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Module 5

Choose a song and come up with your own interpretation as a song critic. Make it
brief but substantial.

I prefer the song of one of the members of the Beatles, that was sung and composed by
John Lennon, which is entitled Imagine. Commonly, this song inscription conveys the
profound meaning exceeding in the song. It was motivated profoundly by Yoko Ono, the
wife of John Lennon, who applied the concept in many of her visionary artworks.
Imagine was composed throughout the crisis of the Vietnamese war. It incorporates the
violent issue we have in this world, particularly hatred, malice, war, murder, and
racism. It consolidates the impression of World peace and hopes to the listener to
visualize a world in harmony, the song also defines as the soundest idea could have
occurred without the indulgence of corporeal things on earth. The mood of the song
strengthens its purpose. John Lennon employs a light melody to capture the hearts of
many people while presenting them with the message of war. Lennon formulates a
dream-like atmosphere for an ideal world while acknowledging this will never happen.
In the descriptive meaning of the song, it pertains all about equality, hope, and world
peace. But for me, it also incorporates impartiality with no boundaries and
classification of religion and nationality, that envision and describe as the anthem of the
atheist. It can view as anti-religious, anti-nationalistic, anti-conventional, and anti-
capitalistic through its sugar-coated use of words to cover the actual meaning of the
song. Through Lennon's conjuration of a world with no religion, no heaven, and no hell,
it is clear to say why that it is considered as an atheist.

Activity 1
Choose the best answers to complete the sentences. Write the letter of the
correct answer.

1. How do you interpret a song?

My way of interpreting a song is firstly by looking at the context of the lyrics of the song.
Then by knowing the word representations of the lyrics, which can do through
manageable intuition, though sometimes you will require to use some resources in
defining the profound meaning of the song. Also, once a critic is acquired more expanded
regarding the words, it signifies to establish a numerous accurate context for what the
critic is reading. In identifying the word representation, it includes here the analogy of the
concepts that define the essence of the song. Then after that, I seek other information and
opinion of others regarding their interpretation of the song. With this method, we could
share some ideas and evaluate the intricate renditions that would provide a definite
explanation that the songwriter wants to inform. Then suddenly, if there are
complications that I encountered, I will not force myself to figure it out like what some
writers suggested, it depends beyond on your state of condition enable you to compose a
remarkable piece of writing. 

2. Give at least 5 questions to aid you in interpreting a song of your choice.

My What’s in interpreting a specific song, enable to have the deep-felt meaning and
conclusion of the song.

1) What is the context of the song?

2) What is the representation of the words used in the song?

3) What is the quality of the songs?

4) What is the mood of the singer while singing the song?

5) What is the interpretation of others concerning the meaning of the song?

3. Is reacting to a social media post same as writing a critique? In what sense

it is not? Or similar?
I think it's Yes. Because by responding to a social media post, you will utilize the
process of judgment in examining the qualities of the context and its flaws. Then
you may also attempt to assess this particular Social media post through the use
of evaluation. Also, if you judge the specific social media post, there is the use of
the method of interpretation enables you to conclude in the concept of the post.
Likewise, as I stated in the previous statement that based on my perception, it is
similar. Because as a result, you may apply the functions of criticism in
determining the importance of the social media post that responds to your
opinion and point of view.

Self-Assessment Questions

List down at least 10 historical, political and personal facts (life episodes) for the least 20
Historical Political Personal
2000, April 19 – The Marcoses are one Someone has 5
Air Philippines Flight 541 of the most well-known children. The eldest son is
explodes and crashes into political families in the 21. He studies at UP
a coconut plantation in Philippines. The dynasty Diliman. The second
Island Garden City of started with Mariano daughter is an incoming
Samael, killing all 131 Marcos, a lawyer from third year Nursing Student
people on board. It is Ilocos Norte who was a at FEU. The third daughter
considered as the member of the House of is incoming freshman
country's worst aviation Representatives back in Psychology student at FEU
accident in history, with 1925. Ilocos Norte remains also. The fourth son is
fatality count surpassing to be the Marcoses’ Grade 7 this School Year
those from another plane political stronghold today. and the youngest is 1 year
crash in 1998. and 6 months old girl.

