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Episode Guide
Reviews by Autumn Tysko and Kevin Patterson
Synopses and cast listings provided by Red Wolf
Introduction and Layout by Jens Vogel

Table of Contents | V

Table of Contents Season 3....................................................... 65

1 The Blessing Way (II).............................. 65
2 Paper Clip (III).........................................66
Introduction................................................... 9
3 D.P.O..................................................... 67
Season 1....................................................... 13 4 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose............... 68
1 The X-Files (Pilot).................................... 13 5 The List.................................................. 69
2 Deep Throat........................................... 15 6 2Shy.......................................................70
3 Squeeze................................................. 17 7 The Walk................................................71
4 Conduit.................................................. 19 8 Oubliette................................................ 72
5 The Jersey Devil...................................... 20 9 Nisei (I)...................................................73
6 Shadows................................................ 22 10 731 (II)................................................. 75
7 Ghost in the Machine............................. 23 11 Revelations...........................................76
8 Ice..........................................................25 12 War of the Coprophages......................78
9 Space..................................................... 28 13 Syzygy..................................................79
10 Fallen Angel......................................... 29 14 Grotesque............................................ 81
11 Eve....................................................... 30 15 Piper Maru (I)....................................... 83
12 Fire.......................................................32 16 Apocrypha (II)...................................... 85
13 Beyond the Sea.................................... 33 17 Pusher.................................................. 87
14 GenderBender...................................... 35 18 Teso dos Bichos....................................88
15 Lazarus.................................................36 19 Hell Money...........................................89
16 Young at Heart.................................... 36 20 Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'.......... 91
17 E.B.E.....................................................36 21 Avatar.................................................. 93
18 Miracle Man......................................... 37 22 Quagmire............................................. 95
19 Shapes................................................. 39 23 Wetwired............................................. 97
20 Darkness Falls.......................................40 24 Talitha Cumi (I).....................................99
21 Tooms.................................................. 41
Season 4..................................................... 103
22 Born Again........................................... 41
1 Herrenvolk (II)...................................... 103
23 Roland..................................................42
2 Home................................................... 105
24 The Erlenmeyer Flask............................ 42
3 Teliko................................................... 106
Season 2....................................................... 45 4 Unruhe.................................................108
1 Little Green Men.................................... 45 5 The Field Where I Died......................... 109
2 The Host................................................ 45 6 Sanguinarium....................................... 111
3 Blood..................................................... 45 7 Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man. 112
4 Sleepless................................................ 46 8 Tunguska (I)......................................... 113
5 Duane Barry (I)....................................... 46 9 Terma (II)............................................. 115
6 Ascension (II)..........................................46 10 Paper Hearts...................................... 117
7 3............................................................ 47 11 El Mundo Gira.................................... 119
8 One Breath.............................................47 12 Leonard Betts..................................... 120
9 Firewalker.............................................. 49 13 Never Again....................................... 122
10 Red Museum........................................50 14 Memento Mori...................................124
11 Excelsis Dei........................................... 50 15 Kaddish.............................................. 127
12 Aubrey................................................. 50 16 Unrequited......................................... 128
13 Irresistible.............................................52 17 Tempus Fugit (I)................................. 130
14 Die Hand die VerletzT...........................54 18 Max (II).............................................. 131
15 Fresh Bones..........................................54 19 Synchrony.......................................... 134
16 Colony (I)............................................. 55 20 Small Potatoes....................................135
17 End Game (II)....................................... 55 21 Zero Sum........................................... 137
18 Fearful Symmetry................................. 55 22 Elegy.................................................. 139
19 Død Kalm............................................. 56 23 Demons............................................. 141
20 Humbug...............................................58 24 Gethsemane (I).................................. 143
21 The Calusary.........................................59
Season 5..................................................... 147
22 F. Emasculata....................................... 59
1 Redux (II)..............................................147
23 Soft Light............................................. 59
2 Redux II (III)..........................................149
24 Our Town.............................................61
3 Unusual Suspects................................. 151
25 The Anasazi (I)..................................... 63
VI | Table of Contents

4 Detour................................................. 153 11 Closure (II)..........................................297

5 The Post-Modern Prometheus...............155 12 X-Cops............................................... 301
6 Christmas Carol (I)................................157 13 First Person Shooter........................... 304
7 Emily (II)............................................... 159 14 Theef................................................. 308
8 Kitsunegari........................................... 161 15 En Ami............................................... 309
9 Schizogeny........................................... 163 16 Chimera............................................. 313
10 Chinga............................................... 165 17 all things............................................ 315
11 Kill Switch.......................................... 167 18 Brand X..............................................320
12 Bad Blood.......................................... 169 19 Hollywood A.D................................... 323
13 Patient X (I)........................................ 171 20 Fight Club...........................................326
14 The Red And The Black (II)................. 173 21 Je Souhaite.........................................329
15 Travellers............................................175 22 Requiem (I)........................................ 332
16 Mind's Eye..........................................176 Season 7 in Review..................................336
17 All Souls............................................. 178
18 The Pine Bluff Variant.........................180 Season 8..................................................... 341
19 Folie À Deux.......................................182 1 Within (II).............................................341
20 The End..............................................184 2 Without (III)......................................... 345
Season 5 in Review..................................186 3 Patience............................................... 349
4 Roadrunners.........................................353
The Movie.................................................. 189 5 Invocation............................................ 357
6 Redrum................................................ 360
Season 6..................................................... 195 7 Via Negativa.........................................363
1 The Beginning...................................... 195 8 Surekill................................................. 364
2 Drive.................................................... 197 9 Salvage................................................ 367
3 Triangle................................................200 10 Badlaa................................................ 370
4 Dreamland (I)....................................... 203 11 The Gift..............................................374
5 Dreamland II........................................ 206 12 Medusa..............................................376
6 How The Ghosts Stole Christmas..........209 13 Per Manum........................................ 379
7 Terms Of Endearment.......................... 211 14 This Is Not Happening (I).................... 384
8 The Rain King....................................... 214 15 DeadAlive (II)......................................388
9 S.R. 819............................................... 217 16 Three Words...................................... 390
10 Tithonus............................................. 220 17 Empedocles........................................392
11 Two Fathers (I)................................... 223 18 Vienen................................................393
12 One Son (II)........................................226 19 Alone................................................. 395
13 Agua Mala......................................... 231 20 Essence (I).......................................... 397
14 Monday............................................. 234 21 Existence (II)....................................... 398
15 Arcadia...............................................237 Season 8 in Review..................................400
16 Alpha................................................. 239
17 Trevor................................................ 242 Season 9..................................................... 405
18 Milagro.............................................. 245 1 Nothing Important Happened Today (I)405
19 The Unnatural.................................... 249 2 Nothing Important Happened Today II. 406
20 Three Of A Kind................................. 252 3 Dæmonicus.......................................... 408
21 Field Trip............................................ 254 4 4-D....................................................... 409
22 Biogenesis (I)......................................257 5 Lord Of The Flies.................................. 411
Season 6 in Review..................................261 6 Trust No 1............................................ 412
7 John Doe..............................................414
Season 7..................................................... 265 8 Hellbound............................................ 415
1 The Sixth Extinction (II).........................265 9 Provenance (I)...................................... 417
2 The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati (III)....269 10 Providence (II).................................... 418
3 Hungry................................................. 273 11 Audrey Pauley.................................... 420
4 Millennium........................................... 276 12 Underneath........................................422
5 Rush.....................................................280 13 Improbable.........................................422
6 The Goldberg Variation........................ 283 14 Scary Monsters...................................423
7 Orison.................................................. 285 15 Jump The Shark..................................425
8 The Amazing Maleeni...........................289 16 William...............................................426
9 Signs and Wonders.............................. 291 17 Release...............................................429
10 Sein und Zeit (I)..................................294
Table of Contents | VII

18 Sunshine Days.................................... 430

19 The Truth (I + II)................................. 432
Season 9 in Review..................................434
Overview Tables........................................ 439
Season 1................................................. 439
Season 2................................................. 439
Season 3................................................. 439
Season 4................................................. 439
Season 5................................................. 440
The Movie............................................... 440
Season 6................................................. 440
Season 7................................................. 440
Season 8................................................. 440
Season 9................................................. 441
Introduction | 9

Why a printable guide?

Musings of a Key Stroking Fan
Speaking of screens and boots: I hate reading
things on my computer monitor and I could kick it ev-
ery time I have to. I just hate it. I'm wearing glasses be-
cause I did it too often. The reading, not the kicking.
It's unnatural. It should be against the law. Nothing
compares to good old paper when it comes to readabil-
How this guide came to be ity – or haptics (as Scully in her scientific wisdom
I love reading reviews. would call it). And in the event of a sudden power fail-
Some argue that people who love reading reviews ure, when by cruel fate you're forced to spend some
just don't have an opinion on their own and want to be time without watching the X-Files, you can still read
told what to like and what to watch. Well, I think that about them. Isn't that something.
that's wrong and that people who love reading re- To cut a long story short I needed a printable fan-
views are completely misunderstood. Those people, made review guide and I knew it wouldn't come
including me, are just too lazy to write their own re- cheap. I also knew it wouldn't come expensive, of
views. course, since there is no such thing as a printable fan-
But seriously. made review guide. So I made some use of my strange
First of all, I think that the opinions of other peo- affection towards layouting and the fact that I had a
ple always matter. And if someone has got something long easter weekend filled with free time at hand. I
to say about one of my favourite shows, I'd like to hear pulled texts from weird looking webpages of all sorts,
it. Maybe it's because it's great to know that not only some featuring GIF-animations more creepy than the
the truth but also other fans of the X-Files are out makeup on the X-Files will ever get. Then I combined
there. And what fans they are: devoting hours, days those brilliant texts to a single guide for your printing
and weeks of their personal lives to the creation of pleasure.
pages after pages of reviews – and handing them over
What's in there?
for free to their fellow X-Files fans.
Second, being confronted with a different opinion Actually, a lot. A 441 pages lot.
than one's own and considering it I call thinking. I Red Wolf was so kind as to provide cast and crew
can't recall how often I started to reconsider my opin- listings for every episode, which I pulled off his site 1.
ion on a certain episode or even scene after having There's also an original air date (US) for every episode
read something about it I didn't agree with. For exam- and the production code thanks to Red Wolf's meticu-
ple I'm an atheist and I must say that I have my prob- lous mind and fetish for collecting X-Files data. We
lems with the shows featuring overly prominent chris- also owe the episode synopses to Red Wolf's site which
tian themes. So it's interesting to read a review from originally come from the official X-Files site before
someone who does not have a problem with such they removed them – Red Wolf's site may very well be
episodes at all. Makes one wonder. the only place on the net that still has them. They are a
Makes one think. bit short and there are sites on the web that have ex-
Apart from that the comfort of reading X-Files re- tensive episode synopses for every show. But I like
views is always this: You absolutely positively know them just because they're short: When I want to know
the person whose stuff you're reading is on your side what an episode is about, I want to know it quick –
anyway. Tomayto or Tomahto: They love vegetables. otherwise I'd read a book or just watch the episode.
You even know he or she is mad enough to devote his Also most of the official summaries don't give away
or her free time to not only watch the show you love the episode's solutions. Which is a big advantage when
but to actually sit down and discuss it. Alone. In front you're watching an episode for the first time (some
of a PC. The geek! You realize that no matter how might consider that possible) or haven't watched the
much time you spend with the X-Files, there will al- show for a long time and don't want to spoil the end.
ways be someone more motivated, more informed, Then there are Autumn Tysko's brilliant reviews2.
more enthusiastic about this show than you are. They are all extensive, detailed and a joy to read. I es-
So why not listen to these people? They've got the pecially like her concluding “Random Musings” after
big picture. Yours is just square and flickery and with each review which deal a lot with little details other
a little antenna on top. You're just trying to be a Lone people would easily dismiss. She really knows her X-
Gunman, but they know the size of the boots they're Files. Unfortunately Autumn couldn't write reviews
wearing by heart. for every episode – well, seeing how extensive they are

1 http://www.redwolf.com.au/xfiles/
2 http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Vault/1411/main_rev.html
10 | Introduction

no one could blame her. So there are some gaps and certain episode can be found. Thus sparing you com-
season nine is not covered by her at all. We do have, plex mathematical calculations should you decide to
however, complete reviews of the seasons three, four, watch a random episode from your supposedly com-
five and six – and the better part oft the rest of the sea- plete X-Files DVD archive.
sons. So if I now say to you that reading this guide will
But no worries. A certain guy – let's call him K. make you a whole person and is essential to accom-
Patterson or better yet Kevin P. – also did a great job plishing world piece:
and reviewed3 every single episode of the X-Files. This
Mulder: “Let's forget for the moment that there's no scien-
was a resource I couldn't resist to exploit. The reviews
tific theory to support it.”
of the seasons one to five tend to be short, but as with
the episode summaries this can be an advantage. Scully: “Okay.”
Kevin also rated every show on a scale between four
and zero stars (four being the highest rating), which I Jens Vogel
formatted as sets of full, empty and half empty dots
below each review. Maybe he'd give this intro only one Kevin's Rating Scale
and a half stars for effort, I certainly couldn't blame  A+/A
him.  A-
  B+/B
He also wrote season recaps of the seasons five to  B-/C+
nine, which I've been happy to include at the end of  C
the respective season. Unfortunately I failed to reach  C-
Kevin and ask him for permission to use his reviews  D+/D
for this guide. But since he postet them all to the  F
usenet and has them online on his website, I figured
that in the light of being an X-Files fan and contributor Printing Tips
to the community in the past, he wouldn't mind.
This guide is available in US-Letter and international
Kevin, please drop me a line if I did you wrong!
A4 format. Please pick the version best fitting your re-
Speaking of the community, I'd also like to point
gional standards.
out that this is a multi-national, pan-dimensional inter-
It is intended (and recommended) that this guide
stellar effort by X-Files fans from all around the globe.
be printed out double sided to resemble a book-like
Imagine an Aussi collecting data while simultaneously
form with facing pages. This also saves paper and
playing the didgeridoo, people from the New World
makes the guide more handy. Most people may know
producing texts on an old show, then some other peo-
how double-sided printing can be achieved, but I
ple from places no UFO would ever dare to visit and
wanted to describe the process for those who don't.
finally a Kraut throwing all together and trying not to
If you own an (in home environments relatively
let it become sour for a change.
rare) duplex printer, just choose the duplex option be-
Speaking of myself: After combining all the texts I
fore printing the document and the printer will take
added a screenshot to every episode synopsis. Most of
care of the rest. In all other cases, duplex printing is a
them I pulled from this site: (4). They differ in quality,
bit trickier, but generally no problem at all.
and the shots of season five should be in widescreen.
But in all honesty, I didn't want to go through 200+
Printing the odd pages
episodes and make screenshots or spend hours in on-
Begin with printing the odd-numbered pages first by
line screenshot archives. In my opinion those pictures
selecting “odd pages only” or “uneven pages only” or
we have are just fine and serve their purpose.
“right pages only” before printing. Make sure that the
Ever wondered what all those German episode ti-
printer stacks the printed pages in the right way or
tles meant, what a “syzygy” is or what “Via Negativa”
you'll have to turn every single page by hand! In gen-
stands for? Me, too. Well, except for the German.
eral, users of laser printers should make sure that the
That's why I added an annotation to all the episodes
pages are stacked on top of the printer, face down. So
bearing difficult names which explains the origins of
that after the printing process, when you remove the
the name or just translates it.
pile and look at it, the print on page one is facing you
Finally, there are season overview tables at the
and all the other pages are below it. Users of InkJet
very end of this document (beginning on page 439). As
printers (top loading models) usually don't have a
a neat little detail the first column of the tables tells
choice on how the printer stacks the pages. In general,
you on which disc from the official DVD season sets a
at the end of the printing process, the front of the last
3 http://members.aol.com/KTPattersn/xfrev.html page is facing the top of the printer.
4 http://www.chelonium.plus.com/txf/txfindex.html
Introduction | 11

Printing the even pages

First of all, if the last page of the document is even-
numbered (meaning a left page), then you'll have to
add an extra (blank) page to the pile. Just put it on top
of what you just printed.
Users of a laser printer now turn around the pile as a
whole and put it into the paper cassette. Make sure
that the first page is on top (print is facing the top of
the printer) and the top of the page is facing the front
of the printer. In case you're wondering: Laser printers
normally turn the pages around before printing them,
which can seem confusing at first.
Now look at the back of the printer: Most laser
printers have a flap on the back that serves as a second
output tray – if it's there, it is now time to open it. It
will save you the trouble of turning each and every
page by hand after printing out the guide. Now print
the even-numbered (left) pages. The printer should
stack them in the correct order on the flap on the back
– and you're done!
If you've got an Inkjet printer, then remove the
pile of papers you just printed, turn it around and in-
sert it into the paper tray. The back of the first page
should be facing you and the top of the page should
face the bottom of the printer. Finally print the even-
numbered (left) pages and enjoy your X-Files guide!

This guide is a work by X-Files fans for X-Files fans. It
may be copied, but must never be altered in any way
without the permission of the original authors. Fur-
thermore, all copyright remains with the original au-
thors, mainly: Autumn Tysko, Red Wolf, Kevin Patter-
son and Jens Vogel. And, of course, the people who
hold the rights to the X-Files.
In Brief: If someone sold this guide to you for
more than it cost to reproduce it, then the guy who
sold it to you is a criminal and you've been ripped off
and the FBI should get involved. Or he's smoking Mor-
ley and the FBI will deny everything. So download it
by yourself, be happy with it and trust no one.
Season 1 | 13

Scully he keeps the episode from becoming yet another

Season 1
From 09/10/1993 to 05/13/1994
silly alien joke. It is especially in the beginning – as we
learn about the brilliantly crazed Fox Mulder together
– that she is the audience's outlet. Questioning and ex-
pressing disbelief along with us in such a way that it
all becomes somehow more believable and more seri-
ous. Mulder and Scully become, from the start, realistic
characters in their views and opposition.
1 The X-Files (Pilot) Fresh can also be used to describe the technical
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Robert Mandel, Origi- aspects of this episode. While the series more often
nal Broadcast: 09.10.1993, Production Code: 1X79 than not has a cinematic feel to it, it is especially preva-
lent in this piece. Perhaps the fact that, by necessity,
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
we are given so much character exposition adds to that
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
feel, but the quality workmanship behind the scenes in
Guest Cast: Patrolman · Doug Abrahams, Billy Miles · the camera work, effects (I love the leaf swirl), editing
Zachary Ansley, Orderly · Alexandra Berlin, Truck (the wonderful flash/time loss scene comes to mind),
Driver · JB Bivens, Third Man · Ken Camroux, Section and, of course, Mark Snow's score (one of his best of
Chief Scott Blevins · Charles Cioffi, Smoking Man · the first season) all make this a spectacular first effort.
William B Davis, Dr Jay Nemman · Cliff DeYoung, Re- Fresh also permeates Mulder and Scully. It is such
ceptionist · Lesley Ewen, Peggy O'Dell · Katya Gard- a shock sometimes to see these two in the early days.
ner, Dr Heitz Werber · Jim Jansen, Theresa Nemman · Mulder, that stray lock of hair never deterred even by
Sarah Koskoff, Coroner Truitt · Stephen E Miller, Assi- the elements, positively giddy in the rain as he experi-
tant Coroner · Ric Reid, Detective Miles · Leon Rus- ences missing time, and Scully, firmly in her
som, Dr Glass · Malcolm Stewart Frumpy!Scully mix and match ill fitting professional
Geranimals wardrobe and lank long hair, looking
Case File Synopsis amazingly young and smiling freely (though usually
Dana Scully is given the when Mulder can't see her). It is a joy to watch them
assignment to watch over discover each other and lay the seeds of trust that will
the activities of a certain later carry the series.
Agent Mulder and decide Mulder was even acting mighty fresh in that
if his work is worthwhile landmark introduction where the chemistry between
to the FBI. He takes her to Duchovny and Anderson was evident from the start.
investigate the murder of Scully gets her first slide show and we get our first
several high school classmates in Oregon whom he be- taste of banter as the lines are clearly drawn. Mulder
lieves have been experimented on by aliens. baits Scully again and again: “Do you believe in the ex-
istence of extraterrestrials?” “Logically, I would have
to say no...” and she hangs in there tit for tat. Their
Autumn's Report
friction continues as they begin the case with Scully
“Actually, I'm looking forward to working with you. I've
having to continually challenge Mulder that her inten-
heard a lot about you.” “Oh really, I was under the impres-
tions are not to write little reports, but to solve the
sion that you were sent to spy on me.”
case. While the infamous ScullySkin scene has been la-
What X-Files fan can resist that classic first meeting be- beled as gratuitous by some (and a godsend by others)
tween Dana Scully and Fox Mulder? It remains one of it serves a very important purpose – besides being
the highlights of this wonderful series. To tell the amusing to watch Mulder's reaction as his pretty part-
truth, I was a little intimidated to review the pilot. ner comes into his room and begins undressing. I think
Though not an episode I place in my top 10, it's always that it is Scully's willingness to trust Mulder and bare
seemed sacred, holding a special place in the hearts herself to him here that prompts him to bare his soul
and minds of fans. However, with the dawn of syndi- and his story to her shortly thereafter – intimacy for in-
cation upon us, I thought it appropriate to take a fresh timacy – this is when the partnership begins to be truly
look at the one that started Mulder, Scully, and we forged. Despite her beliefs, Scully is supportive, even
fans on this journey. gently grasping his hand to prod him on when he
Fresh really is the word to describe it. Watching stops. The ultimate issue of trust is also first broached
the pilot again I am reminded of just how unique this as she tells him “you've got to trust me” insisting she
show is. Chris Carter did a very smart thing in creating isn't part of some greater agenda.
this series in that by giving us the character of Dana
14 | Season 1

I've always enjoyed the first glimpses of the char-  That first Air XF flight is something else. Not only is
acters. The initial Scully/Blevins interview even fea- the flight attendant cart full of liquor, Mulder has a
tures the man the credits call “Smoking Man”. While whole row to stretch out in.
we have no idea at that point how important he be-  As airlines do not let you pack spray paint, I'm
comes, it is interesting to see how Scully regards him wondering if Mulder had to stop to buy the can of
here – shooting him looks. She even tries to smile at orange when they got to Oregon. I love the scene
him when relating the “Spooky Mulder” info and where he paints the X on the road while Scully
turns glum at the failure of her little joke. There is an looks at him wide eyed as if she's partnered with a
interesting moment here as Scully reacts uncomfort- freaking lunatic, even swearing for the first time on
ably to being assigned to the X-Files. We see a look the show “What the hell was that about?”.
that tells us she is less than thrilled at this career move Duchovny delivers the answer perfectly: “Oh, you
to the FBI's most unwanted, and her slight challenge in know, probably nothing..
the way she says “Am I to understand that you want  Our little sailor: We have another swearing incident
me to debunk the X-Files project sir?” (as well as her later in the show as Scully says “Damn it Mulder,
attitude at the end) foreshadow the path she will later cut the crap”.
take.  You'd think after that air turbulence adventure that
Character-wise things are set in motion. We learn Scully would be a little more fond of seat belts, yet
of the closet rebel Scully defying her parents to join the when we first see Our Heroes traveling by car they
FBI. We hear about Mulder's amazing crime solving don't have them on. And no Lariat sticker either.
abilities. Scully tells us “what I find fantastic is any no- Bummer. Though it is their first Taurus.
tion that there are answers beyond the realm of sci-  I want to know whose ugly sky blue Samsonite that
ence” and Mulder tells us about his sister and that was in the trunk. It reminded me of the suitcase my
“nothing else matters”. What is surprising, besides grandma bought me when I was 12.
how unburdened the characters are, is how much emo-  The date stamp in this episode is VERY annoying.
tion we see from Scully. As she enters this strange new We find out Mulder and Scully met on March 6,
world she shows as much fear as we ever see. Her 1992 and then that reference is completely disre-
hugging Mulder in relief is in sharp contrast to the garded for the rest of the series which goes to pseu-
Scully we now know that tries so hard to never show do real time. With the exception of the pilot, 1993
fear or weakness. Though of all the emotional out- appears to be the year the dynamic duo teamed up.
bursts there is nothing quite like seeing a sopping wet  Frank's Fashion Spot (brought to you by the folks
Scully laugh in Mulder's face. That I could stand more who care what Scully wears): We saw way more of
of. Casual!Scully than in most episodes. In fact she
There is one last great moment that I want to even wears (gasp!) jeans here. Though despite my
mention as I think it is one of the best indicators of the disdain for her work wear the pocket-T and leg-
Mulder/Scully connection ever on the show. While gings look works for her well.
Mulder is in the interview room with Billy Miles and  Is it just me or does Det. Miles really need to take
Scully stands hidden behind the mirror with her supe- his truck into the shop. It was so loud it sounded
riors they share a moment of intense eye contact which like a UFO. Oh... Well, at least Scully got to give that
should be impossible but they somehow still seem to Quantico training a workout when she saw him.
see and understand each other. “Special Agent Dana Scully, FBI. Drop your
weapon” while assuming the stance makes me
Random Musings laugh every time.
 I'm glad they lost the cheesy “The following story is  It is somehow fitting that Scully gets smacked on
inspired by actual documented accounts” after the the head for the first time here. Poor girl doesn't re-
first episode. Though it is very FOX “The World's alize it is a trend as she walks in a daze holding her
Scariest Alien Animal Car Chases II” style. left temple. Just to make sure the Scully cliche is
 Check out the gal at the front desk when Scully complete she manages to miss all the paranormal
checks in. She and a guy in the teaser are the origi- events due to her injury.
nal X-Files retreads. He is the dad in “The Calusari”  It also seems fitting that nosebleeds play such a part
and she appears in “Revelations” and here as they are a reoccurrence in the series, but I
“Unrequited”. have to say so far the Theresa Nemman's gusher has
 I've just got to say it, re watching this episode drove yet to be topped for volume and speed.
it home. Mulder and Scully need to wear their  It's not often that Mulder calls Scully “Doctor”, but
glasses more often. They are both almost unbear- he does it here twice.
ably cute in them.
The X-Files (Pilot) | 15

 Perhaps Duchovny, who we are told does not like of the test pilots and leads to the implication of possi-
sunflower seeds, got a little tired of chewing on ble experimentation on UFOs by the military.
them take after take. This might explain why, dur-
ing the exhuming of the casket, he is removing them Title Forensics
from his pocket, glancing at them, and then tossing “Deep Throat” was the name given to the source in the
them on the ground. Washington Post investigation of the Watergate scan-
 Watch the scene where Scully & Mulder exit the for- dal, revealed on May 31, 2005 to be former FBI asso-
est for the first time. Anderson isn't looking where ciate director W. Mark Felt. Deep Throat has since
she is going and runs right into the car. been used as a generic term or pseudonym for a secret
 The only performance that bugged me was Sarah inside informer or whistleblower.
Koskoff as Theresa. Her diner scene seemed straight
out of the William Shatner Pause For No Reason
book of acting. Autumn's Report
 Not only do we get our first 11:21 phone call, but “Just because I can't explain it doesn't mean I'm going to
they start that odd habit of just hanging up without believe they were UFOs.” “Unidentified Flying Objects. I
saying “bye”. think that fits the description pretty well. Tell me I'm
crazy.” “Mulder, you're crazy.”
“The answers are there, you just have to know where to
look.. And so it goes. Their roles as the skeptic and the be-
liever established in the pilot episode, “Deep Throat”
Kevin's Report proves to be a unique exploration of the early partner-
ship back when Mulder and Scully were still learning
In retrospect, the basic storyline of the series's debut
to alternately argue with and support each other prop-
episode was really not much more than a loose amal-
erly – discovering the rhythms of working together.
gamation of popular UFO lore, but the added conspir-
The Chris Carter written script is a particularly good
atorial element (Cancer Man, interestingly enough, ap-
one as it covers all the bases with an interesting story,
pears on the screen before Mulder ever does) and the
character building moments, the right amount of in-
solid, if surprisingly giddy, performances of David
trigue, and the introduction of the man who remains to
Duchovny and Gillian Anderson made it convincing
this day Mulder's most interesting informant, Deep
enough to reign in the fans – and to get FOX to order
Throat (expertly played by Jerry Hardin). Hardin
more episodes.
 paints a character who seems at once comfortably
friendly and dangerous, trustworthy and shadowy as
he even admits to serving his own “best interests”. He
2 Deep Throat leaves us curious and wanting more as Carter uses the
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Daniel Sackheim, Origi- character to further establish the shady government ac-
nal Broadcast: 09.17.1993, Production Code: 1X01 tivities that are an X-Files staple. Deep Throat book-
ends the show with a sense of danger for Mulder and
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, Scully beyond those posed by the crimes they are at-
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny tempting to solve or the FBI forces who are keeping
Guest Cast: Commanding Officer · John Cuthbert, tabs on their performance. There is something much
Paul Mossinger · Michael Bryan French, Lead Officer · bigger and more insidious at work here. The show's
Brian Furlong, Emil · Seth Green, Deep Throat · Jerry last line “Mr. Mulder, they've been here for a very long
Hardin, Mr McLennen · Doc Harris, Colonel Robert time” still resonates today.
Budahas · Andrew Johnston, Zoe · Lalaina Lindbjerg, The teaser is used to great effect to quickly gather
Colonel Kissell · Vince Metcalfe, Verla McLennen · us into the story. Director Daniel Sackheim and Editor
Sheila Moore, Ladonna · Monica Parker, Motel Manag- Stephen Mark push the pace with rushing cameras and
er · Michael Puttonen, Anita Budahas · Gabrielle Rose quick cuts building in intensity until they crash to a
stop on the nearly naked, rash covered, shivering Bu-
Case File Synopsis dahas. Back in DC our dear Dr. Scully sits drinking
bottled water at a bar waiting for her new partner.
Mulder and Scully head
Mulder shows his propensity for invading her person-
out to Ellens Air Base in
al space from the start – zooming in on her and offer-
Idaho, against the wishes
ing her a drink which by-the-book Scully (who is obvi-
of some very mysterious
ously still not very thrilled with her new partner or
and powerful people. The
assignment) declines. Mulder's first trip to the bath-
investigation begins with
room where he encounters Deep Throat proves dis-
the disappearance of one
16 | Season 1

tressing (imagine that) so much that it is he who is say- Random Musings

ing “I'm fine”.  So, Mulder and Scully see the UFOs at 9:13PM and
What I find most interesting about this episode is yet it is 5:02AM when they have the kids at Erik's
watching the struggles between the partners (“You be- Diner. What the heck were they doing all that time?
lieve it all don't you?” “Why wouldn't I?”). It's a bit jar- Oh, I know, they took the Oldsmobile by the all
ring to see Scully so much in opposition to Mulder in hours car glass repair shop (their slogan: “Busted by
this episode (even though she does come across as a strange light? We're open all night!”) to fix the
vaguely amused most of the time). If she mentions back window so it was good as new the next morn-
those damn fields reports once, she mentions them ing.
three times. However, behind all that, there is a repeat-  My favorite exchange in this one: “Mulder, did you
ed underlying concern about the bureau already hav- see their eyes? If I were that stoned...” “Ooooooo. If
ing it out for them and especially Mulder – her want- you were that stoned, what?” Believe me, I'd love to
ing to reel him in if only to make sure that he retains hear the answer to that one as much as Mulder
his job. Scully, still intensely naive (“You know the does.
government is not above the law”), is torn between be-  Frank's Fashion Spot: After watching the first
ing a partner and towing the company line to make episode the change in Scully's appearance here is a
sure their work doesn't read like a tabloid story. A bit shocking – especially as the opening shot at the
quick study, she has already learned that Fox “There's bar has Scully looking at her season one best: those
something I didn't tell you Scully” Mulder won't be glasses, new shorter, lighter hair, and a smart look-
sharing the whole truth with her – which is why she is ing suit. She even sports jewelry beyond her ear-
spending her evening in the microfilm library while rings and trademark cross in the form of a pin –
we get a rare glimpse of “Cooking With Mulder”. something rarely seen on the show. Also, it seems
We never really find out who is right in this that out heroes are pretty quick to slip out of their
episode. The Aurora project / defense secrets Scully work togs in these early episodes. Casual outfits are
Rational Explanation is just as plausible as the Mulder few and far between in the future. Mulder looks
UFO technology idea (more than likely, as usual, the downright grubby in the end – his shorts and
truth lies in a combination of their ideas) – though, sweatshirt full of holes.
whatever it is, their nosing around is not appreciated. I  Our Little Sailor: Scully once again swears as the
think the fact that there are no clear cut answers adds Men In Black's car cuts them off: “What the hell is....
to the testiness between the duo who continue to bait  Well, I've heard of stunt drivers, but in this episode
each other (“Sucker”) and argue. It's so fascinating to we even get a “stunt rider”. Check out the scene
watch this back and forth. One minute at each other's where the Men in Black cut off Mulder and Scully's
throats and the next thing you know Mulder is literally car. In the outside the car shots the passenger is
yanking Scully out of the car to share an enraptured clearly not Gillian Anderson. Not only does it not
moment as they view the UFOs (or lasers). Later, Scul- look anything like her but the hair is even the
ly cannot contain herself from practically laughing in wrong length.
Mulder's face over his fuzzy Roswell photos and as a  Mrs. Budahas tells us Verla McLennen's husband
result Ditching!Mulder makes his first X-Files appear- went “kind of crazy”. If making fishing lures out of
ance. There is this truly wonderful moment that just your own thinning hair is “kind of crazy” I'm
makes me laugh at that very first Scully “I've just been scared to think what she would call a lunatic.
ditched” realization. Poor dear, little does she know  I'm not quite sure why Scully is even bothering to
then how often that event will be repeated. carry around her weapon if she's going to leave the
One of the things I will always respect about clip empty. When her gun is taken from her and the
Chris Carter is that he gave us Action!Scully so very clip is extracted it looks woefully blank.
early on. Yes, the partners spend a lot of this episode  I'm really wondering when Mulder and Scully got
arguing, but she puts herself on the line at the end to any sleep during these events. While Scully (prov-
bring him home. Despite the fact that she has unfortu- ing her ability to sleep anywhere) dozes a bit in the
nately left her gun in her room, Scully (and isn't that car – well that is until the window blows out elicit-
“no gun – bummer” look precious) is allowed to prove ing a almost unheard of Scully scream – after that
her value as a partner and save the day. We find Mul- they appear to go without sleep.
der looking very much like he'd been through the spin  This episode is pre-Danny as Scully is forced to con-
cycle without a helmet. sult “Gail” on license plate issues.
 Also we are also pre-cell phone as Scully can't seem
to get a line out. Something tells me that when they
Deep Throat | 17

did start carrying them it was at Scully's insistence Autumn's Report

after being ditched a number of times. “In our investigations you
 Speaking of phones, it is pretty funny that while may not always agree with
none of the phones Scully tries seem to work you me, but at least you respect
can clearly see a guy on the pay phone behind her the journey.”
as she heads back to her room.
 Funny how much the special effects varied in this In watching this episode I
realized, once again, how
one. While the initial UFO siting by Mulder and
much I miss writers Mor-
Scully was not very thrilling, the stealth craft that
gan and Wong on the X-
Mulder sees was very effective.
Files. They had a gift for telling a story on so many lev-
 Both 1121 and 1013 find their way into this one. 11-
els and giving the characters layers that lazy writing
21-1948 as a birthday and case number DF101364.
often forgets. In “Squeeze” they not only set an initial
 So, why does Mulder run right down the middle of
high standard for all the Monster of the Week episodes
the runway when he could jump back into those tall
to come, but they managed to say some very important
weeds to hide himself.
things about the characters of Mulder and Scully and
 Exactly where is Scully as she type her final report.
their partnership in only the third episode of the series.
Not in Mulder's office. Not in the bullpen of other
I absolutely love the characters they draw here and the
agents we've seen her walk through before. Not at
way they mold the partnership early on. If only all
her home. Does she already rate her own office?
standalone episodes to follow had as much depth as
Somehow I doubt it.
what Morgan and Wong were able to give us and still
“Sucker!” deliver a creepy, scary episode we'd know much more
about Mulder and Scully than we do today after six
Kevin's Report years.
The first solid conspiracy episode, this one shows Mul- From a pure “X-File” perspective, “Squeeze” suc-
der and Scully investigating a pattern of bizarre behav- ceeds as a scary and interesting story. It is still a tape I
ior by military personnel near an Area 51-style base. drag out to show an X-Files novice what the show is all
The mysterious yet innocently enthusiastic tone set a about. Doug Hutchison manages to create a very
precedent for the best first season UFO episodes frightening character simply by doing little and letting
(among which this episode can count itself). It also our imaginations take control. Donal Logue as Tom
gains points for the wild-eyed teenage UFO “witness- Colton is one of my all time favorite “love to hate
es” in the woods that would become an X-Files staple. them” characters. I've often wished we would see Tom
 Colton sparring with Mulder and Scully again. Unfor-
tunately the only real FBI continuity we get from this
episode is the snarky Agent Fuller who later shows up
3 Squeeze in “Apocrypha”.
Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: Harry The special effects in “Squeeze” were simple yet
Longstreet, Original Broadcast: 09.24.1993, Production extremely effective. I liked the focus drawing leaching
Code: 1X02 out of all color except that of the victim, and though by
now we all know how it was done, there's something
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
about the way Tooms looked shooting out of that vent
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
at Scully's that still scares me. Sometimes it is the sim-
Guest Cast: Detective Frank Briggs · Henry Beckman, ple things that count, and a single shot of a face with
Detective Johnson · James Bell, Agent Kennedy · Gary glowing eyes in the gutter can be a lot more scary than
Hetherington, Eugene Victor Tooms · Doug Hutchi- a multi-million dollar lizard alien.
son, Thomas Werner · Paul Joyce, George Usher · Ter- However, what is most interesting to me in
ence Kelly, Agent Tom Colton · Donal Logue, Agent “Squeeze” is not the effects or the monster, but the
Fuller · Kevin McNulty, Agent Kramer · Rob Morton, character interplay. This is actually a landmark
Polygraph Technician · Colleen Winton episode for establishing Scully. We learn that she al-
ready has a reputation of sorts by default through her
Case File Synopsis dealings with Mulder – she's now known as “Mrs.
A gruesome murder without motive, clear MO, or Spooky”. This was still back in the days when she had
point of entry bears resemblance to an X-File killer. outside friends and was obviously liked and respected.
However, the X-File cases took place in 1933 and 1963. What a treat to seeing her dishing with a pal in an up-
Mulder and Scully attempt to track down and stop this scale eatery (even calling other people's cases X-Files
century old killer. when Mulder is not around), bothered by what others
18 | Season 1

might think the job she is starting to love really is. then, but in this case “Squeeze” deserves all the praise
Scully spends a lot of time in this episode clearly estab- it has received over the years. It is so much more than
lishing her place with Mulder. She defends him imme- a simple Monster of the Week.
diately as a “great agent” and is uncomfortable with
the mocking that is going on even as the other agents Random Musings
accept her. Later, when offered an out first by Colton  Date stamp (from Tooms' arrest report): July 23,
(“Tom, I can look out for myself”) and later by Mulder 1993. This was actually one of the initial timing
(which she playfully turns down) it is obvious she has brouhahas when we found if the Pilot date stamp
decided her role is with Mulder and the X-Files. One of were to be believed Mulder and Scully had been al-
my favorite Scully moments of all time is in this ready working together a year. Later it became ob-
episode when she first subtly threatens Colton for im- vious because of multiple references that either
peding their investigation and then, in classic Scully Scully was completely incapable of counting how
fashion, answers the “Whose side are you on?” ques- many years she and Mulder had been partnered or
tion with “The victim's”. That's a moment from the be- that the Pilot date was the problem and we should
ginning of the series that defined Scully's integrity for consider them partners since 1993, not 1992.
me. Another grand moment was when they find a  Most forgotten line from “Squeeze” by the 1013
creepy hole in the wall and no bones are made about staff: “You're down here too...”
Scully calmly tucking her gun in and going down first.  That George Usher really was a sad sack. How piti-
It was a case early on where the writers did something ful that his last moments were spent drinking old
special by NOT treating the woman character special. coffee out of a Baltimore Colts mug.
It's also fun to see how this episode deals with the  I always thought it was dorky the way that door
Mulder recognizing and establishing his partnership handle jumped up and down repeatedly during the
with Scully. We see the start of the interplay where teaser attack. It's like they were hard pressed to
Mulder tries to get a rise out of Scully (“do you think make it look like something was happening behind
I'm spooky?”) and she learns to steadfastly ignore this to door and so were just doing anything.
behavior. One of the most important moments, in my  As the coffee cup bleeds on to the floor we are treat-
opinion, is that first parking garage stake out. Mulder ed to a keen reflection of Usher. The odd thing is
shows up jeopardizing her stake out and offering that while there is blood splattered all over his of-
seeds for no other reason than to taunt Scully – tell her fice the only blood we see on the body is on his
she is wasting her time – that she is wrong. However, neck. That must have been pretty difficult ripping
it turns out she is indeed right. Her profile was 100% out his liver through his neck and managing to keep
correct and he admits it – more than once. I think that his shirt spotless.
having this string of events happen early on in the se-  Frank's Fashion Spot #1: It's tie wars in “Squeeze”
ries is critical because it teaches Mulder the Maverick between Mulder and Colton and Colton takes this
that he has to listen to Scully, that she too can be right. round. His oh-so-hip neckwear is a riot and he even
It helps establish a balance to the partnership and pro- matched his polka dot lunch tie with the diner seat-
vides the audience a reason to listen to the logical ex- ed behind him in the cafe – now THAT is coordina-
planations along with Mulder. There's a certain jazz to tion.
the two of them later when they puzzle the case out to-  I've often heard that the director of this episode,
gether. I especially like the scene where Scully comes Henry Longstreet, did a terrible job of not giving
into share what she found about Tooms excited to tell the editor many choices and undershooting stuff. If
Mulder. They are a team. this it true, they did a fabulous job of putting to-
By the end of the episode Mulder and Scully are gether the episode in editing. I was always sur-
firm in their partnership. While earlier Scully had the prised that what looks like a flubbed line by Gillian
respect of her peers now Colton refers to her as a good is kept in the final episode and perhaps this is the
agent in the past tense. She meanwhile continues to reason. When Scully is introducing Colton and Mul-
fight Colton on Mulder's behalf. During the Tooms der for the first time she starts to call Mulder “Tom”
struggle they apprehend him together. It isn't just a then stops and corrects herself.
case of “Mulder saves Scully” – she's putting up a  Frank's Fashion Spot #2: Scully fashion in this
good fight as well and even quickly cuffs Tooms' hand episode is all over the map and all over the color
before he attacks Mulder. The whole episode spoke of spectrum. While she looks very sharp in that gray
cooperation between these two – a wonderful dynamic suit she wears for the meeting and the lovely tan
to set the tone of the partnership early. double-breasted number, this is still the days of the
Sometimes I think we glorify the early seasons of mix and match wardrobe as well. We get the patri-
the X-Files because everything was fresh and new otic outfit: red slacks, white top, blue blazer and the
Squeeze | 19

dressing in the dark outfit: green jacket and blue  Mulder starts his long held tradition of shoving his
pants. Plus, they even have her in low heeled shoes fingers into any old foul smelling goo here. You
almost the whole time and keep playing with her would think the bile would have taught him a les-
hair. son.
 That clip of Scully typing up her profile at home is  In nitpicky trivia the building they use as an estab-
used at least twice more during the first season lishing shot for Scully's apartment is not the one
which is why it always seems very familiar. they settle on later on in the series (plus how nice
 Speaking of profiles this is one of the rare instances for Scully to find a spot right in front – I'm sure
where we see Scully preparing a profile, and in this parking in the DC area is a snap, right?). Well, her
case she absolutely nails it. Too bad we don't get apartment has undergone a lot of transformations
more of this in the series. over the years. I'm most sorry to see that lovely
 Our Little Sailor: “Mulder, what the hell are you do- window over the bed go.
ing here?.  It's awfully dark in DC at 7:25pm in July, especially
 I've always wondered why in the world Mulder as an early time stamp in the episode around the
was unarmed in that parking garage. I can only same time frame showed it as still bright out.
guess it was a writer's mistake before they found  Early Big Clunky White Cordless Phone Sighting. I
out FBI agents carry weapons off duty as well. don't know why I love that phone. I just do.
 I guess that lie detector test snafu sent Mulder and  Insert film that never made sense: close up of the
Scully looking for comfort food. She goes through wires and number 403 with the word “Scully” writ-
the scene following grasping a candy bar and he a ten. We are expected to believe that our phone
bag of seeds. cords are labeled by name in the box and some sort
 The whole “look at me I'm Scully's plot device neck- of odd coding system is used in which 403 some-
lace” grab by Mulder never really worked for me. It how means Apt 35. Whatever.
just seems a pretty intimate gesture to have a fairly  Frank's Fashion Spot #3: Guess this took place be-
new coworker of the opposite sex playing with a fore Scully started her odd black bras with white
bauble at your chest when you were just talking shirts habit. During the gratuitous Scully tummy
about him being territorial. scene she's actually wearing a white bra.
 I always thought it was cute that in the scene after  Dinner at the institution is a scary scary time. It
this we see Scully sucking on sunflower seeds along looks like Tooms is being served ranch beans, cream
with Mulder as they continue their investigation. corn, a biscuit, and a urine sample.
 There's also a nice early SRE in “Squeeze” when
“Then I can't wait until you fall off and land on your ass.”
Scully tries out her “anti-Waltons” explanation to
describe the time frame of the murders.
Kevin's Report
 I'm glad even Mulder realizes that Scully is going to
be head of the Bureau some day. My bet is it could A good and entertaining Monster of the Week
be a lot earlier than 2023 once they get this pesky (MOTW) episode that also showcased Mulder and
alien invasion thing out of the way. Scully continuing to settle into their initially awkward
 Speaking of timeframes, I just cannot swallow that partnership. This one has some great dialogue, includ-
ing a memorable tongue-in-cheek speech by Mulder
Frank Briggs is as old as the script insinuates. He
about “Reticulans”, as well as the thoroughly creepy
tells us he called it quits in 1968 after 45 years as a
Eugene Tooms as its villain.
cop. Given the episode takes place 25 years later
this would put him at over 90 years old. Sorry,
sticking a younger actor in a wheelchair does not
make them look 90. 4 Conduit
 I also find it amusing that Mulder and Scully have
Writers: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon, Director:
to come up some stairs to what appears to be the
Daniel Sackheim, Original Broadcast: 10.01.1993, Pro-
second floor to find room 103 and yet the hole in the
duction Code: 1X03
wall leads to the coal cellar. Is the lobby entrance for
the building at the coal cellar level as well? At least Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
their entry into apartment 103 has been forever Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
burned on our brains via the credits.
Guest Cast: Sioux City Sheriff · Michael Cavanaugh,
 Boy that Tooms has a seriously scary sense of “tro-
Section Chief Scott Blevins · Charles Cioffi, Ruby Mor-
phies” – he has an obvious taste for ugly knick-
ris · Taunya Dee, Pennsylvania Pub Bartender · Don
knacks: a snow globe, fan, pipe, etc. all share the
Gibb, Fourth Man · Anthony Harrison, Coroner ·
space with a miniature trophy cup.
Mauricio Mercado, Agent Leza Atsumi · Akiko Mori-
20 | Season 1

son, Tessa Sears · Shelley Owens, Kevin Morris · Joel Autumn's Report
Palmer, ME Worker · Glen Roald, Darlene Morris · “I have a date.” “Can you cancel?” “Unlike you Mulder, I
Carrie Snodgress, NSA Agent Holtzman · Don would like to have a life.” “I have a life.”
OK, I’ll admit it. “Jersey Devil” is a guilty pleasure of
mine. I know, I know there is much to dislike about
Case File Synopsis
this “east coast bigfoot” tale. However, in this one and
A woman who claims to
only time the X-Files decided to use that TV drama
have seen a UFO as a
standard B-story device (I can just imagine the TV
child has her teenage
Guide listing “Mulder tracks a bigfoot monster while
daughter disappear while
Scully goes on a date”), I found the Scully subplot
on a camping trip. The
much more intriguing than that downright silly
signs seem to indicate
moony-eyed Mulder “She was beautiful” stuff.
alien involvement. But
This little story takes place back in those light and
the key to solving the mystery may be the woman's
flirty early days of the partnership, back before
young son instead of the missing daughter.
tragedy after tragedy made our heroes into depressed
detectives, back before Scully discovered the bottom-
Kevin's Report less pocket trench coat (she carts around her briefcase
Another outstanding first season UFO episode finds or a purse here), back before Mulder really perfected
Mulder and Scully out in the woods with lost his ditch (he merely ignores her when she calls out
teenagers and trying to out-fox the government's “Where are you?”), back when Scully smiled and
smokescreen patrol again. We also get more explana- laughed when away from work and had an actual
tion of the background surrounding Mulder's sister friend who didn’t end up dead or threatened by the
and growing respect between the dynamic duo. episode’s end, back when Dana went on dates. When it
 sticks to the banter and the new dynamics of this part-
nership as they are being explored the episode is a de-
5 The Jersey Devil light. There is a playfulness as Mulder suggests they
take in a floor show and stay in Atlantic City and an
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Joe Napolitano, Origi- actual Scully pout as she whines about a three hour
nal Broadcast: 10.08.1993, Production Code: 1X04 drive by herself (even smacking the car for good mea-
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, sure).
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny Who would have thought that the issue of a date
or getting a life would turn out to have such an emo-
Guest Cast: Rob · Andrew Airlie, Dad · Bill Dow, Ellen
tional resonance in the X-Files as a whole. Like
· Tamsin Kelsey, Mom · Jayme Knox, Young Officer ·
“Squeeze” where Scully chooses Mulder over her other
David Lewis, Ranger Peter Brullet · Michael MacRae,
colleagues, here she chooses him and the X-Files over a
Jack · Hrothgar Mathews, SWAT Team Officer · D Neil
“normal” life. Mulder and his wacky world has al-
Mark, Second Officer · Sean O'Byrne, Dr Diamond ·
ready spoiled other “nice” guys for her. Despite get-
Gregory Sierra, Jersey Devil · Claire Stansfield, First
ting all prettied up in that lacy blouse and piled up
Officer · Scott Swanson, Glenna · Jill Teed, Detective
hair for Rob, the divorced tax accountant on a wife
Thompson · Wayne Tippit
hunt, she spends her time stifling yawns and feigning
interest while he bores her to tears. While Rob, obvi-
Case File Synopsis ously smitten, continues to look for a new piece to
The discovery of a canni- complete his family unit by inviting her to the beach
balised human body in (probably just for the swimsuit possibilities) or the cir-
New Jersey State Park cus, Scully glances furtively at her watch and does ev-
sends Mulder and Scully erything but say “Thank God!” when Mulder beeps in
to Atlantic City. Despite (beeps? Where the heck was her cell phone?) to save
obvious police cover ups, her. Personally, I’ve never really thought Mulder had a
Mulder continues his in- good enough reason to interrupt her evening out. I just
vestigation of what may be a missing link in human think he wanted to check up on her.
evolution. Meanwhile, Scully attends her godson's Then there is that birthday party scene. You know
birthday party, which leads to some reflection on her the one with Casual!Scully before she entered her
future social plans. sweater phase in that cute little vest giving out mater-
nal signals (how sad in retrospect) as she comforts her
godson. Where we find out that she has told her
The Jersey Devil | 21

friends that Mulder is cute, but she won’t pursue him,  In the “Mulder and porno” department we have
not because he is a jerk (as she is quick to correct her- our Agent deftly studying the centerfold of the
self on this point), not because he is her partner, but in- “Women in Film” edition of one of his favorite mag-
stead the ultimate reason she gives is that he is “ob- azines. Scully treats this with a somewhat amused
sessed with his work”. Gee, makes one wonder what reaction and that classic Scully line “Antigravity is
might happen if he were not. Say, for instance, he came right”.
over to her apartment one night with a bottle of wine  Mulder certainly does show his fascination with
and just wanted to talk and listen to her. Oh I guess we beasts with breasts here. If he isn’t staring at a cen-
do know what might happen. terfold he’s fixated on a crude bigfoot woman draw-
Wait! You say this episode was about a beast ing. Maybe that explains the end of “Jose Chung”...
woman? Oh yeah, I vaguely remember that. Though I  We get an episode time frame from the toe tag on
try to block that part out as it is often an example of the body which reads August 29, 1993.
Chris Carter’s writing at its absolute worst. I cringe for  I would be neglectful if I did not point out (as there
David Duchovny as he is forced to recite lines like are some out there who block these instances) that
“How close is she to you or me? Does she feel emo- Scully was the one who found this case and brought
tion?”. Gag me. I laugh out loud at that pathetic look- it to Mulder’s centerfold addled attention.
ing drawing Mulder keeps oh so earnestly waving in  OK, I have not been to Atlantic City so I may be
people’s faces as some sort of proof. I scoff at why the wrong here, but I find it pretty hard to believe that
local cop would send out a swat team to find Mulder what looks like the inner city slum section of the
instead of concentrating on the murders. This episode community would be located on the heavily wood-
even features that annoying heavy handed X-Files ed outskirts of town. Those places are almost al-
moral lesson of the police not caring about the deaths ways in the heart of the city.
of the homeless and the “dramatic” killing of the beast  That phone book page was too funny – every num-
woman while Mulder and Scully get that indignant ber had that lame TV 555 prefix.
look on their faces. Uggg. The only interesting thing in  I’d hate to see Mulder’s hotel bill after he hands the
all this was the juxtaposition of the territorial nature of keys to that street person. I’m guessing the room
humans discussed by Scully’s University of Maryland service and SpectraVision charges ought to be
professor with that of the territorial nature beginning something.
to form around Mulder and Scully’s relationship.  Why in the world did Mulder spend the whole
Thank goodness for the saving grace sub plot in this weekend in jail? He is arrested on a Friday night
story or I’d have to rank it among the worst. and yet he doesn’t call Scully until she is back at
work on Monday morning. Did he forget her home
Random Musings phone number.
 I knew from the moment that family started singing  The way Mulder was pigging out at that restaurant
that horrid “bingo” song that they were doomed. you’d think they didn’t feed him for his weekend in
 What is it “casual day” at the FBI? As Scully walks jail either. I’ve yet to figure out what in the heck he
through the bullpen in the opening there is a wom- is eating. Sometimes it looks like eggs, sometimes a
an wearing shorts. salad, sometimes tortilla chips, and in the shot
 The bullpen scenes are also a bit odd because it when they are leaving the mystery meal plate is still
makes it seem like it is right there with them down full and has fries on it and a side of toast.
in the basement and Scully has to walk through  I’ve always been impressed by that little
there to get to their office door. Then again what ex- Action!Scully stunt that Gillian pulls off. That com-
ists outside that office door has changed almost as bination tumble and gun pull looks pretty damn
many times as the doors in Scully’s apartment. good. In heels even.
Sometimes it is just a hall, sometime there are stairs  This episode also features some early John Bartley
right there, this time a bullpen. lighting coolness in that scene in the warehouse
 As this was back in the early days before the X-Files with the hazy blue light coming through the fan as
felt the need to subject the audience to gratuitous the beast woman takes a chunk out of Mulder so
gore we are only told about these gruesome mur- Scully can play Doctor.
ders (that and there is the added thrill of the guy  I’ll bet Scully longs for the days now where cover-
barfing in the forest after they find the body). ing for Mulder meant hiding the fact he’d gone out
 Speaking of which this may be the X-Files episode for a beer. You don’t get tossed in jail for that.
that features the most vomiting as we have not one,
“Keep that up Mulder and I’ll hurt you like that beast wom-
but two delightful instances (the other in the jail) of
folks making retching sounds.
22 | Season 1

