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Mentoring and Coaching Interaction

What would I like to do better?

What would I rather be doing?

Mentoring and coaching begins with questions such as these to develop reflective and interpersonal
skills for managing responsibilities, behaviours, and stress. These abilities have far-reaching advantages:

• balanced growth in emotional and intellectual spheres;

• improved relationships with family and friends;
• clarity in financial and career aspirations;
• meaningful engagement in personal and community activities;
• achievable objectives in health and fitness.

The Difference between Mentoring and Coaching

Mentoring is distinguished from coaching by the degree to which the mentor’s experience and
knowledge enters the relationship. As a mentor, I may propose specific options to you, the client, for
inclusion in your action plan. In contrast, the relevance of my experience as a coach is confined to my
ability to guide you to self-determined learning and results. Mentoring may be appropriate to situations
in which clients seek to move forward under extreme and unfamiliar constraints, or are otherwise
hindered from entering into a coaching relationship*. Coaching focuses exclusively upon your own
experience and knowledge to achieve the learning and results you want.

Mentoring and Coaching Relationships

Mentoring and coaching involve both learning and performance components. Learning focuses on the
internal development of knowledge, processes and abilities affecting our way of being in the world.
Performative aspects concentrate on strengthening outward social, behavioural, and work
competencies measurable against prior experience and external standards. Together they develop our
reflective and interpersonal abilities to meet the challenges of everyday life. My role as mentor or coach
is to foster the learning and performance appropriate to the unique aptitudes, values, experiences, and
circumstances with which you, the client, begin. You, in turn, develop appropriate goals and action
plans, and assess their on-going success.

Your perceptions and beliefs form the ground from which mentoring and coaching relationships begin.
Each of us interprets, conceives, and assigns values according to our individual legacies. These values
guide our ideas and intuitions, allowing us to move effortlessly and effectively through our daily routine.
At times of significant challenge, these values may begin to limit our range of responses. Frustration and
lack of clarity are the frequent results. When faced with such challenges, it is appropriate to consider
changes to our usual approaches - and to get help putting them into practice.

Work undertaken in mentoring and coaching is not be confused with the therapeutic practices of
counselling or psychotherapy, nor the instructional solutions of training or consulting.

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robert@ZENOFGOSSIP.COM 121 Avenue Laurier Ouest, Montréal H2T 2N6, Canada tel (1) 438-288-6569

The Mentoring and Coaching Cycle

Mentoring and coaching cycles begin with recognition of a desire for change: “I’d like to do X better”, or
“I’d rather be doing Y”. We then identify challenges to your progress and determine options that may
best open your way. This is followed by an inventory of resources – time, knowledge, skills, and such -
and their affect upon your options. Commitment to a concrete plan of action follows. Monitoring and
attunement guide the execution of this plan through to completion, at which time we review new
learnings and results; leading to their integration into ongoing performance.

The duration of mentoring and coaching relationships vary according your particular needs. Mentoring
or coaching may be provided in one-off situations - workplace changes, short-term health concerns, or
relationship issues – in which immediate feedback and advice are of benefit. Longer term mentoring
and coaching usually begins with recurring issues or experiences for new solutions are sought. It is your
prerogative as the client to determine the depth and duration of the relationship.

About Myself

My name is Robert McFadden. I mentor and coach aptitudes for resolving

challenging relationships and circumstances. Originally trained as an artist, my
current practice has developed through on-going instruction and collaboration
with clients, colleagues, family, and friends. In addition, I have worked with major
institutions in technology, entertainment, the arts, and medicine, including
Microsoft, Industrial Light and Magic, Disney, The National Gallery of Canada,
Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline.

I am happy to answer any questions or discuss any issues for which you might be considering seeking mentoring or
coaching. Drop me a line at or call me any time in Montreal at (1) 438 288 6569. I look
forward to hearing from you.

© Robert McFadden 2010. All rights reserved. Text and images are for promotional purposes only.