Historical Political Personal

1. One of the awaited fights of

Manny Pacquiao or the People's
champ, where Manny Pacquiao In political matters this year, the In 2008, through my elementary
defeats Oscar De La Hoya in the former Pres. Corazon Aquino's years, at the age of nine years old,
so-called The Dream Match. family announces that she is this is the first time I competed to
Where it is designated that a lot suffering from colon cancer. play Chess in the other schools and
of the Filipinos celebrated the win 2nd placer in the girl's category.
won of the national boxer of the

2. The landfall of Typhoon The Government Service   Through this typhoon, I and my
Ondoy, which cleared beyond Insurance System is allocating P5 family and others endure a lot of
billion in emergency loans to its anxiety and fear brought by the
Metro Manila and portions of
members victimized by the super- heavy rainfall of the super-typhoon
Central Luzon on Saturday of typhoon. The loan of P20,000 is Ondoy. We encounter to evacuate
September 26, 2009, and available to qualified members in and leave our home to enable us to
produced a month's worth of areas distinguished as in a state of be safe and to survive. Then with
rain accurately 12 hours. catastrophe by the National this event, I can say that it is
Disaster Coordinating Council. qualified as one of the memorable
Besides, the Social Security memories that I will remember.
System has also proclaimed its
emergency assistance to eligible

3. This year, the Central Bank 2010 is one of the years that include
of the Philippines released a my best in childhood. I remember
The 2010 Philippine general the days when I like to play chase
New Banknotes of the
elections, also the first national with my classmates and feel the
Philippine Peso.


computerized election in warm breeze of the wind in the

Philippine history, took place. In afternoon. Then experience walking
which in this year(2010), the with our service mates in kilometers
elected president was Benigno from my school to our home, where
Aquino, the third. we enjoyed our bonding and leisure
as a child.

4. In April of 2012, an endeavor Also In this year, Senators vote, In this particular year (2012), I
of the Philippine Navy to restrain 20–3, to condemn Chief Justice graduated elementary at Boso-Boso
Chinese Fishermen caught on the Corona guilty in the section of the Antipolo City, the Grace Christion
Scarborough Shoal was blocked impeachment case concerning Mission Technical school. Also, it
by China, intensifying a declared undisclosed wealth announced in our graduation that
through removing him from office. we are the first batch of the new
diplomatic stalemate over the
curriculum, The K-12 curriculum.

5. The Miss Philippines, Megan In the year 2013, the Philippine In May of 2013, I was in first-year
Young was crowned Miss World general election occurred. It was a high school in this period, but we
2013. This titled Miss World 2013 midterm election, where the are addressed to called grade 7 or
of Megan Young brought glory to officials elected will be asserted the seventh graders. Furthermore, it
our country, the Philippines. on June 30, 2013, halfway into also announced to us that the
President Benigno Aquino III's enhanced basic education Act of
term of office. 2013 was already signed, that
generally acknowledged as the K–12

6. The most controversial Miss The Department of Education 2015 is the year where I finished my
Universe that has been talked introduced to the first batch of K- Junior High School at Baras Pinugay
about is the former Miss 12 the educational system for the National High School. In this specific
Senior High Schools, that include year, I decided to choose the Track
Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo
the tracks and strands; STEM, ICT, of TechVoc. or Technical Vocational
Wurtzbach, the country's first HUMMS & GAS Track and the Strand of ICT as
title after 42 years. Information Communication
Technologies. Then, this is the time
we encountered the moving-up
ceremonies for grade 10 students.

7.  At the 2016 Summer Olympics 2016 Philippine general election 2016 was the first time I
in Rio de Janeiro, Hidilyn Diaz won (Rodrigo Duterte is elected as the experienced voting, but for SK
a silver medal at the Women's 53 first President from Mindanao). barangay officials only, I was 17
kg event for weightlifting. It is the The 2016 election took place on years old at that time. That took
Philippines' tenth Olympic medal May 9, 2016, for executive and place in our previous school in
overall and the country's first since legislative branches for all levels Baras, Pinugay.
the 1996 Summer Olympics in of government – national,
Atlanta, 20 years prior. provincial, and local, except for
the barangay officials.

8. The Mayon Volcano's alert In 2018, it is where President 2018 was also the year where I
status is elevated to Alert Level 4 Duterte declares the liberation of graduated from Senior Highschool,
due to concentrated volcanic Marawi City, with more than a this event was part of my
activities. The day earlier, the thousand reportedly killed in the unforgettable times when I marched
volcano shot 200 m (660 ft) to 500 battle. The Marawi City war was to the stage then felt the comfort
m (1,600 ft) to the air and known as the longest war within a and support of my family. This was
produced ash plumes that reached City. very precious to me because my


1.3 km (0.81 mi) above the mother is an OFW, and it is the first
summit. The province of Albay has time she came beside me at the
announced a state of calamity days stage to be the one who bestowed
earlier on January 16, due to that medal to me as an honored
constant volcanic activity. student.