Kevin's Report we saw was a Ben Franklin knickknack moving about

An otherwise mediocre MOTW is saved by some inter- three inches – oooo, creepy.
esting and at times amusing banter between Mulder That's the biggest problem with the episode – it
and Scully as she ditches one of his seemingly flimsy just wasn't scary. At all. I mean here we have a ghost
investigations in order to keep a dinner date. The who does things like spill coffee or tightens a bracelet.
“beast woman” monster is nothing special, however, Ho hum. Instead of scary, it was pretty tame fair, and
and the notion of Mulder finding her attractive was a not all that interesting. The feel good ending has al-
little too corny for my tastes. ways annoyed me as well. Gee, the case is solved, the
 girl is happy, and we end with our chatty heroes plan-
ning a site seeing trip together to “a big bell with a big
crack and you have to wait in a long line”. Oh no! The
6 Shadows coffee almost spills again. Whew! It was just a big
Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: truck! Thank God, or else we might have had to see
Michael Katleman, Original Broadcast: 10.22.1993, Mulder and Scully off to Omaha for more of this ex-
Production Code: 1X05 citement.
This episode also has two Scully moments that re-
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, ally really bother me. The first is the way – in keeping
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny with that annoying tradition started early on of always
Guest Cast: Ms Winn · Anna Ferguson, Pathologist · having Scully arrive seconds too late to see anything
Kelli Fox, Dr Ellen Bledsoe · Lorena Gale, Webster · paranormal – they have her miss out by actually being
Deryl Hayes, Groundskeeper · Tom Heaton, Jane Mor- stuck in the car unable to unfasten her seat belt. I can't
ris · Nora McLellan, Officer · Tom Pickett, Robert Dor- even begin to say how much that little bit irritates me
lund · Barry Primus, Ms Saunders · Veena Sood, Lau- as it just makes her look so incompetent. Easily the
ren Kyte · Lisa Waltz, Ms Lange · Janie Woods-Morris worst excuse ever for once again just missing some-
thing important. The next is the interview in which
Case File Synopsis Scully uses a rather manipulative technique of faux fe-
male bonding to get Lauren to cooperate. It just rings
When two very odd
false to me. Mulder isn't the only one left wondering
corpses appear in
“What are you doing Scully?” even though she ex-
Philadelphia, Mulder and
plains her reasons adequately.
Scully are requested to
Well, Mulder and Scully must be doing some-
take a look at them. The
thing right because they are already recognized by all
investigation turns up a
the shady organizations as being the ones to go to for
secretary whose employ-
“expertise in extraordinary phenomena”. Why they are
er recently committed suicide and a strange force
allowed to pursue the case, however, is beyond me un-
which seems to protect her.
less they take Blevins' recommendation of them as
tacet approval and things in the basement have been
Autumn's Report
real boring.
“You lied. You have seen it before, I can tell. You lied to
What does work in “Shadows” is the
them.” “I would never lie. I willfully participated in a cam-
Mulder/Scully interaction that Morgan and Wong
paign of misinformation.”
have always excelled at. The early Mulder and Scully
When I watched this the first time I kept thinking I'd are really starting to synch by this point and their back
somehow seen this before too. “Shadows” is what you and forth, such as the headache comparison after the
get when you cross X-Files with a Valerie Bertinelli great Taurus possession, are fun to watch. I especially
made for TV-movie. Heck, guest actress Lisa Waltz enjoy the little face Scully makes during this scene
even kinda looks like Bertinelli. While there have cer- when the car lights go out – she just hates that. We
tainly been worse episodes, this outing stands as Mor- have Scully already steeling herself against Mulder hu-
gan & Wong's weak link in season one. Rather than mor, ignoring him as he makes his Elvis quips and the
giving us much Mulder and Scully, “Shadows” focus- like to continue with her theories and rational explana-
es too much time on Lauren Kite and her problems tions. There is a wonderful moment when, after spout-
with Howard Graves the poltergeist – who is sort of ing off one such theory, Mulder says to her “You may
like Casper with a mean streak. Even the teaser, which be right” and it stops her cold as she answers “Wait.
I will admit did at least contain bodies, wasn't much of You think I'm right?”. That's one you have to laugh at.
a grabber. The only real paranormal or X-Fileish thing Poor Scully just doesn't get to hear that often. It's fun-
ny, how in hindsite banter like: “Hey Scully, do you
Shadows | 23

believe in an afterlife?” “I'd settle for a life in this one.” the heck the costumer was thinking putting Scully
can make the viewer a bit wistful these days. in that dark green suit with an orange blouse and
(ugh!) white hose. It looked more like a Halloween
Random Musings costume than anything else to me.
 There was an actual scene in here that we had seen  Scully asks Lauren “Have you seen this person be-
before. Apparently, not wanting to waste time actu- fore” pointing to what looks pretty much like an
ally filming Scully typing at her computer, they unrecognizable smudge on the photo. Yeah, right
reuse a scene from “Squeeze” – you can even see Scully. Maybe after about 6 shots of tequila you
the evidence photos from that episode on her desk. could recognize that blur as a person. Even more
Thankfully, the voice over was at least new materi- amazing, Lauren actually does.
al.  Speaking of Howard Graves and his photo appear-
 Why is it that people always ask “Do you want ances, one would think a ghost would at least ditch
some water?” when folks are upset? It's not like the suit and tie for more comfortable haunting togs.
you're crying because you're thirsty...  Our Little Sailor: This week's Scully swearing hap-
 I think this episode contains the last reference to pens as the car races backwards: “What the hell is
Section Chief Blevins until we see him at the end of going on?.
season four.  Boy, isn't Mulder hard at work when he gets Lau-
 I couldn't help but think when the corpse's arm ren's call. He's spending his time straightening pa-
moved “Hey Scully, at least it didn't blink at you.. per clips.
 One of the more equal opportunity scripts – the oth-  Mulder just can't seem to decide where he wants to
er investigative team had a male/female pairing as holster his gun. Sometimes he has it in the small of
did the thugs. back that Scully seems to favor and then next time
 Mulder was pretty darn sneaky pulling off that we see it at his right side.
glasses trick while Scully spent her time of so in-  For some reason I really find it funny when Scully
tently examining and reexamining, and, just to be barges through the door at the end and the first
sure, re-reexamining a corpse's arm. thing she does is straighten her hair before blurting
 I did enjoy the early appearance of Psychic!Scully as out “Oh my God” and sounding just a little like a
she can already sense when Mulder is lying. valley girl.
 Adding more fuel to the “Scully is a horror movie  This is the episode with the inside joke where
junkie” fire she references both “Carrie” and Howard Graves' parking space is about to be con-
“Poltergeist” in this episode. verted to one reading “Tom Braidwood”.
 I loved the look on Scully's face when, alone in the  The graveyard guy certainly was creepy – not only
elevator, Mulder puts his arm around her, draws did he sometimes sound a bit like he was trying a
her close, and then breathes hard – on his glasses. bad Peter Lorre impersonation – he also apparently
He really doesn't have any concept about personal memorizes how everyone in the graveyard died
space. and important personal facts about them.
 We get a date stamp on this one of 9/22/93 from
“They're here!”
the videotape at the ATM.
 Speaking of that tape, it also provides us with a
Kevin's Report
time flub for the episode. The legend with the kids
in the teaser reads that it is two hours later after This one is pretty much on automatic pilot; a suppos-
Lauren's attack, and the cop says he found the bod- edly suicidal corporate executive returns as a
ies about 10PM – so something doesn't jive with the poltergeist to nail his murderer and expose a terrorist
9:45PM time stamp the video shows. scheme. Other than a few good lines of dialogue,
 This episode does tell us another amazing thing there's nothing more here than standard ghost-story
about Scully – she has packing skills beyond any
mere mortal I've ever met. When they switch rent
cars the agents move their luggage from one vehicle
to the other and all Scully has is a single average 7 Ghost in the Machine
size duffle. Yet, throughout this little adventure she
Writers: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon, Director: Jer-
manages to wear at least five impeccably pressed
rold Freedman, Original Broadcast: 10.29.1993, Pro-
suits. As someone who travels a lot, I was quite im-
duction Code: 1X06
 Well, while we're talking about clothes why not Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
segue to “Frank's Fashion Spot”: I don't know what Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
24 | Season 1

Guest Cast: Agent Nancy Spiller · Gillian Barber, Man communicating with the COS. It just made the scene
In Suit · Marc Baur, Benjamin Drake · Tom Butler, even more silly.
Agent Jerry Lamana · Wayne Duvall, Sandwich Man · The more interesting part of this episode was not
Bill Finck, Deep Throat · Jerry Hardin, Brad Wilczek · the computer, but the whole ex-partner dynamic.
Rob LaBelle, Claude Peterson · Blu Mankuma, Clyde · When Jerry dies so does a lot of the story as we then
Theodore Thomas move to dopey jail house drama scenes where COS is
compared to the atom bomb (they did get the bomb
Case File Synopsis part right) and they plot the death of this thinking ma-
Following the electrocu- chine. Too bad Jerry had to take that elevator when he
tion of a computer com- did. There is this odd undercurrent at the start when
pany's CEO, Mulder's old Mulder is greeted by him with a hug and Mulder
partner asks for help keeps shooting Scully these looks like he's afraid of
with the case. With the how she might react to meeting an old partner of his.
advice of Deep Throat, Still, it tells us something about Mulder the way he re-
Mulder and Scully must acts to this guy who is so desperate he steals from his
stop the murderer, all the while fighting off the de- friend – he continues to help him and play along (I re-
fence department and the building itself. ally enjoyed his silly grinning reaction to “taught him
everything he knows”) despite the fact that it becomes
quickly obvious that when they were partners Jerry
Autumn's Report
was indeed just “tagging along”. Does he feel sorry for
“How come you two went your separate ways?” “I'm a
Jerry or is it affection that causes him to do this? It's
pain in the ass to work with.” “Seriously, Mulder.” “I'm
nice to see that Mulder is more evenly matched in the
not a pain in the ass?”
partner department these days.
Ah, Jerry Lamana, the original X-Files “red shirt”. This Scully's reactions to this whole thing are a bit
episode has the distinction of being the first of too more predictable. It's nice to see that she can recognize
many to kill off one of Mulder or Scully's ex-partners, Mulder's work already even when recited by another
ex-lovers, friends, mentors, family members, pets, lab agent (especially seeing as it was not one of his “out
assistants, fish, house plants... well, you get the pic- there” theories). When Jerry dies, she reacts in typical
ture. Turns out, it is even more dangerous to be Mul- sympathy to Mulder's loss but becomes concerned that
der's ex- partner than his current one. Maybe that's he is not dealing with it. She twice tries to drag him
why Scully sticks with him. away from the case – once by shutting off the monitor
“Ghost in the Machine” comes across like an in- and again by literally dragging him to the side to try to
teresting idea poorly executed. It was as if writers Gor- talk about Jerry – then carefully insinuates that a trip
don and Ganza knew they wanted to make this scary to the therapist might be a good idea. I'm sure this
computer story, but just didn't have the background or won't be the last time she thinks a shrink could do him
time to research to make it effective. The amazingly some good. Mulder's reaction to this is to take off and
modern COS computer comes off looking like a “2001” pursue the case on his own – yes folks, a ditch of sorts.
wannabe throwback to the 70s with silly blinking red Look how irritated he is when she finds him in the
lights and that strobe-like colored window that served middle of the night about to enter the building alone.
no purpose but to look somehow “cool”. It even has As usual, it's a good thing she showed up when she
that same annoying drone of a voice and when it begs did instead of him going on with his little lone wolf
“Brad, why?” all you have to do is insert “Dave” and plan.
you too can have the poor man's Kubrick flashback. I will say that I liked Agent Scully's introduction
There are too many technology mistakes in this to the wonderful world of duct work – ah the perils of
episode to even list them all, and even the human ele- being the little one when it comes to plan B: If the door
ment was stereotypical. That whole “scruffy” vs. is rigged, shove your partner in a vent. Good thing our
“neat” minds and the rich bespectacled techno- geek Scully is a good shot and doesn't go to pieces in a cri-
who looked like his millions could not buy him a comb sis. She survives unscathed, but not quite as perfectly
or a shave was just too much. We get the scruffy thing coifed as usual – instead looking every bit like some-
already, no need for stereotypes. When he whines in thing the cat drug in. From a character perspective,
jail about them making him wear shoes I just wanted there is an important moment here as she openly dis-
to smack his scruffy little head. I know it was for the obeys authority to side with Mulder despite threats to
audience, but it really bothered me when they had the hold her accountable. It is moments like this that
actor speaking his lines as he typed them as well when helped her quickly move from potential adversary to
trusted partner in the early shows.
Ghost in the Machine | 25

Random Musings  Gillian Barber makes her first appearance on the

 Yet another reason to stay out of the bathroom is show in this episode as the “Iron Maiden” – whose
Drake's murder, but seeing as though it is such a name even gets a chuckle out of Scully. She plays
fancy bathroom I can see how it was tempting to en- cancer victim “Penny” in later episodes.
ter. He does get to bust up that mirror in a rather  In the ever changing floorplan that is Scully's apart-
dramatic fashion though. ment, this week's incarnation has her having to go
 This episode also marked the use of one of Mulder's through her bathroom to get to her bedroom. Well,
informants in a non-mythology episode. In Deep it's just as interesting to see the total redo they obvi-
Throat's first reappearance we learn that not only ously did on Mulder's office which these days in no
have he and Mulder worked out an arrangement at way resembles what we saw here.
this point, but that he is obviously well placed with-  I liked the way they switched to a videotape like
in the Defense Department. look for showing us things from the camera's per-
 Looks like they used the same location for all the spective on the elevator. It was a nice touch.
outdoor shots no matter where they were supposed  I'm certainly glad Mulder has, for the most part, sig-
to be. You can see the same elevated rail in the nificantly cleaned up his desk for subsequent
background for all of them. episodes because in this one it was a total disaster
 Scully in her oh so practical pjs falls asleep reading even sporting old half eaten food.
a book in this episode. For those who are interested  I was reminded of that blonde joke about the white
it is “Obstacle Course” by J.F. Freedman. Sort of an out and the monitor when Scully takes a pen and
interesting choice as it is a coming of age story actually draws on a screen to make a point. You can
about a youthful foulmouthed sex obsessed teen even tell this was not the first take as there are other
boy in Annapolis who likes to sneak out to the circles visible to the left.
Naval Academy obstacle course. Somehow I figured  Frank's Fashion Spot: Sure it is late, but Scully
her more for the Patricia Cromwell type. I guess shows up at the Eurisko building looking much
there is a Navy tie in... more frumpy than usual in the odd combination of
 I've always thought Gillian Anderson does a good a suit with an untucked flannel looking shirt. Why
job capturing just the right amount of fuzziness in bother with the heels unless she's still smarting
her voice when she answers those late night phone from feeling so short when she had to take off her
calls. shoes at Brad's house.
 We learn both Scully's ID number (which is some-  Lucky those kids are in good shape – I'm surprised
how different from her badge number that she gives they aren't stumbling more after trucking up 29
later in the series) as well as her home phone num- floors in the middle of the night.
ber. ID: 2317-616. Phone: (202) 555-6431.  It's always interesting to look at the stuff on Mul-
 Speaking of the phone, the big question is why she der's office wall, but for the life of me I can't figure
has her computer on her main line when it is obvi- out what is paranormal about a tire track.
ous she has a second line that she uses to call out to  Fun moment: Mulder's “Open Sesame” as Scully
report the computer breaking in. practices ignoring him.
 Also, why didn't her phone ring the first time the
“I was gunnin' for a basement office with no heat or win-
COS system dialed her, but the bigger question is, dows”
of course, how in the hell COS can turn her monitor
on remotely. OK, OK, I'll stop with the computer
Kevin's Report
Definitely not one of the highlights of the series. Most
 The time stamps are screwed up on this episode.
of the MOTWs have avoided downright cheesiness,
Even though we know it is near Halloween from
but this one didn't. The goofy “computer goes mad”
the office pumpkin and Scully tells us verbally her
premise is, well, goofy, not to mention unoriginal:
field journal entry date is October 24, 1993 when
there were times I got the feeling that Duchovny and
COS accesses the file the date stamp is 9-16-93. It is
Anderson had somehow been edited into a bunch of
amusing that she keeps her little notes in c:\xfiles.
“2001” outtakes.
 I guess Scully has just gotten to the point where she
is discovering the wonderful world of her amazing
bottomless pockets as she can't seem to remember
what pocket she keeps her money in yet. She 8 Ice
must've accidentally checked the
Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: David
flashlight/badge/keys/pen/latex glove pocket
Nutter, Original Broadcast: 11.05.1993, Production
Code: 1X07
26 | Season 1

Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, out loud. Their emotional investment seems to hinge
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny on whether they are trusted by the other.
This is one of those rare X-Files episodes where
Guest Cast: Dr Hodge · Xander Berkeley, Dr Nancy
paranoia causes our heroes to let emotions ride close to
DaSilva · Felicity Huffman, Dr Denny Murphy · Steve
the surface throughout. Even before they head off to
Hytner, John Richter · Ken Kirzinger, Bear · Jeff Kober,
the Icy Cape, Scully is visibly shaken by what she sees
Campbell · Sonny Surowiec
in the video (ah, for those good old unjaded days be-
fore horror was an every day occurrence). At least she
Case File Synopsis hasn’t lost her wits by this and is able to offer a quick
When the Arctic Ice Core SRE (Scully Rational Explanation) in the form of severe
Project's final transmis- isolation disorder. Even though Mulder is uninfected
sion is a crazed scientist we rarely see him this agitated without some outside
saying 'We are not who we influence (or at least something to do with Samantha).
are', Mulder and Scully The characters spend their time jumping at the slight-
become part of an inves- est thing and arguing forcefully. To have Mulder and
tigative team sent to the Scully actually yelling at each other about their alter-
Alaskan site. Upon arrival, they discover that the un- nate theories loud enough for people in another room
earthing of an unearthly parasite could spell trouble to hear illustrates just how oppressive the atmosphere
for them as well. at Ice Station Worm has become. When Hodge con-
fronts them about the argument and Scully’s stress lev-
Autumn's Report el we just know things are bad because Scully says
“Scully, for God’s sake it’s me!” “Mulder you may not be “Yes, I’m fine”. Never a good sign.
who you are.” Still, despite the arguing and stress, Mulder and
Scully remain a team as they try to connect in a friend-
“Ice” is an X-Files episode with a lot of texture. On the
ly manner before heading off to bed. Even as the big
surface it can be (and has been) compared to the horror
show down escalates after Murphy’s body is found,
classic “The Thing”, but this episode is so much more
Scully is initially defending him. It is only when he
than that obvious reference. Writers Morgan and
starts waving his gun around that she draws hers in
Wong with the able help and tight – almost claustro-
one of the great scenes in this episode. The pain in
phobic – direction of David Nutter deliver a landmark
their faces as they find themselves pointing their guns
journey into the paranoid from the first season. “Ice”
at each other is a real testament to what Duchovny and
touches on many themes that have become X-Files sta-
Anderson can bring to an emotionally charged scene.
ples (trust, paranoia, isolation and partnership) all
They continue to deliver the goods later in a scene
wrapped up into a tense and edgy package. These
thick with unspoken emotions as they intently whisper
themes are all first presented in the particularly cool
their conversation: “Now I don’t trust them. I want to
teaser that sets a creepy tone by witnessing a foreshad-
trust you”. “OK, but now they’re not here.” As Scully
owing standoff between partners that ends with a dou-
and checks Mulder’s neck for signs of illness relief
ble suicide as a last gasp of humanity. This picture is
washes over her until he surprises her by grabbing her
referenced in both worried fantasies “If we don’t kill it
and performing the same check. This is a wonderful
now we run the risk of becoming Richter and Camp-
scene in the history of their partnership and ends with
bell with guns to our heads” and in reality later as
them emerging as a united front.
Mulder and Scully pull their guns on each other for the
Mark Snow contributes heavily to “Ice” with an
first time. Little did we know at the time that this
echoing bubbly score that adds to and focuses the ten-
would not be such a rare occurrence.
sion nicely. John Bartley shows his talents again in the
“Ice” has always been a favorite episode of mine
dark and the shadows and the glowing red lights of
because it is the first to really delve into the most val-
the emergency lighting. The special effects are simple
ued prize in the X-Files universe – Trust. It is some-
yet very effective. After all, the monster here is really
thing that will be revisited again and again to the point
the effect of the circumstances on those involved more
that a breakdown of trust between the continually iso-
than some alien meal worms.
lated team of Mulder and Scully has become the
In they “we’ll let these things slide” department
show’s biggest threat. In the X-Files it is not the word
we are never quite sure why the spooky patrol draws
“love” that has all the power. In fact, despite the fact
this assignment in the first place – there is no paranor-
that Mulder and Scully do obviously love each other
mal indicator on the tape, just an obviously unbal-
(setting aside the debate as to whether that love is pla-
anced person. Maybe Mulder is correct in his assess-
tonic or romantic at its root), they don’t use that word
ment that they are either considered by this point
Ice | 27

brilliant or expendable. I also enjoy imagining just how mouths (like say it was in the Florida based “Hum-
much slice and dice Dr. Scully had to do on the bodies bug”).
to find these worms if they were located deep in the  I don’t see what good that little identification for-
brain as she suggests – and how a dog passes a brain mality did at the beginning as the ID Da Silva flash-
worm in it’s stool is an alien medical mystery. While I es has no picture on it. Well, at least we learned that
generally liked the supporting performances in this even Mulder and Scully’s parkas have that built in
episode I did find Felicity Huffman’s Da Silva a bit too inside badge pocket.
over the top at times (even for someone who was  Maybe it is just that I am a football fan, but I’ve al-
worm infected). Her exaggerated breathing when Scul- ways enjoyed the character bits they gave Murphy.
ly surprises her and especially that wild squealing That “Fouts is God” line cracks me up every time.
frenzy at the end I could have done without. However,  Action!Scully works on her flying tackles for this
the biggest issue about this episode has always been episode. The first time she’s successful as little old
trying to figure out how in the hell Da Silva was infect- Scully brings down Bear after Mulder is bonked on
ed. The only indication I have ever seen is the fact that the head by a stool jar of all things. The second time
we see her coughing as that worm that is pulled out of when she tries to stop Da Silva she hits nothing but
Bear releases its black poison. Other than that your floor. Ouch.
guess is as good as mine.  I’m a bit surprised that Hodge survived this trip to
the arctic. After all he did say “No you’re wrong.
Random Musings It’s impossible.” to Scully about one of her autopsies
 Ye olde wall thermometer in the teaser reads -34 de- which is usually as good as signing your own death
grees Celsius which by my math is really really cold warrant and wearing a red shirt on this show. At
and yet they are running around without their least she gets to put a real huffy look on her face
shirts on. I certainly hope it reflects outside temper- about the accusation. Like Scully would be wrong
ature. about an autopsy. She’s wrong about some things,
 Fashion Watch: While Scully in retrospect always but they usually don’t have to do with her work as
looks a bit frumpy at the start of season one she is a doctor. Plus, I can’t for the life of me figure out
wearing one of her smarter suits when we first see why they are wasting their time arguing about am-
her here. This is also a big episode for Mulder/Scul- monium hydroxide when they should be talking
ly casual wear with Mulder sporting a sweater lay- about that bug in the blood.
ered over shirts and Scully alternately in a black  Scully shows us she can be a quick tempered little
body suit top or white tank top under an oversize sailor’s daughter here when she jumps on Hodge
flannel shirt. The casual wear – or rather lack of with “What the hell are you trying to say?.
heels on her part – really does accentuate the height  Ever wonder if Mulder was jealous that it was Scul-
difference between the dynamic duo here no matter ly that got the room with the scantily clad hot rod
how high she tries to tie that silly pony tail. babes adorning the walls? Scully didn’t seem to be
 Date stamp: The transmission date for Richter’s call enjoying the room at all sitting there barricaded in
was November 5, 1993 and Mulder says they are the corner...
there “a couple of days” later.  Those microscopes were pretty cool. Every time
 Where in the world are Mulder & Scully watching someone looked through them the magnification
that video? Apparently this was before the days magically changed. Sometimes it was 100, some-
that the X-Files office merited its own VCR setup so times 200, others 300. All without adjustment.
they are relegated to a classroom featuring wanted
“Leave it there.”
posters and a map of West Virginia. It is filled with
enough equipment for Mulder to rip a page off a
printer for no particular reason.
Kevin's Report
 For the most part Mulder’s advice to “bring your Another of several outstanding scripts by Morgan and
mittens” was a bit premature. The Vancouver Wong, this one moves along with the pacing and
weather doesn’t do them any favors here as Nome thrills of a Hollywood action thriller as Mulder and
Alaska, despite the fact that Mulder and Scully are Scully hunt down an aggression-inducing parasite at
swimming in parkas, comes off as a beautiful, clear, an Arctic drilling site. The strength of their partnership
warm place with no trace of snow in mid Novem- faces (and passes) a serious test when each suspects
ber. (Thank God they had that one blizzard stock that the parasite has infected the other.
shot for the Icy Cape). The end is good for a laugh 
as we watch the actors rubbing their hands to ward
off the cold and yet no breath is visible from their
28 | Season 1

Somewhere in this mess we find out that Belt has

9 Space been haunted by something that looks just like that sil-
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: William Graham, Origi- ly Mars face since a long ago space walk. Apparently
nal Broadcast: 11.12.1993, Production Code: 1X08 the thing makes him try to sabotage the space program
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, over the years while twisting around on his face at
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny night. Oh, and I forgot, every once in a while it leaves
his body to fly up into space or around deserted roads.
Guest Cast: Young Scientist · David Cameron, Now there’s a compelling ghost story. It’s kind of an
Paramedic · Paul DesRoches, Second Controller · Alf alien haunting with ultra cheesy effects (I won’t call
Humphreys, Lieutenant Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt them special effects as they were far from special).
· Ed Lauter, Databank Scientist · Tyronne L'hirondelle, So, the majority of the episode consists of these
Scientist · Tom McBeath, Mission Controller · Terry boring sequences in mission control where stock
David Mulligan, Michelle Generoo · Susanna Thomp- NASA footage is shown, something goes wrong with
son, Preacher · French Tickner, Skye Leikin · Norma the shuttle, stock NASA footage is shown, the shuttle
Wick commander make brave jokes, stock NASA footage is
shown, Mulder and Scully stand around looking tense,
Case File Synopsis more footage, clocks tick, Mulder explains some NASA
After a space shuttle thing to Scully, footage, Belt looks guilty while Gen-
launch is aborted and ev- eroo looks tense and says “OTC this is Houston” like a
idence of some bizarre million times, and then after more footage everyone
sabotage is found, a claps as the shuttle is once again saved. (It should be
NASA worker asks Mul- noted that these celebration moments do include an X-
der and Scully to take a Files rarity – not only does Scully smile she even
look around. Meanwhile, laughs in relief). Believe it or not this sequence of
the former astronaut who is in charge of the mission is events takes place not once, but twice. As if the first
apparently haunted by something he encountered dur- time was not exciting enough.
ing a spacewalk on a previous mission. Even the detective work in this one is laughable it
is so implausible. First of all Ms. Generoo shows up in
Autumn's Report DC acting all cloak and dagger saying “according to
“You never wanted to be an astronaut when you were a kid the person who gave me your names you have some
Scully?” “I guess I missed that phase.” expertise in unexplained phenomena”. So, I guess after
just a short period of time Mulder and Scully have
“Space” is an episode with a special distinction for me. even gained a following down at Johnson Space Center
While I obviously love the X-Files, I can also recognize so much that they are sought out. Also, the fact that
that along with the great, good, and OK episodes there she had to go to these lengths when she had clear evi-
occasionally emerges a sad clunker or two. Some are dence of a problem is ridiculous. I should come clean
even astoundingly bad. Everyone has a “worst X-Files here and let you all know that not only did I live in
episode ever” entry. “Space” is mine. If I may quote Houston for nine years, I spent a lot of time at Johnson
the character of Michelle Generoo: “It was grotesque. I Space Center when I was there. There are plenty of
don’t know what it was.” I think it is fitting that this other avenues she could have taken to get action given
episode was written by Chris Carter himself as I find her position at NASA – especially after the Challenger
him to be one of the more uneven writers on staff. His accident – that would have got that mission seriously
highs are tremendous moments celebrated by X-Philes investigated. Instead we get that stereotypical weak fe-
everywhere. His lows are often a wordy and confusing male “my boyfriend is on the shuttle” explanation.
mish- mash, or in this case Mars-mush. So, when they actually get to NASA we find that
In the X-Files the teaser is an important moment. no one there sends more than one computer dweeb to
It is meant to grab the audience’s attention and involve investigate a major shuttle telemetry problem until
them immediately in the story. This one tends to in- they arrive? Right. Thank God they were there. But
duce you to sleep. A news report from the 70s com- wait, it gets better. In under four hours our amazing
plete with scary 70s newsgirl clothes talking to then Lt. heroes manage to run back up to a Houston high rise
Col. Belt about the Viking Orbiter taking pictures of apartment to find Belt and return him to JSC – yet
something that looked like a face on Mars. Belt scoffs, they still have time to go through a NASA library look-
takes home a black and white photo of the darn thing, ing through what are described as tens of thousands of
has an incredibly unconvincing looking nightmare and documents with Scully finding the needle in a
then the ceiling above his bed turns into the face and haystack proving Belt knew about the problems while
lands on him. Whatever.
Space | 29

Mulder single-handedly solves the seven year old lets Mulder do that silly finger “focus your pain –
Challenger mystery. Are they smart or what! It’s no right here” thing at a risk to Belt’s health. Belt was-
wonder everyone at mission control listened and n’t the only one whose pain was focused by this
obeyed Mulder when he rushed down telling them point.
how to solve their shuttle problem.  It’s no wonder Mulder has dropped his gun so of-
Things get really annoying at the very end where ten. Here, while Scully holds hers muzzle up in two
Mulder, after reading the non-existent “Houston Dai- hands he walks around with it loose and pointing
ly”, decides that Belt was some sort of hero who gave every which way in one hand.
his life rather than a psycho who was responsible for  Fashion Watch: It may have been dull to sit
one of the worst space program disasters ever. Oh through, but at least Scully got to wear her rather
yeah, the Mars ghost made him do it. fetching red suit even if she also brought along a
Despite being so bad I have to commend Ander- purple trench coat.
son and Duchovny for not phoning in their perfor-  Poor disillusioned Mulder having to watch Belt lie
mances – maybe as it was so early in the life of the X- to the press. Scully says “So much for your boyhood
Files it was not the temptation it can be these days hero” which really means “Here Mulder let me rub
when confronted with a weak script. There were actu- some salt in your wounds..
ally some fun moments between them. My favorite  I certainly got a chuckle out of the NASA file names
moment of this episode is that initial cart ride through that kept scrolling by during the great computer
JSC where Mulder is talking about a conspiracy to search with names like WEIGHTLESS.DOC.
deny evidence of alien civilizations and Scully answers
“Yeah, it ranks right up there with getting a pony and
with a sarcastic “Oh, of course”. The rest of the time
learning to braid my own hair.”
we have Mulder skipping like a school boy down the
halls of NASA as he fulfills his boyhood fantasies, pon-
tificating about the space program or acting star struck
Kevin's Report
while Scully asks the questions of Belt (who gives her The X-Files has occasionally been a little skimpy on the
ultra corny answers like the shuttle coming back “like explanations of its various paranormal phenomena.
winged victory herself”). Still, we know we're in trouble when astronauts see an
apparition outside the Space Shuttle and the best we
Random Musings get is “some kind of ghost”. This episode bounces back
 This is one of the few episodes that features Scully and forth between boring scenes at NASA Mission
munching on sunflower seeds too. As she turns Control, Space Shuttle stock footage (Ed Wood, where
when approached by Ms. Generoo on the steps you are you?), and encounters with the “ghost” that border
can see her chewing along with Mulder. on nonsensical. One real snoozer of an episode, espe-
 Well they obviously wanted to make sure we just cially considering the hint of the conspiracy element,
knew we were at NASA as it is plastered all over ev- which normally spices up an otherwise mediocre ef-
erything they see. fort.
 I know this is even more nitpicky than usual for me
(if you can possibly believe it), but hey, as I said, I
used to live in Houston. It is apparent that Carter 10 Fallen Angel
has absolutely no idea how NASA and Houston are
Writers: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon, Director: Lar-
actually laid out. NASA JSC is actually about 40
ry Shaw, Original Broadcast: 11.19.1993, Production
minutes south of the city in Clear Lake (even
Code: 1X09
though the JSC land itself is owned by Houston).
Mulder and Scully would have either been staying Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
at the hotels across the street or in Houston itself so Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
all these “We’ve got to get back to Houston” plead-
Guest Cast: Colonel Calvin Henderson · Marshall Bell,
ings just don’t make sense. Plus, it is major streets
Max Fenig · Scott Bellis, Section Chief Joseph McGrath
and highway all the way from Houston to Clear
· Frederick Coffin, Deep Throat · Jerry Hardin, Dr Op-
Lake – no odd little deserted roads where Mars
penheim · William MacDonald, Laura Dalton · Jane
faces can run you down.
MacDougall, Lieutenant Fraser · Tony Pantages, Gina
 Dr. Scully wasn’t much of a factor in this episode.
Watkins · Sheila Paterson, Mrs Wright · Freda Perry,
Her attempts to help Michelle after the crash com-
Lieutenant Griffin · Michael Rogers, Deputy Sheriff Ja-
prised of half hearted pulse taking and hair swip-
son Wright · Alvin Sanders, Corporal Taylor · Brent
ing. Later, when Belt collapses, Mulder asks for a
Stait, Karen Koretz · Kimberly Unger
Doctor when she is standing right there. Plus she
30 | Season 1

Case File Synopsis Autumn's Report

Mulder is tipped off by “She is me and I am her and
Deep Throat about a gov- we are all together.”
ernment cover-up of a
From a pure entertainment
UFO crash site. He is not
perspective, I always liked
the only one interested,
“Eve” – thought it was a
as he discovers a fellow
good solid episode. How-
UFO enthusiast whose
ever, it wasn't until I sat
appearance seems rather coincidental. And so, the mil-
down to look at it from a
itary tries to keep Mulder away while trying to bring a
critical standpoint that I re-
certain other being in. But when he is discovered, Mul-
alized I was wrong. It's not
der's position in the FBI is jeopardised.
a good episode. It's a great one. “Eve” is a Monster-of-
the- Week episode that could give others lessons. Not
Kevin's Report only is it one of the better written episodes on the
Mulder sneaks onto a UFO crash site and quickly runs show (from what appear to be non- staffers) with
afoul of the military while an invisible alien attacks the enough twists and turns to keep anyone guessing,
soldiers and Scully tries to keep Mulder out of trouble from a technical perspective Director Fred Gerber (in
with the FBI brass. Yet another outstanding conspiracy sadly his only X-Files episode) fills the episode with in-
episode, helped in no small part by the instantly like- teresting shots that make it a unique pleasure to watch.
able Max Fenig, a UFO fanatic who has been following In addition to this, add some great supporting perfor-
Mulder's work. Tight suspense, memorable wisecracks mances and Mulder/Scully fun and what you have is a
from Mulder, and an excellent ending in which the highly successful outing.
ever-enigmatic Deep Throat intervenes, for ambiguous The thing I think I like the most about “Eve” is
reasons, to keep the X-Files alive. that it doesn't tip its hand as to what exactly is going
 on until late in the episode. We aren't shown the
“monster” in this tightly written episode so we are
guessing and discovering along with Mulder and Scul-
11 Eve ly with enough red herrings thrown in to make it a
Writers: Kenneth Biller & Chris Brancato, Director: wild ride. The creepy teaser had me thinking “Hmm..
Fred Gerber, Original Broadcast: 12.10.1993, Produc- vampires”, but then we have Mulder and his cattle
tion Code: 1X10 mutilation UFO theories. From that we move onto Sal-
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, ly Kendrick and the whole “Litchfield experiment”
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny thing – the plot becoming thicker by the moment, and
it isn't until near the very end that the truth in all its
Guest Cast: Hunter · Garry Davey, Donna Watkins · glory is revealed. Of course, I should point out for you
Tina Gilbertson, Deep Throat · Jerry Hardin, Dr Sally folks that never notice these moments, that while Mul-
Kendrick/Eve 6,7,8 · Harriet Harris, Second Guard · der was cockily offering one weird theory after anoth-
Maria Herrera, Waitress · Janet Hodgkinson, Ted er involving everything from cut off cow genitals to
Watkins · David Kirby, Cindy Reardon · Erika red lightening, it was Scully who first said “I was be-
Krievens, Teena Simmons · Sabrina Krievens, Officer · ginning to suspect the girls” to which Mulder, in his
Robert Lewis, First Guard · Joe Maffei, Ellen Reardon · infinite wisdom, replies “No, no no no..
Tasha Simms, Detective · Gordon Tipple, Dr Katz · I want to mention a few choices made by Gerber
George Touliatos, Ms Wells · Christine Upright-Letain in the way this was filmed that, for me, really en-
hanced the episode. When Mulder and Scully first en-
Case File Synopsis ter the home where Teena is staying the camera gradu-
Mulder and Scully check out the curious murder of a ally pulls back to reveal we've been watching them
man in Connecticut. When they discover that another through a round window on the door as they then
man in California was killed simultaneously in the watch Teena. The whole first scene in the Reardon's
same manner, the uncanny resemblance of the two back yard is one long tracking shot that follows Mul-
men's daughters seems more than coincidental. So, der and Scully around and around the swing set as
when the first child disappears, the two decide to keep they discuss the case. Actually, this director used a lot
an eye on the remaining child. What they find isn't of long shots rather than quick back and forth cuts I'm
alien, but rather something much more familiar. sure making the episode a challenging one to film
from a technical perspective. Then there is the mirror
shot as we get to watch Mulder and Scully watching
Eve | 31

Dr. Kendrick's infomercial-like pitch for invitro fertil- Random Musings

ization on the television, and, my personal favorite of  The date stamp on the pathologist's report Scully is
the episode, the look at Scully through the pipes as she reading about the first death is Nov. 07/93.
tracks the girls in the parking lot. All in all a visually  This is really one of my favorite teasers – the grey
appealing episode. From an editing and score perspec- skies, seemingly shocked little girl clutching the ted-
tive there is one moment that I find just haunting as dy bear and that last “Daddy?”. Wonderful.
we cut from Mulder and Deep Throat's conversation to  Ah, the first Lariat bumper sticker. A tradition is
a voice over that takes us up to their arrival at the lock- born.
up where Eve is located. Something about watching  Frank's Fashion Spot: I have to say that I adore
Mulder and Scully with Jerry Hardin's perfect delivery those matching red outfits they dressed the twins
over one of Mark Snow's many inspired moments sets in. They really added another devilish edge to them.
the mood for what is to come.  When Mulder and Scully visit with Mrs. Reardon,
And what is to come is one of those stellar sup- Cindy is watching a cartoon, but soon changes the
porting performances that we have come to expect on station to CNN where she becomes ever so ab-
this show. Harriet Harris in multiple roles – well sort sorbed in the story – no wonder – it was all bout the
of multiple roles – is at her frenzied best as a straight- signing of a juvenile crime bill and punishment for
jacketed wild eyed Eve with a penchant for biting with juvenile killers.
her snapping yellowed teeth. This character is one that  Mulder and Scully in a nutshell: “One girl was just
stays with you as she captures the insane genius with a abducted.” “Kidnapped.” “Poh-tay-toe Poh-tah-
masterful performance (complete with a great death toe..
scene) I always remember as one of my favorites on  I've got to say I really miss the slide shows. Seems
the show. I don't know if the deadpan nature of Erika we hardly get them anymore.
and Sabrina Krievins as the murderous twins comes  I always enjoy the Scully scowl. Check out the look
from lack of acting experience or the fact that they on her face after Mulder shoots down this SRE:
were just really good. Whatever it was it worked. Their “Well, there is the random possibility that two peo-
calm, matter of fact nature as they discuss exsanguina- ple can have an unrelated likeness” with this re-
tion, family deaths, or plot murder with just an edge of sponse: “Who both just happened to see their fa-
glee made them all the more frightening. thers exsanguinated. I'd like to get the odds on that
By the time “Eve” rolled around first season the in Vegas.” She just hates it when he does that.
partnership had really come into its own. Mulder and  Why in the world does Dr. Scully need that simplis-
Scully have at this point learned how to work together tic lesson on invitro fertilization? Even I knew that
and work together well. From their gentle technique as stuff.
they interview the children (“That's a nice bunny  So how exactly does this contacting Deep Throat on
Teena” always cracks me up for some reason), to the the road thing work? Does he call back after Scully
genuinely perplexed look they share when Cindy has left the room or does two clicks on the phone
opens the door, to Scully knowing just when to step in mean ditch your partner and head for the nearest
to try to smooth things over as Mulder pushes Mrs. body of water? I've always found it interesting that
Reardon too hard. You have to smile as Mulder later Mulder's contacts are so nervous about Scully –
rushes Scully out of his room much to her suspicion. Deep Throat says “Are you certain she hasn't fol-
Frankly, I'm surprised she bought the movie excuse lowed you?” – even if Mulder trusts her it is appar-
given the way he tenaciously pursues a case. It seems a ent they don't. I'm sure she's just thrilled to hear
bit silly that he'd be taking a time out from work to about these little clandestine meetings as well as he
catch a SpectraVision special. There is a real comfort in rushes her off to pursue some new angle.
their interaction now, making the trip to the truck stop  I was kind of surprised to see Scully taken down so
for caffeine look like Ma and Pa taking the little ones easily by that shove on the stairs – there was no left
on a road trip complete with “Dad” letting his daugh- temple contact even – she's had much worse. Maybe
ter pay for the drinks. The highlight was the confused that's why Scully seems to stress that she has excep-
look Scully gives Mulder as he gallantly tells her he tional strength for her size.
“just wanted to open the car door” after he'd told her  Why does one blast through a glass door instead of
earlier “What's a girl?”. simply opening it? To make as much noise as possi-
The X-Files often ends on a note that leaves things ble when you are trying to get away.
open to further possibilities. This is one case where I  When they reach the holding cell for Eve Mulder
would heartily welcome a sequel. “We're just little has to unbuckle his belt to get his holster off –
girls” – indeed. which is probably why Scully opts to hand hers
over unholstered.
32 | Season 1

“Mulder, why would alien beings travel light years to Earth work up to a “dramatic” conclusion where the hero
in order to play Doctor on cattle?” must face his fire demons.
While the script attempts at some dynamic be-
Kevin's Report tween Phoebe and Mulder, on screen it is Scully that is
A truly chilling hour of television has Mulder and sending subtle flames her way. From the moment she
Scully investigating the deaths of two men, three thou- emerges from the car none too thrilled with the little
sand miles apart, whose daughters are literally identi- tape game – barely managing to put on a phoney smile
cal 8-year-old girls. The villains (whose identity I won't at the mention of her name – and meows “Hello” we
give away) are themselves very creepy, and the added know Phoebe's “she hates me” assessment is not too
element of government genetic experimentation makes far off. The cattiness continues with Phoebe clearly on
this one probably the best non-UFO conspiracy the prowl, pretty much ignoring or dismissing Scully
episode. every chance she gets. Though you've got to love that
 “Oh, goodbye” and falsely sweet wave in response
from Scully. It's always a delight to see Jealous!Scully
in action as she combats her adversaries by attacking
12 Fire her job with a vengeance. Anderson, once again, gives
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Larry Shaw, Original us great face work as she paces restlessly in the hall-
Broadcast: 12.17.1993, Production Code: 1X11 way while Mulder and Phoebe engage in a listless kiss.
One has to enjoy the moment when she literally
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
bounds out of nowhere as soon as she has sufficient
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
reason to break up Tuxedo!Mulder's little party.
Guest Cast: Woman In Bar · Lynda Boyd, Agent Beat- So, while the game may be afoot for Sherlock, it is
ty · Duncan Fraser, Jimmy Marsden · Christopher Watson that quietly observes and does all the work
Gray, Driver · Phil Hayes, Sir Malcolm Marsden · Dan here. While Mulder muses about youthful indiscre-
Lett, Michael Marsden · Keegan MacIntosh, Mrs Mars- tions he lets Phoebe distract him from properly doing
den · Laurie Paton, Inspector Phoebe Green · Amanda his job. Duchovny's Mulder just seems adrift here, un-
Pays, Grey-Haired Man · Alan Robertson, Bob/Cecil able to make a stand of any kind and more interested
L'Ively · Mark Sheppard in bouncing on a bed than solving a case, and, as he's
unable to generate any excitement with co-star Pays,
Case File Synopsis the audience is left to wonder why. While Mulder's off
An old flame of Mulder's proclaiming how he's “just not used to someone so
tries to enlist his aid to quick to agree” with him, Scully, despite his waving
protect a visiting Parlia- her help off, starts snooping around and does all the
ment member and lights necessary leg work to solve the case by tracking down
a small spark of jealousy Cecil L'ively. It has a lot more to do with proving a
in Scully. Mulder must point than her own edification as she claims. She cer-
overcome his fear of fire tainly enjoys slowly dragging out the information with
to take on the hot-headed pyrokinetic serial killer. “You at all interested in what I came all the way up
here to show you?” when she finally gets a chance to
Autumn's Report tell him.
The actual fire moments themselves varied in suc-
“Doesn't look like your arsonist is going to make an appear-
cess. I've always liked L'ively's finger snap lighting of
ance.” “That doesn't mean there won't be any fires to put
the hall and the bar burning, but I think that has a lot
to do with Mark Sheppard's jazzed performance – he
I'm sort of ambivalent about this first season outing be- was able to move from false almost childlike kindness
cause despite all the fire there really wasn't much of a to looney tunes fireboy with a delightful flair. The oth-
spark. If this was an attempt on behalf of the show to er flame ups didn't always work – seemingly inserted
find out if Duchovny could generate the same heat he just to make Mulder struggle – especially that scene in
does with Anderson given any other actress to work the bedroom where everyone stands huddled in a
off of – in this case Amanda Pays – this chemistry ex- burning room and expects Mulder to somehow put out
periment certainly yielded obvious results -it blows up the fires with a towel.
with a resounding no. The old flame game script This episode just never seemed to live up to it's
penned by Chris Carter, despite a few moments, is promise. It started with a bang, giving us an enjoyable
mostly smoke. Mulder is given a plot device handicap moment as Mulder and Scully engage in friendly ban-
in his incredible fear of fire (despite the fact that this is ter and chuckle over the benefits of monster hunting
never, ever touched on again in the series) in order to
Fire | 33

before turning tense with growing unease as they fret  Boy for a fancy hotel the bell staff there sucks. All
about the possible bomb – Scully even gasping with the bellman does is hand him his bag – what about
fear when the door is opened. Despite her marvelous hanging it up or setting it on the bed? I even usually
entrance, this episode fizzled for me as it and Phoebe get asked if I want a bucket of ice.
became more and more predictable.  That phone call from Scully sure did straighten
Mulder right up out of his bed bouncing ways –
Random Musings there's your bucket of ice pal.
 Scully's got an odd sense of timing in this one al-  I guess that old rule about never taking the elevator
ways arriving at just the right moment – maybe it in a fire doesn't apply to you if you're the one who
has something to do with her watch that has it's starts it.
digital display set to 4:22 while the hands read 5:05.  It cracks me up when the firemen unceremoniously
If it were 9 minutes difference it would make sense dump Mulder and take off yelling to Scully “Miss,
in a twisted way... can you take over?” Maybe that's the X-File – psy-
 Well, not to be ones to waste perfectly good old chic firemen who know Scully's a doctor just by
footage of Scully typing, the editors introduce the looking at her – not this whole fire thing. It's a good
same scene for the third time in the season at the thing she rushes right over to him because no one
episode's end. Initially seen in “Squeeze” and else cares.
shamelessly reused in “Shadows” it appears here  I know it kills some people that Scully always seems
again – this time with a new exciting twist – they to be undressing Mulder off screen. This time Mul-
run it backwards. Sure. Fine. Whatever. der wakes up half naked and prances around in
 L'ively really did get burned but good in the end – front of Scully until Phoebe gets there – then he
and just to prove how bad his burns were Chris cinches his robe up.
Carter made up a whole new classification for burns  Just how long was Mulder out anyway? He wakes
– fifth and sixth degree. up the next day and by the time he gets just down
 You know, it's not often that Scully gets to be the the cape it's almost night again.
one to make any sexual innuendo, and for that rea-  No cell service on the cape? Yeah right.
son her sly “Oh, is that what you were extending?”  This time we get Mulder's version of “I'm fine” as
response to Mulder's “I was merely extending her a he mopes about after catching Phoebe in a clinch
professional courtesy.” remains one of my favorite and answers Scully's queries as to what is the mat-
Scullyisms. ter with “nothing”. It's a good thing these kids trust
 Speaking of sexual innuendo, Agent Beatty needs to each other or they'd do nothing but lie to one anoth-
get out of the arson lab more often as he was practi- er.
cally drooling over his version of “hot” photos as
“Mulder, you just keep unfolding like a flower.”
well as any woman who walked in. I thought the
mention of spontaneous combustion was a little too
exciting for him.
Kevin's Report
 Frank's Fashion Spot: This episode is notable for in- Scotland Yard Inspector Phoebe Green, an old girl-
troducing into X-Files mythology the famous Mul- friend of Mulder's from Oxford, shows up to ask for
der black boxers. his and Scully's help when a pyrokinetic murderer
 Here they have rented this lovely home with all the seems to be stalking members of the British Parlia-
modern kitchen appliances (I even spotted one of ment. The Mulder/Scully/Green interaction is inter-
those scalding water taps you usually only see in esting, as is Mulder's phobia about fire, but other than
hotels) and yet the stove requires a lighter? Right. that, the episode is a little too much standard horror
 It seems the bartender must've confused EverClear shtick to be anything special.
with some sort of cleaner and mopped the bar
down with it because that thing went up in flames
 Well, as Mulder is “cursed with a photographic
13 Beyond the Sea
Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: David
memory” one thing is certain – it didn't come from
Nutter, Original Broadcast: 01.07.1994, Production
his mother's side of the family.
Code: 1X12
 It cracks me up when Phoebe tells Mulder “we must
be careful and discreet”. Yeah right, she's the poster Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
child for discretion and they do a bang-up job of Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
keeping the family safe as they waltz around mak-
Guest Cast: Nurse · Katherynn Chisholm, Captain
ing goo-goo eyes as the hotel burns.
William Scully · Don Davis, Luther Lee Boggs · Brad
34 | Season 1

Dourif, Agent Thomas · Fred Henderson, Lucas Jack- room attempting to conjure up the vision of her father,
son Henry · Lawrence King, Margaret Scully · Sheila and her beliefs and fears echoing throughout her en-
Larken, Paramedic · Randy Lee, Warden Joseph Cash · counters with Boggs.
Don MacKay, ER Doctor · Len Rose, Elizabeth Hawley For we character junkies this episode holds a rare
· Lisa Vultaggio, James Summers · Chad Willett looks into the Scully family dynamic and what makes
Dana Scully the woman she is today. While, by all ap-
Case File Synopsis pearances, she shares a warm relationship with her
After Scully's father pass- family (esp. when compared to Mulder's) the first
es away, her scepticism is scene in this episode is one of my favorites of the series
tested by a prisoner on for all the things it doesn't say. Mrs. Scully egging
death row who claims Capt. Scully on to ask about Dana's work and her set-
that by using recently tling for “Yup, it's good” when you can see from the
gained psychic powers, subtle uncertainty that plays across her face that she
he can help catch a kid- wants to say so much more. At the funeral while her
napper. And without Mulder's guidance, she must de- family grieves around her she selfishly only focuses on
cide for herself whether or not the man's visions are one thing – was her father proud of her – as if only
truth or a by-product of her grief. through this knowledge will she gain the closure she
needs to grieve his loss. The thought that he did not
approve of the job she so loves gnaws at her.
Autumn's Report
This is also one of our very first glimpses of De-
“I thought that you'd be pleased that I'd opened myself to
nial!Scully. She surprisingly opens with a joke and a
extreme possibilities”.
false front of calm when she first sees Mulder – her
Pleased is an huge understatement. I'm sure it will way of saying “I'm fine” right from the start. Of course
come as no surprise that this is one of my favorite she actually does utter what would become the Scully
episodes of the X-Files. It is a shining early example of trademark denial phrase soon afterwards when Mul-
how spectacularly good the X-Files could be when ev- der asks “How are you Dana?”, but then she immedi-
erything and everyone clicks together. It is also an ear- ately changes the subject back to work. As we've seen
ly indication of just how great an actress Gillian An- since Scully buries herself in work when she is suffer-
derson is. When Scully was given center stage for the ing – even she says “I need to work”. There is an inter-
first time on the show she stepped up and hit this one esting balance between Scully and Boggs (the wonder-
clear out of the ballpark. I marvel at her performance ful Brad Dourif). While we witness the pain Scully is
more and more with repeated viewing. With the death suffering in her face she does not cry. Her tears are
of her father and undercurrents of family and loss continually choked back and denied. Boggs, on the
throughout, Anderson play's Scully's emotions unchar- other hand, spends almost the entire episode in tears.
acteristically close to the surface. We always see them Every speech he gives is punctuated with tears spilling
there flitting underneath. There is a certain childlike down his face as he emotes his own fears and channels
feel to Scully in this episode from when we first see her others. Dourif's performance is out there and risky,
looking almost impossibly young, the dutiful daugh- and we are rewarded as he captures this man in a
ter, to her covering her ears as a little girl would and stunning portrayal. His face contorts in such a manner
yelling “No I do not believe you” through her last “He that we can actually see the full cheeked blush of Don
was my father”. Is it any wonder that Boggs chooses a Davis when Boggs channels Scully's father.
childhood memory of sneaking cigarettes to convince If I have a problem with this otherwise stellar
her. episode it lies in the confusing way that Mulder is
If there is one scene that makes this episode for written. I have always enjoyed the episodes where
me it is the breathtaking delivery Anderson gives as Scully believes, but I also find Mulder's sudden about
Scully confronts Boggs after Mulder is shot. Watching face puzzling. He has lines like “Dana, open yourself
her move from barely restrained anger to a red faced up to extreme possibilities only when they are the
yell of rage I find it impossible not to let out a whoop truth” – uh, gee thanks for that tip Mulder. It is inter-
of my own. Moments of such perfection in acting are a esting to note that at these times in the series that Mul-
rare and wonderful thing. The journey of Scully's be- der does not believe – he is always wrong. The confu-
liefs is fascinating to watch – her stunned look at the sion stems from the flip flopping Mulder does on the
news of her father's death after the vision (our first topic. He spends most of the episode alternating be-
glimpse at Psychic!Scully), her internal tug of war tween being Mulder at his most sensitive (wonderfully
about looking at the X-File on encounters with the and affectionately played by Duchovny) and berating
dead, our skeptical Scully sitting resolutely in her hotel the weakened Scully for believing. However, at the
Beyond the Sea | 35

episode's end he has now apparently changed his  Surely Boggs can come up with a better meal than
mind and is after Scully with “Dana, after all you've fried chicken, peas, potatoes, pie and beer for his
seen, after all the evidence, why can't you believe?” last. He orders it twice. Boy must love his chicken.
Why after spending the whole episode telling her not  I think those twin leopard bloused old ladies in the
to believe this does Mulder suddenly gets after her for hall that Boggs walks down are one of the scariest
NOT believing Boggs? It's only when ultra rational things in this episode.
Scully kicks back in and offers up her SRE (Scully Ra-  This episode features one of the now famous Scully
tional Explanation) about how Boggs could have shoulder shots. If she doesn't kill you she's sure to
known about her father that he changes his tune. Make make your shoulder sore.
up your mind pal.  I'm sure that other agent in the raid appreciated
Scully yelling “go” to warn Lucas enough to smack
Random Musings him with a bucket.
 No one can accuse Scully of not being in the Christ-  For those of you tracking porno and Mulder refer-
mas spirit – her apartment has more decorations ences this episode gives us Scully referencing Mul-
than Macy's at Thanksgiving. der's penchant for “Adult Video News”.
 Another reason to be thankful for this episode – the
“I'm afraid. I'm afraid to believe.”
first appearance of the talented Sheila Larken as
Mrs. Scully.
 What a frightening Ron Popeil infomercial. For
Kevin's Report
$39.92 you too can buy enough spray paint to cover Scully plays the believer and Mulder the skeptic as
your bald spot for a month. Something tells me this Luther Lee Boggs, a death row inmate whom Mulder
treatment would run Skinner slightly more as once profiled, claims to have received information
“Time may vary depending on the frequency of use about a recent kidnapping through psychic transmis-
or size of area to be covered”. sion. To complicate matters, he offers Scully a chance
 This is one of those episodes that adds to the great to communicate with her recently deceased father. The
mystery of Scully's apartment. Although the layout character development is interesting (as in many Mor-
has remained basically the same, over the years gan & Wong scripts) and the X-File makes for a pretty
weird things make it difficult to get a handle on. For good story as well, the only flaw being the visually
instance, in this episode, Apt. 35 has what looks like confusing way in which Boggs's “channeling” is por-
not one, but two outside doors across from each trayed.
other off her kitchen and yet in later seasons we al- 
ways see Scully entering through an inside hallway
door off her living room. If she has changed apart-
ments then the windows and fireplace are exactly
14 GenderBender
Writers: Larry Barber & Paul Barber, Director: Rob
the same – maybe that's what she looks for in an
Bowman, Original Broadcast: 01.21.1994, Production
Code: 1X13
 Mulder's filing system must be screwy if the “V”
files for “Visionary Encounters w/ the Dead” is in Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
the first top drawer. Still Scully finds the file right Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Guest Cast: Second Agent · Doug Abrahams, Brother
 It appears as if the whole family sans Melissa is at
Wilton · Paul Batten, Tall Man · Grai Carrington, First
the funeral. That little blond headed nephew of
Agent · Lesley Ewen, Sister Abigail · Michele Goodger,
Scully's gives her the evil eye in this scene – I bet
Brother Andrew · Brent Hinkley, Michael · Nicholas
he's the one that makes her watch Babe ad nause-
Lea, Detective Morton · Mitchell Kosterman, Pretty
Woman · Aundrea MacDonald, Officer · Tony Morelli,
 The Carolinian newspaper article entitled “Gas
Brother Martin · Peter Stebbings, Husband · John R
chamber tested for Boggs' execution” is written by a
Taylor, Brother Oakley · David Thomson, Sister Martin
“G. Morgan”.
· Kate Twa
 This is actually one of the few episodes where you
can see the small of back holster Scully prefers
when she attends to Liz as Mulder is shot.
Case File Synopsis
 Dana, Dana, Dana. It seems it takes some big trau- A series of sexually related killings confound the two
ma for Mulder to drag out Scully's first name. Her agents who aren't certain if the murderer is male or fe-
surprise at hearing it mirrors ours – it just sounds male. The clues lead them to a small Amish-like com-
odd after “Scully” all this time. munity called the Kindred in Massachusetts who are
more puzzling than the serial killer.
36 | Season 1

Title Forensics Kevin's Report

“Gender bender” is an in- The X-Files does its take on the typical cop show
formal term used to refer hostage scenario as Scully's ex-boyfriend is possessed
to a person who actively by the spirit of a dead criminal and takes her prisoner.
transgresses, or "bends," Generally well-executed, but the premise doesn't re-
expected gender roles. veal much of anything new about Scully.

