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Contents 1 Acknowledgements ll About The Author ... lll The Need to Share these Favourite and Practical Techniques .. IV Introduction and Dedication .... V Some Insights about Nadi Reading: VI PREFACE by K.N. Rao Part A Chapter 1 Bhrighu Naneli Nadi .. weemanncemngnnaO: Chapter 2. Basic Techniques with ustrations captains aoe Part B Chapter 3) My Understanding of the Principles of Nadi Techniques ..... Chapter 4 “35" Golden Rules to be Followed Chapter 5 The Importance of Transits of the Slow-Moving Planets Chapter 6 Transit of Saturn... Chapter 7 Transit of Jupiter........... Chapter 8 Transit of Rahu and Ketu . Chapter 9 Planets and Quality of Events for all the Twelve Signs Chapter 10 Translt of Saturn over Natal Saturn Chapter 11 Handy Table of Events based on Transit of Key Planets in the 12 signs . Chapter 12 Handy Table of Key Transit Planets 0 on Key Natal Planets ......-..-.--.-::ssseeces Part C Chapter 13 Transits and Exceptions to the General Rules Chapter 14 Nadi and profession...... Chapter 15 Fall In Career Chapter 16 Dasha and Antar/Bhukti. Chapter 17 Nadi and Karakas Part D Chapter 18 The Timing of Events in Nadi Astrology . Chapter 19 Amshas and Nadi Chapter 20 The Editor’s Note... List of Books of Vani Publications