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Presentation for

“Chipko Movement”
Name: Jiju Alexander
Roll no.: 21
Class: II Semester MBA
College: MCMAT
o Resistance to destruction of
forests spread in the hills of
Uttaranchal in1970’s
o Birth place - Gopeshwar in
District Chamoli.
o First Chipko action March 1974
in Reni village.

o Government's decision to allot
forest trees to a sports goods
o The local residents in
Gopeshwar were denied the
similar demand of getting few
trees, required for making farm
o Mr. Chandi Prasad Bhatt of
‘Dasoli Gram Swarajya
Sangh’(DGSS) wanted to
establish small industries using
forest resources, with an aim to
provide job opportunities to local
youth and check migration.
o Founder of Chipko movement
is Chandi Prasad Bhatt.

o Organized rallies to protect the

forest from mass destruction.

The birth of chipko

Gaura Devi
(an elderly woman)
o Head of the village Mahila
Mangal Dal.
o Mobilized village women for
the movement when company
men marched to cut the trees.
The birth of chipko
movement (Cont’d)
What is Chipko
o The Chipko Movement was
then more actively followed by
Mr. Sundarlal Bahuguna in Tehri-
Garhwal district of Uttaranchal
against ruthless felling of trees
and destruction of forests by

o The movement gathered

momentum in 1978 when the
women faced police firings and
other tortures.

Born: January 9 1927, Age 82

Village: Maroda, Tehri, India

Reason for Chipko

o Mr. Bahuguna has focused
public attention for protection
and conservation of forests which
were being destroyed due to
construction of Tehri Dam.

o Tehri Dam on the Bhagirathi

Ganga in Uttranchal at the foot
hills of Himalayas is big project of
more than Rs. 5,000 crores.

o The dam will displace

people and will totally submerge
the Tehri town and 100 villages.
Insight to Chipko
o When any body tried to cut
trees villagers faced police firing
and later courted arrest in
February 1978.

o This Chipko movement under

the leadership of Sri Sundarlal
Bahuguna spread in other
villages of Tehri - Garhwal, i.e.
from Uttaranchal - J & K.

o People from France, Sweden,

Germany, Switzerland and other
several countries have
approached Mr. Bahuguna to get
experience of this movement.

Global Recognition
o In an International meeting
held on June 5, Stockholm to
celebrate “World Environment
Day” the following statement was
given about Chipko Movement.
“A powerful environmental
movement has grown up on the
slopes of mountains of Himalayas.
Villagers have created an effective
non-violent way to stop the
devastation by forest industries.
When the axe men come, the people
form circle around the trees - they
embrace the trees. This has given
the movement its name Chipko
Andolan, the tree hugging

Mission of Chipko
o The following suggestions are
being made by the organizers of
Chipko movement.
1. All commercial green tree fillings
should be stopped forthwith.
2. Plantation for the trees for food,

fodder, fuel, fertilizer etc, should

be encouraged.
3. No new contracts should be
entered by forest departments
with the industrialists to supply
raw materials and old contracts
should be revised, especially
those made for long-term supply
of raw materials at cheap rates.
4. Pine trees damaged due to
extraction of resin should be
given rest for a period of 10
5. Every water source should be
trapped to generate hydroelectric
Mission of Chipko
Movement (Cont’d) :
Success of Chipko
1. The movement has spread to
many states in the country.
2. It stopped felling of trees in the
Western Ghats and the Vindhyas.
3. Generated pressure for
formulation of a natural resource
4. Achieved a major victory in
1980 with a 15-year ban on green
felling in the Himalayan forests
5. Started protecting forest
slopes and Restoring bare ones.
o Afterward environmental
awareness increased
dramatically in India.
New methods
of forest farming have been
developed, both to conserve
the forests and create
o By 1981, over a million trees
had been planted through their
o Villagers paid special attention
in care of the trees and forest
trees are being used judiciously.

Success of Chipko
movement (Cont’d)
Present Status of Chipko
o Chipko Movement is now a
movement for planting of food,
fuel, fibre, fodder
and fertilizer yielding trees to
make the
people self-sufficient in
their basic needs.

o Chipko movement have

generated spark to
other places and
this movement is
still active if there is
felling of trees
anywhere. For
example Delhi’s Chipko