Kevin's Report
An interesting premise – serial sex-related murders 16 Young at Heart
lead Mulder and Scully to an isolated religious com- Writers: Chris Carter & Scott Kaufer, Director: Michael
munity with a paranormal secret – is only partly real- Lange, Original Broadcast: 02.11.1994, Production
ized as the episode leaves a lot of questions unan- Code: 1X15
swered and seems to pull an ending out of its hat. Still,
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
the original idea and the scenes in which the two
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
agents visit the community's compound make this a
pretty good stand-alone episode. Guest Cast: Progeria Victim · Courtney Arciaga,
 Young John Barnett · Alan Boyce, Smoking Man ·
William B Davis, Computer Tech · Robin Douglas,
Agent Henderson · Christine Estabrook, Prosecuting
15 Lazarus Attorney · Merrilyn Gann, Deep Throat · Jerry Hardin,
Writers: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon, Director: Doctor at NIH · Graham Jarvis, Dr Joe Ridley · Robin
David Nutter, Original Broadcast: 02.04.1994, Produc- Mossley, Older John Barnett · David Petersen, Joe
tion Code: 1X14 Crandall · Gordon Tipple, Agent Reggie Purdue · Dick
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, Anthony Williams
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Case File Synopsis
Guest Cast: Special Agent Jack Willis · Christopher
A criminal captured by a
Allport, Clean-Cut Man · Alexander Boynton, Profes-
younger, fresh-from-the-
sor Varnes · Jay Brazeau, First Doctor · Lisa Bunting,
academy Fox Mulder
Reporter · Brenda Crichlow, Agent Bruskin · Jackson
seems to be making good
Davies, Technician · Robyn Driscoll, Officer Daniels ·
on his promise of
Russell Hamilton, O'Dell · Peter Kelamis, Thomas
vengeance against the
Phillips · Callum Keith Rennie, Second Doctor · Mark
agent. Now an older, wis-
Saunders, Warren James Dupre · Jason Schombing,
er Mulder must attempt to find this elusive stalker
Lula Phillips · Cec Verrell
who may not be wiser... or older.

Case File Synopsis

Kevin's Report
During a trap set for a
A supposedly dead convict, who happened to have
bank robber, a fellow
been Mulder's first case with the FBI, turns out to be
agent and friend of Scul-
alive after all and comes back for revenge. The first
ly's is shot by the crimi-
half-hour, in which Mulder relives some unpleasant
nal, whom Scully shoots
memories and deals with his now-marginal status
in turn. While the agent
within the Bureau, is moderately engaging, but the
is brought back from ap-
script is weakened by Mulder's seeming lack of con-
parent death, he takes on the persona of the dead crim-
cern over the danger to Scully and the awkward tie-in
inal whom he has chased for nearly a year. Scully
to government conspiracies.
sticks with him during his 'trauma', but Mulder be-
lieves that he is not who he is.

Title Forensics 17 E.B.E.

According to Christian mythology, Lazarus has been Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director:
raised from the dead by Jesus Christ. William Graham, Original Broadcast: 02.18.1994, Pro-
duction Code: 1X16
E.B.E. | 37

Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, Case File Synopsis
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny The inexplicable deaths
Guest Cast: Frohike · Tom Braidwood, Langly · Dean of several people at the
Haglund, Deep Throat · Jerry Hardin, Byers · Bruce hands of a faith healer
Harwood, Ranheim/Frank Druce · Peter Lacroix, send Mulder and Scully
Chief Rivers · Allan Lysell into the Bible belt. The
deaths have shaken the
Case File Synopsis miracle worker's faith in
his gift, but not before Mulder experiences some of the
After a downed UFO crash-
boy's power.
es near Iraqi airspace, an
unmarked truck carrying
its occupant is assailed in Autumn's Report
Tennessee, causing multi- “I was raised a Catholic. I have a certain familiarity with the
ple UFO sightings. Drawn scripture, and God never lets the devil steal the show.”
by the event, Mulder and The X-Files plays their religion card in a significant
Scully find themselves manner for the first time in the Gordon and Carter
tracking the trailer, with penned “Miracle Man” with mixed results. While be-
the help and hindrance of ing careful not to offend, the script skitters randomly
Deep Throat. between the profound and the self-indulgent (as is of-
ten the case when Carter explores religion). For in-
Title Forensics stance, while I find this early episode refreshing in the
In the context of the episode, “E.B.E.” stands for “Ex- fact that they did not feel so hamstrung to clearly de-
traterrestrial Biological Entity”. lineate between themes in the mythology episodes and
the monster of the week variety (thus allowing for
more continuity), the inclusion of the visions of Mul-
Kevin's Report der's sister just seemed so heavy handed and out of
One of the best and most mysterious mythology place. I'd have much rather kept in the conversations
episodes finds the agents chasing one and possibly about Samantha between the two men and ditched the
two red herrings as Deep Throat double-crosses Mul- overly dramatic Mulder visions of her – especially that
der. Intricate plotting and well-written detective work last one which was a groaner complete with bad “look-
by Mulder and Scully, not to mention the introduction ing for miracles” dialogue. I think they also falter in
of the Lone Gunmen, provide a nice set-up for the out- their attempt to obfuscate whether or not Samuel was
standing finale in which Mulder risks his life to learn indeed divine by tossing in a glowing risen from the
the truth and Deep Throat reveals his reasons for help- dead apparition instead of something more subtle
ing Mulder. which could have been more easily mistaken for
Vance's guilty conscience.
One of the things I most enjoyed about this
18 Miracle Man episode (especially in retrospect) was the dichotomy
between Samuel's and Scully's faith. The defining mo-
Writers: Chris Carter & Howard Gordon, Director:
ment for me was the exchange “God has given me a
Michael Lange, Original Broadcast: 03.18.1994, Pro-
special gift”/“Did he buy you all that jewelry too?” be-
duction Code: 1X17
tween the two of them. Indeed, Samuel's faith is based
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, on pride. He hides stigmata amongst the gold adorn-
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny ing his hands. Even when he is convinced that God is
punishing him he reacts in a self indulgent manner
Guest Cast: Samuel Hartley · Scott Bairstow, Beatrice
complete with drinking and fighting and the unwaver-
Salinger · Lisa Ann Beley, Lillian Daniels · Iris Quinn
ing knowledge that he is once again RIGHT in his
Bernard, Sheriff Maurice Daniels · RD Call, Margaret
proclamation that he has been wrong. Scott Bairstow
Hohman · Chilton Crane, Young Samuel Hartley ·
did a fabulous job of bringing a real depth of pain to
Alex Doduk, Deputy Dennis Tyson · Roger Haskett,
Samuel and convinces us that right or wrong he be-
Reverend Calvin Hartley · George Gerdes, Hohman's
lieves everything he says with a fierce conviction. Scul-
Father · Campbell Lane, Leonard Vance · Dennis Lip-
ly, on the other hand, has always approached her faith
scomb, Judge Hamish Purdy · Walter Marsh, Fire
with an internal strength but a questioning and hum-
Chief · Howard Storey
ble nature when faced with spiritual crisis. She sincere-
38 | Season 1

ly tells us that she does not doubt the power of God, perspective, I was less than impressed mostly because
but does doubt the veracity of the claims of this it became so obvious that all the tent scenes on the
messed up messenger. I like the idea that she has three different days were shot at the same time. Close-
enough faith to wonder if she is wrong about things, ups of the same extras sitting in the same places wear-
while Samuel proclaims to always know the truth even ing the same clothes were used for different revival
when he is wrong. We also see in this early version of meetings and you can even clearly see the woman who
Scully all the markers of the compassion we are famil- later dies sitting in the front row at an earlier prayer
iar with, from handling the crowd of mourners with meeting. In combination with the fact that they did not
respect, to convincing the grieving parents to allow an even bother to change Rev. Hartley's costume (he has a
autopsy, to kindly acknowledging the Reverend's loss. car for every day of the week complete with cheesy
As far as the other supporting performers were plates like “B HEALD” and only two suits?) either of
concerned, I was less impressed. I found R.D. Call's the three times made for an episode that looked like it
Sheriff to be rather one note – it seemed every time the was skimping on the production budget.
camera lingered on his face he had the same expres- If you can get past the Carter/Gordon three ring
sion struggling to get out. George Gerdes as the Rev. revival, what saves this episode, and makes it one I do
Hartley went to the stereotypical southern preacher enjoy re-watching are the subtleties of character. As for
well too often for me with his drawled out the overdone parts, I'll just explain that as a “trick of
“Gaaaawwwwwddd” or “Heeeeaaaaalll” and was bet- the devil”.
ter in the quieter moments. I imagine acting under
those dark glasses and makeup was a challenge for Random Musings
Dennis Lipscomb as Leonard Vance, but by the time  Retread Alert: They were not retreads when it first
we got to his dramatic death scene I just found it comi- aired, but “Miracle Man” may hold the distinction
cal. of being the episode with the most actors reused lat-
There was a real freshness to the interplay be- er. Almost all of the players with smaller parts are
tween Mulder and Scully in this episode that gave seen again. The hardest one I had placing was the
their interactions depth. It's nice to see them without man who played Judge Hamish Purdy (what a
the weight of years of disagreements when they name!) who shows up again in “Unruhe”. You'll
played and parlayed off each other's ideas and theo- find re-watching this episode like a who's who of
ries. The ease with which Scully introduces and Mul- Vancouver players.
der jumps on the case mixed nicely with the irreverent  Date Stamp: From Scully's autopsy 11:21pm on
humor Mulder always tossed at her early on. These March 7, 1994.
were the days when Scully would even crack a sly  The episode takes place in “Kenwood, Tennessee”
smile at Mulder's comments or come back with a joke and “Kenwood County”. While there is a Kenwood
of her own. I especially liked the scene at the motel in the Clarksville area, it is in Montgomery County.
where they discussed the case obviously rejuvenated  I especially enjoyed the fact that during a shot of the
rather than discouraged by the opposing ideas – each courthouse where you could read “DeKalb County
building off the other, conceding points and question- Courthouse” (which is in Tennessee) they subtitled
ing. I miss that type of interaction between them. it “Kenwood County Courthouse”.
There is also a pervading kindness in their interaction.  That woman in the video looked more like she was
Scully clearly is uncomfortable with Samuel playing suffering from tragically three tone hair rather than
the sister card with Mulder and it's effect on him, and a tumor. She would have been better off letting Miss
when she brings this up to Mulder it is in one of those Clairol “heal” her affliction.
delightful and intense whispered conversations over  If Samuel had indeed been healing people in this
the power of suggestion. Duchovny and Anderson ex- way for ten years as the episode suggests, I think
pertly reel the audience into this moment as only they he'd have a much bigger congregation and people
can, leaving us as interested in their chemistry as what coming from a bit further than “pen-see-cola” Flori-
they are actually saying. da to witness the “Miracle Ministry”. Maybe even
>From a technical standpoint this episode had its his own “Heal Along With Hartley Hour” on TV.
ups and downs. Director Michael Lange conspired  Well, in the tie war competition sadly Mulder once
with the always wonderful John Bartley to give us a again loses even though a few of his choices did
few cool atmospheric shots. Most notable were the make it seem like he dresses in the dark. The Rev.
graveyard scene where the candle vigil emerges from Hartley and his passion for pink and purple was
the fog, the shadowed crucifixion beating in the jail, much more frightening.
and the slightly slow-mo shot of the badly burnt hand  “Come as you are... leave as you always wanted to
grasping young Samuel's in the teaser. From an editing be.” I hardly think that those people always wanted
Miracle Man | 39

to be adorned in those hideous Miracle Ministry  The notion that Mulder travels with a picture of
trinkets. The baseball caps were just plain ugly and Samantha by his bed is another example of where
the T-shirts were the cheap transfer variety. It's ob- this episode went too far for a point.
vious we are leading up to...  One of my favorite playful moments: Mulder and
 Frank's Fashion Spot: it's hit and miss in Scullywear Scully investigate the courthouse. Scully asks what
in this early episode. Scully, firmly in her hair flip they are looking for to which Mulder replies
phase, looks fetching in her tan double breasted suit “Clues”. Take a look at the sarcasm on her face as
(well she almost always looks fetching in a double she mocks surprise before they cut away inexplica-
breasted suit), but strikes out with what I like to call bly for a shot of Mulder's back.
her “Halloween outfit” of the orange top and black
“Apparently miracles don't come cheap.”
suit. Here's a hint: orange shirt + red hair = scary for
everyone. She also wears that long black vest with
the wide-collared-big-buttoned shirt underneath for
Kevin's Report
I believe the first time this episode. Pity it was not Mulder and Scully investigate a series of faith healings
the last. and quickly find themselves in the midst of a danger-
 When Samuel says “just as I can see the pain on this ous situation. Oddly enough, this episode utilizes the
man” I always want to say “No, that's just an un- standard Mulder/Scully believer/skeptic dynamic
ruly cowlick.. rather than the reversal that has characterized other re-
 The courtroom plague is pretty entertaining. When ligion-related episodes. Still, it is noteworthy for the
the first bug lands on Scully she sort of just stares at way in which it avoids any predictability towards the
it with scientific detachment before swatting aim- end with a couple of plot twists.
lessly at nothing around her head.
 I loved the juxtaposition of Mulder reading from
the Bible to Scully as she stares at a grasshopper. 19 Shapes
 Bad dialogue award: Goes to the exchange where
Writer: Marilyn Osborn, Director: David Nutter, Orig-
Mulder says he saw a girl outside. Scully: “Who,
inal Broadcast: 04.01.1994, Production Code: 1X18
Jessica Hahn?” Mulder: “A little girl.” Oh the stupid
joke, sniff, the Mulder angst. Puhleaze. Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
 Scariest extra: That twitching girl with glasses that Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
they kept cutting to in the revival scenes.
Guest Cast: Ish · Jimmy Herman, Sheriff Charles
 Yet another fumble on the “Doctor” Scully front.
Tskany · Michael Horse, David Gates · Dwight McFee,
You've got to love the way she pushes through the
Dr Joseph · Paul McLean, Lyle Parker · Ty Miller,
crowd just so she can do her three favorite things:
Gwen Goodensnake · Renae Morriseau, Jim Parker ·
Ask for an ambulance, check a nonexistent pulse to
Donnelly Rhodes
proclaim someone dead, and totally neglect CPR.
No wonder she's a pathologist.
Case File Synopsis
 Speaking of that, this episode still has one of my all
The shooting of a Native
time favorite Scully autopsy shots as we hear the
American draws Mul-
ssshhhhrrrrpp of Y-Incision!Scully and she sharp-
der's attention as the
ens that huge slice and dice knife.
murderer believed he
 We also get Queasy!Mulder as Scully tosses internal
had shot an animal of
organs around asking “do I have to?” in response to
some sort. But an Indian
her attempt to get him to look at a lung.
myth and some strange
 I guess the little girl who plays Samantha in this
evidence seem to indicate the possibility of lycan-
episode is best seen and not heard since they tossed
thropy, the very phenomenon which opened the very
her out for another actress as soon as they needed a
first X-File.
speaking Samantha.
 It seemed like in the first season Mulder was
munching down on seeds almost every episode and Kevin's Report
now they're a rare occurrence. This werewolf story is actually a lot better than I
 Scully's penchant for horror films also makes an ap- thought it would be, due partly to the performances of
pearance here when we learn “The Exorcist” is one the supporting cast and for the “Mulder and Scully
of her favorite movies. I've always found this an in- way out in the middle of nowhere” aspect that almost
teresting character quirk. always works.
40 | Season 1

than a little nervous to be poking around in something

20 Darkness Falls like that in such a vulnerable position. Even after they
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Joe Napolitano, Origi- discover the mass contains a dead body they seem to
nal Broadcast: 04.15.1994, Production Code: 1X19 have no qualms about digging through the nest with
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, bare hands. Maybe it is just me, but I'm always
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny shocked by the cavalier attitude of this.
As I mentioned earlier, there were good things
Guest Cast: Larry Moore · Jason Beghe, Bob Perkins · about this episode. I enjoyed Jason Beghe's perfor-
Barry Greene, Clean-Suited Man · David Hay, Steve mance as “freddie” Larry Moore, and from a produc-
Humphreys · Tom O'Rourke, Dyer · Ken Tremblett, tion standpoint I loved the look of this episode – the
Doug Spinney · Titus Welliver rainy, gloomy Vancouver weather managed to really
work well – painting the picture of a lush wet forest.
Case File Synopsis What is nice about this episode is that, while it is defi-
Mulder pulls some nitely has a “message”, this message isn't pounded
strings to be assigned to a into our skulls with quite the propensity it can be on
case involving the disap- this show. Maybe it helps that both sides of the envi-
pearance of 30 loggers in ronmental issues are explored – or maybe it is just that
Washington state. They there are no Spanish subtitles.
discover that the loggers, “Darkness Falls” also does a good job of focusing
in illegally cutting down on a basic human fear – that of the dark – and what
a tree, faced a punishment far worse than what the ju- beasties might come out at night. “You don't want to
dicial system would have done. Now the two agents go out in the night” we are told, and in this case, just
must try to avoid the same dark fate. as it is for a child, their “night light” is their salvation
at keeping the monsters at bay. There is a strong and
Autumn's Report palpable tension that runs through the episode catch-
“Well, you're right about one thing.” “What's that?” “It ing the viewer up in the fear along with the characters.
definitely wasn't Bigfoot.” Even the normally cool Scully freaks out from her fears
when she sees the insects on her arm – though her
It is possible to enjoy “Darkness Falls” if you can look staged bat of the remaining bulb was a bit much. Later,
beyond its plot holes and cliches. Believe me, I do the hopelessness of their situation sinks in as Mulder
know that can be a difficult task, but I've found simply and Scully sit together and Mulder weakly offers
yelling at the screen “Build a friggin' fire you idiots” or “We'll think of something” to her incredulous sigh. I
“What? Does shutting the vents in the car take all the also found it surprising that in the end they were actu-
challenge out of this for you folks?” to let out all that ally attacked – I must admit I was not expecting that
negative energy at the start helps. You can then try to turn of events – though, predictably, our heroes mirac-
sit back and enjoy the good things the episode has to ulously survive.
offer – and there are a few – hidden in this average And of course, as usual, I enjoyed the banter as
outing. Mulder teases Scully about a boyfriend, but especially
Let's get the cliches out of the way first – even the their back and forth about bigfoot and flannel to which
teaser boasts that horror movie tried and true favorite Scully gives Mulder a rare smile at his jokes. This scene
as one of the loggers stumbles and hurts his leg while is important for another reason as its lightheartedness
they all run willy nilly through the woods. It's pretty really offsets the argument that they have later con-
obvious who is going to be the first to go here. Then cerning Agent “Trust no one” Mulder's selfish choice
there was the annoyingly written and annoyingly act- to make a dangerous decision for the group. A guilty
ed part of NRA poster-boy Steve Humphreys as Tom Mulder snaps at Scully's protests with “Oh will you
O'Rourke chews through more scenery than the log- cut the sanctimonious crap” (apparently not yet aware,
gers did. Personally, I couldn't wait for him to die – as we are, that she is indeed a saint) before they put
and you knew it would have to happen to this pre- their frustrations at the situation aside.
dictable character.
I find the cocoon scene troubling as well. Yes, it is Random Musings
creepy and effective as, once again, Scully gets to find  Frank's Fashion Spot: This episode boasts a rarity –
out why it sucks to be the smaller partner because it is almost an entire episode in casual togs. I can't say
she who gets the unenviable task of being hoisted up much for Scully's forest fashion choices – she's
to what appears to be some sort of HUGE insect nest. swimming in that denim shirt so bad most times
Herein lies the problem for me. Maybe these folks just you can't even see her hands, and without heels on
aren't scared of “itsy bitsy spiders”, but I'd be more
Darkness Falls | 41

her hiking boots she barely comes up to Mulder's been disrupted by the logging. Appropriately eerie,
armpit. and carries a nicely subtle message about conservation.
 I know it is just to make the shot work, but when 
the foursome travel to the logging camp in the car
together Mulder and Scully are practically sitting on
top of each other in the center of the back seat, both
21 Tooms
as far away from the car doors as possible. Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: David
 Could Scully be less thrilled at the prospect of a Nutter, Original Broadcast: 04.22.1994, Production
hike through the wet cold forest? She's so tired by Code: 1X20
the time they get to the camp that she runs right Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
into Mulder's backpack. Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
 Some “rugged manly men in the full bloom of their
manhood” – judging from the food they left on the Guest Cast: Myers · Steve Adams, Detective Frank
table these tough loggers were all sitting around Briggs · Henry Beckman, Dr Aaron Monte · Paul Ben
drinking milk. Victor, Frank Ranford · Pat Bermel, Christine Ranford ·
 Even more disgusting is the fact that when Gillian Carfra, Arlan Green · Andre Daniels, Judge
Humphreys walks in on Spinney when he is in the Kann · Jan D'Arcy, Nelson · Glynis Davies, Smoking
middle of chowing down Spinney is in the process Man · William B Davis, Dr Karetzky · Mikal Dughi,
of drinking that milk – which has, by this point, sat Eugene Victor Tooms · Doug Hutchison, Dr Richmond
out on that table for a long long time. It's one thing · Catherine Lough, Assistant Director Walter Skinner ·
to eat an old muffin, but that milk has to be down- Mitch Pileggi, Dr Collins · Frank C Turner, Dr Plith ·
right chunky by this time. Jerry Wasserman, Detective Talbot · Timothy Webber
 Anyone else think Mulder seemed to have an ap-
preciation for the quality of the “party favors” he Case File Synopsis
found? Maybe he was just thinking about getting Eugene Tooms, a mutant
Scully stoned. killer brought in by Mulder
 If you look carefully you can see that the top shot of and Scully, is released based
them standing around the cut up cocoon doesn't on psychiatric re-evaluation
match at all what the body looks like in the close-up and lack of evidence. Mul-
shots. der sets out to prevent
 You know, I appreciate the fact that the writer has Tooms from killing for the
to educate the audience sometimes on certain top- fifth and final liver he
ics, but cut us a little slack. It really is not necessary needs, while Scully at-
to make scientist Scully look stupid by having her tempts to locate more
ask the painfully obvious. Scully: “Those center definitive evidence. Both
rings are the older rings, right?”. DUH. tasks made more difficult by their superiors insistence
 Those “containment” suits are a riot. All that trou- that they work by the book.
ble and yet you can see bare arms where the sleeves
don't quite meet the latex gloves. I'm not sure how Kevin's Report
much protection that is going to offer. The creepy Eugene Tooms comes back for an encore
 I bet Scully likes Spinney – he has that habit of hers performance. This episode manages to avoid rehash-
of even calling people he doesn't like “sir”. The po- ing “Squeeze”, focusing instead on the two agents' cur-
lite monkey-wrencher. rently tenuous position within the Bureau. Nice char-
 200 million bugs per person? Now that's a fun fact I acter moments coupled with nice creepy moments
didn't need to know. Yuck. make for a good episode, though there is some gratu-
“Oh, a brain sucking amoeba.” itous violence at the end.

Kevin's Report
Well, whaddya know? It's “Mulder and Scully way out 22 Born Again
in the middle of nowhere” yet again. In this one, the Writers: Alex Gansa & Howard Gordon, Director: Jer-
agents investigate the mysterious deaths of logging rold Freedman, Original Broadcast: 04.29.1994, Pro-
company workers and risk becoming the next victims duction Code: 1X21
of a dangerous species of insect whose habitat has
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
42 | Season 1

Guest Cast: Dr Spitz · Leslie Carlson, Dr Sheila Braun · and Scully uncover his relationship to a scientist
P Lynn Johnson, Detective Rudolph Barbala · Dwight whose brain has been cryogenically preserved.
Koss, Harry Linhart · Peter Lapres, Michelle Bishop ·
Andrea Libman, Anita Fiore · Mimi Lieber, Tony Fiore Kevin's Report
· Brian Markinson, Leon Felder · Richard Sali, Detec- It's revenge from beyond the grave once again, but like
tive Sharon Lazard · Maggie Wheeler, Mrs Judy Bish- “Born Again”, this one has something extra going for
op · Dey Young it. In this case, it's the well-written and sympathetic
secondary character of Roland, a mentally disabled
Case File Synopsis man who finds himself the unwilling host of a dead
A little girl is tied to the man's mind.
deaths of two Buffalo po- 
licemen, but the possibili-
ty that she is the murder-
er is ludicrous. So Mulder
24 The Erlenmeyer Flask
and Scully begin an inves- Writer: Chris Carter, Director: RW Goodwin, Original
tigation of the eight year Broadcast: 05.13.1994, Production Code: 1X23
old, turning up evidence Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
that may help to solve a Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
nine year old murder
case. The case which Mul- Guest Cast: Smoking Man · William B Davis, Dr Anne
der believes was the Carpenter · Anne DeSalvo, Crew-Cut Man · Lindsey
death of the girl's past life. Ginter, Reporter · Jaylene Hamilton, Deep Throat · Jer-
ry Hardin, Dr Terrance Allen Berube · Ken Kramer,
Kevin's Report Captain Roy Lacerio · James Leard, EMT · Phillip
MacKenzie, First Uniformed Officer · Mike Mitchell,
What could have been nothing more than a standard
Mr Dorney · John Payne, Dr William Secare · Simon
“revenge from beyond the grave” story is helped by
tight, tense direction that makes for a good spook
show, particularly in an other-worldly confrontation
towards the end of the episode. Case File Synopsis
 When Deep Throat points
out a news story about a
fugitive who apparently
23 Roland drowned, Mulder and
Writer: Chris Ruppenthal, Director: David Nutter, Scully cannot see what
Original Broadcast: 05.06.1994, Production Code: makes it special. But with
1X22 his insistence, they dis-
cover evidence of secret
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
government experimenta-
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
tion with extraterrestrial
Guest Cast: Dr Keats · Garry Davey, Dr Larry Barring- DNA. However, the evi-
ton · Dave Hurtubise, Roland Fuller/Dr Arthur Grable dence and everyone who
· Zeljko Ivanek, Lisa Dola · Sue Mathew, Mrs Stodie · has seen it is quickly being eliminated.
Micole Mercurio, Tracy · Kerry Sandomirsky, Dr Frank
Nollette · James Sloyan, Dr Ronald Surnow · Matthew Title Forensics
Walker An Erlenmeyer flask is a widely used type of laborato-
ry glassware which consists of an inverted conical base
Case File Synopsis with a cylindrical neck.
A mentally handicapped
janitor seems to be the
only suspect in the mur-
Kevin's Report
ders of two members of a The season finale finds Mulder and Scully getting the
propulsion research closest they've ever been to the alien conspiracy as the
team. Yet the evidence of alien hybrids are introduced, only to have the evidence
advanced theoretical slip away once again. The ending, in which Deep
work seems to eliminate the possibility, until Mulder Throat is killed and the X-Files are shut down, makes
The Erlenmeyer Flask | 43

for a good cliffhanger without resorting to standard

“protagonist in distress” schtick.
Season 2 | 45

Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,

Season 2
From 09/16/1994 to 05/19/1995
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Guest Cast: Detective Norman · Freddy Andreiuci,
Agent Brisentine · Marc Bauer, First Workman ·
Matthew Bennett, Russian Engineer · Dmitri Boudrine,
Dmitri · Raoul Ganeev, Federal Marshall · William
MacDonald, Charlie · Don MacKay, Man On Phone ·
1 Little Green Men Hrothgar Mathews, Flukeman · Darin Morgan, Assis-
tant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Dr Zenzo-
Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: David la · Gabrielle Rose, Foreman · Ron Sauve
Nutter, Original Broadcast: 09.16.1994, Production
Code: 2X01
Case File Synopsis
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, A man's decomposed
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny body is found in the sew-
Guest Cast: Senator Richard Matheson · Raymond J ers of Newark, New Jer-
Barry, Student · Lisa Anne Beley, Dr Troisky · Les sey and Mulder is given
Carlson, Matheson's Aide · Fulvio Cecere, Smoking this supposedly routine
Man · William B Davis, Jorge Concepcion · Mike murder case. But after
Gomez, Agent Morris · Deryl Hayes, Lewin · Gary Scully's autopsy turns up
Hethington, Commander · Dwight McFee, Young a parasite living inside
Samantha Mulder · Vanessa Morley, Assistant Director the body and a sewer worker is attacked and bitten by
Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Young Fox Mulder · something, it opens up a whole new can of worms.
Marcus Turner, Rand · Bob Wilde
Kevin's Report
Case File Synopsis For some reason, the Flukeman is considered a classic
After the shutdown of X-Files monster. I don't know if it's because Darin
the X-Files division, Mul- Morgan played the role, or because the monster lived
der finds his own belief in the New Jersey sewer system, but either way I
in the truth waning. So found this story to be rather dull and formulaic. It's
when an old political ally partly redeemed, however, by more exploration of the
gives him a new reason two agents' post-X-Files blues.
to believe, he goes alone
to an abandoned SETI
program site in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Concerned for 3 Blood
his safety, Scully has to track down his whereabouts
Original Story: Darin Morgan, Director: David Nutter,
before someone or something else does.
Original Broadcast: 09.30.1994, Production Code:
Kevin's Report
This episode, which takes place several months after Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
the X-Files have been closed, gives us a nice look at the Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
two agents reaching a crossroads of sorts, trying to de- Guest Cast: Frohike · Tom Braidwood, Sheriff Spencer
cide if they want to continue in their new and relative- · John Cygan, Harry McNally · Andre Daniels, Mother
ly mundane posts at the FBI. When Mulder receives · Kathleen Duborg, Security Guard · David Fredericks,
word of possible alien contact at a transmitter station Bonnie McRoberts · Ashlyn Gere, Langly · Dean
in Puerto Rico, he finds himself conspiracy-chasing Haglund, Taber · John Harris, Clerk · BJ Harrison, By-
once again. An excellent Mulder-centered story that ers · Bruce Harwood, Bus Driver · William MacKenzie,
manages to end with a note of hope despite the agents' Mechanic · Gerry Rosseau, Edward Funsch · William
coming up empty-handed. Sanderson, Mrs Adams · Diana Stevan, County Super-
 visor Larry Winter · George Touliatos

2 The Host Case File Synopsis

A recent rash of killings in the small town of Franklin,
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Daniel Sackheim, Origi-
PA brings Mulder to profile the murderers. A task
nal Broadcast: 09.23.1994, Production Code: 2X02
46 | Season 2

made more difficult by stallment in the “X-Files shut down” arc that sets up
the fact that none of them Scully's abduction in the coming episodes.
had any previous history 
of violence and all died
at the end of their
5 Duane Barry (I)
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Chris Carter, Original
Broadcast: 10.14.1994, Production Code: 2X05

Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,

Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Kevin's Report
Guest Cast: Clerk · Tosca Baggoo, Bob · Tim Dixon,
Another conspiracy episode finds Mulder investigat-
First Marksman · Michael Dobson, Special Agent Rich
ing a series of murders in a small town where electron-
· Fred Henderson, Special Agent Alex Krycek ·
ic devices seem to be inducing psychosis. For whatever
Nicholas Lea, Officer · Robert Lewis, Special Agent
reason, the suspense isn't what it could be, but, hey,
Janus · Prince Maryland, Tactical Commander ·
the Lone Gunmen are in it, so....
Stephen E Miller, Gwen · Barbara Pollard, Special
Agent Lucy Kazdin · CCH Pounder, Duane Barry ·
Steve Railsback, Second Marksman · John Sampson,
4 Sleepless Kimberly · Sarah
Writer: Howard Gordon, Director: Rob Bowman, Strange, Dr Del Hakkie ·
Original Broadcast: 10.07.1994, Production Code: Frank C Turner
Case File Synopsis
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
An ex-FBI agent escapes
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
from a mental hospital
Guest Cast: Dr Girardi · David Adams, Lieutenant and holds several people
Reagan · Paul Bittante, Smoking Man · William B hostage in a travel agency. Mulder and Krycek are sent
Davis, Dr Grissom · Claude de Martino, Salvatore Ma- in to help with the negotiations since the man claims to
tola · Jonathan Gries, Dr Charyn · Anna Hagan, Detec- have been a UFO abductee. (Part one of two.)
tive Morton · Mitchell Kosterman, Special Agent Alex
Krycek · Nicholas Lea, Assistant Director Walter Skin- Kevin's Report
ner · Mitch Pileggi, Dr Pilsson · Michael Puttonen, A spooky, intense hour of television finds Mulder in
Henry Willig · Don the middle of a volatile hostage situation when former
Thompson, Augustus FBI agent Duane Barry escapes from a mental hospital.
Cole · Tony Todd, Mr X · Barry is a well-written tragic villain who may be a
Steven Williams madman, an alien abductee, or both. Mulder's sympa-
thy for Barry's situation is convincing, and the episode
Case File Synopsis ends with the chilling sounds of Scully being assaulted
An audio cassette hidden and kidnapped.
in his morning paper 
brings Mulder to request the case of a scientist's death
consistent with burning, despite the lack of any evi-
dence of any flames or burns. He is given his request...
6 Ascension (II)
along with a new partner. But together they must find Writer: Paul Brown, Director: Michael Lange, Original
the murderer before the case can be laid to rest. Broadcast: 10.21.1994, Production Code: 2X06
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
Kevin's Report Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Mulder and new partner Alex Krycek are called in to
Guest Cast: Smoking Man · William B Davis, Dwight ·
investigate when a number of unexplained deaths
Peter Lacroix, Video Technician · Peter Lapres, Mar-
point to a sort of psychologically simulated burning as
garet Scully · Sheila Larken, Special Agent Alex Krycek
the cause, and, with Scully's help, they link the case to
· Nicholas Lea, Patrolman · Steve Makaj, Assistant Di-
a government experiment on soldiers in Vietnam. Not
rector Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Duane Barry ·
a classic conspiracy episode, but it's another good in-
Steve Railsback, FBI Agent · Michael David Simms,
Ascension (II) | 47

· Nicholas Lea, Patrolman · Steve Makaj, Assistant Di- Trinity murderers, a trio of killers with a fetish for
rector Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Duane Barry · drinking blood, it gives him work in which to immerse
Steve Railsback, FBI Agent · Michael David Simms, himself.
Deputy · Bobby L Stewart, Mr X · Steven Williams, Dr
Ruth Slaughter · Meredith Bain Woodward Kevin's Report
Mulder seems appropriately adrift in this episode, re-
Case File Synopsis turning to the X-Files with little zest or enthusiasm as
Returning home to find he investigates a case of vampirism in the L.A. area. “I
the phone message left definitely do not feel normal”, he tells a female ex-
by Scully, Mulder imme- vampire who will later join him in a sad and slightly
diately sets off to locate twisted love scene. This episode has been criticized for
Duane Barry, but is un- its graphic violent and sexual content, but I think it's
able to make any head- meant to coincide with Mulder's repressed anger over
way until a police video losing Scully and his generally disturbed emotional
from a traffic violation state: those who have described this episode as “Mul-
yields a clue which lifts his spirits. (Part two of two.) der in hell” have got it just about right. That said, it
doesn't seem to come through with quite as much im-
Kevin's Report pact as it could have.
Mulder pays a terrible price for his quest as the con- 
spiratorial powers that be engineer Scully's abduction
and attempt to implicate Mulder in the death of Duane
Barry. The plot is kept nicely ambiguous – we don't
8 One Breath
Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: RW
know whether Scully was abducted by aliens or by the
Goodwin, Original Broadcast: 11.11.1994, Production
government – and Alex Krycek emerges as a
Code: 2X08
formidable villain. A gripping episode that wisely
tones down the action towards the end, focusing in- Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
stead on Skinner's decision to give Mulder the X-Files Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
back and on Mulder's loss of his partner and friend.
Guest Cast: Frohike · Tom Braidwood, Doctor Daly ·
Jay Brazeau, Nurse G Owens · Nicola Cavendish, Cap-
tain William Scully · Don Davis, Smoking Man ·
73 William B Davis, Nurse Wilkins · Lorena Gale, Langly
Writers: Chris Ruppenthal and Glen Morgan & James · Dean Haglund, Byers · Bruce Harwood, Margaret
Wong, Director: David Nutter, Original Broadcast: Scully · Sheila Larken, Melissa Scully · Melinda Mc-
11.04.1994, Production Code: 2X07 Graw, Overcoat Man · Ryan Mitchell, Young Dana
Scully · Tegan Moss, Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, · Mitch Pileggi, Mr X · Steven Williams
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Guest Cast: Garrett Lorre · Roger Allford, Detective Case File Synopsis
Nettles · Frank Ferrucci, Officer · Guyle Frazier, Dr Scully mysteriously ap-
Browning · Ken Kramer, Guard · David Livingstone, pears in a Washington
Fireman · Brad Loree, Detective Gwynn · Tom DC hospital, kept alive
McBeath, Son · Frank Military, Father · Gustavo almost entirely by ma-
Moreno, Kristen Kilar · Perrey Reeves, Commander chines. Frustrated by his
Carver · Malcolm Stewart, Dr Jacobs · John Tierney, inability to help her,
Unholy Spirit · Justina Vail, David Yung · Richard Yee Mulder drives himself
crazy trying to find the
Case File Synopsis people responsible. Though his quest for vengeance
Despite Scully's absence, could make him exactly like those whom he despises.
Mulder finds the
strength to continue his Autumn's Report
work on the recently re- “I had the strength of your beliefs.”
opened X-Files. When he
There are a few episodes in X-Files history that really
recognises a Los Angeles
helped define and stretch the show. “One Breath” is
killing as the work of the
48 | Season 2

one of those episodes. Just as “Humbug” proved that beats Mulder despite having a gun at his head. Mitch
the X-Files could do comedy, “One Breath” allowed Pileggi also gives one of his best performances as he
the show to be more than just “scary” – it proved that explains to Mulder via a painful story from his past
it could be an emotional, personal drama with impact just why he supports Mulder's work. However, Don
as well. Not that it wasn't scary. The first time I saw Davis as Mr. Scully steals this episode for me. There
the headstone in the teaser for “Dana Katherine have been a lot of “philosophical dead guy” speeches
Scully” was, for me, one of the show's most frightening in the history of this show, but none have ever come
moments. So, still this episode was about what scares close to the beautifully written and performed solilo-
us – in this instance writers Morgan and Wong exam- quy he gives to his dying daughter. Everything about
ined one of the most frightening things about being this scene is emotionally perfect from the way the cam-
human – the death of someone you love. era slowly swoops over Scully swathed in a virginal
“One Breath” has one of my very favorite teasers white to Mark Snow's perfect score to Davis' heartfelt
as it captures the tones of the episode from the start – it performance which, to this day, despite the fact I have
is in parts mystical, painful, and shocking. This Mrs. seen this episode more times than I can count, still has
Scully narrated story is a glimpse into a past event that the power to make me tear up. It's one of my very fa-
shaped the Scully we know today. It describes a vorite moments of the entire series.
tomboy fraught with guilt from taking a life and a This was a standout episode technically as well.
mother's pain at her own helplessness. There is a real John Bartley's cinematography – from the hazy lake
beauty in the way this sequence is presented with no shots, to the darkened bowels of the hospital, to the
voices except the narration and the other sounds – the brightness at Scully's recovery all reflected the mood.
shots, the steps, the sobs – echoing over the lovely mu- I'm especially fond of his use of shadows during the
sic. confrontation with X and the shot towards the end
This was an absolute standout episode for acting. where Mulder sits half in darkness and half in light
David Duchovny puts in one of his very best perfor- when the call about Scully comes through. The effect
mances of the series. He has several great moments as of moving from the depths of Mulder's despair to Scul-
Mulder's many emotions are played close to the sur- ly awaking as the forest slowly turns into a hospital
face. I especially liked the way he snapped in the be- room, bird chirps changing to mechanical beeps is a
ginning at her return with the impassioned “I will do highly effective moment of sensation for the viewer.
anything” attitude. His guilt, fear, anger, love, and All in all, one of the best episodes of the X-Files –
grief are all on display and when Mulder returns to his an emotional look at the depth of the partnership be-
ruined apartment after trying to express to a comatose tween two people who, oddly enough, seem to be ut-
Scully the depth of his feeling the audience collapses terly incapable of really expressing their feelings for
with him in emotion. I've also got to make mention of each other. The hospital reunion scene says so much
that intense, sweaty, angry, and edgy scene with more in subtext than it ever approaches in words. Well
Steven Williams. Watching Steven Williams again just done. A great launching pad for giving Scully a place
makes me yearn for the days when Mulder's infor- in the mythology.
mants had a powerful presence. I'll take Williams
growling “You're my tool” over a lispy “bee hus- Random Musings
bandry” any day. His “I used to be you” is more chill-  In another Porno!Mulder moment he takes a break
ing than a hundred maliciously snuffed out cigarettes. from gazing at the case file complete with the
Actually, from a supporting standpoint everyone Bondage!Scully photo by listlessly watching an X-
was wonderful. Sheila Larken has a talent for silently rated film and fast forwarding to the “good” parts.
radiating emotion through her eyes and proves once I'm not even going to speculate on what the hell
again what an addition she makes to every show she is that means...
featured in. I really liked Melinda McGraw in her all  I really got a kick out of the way they had Scully
too short stint as Melissa Scully on this series. She does wired up good. I'm still trying to figure out why
a great job of making us believe, despite their differ- they had her eyelids taped shut at one point or why
ences, that these stubborn Scully women are sisters. they had diodes connected to her earlobes – what
Melissa Scully was the one character on the show who kind or reading do you get from that.
really knew how to read and challenge both Mulder  This episode features the very first “X” in the win-
and Scully into expressing their feelings or exploring dow, inadvertently creating a new online sport
inward. Tom Braidwood was sweet as Frohike all where upon hundreds of newbies could repeatedly
dressed up (but still with a vest on) to call on his ask what it meant. Not that it did Mulder any good
beloved. William B. Davis gave us one of the first – no visitor and not even a tape in the newspaper.
peeks inside the Cigarette Smoking Man when he
One Breath | 49

 It's a good thing Mulder shouts “Hey!” to that guy  Someone really had Mulder's number this episode.
in the overcoat who is walking away with Scully's When Melissa comes to visit his door reads “4” in-
blood – it warned him that he was being pursued. stead of “42”.
 What was with that pitiful search for change Mul-
“Not Fox, Mulder.”
der feigns – he should have just said “no” as it was
obvious he didn't even try to look. Like his breast
Kevin's Report
pocket is going to be full of quarters.
 Frank's Fashion Spot: While I can't say I liked that If someone asked me what is the best X-Files episode
big old ornate coat that Scully was wearing in the ever, I would probably try to dodge the question. If
boat, I did like the way they shifted colors on the they insisted on an answer, I would probably say “One
hospital gowns – the blue when she was dying giv- Breath”. Both Mulder and Scully are floating between
ing way to the lighter yellow to accompany the life and death in this episode: literally in the case of
streaming light that filled the room of her recovery. Scully, who returns from her abduction barely alive
 Besides giving Scully a “reason to live” with his gift and comatose, and morally and spiritually in the case
of Mulder, who ponders abandoning his quest for the
of “Superstars of the Superbowls” just what other
sake of murderous revenge. Almost every scene brings
video delights did he bring her – there is clearly an-
some sort of character revelation, not only for Mulder
other tape in the bag. The possibilities are frighten-
and Scully, but also for Skinner, Scully's mother and
sister, Cancer Man, X, and even Frohike. Mix this in
 While we never really find out exactly what hap-
with some evocative spiritual imagery, and you've got
pened to Scully, the effect of the tests on her was
an absolutely brilliant episode.
quite amazing. Not only was she left with
“branched DNA” she was sporting breasts twice
their normal size – it seems her stomach wasn't the
only thing that got inflated. Sorta made me nervous 9 Firewalker
for a second when Melissa tells Mulder “You can
Writer: Howard Gordon, Director: David Nutter,
feel her”.
Original Broadcast: 11.18.1994, Production Code:
 We get a healthy dose of Psychic!Scully this episode
as she sends messages to her sister, hears the voice
of her father, and even experiences her guardian an- Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
gel. I've always wondered what it was that Scully Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
wanted to give Nurse Owens at the end.
Guest Cast: Peter Tanaka · Hiro Kanagawa, Eric Park-
 Those Scully gals are all psychic. “I've been told not
er · David Kaye, Vosberg · David Lewis, Dr Adam
to call you Fox” is a perfect opening line for Melis- Pierce · Tuck Milligan, Jason Ludwig · Leland Orser,
sa. Though one has to wonder why Mrs. Scully Technician · Torben Rolfsen, Jesse O'Neil · Shawnee
seems to have issues with Missy's perception pow- Smith, Dr Daniel Trepkos · Bradley Whitford
ers even though she herself seems to harbor them.
Perhaps its the new age edge that gets to the
Case File Synopsis
Catholic mom.
A malfunction in a robot
 Well you probably never thought you'd here it from
designed for volcanic ex-
me, but I'm pleased to say this is the only episode
ploration yields evidence
I've ever seen Gillian Anderson “sleep” through.
of a lifeform living in the
 There's a weird date on Scully's chart that takes a
caves. When this lifeform
ride home in Frohike's pants. It says 01/01/94 at the
seemingly causes the
death of a member of the
 Morgan and Wong take a bit of a potshot at the in-
research team, Mulder
ternet crowd with their comment about nitpicking. I
and Scully are flown out to the site to investigate be-
have no idea what they are talking about...
fore anyone else dies.
 This episode was also another example of how ev-
eryone gets to call him Fox but Scully.
 It was funny to watch Skinner try to stand up to Kevin's Report
CancerMan with that no smoking sign – if he was Mulder and Scully are called in when a volcanic re-
really serious though he probably should remove search experiment goes awry and unexplained deaths
the ashtrays from his office. result. Aside from Mulder's concern over Scully's
health and some interesting scenes with a mad scien-
tist of sorts whose own quest for the truth has brought
50 | Season 2

about disastrous results, there's nothing here we David Fresco, Upshaw · Paul Jarrett, Mrs Dawson ·
haven't already seen in the first season's “Ice”. Fortu- Sheila Moore, Leo Kroytzer · Ernie Prentice, Michelle
nately, top-notch direction from David Nutter makes Charters · Teryl Rothery, Gung Bittouen · Sab Shi-
for a real powerhouse of action and suspense. mono, Laura Kelly · Tasha Simms, Dr Grago · Jerry
 Wasserman

10 Red Museum Case File Synopsis

Mulder and Scully's lat-
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Win Phelps, Original
est case begins with the
Broadcast: 12.09.1994, Production Code: 1X10
rape and battery of a
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, nurse in a Massachusetts
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny convalescent home. What
makes it an X-File is her
Guest Cast: Beth Kane · Gillian Barber, Old Man ·
claim that her attacker
Robert Clothier, Sheriff Mazeroski · Steve Eastin, Gary
was invisible. But upon
Kane · Bob Frazer, Crew-Cut Man · Lindsey Ginter,
their arrival, they discover that the unrest is not limit-
Rick Mazeroski · Cameron Labine, First Officer · Brian
ed only to the live-in residents.
McGugan, First Man · Gerry Nairn, Richard Odin ·
Mark Rolston, Katie · Elisabeth Rosen, Brad · Tony
Sampson, Gird Thomas · Paul Sand, Woman Reading
Title Forensics
Words · Crystal Verge “Excelsis Dei” is Latin for “Glory of God”.

Case File Synopsis Kevin's Report

Several Wisconsin teens One of the series's more bizarre stand-alones finds the
are found wandering in agents investigating entity rape in a nursing home and
the woods in their under- eventually tying it to an unorthodox herbal treatment
wear with “He is one” practiced by one of the orderlies. (Or something like
scrawled on their backs. that.) Weakened by an incomplete explanation and a
Mulder and Scully travel dumb scene in which Mulder is trapped in a bathroom
to investigate this aber- filling up with water, this is little more than a haunted
rant behaviour, though house story with some creepy moments and little plot.
the strangest thing in this meat-producing area is a cult 
of vegetarian 'walk-ins'.