9.  The 2019 Hong Kong The first case of African swine 2019 is a remarkable year for me,
protests, also known as Anti- fever has been confirmed by the this is the First time I experience an
Extradition Law Amendment Department of Agriculture. It was out of country Christmas vacation
also confirmed that an with my family in Hong Kong. We
Bill Movement, were triggered
undisclosed number of individual enjoy all the foods, attractions, and
by the preamble of the Fugitive pigs were accumulated in Rizal in places, but we also encounter the
Offenders amendment bill by a bid to contain a speculated Hongkong Protest. That we exactly
the Hong Kong government. animal disease perceived were the Hongkong
The now aborted bill would officers, started firing tear gas and
have approved the extradition pepper spray at the protest.
to jurisdictions with which
Hong Kong did not have
extradition agreements,
including mainland China and

10. In 2020 the Island of Luzon The COVID-19 prevalent is the The COVID-19 shock our typical
was placed under Enhanced first and leading health crisis. The lifestyle, 2020 in experiencing
Community Quarantine in Department of Education (DepEd) COVID-19 as a student is quite
announced supporting the new apprehensive. We need to practice
response to the increasing
conventional education within this the usual new-normal system in our
pandemic of coronavirus epidemic situation in the country. daily lives as a student and citizens
disease (COVID-19) in the That inculcates a new-normal in our nation. 
country. system in education for
synchronous and asynchronous

Module 4
Activity 1
Give at least 5 scientific language and 5 emotive language that conceivably shares the
same truth.

Scientific Language Emotive Language Truth

Nocturnal Night-loving Active at night

Wildlife Fauna Animal life of a region.

Rage Heart of fire excitement

Ruthlessly In cold blood coldheartedly

Criticism Depth scrutiny Analysis

Activity 2
1. For viewing, please refer to the link below:
2. Answer the following:
2.1 What is Literary Criticism as streamlined by Tim Nance?
2.2 What is still shady or grey area in your understanding of Literary Criticism?
2.3 What makes schema important as a reader and as a critic?

What is Literary Criticism as streamlined by Tim Nance?

According to Tim Nance, literary criticism is a way of looking at the literature, and it's all
about perspective, especially, things look very different. They all focus on distinct aspects
of a literary piece from different perspectives, though in the video, Tim uses its Mannequin
as an example. Tim Nance's partition of words in Literary Criticism that the second-word
criticism has to do with the idea of critique. That based on him, we sometimes viewed the
word criticism as something negative. He stated that when you come to appreciate literary
criticism, it helps to enrich the literature for you, and it also helps you to comprehend it
more. Tim asserted that if we acknowledged a piece of literature, we also understand the
beauty of its craftsmanship, the historical context, and plenty of other points in a
perspective that we can comprehend much more lavishly and profoundly. Tim professed
the author Stephen Lin and his book context that gives an incredible overview of literary
criticism. In Lin's introduction, he associates literature to travel, which isn't a tremendous
range of a metaphor. However, he goes on to stretch that metaphor to literary criticism. Tim
also affirmed that plenty of students attain the study of literature by looking for the right
answer. Though for him, there isn't a correct answer. That in Literary Criticism, there's more
of a continuum of answers from particular perspectives. That some are more valid, and
some are less valid. Then Tim Nance said that no matter how you read literature, you're
going to have something of a theory when you approach it. That based on him, we all have
a diverse viewpoint in a particular literary piece that enables you to make judgments about
everything you read, and your theory for what makes an enjoyable book could be very

2.2 What is still a shady or a grey area in your understanding of Literary Criticism?

The vague part of my understanding of Literary Criticism is the portion of the initial literary
piece on how classical readers and critics can view a literary composition and what is the
best interpretation of answer in criticizing literature for them. That's the query that rises in
my mind, in defining what could be the possible answer for that.

2.3 What makes schema important as a reader and as a critic?

A schema is essential because it is the representation or foundation of a reader or as a

critic. It enables a reader or a critic to identify the imperative aspect of literature from

various viewpoints based on the theories that it may apply. It serves as a justification basis
for the factual acknowledgments that it may affirm in scrutinizing a literary piece. The
schema in literature can associate with Literary-Criticism, that viewed as a method of
presenting distinct avenues of thinking for readers, likewise the way of increasing their
understanding of the various perspectives of a work of literature. Through schema, it helps
literary criticism to keep desirable literature alive. It is a process of analysis of work, then
arranged it not only in its context but also in the connection of the reasoning of the time of
the judgment. Schema has an extensive part in literary criticism that allows it to manifest as
a component of a reader or a critic to create a profound investigation in a literary piece.

