering can not be mentioned in this


Never talk about “our” theme on the phone. It is best to have special

phones and numbers to communicate with each other, and not to use

them for other calls. It is important to be familiar with the latest

developments in these areas. There are always such good brothers

among the young people, and we must actively employ them in this

direction. The road to this is the Internet.

And this is the main ideological platform. I urge everyone who comes to

my appeal, to fear Allah according to their strength and capabilities; join

a Jama'ah and become helpers of Allah's religion to justify themselves

before their Lord on that terrible Day, which will surely come; and its signs

have already begun appearing. I tell you, my brothers and sisters: the

truth; we live in a great time, a time of great change! Surely Allah will exalt

His word, though it is hateful to His enemies! And it’s better to have

believed in it before the victory, than after the victory; the signs of which

are already visible from our brothers, the Mujahideen.

In this appeal there may have be some errors from a Shari’ah perspective,

or some other inaccuracy.

Everything that is good here comes from Allah, and everything bad is from

my nafs and from Shaitan.

I say these words of mine, while I seek forgiveness from Allah for myself

and for you; and our final prayer is that all praise be to Allah, Lord of the



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