Kevin's Report 12 Aubrey

This episode foreshadows the widening of the conspir- Writer: Sara B Charno, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi-
acy as Mulder and Scully discover Purity Control nal Broadcast: 01.06.1995, Production Code: 2X12
(from “The Erlenmeyer Flask”) at work in a small Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
town where a cult is suspected of kidnapping and oth- Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
er illegal activities. Not the best conspiracy episode
ever, but a pretty good one that makes good use of the Guest Cast: Linda Thibedeaux · Joy Coghill, Detective
“Mulder and Scully in an isolated rural area” ethic, Joe Darnell · Robyn Driscoll, First Officer · Peter Flem-
and the cult turning out to be innocent was a nice ing, Young Harry Cokely · Emanual Hajek, Lieutenant
touch as well. Brian Tillman · Terry O'Quinn, Young Mother · Sarah
 Jane Redmond, Detective BJ Morrow · Deborah Strang,
Older Harry Cokely · Morgan Woodward

11 Excelsis Dei Case File Synopsis

Writer: Paul Brown, Director: Stephen Surjik, Original In a dream, a policewom-
Broadcast: 12.16.1994, Production Code: 2X11 an experiences the mem-
ory of a serial killing and
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
unearths the body of the
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
FBI agent sent to investi-
Guest Cast: Dorothy · Frances Bay, Stan Phillips · Eric gate it nearly 50 years
Christmas, Jerry Tiernan · Jon Cuthbert, Hal Arden · ago. When the serial
Aubrey | 51

killer strikes again, Mulder and Scully work with the ing an affair.” “How do you know?” “A woman senses
detective to determine the killer's identity. these things.” To which Mulder grunts at her. Obvi-
ous? I'm with Mulder here – and then she pulls the big
Autumn's Report whammy on B.J. in the bathroom with her “You're
“That's a pretty extreme hunch.” “I seem to recall you hav- pregnant aren't you?” Is that gal good or what? I think
ing some pretty extreme hunches.” “I never have.” she especially enjoys rubbing it in with Mulder when
she returns – after all she doesn't get to do that too of-
“Aubrey” is one of those episodes that is often over- ten. Unfortunately, her psychic side took a nap later in
looked. I've never been sure why this is because it has the episode when she is actually surprised to find out
always been, in my mind, a standout first episode from Mrs. Thibodeaux had a child or when she guessed that
writer Sara Charno. X-Files has had its share of female B.J. would go after Tillman instead of Cokely.
writers on staff through the years, contributing a mere In addition to all that, this was a creepy episode.
handful of scripts, but in “Aubrey”, more than any The flashbacks had a real edge to them and the se-
other, a woman's touch is clearly visible. Charno quence where B.J. awakens from her nightmare to find
writes of motherhood, pregnancy, women's intuition, her blood soaked chest carved with “Sister” was nicely
abortion, rape, and the like. The case centers on Detec- scary – and still did not give away the mystery. To be
tive B.J. Morrow who, while pregnant from an affair honest, though, I wish they'd waited just a little longer
with her married boss, experiences nightmares that to reveal that it was B.J. that was inhabited by the evil
put her front and center in uncovering an old murder Cokely genetic memory (or however they explained
mystery involving two other maverick FBI agents. Ev- it). I liked the guessing game that was going on. It was
erything begins to revolve around the idea of some- effective to have her develop the same rashes as the
body taking the “blame” for events as they progress: transformation began to take hold – that and the
son being blamed by his mother instead of his sisters, a creepy voice. Also, in typical X-Files fashion, we are
woman blaming her child because it reminded her of a left with an open ended resolution – if indeed this all
brutal rape, the tension involved in the blame of an un- started happening with the pregnancy do we have an-
planned and problematic pregnancy, and who is to be other incarnation of that evil awaiting birth.
blamed for the 50 year old murders as well as the ones Director Rob Bowman conspires with Director of
currently happening. “Somebody's got to take the Photography John Bartley (and some good supporting
blame little sister.. help from editing) to create a visually stylish episode.
There was also an interesting, subtle exploration The intercut flashback sequences in their muted jerky
of Mulder and Scully's partnership. Here they were black and white colors and bright lights with reflec-
working like a well oiled machine in their teamwork. tions are compelling to watch. The teaser's establishing
This was illustrated in little ways like Scully acknowl- shot – long and low – winding through the police
edging Mulder's interest in uncovering the mystery of room discussing a murder and settling on the obvious-
their predecessors with a simple “I guess that's why ly disturbed B.J. leads the viewer right to the heart of
we're going to Aubrey”, or then, upon their arrival, us- the matter. I also am quite fond of the swoop over the
ing their different skills to solve the case together as buzzing bright neon sign of the Motel Black and that
Mulder waxes poetic while Scully looks at bones. They great crane shot set to blinking lights when the body is
bounce ideas off each other and banter back and forth discovered in the pool. All this combined for a real at-
– even joking and smiling about hunches. I love it mospheric triumph.
when they are like that. Compare their interaction
through this episode to that of the lovers – who are Random Musings
tense, angry, and unhappy in their situation – commu-  My biggest problem with this episode has always
nicating in notes and veiled references (“I'm willing to been that I didn't buy it time wise. We find out that
go with ya – for the appointment”). It is an interesting the rape took place in 1945 and that B.J.'s father
juxtaposition highlighted at the end where after the should be “almost 50” when this takes place. Well,
standoff both Tillman and Scully try to comfort their while I think Deborah Strang does a wonderful job
partners. in this episode, and to tell you the truth I have no
Of course, you know I have to enjoy this episode idea how old this actress is, well – she just looks to
if for nothing else than my fondness for Psychic!Scully. old for the part. The character should be early 30s at
She can be downright eerie sometimes. While Mulder most (and that's if her parents had her very young)
questions B.J. and Tillman in the field she gets that and to me this character looks 40 on a good day.
pensive squinty look on her face and before you know  There was a time when the whole “motherhood”
it she's filling the usually observant Mulder in on the theme was a bit much – having B.J. gasp at the fall-
what's what with those two. I absolutely adore that
back and forth: “It's obvious B.J. and Tillman are hav-
52 | Season 2

en child and talk about the “mothering instinct” bone through it. I also want what ever modem was
was overkill in a usually good script. in that computer that could link from Aubrey to
 Frank's Fashion Spot: This time out is a tough one Quantico and display graphics that fast.
for this particular category as Scully is firmly in that  There is a small moment I like when B.J. runs off to
mid second season phase that had us all wondering the bathroom and Mulder just looks at Scully. Like
– “Just how big is the beige section in that woman's it is a “girl” thing for her to go after B.J.
closet?” Here she is stuck on beige and black. Black  For the continuity junkies out here, this episode is
suit. Beige top. Beige suit. Black top. And, just to linked to “Paper Hearts” in which Scully repeats to
mix things up for some excitement during this sad Mulder the line he utters here: “Well, I've often felt
fashion rut period, she sports a black jacket and that dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet
beige slacks. Oooooo. Now that's exciting. (Though figured out how to ask..
I guess I could comment on those scary yellow  They made no bones about making Cokely the vil-
gloves B.J. was wearing when she was “possessed” lain here – bathed him in shadows, had him con-
what was up with those?. stantly smoking despite an oxygen tank, and had
 Mulder and Scully also go through a “munchies” him talking down to Scully with that “little sister”
phase about this time second season – they are eat- business – which made her get that look on her face
ing in almost every episode. Here, we see them that she saves for people she despises.
chowing down on pizza (which oddly does not  So, there was a dead guy in a burlap sack under-
come in a traditional pizza box – it looks more like a neath the floorboards in a house and nobody no-
chicken box to me). ticed the smell? I guess as Cokely had rented the
 Mulder must have a head like a rock. I can't for the house he didn't mind it.
life of me figure out how he managed to stay con-  Watch carefully as Mulder and Scully head down
scious after being beaned with that oxygen tank. the stairs behind B.J. as she is digging up the floor-
 I love that remote control that Cokely had. Four boards. Gillian Anderson comes dangerously close
buttons. Those were the days. Now I wish I only to taking a header down the stairs.
had four remotes.  In the “woman's touch” department I'd have to add
 This is one of those episode that features the myste- the bit about Scully being thoughtful enough to
rious Danny. Here, Scully refers to him as “Danny bring B.J. a bag of new clothes in the hospital.
Valadejo” on the phone – no telling if I got that
“I've had feelings for people I've worked with.”
spelling right. However, as she refers to other
agents as “agent” I don't think Danny's even got
that far in FBI food chain.
Kevin's Report
 Boy that Mulder's good. A woman draws a primi- An episode about serial murders in rural Missouri fits
tive triangle and a circle on a notepad and he, be- nicely into the Season 2 trend of intelligent, tightly
cause he has apparently memorized all the World's written spook stories. There are a few plot holes to-
Fair symbols through the ages, immediately recog- wards the end, but overall a good hour of television.
nizes it for what it is.
 Talk about your teamwork this episode – they are
even at the point where Mulder carries the pen and 13 Irresistible
Scully carries the paper.
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: David Nutter, Original
 That makeup on Cokely was creepy. I just wanted
Broadcast: 01.13.1995, Production Code: 2X13
to go after him with a big bottle of Bactine and some
bandaids. His whole face looked like a big open Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
sore. That was a bit more intense than a simple rash. Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
 Mulder really gets away with one here in walking
Guest Cast: Donald Edward Pfaster · Nick Chinlund,
the fine line of inappropriate sexual comments with
Ellen · Glynis Davies, Prostitute · Kathleen Duborg,
his mock innocent “I've always been intrigued by
Coed · Ciara Hunter, Satin · Deanna Milligan, Suspect
women named B.J.”. Scully's less than thrilled look
· Dwight McFee, Young Woman · Maggie O'Hara, Mr
after this pretty much says it all.
Fliebling · Tim Progosh, Agent Busch · Mark Saunders,
 Welcome to the wonderful world of high technolo-
Jackson Toews · Robert Thurston, Agent Mo Bocks ·
gy. So, obviously they found their scanner. Person-
Bruce Weitz, Karen Kosseff · Christine Willes, Marilyn
ally I would have enjoyed seeing the scanner they
· Denalda Williams
found that was capable of rendering that pile of
bones into a 3D diagram like it did. Mine just does
pictures and stuff. Though I haven't tried shoving a
Irresistible | 53

Case File Synopsis Production note: We are given a hint that this is a
A female corpse, dug-up “psychic moment” by the alteration of the camera
and mutilated, is brought speed as she closes the folder – making it all seem
to Mulder's attention by not quite right.
a Minnesota agent claim- 2. Suddenly developing an aversion to looking at
ing it as the work of dead bodies. (Something she usually enjoys. After
aliens. Mulder believes all she “majored” in it.)
otherwise and is vindi- 3. Having a nightmare and waking up at – you
cated when a similarly guessed it – 11:21PM.
mutilated prostitute is found. Meanwhile Scully has to 4. Getting that odd “Scully psychic” look on her face
deal with how this case seems to be affecting her. when she sees Pfaster in jail.
5. I will not mention all those morphing/demon mo-
ments (whoops I just did) because they were added
Autumn's Report
in post and we know she's psychic without them.
I was slightly miffed at the time that Angela Lansbury
was nominated for an Emmy and Gillian wasn't.... Fun Facts:
Simply Irresistible  Mulder asks Scully out on a date (O.K., maybe I'm
by Autumn Tysko stretching a little), but the only one who gets a pass
made at them is Chris Carter (of the Vikings on the
“I know that the world is full of predators just as it has al-
game on TV).
ways been, and I know that it is my job to protect people
 A gravestone in the cemetery scene at the start is for
from them.”
Raymond Soames the original X-File swirlie.
This episode, like no other, drives home the fact that  Scully wears purple pjs and even does that hair tuck
Gillian Anderson's lack of an emmy nomination this thing when she's disoriented and sleepy.
year was nothing short of highway robbery. The com-  That finger print technician guy has got to be the
bination of Chris Carter's writing and Gillian's superb most used extra actor in the X-Files. Sightings in-
and heartrending performance gave us a treasured clude: “Our Town”, “Lazarus”, “Young at Heart”.
peak beneath the surface of the oh-so-cool Dana Scully.  Scully actually gets to wear a red suit in the very be-
What we see is that our heroine is not unflappable af- ginning before hitting that large “tan” section in her
ter all, she has fears she hides from her partner and closet.
even herself. This episode has been often criticized as  Scully actually gets to drive...of course she is by her-
not being an “X-File”, but if this show is indicative of a self and does get forced off the road by satan-
non-X-file show you can keep yer mutan O.ts.K. spawn, but she did get to drive.
enough of that serious stuff...  Agent Bochs is actually weirder than Mulder. He
Basic Plot (with Creepy and Psychic Moments uses the word “freakazoid” in a sentence AND
highlighted): Really creepy guy (Donnie Pfaster) somehow ties someone having their nails and hair
proves himself to be exceptionally creepy. cut away to cattle mutilations. Since cows really
By: don't have nails or hair that's kinda hard, but he
1. Breathing funny as he fondles at dead girl's hair. does it.
2. Noticing a Kathy Bates look-a-like is wearing “In-  Scully swears. “Get the hell away from me”.
dian Summer” lipstick. (And even creepier she  Scully temporarily gets Pfaster by spraying “Tub &
thinks that's a sign that he is religious and not gay.) Tile” in his eyes. After removing her gag. First
3. Rooting around in a bathroom trash can in a house things first you know.
with four women. (Oh, yeah and sniffing a wad of  There is a camera shot in the hooker sequence
hair.) where you see Pfaster through her raised leg. Sort
4. Keeping a pillowcase stuffed with hair and actually of a really creepy homage to “The Graduate”.
having brussel sprouts in his freezer. (Which I  Mulder eats chinese take out (with chopsticks)
found grosser than the finger in there too.) while Scully works on two-count-em-two comput-
5. Driving a van. (All really creepy X-Files bad guys ers reading about things like serial killers who at-
drive vans.) tack people with serrated kitchen knives and acidic
6. Calling Scully “girlie girl”. chemicals. No wonder she wasn't hungry.
Scully proves once again to us ('cause she'd never be-
lieve it herself) that she is indeed psychic by: Great Acting Moments:
1. Seeing her own face in crime photos. (Or what she  The “A body had a story to tell” monologue. Way
would look like with really messed up black hair.) cool.
54 | Season 2

 Mulder & Scully's wonderful whispered conversa- Guest Cast: Paul Vitaris · Doug Abrahams, Phyllis H
tion in the jail. The actors really bring out the inti- Paddock · Susan Blommaert, Jim Ausbury · Dan But-
macy in this scene where Scully repeatedly lies to ler, Jerry Thomas · Franky Czinege, Barbara Ausbury ·
Mulder and even looks as if she is holding back Michelle Goodger, Andrea · Laura Harris, Deborah
tears with her last weak “I'm fine”. Brown · P Lynn Johnson, Pete Calcagni · Shaun John-
 The conversation between Scully and the social son, Shannon Ausbury · Heather McComb, Dave Du-
worker is hands down one of the best moments ever ran · Travis MacDonald, Sheriff John Oakes · Larry
on the X-Files. It holds the key to every time Scully Musser
lies to Mulder in this series: “I don't want him to
feel like he has to protect me”. Case File Synopsis
 S: “Anyway, you could use my help.” M: “Always.. Some teenagers' feign an
 Mulder's concern for Scully highlighted by his “No occult ritual in an at-
one saw a pretty woman being forced off the road” tempt to score and inad-
speech. vertently cause the mur-
 The beautifully acted scene at the end where Scully der of one of their group.
give her standard “I'm fine” lie one more time be- When Mulder and Scully
fore breaking down in a concerned Mulder's arms. are called to look into the
matter, the town's real
NitPicks worshippers attempt to hide their tracks though they
 Call me cruel, but it would have done some justice fear that the boys' attempt to 'get some', got them more
to the gene pool if that apron-wearing-cookie-bak- than they thought.
ing-moron-mother wouldn't have gotten away with
telling Pfaster she keeps the door unlocked. Title Forensics
 Scully dates her autopsy 11:14AM Monday, Nov
“Die Hand die verletzt” is German for “The hand that
14th. This puts the episode in a weird X-Files time
harms” (or “wounds”).
limbo that isn't quite right. We learn in “3” that it is
November. That would mean the events of “One
Breath”, “Firewalker” (which includes a month of Kevin's Report
quarantine at the end), “Excelcis Dei”, “Red Muse- What at the time seemed like the final Morgan &
um”, and “Aubrey” all happened in less than two Wong script turned out to be fairly standard, albeit
weeks. I don't think so. with a slightly heavier dose of black humor than usual,
 We never did get the answer to that “normal or as the agents investigate a series of crimes that may be
dry” question. My money is on normal. linked to a satanic cult. Not bad, but not exceptional ei-
One last thing. Angela Lansbury. Yeah, right. She
doesn't even have a proper flashlight.

Kevin's Report 15 Fresh Bones

A tense hour of TV finds Mulder and Scully on the Writer: Howard Gordon, Director: Rob Bowman,
trail of an “escalating death fetishist” (Standards and Original Broadcast: 02.03.1995, Production Code:
Practices wouldn't allow Carter to call the character a 2X15
necrophiliac) who commits a series of murders and
targets Scully as his next victim. Aside from the creepi- Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
ness, it's a good character episode for Scully, who finds Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
herself disturbed by the nature of the case and later Guest Cast: Colonel Wharton · Daniel Benzali, Private
opens up to Mulder after her ordeal with the fetishist. Jack McAlpin · Kevin Conway, Private Kittel · Roger R
 Cross, Robin McAlpin · Katya Gardner, Private Harry
Dunham · Matt Hill, Lieutenant Foyle · Peter Kelamis,
14 Die Hand die VerletzT Skinny Man · Adrien Malebranche, Groundskeeper ·
Callum Keith Rennie, Chester Bonaparte · Jamil Walk-
Writers: Glen 'Bolts, Baby!' Morgan & James 'Chargers' er Smith, Mr X · Steven Williams, Pierre Bauvais ·
Wong, Director: Kim Manners, Original Broadcast: Bruce Young
01.27.1995, Production Code: 2X14
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Fresh Bones | 55

Case File Synopsis Kevin's Report

When a soldiers sta- The plot thickens. The agents investigate a series of
tioned at a resettlement murders of identical abortion doctors and are soon
camp for Haitians drives treading conspiratorial waters once again as the
himself into a tree, Mul- alien/human hybrids reappear, along with a sinister
der and Scully are called “alien bounty hunter” and an untrustworthy CIA
by the grieving and fear- agent.
ful wife. Her fears of a 
voodoo curse seem only
to be reinforced by the beliefs and actions of many of
the local residents, including a few of the other sol-
17 End Game (II)
diers. Writer: Frank Spotnitz, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi-
nal Broadcast: 02.17.1995, Production Code: 2X17
Kevin's Report Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
The X-Files tackles voodoo as Mulder and Scully in- Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
vestigate mysterious deaths at a Haitian refugee camp
Guest Cast: Second Doctor · Oliver Becker, Sharp-
run by a repressive military commander. A good para-
shooter · JB Bivens, Lieutenant Terry Wilmer · Colin
normal spook story mixed with some sharp social
Cunningham, Captain · Garry Davey, William Mulder
· Peter Donat, Gregors · Dana Gladstone, Field Doctor
· Bonnie Hay, Special Agent Barrett Weiss · Andrew
Johnston, Samantha Mulder · Megan Leitch, Able Gar-
16 Colony (I) dener · Allan Lysell, Assistant Director Walter Skinner
Original Story: David Duchovny & Chris Carter, Writ- · Mitch Pileggi, Bounty Hunter · Brian Thompson, Mr
er: Chris Carter, Director: Nick Marck, Original X · Steven Williams, Paramedic · Beatrice Zeilinger
Broadcast: 02.10.1995, Production Code: 2X16
Case File Synopsis
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
When Scully is taken
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
captive by the bounty
Guest Cast: Reverend Sistunk · Linden Banks, Second hunter, Mulder must
Doctor · Oliver Becker, CIA Agent Ambrose Chapel · give up a recently re-
Tom Butler, William Mulder · Peter Donat, Gregor · turned loved one in ex-
Dana Gladstone, FBI Agent · David L Gordon, Field change. However, when
Doctor · Bonnie Hay, Federal Marshall · Tim Henry, his trap goes awry, Mul-
Special Agent Barrett Weiss · Andrew Johnston, der tracks the hunter far
Sergeant Al Dixon · James Leard, Samantha Mulder · to the icy north in an effort to find the one he has lost
Megan Leitch, Military Policeman · Michael McDon- twice. (Part two of two.)
ald, First Jailer · Capper McIntyre, Assistant Director
Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Newpaper Clerk · Kim Kevin's Report
Restell, Motel Proprietor · Ken Roberts, First Crewman A woman contacts Mulder claiming to be his long-lost
· Michael Rogers, Captain · Richard Sargent, Bounty sister, and he is faced with the terrible choice of trad-
Hunter · Brian Thompson, Teena Mulder · Rebecca ing her for Scully, who has been taken hostage by the
Toolan bounty hunter. Of course, not everything is quite what
it seems, and Mulder comes away with little evidence
Case File Synopsis but a renewed enthusiasm for his quest.
A newspaper ad placed 
to locate a certain doctor
sets off the murder of
several people with the
18 Fearful Symmetry
same face. When Scully Writer: Steven DeJarnatt, Director: James Whitmore Jr,
and Mulder locate anoth- Original Broadcast: 02.24.1995, Production Code:
er look-alike, they work 2X18
to find him before the Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
killer does. Coming to Mulder's aid is another familiar Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
face, but one he wasn't expecting. (Part one of two.)
56 | Season 2

Guest Cast: Ray Floyd · Charles Andre, Willa Am- that all of these sailors appear to have aged many
brose · Jayne Atkinson, Frohike · Tom Braidwood, Jan- decades in the course of days.
itor · Lenno Britos, Red Head Kid · Garvin Cross,
Trucker · Tom Glass, Kyle Lang · Lance Guest, Byers · Title Forensics
Bruce Harwood, Ed Meecham · Jack Rader, Sophie · Although one may assume so, “død kalm” does not
Jody St Michael mean “dead calm” in Norwegian. “Død” means
“dead”, but “kalm” isn't a word at all.
Case File Synopsis
The death of a federal
construction worker and
Autumn's Report
the destruction of vari- “It's not Evian, but...”
ous property can only be I've always had a soft spot for this episode despite the
tied to an escaped ele- fact it is certainly not perfect. It's one I've seen routine-
phant. Yet the witnesses ly dismissed over the years and I have frankly never
claim to have seen no an- understood that reaction. Yes, “Dod Kalm” has some
imals which might have weaknesses, but I am stuck by its strengths and enjoy
caused the turmoil. So, Mulder and Scully check out the different and moody atmosphere it evokes. The
the local zoo whose claim to fame is that they've never words I often think of to describe it are “poetic”, “visu-
had a successful animal birth. al” and “tense”.
I find Howard Gordon's script incredibly poetic
Kevin's Report and believe it to be one of his best (this time with his
This is The X-Files making an animal rights statement former writing partner Alex Gansa). Outside of the last
as the agents investigate a series of bizarre events that Scully monologue, (which remains one of my all time
seem to be linked to animal disappearances at a zoo. favorites in writing and Gillian's dead on delivery),
Unfortunately, there isn't much plot coherence to back passages like Scully remembering and sharing her fa-
it up. Since when are the aliens interested in endan- ther's respect for the sea or relating to Mulder an actu-
gered species, and why are the abducted animals in- al memory from her abduction that they have nothing
visible when they return? to fear of death were nice sections. Plus, they even con-
 tained continuity, can you believe it? Even the cap-
tain's descriptions such as “then the ship, my ship, she
began to bleed” or “time got lost” have a haunting lyri-
19 Død Kalm cal quality to them.
Original Story: Howard Gordon, Writers: Howard This is also one of those episodes where the
Gordon & Alex Gansa, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi- strength of the partnership between Mulder and Scully
nal Broadcast: 03.10.1995, Production Code: 2X19 is featured strongly and prominently. The whole
episode is about them working together. It's not a case
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
of Mulder and his time traveling wormholes or Scully
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
and her free radicals being right, it is a matter of a syn-
Guest Cast: Halverson · Mar Andersons, Lieutenant thesis of science and the paranormal. I wish more
Richard Harper · Dmitry Chepovetsky, Captain Bar- episodes could use their differences in this cooperative
clay · David Cubitt, Ionesco · Stephen Dimopoulos, manner. As the fear escalates they theorize together,
Olafsson · Vladimir Kulich, Sailor · John McConnach, are considerate of each other, and plan a course of ac-
Nurse Crown · Robert Metcalfe, Dr Lasko · Claire Ri- tion. When they rush through the narrow confines
ley, Henry Trondheim · John Savage there are no words needed, only eye contact and head
bobs, to convey the next move. It is a lovely team piece
Case File Synopsis highlighted by their discussion over who should drink
The last known position the liquid Scully found and each insisting the other do
of the USS Argent was in it. As Mulder weakens, Scully perseveres on, ignoring
the Norwegian equiva- Trondheim's “every man for himself” attitude and
lent of the Bermuda Tri- tries to document a cure for Mulder (and thankfully
angle until a boatload of her science pays off for him in the end). The ending of
survivors is found. What this episode always touches me: Scully, trying to com-
particularly catches Mul- fort a dying Mulder who tells her “we still have work
der's inquisitive eye is to do” and eventually with her own health failing
moving to join him in sleep.
Død Kalm | 57

I've always been a fan of John Bartley's cine- die. God knows they keep trying to make us think they
matography and it is episodes like this that really can though. However, even given our heroes are
make me miss his presence on the show. In “Dod miraculously saved, “Dod Kalm” was a beautiful ex-
Kalm” his lighting is poetic as well. The fog, the glow ploration of partnership. An episode that relied on
off a radar screen, and most off all those big ass flash- overcoming fear and human nature rather than fight-
lights almost become another character. This hour is ing aliens and monsters. I'll take a little well done in-
full of creative lighting and may actually be the trospection any time.
episode that uses flashlight beams the most in the se-
ries. The tight confines of the ship and skittering lights Random Musings
only ratchet up the tension further. Director Rob Bow-  Date Stamp: From Scully's last journal entry we
man does a wonderful job of working with Bartley to learn the date is March 12 (of 1995 when the episode
give us the claustrophobic and confining feel of a dy- originally aired).
ing ship. One of the best moments is that fabulous  The number (925) painted on the U.S.S. Ardent is a
Scully sequence where she desperately searches the nod to the birth date of Gillian Anderson's daughter
ship for liquids, shot only with inventive camera an- Piper.
gles, a dancing smoky flashlight beam, and the panic  The only annoying moment for me partnership wise
in Gillian Anderson's eyes. Bowman also manages to occurs at the beginning when it is apparent once
focus on the water before we know it is the culprit in a again Mulder has called Scully out without telling
non-obtrusive manner such that we recall it when it her why to use her as his little medical tool and then
becomes clear what the problem is. tells her to report back to his office. At least he both-
Rounding out the technical marvels of “Dod ered to say “thank you..
Kalm” is Mark Snow's inspired score for it. Notes echo  I can only imagine what an adventure doing the ex-
and clang with an underwater sound to them mixed pense reports for this one was. Two spur of the mo-
with a jangling, edgy piano and occasional rushed sec- ment tickets to the Port of Middlst of Nowhersk,
tions of swirling desperation. Some of his most origi- Norway and no prior approval from their supervi-
nal and striking work. Perfect for this episode. sor has got to be a problem. They'd have to end up
Sometimes I think I may be one of the few people using the hospital stay as a sympathy card.
out there who frankly was not bothered by the make-  The accent of the captain of that teaser fishing
up effects in this one. Since the cause of the problem trawler always cracks me up. He has a real problem
was not just premature aging but something else, I with the “Th” sound, hence his boat number is “CV
could accept the effects of the phenomena on them 2 Tree Tree” and he tells the other boat he is “trow-
without issue. One of the things I have to admire about ing” them a line.
this is that the layers of makeup forced Duchovny and  I wonder at the fact that 18 hours later the muti-
Anderson to have to focus most of their work through neers looked like hell (I guess they were all just
their eyes for us to see the people we recognize, and kicking back guzzling water from the ship) and yet
they do an admirable job here. Anderson added a days later Captain Barclay is still kicking around the
gradual roughening of her voice which was effective, boat. Just how much Jack Daniels did the man
but I think I could have done without Duchovny's have? And whatever happened to alcohol dehydrat-
Katherine Hepburn impersonation with the shaking ing your system.
head. At least he did not start talking about the loons.  I've always been curious if the actor who played the
He was doing a fine job without adding that affecta- Lt. Harper really did have that big mole on the side
tion. of his face making it easier to recognize him as the
I wish I could say all the acting was poetic, but same man when the fishing trawler met up with
John Savage's halting delivery too often reminded me him, or if they drew a huge one in for the occasion.
of a William Shatner impersonation. He even does the  Speaking of moles, this is one of those episodes
odd and awkward pauses combined with rushing lines when they did not do a very good job of covering
during the Norwegian subtitle part. What makes him up Gillian's. It is plainly visible while she is talking
even more difficult to watch these days is that I now to BadActor!NavalNurseBoy in the beginning of the
have flashbacks to the famous season two blooper reel episode.
segment where the man could not remember his lines  Scully's bossy nature in a hospital setting is evident
to save his life. In the end however, I always found the here. Even after she is confronted she continues to
fact that Trondheim drowns after hoarding the water plow ahead trying to get information until she is fi-
poetic justice. nally threatened with removal and I believe we see
I will grant you that the deux ex machina ending the hint of a pout.
here is weak. Yes, we know Mulder and Scully can't
58 | Season 2

 Apparently between the hospital and the office  Out of all the 1013 bathroom moments I've got to
Scully stops off and has her hair done or at least credit this one as one of the best. There are few
spends some quality time with one of her many sea- scenes more visually disgusting then panning from
son 2 curling irons. Maybe Psychic!Scully “just a dead man against a blood smeared wall across a
knew” that it may be the last time in the episode filthy bathroom to someone slurping water out of a
that her hair looked good so she'd better make the toilet.
best of it. Once on the boat humidity started to  Why is it when Mulder was so bad off that he ends
work its usual wonders, and while whatever is hap- up looking so much better than Scully does when
pening to them does not appear to turn their hair they are in the hospital at the end? I wonder if they
gray, it certainly did not do them any follicle favors. just did not bother to put makeup on Duchovny
 Frank's Fashion Spot: Not the easiest episode for a since the close ups were of Scully and hoped the
fashion spotlight that is for sure, but I will weigh in distance masked the fact. Anyway, it's a good thing
on loving the barn coat that Scully sports for the these two are quick healers. I'd hate to think of how
majority of the episode as functional fashion. much Oil of Olay they went through to get that skin
 Well, I guess Halverson had no family or I'm sure back to normal so quickly.
they might have been less than pleased with Trond-
“I think I hear the wolf at the door...”
heim's decision just to dump his body overboard.
 It's the little things that count: an ill Mulder telling
Kevin's Report
Scully she's lucky she inherited her “father's legs” –
not exactly a compliment for a gal – until he speci- Placing Mulder and Scully in eerie, isolated situations
fies “sea legs” and manages a cute quick smile from continues to work as the agents are trapped on a boat
Scully. where everyone seems to be undergoing a rapid aging
 It is always nice to see Scully isn't the only one Mul- process. A little awkward in places, but a nice balance
of the creepy and the melancholy.
der gives his non-answers to. When Trondheim
asks “So exactly what is it you're looking for up
there?” we get the ever- helpful “a number of
things” response. Well that was exact. 20 Humbug
 These two certainly do a fine job of keeping watch.
Writer: Darin Morgan, Director: Kim Manners, Origi-
Mulder spends first watch staring at the wall half
nal Broadcast: 03.31.1995, Production Code: 2X20
asleep and Sleepy!Scully tells us “I'm up” with her
face buried in a pillow. Well, who can blame them Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
though as we soon find out it was a heckuva a Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
rough night.
Guest Cast: Mr Nutt · Michael Anderson, Curator ·
 Lucky for Mulder when the boats crash his head
Alex Diakun, The Conundrum · The Enigma, Sheriff
lands on a roll of paper towels otherwise that could
James Hamilton · Wayne Grace, Reverend · Alvin
have hurt.
Law, Jerald Glazebrook · John Payne, Dr Blockhead
 Now either “First, let me go.” sounds almost exactly
aka Jeffrey Swaim · Jim Rose, Lenny · Vincent Schi-
the same in Norwegian and English or they subti- avelli, Older Glazebrook Son · Blair Slater, Hepcat
tled that line for no particular reason. Helm · Gordon Tipple, Younger Glazebrook Son ·
 Throw away effect that did not make sense: the Devin Walker
rapid corrosion close up of the Ardent's name plate.
Nothing else visually changed that rapidly and we
Case File Synopsis
got the picture just fine without adding that in.
Mulder and Scully must
Having the hand fall off the body when barely
find the paranormal
touched was a much better way of showing all was
among the abnormal
not right.
when they are sent to in-
 How come Mulder and Scully did not get those
vestigate a long standing
hideous fast growing nails like everyone else? Were
series of ritualistic
they busy giving each other manicures when we
killings which match no
weren't looking? “What gives you such lovely nails
known patterns. The lat-
Scully?” “Why Mulder that would be sardine juice,
est of which was the death of the 'Alligator Man', just
snow globe water and lemon – you're soaking in it..
one of many sideshow acts around which the town of
 Speaking of, I'm sure Scully isn't often called upon
Gibsontown, Florida is built.
to play bartender – wonder what you call that little
cocktail from hell she mixed, a “Cold Sour Fish?.
Humbug | 59

Kevin's Report 22 F. Emasculata

Darin Morgan quickly establishes himself as the Dou-
Writers: Chris Carter & Howard Gordon, Director:
glas Adams of the X-Files writing staff with this debut
Rob Bowman, Original Broadcast: 04.28.1995, Produc-
script about murders at a circus geek show. Filled with
tion Code: 2X22
wry commentary, outrageous humor, and great perfor-
mances from a unique supporting cast, this is a riot Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
from beginning to end. Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Guest Cast: Elizabeth · Lynda Boyd, Mother At Bus
Station · Chilton Crane, Smoking Man · William B
21 The Calusary Davis, Bobby Torrence · Kim Kondrashoff, US Marshal
Tapia · Dean Norris, Dr Simon Auerbach · Morris Pa-
Writer: Sara B Charno, Director: Michael Vejar, Origi-
nych, Assistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileg-
nal Broadcast: 04.14.1995, Production Code: 2X21
gi, Paul · John Pyper-Ferguson, Dr Torrence · Bill
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, Rowat, Bus Driver · Alvin Sanders, Dr Osbourne ·
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny Charles Martin Smith, Steve · John Tench, Angelo
Guest Cast: Golda · Lilyan Chauvin, Maggie Holvey · Garza · Angelo Vacco, Winston · Jude Zachary
Helene Clarkson, Second Causari · Bill Croft, Nurse
Castor · Jacqueline Dandeneau, Dr Charles Burks · Bill Case File Synopsis
Dow, Fourth Calusari · George Josef, Head Calusari · Mulder and Scully find
Kay E Kuter, Third Calusari · Campbell Lane, themselves sent to a pen-
Charlie/Michael Holvey · Joel Palmer, Steve Holvey · itentiary in order to par-
Ric Reid, Teddy Holvey · Jeremy Isaac Wildsmith and ticipate in the retrieval of
Oliver Wildsmith, Karen Kosseff · Christine Willes two escaped convicts.
Confused as about the
Case File Synopsis reason for FBI involve-
A photograph taken just ment, they look a little
previous to the death of a deeper and discover an highly contagious and deadly
two year old boy yields disease has infected many of the inmates, and possibly
evidence of some super- the two escapees as well.
natural intervention
which peaks Mulder's Kevin's Report
curiosity. When another A nicely paced, if occasionally stomach-churning, hour
death in the family oc- of suspense in which Mulder helps to track a man in-
curs, the grandmother of the remaining child requests fected with a dangerous virus and Scully works to con-
the aid of some Romanian ritualists in order to cleanse tain the outbreak. It's somewhat weakened by some
the home of evil. implausibly careless behavior on the part of Scully and
two other doctors, all of whom apparently slept
Title Forensics through their medical school lectures on quarantine
In the Romanian language the “căluşari” is the word procedures.
for a participant in a traditional male folk dance, the
“căluş”. The dance is thought to be derived from a pre-
Christian fertility ritual and spring rite, and is said to 23 Soft Light
bring luck, health and happiness to the villages in
Writer: Vince Gilligan, Director: James Contner, Origi-
which it is danced.
nal Broadcast: 05.05.1994, Production Code: 2X23
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
Kevin's Report Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
One of the scariest X-Files episodes has the agents in-
vestigating an apparent case of demonic possession Guest Cast: Government Scientist · Forbes Angus, Sec-
linked to a series of deaths in a Hungarian family. The ond Officer · Steve Bacic, Security Guard · Craig
introduction of the secret society of “Calusari” lends Brunanski, Detective Barron · Nathaniel Deveaux, First
an appropriately mysterious air and is complemented Officer · Guyle Frazier, Dr Christopher Davey · Kevin
by chilling exorcism imagery. McNulty, Doctor · Robert Rozen, Dr Chester Ray Ban-
 ton · Tony Shalhoub, Detective Kelly Ryan · Kate Twa,
60 | Season 2

Mr X · Steven Williams, Night Nurse · Donna Ya- well done. He recognizes what makes her a good
mamoto agent, telling her “You never put yourself ahead of
your work”. Too bad we can't always say the same
Case File Synopsis thing for him.
An ex-student of Scully's Something can be learned in this episode from the
asks Mulder and Scully presence of X. Too many times in non-mythology
to help her with her first episodes when one of the informants appears it is
investigation concerning merely to hand over gift information – they are a plot
a number of disappear- device used to cover weak writing. This is not the case
ances with very few in “Soft Light”. First off, X doesn't even help Mulder at
clues. Mulder ponders all – he actually uses Mulder to get the information
the idea of spontaneous that he needs and his presence actually helps further
human combustion but rethinks it when they find a our understanding of his character. Here we get hints
man who is afraid of his own shadow. of what we learn much later about X – the part he
plays in the shadow government. Plus, as a bonus, he
doesn't utter the words “bee husbandry” once and
Autumn's Report
Steven Williams serves up a menacing and edgy per-
“Let's forget for the moment that there's no scientific theory
formance that is sorely missed these days. That mo-
to support it.” “Okay.”
ment when you see his face suddenly appear through
I've always been able to forgive the scientific inaccura- the door's small window is first rate.
cies of this somewhat convoluted version of “Me and From a supporting actor standpoint kudos also go
My Shadow” because it was a solid first effort from to Tony Shalhoub for his performance as the haunted
Vince Gilligan. The writing was tight (with a few mi- Dr. Banton – there is a moment where he stands facing
nor exceptions – Mulder makes some pretty big leaps) X, his mouth duct taped and hands tied that just gives
and it held my attention in an enjoyable manner even me the chills. Technically, there was a lot to appreciate
if the premise always sounded a bit stupid. I'm a suck- about this episode. Mark Snow's score which starts the
er for interesting character moments and am im- wonderful theme in the teaser has always been one of
pressed with the character development in this script my favorites amongst so much great work from him.
that proved not only fun, but also insightful. Plus, The cinematography makes me miss John Bartley all
there were those wonderful moments of actual conti- over again and the shadow blue light special effects
nuity – I laugh out loud when I see the skeptical Dr. were cool.
Scully eyeballing the grate in the hotel room – and
some would say she doesn't open herself up to ex- Random Musings
treme possibilities. There are also references to the fic-  Retreads: Det. Ryan (Kate Twa) was the female half
tional Morley tobacco company who put the cancer in of the Genderbender alien and Kevin McNulty (Dr.
CancerMan. Davey) was Agent Fuller in “Squeeze” and later
From a character standpoint this episode contains “Apocrypha”.
quite a bit of humor – one of my favorite moments be-  Scully's connection to Det. Ryan has always con-
ing the exchange I open this review with. The whole fused me. She is said to have been a student of Scul-
Mulder/Scully interaction in the first scene with the ly's at Quantico and yet she is a police detective in
“I've heard a lot about you” / “We'll talk later” bit was Virginia. It makes me wonder if the FBI is in the
a welcome warm moment – complete with a rare Scul- habit of training other law enforcement officers in
ly smile. forensic techniques or if Ryan was just a washout
I also appreciate this episode for being one of the with the FBI.
few times that Scully actually acknowledges the diffi-  I always liked X, but having to hear him say “I'm
culties of being a woman in her profession. She cor- afraid I can't help you” yet again always made me
rects Mulder for assuming the killer is a man, and talks want to just throttle him. What is that? His signa-
a bit about the “boy's club”. I've often thought a lot of ture line.
what makes Scully what she is – a woman who at  While the actual zapping effects were cool, they just
times seems to try desperately to hide her emotions – couldn't make up their minds as to what those
is because of the way she deals with this difficulty. She scorch marks should look like. One time it looks like
is so afraid of being perceived as weak because of her grease on tile, another time like a pile of chunky
physical size and gender that she has overcompensat- ashes, another like a black smudge, and another like
ed in the other direction throughout her life and ca- lumpy tar. Find something and just stick with it.
reer. Mulder's response to Scully's feminist stance is
Soft Light | 61

 Why in the world was Dr. Banton looking for his Case File Synopsis
colleague Dr. Morris West at an upscale hotel in the Dudley, Arkansas is the
beginning? Doesn't this guy have a home like every- site of the latest investi-
one else. gation for Mulder and
 Don't let the fact that Scully actually gets to intro- Scully, who are sent to
duce us to the case distract from the point that they find a missing poultry in-
actually have no business being there for this one. spector. The case takes a
Does the FBI have a special travel budget for per- twist when another poul-
sonal favors. try worker is shot after
 I don't know about you all, but I've never been fin- she goes insane, giving Mulder a hunch that the
gerprinted when I stayed at a hotel. Which would townsfolk really are what they eat.
make it pretty hard for Det. Ryan to check the prints
on a light bulb against all the hotel guests some of
Title Forensics
whom have already left.
“Our Town” is a play by Thornton Wilder about a
 Ever wonder just how deep those pockets are in
small (fictional) town. The title refers to this play in a
Agent “I don't need no stinking purse” Scully's
sarcastic way.
trenchcoat? She always seems to have just what
they need. I wonder if she has more than one kind
of prophylactic tucked away down there. Autumn's Report
 I'm pretty amazed at Mulder's ability to go through “I just came up with a sick theory Mulder” “Oooo, I'm lis-
a week's worth of video tape so quickly here – espe- tening.”
cially as it doesn't appear that they are even using
While I certainly would not classify it as a great or
fast forward.
classic episode, “Our Town” is a solid outing that I've
 Just how does Mulder get in touch with X here? Put
always liked. I think it is mostly because Spotnitz's
an X in his hotel room window? Hmmm...
first solo effort at a Monster of the Week was different.
 The shot used to establish the site where X meets
It told us a few new things about the characters, the
Mulder at the end has actually been used before – in
script (despite it's Scooby Doo “Zoinks let's pull the
the episode “Sleepless”.
mask off” ending) was not that predictable, and there
“For your birthday I'll buy you a utility belt” was an uneasy tension throughout. Perhaps it was aid-
ed by the fact that humans are always the most fright-
Kevin's Report ening monster on the X-Files.
Another auspicious debut in the form of this tightly I think in examining that tension that exists in this
plotted installment from Vince Gilligan about a scien- episode you can point quite quickly to the things that
tist whose shadow has become a dangerous weapon in made it successful. First of all the opening scene be-
the aftermath of his experiments with dark matter. In- tween Mulder and Scully is a favorite of mine because
triguing, if far-fetched, concept, good secondary char- it is an early case of Scully showing a lot of investment
acters, and nice tie-in to the conspiracy as X betrays in the work. She's clearly annoyed at the fact that she
Mulder so that the government can get their hands on believes they are being asked to go on a wild goose –
the scientist. or as Mulder points out chicken – chase to discredit
 what they do. Her argument is not with Mulder, it is
with the mysterious “them” as she starts to buy into
the conspiracy after two years. Actually, the last few
24 Our Town episodes of season two did a grand job of escalating
Writer: Frank Spotnitz, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi- the threat to Mulder and Scully as a lead into
nal Broadcast: 05.12.1994, Production Code: 2X24 “Anasazi”. You just felt like they were on thin ice and
knew things were closing in on them a bit.
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
The video they watch (as usual with wonderful
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
reflective work by the master cinematographer John
Guest Cast: Sheriff Tom Arens · Gary Grubbs, Doris Bartley) is also edgy and disturbing – continuing to set
Kearns · Caroline Kava, George Kearns · John Ma- the tone. What's amusing about that first back and
cLaren, Creighton Jones · Hrothgar Mathews, Walter forth is that while Mulder's talking foxfire, Scully
Chaco · John Milford, Paula Gray · Gabrielle Miller, thinks the burn mark is a bonfire, and boy is she right
Worker · Robert Moloney, Dr Vance Randolph · Robin that time. “Our Town” is one of those episodes that
Mossley, Maid · Carrie Cain Sparks, Jess Harold · Tim- does a good job of using both leads proactively to
othy Webber solve the crime piecing things together in tandem. It's
62 | Season 2

this type of partnership work that always seems to ele- Random Musings
vate an episode. I have to credit Spotnitz with provid-  George to Paula in the car: “It's not like you're still
ing some clever writing such that the scenes with in high school”. I sure as hell hope not if she was 47.
Kearns' wife and the Sheriff can and do work two  Mark Snow uses some familiar themes heard
ways. It helped to keep the audience guessing throughout the series in this episode, but his scoring
throughout the investigation as to what was going on. of act four in particular did an evocative job of in-
I have a love/hate thing with the Scully in jeop- creasing the tension while the towns people pre-
ardy part of “Our Town”. I can remember being quite pared to find out just how tasty Scully is.
annoyed when it initially aired because it seemed like  Apparently they grow their doctors pretty dumb in
Scully was getting bonked on that left temple of hers Dudley. Doctor “I'm just a staff physician” seems to
like every other episode and being put in some sort of have blocked how to treat anything much greater
danger. I mean can you even imagine the callus she than a scratch. I like the fact that he's prescribed
must have built up in that one spot over the years? codeine that these folks seem to down by the hand-
Still, even though I don't like the idea of her being so ful for their dramatic seizures. The way Kearns was
easily overpowered and taken once again, there is acting in the teaser you would have thought it was
something absolutely terrifying about this particular nitroglycerine for a heart attack. Thems fast acting
instance. I don't think we've ever seen Scully look so codeine pills if he could snap out of it so quick. No
petrified as she does here, and folks, Gillian does it all wonder Kearns was falling all over himself later
with her eyes since once again duct tape is her friend. though. I'm surprised he could even walk after
It still makes me uncomfortable every time I watch it crunching down that dose.
even when I know Mulder's going to save the day,  I've always found the comment by Scully “I didn't
look at her all angsty and get to play with her hair. think anything gave you nightmares” interesting
On a gross scale this one is right up there. In a since there seems to be such a fan focus on Mulder
place where even the chickens are cannibals, Chaco as having nightmares. I thought this comment was
Chicken and their “Good People, Good Food!” slogan intended about monsters and such rather than hav-
will put you off your feed for a while each you see it. ing anything to do about Samantha. Mulder's mon-
All the shots of disgusting sludge (of course Mulder sters have always been his family.
finds the grossest thing in the plant to ask about it –  Just how many chickens does Chaco think he needs
I'm shocked he did not shove his fingers in it first), to keep in that small pen with no hutch in his back-
bloody rivers, and that last gross out with what I've al- yard? It was like a crowded chicken prison next to
ways assumed was Chaco's mustache were a little over the tennis court. The set people certainly could not
the top for me. I pity the actress who had to take the have been more obvious in the fact that it was just
sludge bath for her big X-Files break. Acting doesn't tossed into the backyard of the house they hap-
get much worse than that for a paycheck. Gillian An- pened to be shooting at.
derson actually has one of the better bits when she ex-  The picture of Mulder in shades pulling a plastic
presses what I felt as an audience member with the fork out of the ashes always gives me a smile. Nice
sick look she gives that bucket of chicken before leav- little bit of foreshadowing with that one.
ing it behind.  Frank's Fashion Spot: I will say I always liked that
The supporting performances were for the most camel color trench coat of Scully's, but my favorite
part fine. I especially liked John Milford as Chaco, but fashion moment in this episode is a bit of a silly one.
I've got to say I was glad to see George Kearns die in It's not often Scully wears one of those scrub dress-
the teaser before that actor could really start to wear on es, and seeing her in that complete with the white
me. The editing could have been a little tighter espe- hose and shoes is highly amusing. Plus, though sad-
cially in the end sequence when it seemed like they ly she does not wear them, at least her glasses were
were taking forever just as to give Mulder enough time also sitting there in that scene taunting us.
to show up. I suppose the last melee was there to indi-  We've always known Scully does good autopsy, but
cate folks running about like chickens with their heads she's even more impressive than usual in “Our
cut off, but the stomping of Jess always comes across Town” since she's able to get a slice of Paula Gray's
as a little too phony for my taste. Then of course there brain out without even cutting into her head. The
was the aforementioned Scooby Doo denouement. body just lies there completely intact from every an-
We've certainly seen better monster of the week gle as they look at this miracle brain tissue.
episodes, but “Our Town” does hold up well in the  Another fun John Bartley moment: he's able to cap-
middle ground of The X-Files. ture a good reflection of Mulder and Scully in the
shades of the Sheriff.
Our Town | 63

 Nice reactions all around when the Sheriff tells

them “Foxfire's nothing more than a ghost story
25 The Anasazi (I)
about swamp gas”. In fact Mulder looks a little like Original Story: David Duchovny & Chris Carter, Writ-
he's having one of his “dodger dog” moments at er: Chris Carter, Director: RW Goodwin, Original
that point. Broadcast: 05.19.1995, Production Code: 2X25
 It's the little things that count. For some reason I re- Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
ally really like that moment in the chicken plant Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
where Scully is calmly closing in and trying to talk
Paula down. Despite the situation you feel like Scul- Guest Cast: Frohike · Tom Braidwood, Second Senior
ly is the one in control, the consummate law en- Agent · Ken Camroux, Third Senior Agent · Chris
forcement professional. Carter, Mr Hosteen · Byron Chief Moon, Kenneth
 I cannot for the life of me figure out why that one Soona · Bernie Coulson, Stealth Soldier · Mitchell
woman is wearing a badge over her chicken plant Davies, Smoking Man · William B Davis, Antonio ·
outfit. Is she some sort of a member of the Ranger Aurelio DiNunzio, William Mulder · Peter Donat, Lan-
Chick Club wearing her merit badge. gly · Dean Haglund, Byers · Bruce Harwood, Eric Hos-
 Danny makes another non-appearance in this teen · Dakota House, Alex Krycek · Nicholas Lea, Spe-
episode running missing person's checks for the dy- cial Agent Kautz · Paul McLean, Josephine Doane ·
namic duo. Renae Morriseau, Assistant Director Walter Skinner ·
 Annoying Spotnitz Dialogue: Having Mulder point Mitch Pileggi, First Senior Agent · Michael David
out the bones have been polished to Scully after she Simms, Albert Hosteen · Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
just showed him that in the previous scene. I think
the audience could have remembered this all the Case File Synopsis
way through the commercial break Frank. The trust that Mulder
 Speaking of commercials I find the reference to the and Scully is sorely test-
Anasazi tribe in the episode before “Anasazi” al- ed when Mulder begins
ways a little odd. It's like it should have meant acting strangely. His
something and it didn't. aberrant behaviour is
 Thank God Chaco labels his knickknacks for easy compounded when the
reference with things like “Jale tribe, New Guinea, Lone Gunmen direct him
1944” and keeps a bunch of heads in his entryway. to a hacker who man-
It really makes investigations go a lot quicker. I do aged to break into some very closely guarded files. So,
keep wondering what the label by the bone said the Smoking Man quickly takes action while Scully in-
though. Perhaps “My first femur”. vestigates Mulder's abnormalcy. (Part one of three.)
 I'm not sure why Mulder pounded that lock off the
cabinet when we just saw him use his handy lock Title Forensics
pick gun to break into the courthouse. More dra- The Anasazi were a prehistoric Native American civi-
matic I guess. lization centered around the present-day Four Corners
“I'm surprised she didn't call Oprah as soon as she got off area of the Southwest United States.
the phone with the police.”
Kevin's Report
Kevin's Report A tense, outstanding season finale delves deeper into
This episode taps into a mythical cannibalism/immor- the workings of the conspiracy as Mulder receives in-
tality connection as the agents investigate a series of formation about the remnants of a government experi-
deaths connected to a factory whose motto of “Good ment on aliens in the Southwest. Meanwhile, Scully is
People, Good Food” is a little too close to the truth. caught in the middle trying to explain his erratic be-
Unfortunately, it starts to run out of steam towards the havior, as the conspirators have been putting
end, resorting to a standard “Scully in distress” con- pyschoactive drugs in his water supply. The cliffhang-
frontation and sustaining itself mostly on the yuck-fac- er, in which the Cigarette-Smoking Man torches a box-
tor. car with Mulder trapped inside, tops off the first part
 of an excellent trilogy of episodes.
Season 3 | 65

Major Important Themes

Season 3
From 09/22/1995 to 05/17/1996
 Memory (Mulder searching/Scully repressing)
“Something lives only as long as the last person
who remembers it”. This is key to the
memory/truth parallels we see for both Mulder &
Scully and central to Mulder's continued quest for
Samantha. It reappears in Bill Mulder's speech “You
are the memory Fox – it live in you”.
1 The Blessing Way (II)  Mulder's father's speech: “Hello son. I did not dare
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: RW Goodwin, Original hope to see you so soon nor ever again hope to bro-
Broadcast: 09.22.1995, Production Code: 3X01 ker fate with a life to which I gave life.” I take this
“again” statement as a basic admission that he had
Cast: Special Agent Dana
a part in Samantha's abduction.
Scully · Gillian Ander-
 CancerMan is definitely in trouble. Remember how
son, Special Agent Fox
cool he was under gunpoint in “One Breath”? Paral-
Mulder · David
lel that to the scene where he is downright panic-
ridden in Albert's house and the fact that he lied to
Guest Cast: MD · Forbes his group about having the tape. He needs that tape
Angus, Frohike · Tom and bad.
Braidwood, Hispanic Man · Lenno Britos, Stealth Sol-  Skinner walking the line. He is between the rock &
dier · Mitchell Davies, Smoking Man · William B hard place here. He appears very afraid of the FBI
Davis, William Mulder · Peter Donat, Security Guard · higher ups (to the point of being nervous of the
Ernie Foort, Tour Guide · Benita Ha, Deep Throat · Jer- crack in his door when confronting Scully outside
ry Hardin, Eric Hosteen · Dakota House, Dr Mark his office and lying to her when CM is in his office.
Pomerantz · Alf Humphreys, Margaret Scully · Sheila He needs to make a decision about which side he's
Larken, Alex Krycek · Nicholas Lea, Melissa Scully · on because playing both isn't going to work any-
Melinda McGraw, Mr Hosteen · Tim Michael, Third more.
Elder · John Moore, Well-Manicured Man · John  What binds Mulder & Scully together. Mulder's
Neville, Assistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pi- dream speech explains it all. He sensed Scully's
leggi, Senior FBI Agent · Michael David Simms, Teena struggle for the truth “You were here today”
Mulder · Rebecca Toolan, Minister · Ian Victor, Second through her hypnosis. It is looking for truth that
Elder · Stanley Walsh, Albert Hosteen · Floyd 'Red “binds us together in a dangerous purpose”.
Crow' Westerman, First Elder · Don S Williams
Classic Scully Moments
Case File Synopsis (Lots of Scullyangst in this one there was)
The Smoking Man works quickly to recover the stolen  Oooo folks. How 'bout that “F*ck You” look she
computer files, but finds himself thwarted by a man gave Skinner after he had the gall to tell her it had
whom he hoped was dead. Meanwhile, Scully finds been a difficult time for everyone. Scared me.
herself at a loss for her next step and turns to her fami-  What was her “terrible mistake”? Not being with
ly for support, since Mulder is otherwise engaged Mulder? Lying for Mulder? Being in trouble with
fighting for survival. (Part two of three.) the FBI? It is interesting that she is still so fixated on
her father and what he would think that she says
Autumn's Report “Dad would be so ashamed of me”.
 Loved the look on Scully's face when she saw it was
Well, now I know what producer Paul Rabwin meant
Frohike (who's “Do you recycle?” line was the best
when he said that the cliffhanger on this one would be
“ism” in the show) at the door. I found it interesting
worse than “Anasazi”. Thank God we didn't have to
how uncomfortable she seemed at his “passing the
spend all summer with Skinner & Scully pointing guns
torch” comment.
at each other.
 I knew she should have got X-rays a LONG time
I'm feeling a little wordy tonight. Maybe it's just
the excitement of being able to actually comment on a ago. God only knows why she hasn't been setting
new show again, but here goes. I thought this show off the airport scanners left and right. A theory
was great. An incredible acting Tour-de-force for Ms. about the implant. I have been wondering how CM
Anderson and it also did a lot to forward the & gang found them so quickly in New Mexico –
“Mulder/Scully” mythology. There are themes from once they got Mulder's location they choppered
this show that I think we will be seeing for a long time.
66 | Season 3

right over. Do you suppose they've been using Scul- Guest Cast: Frohike · Tom Braidwood, Hispanic Man ·
ly as a tracking device. Lenno Britos, ICU Nurse · Peta Brookstone, Smoking
 I sincerely hope that “Missy” is not dead. Her scene Man · William B Davis, Factotum · Martin Evans, Vic-
with Dana was great. And, she appears to me to be tor Klemper · Walter Gotell, Langly · Dean Haglund,
the character with the most dead-on analysis of oth- Byers · Bruce Harwood, Margaret Scully · Sheila
ers. She hit the nail on the head with Scully's fears, Larken, Alex Krycek · Nicholas Lea, ER Doctor ·
walls, grief, repression, etc. and finally got Dana to Robert Lewis, Melissa Scully · Melinda McGraw, Third
do what we've been wanting her to do for a long Elder · John Moore, Well-Manicured Man · John
time (even if she does appear to chicken out in the Neville, Assistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pi-
end). I think that Melissa's statement “It's like leggi, Teena Mulder · Rebecca Toolan, Second Elder ·
you've lost all touch with your own intuition” is the Stanley Walsh, Albert Hosteen · Floyd 'Red Crow'
reason that Dana actually believes her dream of Westerman, First Elder · Don S Williams
Mulder without science or facts: “I just have a very
strong feeling”. Case File Synopsis
 Doncha think that GA does the best therapy scenes. Reunited, Mulder and
 Scully on the edge is downright frightening. Those Scully locate an old sci-
last moments were some of the most tense we've entist from Nazi Ger-
seen on this show. When she says “Don't think I many, pardoned through
won't do it you SOB” it gave me chills. Operation Paper Clip.
The information he gives
Other Random Notes & Questions that MUST be an- them leads to their dis-
covery of something
 Were we meant to imply from the shrieking alien
which could mean their deaths. (Part three of three.)
scene that they had dug a way out that Mulder
Autumn's Report
 Why is Scully not wearing her cross.
As I'm a bit late jumping into the fray I'll try to keep it
 What did we learn about the abduction? Not much:
short. First my new major theories:
men, lights, loud sounds, alarm, powerless.
 I now think it was Krycek who was the one Scully
 Couldn't Mulder have bothered to call Scully? Or
was talking about during the someone you trust
did he think dropping in on her dream was enough.
portion of the therapy. Of all the bad guys she did-
 How 'bout that photo with CM, DT, BM, and WMM
n't know he couldn't be trusted. After all he was
all in it taken before Samantha's abduction.
Mulder's new partner and Mulder had told her
 Given the events of this show how could Scully be
“he's all right”.
anything but totally paranoid from now on?
 I am beginning to really wonder about Mulder's
OK. I need to rest now.
memory of his sister's abduction. If the things we
learned in “Paper Clip” are true (and it was a twist-
Kevin's Report ed variation on “Sophie's Choice”) was she really
This is an interesting episode for the way in which it abducted by aliens? Or was she taken like Scully?
shows the agents in limbo – literally in the case of Mul- Why did Mulder think he saw an alien abduction?
der, who floats between life and death – following the Or did they just give the aliens the Mulder address
traumatic events of “Anasazi” and Scully's probable and say “take the girl”.
impending dismissal from the Bureau. The conspiracy-  WMM. What is the deal with this guy and WHY is
related plot mechanics that set the final act in motion, he leaking all this information when it is true? Is
however, are a bit contrived, and give us the first sign part of it true? Is Scully right and the technology
of Carter's overblown penchant for killing secondary wasn't there? What is his motivation.
characters.  The Scully not wearing her cross because Mulder
was gone theorists may be right. It was back on just
as soon as she got a change of clothes after Mulder's
2 Paper Clip (III) return.

Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Rob Bowman, Original Things that were cool
Broadcast: 09.29.1995, Production Code: 3X02
 Weaving current events and truths in (white buffa-
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, lo, nazis.
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny  That frenzied standoff. I think I saw Scully snap. It
scared me.
Paper Clip (III) | 67

 The way M&S were drinking each other in with Black, Traffic Officer · Brent Chapman, Second
their eyes at the elevator. Paramedic · Cavan Cunningham, First Paramedic · Ja-
 Sheila Larken is ALWAYS cool. Do ya think we son Anthony Griffith, Night Nurse · Bonnie Hay, Sher-
could see her in an episode sometime where some- iff Teller · Ernie Lively, Frank Kiveat · Steve Makaj,
one doesn't die. Darren Peter Oswald · Giovanni Ribisi, Mrs Oswald ·
 CM “I wasn't aware that my honest was in question Kate Robbins, Sharon Kiveat · Karen Witter
or doubt”. Right.
 I think this may be the season of the sensible shoes Case File Synopsis
for Dana. Now, if she'd only remembered her good Mulder is sceptical over a
flashlight too. coroner's report regard-
 I loved the 3 big missions. “Why they killed my fa- ing the fifth person to be
ther. What happened to my sister. And what they struck by lightning in a
did to Agent Scully”. That is the mission statement small Oklahoma town.
for the X-Files future in a nutshell. Their investigation into
 There is now no separating our team. The bad guys the latest death seems to
have once again strengthened the bond of Mulder & point to the only person
Scully (I be they are regretting the day they sent her to have survived a lightning strike, an emotionally-
to the basement). If there was ever any doubt “I charged youth.
want exactly what you want” should clear it up.
And Mulder trusts her right back to make the deci- Autumn's Report
sion for them. “That was a good one.”
 That last scene still leaves me at a loss for words. I
adore great acting. Poor Howard Gordon. “D.P.O”, one of his better ef-
forts, had the grave misfortune of during its initial air-
Questions ing being the first episode to follow that amazing con-
 Did Melinda McGraw really show up for this spiracy arc high of “Anasazi”, “Blessing Way”, and
episode? That coulda been anyone. “Paperclip”. How could fans not be disappointed on
 Did anyone else find “lots of files”, “lots and lots of some level? We were taken forcibly back to the mon-
files” really really funny. ster of the week format and thrown the tiniest of bones
 We really must find out the navajo translation for as a tie in. I liked this episode when I first saw it, and I
what Albert said. like it more today. It's not a great episode, but it is a
good one. I think it was just a case of bad timing.
Kevin's Report What's to like about this X-Files outing? Well, first
of all I have always been amazed at Kim Manner's
Mulder and Scully are reunited and, operating on the
claim that he directed this in a grief stricken haze be-
fringes, seek (and eventually find) some information
cause of the death of a friend as I consider it to be one
about the conspiracy that has nearly cost both of them
of his best directing efforts. There are shots in it that
their lives. This is a great episode on many counts: the
are simply stunning. This episode may have the best
always-welcome appearance by the Lone Gunmen,
constructed and executed teaser in the series. The bit
Mulder and Scully venturing into the hidden vaults of
where Jack's body lurches to the throbbing beat of
the Strughold Mining Factory, the meeting with the
“Ring the Bells” is close to perfect. Zero's quarter
Well-Manicured Man, and of course Skinner's famous
spilling fall as Oswald stands in a menacing pose be-
“pucker up and kiss my ass” exchange with Cancer
fore a stormy sky is another inspired moment. All in
all a well directed episode with some pretty cool spe-
cial lightening effects.
In the history of great supporting performances
3 D.P.O on the show Giovanni Ribisi (D.P.O.) shows us what a
gifted actor he is as he is able to just look stupid. His
Writer: Howard Gordon, Director: Kim Manners,
portrayal actually makes you feel sorry for this mis-
Original Broadcast: 10.06.1995, Production Code:
guided “monster” with his slow delivery, phased out
eyes, and goofy laugh. Jack Black as Zero is equally ef-
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, fective at his take on a lost youth.
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny As far as the Mulder/Scully dynamic goes this is
Guest Cast: Stan Buxton · Peter Anderson, Jack Ham- one of those rare episodes where not only are they
mond · Mar Andersons, Bart Liquori aka Zero · Jack working as a team they actually spend almost the
68 | Season 3

whole episode together. I always wonder if Mulder is  As usual I really enjoy the way they handle the
“testing” Scully in some subtle way by not jumping in porno references in the show. It amuses me to no
on her initial conversation with the sheriff as he just end the way Scully never bats an eye as she tosses
walks around making little smirky faces. It just seemed out comments like “I'm surprised you haven't read
a little odd to me the way he didn't “feel free to jump that issue”. Well, at least we learned that “April is
in anytime”. It left me wondering if he was just curious the cruelest month”.
based on past events how far she would now go to de-  When Scully said “I can hurt you too” did you find
fend the unexplained. The moment with the plaster yourself REALLY believing her? I know I did. She
cast was fun, but if I was Scully I don't think I would kinda scares me with that gun now when she starts
have fessed up about the shoe size – just let Mulder go wagging it around.
on wondering.  Love them Oklahoma mountains. I think it is the
I was annoyed by seeing that season one throw- same chain that runs through Iowa in “731”.
back of Scully arriving just a tad too late to miss the ac-  Poor Scully is really at a loss on those warm days as
tual fireworks. I'm not sure why they felt the need to she doesn't carry a purse and her trench with the
do this as in the end it is also strongly implied that she bottomless pit pockets is just too warm. She's forced
believes that these “special powers” exist. Also, you to hang those rarely seen ScullyShades on the front
are left wondering just what the hell she was doing af- of her jacket.
ter Mrs. Kiveat was dragged off.
“No man, not the cows again.”
Random Musings
 On the name game front the “Astadorian Lighten- Kevin's Report
ing Observatory” is a nod to X-Files staffer Mary This low-key MOTW suffers a little from coming right
Astadorian, and the Rosemary's video features the on the heels of the “Anasazi/Blessing Way/Paper
names of X-Philes Mary Beth Clark (kipler), Deb Clip” trilogy, but taken on its own it's a pretty good
Brown, and J Hartling from the AOL forum. The stand-alone, finding both the humor and the horror in
yearbook also featured a picture of director Man- a supernaturally talented teenage ne'er-do-well who
ners. calls down lightning upon just about anything, and
 This episode has a subtle change in the whole Scully anyone, he doesn't like.
outlook when we actually hear She To Whom Sci- 
ence Is the Be All and End All say “Even science
can't explain how lightening works.” as a snappy
comeback no less. Hmmm.
4 Clyde Bruckman's Final Re-
 I'm starting to think every female character on the pose
show may be an Eve. In “Paperclip” Scully said “I Writer: Darin Morgan, Director: David Nutter, Origi-
just knew” and this week Mrs. Kiveat. Someone nal Broadcast: 10.13.1995, Production Code: 3X04
stop them before there's an exsanguination.
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
 The “after all we've just been through” transition
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
scene did work for me as a bridge between the trilo-
gy and this episode, but I couldn't help but want Guest Cast: FBI Photographer · Greg Anderson, Clyde
more. Also a date flub in the episode undercut it as Bruckman · Peter Boyle, The Stupendous Yappi · Jaap
well. We all know the MJ events took place in April Broeker, Detective Cline · Frank Cassini, Puppet · Stu
but the video game dates this episode at 9-12-95, al- Charno, Tarot Dealer · Alex Diakun, Madame Zelma ·
most 4 full months later. Karin Konoval, Detective Havez · Dwight McFee, Mr
 I'm not a video game junkie, but I did find it odd Gordon · David MacKay, Mrs Lowe · Doris Rands,
that the high score screen didn't actually include Store Clerk · Ken Roberts
any scores...
 D.P.O spends the episode wearing various “Van- Case File Synopsis
dals” T-shirts one of which actually features that Sceptical of a famous
lovely song “Live Fast Diarrhea” on it that ended psychic's predictions re-
the episode. What other show would actually end garding the murder of
an episode with that little ditty. several prognosticators,
 Also, speaking of credits this is the only time we ac- Mulder instead finds
tually see a picture with Chris Carter's credit – and someone who he believes
an inspired one at that. truly can predict the fu-
ture. Though catching
Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose | 69

the killer could prove difficult, particularly if the mur- “I'm not one who readily believes in that sort of thing”
derer can also see into his future. – DUH Dana.
Any episode that makes me laugh so much, that
Autumn's Report lets us see Dana's curiosity get the best of her (“All
This is one of those episodes that makes it oh so easy right so how do I die?”) with such a wonderful X-
to laugh at those misguided “X-Files has gone main- Fileish answer “You don't”, and still manages to scare
stream” comments. me is in my mind an instant classic.
Ten years from now at 11PM when we are decid- Darin Morgan, thank you. I loved “Humbug”, I
ing whether to go to bed or stay up and check the TV love this, thanks for making us laugh amongst the
Guide to see that channel 20 is showing “Clyde Bruck- tragedy that is the X-Files. We needed it.
man's Final Repose” that night, maybe you'll decide
you're not so tired after all. Kevin's Report
There are hits, and there are misses, and there are Another great script from Darin Morgan finds Mulder
misses. This, my friends, is a hit. and Scully seeking the advice of a cynical old psychic
From the “loollapawhatsa” murder in the crystal who's tired of all the grief he's endured from being
ball to Scully with her new found pet thrashing out able to know the future. Filled with wry humor but ul-
against the psychic this episode was top notch. timately carrying a poignant theme of isolation and
We are firmly in September now in the X-Files loneliness, this is a textbook example of how to use
universe, the haunts of April/May remain only in our comedy to make a serious point.
memories for now. In this universe we have cream pies 
and keystone cops and Mulder isn't the spooky one.
Instead we have facial hair...or not.
Darin Morgan is brilliant as an X-Files writer. He
5 The List
give us the humanity and the humor we crave after the Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Chris Carter, Original
intensely dramatic episodes we have seen, but instead Broadcast: 10.20.1995, Production Code: 3X05
of appearing “out of character” advances our knowl- Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
edge of our favorite heros. Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
The left turns are joyous. It is Mulder, not Scully,
who gives off the “negative energy” – something she Guest Cast: Tattooed Prisoner · Michael Andaluz, Key
relishes. He gets the line “skeptics like you make me Guard · Denny Arnold, Guard · Craig Brunanski,
sick”. Not Scully, who, once again, despite her own be- Napoleon 'Neech' Manley · Badja Djola, Chaplain ·
liefs proves she is the psychic again. Joseph Patrick Finn, Vincent Parmelly · Ken Foree,
The vision parallels were interesting (Bruckman Danielle Manley · April Grace, Fornier · Mitchell
in the head of lettuce, and let's just hope Dana never Kosterman, Oates · Don MacKay, Perry Simon · Bruce
runs out of dog food). Mulder's discomfort at the Pinard, Ullrich · Paul Raskin, Daniel Charez · Greg
“auto-erotic- asphyxiation” was priceless. Rogers, John Speranza · John Toles-Bey, Warden Leo
She may deny it, but we know Scully is psychic Brodeur · JT Walsh, Sammom Roque · Bokeem Wood-
because: bine
 She sees killer both times at crime scene.
 She doubts Mulder with “Oh so now you're psy- Case File Synopsis
chic?” obviously questioning one who would chal- A death row inmate's
lenge her . promise of reincarnation
 Bruckman catches Scully's interest entirely. Once he for the purpose of aveng-
alludes to Mulder's death she is all ears. ing the injustice of his ex-
 She is “jealous” at Bruckman's capabilities. ecution begins to be ful-
 She solves the case on a tarot card and a thread. You filled with the death of
go girl. one of the Florida pris-
The dialog was great. I doubt we will ever have an on's guards. The fear of
episode with so many Mulder and Scullyisms. The “I his retribution has everyone scrambling to determine if
see us in bed together scene” was a joy to watch. I they are on the list of his five victims, including Mul-
know I have been waiting for a tagline to replace der and Scully who are trying to determine how he has
“Mulder, toads just fell from the sky” or “That would returned to execute his tormentors.
be bad for the fish”. Current contenders are “I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to give off any negative energy” and
70 | Season 3

Autumn's Report 6 2Shy

For me, the measure of a good X-Files episode is how I
Writer: Jeffrey Vlaming, Director: David Nutter, Orig-
feel upon a second viewing. I usually watch the show
inal Broadcast: 11.03.1995, Production Code: 3X06
through the first time for entertainment and then
watch it a second time, taking notes for my usual re- Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
view. Second time through I was bored. Folks, this is Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
not a common thing for me – in fact last time I remem-
Guest Cast: Prostitute's John · Lindsay Bourne, Virgil
ber it happening was “Fearful Symmetry” (Not that
Incanto · Timothy Carhart, Monica · Glynis Davies,
this episode was nearly that bad).
Raven · Beverly Elliot, Detective Alan Cross · James
Maybe I was disappointed because the high
Handy, Jennifer · Suzy Joachim, Lauren MacKalvey ·
hopes I had for a Chris Carter written/directed show
Randi Lynne, Agent Kazanjian · William MacDonald,
after “Duane Barry”. I dunno. It just didn't do much
Lieutenant Blaine · Dean McKenzie, Jessie · Aloka
for me. It was an average episode in what has proven,
McLean, Holly MacLean · Jan Bailey Mattia, Ellen
for me at least, to be a spectacular season thus far. It
Kaminsky · Catherine Paolone, Tagger · PJ Prinsloo,
made D.P.O. look much better. I found the plot and
Joanne Steffen · Kerry Sandomirsky, Patrolman · Brad
characters rather stereotypical. Gee a bad warden?
Imagine that! Evil prison guards? NO! Inmates harass-
ing a female visitor? Say it ain't so! Was I surprised by
the warden's death? I was waiting for it.
Case File Synopsis
Then there was the old gross out factor. Just how Meeting insecure women
many maggots did they need for this episode? High through an on-line ser-
gross out factor for no real reason. Bring back the splo- vice, a serial killer se-
ogy boils. duces his prey with the
OK, enough of my whining. right words. However,
Mulder and Scully deter-
What did I like? mine these killings are
 Well, I like that this season they are letting Scully far from ordinary by the
smile a lot more. Gillian Anderson has a beautiful presence of a strange substance coating the victims, a
smile. substance which seems to digest the fatty acids in
 I loved the Mulder/Scully interplay on the “I only flesh.
get five?”/ “I remembered your birthday this year
didn't I Scully?” exchange. Autumn's Report
 I liked the emotion we saw from Scully as she was I'm the type of person who can find humor in almost
clearly freaked by her first experiences at the prison. anything (even the X-Files), but this episode was not
 And, of course &ltG>, I liked the way Scully once 2shy. It was 2grim and 2gross and 2lacking in any
again shows us her psychic abilities in her odd cu- lighthearted moments. Remember when the X-Files
riosity in what could be found in the prison show- implied violence so when you saw it it was shocking?
ers (where we learn later a lot of bad things go on). Watch Squeeze & Tooms and you'll see what I mean.
 Let's hope next time CC directs I can say “Third There seems to already be a bit of an uproar about
time's a charm”. This time I only thought “sopho- the portrayal of women / violence towards women
more slump”. here. While I was not as deeply offended as some (I
don't think this was the worst X-Files episode by a
Kevin's Report long shot – more middle of the pack), I was disap-
This episode starts out OK with a recently executed pointed. Maybe because I had high expectations – we'd
convict taking revenge from beyond the grave on other all heard the “Scully kicks butt” spoiler – but excuse
inmates and prison staff, but starts to peter out about me that was no “butt kicking”. Yes, our intrepid agent
halfway through as Mulder and Scully recede from the at least got to fight back. She proved to us that she
story to make way for a series of confrontations be- does have some knowledge of self defense and did get
tween barely developed secondary characters. What- in a few good kicks (which I'm sure hurt with those
ever message about prison corruption may have been pointy heels of hers), but in the end she was rescued –
intended also gets lost somewhere in all the maggot- granted – by a woman – but still – let her finish a
infested bodies and “moody” direction from Carter, pleckin fight on her own and win for crying out loud.
who, for some strange reason, decided he needed to Geez.
helm this turkey himself. OK I'm better now.
2Shy | 71

In balance to the obvious woman/slasher aspect tailed insanity that you've come to expect from me –
to this episode we had the writer trying to redeem it's just a theory”.
himself via the 2sexist character who tries to tell us the So, all in all, not a standout episode, but definitely not
killer has a “definite attitude toward women” when it boring. Just your average X-File.
is obvious he has a problem. I saw this whole back and
forth between the detective and Scully as sort of a vali- Kevin's Report
dation of her “boys club” speech in “Soft Light”. I Another MOTW focusing on only mildly interesting
imagine this thing goes on for her more than we see. secondaries is not helped by a fairly nondescript vil-
She handles it perfectly: by being professional, by lain, an Internet predator who lives off human fat
looking him in the eye with steely determination, and molecules. It's pretty much all paint-by-numbers, and
by proving him wrong through her actions. In the au- whatever writer Jeffrey Vlaming may have been trying
topsy scene after he leaves she relaxes (how dare him to say about the Internet just doesn't seem to pack
try to make her feel uncomfortable in a morgue – that's much wallop.
just not right). Well, at least he paid the price. Do this 
math Mr. detective Constantly Rude to Scully =
Now those of you who know me know I'm a big 7 The Walk
Scully fan. I'm going to make an observation here and I Writer: John Shiban, Director: Rob Bowman, Original
don't think it is just me, but at least in the episodes Broadcast: 11.10.1995, Production Code: 3X07
thus far I really think the balance of power on the
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
show has shifted. I used to be fairly disgusted that
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny.
Scully was often treated as a tag along by the writers,
and then just when she was starting to hit her stride Guest Cast: Frances Callahan · Andrea Barclay, Thera-
Gillian needed to be back seated for a bit due to the pist · Pat Bermel, Guard · D Harlan Cutshall, Uni-
pregnancy. This season however, the show really formed Guard · Paul Dickson, Quinton “Roach” Freely
seems to be focusing much more on Scully. Maybe the · Willie Garson, Doctor Kissel · Deryl Hayes, General
writers are finally really understanding her character, Thomas Callahan · Thomas Kopache, Trevor Callahan
but I like the trend and hope it continues. · Brennan Kotowich, Amputee · Rob Lee, Ward Nurse
· Paula Shaw, Captain Janet Draper · Nancy Sorel,
Random Musings Lieutenant Colonel Victor Stans · Don Thompson,
 First, the ever popular (cue music) “Scully Psychic Sergeant Leonard “Rappo” Trimble · Ian Tracey, Burly
Moment”: They discover the prostitute's body. Scul- Nurse · Beatrice Zeilinger
ly briefly looks at the victim and her hand is not vis-
ible. Scully covers the body back up and then while Case File Synopsis
the evil-soon-to-be-dead-mean-to-her-detective Another failed suicide at-
rambles on she gets that look on her face, looks at tempt by a patient in a
the tarp, and goes right for the hand to discover the military hospital interests
evidence. Mulder with the talk of a
 I never thought I'd miss those “Soft Light” sunglass- 'phantom soldier' which
es until now. What was he wearing. has prevented the man's
 The stupid cookie baking mom from “Irresistible” death. The general in
finally got what was coming to her. Sure it was just charge is at first opposed
the same actress playing a different part, but you to the FBI's involvement until the invisible killer be-
must admit she was just as stupid as her previous gins stalking him. But none believe when the primary
incarnation. suspect is a quadriplegic.
 Enough with the flies.
 Big time SNAFU. Scully autopsy date: August 29th Autumn's Report
which dates this episode before even DPO. Then
The further we move from the events of the season
when Mulder hands her the report on the DNA re-
opener the easier it becomes to slip into the familiar
sults it is dated October 27, 1995. Sometimes you
confines of the X-Files everyday cases (if astral projec-
wish this show did have a bible. I think they need a
tion can be thought of as a familiar confine). Sure,
continuity expert. Someone like..say.. me. Well, at
some of us miss the excitement around the conspiracy
least they had a 10:13 thrown in for good measure.
related episodes, but those will be back soon enough.
 Not really any fun Mulder/Scully interaction and
In the meantime if we consider episodes such as “The
only a few good lines: “OK, it's not the finely de-
72 | Season 3

Walk” on their own merits we find a good X-File well  The black actor in the beginning was a “Shadows”
told. retread.
I know that I have mentioned this before (that
“Not as worked up as I'm gonna be”
never stops me from mentioning it again &ltG>), but if
there is one great theme that has prevailed this season
it has nothing to do with CancerMan – it has to do
Kevin's Report
with the writers finally really understanding how to This episode, in which a paraplegic Gulf War veteran
best use Gillian Anderson's talents. After the strong projects his astral body to take revenge on his com-
and polished Scully we have seen this season I will be manding officers, is yet another in a trend of Season 3
sorely disappointed if they ever lapse into making her MOTWs (which I didn't particularly like) that focus on
a simple tag-along again forever asking “What do you secondaries rather than on Mulder and Scully investi-
think Mulder?” The show now truly has two leads and gating. That said, it's slightly more effective than most
Gillian has taken the ball and ran with it. of the others were, and the military issue is handled
For those Scully naysayers who insist on whining reasonably well.
the tired old refrains of “why is she always so skepti-
cal?” or “she never changes” this episode highlights
the subtle shift we have seen in her character. The old 8 Oubliette
Dana Scully was concerned about putting off local au-
Writer: Charles Grant Craig, Director: Kim Manners,
thorities – the new Scully has barely concealed disdain
Original Broadcast: 11.17.1995, Production Code:
for the military at this point (despite being raised in a
military family herself) to the point of actually saying
“whatever” to a captain. The old Scully would argue Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
with Mulder over his conspiracy theories – the new Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Scully offers up her own about the government's use
Guest Cast: Myra Jacobs · Sidonie Boll, John Wade ·
of biological weapons in the gulf war. This shift in ap-
Michael Chieffo, Lucy Householder · Tracey Ellis, Mr
proach highlights the change/growth in her character.
Larken · David Fredericks, Woman · Bonnie Hay, Hen-
If I have a complaint about this episode it would
ry · Jacques LaLonde, Special Agent Kreski · David
probably be that it seemed to run out of steam a bit at
Lewis, Sadie · Alexa Mardon, Special Agent Walt Eu-
the end (despite all the steam on the screen). I even felt
banks · Ken Ryan, Fast Food Supervisor · Dolly Scarr,
like they were stretching shots to fill the episode time
Amy Jacobs · Jewel Staite, Paramedic · Robert Under-
when the time could have been better spent (for in-
wood, Tow Truck Driver · Dean Wray
stance giving us a few more clues on just what Mulder
was doing with all his little dental X-rays).
The Mulder/Scully interaction has always been
Case File Synopsis
one of my personal favorite things about the show, When a young girl is kid-
and I couldn't help but laugh that now they're passing napped from her home, a
notes to each other. (Apparently they haven't yet per- fast food worker miles
fected the raised eyebrow combination that means away collapse on the job,
“post traumatic stress syndrome” in their silent com- apparently experiencing
munication repertoire). They even have shorthand ver- exactly what the child is
sions of their arguments now (which they do have feeling. When Mulder
down to looks for the most part). Now Scully only learns that the woman
needs to whisper “Mulder” and we hear her whole was kidnapped and held hostage for years as a child,
speech resounding in the room between them. he begins to believe that she may be the key to help
find the missing girl.
The Comments Grab Bag
 Fun time for the makeup folks. What a way to try to Title Forensics
kill yourself – boiling. That was a tactical error. An “oubliette” was a form of dungeon which was ac-
 Thank God they worked the bugs in. This is appar- cessible only from a hatch in a high ceiling. To exit an
ently the new theme for the X-Files in season 3. I oubliette was impossible under any circumstances,
guess season 2's amphibians/reptile theme is now without outside help. The word comes from the French
passe'. oublier, “to forget”, as it was used for prisoners whom
 I thought the glowing flag behind the general was a it was desired to forget.
really cool visual effect.
Oubliette | 73

Autumn's Report “Miracle Man”), and it hurts him. At least in the final
The best X-Files are always the ones where it is person- moments we get some resolution to the tension be-
al. Sure, our dynamic duo investigating the monster of tween them with what appears to be an attempt at
the week in detached mode can prove entertaining, but peace by Scully.
when it really gets close to the heart the X-Files is at its The ending is still a bit of a puzzle for me. CPR is
best. This is what makes episodes like “Beyond The performed for a minimal amount of time before Dr.
Sea”, “One Breath”, “Irresistible”, “Colony”, and the Scully gives up on the girl. This does not seem to be
“Anasazi” trilogy stand out. We care because they care the same Scully I saw forcing the doctors to continue
so much. While I would not put “Oubliette” at the working in “Lazarus” or “Endgame”. Does she give up
same level as those classic episodes, I would put it so easily in this case due to her concern for Mulder's
close. It was emotional, suspenseful, enthralling, and well being or is it simply a plot device? At least, once
most importantly personal. The season to date has again, the scene between the two of them in this mo-
been for the most part Scully's show and now it is ment is intense and full of emotion.
Duchovny's turn to shine and he responds with a All in all I enjoyed this episode. I found the sup-
vengeance. His scenes crackle with emotion. One of porting actors outstanding and the story fulfilling,
the best shows this season. tense, and surprising.
It is interesting that from the start of this episode
Random Thoughts
Mulder is alone. As I watched him approach the scene
I couldn't help but wonder where Scully was. This  Brilliant opening. The cinematography with the
episode had them detached. Scully has a delayed flashes escaping through the trap door was flawless.
flight, Mulder misplaces his cell phone (what is that all  This is the season of the sensible shoes. We once
about?), and Mulder conducts most of his personal in- again have Dana in appropriate footwear for run-
vestigation sans-Scully. Meanwhile she diligently ning around in the forest.
plods along flanked by the other agents doing logical,  Teen philes help me out here. Would a 15 year old
thorough detective work and finding all the solid evi- really be asleep by 10pm.
dence in the case: the name of the killer, the matching “Well that's spooky” “That's my name isn't it?”
blood, etc.
The emotional underpinnings of the episode are Kevin's Report
intense. Mulderangst abounds from the start. First he
Mulder and Scully arrive on the scene when a troubled
is slammed by the mother of Amy with “I'm sorry, but
woman seems to be sharing the experiences of a kid-
how could you really know how I feel” then he strug-
napped young girl. The kidnapping plot is well-writ-
gles in his relationship to the wonderfully played Lucy
ten, but what really makes the episode stand out is the
Householder (does the X-Files get the best perfor-
way Mulder takes the woman under his wing and
mances out of guest stars or what)? For a switch, Scul-
stands up for her when the local authorities think she's
ly's support for him takes on an almost weak and con-
involved in the kidnapping.
descending air (intentional or not). Their relationship 
misfires repeatedly in this story disappointing both of
them. Scully seems to begin formulating her opinion
on Mulder's involvement in this case from the moment 9 Nisei (I)
she hears Lucy was abducted at age 8 and it colors the Writers: Chris Carter & Howard Gordon & Frank
rest of her dealings with him in this episode. Spotnitz, Director: David Nutter, Original Broadcast:
The ongoing tension between Mulder and Scully 11.24.1995, Production Code: 3X09
is, as usual, wonderfully played. They don't agree yet
they still try to make small amends throughout by per- Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
sonal requests (keep this under your hat) or via small Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
signs of support. However, Scully soon makes up her Guest Cast: Harbourmaster · Roger Allford, Penny
mind as to Mulder's motivations (which is once again Northern · Gillian Barber, Senator Richard Matheson ·
telegraphed to us without dialogue by the talented Ms. Raymond J Barry, Agent Pendrell · Brendan Beiser,
Anderson) and the resulting argument is a great X- Frohike · Tom Braidwood, Langly · Dean Haglund,
Files moment. They are flip, indifferent, impatient and Byers · Bruce Harwood, Dr Takeo Ishimaru · Robert
testy with each other. Finally, Scully steps over the line Ito, Lottie Holloway · Corrine Koslo, Red-Haired Man
(and I think she knows it). Mulder's reaction is full of · Stephen McHattie, Coast Guard Officer · Paul
unspoken emotions and shattered expectations. It has McLean, Kazuo Sakurai · Yasuo Sakurai, Train Station
been a while since Scully has brought up his sister as Clerk · Carrie Cain Sparks, Japanese Escort · Warren
clouding his judgement (I can think of “Conduit” and
74 | Season 3

Takeuchi, Diane · Lori Triolo, Limousine Driver · Bob treats repeatedly. She shows us a reaction to her re-
Wilde, Mr X · Steven Williams gression hypnosis experience, and continually scam-
pers back into denial when faced with the truth. She is
Case File Synopsis finally holding on to the only strength she has left by
A mail order videotape latching on to her job at the end only to be faced with
of an alien autopsy blos- further horror when she asks what has happened to
soms into a much more the woman she initially came to visit. The Scully snap
complicated investiga- potential is now very high. When faced with the
tion when Mulder and “we're all dying because of what they do to us” refer-
Scully find the distribu- ence I remembered Clyde Bruckman's “you don't” and
tor of the tape murdered hoped for the best (after all she has only been taken
in his own home appar- once as they pointed out).
ently by a high-ranking Japanese diplomat. Following Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the amazing ac-
up individual leads, Scully finds herself recognised by tion-stunt-Mulder has found a solution to his gun los-
complete strangers while Mulder tries to find out more ing ways in a hilarious aside (while also learning a lit-
about the origin of the video. (Part one of two.) tle about the receiving end of martial arts and I'm sure
some new really nasty Japanese swear words). Skin-
ner, that “beacon in the night” proves to be oddly sup-
Title Forensics
portive yet not supportive yet ambivalent (that little
The Nisei (lit. second generation) Japanese Americans
line walker) about Mulder & Scully's .. uh.. “video
are American-born citizens of the United States of
piracy” investigation. Mulder makes a leap (mentally
Japanese ancestry who generally reached adulthood
this time) that I didn't follow to find the ship and later
by the outbreak of World War II. In American history,
UFO, and manages to once again avoid those super-
Nisei means specifically Japanese Americans who
trained black ops who actually must be kinda stupid
lived on the West Coast, but not on Hawaii and not on
or Mulder is really really sneaky.
the East Coast, who were interned during WW2 be-
Now, all you folks who were so super critical of
cause the government feared that they would support
Scully after last week's episode I want you to remem-
Japan in the war.
ber that when our pair do reunite and Scully REALLY
wants to talk to Mulder about her experience – when
Autumn's Report she needs a friend because she is afraid of dying –
Oh, what more could I ask for: an alien/conspiracy Mulder is rather flip, distracted, and kinda blows her
episode, tons of Scullyangst, the amazing stunt-boy ac- off. I'm sure she found him telling her not to be
tion-Mulder, and in-jokes galore.A wonderful holiday “freaked out” very comforting. At least during this
X-Files treat. Now if they really do give us “Beyond scene I am vindicated in that we learn yes Mulder &
the Sea” as a Christmas present it will be a successful Scully DO talk offscreen and tell each other what has
X-Mas season. happened to them. (I have a suspicion that they eat
The Mulder/Scully opener was sublime with the when we aren't looking too).
interplay that we love from the “That's not your usual This same scene does give us another nice
brand of entertainment” to the cracksat FOX's much glimpse into the Mulder/ Scully dynamic with the “af-
repeated (but for the final time tomorrow... really.. ter all you've seen...” “I need more than you. I need
yeah right) “Alien Autopsy”. But the really funny part proof” discussion. As an example of Scully's growth
is that, despitethe jokes, we learn Scully watched it we see her ask in her next scene “So you're saying this
(don't tell me the X-Files hasn't got to her ). is man made?” somewhat surprised and being chided
Finally, we are getting a real glimpse into what with “what else would it be?.
really happened to Scully during her abduction, and as
we suspected it isn't pretty. For a change, we get more Random Musings
answers than questions. Once again Gillian Anderson  Once again it is apparent that EVERYONE calls him
doesn't disappoint. We see Dana Scully trying her best Fox but Scully – and he doesn't flinch when the sen-
to remain professional as things began to crumble ator does it.
around her. She is unable to find her badge under the  What was that outfit that Frohike was wearing? The
initial scrutiny of the women, and you can see how vest REALLY scared me.
“freaked out” she becomes as her little MUFON inves-  I think we have a new guy to hate. I'm not sure who
tigation quickly turns into what someone else has clev- he is, but I like to think of him as “Crewcut Man
erly dubbed the “little surprise tupperware party from Wannabe”. I'm not sure why he kills the guy in the
hell”. Despite the overly supportive group Scully re- train station towards the end – any guesses.
Nisei (I) | 75

 I think this is the third time Mulder or Scully has during the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945) and
pulled their gun on their boss. Jeez, I'd just like to World War II era.
flip mine off and get away with it..
 Scully watches the autopsy tape the same way I
watch the X-files: stop. rew. play. stop. slow. rew.
Autumn's Report
play. etc. I love the way she answers thephone after “What I'm saying Mulder is that there is no such thing as
alien abduction. It is just a smokescreen happily created by
this scene – so rattled she says “Scully” as if she's
our government to cover up the biggest lie of all.”
not sure.
 Does the fact that all the MUFON support group Guess what folks? We were given a suspenseful hour
was women mean anything? Though I find the long ride and we ended up with more questions than
“Scully's alien child” theories foolish, I have never answers, and I'm beginning to think that looking for
discounted that they may be choosing women to one answer is a big mistake. All we really know is that
harvest eggs. “they've gotten away with it” (and I don't know if we
are talking about the show here or the evil government
“Let it go”
within it) and “apology is policy”. And, we've once
again seen a great, taunt two-part episode destined to
Kevin's Report drive us crazy with questions.
A decent mythology installment, though not quite as My advice: Don't try to pick sides – it will only
good as most mytharc episodes, finds Mulder and make your head warm. I kept remembering that great
Scully collecting evidence of what may have been ex- Deep Throat quote from E.B.E during this episode –
perimentation on humans with alien technology. the one about the lie being best hidden between two
truths. Except I can't tell the lies from the truth any-
more. Oh what a tangled web. The only thing I do
10 731 (II) think I know for sure is that either Mulder or Scully is
now being used as a pawn against the other by the evil
Writer: Frank Spotnitz, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi-
consortium of “The Blessing Way”.
nal Broadcast: 12.01.1995, Production Code: 3X10
What's the best way to get to Mulder? Tell him
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, what him what he wants to hear as the Well Mani-
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny cured Man does in “Paper Clip” – experiments are be-
ing done to create human/alien hybrids. Mulder can
Guest Cast: Agent Pendrell · Brendan Beiser, Soldier ·
be a pawn to cover up the truth – let him believe the
Sean Campbell, Escalante · Colin Cunningham, Smok-
alien stuff – who else will believe him – meanwhile it is
ing Man · William B Davis, Dr Shiro Zama aka Dr
the government conducting insidious experiments. As
Takeo Ishimaru · Robert Ito, Red-Haired Man ·
long as Spooky Mulder is chasing little green men he
Stephen McHattie, Mother · Victoria Maxwell Conduc-
contributes to their cover. The assassin has a good
tor · Michael Puttonen, Elder · Don S Williams, Mr X ·
point when he tells Mulder if it were a alien/human
Steven Williams
hybrid you'd think someone would've come to save it.
What's the best way to get to Scully? Give her
Case File Synopsis proof that the abductions don't involve aliens (which is
Scully takes Mr X's ad- also what she wants to hear) as the other consortium
vice to heart and investi- member known as “The Elder” does. So here's the
gates more into the im- $64,000 question. Why tell Scully all of this? To pit her
plant she removed from against Mulder? Give her information she craves – an-
her neck. Mulder, having swers to her abduction questions when she is fright-
ignored the advice given ened that she may have been exposed to some un-
him, finds himself named horror. Frankly, I don't know what is worse to
trapped on the train with believe, that you were somehow part of an alien ab-
a Japanese scientist and the man sent to kill him. (Part duction, alien/human hybrid experiments or to know
two of two.) that you were part of these unfathomably evil experi-
ments being conducted by the Japanese scientists.
Title Forensics We find out that Scully's implant is the key to a
Unit 731 was a secret military medical unit of the Im- lot of information. X tells her “You want to know
perial Japanese Army that researched biological war- what's in that train – who killed your sister – you find
fare and other topics through human experimentation out what they put in your neck”. Much to her discom-
fort she is told it may hold “everything you need to
76 | Season 3

know”. So, further analysis tells us the thing has some- gumption in taking on X (she certainly likes draw-
thing to do with collecting and artificially replicating a ing that gun and even shooting folks these days)
person's mental processes. It is an obviously disturbing she is easily disarmed.
thought further echoed by The Elder's admission “I  Love them Iowa mountains – They're almost as
know most everything about you Dana”. This begs the pretty as the one sin Oklahoma, don't ya think.
question: are they using Dana against herself? Are they  I loved Scully's desperate race against time (“tick
getting at Scully by using/manufacturing her own tick Scully”) to save Mulder – driving like a bat out
memories? They got her to the point of saying “I have of hell, trying to call Senator Matheson (who has ob-
what I told you I needed Mulder – proof”. She tells us viously blown them off big time), and even shoving
she realizes that she has been there before, but her sto- Mulder's books to the floor to place an X on his win-
ry of homeless or insane people being used for experi- dow before getting their money's worth out of the
ments certainly doesn't fit the mold of her or the other video.
women we saw in Allentown.  We may never get to see Scully having any sort of
Mulder, when on his journey, is once again com- social life, but we do now know she's got those tech-
pletely impervious to his own safety. In this exciting no-nerd guys like Pendrell all dreaming about being
chapter we get to see our man- with-a-mission imme- her boy-toy.
diately try to enter a quarantine area and ignore the  You can tell Mulder was really messed up by the
many threats of the assassin, “I'll take my chances”. whole experience. Not only did he look terrible at
After all he has just leaped on a speeding train and has the end he was obviously so traumatized he was
a death- wish for the truth. wearing a normal tie.
What we appeared to be witnessing in Nisei/731
was a massive cleanup operation on the part of the Kevin's Report
black ops. The most like lyreason behind all the killing Mulder is trapped on a train car with an NSA agent, an
is hidden in what “The Elder” tells Scully – it isn't that alien/human hybrid, and a bomb, while Scully finds
the experiments going on were so terrible – it is that more evidence of illegal government experiments and
the knowledge gained by them wasn't being given to is paid a visit by the Syndicate's First Elder. Despite
the consortium. They were double crossed and you the lack of much resolution, it's still a good episode,
know how they hate that. His excuse at the massive and contains the first hint that the government might
killing of the innocents “they had been exposed” reads be actively faking alien abductions (though I've never
to me that the only thing that they had likely been ex- been entirely convinced that the writers didn't just
posed to was the truth. cook this up to add to the general confusion).
X continues to be a mystery. We are still unsure 
just whose side he is on in the grand scheme of things
(and there are so many sides it appears), but we at
least witness him trying to help Scully and anony- 11 Revelations
mously saving Mulder. I really liked Steven Williams Writer: Kim Newton, Director: David Nutter, Original
in this episode. I did find it interesting that X with less Broadcast: 12.15.1995, Production Code: 3X11
than a minute left before the big bang did try to get the
mystery thing out before rescuing Mulder. Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
And finally, Cancerman appears at the end and Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
all we know is he has the information Mulder wants Guest Cast: Owen Lee Jarvis · Michael Berryman,
(once again). Is he now a rogue agent working against Michael Kryder · Sam Bottoms, Priest · Fulvio Cecere,
the consortium? What was his part in all this? Well Reverend Findley · R Lee Ermey, Carina Maywald ·
kiddies tune in next sweeps period for another exciting Lesley Ewen, Mrs Tynes · Nicole Robert, Susan Kryder
two part episode in which we learn that we really · Hayley Tyson, Simon Gates · Kenneth Welsh, School
don't know anything. Oh well, we love it anyway. Nurse · Selina Williams, Kevin Kryder · Kevin Zegers
Thanks for the ride.
Case File Synopsis
Random Musings
Mulder tracks a series of
 The cell phone bit was a scream. First it rings at an
religiously motivated
inopportune time and then we get the priceless line
murders. Each of the
“It's for you”.
eleven victims claims to
 Time for Mulder & Scully to take the gun handling
have been stigmatic, all
refresher AGAIN! Mulder loses his gun and darn
turned out to be frauds.
he's given away his backup. While I admire Scully's
When Mulder and Scully
Revelations | 77

discover a little boy displaying inexplicable wounds of So what about Mulder? Well, I have to say I was
religious significance, they try to protect him from the again disappointed in his reaction to the events. He
killer they know will be coming. gets off some memorable one liners “You never draw
my bath” and the comment about “Homer Simpson's
Autumn's Report evil twin”, but he treats everything with a rather cocky
Merry Christmas – X-Files Style attitude. Both times when Scully is shaken and tries to
Miracles need no rational, no justification. talk to him about her beliefs she is met with incredu-
“That makes me afraid... afraid that God is speaking but no lous statements such as “You're serious?” and “Do you
one is listening” really believe that?” and even the cutting “Even if sci-
ence can't explain them?” His questioning makes her
I've said it before and I'll say it again – the best question. She is reduced to being almost ashamed as
episodes of the X-Files are where it is personal. It does- she tells Mulder “I believe in the idea that God's hand
n't matter to me if it is one of the alien/conspiracy can be witnessed. I believe He can create miracles”.
episodes or a monster of the week – seeing one of our She is more than justified in asking him “What about
heroes involved in the story makes the X-Files fire on what I've seen?” After all, this is the woman who fol-
all cylinders. What a coming out for first time writer lows Mulder to the ends of the earth on his whims but
Kim Newton – she delivers a frightening and intense he can't even bother to give her backup at the recycling
script with a wonderful, thought provoking glimpse plant when she has a hunch.
into Scully to which Gillian Anderson responds with a Which brings us to the ever popular “Scully Psy-
passion. It was a perfect Christmas present. chic Moments” and this episode is rife with them. She
This episode is a Scully show through and syncs in on the father's “full circle to find the truth”,
through. Even in the teaser we can't help but think of she knows Mulder's phone call is about Kevin, she
Dana “swamp gas” Scully who can even justify toads knows she has been chosen to protect Kevin, and she
falling from the sky as the preacher mentions the un- guesses Kevin's location by gazing at a recycle bin – is
believer who expects “proof for all that they see” and she good or what.
thought it was high winds and ocean currents that OK, let's talk about the last scene. Or maybe we
parted the Red Sea. should refer to it as the “just another in a long list of
One of the things that has always impressed me reasons why Gillian deserves an emmy” scene. Mulder
about the X-Files is its ability to deal with religious is- has managed to distance himself enough from her on
sues without passing judgement. This show is kind of this case that she can't talk to him about it so we get
the anti-Calusari – there we saw evil in the person of a one of those great scenes where Scully confesses to
little boy, here we see good in the form of another. The someone else. These scenes, be they with a therapist or
show discusses Jerusalem Syndrome, gives us a smoke a priest, are always a window into Scully's soul. We
and fire agent of satan and even slips in town names can see how much her friend's disbelief has hit her –
such as Loveland and Jerusalem. It begins in a church she doubts because he didn't believe – and heck, he be-
with a wonderful cameo by R. Lee Ermey and ends in lieves everything. I loved her desperate latch onto the
a confessional. priest's idea that these things weren't meant for Mul-
How many of us have really wondered about that der, they were meant for her, and the repeat of the full
cross on Scully's neck? She doesn't wear much jewelry. circle line brought it all home.
Her earring are always small and the only time she
ever wore any other necklace it was used as a plot de- Great Moments
vice in “Squeeze”. It had to mean something more to  The shot of Scully, shadows across her face through
her than just a gift from her mother. We have been the confessional was brilliant.
drawn to its significance again and again – Mulder  The kids describing the “monster” to Mulder.
wears it when she is missing and she doesn't wear it  Jarvis jumping through the second story window
when he is gone. Here we began to see the part it plays
after he tells Scully “I don't question His word...
in her life.
whatever He asks of me – I'll do”.
We've always known Dana is a good little “mass
 A new Scully lie (instead of the usual “I'm fine”) –
on Christmas, fish on Friday” catholic girl who lis-
“Look, I know about getting personally involved –
tened at catechism (so good in fact that she has no sins
and I'm not”. Where have we heard that one before
to confess in six years), but now we see the extent of
– oh yeah – Mulder in “Oubliette”.
her faith. Maybe the recent events of her troubled life
 The doorknob falling to the carpet still glowing.
make her grab ahold after she has “drifted away”, but
 The stigmata through the wicker basket.
something tells her that she is the “someone who is
 The paper shredder – what a way to go.
strong enough to make the sacrifice” when it comes to
protecting Kevin.
78 | Season 3

 Scully hugs Kevin desperately and he tells her “I Autumn's Report

knew you'd come”. “It appears that cockroaches are mortally attacking people”
Thanks for the early Christmas present – it is just what “I'm not going to ask you if you just said what I think you
I wanted. just said because I know it is what you just said.”
“Mulder, would you do me a favor? Would you smell Mr. Darin Morgan is my new patron saint of the X-Files.
Jarvis” (My new favorite Scullyism) He writes episodes that begin with “Behold the mighty
cockroach”, reference “Planet of the Apes” not once,
Kevin's Report but twice, and end with an explosion of feces. No rela-
One of the best Scully episodes, this one sends the two tives of Mulder or Scully die, no one has an earthshat-
agents chasing a murderer of fake stigmatics. The be- tering crisis of faith, no cigarettes are smoked, Mulder
liever/skeptic dynamic is reversed as Scully notices and Scully act like partners who like each other, and
strange similarities between the religiously charged no one cries (except me from laughing so hard). No, I
events and a doctrine she learned in her Catholic up- don't want every X-Files episode to be like this, but yes
bringing while Mulder is dismissive of the possibility I really enjoy the variety he brings to the show. I'm
of divine revelation. Mulder is written a little too abra- glad that Chris Carter has decided that it is OK to
sively in places, but it's a good X-File and interesting lighten up the show every so often and show us that
for the way Scully handles it. both Mulder and Scully are, well, funny.
 Ever wonder how Mulder & Scully spend their
weekends when they aren't working on a case? It isn't
pretty. Mulder, away while his apartment is fumigated
12 War of the Coprophages (and they didn't do a real good job at that we see at the
Writer: Darin Morgan, Director: Kim Manners, Origi- end), is either waxing poetic about the lights in the sky
nal Broadcast: 01.05.1996, Production Code: 3X12 or “just sittin', thinkin'”. Meanwhile, it is a big time
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, Saturday night for our professional single gal Dana
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny Scully. Let's see – she's spent all day trying to get a
hold of Mulder (no doubt out of sheer boredom), she
Guest Cast: Second Customer · Sean Allan, Sheriff cleans her gun, eats a healthy salad on her coffee table
Frass · Dion Anderson, Dr Jeff Eckerle · Raye Birk, Dr sitting on the floor while watching business news on
Bugger · Alex Bruhanski, Dude · Alan Buckley, Dr TV, washes her dog (who apparently only exists in
Newton ME · Bill Dow, First Resident · Tom Heaton, Darin Morgan episodes), reads “Breakfast at Tiffany's”
First Customer · Maria Herrera, Dr Alexander Ivanov · by the fire (in a clever jab at David Duchovny's Jeop-
Ken Kramer, Stoner · Tyler Labine, Motel Manager · ardy loss), and makes up for the healthy salad by eat-
Tony Marr, Chick · Nicole Parker, Dr Bambi Beren- ing ice cream right out of the tub while researching
baum · Bobbie Phillips, Orderly · Wren Robertz, Fifth cockroaches. This woman NEEDS a date.
Customer · Fiona Roeske, Second Resident · Bobby L I have to admit I found the evening of phone con-
Stewart, Fourth Customer · Dawn Stofer, Skye Leikin · versations in the first half of this episode the best part.
Norma Wick Their teasing was priceless and then there were those
famous Scully Rational Explanations (SREs). It was like
Case File Synopsis watching a big inside joke. Mulder wants her to come
Scully has scientific ex- there, but she keeps finding logical explanations. How
planations for three sepa- she can come up with this stuff off the top of her head
rate deaths in which the and be right each time is an X-File in and of itself – ei-
bodies were covered ther that or she's psychic. The conversations became a
with cockroaches. But parody of their more serious cases with Scully worried
Mulder suspects the in- about Mulder and being cut off every time.
sects may not be organic, SRE1: Anaphylactic shock – allergy to cockroach-
or earthly. es. “Still want me to come up?”
SRE2: Syndrome caused by drug use that makes
Title Forensics people believe insects are burrowing into their skin.
Coprophagia is the consumption of feces, from the “Still want me to come up?” Mulder is sorry for both-
Greek copros (feces) and phagein (to eat). Cockroaches ering her. “It's no bother.” Don't we know it.
are coprophages. SRE3: Brain aneurysm from straining. “Who died
Now it gets real fun. I'm always amazed that
there are actually some folks who can watch the X-
War of the Coprophages | 79

Files and say there is no sexual tension between the the boxers, partially fastened pants, and that black
characters. This episode we got that and more – a jeal- turtleneck that seems to be so popular.
ous Scully – how dare Mulder two time on her with  There's been a lot of rumblings about the whole
another scientist – especially one named “Bambi”. I Mulder/Scully schism thing this season with folks
find it infinitely amusing that Scully can spend a on the net even begging for Mulder and Scully to
whole episode telling Mulder that cockroaches can't be even be in the same room – but I've got to say if this
attacking people, but as soon as he tells her HE is sur- is the sort of phone conversations we are going to
rounded by them she gets in a tizzy and tells him to get “ya gotta keep 'em separated”. At least some of
get out of there. Mulder, meanwhile spots the scientist- the time. Way too funny.
babe, blows off Scully with “gotta go” and the hilari-  I know TV Guide gave it away, but the “Scully what
ous “not now”, and goes into ultra-flirty mode listen- are you wearing?” line was great – ever notice how
ing oh so intently to Bambi's “UFOs are insect she smiles at his jokes when he can't see her.
swarms” theory while Scully stare plaintively at her  Miller's Grove was a joke on the place from the fa-
phone eventually sleeping with it out of worry. mous “War of the Worlds” broadcast.
This of course leads to what I consider a new clas-  Lots of retreads. Stoner was the cop's kid from “Red
sic X-Files phone scene beginning with Scully answer- Museum”. The toilet death victim the visual expert
ing sleepily “Mulder are you OK?” and only focusing from “Calusari”, and I'm still racking my brain
on the newly acquired Bambi information. The lookon about a few others.
her face when Mulder asked if he could confess some-  “Just because i work for the Federal government
thing to her was that of someone afraid of what she doesn't mean I'm an expert in cockroaches..
might hear. Of course she does get in the parting shot  Wussy flashlights just don't get it – having it conk
“Are you sure it wasn't a girlie scream?” before Mul- out will teach Mulder to carry his real flashlight.
der leaves her in a lurch again and she decides she'd  Just how “hung” is a club-tailed dragon fly?
better get up there. Mulder has quickly forgotten his
Smart is sexy
need for Scully to join him in his now bambinated state
and answers simply “whatever” upon finding out
about her impending arrival after assuring her she isn't Kevin's Report
needed after all. Darin Morgan delivers another laugh-a-minute script
How about the great Scully/Bambi face off. as mass hysteria breaks out in a small town and Mul-
Where we find that EVEN Bambi gets to call him Fox der, with the assistance of an attractive biologist
causing Scully to start showing off and serving atti- named Bambi, finds himself investigating the unlikely
tude. Yeah, I'm sure she needed to check that gun clip possibility of an alien cockroach invasion while a very
right then. “This is no place for an entomologist”. skeptical Scully offers advice by telephone. Unlike
ROFL. Morgan's other scripts, it doesn't have much of a point
Of course if this episode has a weakness it is that other than being an outrageous screwball comedy, but
we reach the end with no clue as to what was really it accomplishes that much without any trouble.
going on. Where did these roaches come from? If they 
were robots how could Dr. Bugger die of anaphylactic
shock? Maybe some were “robots” and some weren't?
What was it that Mulder and the Dr. saw that made
13 Syzygy
them need to share a drink after looking at it? Was it Writer: Chris Carter, Director: Kim Manners, Original
just a new species from another country or another Broadcast: 01.26.1996, Production Code: 3X13
planet? Or was it simply mass hysteria perpetrated by Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
an “alternative fuels” researcher who sniffed a bit too Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
much “Die Bug Die” before proving that his early
Guest Cast: Margi Kleinjan · Wendy Benson, Minister
statement “Bugs, they drive me crazy” was indeed cor-
· Ryk Brown, Bob Spitz · Garry Davey, Dr Richard W
Godfrey · Tim Dixon, Terri Roberts · Lisa Robin Kelly,
Random Musings Brenda J Summerfield · Gabrielle Miller, Scott
 You've got to love the “bug cam” shots (especially Williams · Russell Porter, Eric Bauer · Jeremy Radick,
Jay Boom DeBoom · Ryan Reynolds, Detective White ·
the roach down the drain bit) – way cool.
Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, Zirinka · Denalda Williams
 I know they probably thought it was clever, but the
roach crawling across the screen was a bit much.
 The Mulder watchers ought to be happy with this
one – we got shirtless beefcake scenes, the return of
80 | Season 3

