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LUKOIL ol cowPany LUKOIL UZBEKISTAN OPERATING COMPANY luraiDate/7 07d Kounauusss-npornnosrenast 1 nocrasuakas! onlot To the manufacturing and supply companies Kontypeital ox60p NeLUO/OOO/8-08/066 ""Mlocrasxa 34111 x1 MPIT GE MV7308" ‘Competitive Selection Ne L.UO/O00/18-05/066 for “Supply of MV7308 Medium Voltage AC Converter Drive» Voaraewsie roenioaa Dear Madan’ Sit 000 GIYKOML:T — YaGexsieran LUKOIL Usbekistan Operating ‘Onepeitrasr Kowanti» pacevatpusaet Company LLC considers a possibility to BoaMoAtocrs sakmOYeHUE xoWpakTa conclude the contract tor supply of the a ntoctasky Tomapos, ykaruuh 8 Goods specified in Attachment Nel. IF prexoxcuuin B caywae your company is interested in ‘sanTepecosanioert Bamefi concluding the contract For supply. we opraminau 8 aacHovennH xourpakta offer you to participate in the Ma nocrasky, npe=taraexs Baw npiiisth Competitive Seleetion and hereby’ send jacTe u Kouxypenom orGope it you Request for Commercial proposals Hanpanasest u Bau agpec 3anpoc For instruetion and requirements of the RoNMepueckits —npeanoaeuni. —C Competitive Selection for procurement linerpyxuitett ut ypeGosanususr of goods, please visit website Korxypeworo orGopa sia npuodpetenie sew luk ional the section Tompos Monto owiaxowmeTiea sa calire "Tenders", subsection "Attention to wuns.lukoil-intermationaluz m partete selection bidders’ «Tenaepa», nosqaaen «VaacrKay, orGopor. Tlonawan sovtepacenoe By submitting npexsoaenie, Yaacrauk proposal, the Participant acknowledes NoatBepxaneT, WO ostaKovtLTeR c that it has reviewed the instruction and Mecrpyeumei i xpeGosaiua requirements of the Competitive Kourypetore or6epa, Selection, Cpox npeacranzew kouepra © The deadline for submission of Kountepuecsits npeatoxcatent a0 14+ envelope with Commercial proposal is vill 1445 May 102018. by hand € (should have passport) or by post to following address: room ‘309, 1 Olmazor str. Tashkent, 100027, Republic of Uzbekistan, to Le Pypert, Flena Shakirova, 100027, r, Tauncenr, st. Oamasop 1 «An 309, ene y= Boone Ula Konveprut © Kusiwepecknm pexaoaccnuav wexpetnawores ua iu DkenepTHolt KomuceHN 6 .con 10.08.2018, mniyazmetovG@lukoil-intemational:com Tpsroxceuns: 1. Chewpuauex — Tonapaltpopsa npeaocrasreniin KomMepueckor npeatoxens at Lt, 8 198%; 2. Tunosoit —npoekt” —aorosopa ‘The envelopes with Commercial proposals shall be opened at the meeting of Expert Committee at 15:00,0n May. 102018, Contacts of the originator: mniizmetow@iukoil-intemational com Attachments 1. Specification of Goodv/form of submission of commercial proposal on I pages, in 1 cop: 2. Typical dealt contract for supply oerasiaria32. on 32 pages Cysaxemess Dest reginds, Banecrunent enepansnoro anpexropa - so KYM Ha = PB Manin Deputy General DiewtorforProuremiit and Contacts RV. Malin ion Originator: Hisnseron M.MMirsardor Niyaemetow Ba. rewEx

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