Activity 3
1. List down at least 2 questions for each of the literary approaches.
2. How do elements work together with the text’s content to shape its effects upon readers?
3. When and how does a writer become the work and the work becomes the writer?
4. Do men and women portray equally in literature?
5. What do social, cultural and intellectual context important in historical approach to
understanding literature?
6. What makes Sigmund Freud a literary genius?
7. Can we examine literature without being sociologically political? Why?
8. What makes Myths the dreams of the world?
9. As a reader, can you limit your interpretation of a text? Why?
10. Why do deconstructionists believe that language cannot actually represent reality?

Formalist Criticism (New Criticism):

How do elements work together with the text’s content to shape its effects upon readers?
What are the forms and style of the literary piece?

Biographical Criticism: 
When and how does a writer become the work and the work becomes the writer?
What insight can view in the perspective of the author in its own work?

Historical Criticism: 
What do social, cultural and intellectual context important in historical approach to
understanding literature?
Does historical critics understand the effect of a literary work upon its original readers.

Gender Criticism (Queer Theory or Gender Studies):

Do men and women portray equally in literature?
How sexual identity influence a literary work?

Psychological Criticism:
What makes Sigmund Freud a literary genius? 
How psychology manifested in literature?

Sociological Criticism: 
Can we examine literature without being sociologically political? Why?
Does the relationship of the artist and society in its work can be form as Criticism? Why?

Mythological Criticism (Archetypal): 

What makes Myths the dreams of the world?
What origins can be view in this literary piece?

Reader-Response Criticism: 
As a reader, can you limit your interpretation of a text? Why?
How author describe what happens in the its mind while interpreting a text?

Deconstructionist Criticism:
Why do deconstructionists believe that language cannot actually represent reality?
As a critic, can we regard language as a fundamentally unstable?

Figure it out !

1. How does Aristotle's definition of "poetry" differ from our own?

2. Explain Aristotle's concept of mimesis. In what way is poetry imitative

3. What is katharsis? How does it work in the context of tragedy?

Activity 1
Direction: Discuss the following questions:

1. Philip Sidney as one of the greatest poet of his time



2. Influence of humanism during the Renaissance Period of Literature


3. Contributions of the Renaissance Period in literature


4. The Defense of Poesy considered as the early example of literary criticism


Activity 2
Directions: Write TRUE if the statement is correct and FALSE if incorrect.

1. _________ Sidney argued that poetry should not be preempted as the first light
giver to ignorance that flourished before any other art or science.
2. _________ Sidney explained that poetry is divine and as well as prophetic.
3. _________ The end of poetry is to teach and please; hence it is usable to society.
4. _________ Poetry inspires every individual to highlight the vices of the villains and
imitate the noble and virtuous action of heroes.
5. _________ Poetry is the most fruitful of all knowledge and it has the power to teach
and please and also moves its readers to virtuous action.
6. _________ In poetry lies are not deliberately stated; therefore the poet can not be
accused of lying.
7. _________ Poetry in itself is noble and that it can be the cause of any moral
8. _________ Poetry has a universal appeal arising from the aesthetic appeal of its
words and phrases.
9. _________ Sidney defended that it is the poetry itself should be blamed of abused in
10. _________ Sidney defended that poetry is far better and effective than history and


10. TRUE

Activity 3
Direction: Agree or Disagree? Argue and defend your stand on the following
statements related to the charges against poetry:

1. Poetry is superior to all other branches of learning


2. Poetry nurses abuse of humanity


3. Poetry is a double edged sword: It can be used badly or well


4. Poetry is an art of imitation


5. Poetry teaches and moves virtue

10 | P a g e

Activity 4
Directions: Analyze one of the sonnets compiled as collection in “Astrophel and
Stella” by Sir Philip Sidney based on the key features of Renaissance Literary
Criticism. Write at least three-page analysis of the given poem.

Astrophel and Stella by Sir Philip Sidney

1. Leave me, O Love, which reaches! but to dust,

2. And thou, my mind, aspire to higher things!
3. Corw rich in that which never taketh rust:
4. Whatever fades, but fading pleasure brings.
5. Draw in thy beams, and humble all thy might
6. To that sweet yoke where lasting freedoms be;
7. Which breaks the clouds and opens forth the light
8. That doth both shine and give us sight to see.
9. O! Take fast hold! let that light be thy guide
10. In this small coarse which birth draws out to death,
11. And think how evil becometh him to slide
12. Who seeketh Heaven, and comes of heavenly breath.
13. Then farewell, world! thy uttermost I see:
14. Eternal love, maintain thy life in me!

11 | P a g e