Case File Synopsis Even the “Monster of the Week” was odd – two
Agents Mulder and Scul- teenage girls who go through a transformation from
ly visit a small town to honor role to blac.
investigate a series of eyeliner applied, teased hair, sleazily dressed vix-
bizarre deaths that coin- ens (I loved their attempt at seducing the poor adoles-
cide, Mulder discovers, cent football hero with “You know, maybe if we
with strange astrological weren't virgins we wouldn't be so scared”) – or maybe
phenomena. in this case the “monster” was the planetary alignment
– or even for some Detective Angela White. All I know
is the town of Comity was anything but “the perfect
Title Forensics
harmony city” claimed in the sign.
In astronomy, a “syzygy” is a situation where three ce-
The first Mulder and Scully scene really set the
lestial bodies like earth, the sun and the moon are posi-
tone for this episode – it seems somehow fitting that
tioned along a straight line.
this show starts with a wrong turn and them arguing
over directions – their impatience with each other al-
Autumn's Report ready beginning to show. I just didn't like what this
“Shut up Mulder.” “Sure. Fine. Whatever.” episode did to Mulder and Scully. Mulder becomes
this odd combination of goofiness and cutting re-
There you have it, my encapsulated review in a mere marks, and Scully, well, she becomes a bitch on wheels
two quotes. Says it all really. Especially since I'm hav- – impatient, disbelieving, and smug – what a scene
ing a hard time really summing up this episode. I'll with those latex gloves – “Sure. Fine. [SNAP] Whatev-
come clean with you folks – though I wouldn't call my- er.” They are out of sync the whole episode not even
self a “relationshipper” in the romantic sense of the able to communicate non-verbally as their timing is so
word – I do find the relationship between Scully and bad they don't even look at each other at the right
Mulder one of the big draws of the show for me – and times. At least when Mulder visits Det. White to apolo-
for that reason I was dreading this episode. Turns out I gize for Scully's behavior he tells her Scully is usually
was right and wrong – the whole girlfriend for Mulder “rigid in a wonderful way”.
thing wasn't that bad, but that cosmic syzygy thing I know those of you out there who steadfastly
that happened to Mulder & Scully's personalities was. refuse to believe that Scully ever gets jealous will use
I thought about starting my review with “hate it, the whole planetary alignment thing as an out, but cer-
hate it, wouldn't want to rate it”, but in this case hate is tainly you can't deny what you saw in this episode.
too strong a word. It certainly wasn't dull like “The First the confrontation at the gym – her noting that he
List” or “Space”. I can't even pretend that I won't re- wasn't in his room, but was with White – “Look, we've
watch this one much – (though I will guarantee it will been working together for what – two years now – we
be at times when I'm in a real odd mood). There are a have differing opinions, but I didn't expect you to
lot of good things about this episode... it's just... I was ditch me.” Mulder's snarl back to her “I didn't ditch
tense the whole time – sure I laughed, but I wasn't you” – yikes. “Fine. Whatever.” (Hey! She left out the
happy with myself for doing so. I think it was a real “Su”).re. Then the scene in the field with Mulder's cut-
mistake showing this as the first new episode after ting “No, be my guest – I know how much you like
“War of the Coprophages” (in which I found the char- snapping on the latex”. Then that hallway confronta-
acter interplay delightful). Back to back episodes tion after Mulder's inappropriate perfume comment
where we exist in this oddly humorous alternate uni- (what is it that has made him obsessed with sniffing).
verse is not a good thing. In fact I probably would've This was a really weird scene – Scully getting after
liked this show more a few weeks down the road. As it Mulder big time for his behavior while he continues to
is, it stands to be compared to Morgan's episode where blatantly sniff her. When he brings up Detective White
our heroes teased each other. In Chris Carter's “funny” that's the final blow – we see the jealous beast – and
episode universe they are cruel and cranky and use she is out of there.
their knowledge to push each other's buttons. I don't O.K., let's talk about the motel room scenes, clear-
care if it can all be supposedly explained away by the ly the oddest combination of events in X-Files history.
fact that they were in a “cosmic G-spot” at a date and Mulder mixing the scariest screwdriver I've ever seen –
time when “relationships are going to suck” – there nothing on TV but the Keystone Cops. (I did find his
had to be some underlying feelings behind the words – bit about holding the remote at odd angles to try to
I didn't like it and I'm glad we apparently don't have make that show change funny). Meanwhile, we are
to worry about this particular planetary alignment shocked to find Dr. Scully in the next room, butt-filled
again for another 84 years. ashtray sitting on top of her Gideon Bible, puffing
Syzygy | 81

away. Do you suppose in some twisted way Scully in ner from the hotel – looking to buy off-brand vodka
her room smoking, pacing, and muttering about Det. and cigarettes.
White was her way of saying “hate her, hate her,  We should have known something was up based on
wouldn't wanna date her?”. If this wasn't enough, Det. that school mascot – it looked like the “horn-ed”
White arrives on the scene for her heartfelt “my cat's beast burned on the skin of the victim.
dead – let's have sex” scene. Though he does hug her  SRE's: Embalming fluid chemical reaction causing
(no doubt to sniff again), in Mulder's defense (how's burning. Rumor panic.
those words coming from me), he did try to fend her  What are naked movie star games.
off as she tried to solve the mystery of the horny beast.  Sensible shoe update – Scully is wearing them when
Of course, only Scully's amazing sense of psychic tim- walking through the muddy fields.
ing leads her to barge in on them at precisely the  I think that RuPaul wannabe Dr. Godfrey was wear-
wrong second – the look on her face was priceless. ing the perfume Mulder likes.
The only saving grace of their next little parking  Oh, and for those of you in Scully smoking denial
lot tiff was that Mulder did seem to want to make sure (I'm with you) – remember “Beyond the Sea” – it
Scully knew “it's not what you think”. She really does- definitely wasn't her first time.
n't believe this so she goes off on him (in an apparent
“I didn't see anything anyway”
nod to the fans who have always wondered this) about
him always getting to drive. “Is it because you're the
guy – because you're the big macho man?!” Mulder: Kevin's Report
“No, I was just never sure your little feet could reach Another off-the-wall comedy episode, in which Mul-
the pedals”. (Ouch! That's the first time we've seen a der and Scully investigate the effects of an unusual as-
slam at her height). trological alignment on a town's residents and soon
So, we reach the end of our little tale. We have a find themselves being influenced by it as well.
backwards phone conversation where we hear “Scully, Duchovny and Anderson do a good job being just
it's me” – (at least she gets to ask him where he is). We slightly out of character, and there's a scene towards
have the anything you can do I can do better “No, I'm the end that is classic slapstick. Carter isn't quite as
way ahead of you” tit-for-tat. We have another Scully clever as Darin Morgan when it comes to this sort of
“Sure. Fine. Whatever.” I will say the Keystone Cops thing, but this is still pretty entertaining.
guns-a-firing scene was well done. And apparently, 
monsters locked in the closet, clock striking 12, our
heroes are back in sync – shouting in unison. Well, al-
most back in sync. Yes, the last driving bit was funny –
14 Grotesque
the juxtaposition of seats as Mulder tries to fit himself Writer: Howard Gordon, Director: Kim Manners,
in the shoved up passenger side and Scully struggles Original Broadcast: 02.02.1996, Production Code:
to move the driver side seat up. Then she barrels out of 3X14
town running a stop sign. Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
Well, that's it. Whatever happened to “best Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
friends are supposed to stick together, right?” Mulder
Guest Cast: Paramedic · Paul J Anderson, Agent She-
and Scully need to remember that – and quick. So do
herlis · Susan Bain, Aguirre · John Milton Brandon,
the writers. Please Chris, give us a nice dark X-File and
Glass Blower · James McDonnell, Young Agent ·
a Mulder and Scully who like each other.
Kasper Michaels, Doctor · Amanda O'Leary, John
Nitpicks Mostow · Levani Outchaneichvili, Assistant Director
Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Agent Bill Patterson ·
 I am really confused by the timing of the bleacher-
Kurtwood Smith, Agent Nemhauser · Gregory
boy death. We see a timestamp of 5:10AM when
Thirloway, Model · Zoran Vukelic
Scully arrives. When did all this happen? This
school holds basketball practice at 3AM?
Case File Synopsis
The Comments Grab Bag Agents Mulder and Scul-
 Will DD ever live down his Jeopardy loss – I believe ly join Mulder's former
he also missed a question involving Grover Cleve- mentor, the FBI's chief
land – the name of this fictional high school. profiler, on a case involv-
 I have this really odd mental picture in my head of ing a serial killer who
Mulder and Scully missing each other by minutes as claims to be possessed by
they both run to the “Pick Kwick” around the cor- a demonic force. The case
gets even more mysteri-
82 | Season 3

ous when the suspect is apprehended and the murders The initial meeting between the partners and
continue. Agent Patterson was something to watch with Scully
caught up in her “It's an honor sir” FBI mode while an
Title Forensics uncomfortable confrontation starts and, like it or not,
When commonly used, grotesque means strange, fan- she becomes “Mrs. Spooky” – in effect by the “strange
tastic, ugly or bizarre, and thus is often used to de- company” she keeps. Though one has to believe that
scribe shapes and distorted forms such as Halloween Patterson isn't the only agent in the FBI who – late at
masks or gargoyles on churches. More specifically, the night – with a few beers in him starts telling “Mulder
grotesque forms on buildings which are not used as stories”.
drainspouts should not be called gargoyles, but rather This was definitely a Mulder story, but it did
referred to simply as grotesques. have some interesting things to say about the state of
the Mulder/Scully partnership. The rift continues, but
they haven't lost everything yet. There is a sense of un-
Autumn's Report ease in their scenes together. When they first go to the
“My advice to you Scully – let Mulder do what he has to do. crime scene there is a very telling moment where Mul-
Don't get in his way. Don't try to hold him back – because der enters the darkness of the studio alone – only a
you won't be able to.” very small flashlight to guide him – while Scully waits
Well, comedy hour at the X-Files is definitely over. at the door asking him what he sees. She doesn't see
This week we were given an episode that was dark what he sees, and what she does see frightens her – be-
and scary – one of Howard Gordon's bettermonster of cause she sees a person she doesn't know. Her visit to
the week efforts. This was an episode where the sup- Mulder's apartment is a well done moment of discov-
porting players were the haunting music of Mark ery and fear as she sees Mulder beginning to try to
Snow and John Bartley's amazing cinematography. catch the monster by becoming it.
The mood was palpable. From the teaser we had a re- Still, they are partners, and Scully remains loyal
alsense of uneasiness and the introduction of a visual despite her fears. She is frustrated and afraid. “You
theme that carries through the show in the mixing of weren't at home – in your office. I was scared Mulder, I
blood and charcoal on the white background. We see didn't know where you were” (God knows this scares
this imagery again and again – the slide show illumi- her more than anything). Mulder continues to distance
nated blood on Scully's pale face, the red flashing light himself from her- cocooning himself in the case – she
of a police car shining on the partners, the stark way tries to get answers to her doubts, but he has none. S:
the blood stands outin the darkness of the studio, the “Mulder, maybe you're just seeing what you want to
red hot flame of the glassblower -the red herring. How see.” M: “What makes you think I would want to see
many of you thought they saw some significance when that?” There is an air of resignation as she asks almost
Mostow (intensely played by Levani Outchaneichvili – to herself “Where are you going?” as Mulder leaves
what a name no wonder they only used the first name her again. Needing to blame someone, Agent Patterson
in the credits) bit Agent Nemhauser? But, lucky for us, gets that well deserved wrath-of-Scully look (man,
this isn't “Murder She Wrote”. does that woman have a mean look or what – don't
This episode was frightening in its exploration of hack her off).
the evil in the human mind. Like “Irresistible” it could So, the plot thickens – we find out that there are
be classified as technically not an X-File as the monster Mulder's prints on the murder weapon (yikes!) – the
is madness and not a paranormal occurrence. Quite knife is gone out of the evidence room (double yikes!)
frankly, I find these types scripts more frightening – Scully's really getting scared for her partner now.
than the mutants because they are more real. Howev- Still, she slips on that mask of hers when she goes to
er, again like “Irresistible”, whenthe evil is committed talk to Skinner, but it is beginning to crack. Things
we see not the man but the monster – the gargoyle in may not be the greatest between our heroes, but when
the mind. push comes to shove Scully still lies to Skinner to pro-
I found this to be one of the better acting show- tect Mulder – even if her face betrays her. She still of-
cases of the season – allaround nice performances from fers “to work this thing out together”. Though Scully
the supporting players (Levani, Kurtwood, Smith, and clearly doesnot understand this side of Mulder she still
Mitch Pileggi), and some really great work by tries to help. Maybe there is hope for these two to
Duchovny and Anderson. I thought Duchovny's work patch things up after all.
was his best this season – a real moody eye opening The end of this episode I found very good. The
look into how Mulder got the nickname “Spooky”. creepy revelation of Nemhauser's body and the eerie
One wonders if Mulder had stayed in the BSU if he confrontation of Mulder and Patterson's demons. Plus,
might have tempted the same fate as Agent Patterson.
Grotesque | 83

as a bonus, Mulder got to not only drop his gun, but

also get it back in time to protect himself.
15 Piper Maru (I)
Writer: Chris Carter & Frank Spotnitz, Director: Rob
NetPicks Bowman, Original Broadcast: 02.09.1996, Production
 Now, as much as I admire the capabilities of Agent Code: 3X15
Scully, she was superhuman in this episode. We all Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
know from “731” and “Syzygy” that the gal can Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
drive fast, but wow. She arrives at the studio in two
minutes flat after hanging up the phone in her Guest Cast: Jeraldine Kallenchuk · Jo Bates, Dr Seizer ·
apartment and she had time to put on that fashion- Paul Batten, Hispanic Man · Lenno Britos, Chris Jo-
able coat so she looked good when she got there. hansen · Robert Clothier, Medic · Russell Ferrier, Wait-
What an amazing woman. ress · Rochelle Greenwood, Captain Kyle Sanford ·
Richard Hersley, Second Engineer · Darcy Laurie, Alex
Random Musings Krycek · Nicholas Lea, World War II Pilot · Robert F
 Yes, I am irritated at the lack of continuity with Maieri, Wayne Morgan · Stephen E Miller, Young
“Syzygy”, but I put that aside in order to judge this Dana Scully · Tegan Moss, Naval Air Base Guard ·
episode on its own merits. David Neale, Grey-Haired Man · Morris Panych, As-
 Scully Psychic Moment: She finds the exacto knife sistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Young
while distracted and driving away. Johansen · Tom Scholte, Sick Crewman · Peter Scoular,
 Scully fashion: I love that red suit. They need to put First Engineer · Joel Silverstone, Bernard Gauthier ·
her in it more often. Not just when it matches the Ari Solomon, Joan Gauthier · Kimberly Unger, Young
color theme for an episode. Melissa Scully · Christine Viner
 Hmmm. Another gruesome pet licking up blood.
Wonder if Scully's going to adopt that one too. Case File Synopsis
 Nice moment with the victim reacting to Agent Pat- When a French salvage
terson's presence in the room. It was a clue that ship sends a diving crew
passed me by on the initial viewing. to recover a mysterious
 You know, it's a wonder Scully hasn't walked in on wreckage from World
Mulder sooner she's always so free and easy with War II, the crew falls
her pass key. One wonders if he gets the same privi- prey to a bizarre illness
leges at her house. and Agents Mulder and
 Funny how those guys always get each other on the Scully join the investiga-
cell phone – no matter whose phone they are using tion. (Part one of two.)
– no matter who they are calling. It really shouldn't
surprise them anymo...re. and why doesn't Mulder Autumn's Report
just tell her where he is whenever he answers – we “You're in the basement because they're afraid of you, of
all know she's gonna ask. your relentlessness, and because they know that they could
 Did we really hear Scully say “I thought it was one drop you in the middle of the desert and tell you the truth is
of those pictures coming to life”. Boy she has been out there and you'd ask them for a shovel.” “That what you
hanging out with Mulder too long. think of me?” “Well, maybe not a shovel. Maybe a back-
 How 'bout them cool “Redwop” shades – I thought hoe.”
they were definitely happenin'.
If it's sweeps month it must be time for another two
“Off the record... so am I” part episode, complete with the prerequisite cliffhang-
er that deals with all the issues Mulder and Scully con-
Kevin's Report veniently forget about during their monster of the
The agents investigate a serial killer who claims to week adventures. I always like these episodes – they
have been demonically possessed and Mulder, em- usually have some good emoting by one or both of our
ploying his skills as a profiler, descends into the killer's heroes – and always have a surprise or two thrown in
frightening world on a hunt for the supposed evil spir- for fun. However, this episode failed to capture me
it as Scully worries that he's going over the edge. Pos- like they usually do. Sure I enjoyed it, but it didn't
sibly the darkest X-Files episode ever, this is a com- seem to have the drive and intensity that I've come to
pelling look at the psychological toll exacted on expect of this X-Files' genre – it just wasn't as com-
investigators who spend their lives putting themselves pelling as I've come to expect.
inside the minds of deranged murderers. As our latest entry in the alien/conspiracy arc
 opens we are treated to a favorite of the X-Files – subti-
84 | Season 3

tles, this time French, of the sailors on the “Piper Apparently the man hangs out at the local coffee shop
Maru”. When Gauthier gets into his Robby the Robot when he's not raking Mulder over the coals or consort-
deep sea outfit I couldn't help but wonder what “Dan- ing with CancerMan. I enjoyed his one-liner about the
ger Will Robinson” would sound like in French. And, “intelligence community” – “Remind me not to move
it appears we have another breed of aliens on our there”. This Melissa Scully cover-up is getting very in-
hands – this one doesn't morph the whole body like teresting. Her death has become more important than I
our favorite bounty hunter – it just gives its current originally imagined in the grand conspiracy plan of
host that dreamy black cloud look in their eyes and things. Important enough to get Skinner shot in a
leaves slime and radiation poisoning behind. shocking turn of events. A question about this though
For me, the good stuff came early on in the – why was Scully called at home when Skinner is shot?
episode – more of the season three trend to show us Surely he has many, many agents beneath him – what
that yes, Dana Scully does have emotions – and a truly warranted a call to her.
wonderful trend it is. In yet another moving scene And ooooo-boy Krycek – he’s looking pretty
from this great actress we see Scully struggling with rough around the edges these days from his time on
tears after Skinner catches her by surprise with news the run – not quite so pretty anymore. Not to be out-
about her sister's death. There is just something about done by X or Skinner, Mulder shows his own talent at
these scenes between Pileggi and Anderson – they re- head butting and Krycek shows his ability to once
ally bring out the best in each other. Skinner is just again let Mulder take his gun. Mulder guesses right
such a softie for Agent Scully – promising her that de- that Krycek has access to that holy grail of the X-Files
spite what the “powers that be” deem is an appropri- this season – the digital tape – and seems to be willing
ate time to close the case on her sister “I am going to to deal with the despised RatBoy in order to procure it.
appeal this decision”. In a truly righteous moment on the show Krycek gets
For some reason, Scully has never been one to beat up by a woman while taking a whiz – too bad
hide her emotions from D. A. Skinner, but usually it is about that dreamy black cloud look in his eyes. tely
her anger he gets to see. This time, it is her grief. I find happenin'.
this particularly interesting given on her trip to Mul-
der's office after Mulder's brief attempt at acknowledg- Random Musings
ing something may be up with Scully (given the war of  Fashion watch: Wow. Two red suits for Scully in
emotions we see on her face) she dismisses him with two weeks. Thank God they are seeing fit to put her
her usual wall of denial lie. Are things in such a state in more colors this year – death to beige.
between them that she feels more comfortable talking  Let there be light. The super-duper flashlights are
to Skinner about an emotional issue than Mulder? Still, back.
I am heartened by the friendly overtones between  We always knew Scully was smart, but the gal can
Mulder and Scully during this scene – Scully admitting even identify WWII planes from a murky underwa-
in a friendly way that she is “constantly amazed” by ter camera – no wonder Mulder got turned on.
Mulder. Yet their lines are drawn by Mulder as he dis-  How come everybody in Hong Kong has a gun ex-
cusses the connection to the Talapus – “what you be- cept Mulder? At least he can’t drop something he
lieve was a Russian sub – what I believe was the re- doesn’t have.
mains of a UFO..  Anyone catch the name of that childhood game of
After this, once again Mulder and Scully spend Scully’s? Better yet anyone know the rules.
the whole episode separated – living vicariously  Cool decision to use black and white film for the
through their cell phones once again (“Mulder, it's me. WWII flashback – it captured the feel nicely.
Where are you?” – I laugh every single time). We do  All that “pardon my gender type” back and forth
get to see a wistful Dana Scully visiting one of her old didn’t work much for me, though I did really like
naval base stomping grounds – complete with warm Ms. Kallenchuk while she lasted – she was fun. “It’s
fuzzy flashbacks and memories of childhood games. the bull market hon, and I’m Miss Popular”.
While she digs for information on the plane from a  That “Hispanic Man” – I’m beginning to hate him
childhood source and finds out how “we bury our as much as Krycek – kinda wish he’d got trampled
dead alive” and they “haunt us”, Mulder is off on a by that invisible elephant when the actor first ap-
whirlwind tour of sailor's homes, corrupt shotgun tot- peared in “Fearful Symmetry”.
ing salvage brokers, strange hit squads, and finally  Flight 1121 to Washington DC.
Hong Kong.
Skinner, meanwhile, is given an interesting sub- Kevin's Report
plot. Letting us know that he does stand behind his fa-
This episode gives us the first look at the alien black oil
vorite wayward agents despite threats against him.
as Mulder and Scully more or less pursue it from host
Piper Maru (I) | 85

to host. Also features the return of Alex “Ratboy” didn't have the drive or intensity that I had come to ex-
Krycek. Interesting, but a little too formulaic for a pect from the mythology episodes. I think of it now as
mythology episode. a lengthy preamble to this show – necessary exposition
 that allows “Apocrypha” to move at a harrowing
breakneck pace. Anytime I actually need to get up and
pace during the commercial breaks I know the show is
16 Apocrypha (II) succeeding on all levels. This episode gave us a lot,
Writer: Frank Spotnitz & Chris Carter, Director: Kim and in a somewhat uncharacteristic fashion, gave the
Manners, Original Broadcast: 02.16.1996, Production audience bits of resolution on some nagging issues. Of
Code: 3X16 course, there is much more that we need to know, but I
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, was quite satisfied with where things stood at the close
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny of this chapter.
The theme of this two-parter seems to be the ef-
Guest Cast: Agent Pendrell · Brenden Beiser, Frohike · fect of the dead on our lives, and it echoes throughout
Tom Braidwood, Ambulance Driver · Eric Breker, His- both “Piper Maru” and “Apocrypha”. Of lesser import
panic Man · Lenno Britos, First Government Man · this time around is the whole quest for Samantha.
Dmitry Chepovetsky, First Armed Man · Jeff Chivers, These shows are about justice or revenge for the dead.
Third Government Man · Harrison Coe, Smoking Man The two-parter starts with Scully frustrated by the
· William B Davis, Major Domo · Martin Evans, Nurse complete lack of investigation into her sister's death
· Francis Flanagan, Langly · Dean Haglund, Byers · and ends with her mourning her in the cemetery. The
Bruce Harwood, Captain Kyle Sanford · Richard Hers- shows are full of references to the dead being our con-
ley, Doctor · David Kaye, Alex Krycek · Nicholas Lea, science, speaking to us, and seeking closure that can't
Navy Doctor · Barry W Levy, Agent Fuller · Kevin Mc- be found.
Nulty, Agent Caleca · Sue Mathew, Well-Manicured The teaser gives us our first secret, as we see a
Man · John Neville, Assistant Director Walter Skinner · young Bill Mulder and (this was scary) a young and
Mitch Pileggi, Sick Crewman · Peter Scoular, Second even attractive CancerMan (which just goes to show
Elder · Stanley Walsh, Young Smoking Man · Craig you what 40 years of smoking will do to a guy's looks).
Warkentin, First Elder · Don S Williams It seems that it is Mulder's legacy to atone for the sins
of the father who wasn't willing or able to “make sure
Case File Synopsis the truth gets out” as the sailor requested. Nice touch
As Agents Mulder and to loop William B. Davis' voice in as the young Cancer-
Scully continue to inves- Man with the eerie “you can trust all of us..
tigate a bizarre illness I have often wondered if it is maybe just the hos-
that originated with the pital setting that puts Scully into her major bossy over-
discovery of a mysteri- drive mode. I love it when she orders other agents
ous World War II wreck- around. Actually, I'm surprised that she even lets other
age buried at sea, several doctors look at her friends. One senses that she's got
government figures try what it takes to make a heck of an A.D. herself one
to thwart their efforts. (Part two of two.) day. Her whole interplay withthe other agents was
quite interesting. She took the investigation and ran
Title Forensics with it uncovering all of, if not most of the major clues
“Apocrypha” is a Greek word which connotes the idea while the others consistently offered excuses “we've
of “closed” or “hidden”. The term usually refers to the pretty much exhausted our avenues”. What an inter-
books included in the Septuagint and Vulgate but ex- esting parallel to her comments about Mulder from
cluded from the Jewish and Protestant canons of the “Piper Maru” dealing with his relentlessness – I'm sure
Old Testament. The term thus also refers to question- the willingness of others to give up so easily gives her
able sources. a further appreciation for Mulder's tenacity.
Another X-Files staple: it's an old familiar scene
and they know it, as Mulder awakes in a hospital to
Autumn's Report find Scully patiently waiting at his bedside. Their
“I think the dead are speaking to us Mulder, demanding jus- slight smiles betray the all too familiar aspect of this
tice. Maybe that man was right, maybe we bury the dead scene as Mulder mentions “I guess I'm not dead” and
alive.” Scully gives him her “not this time” look. I could feel
those of us concerned with the interplay between Mul-
I commented in my “Piper Maru” review that I
der and Scully draw a sigh of relief during “Apoc-
thought that episode was missing something – that it
86 | Season 3

rypha” as it appears the cold front has apparently The last act was fast paced and fun as we move to
moved on for a while. I especially liked the scene North Dakota and our poor unlucky heroes are caught
where Mulder explains his theory of the oil based by the cavalry a mere few feet from the UFO behind
medium to her and Scully struggles to maintain a door 1013 – you just have to laugh sometimes. The
straight face and ask pertinent questions until they cemetery scene was well-played with a quiet intro-
both just have to laugh over it. spective nature – it was nice to know that Mulder was
That said, I still believe the best character inter- able to find her – and he brought flowers. Though any-
play we are seeing these days is between Scully and one who actually thinks that Krycek was buried alive –
Skinner – not Scully and Mulder. From her hand hold- think again. Washington DC.
ing concern at the hospital to their scene in his hospital
room, Anderson and Pileggi are getting the most out Random Musings
of these moments. Scully may not believe in aliens, but  The alien evacuation scenes were wonderful – the
she has come to recognize a large scale conspiracy ooze “bleeding” out of the felled captain, and even
through her experience. The slow burn she does, as better Krycek expelling the alien back into the ship.
Skinner warns her “anger is not a luxury that you can (Remind me never to have whatever he was drink-
afford right now” plays great. For a second I found it ing).
interesting to see Skinner lecturing Scully about keep-  What Mulder really said to Scully on the phone:
ing her head and warning her about making mistakes, “Meet me at the airport for a trip to North Dakota –
but then I remembered that he has seen her lose it big and – uh – pack the good flashlights..
time – and making the mistake of distraction that al-  The Lone Gunmen Icecapades scene was fun, but a
lowed him to pull his gun on her back in “Blessing throw away. Only Byers would skate in that silly
Way”. suit – and they were just too pleased with them-
Skinner may say he is “not advancing any con- selves on their “G-men” activities. Too bad they
spiracy”, but his actions speak highly of his character didn't know about the old pencil trick.
and both Mulder and Scully realize it this time around.  Retread alert – Agent Fuller from “Squeeze”.
It’s quite a switch to see Mulder with a new found re-  M “It looked great on me in the store”.
spect for Skinner – shaking his hand, helping him, and  Why in the world does Mr. Italian Consortium guy
even thanking him. Even though Skinner claims he pronounce UFO as you-fo.
just did his job and that it isn’t “his crusade” he did, as  I've decided I really like Agent Pendrell – the poor
Mulder points out, put his job and life on the line for guy is just pining away, doing his best to do all that
Scully. I never thought I’d say this, being a bit of a he can to help and impress Scully just so she'll stop
Mulder/Scully purist, but I’m actually looking for- long enough to notice and perhaps touch his arm
ward to the upcoming Skinner episode now. again.
The consortium also had a few interesting twists  Great moment: CancerMan lighting up right after
for us. It was nice to see John Neville back, and even the line “massive and malignant cancers”.
nicer to see that they seem to be getting real impatient  Scully psychic moment: Isn't it amazing that she just
with CancerMan’s shoot ‘em now – get answers later happened to be wearing slacks and... low heeled
style. What a sad life old CM lives – every time we see shoes... on the night she had to chase Hispanic Man
him at home he's drinking, smoking, and watching old through the streets. Coincidence? I think not.
WWII movies in black and white while someone  Scully's comment of “1 down, 199 silos to go” could
breaks into his house. I think that he's got a bit to wor- lead to a new X-Files rendition of “100 bottles of
ry about now that Well Manicured Man has found out beer on the wall” – Hmm, maybe that was Krycek's
via Mulder that not only is Krycek alive, but the tape is problem.
still out there.  Do you ever think they start a new X-Files script
What a pleasant surprise to get a visit from Ac- with one line: “Mulder, it's me. Where are you?”
tion Scully – we really don't see her enough. Kicking and just work from there.
doors open gun drawn and giving chas ethrough the  I never knew one could get such a nice luxury rent
streets – all leading to one of those amazing moments car in Black Crow, North Dakota.
when that always present Scully snap factor kicks in
big time. That scene with her screaming “You shot my “I’ve seen stranger things – believe me”
sister!” while the fugitive begged for his lifegave me
goose bumps. You could see such a wonderful war of Kevin's Report
emotions in her eyes culminating with the fact that she This one is faster-paced and a little more exciting than
really really wanted to shoot him. “Piper Maru”, and it gives us another look at disorga-
nization within the Syndicate, but unfortunately Carter
Apocrypha (II) | 87

and Spotnitz don't explain what the black oil is, drag- holding a gun on Scully much scarier than a flashlight
ging the mythology further into the confusion and lit trip down a creepy hallway. As one of those who
chaos that plagued many a third and fourth season has been concerned about the turns the partnership
conspiracy episode. has taken of late, forgive me if I go on an even more
 than usual character bent for this review.
The teaser was fun – you just knew something
was up when “Misty” is the Muzak playing in the su-
17 Pusher permarket, and Pusher loads up his cart with Mango
Writer: Vince Gilligan, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi- Kiwi Tropical Swirl Boost – no one's gonna kick sand
nal Broadcast: 02.23.1996, Production Code: 3X17 in this guy's face anymore – and he even bought V8, so
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, he wouldn't have to later say “Wow”.
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny Robert Wisden does a nice job with Modell – es-
pecially using his voice well. We feel the soothing tone
Guest Cast: Holly · Julia Arkos, Agent Collins · Steve he uses to distract the deputy. His phone conversation
Bacic, SWAT Lieutenant · Roger R Cross, Security with “Frank Burst, the guy with the great name” is a
Guard · Ernie Foort, Nurse · Janyse Jaud, Lead SWAT masterful moment.
Officer · Darren Lucas, Judge · Don MacKay, Deputy I'm sure that this episode is destined to become a
Scott Kerber · D Neil Mark, Assistant Director Walter favorite in the hearts and minds of those who hold on
Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Agent Frank Burst · Vic Poli- to hopes of “someday” for Mulder and Scully. It is full
zos, Prosecutor · Brent Sheppard, Bailiff · Henry Wat- of wonderful touches both big and small. Scully sleep-
son, Robert Modell · Robert Wisden, Dr Ruth Slaugh- ing (and drooling) on Mulder's shoulder during a late
ter · Meredith Bain Woodward night stake out, their heads together constantly as they
shared phone calls, her pained worried look as Mulder
Case File Synopsis decides to go in alone (“Smile Scully”) with the emo-
Agents Mulder and Scul- tional hand grasp, and then, of course, the last ten min-
ly's assistance is request- utes of the show – from her video induced separation
ed for a case involving a anxiety, to that amazing hospital scene, to the tender
man seemingly capable fumbling hand holding at the episode's end. Some
of bending people to his might even speculate on the fact that it was much easi-
will. The suspect uses his er for Mulder to pull the trigger on himself than Scully.
mysterious abilities to Even their usual argument (or should I say dis-
manipulate Agent Mul- cussion) over the case was somehow more comfort-
der into a dangerous end game. able. We start with yet another glimpse into “Spooky”
Mulder's truly astounding profiling ability as he sur-
Autumn's Report prises even Scully by nailing the Modell description
“You and your pretty partner seem awfully close. Do you with great accuracy. He does know what “makes guys
work well together?” like [Modell] tick” – though she does get to surprise
him with the FBI bit. That “whammy” bit was too
Finally, the answer to this question is once again a re- much fun. Mulder a bit irritated with her wondering
sounding yes. Yes. Yes, they do work well together. what her “big theory” is and her agreeing with him, in
Thank God. In a final sweeps month present to us we her own Scully way, but “looking for an explanation a
are given an episode full of our team functioning as little more mundane than the whammy”. Hey, it's
just that – a team. I never thought I'd be so happy to Scully. She just can't leap onto the whammy bandwag-
not hear “Mulder, it's me. Where are you?” Finally, an on too quickly can she.
episode where cell phones are used to actually call oth- One of the more interesting things I found about
er people. I went on the record last year as liking Vince the hospital standoff scene was that in a way the battle
Gilligan's “Soft Light”, I liked the way he wrote the of wills that was going on was not between Modell
character interaction in that script. Last night he gave and Mulder, but Modell and Scully. Modell latched on
us an even more finely honed effort. early to their connection and was awaiting her arrival
Instead of writing a Mulder episode or a Scully for the real games to begin. Modell and Scully are
episode he gave us both characters intensely involved fighting with each other to be the one that reaches
as the script played out. It seems to me that we've been Mulder, exemplified in the “Mulder, no” “Mulder,
seeing more of these “monster of the week” episodes yes” exchange. Modell is invading Mulder's mind via
that have really been able to capture the audience emo- trickery: “She shot you... payback time. Shoot the
tionally instead of relying on only frightening us for damn spy.” Scully is entering Mulder's mind via their
their emotional resonance. Personally, I find Mulder
88 | Season 3

connection: “You and I can just walk right out of this Kevin's Report
room.” I believe that is is only via this teary angry Tight suspense and plotting and an interesting look at
emotional avenue that she takes that Mulder is able to the enigmatic closeness between Mulder and Scully
resist for as long as he does – enough to warn her to make for a great episode as the agents face off against
run – and long enough for her to come up with the a man who can mentally “push” others into doing his
smart solution of pulling the alarm to break the mo- will.
ment. 
Mitch Pileggi again makes an appearance as Skin-
ner, and they do a good job of integrating him into the
story. However,it seems that one of his main functions 18 Teso dos Bichos
this season is to get consistently pounded – this time Writer: John Shiban, Director: Kim Manners, Original
by little Holly – how embarrassing. I guess we have a Broadcast: 03.08.1996, Production Code: 3X18
whole new classification of episodes now “Skinner in
Jeopardy”. Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Random Musings Guest Cast:, Dr Winters · Garrison Chrisjohn, Dr Lew-
 FYI, the reference made by Mulder about ton · Tom McBeath, Mona Wustner · Janne Mortil, Dr
“Yojimbo” is to a famous 1961 Akira Kurosawa film Carl Roosevelt · Alan Robertson, Tim Decker · Ron
about a samurai for hire which became the inspira- Sauve, Shaman · Gordon Tootoosis, Dr Alonzo Bilac ·
tion for “A Fist Full of Dollars”. Vic Trevino
 It was so easy to become distracted by the World
Weekly Informer headline of “He's Back: Flukeman Case File Synopsis
Found Washed Up in Martha's Vineyard” that you
A series of deaths occurs
may have not noticed the picture of the scantily clad
immediately after an an-
woman with the man in the upper right corner.
cient artefact is brought
Now, I'm not giving the definitive on this, but I
to Boston from an exca-
must say the resemblance between those two and
vation site in South
say Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter was quite
America. According to
striking. Then there was the tagline “Depravity
Scully, the deaths appear
Rampart on hit TV Show”. Hmmm.
to be the result of politi-
 Liked the OJ slap. S: “So, he's a killer and a golfer.”
cal terrorism, but Mulder suspects something more im-
M: “Rings a bell, huh. Let's go G-woman”. Gotta probable.
love that G-woman thing too.
 A little moment. Scully shaking her hands from the
Title Forensics
heat as she worked on the burn victim. It's the little
“Teso” is Portuguese for “burial ground”, “bichos”
things that count.
means “small animals”. “Bichos” can also mean
 Svengali on the TV set – too cool, though it would
“balls”, which however was discovered only after the
have been cooler if they didn't even point it out.
show had been completed and broadcast.
 Nice touch to use the same FBI security guard we
saw in “The Blessing Way”. Was it perhaps a teeny
bit of foreshadowing that the buzz of the detector Autumn's Report
seemed to bring the guard out of his trance. “Have you been drinking Yaje Mulder?” “Go with it Scul-
 I guess they've been listening, because it's obvious ly.”
they know now we like our lady in red. The low
A better question might have been was John Shiban
heeled “stakeout” shoes also seem to be a new sta-
drinking Yaje when he came up with the idea that
killer pussycats could be a scary X-Files premise. Sorry
 Anyone else have a “Tooms” flashback with Mulder
to say, but it is not – and for that reason this episode of
on the stand and Scully grimacing in the audience.
the X-Files fails. It's not terrible, it's just not good, and
 “Hey, your shoes untied. Made you look..
frankly I expect good out of this show. Duchovny and
“Please explain to me the scientific nature of the whammy.” Anderson could have phoned in their performances
(Which may replace “Would you smell Mr. Jarvis” as my for this show so little effort was called for from them
new favorite Scullyism) beyond their trademark tricks. They are forced to try
to make little moments out of silly dialogue like “The
dog ate a cat.” “Cat ate a rat.” “And the dog ate the
cat.” What a waste.
Teso dos Bichos | 89

To me it was pretty apparent that the show wasn't funny (“I hate this”). I also enjoyed the little “Ladies
working when it seemed like they were pulling out all first” exchange with that classic Scully look.
the familiar stops to try to make this more scary.
They've got Mark Snow working overtime on the Random Musings
spooky in the dark music, they've got their second-  Good thing they told us we were in the
class flashlights that don't illuminate as well as their “Highlands” in the beginning so they could justify
top-o-the-line monster hunting brand, they've got false the snow.
starts galore – there's someone there – nope only a dog,  Man that green chili was potent stuff – just a little
only the escape from “The Host” museum guy. Worst taste and you get that green kitty-cam effect.
of all, they try to make it scary by separating our  Haven't people learned yet that you never go into a
heroes in the old “let's send Scully into the big spooky bathroom on the X-Files? Nothing good can come of
house by herself” ploy – I spent the whole time just it.
waiting for her to get smacked on the left temple to  Sorry, but “go with it Scully” just doesn't have
make it a complete cliche'. enough snap for an episode tag line. It is no “Sure.
However, I really knew that the episode had Fine. Whatever..
failed on a grand scale when I found myself actually  We've seen Dr. Scully do many wonders in the lab,
laughing out loud while Scully was being attacked by but being able to identify a victim from corn chow-
what appeared to me to be Tounces on acid. I haven't der and sun flower seeds in his small intestine – she
seen worse scary cat effects since that horrid made for never ceases to amaze me.
TV movie a few years back. I have cats. Cats can be  Scully: “I think Bilac has been tripping”. Audience:
scary sometimes. These cats were just laughable the “duh”.
whole time. When you are laughing at the monster in a
“So what are we talking here Mulder? A possessed rat? The
monster- of-the-week episode and you are supposed to
return of Ben?”
be scared, well, something just ain't right. For all the
blood that was thrown about they found the bodies re-
markably intact. I really wanted to see a pack of cats
Kevin's Report
managing to drag some guy from outside down into This episode plods through three acts of sloppily exe-
the steam tunnels while draping his innards over cuted horror, as an ancient curse wreaks havoc on an
branches – yeah right – that could happen. archaeological museum's staff, and then takes a sharp
From the trademark teaser in another language turn into total absurdity when the curse is revealed to
(which we didn't even need subtitle for as I think ev- have possessed a bunch of cats living in the basement.
eryone knows someone muttering “muy malo” is very The only thing worse than a deus ex machina is a felix
bad) to the ending Mulder voice over this thing just ex machina.
wasn't happening. I've always thought that when they 
have to use Mulder for the voice over it is because they
still haven't got the point of the episode home – they
need him to explain it or moralize it to us just a little
19 Hell Money
Writer: Jeff Vlaming, Director: Tucker Gates, Original
more. They can't use Scully for it as the premise would
Broadcast: 03.29.1996, Production Code: 3X19
further crumble with the voice of a skeptic.
Even the investigation was somewhat contrived Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
me. Scully does all the questioning while Mulder just Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
wanders around making little faces or occasionally
Guest Cast: Detective Neary · Doug Abrahams, Large
piping in about curses or rats. Bilac is obviously stoned
Man · Stephen Chang, Vase Man · Donald Fong, Dr
when they first interview him and yet no one seems to
Wu · Dina Ha, OPO Staffer · Ellie Harvie, Hard-Faced
notice. Mulder wanders around in the woods and
Man · James Hong, Money Man · Ed Hong-Louie, Kim
chooses to stand right under the intestine tree – maybe
Hsin · Lucy Alexis Liu, Johnny Lo · Derek Lowe, Night
he's psychic.
Watchman · Graham Shiels, Detective Glen Chao · BD
There were some good moments. I did find the
Wong, Wiry Man · Paul Wong, Hsin · Michael Yama
Scully pulling a rat out of the car scene quite funny, es-
pecially the way she told the officer to label the bag as
“partial rat body part” like what else would you label Case File Synopsis
it. The rats in the toilet was interesting and Mulder & A string of mysterious deaths of recent Chinese immi-
Scully's moment of being less than thrilled at trying to grants brings Agents Mulder and Scully to San Fran-
investigate just why all the toilets had overflowed was cisco's Chinatown. The Agents team up with a Chinese
detective to better understand the language and cus-
toms of the Chinese culture, but one thing remains
90 | Season 3

frightening clear; all of a further glimpse into just why Dana Scully is an FBI
the bodies are missing agent and doesn't have that lovely family practice
various internal organs. somewhere in Vermont. She just really despises people
that prey on others and really truly longs for justice.
Title Forensics Whenever we get these 'Scully confronts the guilty
“Hell Money” is specially criminal' scenes Gillian Anderson just infuses Scully
printed paper money with contempt. Her delivery of the line “I understand
which is burned as a gift to the spirit world during the that you are going to prison for a very long time” is
Chinese New Year, and on yearly anniversaries of a rife with her anger. This is one of the reasons we love
relative’s death. Scully, her frustration for people forced into desperate
situations and her prevailing sense of justice despite all
that she has seen. She just hates those bad guys.
Autumn's Report We also had some fun Mulder/Scully interaction
“My people live with ghosts, the ghosts of our fathers and as usual. Scully's silent sigh as Mulder starts in on his
our father's fathers. They call to us from distant memory “haunted” theories. Mulder jumping in the grave as Lt.
showing us the path.” “No ghosts called to those men – you Neary asks Scully “What the hell is he doing?” and her
did – by preying on their hopelessness and desperation.” slight shake of the head in reply as she waits along
There were no real ghosts in “Hell Money” despite the with him for the answer. And of course the delightful
presence of our favorite ghost busters (as Mulder says autopsy scene (only in the X-Files can you ever call an
“Who ya gonna call?”). The ghosts that were witnessed autopsy scene delightful). I like the fact that Scully is
were in the minds of the victims. No doubt the “this allowing herself to crack the slightest of smiles (not too
wasn't an X-File” troops will be whining in full force much, wouldn't want to encourage him) at Mulder's
about this one. However, if I may point out, this show quips. The “Do you know how much the human body
gave us something that many folks have been asking is worth Mulder?” and his reply “Depends on the
for for a long, long time. What we have beneath all the body.” was fun enough that Scully even allows herself
mystical cultural layers is basically an X-File case that to crack the worst joke to Mulder's delight: “this is one
turns out to be a hoax and that our dear Dr. Scully man who left his heart in San Francisco”.
solves. While Mulder goes on about haunted houses So what didn't work? Why was this episode not
Scully methodically pokes and prods at glass eyes and as successful as it could have been? For me the major
cut up cadavers to give us the real answer to the string reasons were the heavy handedness of the social issues
of mysterious deaths. and the pacing. The story could have done without the
This was an interesting episode, certainly not a overstated moral lessons (or at least picked one instead
great one. I have often wondered why the show didn't of such a grab bag). Here we have the plight of immi-
tap more into the cultural myths that abound in the grants, the poor, and the uninsured. Mr. Hsin being
realm of the paranormal. “Dod Kalm” took a stab at forced into the game to save his sick daughter – not be-
some Norse mythology and “Teso”, well who knows cause he is a bad man. Additionally, we have the ABC
what that was a stab at. Instead of just giving us our (American Born Chinese) Detective Chao who must
usual teaser foreign language lesson, this one contin- wrestle with protecting his people (which he really is-
ues through the entire episode. Jeffery Vlaming, in his n't doing) or paying his mortgage with the real “Hell
choice to keep much of the episode's dialog in Can- Money” – that gained from the lottery that could never
tonese, throws the audience into the atmosphere of the be won. We ended up being asked to feel sorry for
episode. We must try to figure out the rules of the these people for too many reasons instead of one com-
game without being explicitly told. pelling one.
We rely, like Mulder and Scully, on Detective All this also slowed the story down considerably.
Chao to give us the answers that we need to the barri- I don't mind reading subtitles, but the scenes between
ers of language and culture. This allows the audience the father and daughter just dragged. Nothing was
in a way to take the same journey they do and to begin happening. They were exposition only for social com-
to have the same doubts. While Chao hides his own mentary. Also, I don't know about you folks, but I fig-
guilt by using the mysteries of his culture – those of ured out the rules of the game the first time around so
Hell Money and the Festival of the Hungry Ghosts – that by the third time we had to watch it things had
he lets it slip early on that it is his mortgage that just become repetitive instead of intense.
haunts him. Even the attempted theme of luck doesn't really
This episode did have a prime example of some- pan out for me. We see it first early on with the discus-
thing that we have seen before, in fact it was present in sion between Mulder and the Lieutenant: “We got
the other Vlaming written piece this season, that being lucky with this one.” M: “Lucky? That's an interesting
Hell Money | 91

word for it.” Luck is infused in the no-win lottery and Case File Synopsis
again in Mr. Hsin's pleas of “Maybe I'm not so lucky”. When a couple claims to
However despite introducing this prevailing theme it have been abducted by
really went no where. Again an idea half formed. aliens, Agents Mulder
and Scully try to get at
Random Musings
the truth but everyone
 Wow, win a chance to lose your eye. Here I've been has a different version of
stupidly playing the Colorado lottery. What a fool the story, including the
I've been. 'aliens' themselves.
 The shots in the beginning of the cremation alive
were very hot, so to speak.
Autumn's Report
 Bear gall bladder soup. Yum.
“I know it probably doesn't have the sense of closure that
 You know if you are going to bring back the frogs I
you want, but it has more than some of our other cases.”
can't think of a better way than to have one crawl
out of a body during an autopsy. Boy those run of No, not much closure at all. This is Darin Morgan's ode
the mill bodies must just bore Dana to tears these to “Rashomon”, where everyone has a different story
days. to tell about the chain of events of the disappearance of
 Fun little Mulder moment with him rolling his eyes a Washington state couple and what follows. While I
and sighing at the fireworks as Scully pokes fun at found Darin's take on an alien/ conspiracy episode en-
him with the “looks like you just saw a ghost” com- tertaining and certainly very funny in parts, it didn't
ment. have the snap for me that Morgan's other efforts had.
 Do good people ever wear pinky rings or is that re- Still, I know this tape will be warming my VCR more
served for the truly evil. than most. Maybe my viewing was hampered by the
sad knowledge that I might have been watching Dar-
“What a way to go”
in's last effort for the X-Files. I never would have
guessed a year ago that my favorite drama in all of its
Kevin's Report moody intellectual darkness could also turn into, on
I must admit to being somewhat baffled as to why this occasion, one of my favorite comedies as well. For that
episode was ever made, seeing as it's (a) not an X-File we have Darin Morgan to thank. While other new
and (b) boring as hell. Didn't Carter have the slightest writers have been added to the staff, no one else has
misgivings about green-lighting a script that called for consistently tested the borders and redefined what the
pointless stunts like subtitling all the Chinese dialogue show could be – making all of his efforts, if nothing
except when important plot points are being dis- else, fresh, different, and highly anticipated. If he has
cussed? indeed left the show, they will be hard pressed to find
 a talent so willing to experiment with such success –
and no, as a final effort, this doesn't have the sense of
20 Jose Chung's 'From Outer closure that I want.
I think that if this episode had a theme it would
Space' be “truth is as subjective as reality” and the script at-
Writer: Darin Morgan, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi- tempts to prove it by showing the same events seen
nal Broadcast: 04.12.1996, Production Code: 3X20 through many eyes. Mulder, of course, believes what
he hears while Scully, of course, paces and rolls her
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
eyes so many times I was worried she would hurt her-
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
self from screwing up her face so often. Then we have
Guest Cast: Major Robert Vallee · Terry Arrowsmith, the hilarious “Roswell! Roswell!” Blaine who shares
The Stupendous Yappi · Jaap Broeker, Dr Fingers · Mulder's taste in wall hangings and wants to believe
Alex Diakun, Sergeant Hynek · Michael Dobson, so bad he has warped everything he sees into scenes
Harold · Jason Gaffney, Roky Crickenson · William from the UFO and abduction books he read (not be-
Lucking, Dr Hand · Mina E Mina, Lord Kimbo · Tony cause he had to – LOL!). His take on Mulder & Scully
Morelli, Detective Manners · Larry Musser, Lieutenant as men in black (“one of them was disguised as a
Jack Schaeffer · Daniel Quinn, Jose Chung · Charles woman, but wasn't pulling it off” and her partner the
Nelson Reilly, Chrissy Georgio · Sarah Sawatsky, Sec- “mandroid”) who slap and threaten people had me
ond Man in Black · Alex Trebek, CIA Man · Andrew rolling.
Turner, First Man in Black · Jesse Ventura, Blaine The teaser did just that – nothing was quite what
Faulkner · Allan Zinyk it seemed – the underside of the telephone repair
92 | Season 3

man's lift as a UFO, the “aliens” Jack and Ray who Oh well, the tale ends without closure with Mul-
echo one of the episode's other themes “How the hell der & Scully as witness to the coverup alibi, and the
should I know”, and, uh, “Lord Kimbote” who looked book published much to Mulder's dismay. “From Out-
like one of those great old stop-motion cyclops mon- er Space”, the epic tale of “noble of spirit and pure of
sters from the Hercules or Sinbad movies. We open to heart” Diana Lesky and her partner Renard (a me-
the “I want to believe” poster, but in this episode we dieval name for Fox) Muldrake, the “ticking time
don't know what to believe. So our premise is that bomb of insanity”. As ending images we see Scully
Scully is talking to Mr. Chung because she is a great (whose eyebrows certainly got a workout this episode)
admirer of his work (including the funny riff on The as a perfunctory 9 to 5 lien hunter, feet on her desk,
Manchurian Candidate). I really liked Charles Nelson reading at work (she is nevertheless a federal employ-
Reilly in this part, he was fun and flirty with Scully ee) and Mulder in his bed watching a bigfoot video.
and seemed to know just how to deliver the dialogue – Life, for the X-Files ghostbusters continues...
my favorite bit of his was his discussion of the use of
“abductee” versus “I just had a little alien experience”. Random Musings
Scully prefers neither word. Hmm. Imagine that.  Some interesting camera work done in this one. I re-
However, the highlight of this story, hands down, ally liked the way there would be no cut between
had to be Scully's biggest nightmare – a starring role in the flashback and the storytelling. You'd see the
the “Alien Autopsy: Truth or Humbug” video. I loved character say something and then they were telling
the way this scene was shot, the take on the theme the same thing to Mulder & Scully – neat effect used
song playing as background music. However, what I well.
enjoyed more than anything was the downright pouty  Did Scully not have the most hideous hotel room?
and whiny way Scully got as she tried to explain “It's That red furniture? Ugg. The scene with Mulder
so embarrassing”. Gillian Anderson certainly makes reading her the tale of Lord Kimbote the Shake-
Scully her funniest when she is flustered. spearean alien was quite amusing though.
The other supporting performances were uneven.  In a hilarious bit of business by Gillian, during both
I didn't much care for the kids and the swearing detec- hypnosis scenes every time the hypnotist (who
tive, appropriately named “Manners”, was a bit much. seems to always appear in Darin Morgan episodes)
A lot of effort went into that bleepin for the payoff line says “You are getting sleepy” Scully yawns in the
by Scully. I actually found her explanation “Well, he background behind him.
didn't actually say bleeped, he said...” funnier – some-  “I didn't spend all those years playing Dungeons
how the image of Dana Scully using language like that and Dragons and not learn a little something about
is quite amusing. I was, however, impressed with Jesse courage..
“The Body” Ventura. He seemed to really enjoy his  Sometimes when I watch this show I can't help but
stint as a MIB, and it was fun watching him rip the think that Scully believes every sentence is some
videotape out of the VCR (who needs an eject button) sort of vocabulary challenge. How many $100
or perform a back-breaker wrestling move. words can one woman fit into a simple sentence?
Where things got interesting and tangled started Our brainy beauty does provide us a lay man's
in the “Ovaltine Diner” where the cigarette smoking translation once though. In Scully-speak “Mulder's
“alien” tells Mulder of covert intelligence operations had his share of peculiar notions, he's not inclined
and UFOs as secret military airships while molding to dismiss anything out right” equals “Mulder,
his mashed potatoes in an homage to “Close Encoun- you're nuts..
ters of the Third Kind”. The closest thing in X-Files his-  If nothing else I think we did learn that Mulder can
tory to the story we get here harkens all the way back and does issue a “girlie scream”.
to “Deep Throat” with human piloted UFOs and in-  What were those big heeled clunky shoes that Scul-
duced memory losses. Something was done to our ly was wearing.
heros here (maybe by the evil Alex “you're feeling very  Mulder: “So what if they had sex” Scully: “So we
sleepy” Trebeck – or someone who looked incredibly know that wasn't an alien that probed her..
like him). My take on it was that both Scully and Mul-  I loved how the boyfriend says “I'll never let any-
der were hypnotized given Scully's robot-like actions thing happen to you” and the girl is immediately
and lack of memory (you know she hates that). It was taken while he cowers and the other “alien” just
a funny sight to have her awake in bed fully clothed smokes and says “this is not happening”.
trying to figure out how Mulder, who suddenly has a  I hope that Duchovny didn't need to film those
keen interest in ice buckets, got in her room. Not quite sweet-potato pie scenes too many times, with the
the bedroom scene that some folks look for. huge bites he was taking. I could only think when
Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space' | 93

