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For Immediate Release

January 2011

High School for Coburg Civic Fund


Drawing on the very high level of community support for the re-establishment of a
state secondary school in the Coburg area, High School for Coburg (HSC) has
launched a Civic Fund to raise funds for a new school on the 50th anniversary of
the Civic Fund set up in 1961 to build the Coburg Olympic Pool

To date $18,500 has been pledged which will potentially be matched by the new
Business Working with Education Foundation to make $36,000 available to a new

Based on the very successful Civic Fund set up to build the Coburg Olympic Pool,
pledges to the HSC Civic Fund will provide additional opportunities for a new
school to develop and deliver programs that are outside core educational
activities through the Business Working with Education Foundation.

“Our Civic Fund is designed to materially support a new school for the community.
It will also help raise the profile of the new school before it is established and help
the new school be successful from day one,” said Cate Hall, co-founder of the HSC

Mr John Macneil (now 83 and living in Bendigo) attended Coburg High School from
1939-43 and when he read about the HSC campaign immediately pledged $100
so local families and children could benefit as he did from a local school.

Pledges have come from businesses such as developer Equiset Grollo who have
pledged $10,000, local man John Paris from Coburg’s Chemist Warehouse who
pledged $2,500, Real Estate agent Barry Plant who has pledged $2,000 and Al
Alamy International Coffee and Nuts who has pledged $2,000.

The Spirit of '61 lives on in Coburg!

The Business Working with Education Foundation allows for the first time tax-free
donations to government schools. More information on the Business Working with
Education Foundation can be found here:


For more information or to sign the HSC petition, visit www.highschoolcoburg.org.

- ends -
Map showing the state and Catholic primary Map showing no open entry
schools in and around Coburg secondary schools in the same area.
The two schools shown are Coburg
Senior High School (years 10 to 12)
and Preston Girls High School

Secondary schools closed down / merged in the Coburg area over the past 18

• Moreland City College - closed 31 December 2004 - now Coburg Senior High
School – years 10 to 12 only
• Coburg High School – closed 31 December 1993 - buildings demolished and
site awaiting permit approval for development
• Newlands High School - closed 19 December 1992 - buildings demolished, site
now part of Pentridge Prison development
• Coburg Technical School - now Coburg Special Development School
• Coburg North Secondary College closed on 19 December 1992
• Hadfield Secondary College – closed on 31 December 1992 - buildings
demolished, site now a retirement village
• Moreland High School – closed on 31 December 1991 - now Kangan Batman
• Oak Park Secondary School – closed 31 December 1992
• Moomba Park Secondary College, Glenroy High School, Glenroy Technical
School, Hadfield Secondary College and Oak Park Secondary College merged
on 1 January 1993 to form Box Forest Secondary College
• Brunswick High School, Brunswick Technical School and Brunswick East High
School merged on 1 January 1993 to form Brunswick Secondary College
• St Joseph’s College – closed 31 Dec 2009
• Northland Secondary College – becoming a senior school – only accepting years
9 and up from 2011 and years 10 and up from 2012
• Lakeside Secondary College and Merrilands College merging in 2012
To interview Cate Hall or Morena Milani, founding members of HSC, additional
population statistics, photo opportunities or more information, please contact:

Darren Saffin
0411 089 209

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