Mulder went back to Scully's room it was probably Autumn's Report

to get sick. “They used us to do it didn't they. They used the X-Files”
 Just what is the “military, industrial, entertainment
complex”. When all was said and done in this episode what
struck me most was that feeling, once again, that
“They just found your bleepin' UFO” things are getting real dangerous in the world of the X-
Files. I don't think that it is a coincidence that this
Kevin's Report show opens on March 7 – the anniversary of the start
Darin Morgan does it again, delivering another outra- of Mulder & Scully's first case together. The show has
geous farce that twists the show's mythology into a for the past two seasons had a prevailing theme of
comedy of errors involving Air Force pilots in alien Mulder & Scully being threatened, but it has slowly
costumes, two mysterious Men In Black (played by evolved to encompass all those around them that they
none other than Alex Trebek and pro wrestler Jesse care about. Before the forces against them were content
Ventura), and a strange creature from the center of the to focus only on them – breaking up the team, abduct-
earth named “Lord Kinbote”. The episode is also ing Scully, etc. Now, the game is played by trying to
helped by the performance of Charles Nelson Reilly as break them by systematically destroying those around
Jose Chung, a cynical author who interviews Scully for them – killing relatives, and attempting to erode their
a book about alien abductions. only internal support – first by shooting, and when
 that didn't work, by framing Skinner. As Mulder says,
this is done to “weaken the X-Files” and keep them in
check. Surrounded by this blatant and overwhelming
21 Avatar adversity I am continually amazed by their steadfast
Original Story: David Duchovny & Howard Gordon, perseverance. Sooner or later some thing's got to give.
Writer: Howard Gordon, Director: James Charleston, The dark overtones have been cast. The season finale is
Original Broadcast: 04.26.1996, Production Code: a few weeks away. Something tells me it won't have a
3X21 happy ending – or should I say a happy “to be contin-
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, ued”.
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny “Avatar” was meant to be a showcase for Mitch
Pileggi and he does admirable work in it. Things flesh
Guest Cast: Agent Pendrell · Brendan Beiser, Smoking out for this character nicely – we see just how much his
Man · William B Davis, Judy Fairly · Stacy Grant, walking that line has cost him personally – those con-
Sharon Skinner · Jennifer Hetrick, Detective Waltos · tradictions that he couldn't reconcile. It was nice also
Tom Mason, Grey-Haired Man · Morris Panych, Assis- to see the tie in to the near death experience discussed
tant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Old in “One Breath”. We even learn he inhaled. I also en-
Woman · Bethoe Shirkoff, Senior FBI Agent · Michael joyed Jennifer Hetrick's work as Sharon Skinner – she
David Simms, Jay Cassal · Tasha Simms, Special Agent has a refreshing directness. I hope that we get to see
Bonnecaze · Malcolm Stewart, Carina Sayles · Amanda more of her in the future. Funny though how when
Tapping, Young Detective · Cal Traversy, Lorraine we get one of those much cherished looks into the per-
Kelleher · Janie Woods-Morris sonal lives of the X-Files characters it is neither Mulder
or Scully we get to see. Oh well, maybe next time.
Case File Synopsis Despite being a Skinner based show, I really en-
When Assistant Director joyed the way that it involved our heroes. Their con-
Skinner is accused of versations and journey as they worked on this case
murder, Agents Mulder had a lot to say about the “you and me against the
and Scully join the inves- world” kind of atmosphere that has out of necessity
tigation to clear their su- enveloped them. Can they really trust them man who
pervisor's name. As they “put his ass on the line” for them even though as Scul-
unravel the threads of a ly says “The truth is we don't know very much about
conspiracy, they also him”? I liked the dark mood and general level of ner-
learn more about Skinner's personal affairs. vousness for the future of everyone involved that I
was left with.
Title Forensics If the episode had a weakness for me it had to be
In Hinduism, an avatar is the incarnation (bodily man- the somewhat confusing storyline constructed by
ifestation) of an Immortal Being. Duchovny and Gordon. It was one of those cases
where I was never quite sure what they were trying to
say as far as the conspiracy and/or paranormal phe-
94 | Season 3

nomena were concerned even though the character (who you will note does not say no): “What ever ex-
based stuff worked very well. If the old woman was a treme cases I have encountered I have always viewed
guardian of sorts instead of a succubus, then why the through the lens of science..
dreams that resembled a succubus and why the lumi- On the character development front there was
nescent traces? Or, if this whole thing was a big Can- some subtle yet interesting things said about how ev-
cerMan engineered conspiracy, then again what was eryone felt about prostitution. Scully seems more than
up with the glow in the dark lipstick – was it planted a bit uncomfortable about finding out that Skinner was
for Scully to find to make it appear like she and Mul- with a prostitute. Despite the way she puts up with
der were trying to come up with a far-out X-Fileish an- Mulder and does not appear to be phased by his
swer to get Skinner off the hook? How was the old predilection for pornography, it appears that is where
woman connected to Skinner's wife? I was even sur- she draws the line. When she tells Mulder “If an other-
prised that Scully didn't seem to go with the succubus wise stable man is compelled to go out and hire a pros-
theory without as much as a raised eyebrow. I also just titute what else is he capable of?” Mulder appears gen-
wasn't buying it when Skinner said he didn't have a uinely uncomfortable as he responds. A reaction to
clue as to what was going on – surely Skinner is not how her statement reflects on Skinner or how it might
that naive. They didn't even need to really pull back reflect upon him? From Skinner's perspective, he
the camera and show us CancerMan at that point – I seemed very concerned about Scully finding out it was
could see his smoke screen the whole episode. Things a prostitute and later about what she thinks of him.
were just a bit too muddled. Yeah, I know we watch When he asks this, Mulder pauses, clears his throat,
the X-Files because it doesn't answer all the questions, and walks away before answering the question. That
but usually it makes more sense to me. pretty much says it all as opposed to the answer “Scul-
One wonders just how much Skinner's involve- ly doesn't understand why you're not trying to defend
ment with the X-Files has damaged his reputation. yourself..
While an Assistant Director must oversee hundreds of So, now on to the final stretch as the same baddies
agents, Mulder & Scully seem to have special dispen- who warned Skinner in the restaurant in “Piper Maru”
sation in avoiding the food chain and now reporting start their cleanup operation. We see a brief appear-
directly to him instead of a special agent in charge or ance by Action-Scully as she kicks open a door only to
section head. Even Scully admits that Skinner is pro- have it kick her back. Gillian does manage a very dra-
tecting them “out of a respect for the work”. When matic slump to the ground as Scully (in a two for the
Skinner was shot the rest of the bureau didn't exactly price of one treat) gets hit on her left temple and loses
jump to help, and even more telling, when he is in her gun – and the crowd goes wild! Thankfully Skin-
trouble here only Mulder & Scully (and of course our ner appears out of nowhere with smoking gun. Not to
boy Pendrell hoping for a thank you from Scully) at- leave out any cliche, Scully gets to attempt to claim
tempt to help. The rest of the FBI seems all too eager to she's OK in typical Scully fashion when she can barely
send him up the river. No wonder Mulder is one of the lift her head.
few people he ever mentioned to his wife at home.
Am I the only one (well besides Scully) who real- Random Musings
ly really hates those Office of Professional Conduct  I know I've seen the lawyer from the teaser before,
folks? Especially that woman who just smirks and nev- but I can't remember where. Anyone recall the pre-
er speaks? When they are around nothing good can vious episode.
happen. It is appropriate that the scene with them was  I guess the reason that we, like Mulder & Scully,
filmed in such darkness. CancerMan has got to be were surprised to find out that Skinner was married
pulling the strings with this group. Mulder and Scully has been her conspicuous absence in previous times
were even making those little biting their tongue faces of crisis. Where was she when Big Walt got shot?
they do so well when they were told to appear at the Out tying one on with the Scully brothers.
hearing. Always thrilled to meet with them, Agent  Since “3” was also shown this week I guess FOX
Scully arrives in her power suit for her usual grilling. I could have promoted the show as “This week on
always enjoy the way she serves a bit of attitude in the X-Files everybody gets laid except, of course,
these meetings by feigning not understanding ques- Agent Scully..
tions, being so very careful in her responses, and even  Did anyone else find it a bit odd that Skinner just
talking back (“I'm not finish”).ed. They do use this lit- couldn't bring himself to sign his divorce papers but
tle meeting to reinforce what I like to call the Dana didn't seem to have any difficulty going out and
Scully Mission Statement (I know, I've been in corpo- getting laid.
rate America too long). OPC Mean Guy: “Do you be-
lieve in paranormal phenomena Agent Scully?” Scully
Avatar | 95

 Scully: “Business must be booming.” Mulder: “I serpent running rampant amongst the locals, the
think you mean banging.” – You gotta love the little agents must take their search for the truth to the water.
look Scully shoots him at this one.
 Mulder & Scully driving a Lariat rent car in their Title Forensics
home town? Hmm? Both their cars in the shop. “Quagmire” is an English noun, derived from “quake”
 This week's SRE: REM sleep behavior disorder. Did and “mire”, meaning literally “shaky, miry ground”. It
Mulder really not want to hear about this one or is frequently used metaphorically to describe cam-
what? First he gives her that little sarcastic “That's paigns characterized by small hope of success. In the
fascinating, but what does it have to do with Skin- context of this episode the name also relates to Agent
ner” retort, then when Scully hands him the report Scully's dog Queequeg.
he makes a face and tosses it to the side.
 So, even Skinner is sleeping on his couch – and –
even drinking Frohike's brand of scotch these days. Autumn's Report
 Mulder & Scully talking to each other on their cell “How much you're like Ahab – You're so consumed by your
phones in the same hallway was too cute. Better the personal vengeance against life whether it be its inherent
hallway than in a car while driving in a storm. Giv- cruelties or its mysteries that everything takes on a warped
en the way we've seen Ms. Scully drive before not significance to fit your megalomaniacal cosmology.” “Scul-
the safest behavior. ly, are you coming on to me?”

“Mulder, I'm afraid this isn't exactly something I'd make Note to Mr. Carter: Kim Newton is a keeper. Easily
up.. and hands down this season's best new writer. From
the haunting and introspective “Revelations” to this
Kevin's Report darkly humorous allegorical character piece of an X-
File, she penned two winners for the season – not bad
The first attempt at a Skinner-centered episode meets
at all for an X-Files rookie as we have seen this season.
with mixed results, as it starts out with the “succubus”
This episode had so much going for it – a mysterious
myth but then veers off into another “the Syndicate is
monster with a rather impressive body count and
mad at Skinner for supporting the X-Files” story with a
some much cherished moments between our agents.
hasty and incomplete wrap-up. What's going on here?
Some interesting themes in this one: survival of
Did the Syndicate somehow know about and/or con-
the fittest, you can't turn your back on nature, and, of
trol the succubus? A nice attempt, but this one needed
course, the great Moby Dick analogy. I was frankly
a rewrite or two.
pleasantly shocked at how much time in the episode
was actually devoted to character development and
Mulder and Scully talking about life, the universe and
22 Quagmire everything. (Or in this case life, quests, and cannibal-
ism). For those of us who love the X-Files for its char-
Writer: Kim Newton, Director: Kim Manners, Origi-
acters and not its monsters the conversation on the
nal Broadcast: 05.03.1996, Production Code: 3X22
rock makes this episode a classic. Actually the charac-
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, ter interplay and acting by Anderson and Duchovny
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny were top notch throughout. I laughed many times in
Guest Cast: Ted Bertram · Mark Acheson, Ansel Bray · this hour – not the laugh of a incredibly odd Darin
R Nelson Brown, Sheriff Lance Heads · Chris Ellis, Dr Morgan episode, but rather a delighted chuckle at
Bailey · Peter Hanlon, Stoner · Tyler Labine, Snorkel Mulder and Scully being just so, well, Mulder and
Dude · Terrance Leigh, Fisherman · Murray Lowry, Scully. For a change Mulder and Scully even laughed
Chick · Nicole Parker, Dr Farraday · Timothy Webber and smiled a bit too.
Ah QueeQueg, we hardly knew ye. I knew it was
a bad sign when we saw the little fluff ball in the back
Case File Synopsis
seat. After all, the writers seem to take some sort of
When a series of mysteri-
perverse pleasure in killing off things Scully cares
ous deaths and disap-
about. Poor QueeQueg? Heck, poor Scully, now even
pearances are reported
her dog is dead. When Mulder said “Did you really
near a lake in a small
have to bring that thing” I knew the dog was fish bait.
town, Agents Mulder
Too bad, little plot device, uh, QueeQueg, was fun. We
and Scully are called in
did learn from him that the lethal Scully look appar-
to investigate. With local
ently only works on humans and not in the rest of the
folklore of a killer sea
animal kingdom. So when QueeQueg bites it, or rather
96 | Season 3

it bites QueeQueg we get a bit of Scullyangst as she catch a glimpse of the truth for who knows what rea-
mumbles “Que..” and gets that same despondent look son.” I'm not even going to go into the possible ramifi-
on her face that she had when they found Bruckman cations of Scully thinking Mulder is like Ahab, a name
dead. Once again the insensitive clod award goes to she used for her father as well.
our man Mulder who offers a distraught Scully a sim- One thing that has always struck me as a very in-
ple “Sorry about Queequeg” before launching for- teresting dichotomy about Mulder is that despite his
ward. Say, is there an important FAX coming in? At awe of and quest for the unknown his fears always
least he did offer to walk the dog with her earlier, but seem to get the best of him when confronted with the
hey, she's Scully, she's “fine”, and she's packing. unknown. He wants to see, to discover, this “Big Blue”
This was one of those X-Files where the character and yet his gun is always out. I am reminded of a simi-
lines were clear. To Scully the lake monster is so clear- lar occurrence in “Little Green Men” where when Mul-
ly “Oh tell me you're not serious” ludicrous that she der finally sees alien life he attempts to fire his gun at
doesn't even bother to hide her disdain for the theory the creature. So, he slew his monster this time without
as Mulder pursues with his boyish enthusiasm his a peg leg to show for it.
great white whale. She's not alone in her opinion as
first Dr. Farraday, and then the sheriff squash and Random Musings
ridicule Mulder's theories while she looks on showing  Retread alert. I'm sure everyone but Mulder recog-
us just how many faces Gillian Anderson can make to nized the stoned frog licking teens from “War of the
speak for Scully when she has no lines. Coprophages” as they were playing the exact same
So, if you were alone on a rock in a “here be mon- characters and even using the same dialog “swing-
sters” section of a lake what would you talk about? ing the doors of perception wide open”. Dr. Farra-
Mulder and Scully have never had great luck in the big day was an escapee from “Our Town” as well.
outdoors and this was no exception, after all, as Scully  Some fun frog work in this one. Nice to see the
(who mind you is not the paranoid one) says “every- frogs are getting some work again as bugs seemed
thing is out to get you”. They spend their evening to be getting all the primo guest spots this season. I
drawing their guns on ducks and having an X-Files liked the teaser shot with the hand going under as a
sort of heart to heart: “That was him Scully, that was frog hopped off. Plus any excuse to hear the line “A
Big Blue.” “So what if it was.” Mulder seems genuine- frog holocaust is currently being executed” is worth
ly hurt when he asks Scully about his reasons for his it.
quest being legitimate and she responds that she some-  Well, at least they had our dynamic duo in sensible
times can't figure them out. Their conversation is odd clothes for this one. Not a high heel in sight and
and familiar at the same time moving from cannibal- only one tie.
ism and Scully's weight loss (what a classic look she  So, our photographer Ansel (too good a name for
gave him there when realizing the joke behind his such a poor tooth photographer), was I the only one
compliment) to Moby Dick theories to my new all time who thought he must be some distant cousin of Fro-
favorite Mulder story – why I wish I had a peg leg. hike. He stopped shooting pictures of the lake and
Then ah, the humiliation as they realize they were started snapping them at Scully as soon as she ar-
trapped but a stone's throw from the shore. rived on the scene. Show us your bobbers indeed.
Scully spends a lot of time this episode coming up  Apparently Scully's recent spate of gun handling
with these big time personal insights into Mulder and woes has prepared her for this leash dropping deba-
his impossible obsessions that she believes will leave cle. She's constantly jerked around by that small ball
him dead along with everyone else he brings with him, of fur. She should know that you've gotta watch out
but she never really turns that light on herself. If Mul- for those little redheads, they're pretty feisty.
der is all these things, what does that say about her?  Fun moment: They see the duck, Scully pouts, Mul-
He isn't out there on that rock by himself. She's the one der is still tempted to fire, she shoves him.
who lets him wake her up on a Saturday morning  Only Scully would give such a scientific answer to
telling her to be ready in five minutes and actually is the question of cannibalism. One really wonders
ready to go in five minutes. What is she hoping to ac- how her mind works sometimes.
complish? Does she follow Mulder with her dogged
“Poor QueeQueg”
loyalty despite her personal beliefs because she too
wants to believe? Is she an action junkie and adven-
tures with Mulder fill that need? Or, does she simply Kevin's Report
care too much about Mulder, thinking that somehow if Mulder and Scully search for a “Loch Ness”-type sea
she's there with him Mulder won't end up dead or monster when they investigate a series of unexplained
turn into that man “listening only to himself hoping to killings near a lake. The plot mechanics and secondary
characters are nothing special, but an intriguing con-
Quagmire | 97

versation between Mulder and Scully and an atypical thing to do with their partnership or trust – it makes
ending make this an above-average episode. for the best possible X-File. Usually we only get this
 sort of charge from the mythology episodes, and tech-
nically one would I guess have to classify this as an
odd blend of a monster of the week and conspiracy –
23 Wetwired where the monster (as we have seen before upon occa-
Writer: Mat Beck, Director: Rob Bowman, Original sion) is in the mind.
Broadcast: 05.10.1996, Production Code: 3X23 Kudos from the top to the multi-talented Mat
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, Beck (who shines in this episode with his spectacular
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny story and consistently top-notch effects – I really liked
that glitchy visual) and, of course, to Gillian Anderson
Guest Cast: Joseph Patnick · Linden Banks, Frohike · and David Duchovny. Gillian gives yet another bril-
Tom Braidwood, Dr Stroman · Colin Cunningham, liant tour-de-force performance as Scully finally snaps.
County Coroner · Andre Danyliu, Smoking Man · What other actress can so effectively say so much with-
William B Davis, Second Officer · John Do Serra, Lang- out uttering a single line. We've seen Scully on the
ly · Dean Haglund, Byers · Bruce Harwood, Plain- edge before, but the old snap-o-meter went off the
Clothed Man · Tim Henry, Margaret Scully · Sheila chart on this one. Duchovny doesn't often allow us to
Larken, Duty Nurse · Heather McCarthy, First Officer · see Mulder looking at his partner with such unguard-
John McConnach, Motel Manager · Joe Maffei, Cruel- ed affection and honesty, but it worked to a very com-
Faced Man · Zinaid Memisevic, Assistant Director pelling degree here. Mulder the picture of calm kind-
Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Helene Riddock · ness with a wild-eyed Scully, sweat beaded on her
Sandy Tucker, Dr Lorenz · Crystal Verge, Mr X · forehead, seeing her life crumble. I'm applauding at
Steven Williams my keyboard.
Before I move on, congratulations also to Sheila
Case File Synopsis Larkin, Mark Snow, Rob Bowman, and editor Heather
Agents Mulder and Scul- MacDougall. Sheila Larkin is nothing if not consistent-
ly uncover a dark con- ly wonderful. What an under used treasure she is to
spiracy behind a bizarre this show. Snow's throbbing score effectively intensi-
series of seemingly unre- fied the tension and paranoia throughout. Bowman
lated murders in a small and MacDougall construct that wonderfully chore-
town. As the extent of the ographed sequence of Scully, eyes darting, systemati-
conspiracy is revealed, cally trashing her hotel room in an odd parallel to a
Scully's trust in Mulder is similar Mulder incident in “E.B.E.”. The team was fir-
put to the test. ing on all cylinders for this one folks.
This script really tapped into one of the “big”
Title Forensics themes of the X- Files – trust. As the years have passed
In Science Fiction “to wetwire” means to provide a di- and the conspiracy against our heroes has heightened
rect connection to external computer processing they have become entrenched, despite their differ-
through the skin. ences, in a tightly wound symbiotic relationship. What
is Scully's worst nightmare now? Thinking Mulder
would betray her. Pretty powerful stuff. Poor Scully.
Autumn's Report Who can blame her the paranoia after thinking she
“He's lied to me from the beginning. He never trusted me.” heard a whispered phone conversation about tapes
“Scully, you are the only one I trust.” “You're in on it. and herself – and then the ultimate betrayal – Mulder
You're one of them. You're one of the people who abducted and CancerMan smiling and tape swapping. The ten-
me. You put that thing in my neck! You killed my sister!” sion in that shocking scene was almost unbearable.
One word: YOWZA! The showdown at Mrs. Scully's is The depth that Mulder cares about Scully was also ob-
going to have to go down in X-Files history as one of vious. He cares enough to tape the first X on his win-
the show's best dramatic moments. I sense that I am dow since “Anasazi” despite how much X repulses
going to gush about this episode so I'm warning you him. The moment he has in his car, head bowed as if in
all here. I absolutely loved it. I've mentioned before prayer, before going to identify the body was also very
that the best episodes are where our characters are telling.
emotionally involved. Most times we get one or the The role reversal between Mulder and Scully was
other (as in “Oubliette” or “Revelations” for example), very interesting and much more believable than the
but when they both are effected – when it has some- believer/skeptic switch we've seen before. It was fun-
98 | Season 3

ny to hear Mulder seemingly echo all Scully's “It's sci-  Ooo. Pendrell is becoming a player – you go techno-
ence fiction” lines with “What you're talking about is nerd! Scully has gotten to the point where she im-
pseudo-science”. I hope that it wasn't lost on people mediately suggests him: “Maybe it's a job for Spe-
that despite her mental state this was the an example cial Agent Pendrell and the sci-crime lab. “Not quite
of an X-File where Scully was right, and right from the the same as “a job for SuperMan”, but I'm sure Scul-
start. She becomes the obsessed one, staying up late to ly saying this would have the same effect on him.
piece things together while Mulder goes to sleep. What a special phone call that must have been for
More great scenes: Scully compulsively checking him with a “wiggy” Scully calling to check up on
ashtrays and acting odd as Mulder begins to sense Mulder.
something is wrong – you can see the puzzled looks on  I think the Lone Gunmen were actually proud of the
his face as he starts missing the unspoken communica- fact that they were all officers in the high school AV
tion link. Scully in the dark like a betrayed wife drop- club.
ping even the standard “Mulder it's me” and launch-  You know it's funny. We can go episodes without
ing directly into the accusing “where are you” before any semblance of a time or date stamp to give us a
crouching to the ground like a cornered animal when reference, but by God if there wasn't a reference to
he arrives. The hospital sequence with an ashamed date and time on almost every scene here – and it
Scully and understanding Mulder. Cute the way he was never 10:13 or 11:21. We should have known
lifted his hands and smiled as he entered. I also like something was really wrong from the top.
her last look in this scene as she senses Mulder is off to  Scully may go through her whiny “Quagmireish”
do something alone that he shouldn't and she can't moments about the X-Files, but she always seems to
help him. be concerned that they are working on one. Her “so
A few notes on Mrs. Scully. Apparently Mulder is what's the X-File” reminded me of a similar ques-
always the bearer of bad news as she immediately asks tion in “Our Town”. She has also always been very
him what is the matter. I've always liked the way she protective of them not being used – hints of the
refuses to call him Mulder. Fox just sounds right com- paranoia that has become a part of her life before
ing from her. It is interesting to note that in his conver- she watches the first tape.
sations with her mother he always calls Scully “Dana”  Mulder and Scully drawing their guns on a big
as well. We also learn in this episode why Scully is screen TV showing. LOL! They were right and did-
such a terrible liar – she got it from her mother. No one n't know it.
would believe that “she isn't here” story she was try-  A few fun videotape moments – the look Mulder
ing to feed Mulder. got when he asked her if there was “anything
The pieces are also falling together for the story of good”, and the new X-Files repeating in joke – one
X. Frankly, I was not surprised at the little revelation at of the tapes Scully sees in the chest is marked “Jeop-
the end. We've always known X was not the most ardy”.
above board guy – “One Breath” and especially the  I always find it funny to hear our little scientist who
end of “Soft Light” told us that. After all, Deep Throat can say so many words I can't even spell come out
was a consortium member as well. Despite his appear- with descriptions like wiggy and freaky.
ance as some sort of double agent, his motivations and  So what was with that hotel they were staying at?
loyalties continue to remain unclear. Is he really help- Was it rooms to fit your personality or what? Mul-
ing Mulder? Definitely not to be trusted by anyone. der looking scruffy in his T-shirt is staying in a
Mulder pegs him dead on: “You make me risk my life, scary little single bed without a headboard hovel
you risk my partner's life, and you never risk your with sunflower seeds and tapes strewn about.
own.. Meanwhile, it appears Scully (who hasn't even
I told you I was going to gush. This one was a 10. bothered to remove her heels) got the luxury suite –
complete with couch and fireplace. Her tapes are so
Random Musings neatly piled one wonders if they are alphabetized.
 First the retread report. Two from Colony /  I, for one, enjoyed the fact that the “evil TV” that
EndGame – and both of whom were impersonated sent Scully careening over the edge involved Pat
by the Mighty Morphin Bounty Hunter. Mulder's Buchanan and Bob Dole.
new informant (Tim Henry) played the marshall  So, Mrs. Scully's bed table has cute pictures of Dana
Scully handed the Gregors over to, and Dr. Stroman and Melissa, but NO BROTHERS. Furthering my
(Colin Cunningham) was the whiny Lieutenant in theory that they don't really exist.
the sub.  Yet another scary vest for Frohike. This one was
 I always knew cable guys were evil. kind of a rug with fringe. Yikes.
Wetwired | 99

 I'm not sure about this whole color blind thing – Title Forensics
though it does partially explain the ties. I would “Talitha cumi” is a very
have to assume that Mulder is only mildly color old Syriac or Aramaic ex-
blind as it varies greatly in degree. I'd hate to think pression, meaning, "Little
he's been going around all this time thinking Scully maid, arise.”
has green hair.
 The TV in Scully's hospital room was on a news sta-
tion discussing a plane crash. Hmm. I wonder why Autumn's Report
planes go down... “All you want is to be part of it – is to be one of the com-
mandants when the process begins.”
Well, there we have it. Season 3 has officially come to a
 One continuity error I spotted. Scully knocks a
close, and as usual we are given an episode full of
bunch of tapes to the floor when she searches be-
questions meant to make us suffer until September and
hind the TV, but in the next shot they are again
season 4 comes around. Frankly, I for one will not be
neatly stacked.
suffering all that much. Sure, I'll miss the new
 We are told in dialogue that Scully fired four
episodes, and yes, I enjoyed the finale, but this time it
rounds. We heard six.
did not ruin my summer. I'm interested. I'm not rivet-
“Everybody was out to get me.” ed. That's O.K., I'm sure these finale cliffhangers are
difficult to come up with. I don't need to be wrecked
Kevin's Report by a season ender to enjoy the show, but this one just
A non-UFO conspiracy episode about an experimental didn't have the same impact. I was a little disappoint-
mind control scheme using broadcast television has ed.
echoes of the second season's “Blood”, but it actually We did get a lot of information this time around –
generates suspense more skillfully than that episode which naturally causes a lot of questions – imagine
and helps to demonstrate the extent of X's duplicity. that. The “Colony/EndGame” episodes are among my
Also interesting for a confrontation between Mulder favorites and it is nice to see that storyline picked up
and a gun-wielding, paranoid Scully, who has been af- again. Roy Thinnes did a great job as the benevolent
fected by the TV signals. alien – he came across as calm and true from the teaser
 on. Who knew that these aliens were healers too? They
could be handy folks to have around for the next time
Mulder picks a fight or Scully hits her head. If any-
24 Talitha Cumi (I) thing this was, oddly enough, a CancerMan episode (I
Original Story: David Duchovny & Chris Carter, Writ- think William B. Davis got more screen time than
er: Chris Carter, Director: RW Goodwin, Original Gillian). We learned way more than we ever wanted to
Broadcast: 05.17.1996, Production Code: 3X24 know about this man. I'm not even going to go into the
waterskiing mental picture and Mulder's Mom and
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, CancerMan ICK ICK ICK. Well, at least we saw in
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny “Apocrypha” that he was handsome at a younger age.
Guest Cast: Last Man · Brian Barry, Pleasant Man · I sincerely hope that we don't find out that CancerMan
Ross Clarke, Paramedic · Cam Cronin, Smoking Man · is Mulder's dad – a bitto cliche' if you ask me. Howev-
William B Davis, Detective · Stephen Dimopoulos, er, I am willing to believe and accept that Samantha
William Mulder · Peter Donat, Deep Throat · Jerry might be a Morley love-child.
Hardin, Night Nurse · Bonnie Hay, Doctor · John Ma- Excuse me, but why in the world would an alien
cLaren, Galen Muntz · Hrothgar Mathews, Assistant ice pick be hanging out in a Mulder “PALM” for all
Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Jeremiah these years? Please don't let this be one of those
Smith · Roy Thinnes, Bounty Hunter · Brian Thomp- cliffhanger plot points that are quickly dropped like
son, Teena Mulder · Rebecca Toolan, Door Man · An- who shot Scully in “Anasazi”. At least that scene did
gelo Vacco, Mr X · Steven Williams give Mulder the chance to ransack the house (he was
apparently jealous of Scully's hotel room trashing last
Case File Synopsis week).
Agents Mulder and Scully's search for a man who As far as nice character moments I adored the
seems to possess strange powers leads to the discovery first 11:21PM Mrs. Mulder in the hospital scene. Not
of a dangerous secret from Mulder's past. The secret only does Scully make the trek to Rhode Island with
could bring Mulder and Scully to the brink of exposing Mulder, but she lets her bedside manner shine. (Why
the truth about alien existence. (Part one of two.) did she choose a medical profession of the dead when
100 | Season 3

she connects so well with the living?) It is risky busi- er. CancerMan has some connection to Might Morphin
ness being a family member to these two, and we see and can call him in to impersonate Jeremiah – why
by Mulder's grimace as he enters his mother's room Morphin agrees to this is a mystery tome. CancerMan
that he doesn't have many loved ones left. One of the is haunted a bit by his past but only cracks when he
warmest moments this season was in the simple ex- finds out he has cancer – duh. Love his denial – “That's
change of “Thanks” and “You O.K.?” between the a lie” – yeah right – you smoke what – 9 packs a day –
friends. Even in the ensuing disagreement where Mul- and expect those lungs tobe pink? So he makes a deal
der pulls a “do you think it's a leap?” silly theory out and sets Jeremiah free in exchange for a roto-rooter job
of his hat, Scully tempers her argument because of his on his lungs. I guess he can now safely smoke 10 packs
emotional state – she refutes quietly and calmly. A a day. We also learn that there is some sort of big “col-
great moment for both actors. onization day” festivity planned and that the date has
Steven Williams has a nice part in this one – I find been set. What happens on that date is yet to be deter-
I like him more when he is featured in an extended mined, but I think it is probably more than a bank holi-
role rather than just thrown into the mix. The first qui- day.
et scene between X and Mulder was a odd juxtaposi-
tion from the last time they met with Mulder threaten- Random Musings
ing to kill him. I'm glad they could finally work out  Retread report: The young man who was shot in the
their frustrations complete with the requisite head teaser was the gas station attendant from “F. Emas-
butts in the rough and tumble at the “no smoking” culata” and Mulder's mother's doctor was George
parking garage. I had to laugh as this time it was X Kerns from “Out Town”.
who dropped his gun.  Scully apparently somehow had a childhood trau-
Duchovny had a number of big scenes, and I was ma involving where people are. Her big questions
moved by his weepy bedside moment where he to Mulder are always “Where have you been?”,
brought his mother's hand to his face. Pity Scully was- “Where are you”, and “Where are you going?” Mul-
n't there this time to comfort him. The CancerMan con- der is one tough dude to keep track of. The ex-
frontation was also well done, but frankly Mulder has change “Where are you going?”, “If I told you,
no follow through when confronting his demons. This you'd never let me go” is unfortunately typical of
is the second time he's had him at gunpoint and he their relationship. That's his polite way of ditching
walks away after losing only a cigarette. Meanwhile her.
back at the ranch, Scully is, as usual, doing all the leg-  So were Mulder and Scully just driving around Ar-
work (working well past 11:21) and comes up with all lington in search of lunch or scooby snacks when
the clone pictures – now where has she seen this be- they happened upon this burger place mystery.
fore? At least those Gregor clones had the common  No wonder Mulder loves his trenchcoats – he got it
sense to use different names. And for some really unex- from his mom. I have a little theory that when they
plainable reason their cell phones suddenly fail them. shot the scenes involving DD at the summer home
So, Scully gets another alien visit at her house, gets they had just repainted the doors. When Mulder
into a who's news is more important phone conversa- goes outside before meeting X he gets paint all over
tion with Mulder, and heads off to meet him alien in him from brushing against the door.
tow with supposed information about his sister. Mor-  For me, the scariest thing I saw in this episode was
phin shows and we are done for the season. Of all the discovery as Mulder searched the vacation
thethings I am curious about for next year I really can't home that the Mulders collected SPOONS. They
wait to hear what denial they have Scully go through even had little spoon holders. How frightening. I'm
to explain away these morphing aliens. They never re- sure Ma Mulder was a favorite at Stuckeys and air-
ally dealt with it after “Endgame” so now is the time to port gift shops everywhere. Ugg.
come clean.  This may sound silly, but the FBI floors threw me
Now time for my take on what is going on. Pure for a loop. I remember a similar scene from the flag
speculation that I hope you all feel is backed by what focussing on Scully in “The Blessing Way” and this
we saw. Apparently Jeremiah was one of the original hall in no way resembled it.
aliens and has spawned a lot of clones, who, for some  Fashion report: What is this boot thing that Scully's
odd reason, all like working for social security. The got going on these days? While she looks very hip
Might Morphin Bounty Hunter is still miffed about the in them and that new tailored coat she just doesn't
whole clone thing – taking away from the race purifi- look as professional when out interviewing sus-
cation and all that – and is out for green blood. X is in pects.
it all for the power and is doing what he can to usurp  Quonochontaug, Rhode Island – Gesundheit.
CancerMan via polaroids or alien weapons or whatev-
Talitha Cumi (I) | 101

 In the for what it's worth department Skinner is def-

initely wearing the wedding ring these days. Sorry
“I've repressed it all”

Kevin's Report
Despite occasionally shaky plot mechanics, those re-
sponsible for this episode have a lot to be proud of, no-
tably its excellent cinematography and music, and the
character of Jeremiah Smith, a messiah-like alien rene-
gade who uses his powers to heal injuries and who en-
dures interrogations with Cancer Man that , I am told,
were based on the “Grand Inquisitor” scenes from
Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov.
Season 4 | 103

this a great way to start the season – paced at break-

Season 4
From 10/04/1996 to 05/18/1997
neck speed with lulls at just the right times – I think it
is the best season kickoff since the pilot episode. I
knew we were in for a ride when the tag line morosely
read “Everything Dies”. The teaser with the fatal bee
sting and the “children of the damned” clones was es-
pecially eerie – highlighted by some great camera
work as the repairman falls to his death. Then we were
1 Herrenvolk (II) back at Bond Mill Road and off – with the cliffhanger
Writer: Chris Carter, Director: RW Goodwin, Original situation diffusing quite quickly into everyone running
Broadcast: 10.04.1996, Production Code: 4X01 around in the dark for five minutes. Meanwhile we
find that UsedToHaveCancerMan has held some sort
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
of all night bedside vigil holding Ma Mulder's hand.
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Ick. At least he saved her in the end. I'm beginning to
Guest Cast: Agent Pendrell · Brendan Beiser, Second think that Mrs. Mulder may very well be his weak
Senior Agent · Ken Camroux, Repair Man · Garvin spot.
Cross, Smoking Man · William B Davis, Marita Covar- Things are really getting muddled plot wise in the
rubias · Laurie Holden, Young Samantha Mulder · mythology episodes now. I pity the person who
Vanessa Morley, Grey-Haired Man · Morris Panych, watched this episode as their first X-Files experience –
Assistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Se- they wouldn't have a clue. Trying to piece this all to-
nior FBI Agent · Michael David Simms, Jeremiah gether with prior knowledge is hard enough. If the lit-
Smith · Roy Thinnes, Bounty Hunter · Brian Thomp- tle girls are Samantha clones then who are the little
son, Teena Mulder · Rebecca Toolan, Elder · Don S boys? Younger Gregors? And why did Mulder pick
Williams, Mr X · Steven Williams that one particular clone to take along for the ride? The
project is about raising special shrubs to produce
Case File Synopsis pollen for killer bees? Is the plan to unleash killer bees
Agents Mulder and Scul- on the population? Children clones that are
ly's search for a man who “stationed” as a work force in various locales? And
seems to possess strange somehow smallpox vaccinations tie it all together as
powers leads to the dis- the unsuspecting public has been “catalogued, tagged
covery of a dangerous se- and inventoried”? Why does Jeremiah want the project
cret from Mulder's past. exposed? is it because he is a drone? It is enough to
The secret could bring make your head warm. That and the annoying fact
Mulder and Scully to the brink of exposing the truth that although Jeremiah was so quick to tell us in “Tal-
about alien existence. (Part two of two.) itha Cumi” that he has a “long and complicated story
to tell” he all of a sudden calms up and thinks that
show and tell is a much better way of conveying infor-
Title Forensics
mation instead of just explaining to Mulder what is go-
The “Herrenvolk” or “Herrenrasse” (lit. “master race”)
ing on as they travel to Canada. It is interesting that
is a concept in Nazi ideology, which holds that the
Jeremiah uses the term “hegemony” to describe the
Germanic and Nordic people represent an ideal, supe-
project rather than “colonization” as it more closely re-
rior and “pure race”. The Nazis tried to keep their self-
sembles the episode's title – the power of a master race.
declared master race “clean” by e.g. forbidding mar-
Speaking of Canada, Mulder once again shows
riages to Jews or people of Jewish origins. Further-
his new talent. No longer content to merely ditch Scul-
more, they experimented on identical twins to gain
ly in the good old US of A, he now prefers the interna-
knowledge about how to breed a “Herrenrasse”.
tional ditch. This one was even more special as he left
Scully screaming his name with the not-dead- and-we-
Autumn's Report don't-know-why Mighty Morphin Bounty Hunter
“You put such faith in your science Scully, but the things (who sadly did not morph this episode) while he rode
I've seen – science provides no place to start.” “Nothing the Silver Streak out of there and then ignored her
happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to phone calls. No wonder she was pissed. One certainly
what we know of it – and that's a place to start. That's got the sense that Scully's “Yes I'm fine” was laced
where the hope is.” with “but you won't be if you do this to me again!” I
did get some satisfaction out of the fact it was Mulder
Well folks, the long dry summer is over. Thank God.
Though I didn't much care for “Talitha Cumi” I found
104 | Season 4

always saying “Scully, it's me. Where are you?” in this Random Musings
episode.  A few production notes – William B. Davis now re-
Left on her own Scully (after once again proving ceives an “also starring” credit like Mitch Pileggi
what a terrible liar she is) shows us all once again just and I saw a name I didn't recognize as a “Consult-
how smart she is. Getting help from Pendrell (who is ing Producer” – Ken Horton.
just so cute the way he straightens his tie when Scully  It was almost disconcerting to see the blue skies and
pops in on him) she gets to the bottom of why Cancer- rolling hills that formed the Alberta home of The
Man called Jeremiah Smith a “cataloguer” in “Talitha Project. Looks like we will be back to our comfort-
Cumi”. It was interesting to see Scully give the para- able rain again by the next episode.
noid explanation for a change to those irritating OPC  Did anyone else find it really funny that right after
folks as they compare her to Mulder. Her “I am a sci- Mulder tells Scully “You can't use your gun” when
entist” defense of herself to Skinner is classic Scully. the Bounty Hunter can hear him she assumes the
Unfortunately, Mulder doesn't seem to fair as classic stance? Well, she got punished for that by a
well. He gets confronted by the alien with the bee blow – surprisingly not to her left temple.
stung lips and the honey of a suit who tells him just  It appeared to me that Scully was pretty much
what we are all thinking of Chris Carter: “He shows ready to say a not-ready-for prime-time word when
you pieces. He tells you nothing of the whole...” right MMBH jumped on her car.
before performing the best air acrobatics since Scully  So much for that piercing the base of the scull theo-
in “The Calusari”. Now is when the performances real- ry, eh? What good are those ice pick thingees if they
ly get good. Duchovny is really given the chance to don't work?
emote (which we all know is a rare occurrence on this  Check out that retro lamp in Mulder's apartment
show) as a desperate and wrecked Mulder. The myri- next to the billiard ball coat hanger – way cool.
ad of emotions that play across his face as the ever  Does is seem to anyone else that Scully spends more
faithful Scully comforts Mulder with a single-minded time alone in Mulder's apartment than she does her
concern is wonderful. I have to say that despite the own?
ditch, the level of caring between these two friends –  Gasoline as a bee deterrent? I just kept thinking
which often seemed lost last season – is back with a “light up” a la “Pusher”. I'm sure he smelled really
vengeance. Anderson, as usual, makes the most of her pretty when Scully hugged him.
screen time as Scully basically ignores everyone else  Why oh why is Scully wearing a black bra with a
whenever dealing with Mulder and even tells him “I light colored blouse? Now we know why Pendrell
don't care what the doctors say”. gets all flustered.
Just when they are so close that skeptical Scully  My God – the dialogue that woman has to memo-
admits she can feel it, their window to the answers is rize. No wonder Gillian had a hard time with that
slammed shut. We now know the shocker for the science project scene – it was like doing math just
episode was the death of Steven Williams' character X. listening to her!
As a farewell gift to us he gives an edgy, paranoid per-  I guess Morris Panych is now playing the all pur-
formance and a truly great creepy death scene (with pose consortium hit man with Krycek out of the pic-
some great creepy music). His scene with Scully is ture and Luis Cardinal dead. We saw him previous-
wonderful (starting from the funny “Open the door ly in both “Piper Maru” and “Avatar” being
Agent Scully”) and their ensuing battle of words as she generally bad.
tries to get tough with him to find the answers she
needs is nicely done. What we learned from this is that “You know what these are. Confirm or deny.”
if you are a semi-regular X-Files character do not get a
new series or you are toast. With X's death he leads Kevin's Report
Mulder via his final “SRSG” clue to the Special Repre- A rather odd and unfocused mythology episode. Alien
sentative to the Secretary General. Laurie Holden now renegade Jeremiah Smith claims to have earth-shatter-
appears to be taking the place of Mulder's informant – ing revelations for Mulder, but all we get are some
who for the first time in Mulder informant history ac- bizarre chase scenes through a Canadian bee farm and
tually has a name – Marita Covarrubias. (We'll be see- little follow-up to the cliffhanger episode “Talitha
ing her next in “Teliko”). We can only speculate as to Cumi”. The final fifteen minutes, as well as Scully's
what her motivations are, though at first glance she presentation before an FBI committee, are classic X-
appears to be a kinder, gentler informant to a Mulder Files, but the rest of it doesn't make a whole lot of
still broken up a month later over his “very personal sense.
losses”. I wonder how thrilled Scully will be when she 
finds out Mulder's new helper is an attractive woman.
Home | 105

mare on Elm Street” type of entertainment. On the oc-

2 Home casions that I have been drug to one of those movies
Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: Kim they did frighten me, but I didn't think them quality
Manners, Original Broadcast: 10.11.1996, Production entertainment and I certainly didn't ever want to
Code: 4X03 watch them again.
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, “Home”, at times, reminded me of that genre of
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny horror film. The scares were obvious a mile away: the
baseball game discovery by the big spooky house, the
Guest Cast: Catcher · Neil Denis, Batter · Cory Fry, death of the “folks know I never lock the door” sheriff,
Sherman Nathaniel Peacock · Adrian Hughes, Radio and the even more ridiculous death of deputy Barney
Singer · Kenny James, Mrs Peacock · Karin Konoval, who should have just worn a red kevlar vest he was
Barbara Taylor · Judith Maxie, Right Fielder · Lachlan such an obvious target once he separated from Mulder
Murdoch, George Raymond Peacock · Chris Nelson and Scully. It was even rife with obvious forced ten-
Norris, Sheriff Andy Taylor · Tucker Smallwood, sion – Mulder's door won't lock, a shot of a sleeping
Pitcher · Douglas Smith, Deputy Barney Paster · Sebas- Scully (for no reason but to make us think they may be
tian Spence, Edmund Creighton Peacock · John Trotti- a victims).
er I have always had a special fondness for the char-
acter interaction on the X-Files, and that part of me
Case File Synopsis loved the interesting moments and dialogue between
Agents Mulder and Scul- our heroes. Unfortunately, these moments were sur-
ly travel to a bucolic rounded by deformed inbred brothers who deliver ba-
small town where they bies with a fork that they then bury alive and spend
find evidence of an un- their time sniffing and regurgitating meals for their
speakable crime. mother – that is, when they aren't packing their sticks
in the trunk in order to do some twisted remake of
Autumn's Report “Clockwork Orange” by committing their gratuitous
“I can tell you don't have no children. Maybe one day you'll ultra-violence to a “Wondeful” Johnny Mathis tune.
learn – the pride – the love – when you know your boy will When taken on their own, the character moments
do anything for his mother.” were quirky – Scully even had the best lines. However,
in context to the episode they seemed oddly out of
This one is going to be controversial. “There's some- place (such as Mulder's mugging pout during a dan-
thing rotten in Mayberry” – indeed. I suspect that this gerous moment about the Elvis headline). The
X-Files episode may divide folks like no other since Mulder/Scully opener was fun. Scully does all the
“Syzygy”. I know there will be strong opinions both work while Mulder goofs off sniffing (do I sense a
ways as I am fighting these within myself. When the theme?) baseballs and practicing pitches. His bounce
credits rolled around after “Home” my roommate let off the bicep even temporarily stops Scully's train of
out a cruel laugh and informed me that she was glad thought. Her realization that Mulder is in another
she didn't have to watch the episode again and write a world with the “meanwhile I've quit the FBI and be-
review. I have never been less thrilled to rewatch an come a spokesperson for the ab roller” was a hoot.
episode. Not because I found it boring like “The List” Mulder claims he could live in a town like Home, but
or laughably bad like “Teso dos Bichos”, but because it Scully doubts his umbilical cord to his cell phone
was down right revolting. Actually, amazingly could be cut.
enough, the second time wasn't as bad as I suspected it The much heralded “words” between the agents
might be. had to be their friendly talk about children. While Mul-
Morgan & Wong have given us, without question, der rubs her back and tells her “just find yourself a
the creepiest, grossest X-Files ever. When I saw the man with a spotless genetic makeup and a real high
“parental guidance” warning I was surprised – after tolerance for being second guessed and start pumping
all it was an X-Files first. Unfortunately, I didn't have out the little Uber-Scullys” she finds out that despite
my mother here to warn me. Though I know the X- his family's bad luck they pass “genetic muster”. Mul-
Files is supposed to be scary, it isn't often that I am re- der seems tickled by this conversation, having never
ally frightened by it. This one scared me. However, it seen Scully in this light and even refers to her as
scared me in a way that I don't like to be scared. It “Mom” later. However, the Scully/biological clock
scared me in a cheap way – a “Jason and his brothers theme was a bit much for me – especially with the Pea-
meet the FBI” way – which is why during the subse- cock Mother's accusations in the end. If they are going
quent viewing I lost that fear quickly. I've never been a to talk about this I think they should address what
fan of the “Halloween”, “Friday the 13th”, or “Night-
106 | Season 4

should be Dana's biggest fear – her own possible ge- 

netic problems having children post-abduction.
Given all this, “Home” is destined to be an X-Files
episode that when I watch it again I'll do so with more
3 Teliko
than a generous amount of fast forwarding. Writer: Howard Gordon, Director: James Charleston,
Original Broadcast: 10.18.1996, Production Code:
Random Musings 4X04
 Retread alert: Not that anyone would ever recognize Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
her, but the Peacock Mother was played by Karin Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Konoval who we last saw as Madame Zelma in
“Clyde Bruckman”. Guest Cast: Samuel Aboah · Willie Amakye, Seat Mate
 Not gross enough? Hey, let's have the sheriff store · Geoffrey Ayi-Bonte, Agent Pendrell · Brendan Beiser,
the dead baby body in the office fridge next to the Alfred Kittel · Dexter Bell, Lieutenant Madsen · Sean
sack lunches... Hey, then let's do the autopsy in the Campbell, Flight Attendant · Maxine Guess, Marita
smallest bathroom we can find – Scully can use the Covarrubias · Laurie Holden, Marcus Duff · Carl
toilet paper holder to rest her doctor's bag... Lumbly, Bus Driver · Bill MacKenzie, Minister Diabria
 Never, ever in my mind, have I ever imagined a · Zakes Mokae, Dr Simon Bruin · Bob Morrisey, Lieu-
time when I would see our dear Dr. Dana Scully tenant Madson · Michael O'Shea, Assistant Director
shoving a pig and chanting “Baa Ram Ewe” (Mul- Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Businessman · Don
der: “Yeah, that'll wo”).rk. At least we have a Stewart, First Officer · Danny Wattley
glimpse of Scully brother proof in her tale of watch-
ing her “Babe” fixated nephew. Too bad she didn't Case File Synopsis
watch more carefully – that chant works on sheep – The mysterious deaths of
not pigs. After all, I have a nephew too – I know several African-Ameri-
these things. can men leads Agent
 I'm still trying to figure out what Scully was doing Scully to suspect a
grabbing around the inside of her jacket when they bizarre and uncommon
first approached the Peacock home. Looking for a medical disorder while
notebook she didn't need or some other crisis? Mulder suspects some-
 Mulder's little TV antenna bit was a crack up. thing even stranger.
Thank God he finally got it working so that Mutual
of Omaha's “Wild Kingdom” could give him the an- Autumn's Report
imal pack insight he tells Scully about later. “All new truths begin as heresy and end as superstitions.
 For those who care, her little feet did reach the ped- We fear the unknown so we reduce it to the terms that are
als – she was driving. most familiar to us – whether that's folklore or a disease or
 Was anyone else surprised at the swat team action conspiracy.”
headsets that were available in a town where the
I've always considered Howard Gordon to be sort of a
sheriff doesn't even carry a gun?
“meat and potatoes” type of X-Files writer. Though he
 Scully does save Mulder here – after pumping 9
occasionally pens something great (like last season's
shots into the boys who feel no pain (and in one of
“Grotesque”), for the most part his work seems to fall
the creepiest moments they are checked for wounds
squarely in the vast middle zone of X-Files episodes –
by their mother because of this) – she finally saves
not so great, not so bad – just average and missing a
Mulder from an axe by yelling about their mother.
real edge. I think that the further we progress in the
“Scully, would you think any less of me as a man if I told Mulder & Scully universe the more we expect, and the
you I was kind of excited right now?” more clever the storytelling needs to be. We shouldn't
be sitting back as the episode progresses thinking to
Kevin's Report ourselves “been there, done that”. Even if the show has
Perhaps the most controversial X-Files episode yet, this “been there”, a new zing to the story will allow us to
one finds Mulder and Scully on the trail of an inbred forgive the repetition. I couldn't find the zing.
family of murderers in rural Pennsylvania. The So instead we all sat there and made the in-
episode features a hilarious subtext of “Mayberry evitable comparisons to the standard genetic mutant
R.F.D.” jokes as well as some good suspense and inter- stories – the saga of Eugene Victor Tooms the obvious
esting Mulder/Scully interaction, but the gore is rather choice. However, in the Tooms stories we weren't just
excessive in places and some of the “black humor” is asked to take for granted that the villain could squeeze
just a little too black to be humorous. into a coffee can with no explanation (as is the case
Teliko | 107

here) we were shown an individual with genetic the mere fact that a phrase is prevalent in an episode
anomalies that were demonstrated. What the heck makes it so worthy why didn't we see “Sure. Fine.
crawling up a drainpipe had to do with pituitary Whatever” at the start of “Syzygy”?
glands is a mystery here. The only oddity we bear wit- Brendan Beiser has finally made the front line
ness to is a little sword swallowing trick. credits with his smitten Pendrell, and though the poor
This wasn't the only weakness in the story. We're boy doesn't get to see the lovely Agent Scully despite
told early on about some big task force working waiting in the hall for her, Mulder takes the opportuni-
around the clock and yet when the body is found near ty to terrorize him. Apparently it is only Scully who
a construction site it becomes obvious that no thor- doesn't see (or chooses not to see) him pining for her.
ough search of the area is done when Mulder can ran- Too bad Pendrell couldn't have seen her during those
domly pull into the first cone zone he and Scully see shots where she was posing quite fetchingly in her
and they find it filled with bodies. Also, in the hospital scrubs – I'm sure that he would have enjoyed that.
they suddenly need a translator when throughout the I do like the fact that the show has continued to
episode Mr. Aboah has spoken English. attempt to delve into the folklore of different cultures.
Mulder's attitude during this episode also was a It seems a pity that these episodes have not been as
bit confusing to me. He seemed to be argumentative strong as they could be. Despite the fact that we had
only for the sake of the writer needing to create some our heroes poking around in yet another deserted
dramatic character conflict – giving Scully dirty looks warehouse with their substandard flashlights, I en-
when she talks about investigating a possible health joyed the last act. Maybe it was just seeing Mulder so
crisis or slamming her for using medical tests or sci- drugged up he was drooling on himself and calling
ence to find answers. After all, Scully has been at the weakly to Scully so she can do her “Ghost in the Ma-
office since 5:17AM “slicing and dicing” at the request chine' part 2 crawl through the ventilator shafts. I liked
of the CDC doctor – who shows her more respect than the red-eyed cat look of Aboah as he jumped towards
Mulder does – and he waltzes in breakfasting on sun- Scully (maybe the reason he didn't spit a seed at her is
flower seeds and jumps feet first into an international that she is just to pale to help his cause), and it was fun
conspiracy with next to no information about the case. to see her play shoot 'em up in the vent. I think it
Instead of listening to Scully (who despite his jabs might be I just enjoyed seeing Scully save Mulder and
about her needing to spend some time “looking up drag his butt out of the crawl space or Mulder making
from the microscope for a minute” continues to scien- those pitiful eye movements to warn her.
tifically discover important information), Mulder gives
Scully one of his patented obtuse answers when she Random Musings
asks where he is going and heads off to the UNiBlon-  Time lines place this case in late August / early
der. September.
Now, why Mulder has suddenly decided that this  This week's fashion comments. Lose that new au-
woman is the key to finding out information about any topsy hat for Scully – she looks even dorkier in that
old X-File? “I'm not sure why, but I thought you might than she does in the hair net. Speaking of hair, isn't
be in a position to help me” – we aren't sure why ei- Mulder sporting quite the GQ “foppish” look this
ther. Though I think those among us who seem to be season. Also it does appear that Scully seems to
worried about her presence on the show can probably have finally abandoned the high heeled pumps in
breathe a sigh of relief. It is obvious to me that after the field for the clompy-looking high heeled boots
she fulfills whatever plot device she has been created she started sporting last season.
to perform she certainly seems doomed. Mulder does-  I almost had to laugh during Mulder & Scully's
n't have the best record with informants, and while phone call as she had so much blood artfully splat-
Deep Throat and X were nervous even when meeting tered all over her scrubs.
in clandestine fashion, Mulder continues to brazenly  Mulder gets a chance to use his transporter beam
visit her at her place of work – seemingly sealing her usually reserved for lightening quick trips back and
eventual death warrant. Heck, no need to shine light forth to Boston and the Vineyard to get back and
bulbs through the window or tape up an X with this forth to Philly. He manages to get from the hospital
girl – he just stalks her at work. corridor at 5:45PM all the way to the Burkina Faso
After fulfilling part of this year's quota for a for- embassy in DC in an hour flat.
eign language teaser I have to admit I was quite
“It's OK Mulder, I'm here.”
stunned at the use of “Deceive Inveigle Obfuscate” as
the episode tag line. After all, this is the first non-
mythology episode to do such and the second time in
Kevin's Report
three weeks after only one such occurrence last year. If Your basic run-of-the-mill, pedestrian MOTW – noth-
ing particularly wrong with it, but nothing special ei-
108 | Season 4

ther. This one finds the agents chasing a man with a the towering Goliath. Even though I knew that Mulder
melanin deficiency that requires him to kill others in was going to pull a photo of Scully out of that pho-
order to save his skin (literally). Basically a half-heart- tomat booth the moment still worked. The episode
ed Tooms rehash. And why the heck is Marita Covar- contained enough twists that I easily forgave any in-
rubias in this? discretions. It was moody and, more importantly, used
 the characters in an integral way to the story.
Scully literally and figuratively drives this
episode, and gives the talented Gillian Anderson an-
4 Unruhe other chance to let us glimpse at Scully's soul. I was
Writer: Vince Gilligan, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi- quite interested in the whole effect of these events on
nal Broadcast: 10.27.1996, Production Code: 4X02 Scully's psyche. “I have no unrest!” she yells at Gerry
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, in German, but we can easily recognize this as another
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny great Scully lie. Oh Dana, you've got oodles of unrest,
and the audience isn't the only one who can see it.
Guest Cast: Mary Louise LeFante · Sharon Alexander, You've been chasing the monsters too long now and it
Inspector Puett · Ron Chartier, Officer Corning · is taking its toll. The moment in the interrogation
Michael Cram, Alice Brant · Angela Donahue, Billy · where Gerry (wonderfully played by Pruitt Vince)
Scott Heindl, Officer Trott · William MacDonald, who has been literally shifty eyed and nervous sud-
Druggist · Walter Marsh, ER Doctor · Michele Mel- denly fixes on her with realization and states “You
land, Photo Technician · Christopher Royal, Gerald look troubled” engaging Scully in an oddly hypnotic
Thomas Schnauz Jr · Pruitt Taylor Vince stare down was chilling. This episode proves an inter-
esting counterpoint to last season's “Grotesque” – Mul-
Case File Synopsis der's embracing of the killer's mind versus Scully's an-
Agents Mulder and Scul- gry disinterest. She is clearly bothered by this case –
ly investigate the bizarre visibly wincing at every description of the use of the
abduction of a young ice pick – and yet wants to dig no further. The juxtapo-
woman. Their only clue sition of a pondering Mulder still trying to get to the
is a terrifying and inex- bottom of unruhe, howlers, and the photos after find-
plicable photograph de- ing the second victim versus Scully's “What the hell
veloped at the scene of does it matter?” says it all. She doesn't want to go
her disappearance. there.
And yet, she has to. You've got to know that ab-
Title Forensics ductions of women and the fact that she once again
“Unruhe” is German for “unrest” or “unease”. falls victim must shake her to the core. Her denial of
her own fears has always been a driving character
point with Scully. These emotional layers take this well
Autumn's Report beyond just another “Scully in Jeopardy” type episode.
“I see now the value of such insight. For truly to pursue We see the terror in her eyes as she realizes the situa-
monsters we must understand them. We must venture into tion and tries desperately to escape, and yet with Ger-
their minds. Only in doing so we risk letting them venture ry she calmly prolongs her life by talking with him and
into ours.” empathizing with him about his pain and guilt con-
In last week's “Teliko” we had a weak conglomeration cerning his family tragedy. This allows Scully to buy
of old X-Files ideas and episodes. This one really made Mulder time and instead of becoming another flannel
it look bad in comparison. Yes, Vince Gilligan shows nightgown wearing sister substitute that he can “save”
us, there are still new ideas to pursue in X-Files Mon- she is spared. Perhaps it was the end that struck me
ster of the Week episodes. When they are well done the hardest, as we move from a shaken and quiet Scul-
the audience will more than forgive a somewhat stan- ly escaping her confines to what may be one of the
dard formula. Sure, Scully is abducted for what? The saddest and most effective voice over moments on the
sixth time? And yet, he never seems to let her become show – a clearly depressed Scully, hair mussed, and
the stereotypical victim during her reacquaintance glasses slightly askew typing in the dark about her en-
with duct tape. When she wanders alone into the con- counter.
struction site because Mulder has run off on her – de- The X-File itself – the “Thought-O-Graphs” was
spite the fact that she has the best lead – she does not an interesting twist, though it did lead to some down-
fall victim. Instead she calmly hangs up on Mulder right superhuman logical leaps in Mulder's mental
(which I must admit I loved) and confronts and arrests process. From gazing at a surrealistic photo the amaz-
Unruhe | 109

ing Mulder can get that the killer looms and means to “Your film is out of date.” “Is that against the law?”
pass judgement like a God. Then, even more incredi-
bly, links six fingers to tombstones. They don't call him Kevin's Report
“Spooky” for nothing. The actual process of what was This isn't one of Vince Gilligan's masterpieces, but the
creating them – Gerry's nightmares – or a glimpse into “thoughtography” premise is pretty interesting, and
the future was left a bit up in the air. Gerry Schnauz succeeds as a sympathetic, tragic villain
Some great visuals in this episode from director who's tortured by his own delusions. Weakened some-
Rob Bowman. The photos themselves were very artis- what by the paint-by-numbers “bad guy kidnaps Scul-
tic – even the shocking death of the officer was stun- ly and Mulder has to find her” ending.
ningly done. The stilt-legged chase scene was a unique 
twist, and the stark dark trailer with the dentist chair
This episode may have had one of the more 5 The Field Where I Died
amusing SRE (Scully Rational Explanation) moments Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: Rob
that I can remember. We had Scully spouting off one of Bowman, Original Broadcast: 11.03.1996, Production
her more ridiculous theories about heat and expired Code: 4X05
film that by the end even she knows is stupid with
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
Mulder giving her just enough rope to hang herself on
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
it. Quite funny to see her just stop in mid stride as she
hears herself. Actually, their interplay of ideas was Guest Cast: Harbaugh · Doug Abrahams, Melissa
quite comical on the whole as she tries to figure out Riedal-Ephesian · Kristen Cloke, Mighty Man · Dou-
where he is going and then he tries to hedge the argu- glas Roy Dack, BATF Agent · Michael Dobson, Attor-
ment he knows is coming with “What if... what if”. ney · Les Gallagher, FBI Agent Riggins · Anthony Har-
They know how the game goes now and seem to be rison, Vernon Warren aka Vernon Ephesian · Michael
trying to find new ways to amuse themselves with it. Massee, Assistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pi-
leggi, Therapist · Donna White
Random Musings
 Retread Alert. Officer Trott was a Doctor in “Fallen Case File Synopsis
Angel”. Agent Mulder's search
 The date stamp on Scully's report matches the origi- for an informant inside a
nal air date for this episode: October 11, 1996. cult compound leads to a
 Initially I thought to express my incredulity at Scul- suspect to whom he may
ly's ability to still speak and understand German have an unexpectedly
when after 4 A-student years of spanish I can only close personal connec-
seem to remember “Juan es un muchacho”, but then tion.
I remembered my brain is walnut size compared to
Scully. Heck, I bet she even rents “Das Boot” every Autumn's Report
so often and just plays it as background to keep up
“Dana, if, um, early in the four years we've been working
on the language.
together an event occurred that suggested – or somebody
 I really liked the scene during the PET scan with
told you that – we've been friends together in other lifetimes
that otherworldly sounding “unruhe... unruhe” – always – would it have changed some of the ways we've
coming over the speaker as they discovered the looked at one another?” “Even if I knew for certain, I
failed transorbital lobotomy. wouldn't change a thing. Well, maybe that flukeman thing.
 Apparently they are tired of the “Scully never gets I could've lived without that just fine.”
to drive” whining as it appears to be equal opportu-
nity thus far this year. This is the episode I so wanted “Home” to be – a char-
 Is it just me or do our heroes seem a bit trigger hap- acter junkie's dream – Morgan & Wong at their best. It
py this season? They're shooting these folks left and was one of the most finely tuned I've seen. I would not
right so far. be surprised to see this episode submitted by almost
 Didn't you love the way Scully managed to draw everyone involved for consideration when Emmy
her gun before entering “twilite sleep” so very art- nomination time rolls around next year. Rob Bowman
fully arranged. did a truly wonderful job both in getting first class per-
 Another great guilt-o-graph for the Mulder scrap- formances out of the actors and in staging some beau-
tiful shots – the sweeping teaser shot but one example
book. He can put this lovely photo of Scully next to
of this. Mark Snow was similarly inspired as he was al-
that trunk shot he has.
110 | Season 4

lowed to get out of scare/chase mode and give us a are to believe the “Apocrypha” teaser. During WWII
truly lovely piano score. he would already be CancerBoy no doubt pulling the
It is however the acting that really brought this all wings off butterflies and sneaking his first cigarettes. I
together. Kristen Cloke, in a really difficult part to pull really don't think that this negates the power or emo-
off, was inspired as Melissa wearing her different roles tion of anything though. I find Mulder's belief that this
physically. Duchovny, apparently bound and deter- is true and his belief in the connection to those impor-
mined to be Emmy nominated next time, gives one of tant to him to be the crux of the story. What's really
his very best performances. Director Bowman's choice sad in all this is that it was all for naught. Despite Mul-
to use a tight closeup on Duchovny's face during the der running into the compound in one of his all time
regression scene pays off handsomely allowing us to stupidest moments everyone died – which is far more
see all the emotion, transitions and subtlety. The tragic than a torn photo of a lost love.
pained reading on “We're always taken away” high-
“At times I almost dream. I too have spent a life the sage's
lighting lifetimes of loss was simply brilliant. Com-
way and tred once more familiar paths.”
bined with his quiet realizations throughout the
evening this was a masterful performance.
Whatever that magic is between Anderson and Random Musings
Duchovny it was stoked tonight. These two can even  The date stamp we get for this episode is shortly af-
argue by passing notes – how typically Mulder and ter November 5, 1996 – the time found on Sydney's
Scully – “multiple personality” – no – “past lives”. first recorded message to the ATF.
Scully is absolutely right when she recognizes Mul-  Retread alert. Though there were quite a few in this
der's behavior as selfishness rather than concern for episode the most recognizable was the ATF Agent
the fifty lives – though true to her loyal form she plays played by Doug Abraham as he has appeared in
along with him. However, one of the episode's high “The Pilot”, “GenderBender”, “Die Hand”, and
points for me was that major snit car conversation “Hell Money”.
(which may be one of their all time crankiest moments)  Well, as if we didn't already know we were witness-
where Scully reads Mulder big time for calling Vernon ing a tender bonding moment, Mulder drives it
a sociopath for the same things he is now believing. home by affectionately calling Scully “Dana” for the
The great thing about the Scully/Mulder relationship first time since season one. Now, if we could only
has always been the way they can argue and move on. get her to try “Fox” just one more time...
When Mulder needs Scully for sympathy (always one  I always wondered when we'd finally get around to
of her strong suits) she is there for him and the mo- seeing Mulder and Scully in the sort of FBI situation
ment in the car forgotten. that we see so often on the news these days even if
I am frankly mystified by all the moaning and their reason for being there was real weak. It's OK,
gnashing of teeth about this episode somehow chang- really. We can believe that they do real FBI agent
ing the Mulder/Scully dynamic as I found it to be one things too without a paranormal angle.
of the most affirming of their special bond. Whether or  Love our heroes in raid wear and playing with the
not you believe Mulder's Shirley Maclaine turn – he other agents – even if their disdain for “our man
believed it – and much to my surprise Scully (who we Spooky” is evident. Gives Scully the chance to pull
know believes those under hypnosis are prone to con- out those boots too.
fabulation) appeared to as well. (Why else would she  OK, show of hands – how many of you wanted to
ask if he saw the bunkers as Sullivan Biddle?) We find see Scully do that thing with her tongue when chal-
that their souls are linked tightly as well – “souls come lenged with “Can you do this?” – I know I did.
back together – different, but always together”. Mul-  Well, the Scully “Home” grab is, I believe, finally
der and Scully's discussion of their bond, which, as proven to be an aborted notebook grab beyond a
usual, is said more through their eyes than the words, shadow of a doubt. This time when she went fishing
was quite touching and Scully's flukeman joke an un- she came up with something.
expected treat. A truly fine moment by Duchovny and  Apparently Mulder & Scully are going through a
Anderson. I did find it quite amusing that in both cited sport utility phase right now, or finally getting
past life instances she was a male authority figure. No around to using all those upgrade certificates they
wonder she can be so bossy. Heck, she was ordering must own.
the other agents around this episode like she was run-  If I were Scully I might get a complex from hearing
ning the show. about someone dying punctuated with “He is Scul-
The real problem with the hypnotic regression ly”. Perhaps it is time to dig out the curvier suits.
that takes place in this episode is, of course, the time  What a great library Scully found! Not only is it
frames. CancerMan as Gestapo in Poland? Not if we open at 4:12AM, but it has drawers conveniently la-
The Field Where I Died | 111

beled “Photographs – People – Civil War” – and look beautiful”, is delivered through a landscape of
looky! Just the pictures she needed! Someone give blood and mirrors. Director Kim Manners is two for
that l two this season on the gross out meter, though actually
this episode, while certainly more graphic, didn't both-
“Time is flying and we've got six wives to question.”
er me as much as “Home” – I just didn't care much.
That's OK, neither did Mulder and Scully. They move
Kevin's Report through the Aesthetic Surgery Unit as stumbling in-
The writers take a dubious risk by introducing another vestigators who really save no lives and will have to
Big Concept (this episode revolves around Mulder's mark this X-File “unsolved”.
belief that he has shared a “past life” with a young X-Files has covered this sort of ground before –
woman who is involved with a religious cult) into a se- possession and black magic – and both other times
ries that already has quite a few. It does seem a little (Die Hand Die Verletzt and The Calusari) I found it
out of place as an X-File, but the range of emotion that frightening. This lacked the inherent malevolence that
it allows Mulder and the evocative spiritual imagery made those episodes effective – I found myself oddly
make it an excellent episode. untouched by the deaths and not at all frightened for
Mulder and Scully's safety. The visuals were often
more gross than the least bit scary, and for being so
6 Sanguinarium simple in theme, the episode was surprisingly hard to
follow. This may have been intentional, but all it leaves
Writers: Valerie Mayhew & Vivian Mayhew, Director:
the audience with is – “oh look, a leech” when what's
Kim Manners, Original Broadcast: 11.10.1996, Produc-
going on doesn't make sense.
tion Code: 4X06
What really didn't make sense though was the
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, ending. Why Dr. Scully of all people would barge into
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny an operating room not properly attired and demand
that they stop what they are doing in mid procedure just
Guest Cast: Attorney · Andrew Airlie, ER Doctor ·
because Mulder told her to is way beyond me. Scully is
Norman Armour, Dr Jack Franklyn · Richard Beymer,
much smarter than that. She is a doctor. She should
Dr Hartman · Martin Evans, Nurse Rebecca Waite · O-
know better. And, she shouldn't do something stupid
Lan Jones, Dr Harrison Lloyd · John Juliani, Dr Shan-
just because Mulder tells her to. It is a good thing that
non · Arlene Mazerolle, Dr Eric Ilaqua · Paul Raskin,
they didn't listen to her and saved the person's life de-
Dr Sally Stanford · Marie Stillin, Doctor · Gregory
spite her protests.
What weakly passes for character development is
the idea of Mulder getting caught up in the whole
Case File Synopsis body beautiful theme. Throughout the episode we see
Bizarre murders in a hos- him blatantly ogling nurses (which he is lucky Scully
pital's plastic surgery didn't catch or she probably would have ground a heel
unit lead Mulder and into his toe for unprofessional conduct), playing “be-
Scully to suspect a super- fore/after” with a computer simulation of his nose,
natural force may be re- and staring at himself in the mirror the rest of the time.
sponsible. He even tries to draw Scully into his vain little world
when he tells her “God, you look tired”, but she really
Title Forensics doesn't take the bait – of course she looks tired Mulder
The term “Sanguinarium” comes from “sanguinary”, – it's 3:40AM. Oh well, after that chemical peel I sus-
which means “bloody”, “covered with blood”; “blood- pect Mulder will want to keep his nose as is. All this
thirsty”, “murderous” or “composed of or containing worrying on Mulder's part is nothing short of silly as it
blood”. is apparent all the man really needs is a shave – well,
that and a haircut – those bangs have got to go. I kept
wondering in that scene with Nurse Waite cutting her
Autumn's Report hair in some ceremony if she could schedule Mulder in
“Everybody's doing it – so I hear.” for a trim.ibrarian a raise.
The first episode from this season's token female team
(sisters Vivian and Valerie Mayhew) was a muddled Random Musings
and heavy handed outing that made me miss Sara  First for the retreads, and this one was full of them.
Charno and Kim Newton all the more. The theme of One of the doctors was Nemhauser from
vanity, or, as we hear repeatedly, “everyone wants to “Grotesque” another was in “The List”, and the at-
112 | Season 4

torney at the beginning was Scully's one and only Canton, Smoking Man · William B Davis, Director ·
date Rob from “Jersey Devil”. David Fredericks, Aide · Peter Hanlon, Deep Throat ·
 It's time for Our Heroes to hit the police procedure Jerry Hardin, Byers · Bruce Harwood, James Earl Ray ·
books again when a broom outside a door becomes Paul Jarrett, Troop Leader · Colin Lawrence, Mob Man
“probable cause”. Oh yeah, there was a pentagram · Peter Mele, Lydon · Laurie Murdoch, Supervisor ·
too – and didn't Mulder connect the dots to make Steve Oatway, Young Smoking Man · Chris Owens,
one? If Scully bought that as reason to break in General Francis · Donnelly Rhodes, Major General ·
maybe she should put out an APB for someone rid- Michael St John, Lee Harvey Oswald · Morgan Weiss-
ing a broom and wearing a tall black hat. Well, they er, Jones · Jude Zachary, Agent Man · Dan Zukovic
did hear that cat cry as they walked up to the door
as well. I'm sure that sealed it. Case File Synopsis
 While we are on the subject of them busting in, at Mulder and Scully un-
least they are cool when they do it. I love the way cover what may be the
they move perfectly synchronized with only a true identity of the
glance. Cigarette-Smoking Man.
 “Vanitas Vanitatum”: latin for vanity of vanities.
Oh, there's that theme again. Thank God, I almost Autumn's Report
missed it. I would have preferred it to be latin for
“How many historic events
have only the two of us witnessed together Ronald? How of-
 I'd say it's time to shell out the bucks for a new wa- ten did we make or change history? And our names can
ter filtration system if that's what comes out of the never grace any pages of record, no monument will be in
spigot. What did she do? Hook a stuck pig up to his our image, and yet, once again, tonight the course of human
water softener? history will be set by two unknown men standing in the
 Some nice cinematography in this one – unfortu- shadows.”
nately driving home the blood theme – as the can-
dle lit home is bathed in red and the police lights I was actually quite prepared to not like this episode
strobe red to the straight pin “yakking” scene. much – after all I am an admitted unashamed
 Call 911 and get a recording. Ha ha. Mulder/Scully purist, and with no Moose and Squirrel
to entertain me I was afraid this one would tank. How-
 I, for one, was the most frightened in this episode of
ever, I decided to take it for what it was – a character
that large metal surgical instrument that looked sort
study. It wasn't an X-File, it wasn't scary, but it was in-
of like a huge ail or probe. God only knows what
teresting. Not a classic episode, but something I found
that does.
solid and entertaining without being hokey. Actually,
“Maybe they were all possessed” I've always thought that CancerMan was painted in a
bit of a “sympathy for the devil” light on the show –
Kevin's Report now we see that in full force. Motivations are always
“Here is some blood. Here is some more blood. Here is interesting. No one is evil for evil's sake. In this we saw
blood in large and gratuitous quantities. What? Plot? the human side of “the most dangerous man alive”.
Oh. Yeah, it's, like, because of witchcraft, or something. From the beginning where we see a neon lit, rat
Anyway, getting back to the part about the blo...od.” infested room, we learn that we will find out “possibly
Translation: This was downright awful and I'd rather everything” – and, more importantly, who CancerMan
stare at a blank screen than see this episode again. wants to be. We learn he is an orphan of a cancer vic-
 tim and a communist spy – and that seems to make
him hate communism (“the most heinous personifica-
tion of evil mankind has ever confronted”). JFK is
7 Musings Of A Cigarette killed for failing to protect, and, despite being an “ex-
Smoking Man traordinary man”, MLK is killed for communist lean-
ings. What we really find out though is that he is just a
Writer: Glen Morgan, Director: James Wong, Original
man who believes in sacrifice, but is longing for a sec-
Broadcast: 11.17.1996, Production Code: 4X07
ond chance.
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson, There are a couple of amusing themes here. Of
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny course the smoking thing – from “No thank you sir, I
Guest Cast: Corporal · Anthony Ashbee, Young never touch them” to that first Morley to that whole
William Mulder · Dean Aylesworth, Matlock · Marc patch thing.The other fun theme is the movies/rejected
Baur, Frohike · Tom Braidwood, Cuban Man · Gonzalo writer idea. Old CM would rather read a trashy novel
than see a great movie, and so he uses “I love the
Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man | 113

movies” as his cover for Lee Harvey and even goes to  So, we finally find out the Lone Gunmen's publica-
a movie (with a significant smoking theme) to light up tion name: The Magic Bullet. How appropriate that
his first Morley. He tells his MLK cohort to “go to a they find the real grassy knoll shooter.
movie or something” and says he “couldn't care less”  I thought once again during this episode how inap-
about the Oscar nominations. All he really wants to do propriate the tag line change was for “Teliko”. A
is write – and frankly, after 30 years of rejection (and great change here would have been a repeat of
let's be honest that “burn it” letter was just as silly as “Trust No One”.
the one that loved it) – who wouldn't be a bit evil.  The switch to black and white for the MLK section
How funny that his final acceptance is from a shady was (while it certainly did not bother me visually) a
magazine that Frohike would subscribe to. Plus, just bit too heavy handed thematically. Oh, I get it...
who does CancerMan resign to anyway? After all he black and white...
even hides his existence from presidents.  As a proud and happy Denver Bronco fan, I have to
I am most afraid that this episode will bolster say I am now worried that CancerMan might not
those “CancerMan is Mulder's dad” folks. Let me re- like them either. At least during his Forrest Gump
mind you, that while he may believe it to be true and riff there weren't any signs that said “Post no Bron-
gazes fondly at Mrs. Mulder and little “my first word cos”.
was JFK” Mulder, Bill Mulder also believed Fox to be  Apparently CM has had his thumb on the FBI for a
his child. Nothing was set in stone and only DNA tests long long time – all the way back to 1968.
will tell. Though if taste in ties is a genetic indicator we  You have to wonder about Deep Throat in retro-
may be in trouble. spect now. “I'm the liar, you're the killer”.
Time line issues once again. So, while this  I was surprised to learn that the “project” was Bill
episode, with a birth date for Cancerman of August 20, Mulder's – so much so that the living EBE could ad-
1940, does fit into the “Field Where I Died” frame, vance it decades. (At least the “Death to EBE resolu-
once again “Apocrypha” is totally hosed. You know, I tion” was #1013).
have to admit I find it quite irritating that they can't
“I can kill you whenever I please. But not today.”
even be bothered to make the mythology episodes
match up – really, how hard is it? It just comes across
as very very sloppy to me. So, yes, at least it is appar- Kevin's Report
ent that Morgan & Wong pay attention to their own Told alternately through Cancer Man's memory/imag-
episodes. We have a nice tie in to the president dying ination and Frohike's investigative report to Mulder
insinuation of “One Breath” and the E.B.E. death of and Scully, this expose on Cancer Man is certainly en-
“E.B.E”, but the funniest thing I saw was poor Lee tertaining at times. It works moderately well as a char-
Harvey trying to buy a root beer – must be fate pal. acter study, but it's rather far fetched, and its narrative
framework, which suggests that none of this may have
Random Musings ever really happened, raises the question of why make
 An in-joke for us pause button freaks – Dana Scul- the episode in the first place. The mythology episodes
ly's lovely Einstein Senior Thesis is actually filled have always been somewhat ambiguous, but this was
with conspiracy and references to the MJ-12. No ambiguous to the point of being irrelevant.
wonder she was assigned to the X-Files. The mo- 
ment with him eavesdropping on their fist meeting
was quite amusing though.
 How funny that the first words we hear are Scully
8 Tunguska (I)
saying “Not everything is a labyrinth of dark con- Writers: Frank Spotnitz & Chris Carter, Director: Kim
spiracy” – and then the words sure to make “little Manners, Original Broadcast: 11.24.1996, Production
puppy dog” Frohike tingle “Look at you – you're Code: 4X09
shaking”. Frohike's paranoia was hilarious – esp. Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
his threatening to kill Byers for saying his name and Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
the whole CSM 25 bit.
Guest Cast: Prisoner · Stefan Arngrim, Agent Pendrell
 Deep Throat is named “Ronald”? Well, I suppose it
· Brendan Beiser, Stressed Diplomatic Courier · David
was better than some of CancerMan's pseudonyms
Bloom, Smoking Man · William B Davis, Gaunt Man ·
– Raul Bloodworth, Jack Colquitt, and of course Mr.
John Hainsworth, Marita Covarrubias · Laurie Holden,
Hunt. If Fox were his son that would make his
Senator Romine · Campbell Lane, Alex Krycek ·
name Fox Hunt, so it can't be true, right?
Nicholas Lea, Well-Manicured Man · John Neville, As-
sistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileggi,
Swarthy Diplomatic Courier · Lee Serpa, Bundled Man
114 | Season 4

· Olesky Shostak, Terry Edward Mayhew · Brent Stait, show uses Scully or Mulder to throw typical male/fe-
Dr Sacks · Malcolm Stewart, Senator Albert Sorenson · male conventions on their ear.
Fritz Weaver It gets even better, RatBoy is back – though his
description of his liberation was a little lame – these
Case File Synopsis militants let him out of the silo but didn't notice the
A diplomatic courier car- huge oilien spacecraft? Yeah, OK. Nic Lea really does a
rying deadly cargo in- great job with this part – bringing all sorts of nuances
volves Agents Mulder into it and letting us see his fears. Spotnitz and Carter
and Scully in a danger- even had a little fun with our nickname for Krycek
ous web of intrigue. (Part with that learning “to live with the rats” dialogue.
one of two.) Krycek (or maybe we should rename him Punching-
BagBoy after this episode) seems to be a magnet for
abuse here as he tries to convince the duo that they
Title Forensics
should become the three musketeers against Cancer-
Tunguska is a site in Central Siberia where an enor-
Man – only Scully refrains from taking out her frustra-
mous meteorite impacted on June 30th, 1908, igniting a
tions on him. Mulder delivers the best insult between
series of cataclysmic explosions.
punches, calling him an “invertebrate scum sucker
whose moral dipstick is two drops short of bone dry”.
Autumn's Report Apparently thinking up that insult took a lot out of
“They fear one thing – exposure. You expose him – expose Mulder as he later resorts to things like “Stupid-ass
his crimes – you destroy the destroyer's ability to destroy.” haircut” – uh, kettle – this is Mulder – you're black.
I liked the way that they used Skinner in this
This is why I love the X-Files. Sure, the show can be
episode – so many times he appears to be an after
uneven at times, but when it is good, when it is at its
thought, but here he was critical to the action – and
very best, there is no beating it. This was one of those
able to get in a little payback of his own. I'm sure Pileg-
edge of your seat, spun up until the end, and pacing
gi fans were swooning from the shirtless pants zipping
during the commercial breaks shows – the best start to
a two-parter since “Anasazi” or “Colony”.
So, now a word about the UniBlonder. How
The teaser was practically perfection – and oh so
much longer until Scully regrets getting her address
fitting of the name teaser. Our dear St. Scully being
for Mulder? I'm betting not too long at all. I find Mari-
threatened with contempt of congress for her unfailing
ta sort of interesting, I certainly don't resent her as
loyalty to Mulder and the truth – how far this charac-
much as some do. What I did not like, however, was
ter has come over the years to now be unafraid to
the fact that gauzy lighting and soft piano score music
voice her own paranoia about the government. I found
were used in this scene as to play up to some sort of
this scene (and the others of her zipped-lip approach)
romance angle. At least Mulder didn't appear to be let-
interesting in context to her taking-a-stand statement
ting it all bother him too much as he just seemed to
to Mulder about not knowing how far she can follow
sleep soundly in her chair.
him. I'd call getting thrown in jail for protecting him
I guess I should address what was technically yet
pretty damn far myself. Gillian Anderson plays this
another international ditch. I say technically because
subcommittee scene flawlessly – rock 'em sock 'em
A) I got the impression that Mulder kept Scully well
Scully at her best. Though while appearing calm and
informed this time and B) If I were her I'd be really re-
collected she lets us know just how nervous Scully is
ally glad I didn't go with him. You would think that
by the slightest hitch in her voice and tremor in her
sooner or later Mulder would put two and two togeth-
hand. Sometimes when I watch her perform I hear the
er and realize every time he runs off by himself he in-
words of an old acting coach of mine echoing in my
variably ends up getting more than a few fresh scars to
head: “Less is more”. Perfect.
add to his ever growing collection. Oh well, he'll never
If that weren't enough to get us going we get the
learn – this time he takes Krycek with him because
return of the “oilien” in Honolulu possessing a dorky
Krycek conveniently swears at him in Russian. That
fumble-fingered customs agent (who gets payback for
doesn't end up doing him or us a whole lot of good be-
ordering that body cavity search apparently). And
cause we still can't understand a thing being said until
then – be still my heart – Mulder and Scully in full riot
RatBoy gives Mulder the kiss-off at the end.
gear – it's enough to make you squeal in delight some-
So we wrap up with Mulder's little break into the
times. If you thought Scully looked tough playing with
Gulag back firing on him big time as he becomes a
her gun in “War of the Coprophages” she was down-
whipping boy himself. Our last shot of a trussed up
right butch slapping the magazine into that rifle here –
Mulder – nose poking through chicken wire – having
a 5'2” helmeted female action hero – I love it when the
Tunguska (I) | 115

oilien squirted on him was classic. Especially as we

know how icky it is to get rid of those darn oiliens
9 Terma (II)
once they get in you – just ask Krycek. And what were Writers: Frank Spotnitz & Chris Carter, Director: Rob
we to infer from the bloodied band-aid on his arm sus- Bowman, Original Broadcast: 12.01.1996, Production
piciously in the same area as a smallpox vaccination Code: 4X10
scar? Tune in next week – same X time, same X chan- Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
nel – for another exciting Moose and Squirrel adven- Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
Guest Cast: Prisoner · Stefan Arngrim, Smoking Man ·
Random Musings William B Davis, Gaunt Man · John Hainsworth, Sena-
 Apparently Skinner's new apartment has some in- tor Romine · Campbell Lane, Alex Krycek · Nicholas
teresting residents – he even has a “Highlander” Lea, Aunt Janet · Brenda McDonald, Nurse · Pamela
opening the door for him at the “Viva Tower”. I MacDonald, Dr Kingsley Looker · Robin Mossley,
wonder if Mulder & Scully will be investigating Well-Manicured Man · John Neville, Angie · Eileen
strange beheadings next... Pedde, Assistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch Pileg-
 Speaking of the apartment – it looks like the little gi, Vassily Peskow · Jan Rubes, Dr Bonita Charne-
reconciliation moment at the end of “Avatar” fell Sayre · Jessica Schreier, Bundled Man · Olesky
through and our man Walter is a single guy now. Shostak, Terry Edward Mayhew · Brent Stait, Dr Sacks
Hasta La Vista Sharon. · Malcolm Stewart, Senator Albert Sorenson · Fritz
 From Scully's opening speech she mentions becom- Weaver
ing an FBI agent four years ago. I had always
though she'd taught at Quantico for a while before Case File Synopsis
teaming up with Mulder. This would make her real- The investigation of a
ly green when they first hooked up. courier carrying deadly
 Every single time I see Scully running full tilt in cargo leads Agent Mul-
those heels – and down a jetway no less – I wait for der to Tunguska, Russia
the day when we hear that Gillian Anderson has and Agent Scully to a
broken an ankle. As a woman I have always consid- Congressional Investiga-
ered this the most amazing stunt work on the show. tion. (Part two of two.)
 Why does Scully still knock on Mulder's door? It's
not like she waits for him to say “Come in”. Autumn's Report
 Finally, we got the return of “Mulder, it's me” – I “These are congressmen we are talking about Agent
was getting worried. Funny though this time Skin- Scully.” “I know that sir, and it is my natural inclination to
ner got to ask Mulder where he was. believe that they are acting in the best interest of the truth –
 Now, far be it for me to ever accuse Scully of a self- but I am not inclined to follow my own judgement in this
ish action, but I'm beginning to think she may be us- case.” “So, you're going to follow Agent Mulder's? Is that
ing poor Pendrell. It's as if she knows the love- it?”
struck lab boy will do anything for her so she con-
Hmm. Apparently that's exactly what she meant from
stantly drags him into her latest mess. She's going to
that “yup” look on her face, and probably the most in-
have to pay him back someday – maybe that's just
teresting thing about this episode is that it clearly
what Pendrell is hoping.
shows just how far Dana Scully has followed Agent
“There is a culture of lawlessness that has prevented me Mulder's judgement after four years. The rest of the
from doing my job.” (I'm going to try this one at work my- episode? Good, I thought, though more than a bit far-
self.) fetched in parts and not as tight as “Tunguska”. Cer-
tainly confusing, though it made a whole lot more
Kevin's Report sense the second time through. And, believe it or not,
The reintroduction of the oiliens and the renegade it does appear to start tying together some of the
Alex Krycek makes for a decent mythology episode themes that for so long seemed unrelated.
with a few flaws (since when did Mulder become such So, onward into the fray. I'll talk about Scully first
a bully?). The final scene is one of the most harrowing because I thought it a major character point that we ac-
depictions of government cruelty to citizens that the tually heard her say (in front of a high level senate
series has ever provided, and most of the episode pro- committee no less) that she had documents and inter-
vides good suspense even if it is a little awkward in views in support of “a wide ranging conspiracy to con-
places. trol a lethal bio-toxin that is in fact extraterrestrial”. So,
 not only has she previously laid her cards on the table
116 | Season 4

to them about her paranoid-sounding-yet-true views point Krycek was always a henchman who followed
of the government – it is now she that is ridiculed with orders, was almost killed for screwing up, and went
“are we talking little green men here?” I half expected underground selling secrets. Now, all of a sudden,
to hear her say “grey”, but hey, she's still got room to Krycek (or as we learn Comrade Arntzen) has a lot
grow. So, you folks who like to think Scully a scientific more pull than I ever suspected as he is able to activate
stick in the mud – remember – when she's got her evi- a retired KGB hit man to go on a massive killing spree
dence – she's not afraid to say “extraterrestrial”. Scul- – (and boy is Vassily good – he is able to break into
ly, practically becoming Mulder this episode (she's both NASA Goddard and a meds cabinet at a health
even turning off her cell phone to avoid calls and go- facility and not get caught). Though I have to admit, I
ing to jail for the truth), is able to put her medical can't wait to see how those RatBoyniks will try to ratio-
knowhow to good use again in linking the Well Mani- nalize this one. Tell us again how he's not really bad.
cured Man's squeeze Dr. Bonita Charne-Sayre back to Frankly, I believe that CancerMan is back in ca-
that pesky small pox vaccination plot point. A girl's hoots with him at this point. Someone had to let
got to do something in prison. At least her prison stay Krycek out of the silo as the terrorist says he was ap-
was a bit more pleasant than Mulder's. proached by Krycek/Arntzen and I think CancerMan
Meanwhile, back at the Gulag, the amazing Mul- was the only one who knew he was there. Plus, who
der is able to pull off his great escape with ease. It was feeding him all that information about Mulder be-
seems those Russian boys are too zombified to act up ing caught or escaping? Well-Manicured Man did
much as no one draws a gun when he hops into that seem perplexed as to how the Russians could have
Mercedes truck – hey, those poor people in Siberia known they were working on the inoculations as well.
have pretty good cars – well, maybe it was cheap be- CancerMan appears to be trying to play both sides
cause the brakes sucked – either that or the oilien against the middle here – he's definitely trying to play
makes you a real bad driver as a side effect. Luckily for WMM with his “so you need me” and asking him to
Mulder, they don't call out the dogs and he escapes call off the investigation even when it is apparent that
with only his head banged up. he has “the honorable” Sen. Sorenson in his pocket.
Actually, the whole court charade was interesting So now what about these Oiliens? They appear to
in the way it tied into the substituted teaser message be related to, but not the same as the original “Piper
“E PUR SI MUOVE” which was what Galileo suppos- Maru” Oilien – sort of baby “black cancer” oiliens, if
edly said after being forced to retract his ideas by the you will, that are being used to find a cure or inoculant
Inquisition – “and yet it moves”. Scully was facing her for the Big Oiliens – all part of the project. In the teaser
own Inquisition of sorts – one that continued to “ask we see a normal acting Auntie Janet going to have a
the wrong question” because they didn't “want the Kevorkian pulled (apparently the baby oiliens don't do
right answer”. much in the way of curing health problems like other
Jail didn't teach Scully a lesson, as she continued aliens) only to leak the little black slugs. This leads one
to be obstinate in round two (too bad CSPAN couldn't to believe that one can function quite normally while
cover this one – I'm sure she would've become the new they are hosting the stuff. Which leads one to wonder
conspiracy pinup girl) until Mulder rides into town if Mulder is both an alienated and oilienated agent at
with his hero music. I really enjoyed the way Gillian this point. It also leads one to question why the God-
and David played these next moments. Scully allowing dard scientist was effected so dramatically by those lit-
herself to express her relief and happiness to him but tle pineal gland attaching black vermiforms and the el-
immediately returning to her stern mask as she turned derly and Russian test subjects weren't. Smaller doses?
to face the subcommittee – then after the gavel sounds More oil less alien? Doing something to your small pox
practically leaping out of her chair. A very interesting vaccination scar changes the effect? It seems that is
display of affection between the two of them as usually what the Russians think, which is why everyone not in
we only see them embrace when something really bad the camp has a good car or one arm – no scar/no test
has happened. To see them hug, Mulder with a big logic. Heck if I know.
smile on his face saying “it's good to put my arms Anyway, on to the end. Our heroes travel the
around you – both of them”, in front of a crowd says a land gathering evidence that will later be thrown away
lot about the level at which they relate now. Heck, and Mulder falls back into his annoying habit of order-
Skinner had to break them off from trying to catch up ing Scully around – telling her to make calls for him
with his “some other time”. and sending her back to an oddly deserted refinery.
Well, we really need to give Krycek a hand as he Meanwhile, the KGB bad guy drenches Mulder in oil
has pulled off a great double-agent fiasco I never saw (we have a Mulder in petroleum products conspiracy
coming – now we know why he knows Russian, don't theme going this year) and blows up the rock thwart-
we. Maybe I never saw it coming because up to this ing Mulder from his hard evidence and distracting
Terma (II) | 117

Scully enough with Mulder's possible demise to steal

her gun. So, Scully drags Mulder off (which is really
10 Paper Hearts
kind of funny to watch – someone her size trying that Writer: Vince Gilligan, Director: Rob Bowman, Origi-
trick) and they march back to the senate to be ridiculed nal Broadcast: 12.15.1996, Production Code: 4X08
and then dismissed after Mulder gets to give a little Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
impassioned speech about alien life. Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
So, what was the point? Our heroes continue to
collect knowledge that it appears only they and their Guest Cast: Local Officer · Paul Bittante, Local Agent ·
enemies care about and have their evidence destroyed John Dadey, El Camino Owner · Edward Diaz, Caitlin
or filed in the round file. I keep telling myself – some- Ross · Carly McKillip, Young Samantha Mulder ·
day it will matter. Someday they will win. Vanessa Morley, John Lee Roche · Tom Noonan,
Young Mother · Sonia Norris, Day Care Operator ·
Random Musings Jane Perry, Assistant Director Walter Skinner · Mitch
 So, do ya suppose now that Mulder's had his little Pileggi, Frank Sparks · Byrne Piven, Teena Mulder ·
bout with the “black cancer” that if he ever wants to Rebecca Toolan
talk about it Scully might get a FAX?
 Glad to see the post production folks managed to Case File Synopsis
spell subcommittee right this time in the legend Agent Mulder is haunted
when they replayed the “Tunguska” scene. by an old case. A serial
 Just who brought Scully all those books in jail? Pen- killer imprisoned by
drell hoping to get further on her good side? Agent Mulder exerts a
 So, now their naming episodes after non-existent strange influence over
towns in North Dakota. Nah, they aren't being ob- him.
tuse. What's next “Minot”?
 Fashion watch: while Mulder and Scully do their Autumn's Report
great airline- mileage-point-gaining 15 hour jaunt “What are you saying you believe now?” “I don't know. I
from DC to Boca Raton to New York to Alberta to don't know what happened. I don't know what to believe. I
DC – Scully may not change her suit, but she's al- just know I have to find out now.”
ways got two pairs of shoes with her – heels to flats
I used to think, not all that long ago, that the mytholo-
to heels to flats. Good thing her psychic sense
gy arc episodes were the heart and soul of The X-Files
kicked in and she wore the flats on the helicopter.
– I looked forward to these with great anticipation.
It's a bitch to climb fences in heels.
However, as the mythology has progressed it has start-
 I liked that they changed up the repeated scene a bit
ed to become a baffling, sometimes exciting, jumble of
in editing – different reactions and camera angles.
information – some critical, some not – that takes great
 Mulder isn't quite out of his bully phase – putting
pains to not tell us too much. So, instead, I now turn to
the prisoner in a headlock again despite Scully's
the best “monster of the week” episodes for the great
warning. And, what is it with him and his prison
character insights and life of the show. Thankfully,
rape threats? This is like the third time I've heard
when Vince Gilligan is the writer of one of these
him use that one.
episodes I am never disappointed. If only they'd let
 It was kind of fun watching Skinner grimace every
him get his hands on the mythology, which he does to
time they mentioned that man being tossed from his
some extent here, I think it would be gang busters.
apartment don't you think?
What makes a great monster of the week episode?
“Yet what are we stuck on here?” For me it has always boiled down to one thing – in-
volving Our Heroes personally – this little secret is
Kevin's Report something Vince Gilligan has always known (even
Mulder escapes from Russia, Krycek gets his hand cut “Soft Light” had some interesting character moments
off, Mulder and Scully go to a drilling site in North for Scully). When he writes an episode it is never “just
Dakota, then some stuff blows up, and then the a case” – there are always emotional underpinnings. I
episode's over. In other words, this one mostly fails to just wish that he'd share this revelation with the rest of
follow up adequately on “Tunguska” and instead the writing staff. While I'm singing the praises of Mr.
gives us a lot of action sequences that don't seem to Gilligan I have to say something about his commit-
add up to anything. ment to continuity (esp. in light of some of the awk-
 ward moments this season). Vince was obviously a big
fan of the show before he joined the writing staff and
his attention to details we learned in earlier episodes is
118 | Season 4

admirable. This episode is chock full of such tie-ins: by him always. The interview scenes drive this home
references to Mulder's earlier profiling days, his old as she gages Mulder's reactions and gets that pursed
mentor Reggie Purdue, the ankle holster, finally an ac- lip cranky face she makes when she really hates a perp.
knowledgment of Mrs. Noname Mulder's stroke, and The whispered “Oh God” as she ends the last inter-
my personal favorite – having Scully remember his view fearing for Mulder was really wonderful. Direc-
line about dreams from “Aubrey”. Instead of leaving tor Bowman, who always fills his episodes with inter-
us thinking that this episode was sort of like “Aubrey” esting shots, uses the window and Mulder's reflection
in ways, he references the earlier case and uses it to to great effect in the scene that follows as we see the
help bring home the episode's theme of dreams and impact of the interview on all three players.
nightmares. Mitch Pileggi goes way hard nosed with Skinner
“A dream is an answer to a question we haven't this week (and rightfully so) to the point of basically
learned how to ask.” The dream theme was pervasive ordering Scully to keep Mulder on a leash (obviously
throughout the show – we open the teaser with one not something she relishes), chastising her for not re-
and end with Mulder afraid to sleep. What's Mulder's porting on Mulder (even though Mulder seems to
biggest dream? Finding his sister, and in a way that is think at first that she “told on” him), and later in a
also his biggest nightmare because if he finds her body great Scully/Skinner scene nipping her angry and pro-
he loses hope. As Mr. Sparks points out: dead is worse tective proclamation about the uniqueness of the situa-
than missing no matter how hard it is not knowing tion in the bud with “you let me down”.
what happened. The dream revisit to the “Little Green The ending leaves us questioning, and I mean
Men” abduction scene was a definite highlight as Mul- that in the best way. It wasn't frustrating though. It
der dutifully recited the words and actions as if he was odd to actually want Samantha to have been ab-
were trapped in a play that he had to see end. I'm sure ducted by aliens. What was the truth? How did Roche
that the whole idea that the scenario examined here know all those things down to the vacuum cleaner
may have been really what happened to Samantha has type and yet fail Mulder's last test? Was there really a
crossed everyone's mind before (and is no doubt close “nexus” or did he possess some sort of mind control
to what Scully actually believes happened). What a the likes of which we have seen in “Pusher” or “Sleep-
great juxtaposition between the two possibilities made less”? Or was Scully's hypothesis correct in that he
realistic by one of the creepiest perps we've had on the found the information out some other way? These are
show in a long time. Sometimes real people are much questions I don't mind being left with. There is still
much scarier than “monsters”. hope at the end when Scully at her most caring (using
Of course another wonderful thing about a Vince that look and her whisper voice) tells Mulder “I do
Gilligan story is the way he writes Mulder and Scully know you”. However, I'd have to say the best “rela-
and their interaction with each other – and you can tell tionship/character” type moment in this episode was
Anderson and Duchovny like this aspect of his writing not the tender moment at the end, but that moment in
too by the way they sink their teeth into his scripts. which Scully overcomes her own arguments as Mulder
Even when the characters argue or debate it is done pleads “Help me Scully” and joins his desperate dig in
with such a familiarity that it never makes them really the dirt for the truth.
feel at odds with each other. There is a comfortable af- Mr. Gilligan get to work. I for one can't wait until
fection and ease of interaction that surrounds Mulder your next script.
and Scully here with great work by both our leads on
the acting front. While clearly another Mulder show- Random Musings
case, Anderson isn't just left with Scully twisting in the  I thought that Mark Snow's score for this episode
wind. Her empathy and protectiveness shining so was wonderful – he always seems to be inspired by
brightly mirrors the audience's as Duchovny puts Mul- the really good episodes. The playful “red light”
der's heart on his sleeve and shows us so much hon- theme with its tinkles, plucking, and percussion
esty through his eyes. that turned ominous was great.
Scully is tuned into the big ramifications of this  Actually, the whole red light effect was really cool
case from the beginning and she approaches this very with the slip into words – simple yet very effective –
cautiously to avoid the missteps she has made before it had a very interesting way of drawing you into
in episodes like “Conduit” or “Oubliette”. Instead she the teaser.
gently prods “Are you up for that?” She doesn't an-  Fashion spotlight: While I certainly did not care for
swer the “big abduction question” with words, but we that odd zippered suit jacket that Scully was sport-
(and Mulder) really already knew the answer to that ing they made up for it with the form fitting wine
one. What matters is not whether or not she believes suit. Plus, we got Mulder in a T-shirt and jeans –
aliens took Mulder's sister, but the fact that she stands and more importantly his glasses.
Paper Hearts | 119

 Remind me to never let Mulder examine my car for Guest Cast: County Coroner · Susan Bain, INS Agent
evidence – I can do without his style of “detailing”. Conrad Lozano · Ruben Blades, Eladio Buente · Ray-
 So David Duchovny finally got his wish to have mond Cruz, Maria Dorantes · Pamela Diaz, Barber ·
Mulder do a little basketball shooting. This was ac- Markus Hondro, Rick Culver · Mike Kopsa, Village
tually a nice moment with the great shot and then Woman · Janeth Muzoz, Assistant Director Walter
the sneering reply: “Trust a child molester?” Skinner · Mitch Pileggi, Migrant Worker · Fabricio
 Mulder's violent streak continues. Bad Mulder. Boy, Santin, Gabrielle Buente · Simi, Store Clerk · Tony
oh boy though Agent Scully was not happy with Dean Smith, Dr Larry Steen · Robert Thurston, INS
him when she pretty much spits out “I did”. Worker · José Vargas, Soledad Buente · Jose Yenque
 In the on again, off again world of Skinner's wed-
ding ring it is on again this week. Case File Synopsis
 At first I thought there was something alien in Mul- Deadly rain in a migrant
der's fish tank – imagine the surprise to realize that workers camp sends
there were actually FISH in it for the first time I can Agent Mulder and Scully
remember since Scully forgot to feed them in “Little on the trail of a mythical
Green Men”. beast — El Chupacabra.
 So, is this like a really weepy season so far or what?
Could be called “The Season Where I Cried” at this Title Forensics
point. We've had Mulder all teary in “Herrenvolk”,
“El mundo gira” is Spanish for "the world turns," a
“The Field Where I Died”, and now this – plus Scul-
play on the title of the popular American soap opera
ly teary eyed in “Unruhe”. Looks like a rough year
“As The World Turns”.
for our friends.
 So do you think that Mulder will ever learn that
SCULLY? Probably not. Boy, it was a real smart “Mulder, what we've walked into here is a Mexican soap
idea to take a serial murderer into custody alone opera.”
when emotionally vulnerable, wasn't it? Pretty bru-
And not a very good one. Well, this John Shiban script
tal too the way Skinner blamed Scully for letting
certainly lived down to my expectations. For a while
him ditch her. Geez, does the girl need to hook
there I was actually thinking that the episode might be
QueeQueg's old leash to his tie?
OK as I laughed along at some of the dialogue between
 There was not one but two references to UFOs in
Mulder and Scully, but then, like his last outing “Teso
Colorado on Mulder's wall – makes me think I need
dos Bichos”, it totally fell apart in the end. Not only
to be spending more time watching the skies.
did the episode not have a clue how to end, it had to
“It was nothing but a dream.” prove it to us – not once – but three times. Sorry, “Jose
Chung” was clever – hysterical poorly acted carica-
Kevin's Report tures relating their versions of the story while the fun-
A strange dream leads Mulder to serial killer John gus goat boys hitch hike back to Mexico and Mulder
Roche, whom he had profiled during his days with the and Scully give us platitudes is not.
Violent Crime Unit. When Roche intimates that he I find it a real turn off when the X-Files gets heavy
may have murdered Mulder's sister, Mulder becomes handed about social issues. Like “Hell Money” (also
increasingly unpredictable and desperate to know the directed by Tucker Gates) we are told over and over in
truth as Scully and Skinner try to keep him in line. The two different languages just how ignored and invisible
story is a compelling character study and allows these poor people are. At least Mulder was accurate
Duchovny more emotional range than most episodes, when he said “nobody cares Scully”. I suppose it is
though the “paranormal” explanation for the dream is meant to be profound that this story was about aliens
a little skimpy. of a different kind and “the aliens in this story are not
 the villains – they're the victims”. It might have been if
they had given their audience the chance to discover
this for themselves instead of drumming these themes
11 El Mundo Gira into us.
Writer: John Shiban, Director: Tucker Gates, Original I'm sure that the parallels to a soap opera were
Broadcast: 01.12.1997, Production Code: 4X11 also meant to be clever instead of highlighting the
weaknesses of the story. The title a spin on “As the
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
World Turns”, the repeated theme of “two men – one
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
woman – trouble”, the spanish soap on the TV set,
120 | Season 4

even the reference to former CHiPs actor and now  Well, probably the thing that made the most sense
spanish soap hunk Erik Estrada. However, it was the in this episode for me was that the older woman
overwrought acting that we had to watch and have that we were continually subjected to was named
translated to annoying spanish guitar music (and that “Flakita”. Talk about a name fitting the character.
pains me to say as I usually love Snow's scores) that re-  Here they are surrounded by dead smelly goats that
ally sunk this one for me. If it was supposed to be a even make Scully have to hold her nose and Mulder
joke it didn't really work, and if it wasn't that makes it is eating.
all the more scary.  An awkward editing moment as Mulder and Scully
Gee, a foreign language teaser – that's a new walked away during their initial camp visit made
twist. “Look... the rain is strange” falling hot and yel- Gillian seem like an actress in a Godzilla movie
low on the plain. Scream Maria a couple of times (and with her lips not matching the sound. That's some-
unfortunately not the last time) and that ought to get thing you usually don't see on this show.
the FBI to frigid Fresno (must've been a cold snap  I had to laugh when Flakita smacks herself in the
there). Actually, I was pretty disappointed when we face getting out of that cop car in the end as I had
came back from commercial and Mulder and Scully been wanting to smack her most of the show.
were already there – I really wanted to see Mulder try  I think we all learned a valuable lesson about why
to convince Scully to go to Fresno to investigate Chu- one should never eat bad nuts, didn't we?
pacabras – that would have been fun.  What was with that fade from the alien's head to
The episode did put Scully in her element – our Skinner's? That is subtext I don't want to know.
girl has a fungal mystery to solve while Mulder chases
“I don't think he's going anywhere”
goat suckers. So poor Eladio wanders about sweating
chupacabra juice that causes people to look like really
really bad cheese from an attack of athlete's foot. Big Kevin's Report
surprise – someone dies in the bathroom – like there Another attempt at social commentary by John Shiban
wouldn't be fungus in a construction site porta-potty! fizzles as an episode about virus-induced mutations
Also, even though Mulder did start ordering Scully to among a community of illegal Mexican immigrants de-
make cell phone calls towards the end she was in generates into an incoherent melodrama. Too much
charge a bit more. When she put Mulder in his place time is wasted on an uninteresting love triangle among
with that “let me work on the fungus” and you chase secondary characters, plot threads are left dangling,
goat boy speech I wished she'd added “and bring the and in the end none of the characters have any better
car around for me too while you're at it”. She's getting idea what happened than the audience does. The final
a bit of an edge to her voice when she asks Mulder line of dialogue, “Nobody cares”, is perhaps a bit too
“While you do what?” these days. appropriate for this episode.
Wow. I know I sound like I'm on a rampage here 
so in all fairness let me say what I did like about the
episode. There were some good lines and some inter-
esting exchanges. Unlike “Teso”, where I felt even
12 Leonard Betts
David and Gillian had given up, they really appear to Writers: Vince Gilligan & John Shiban & Frank Spot-
be trying to make this work – God bless 'em. I abso- nitz, Director: Kim Manners, Original Broadcast:
lutely loved that moment in the car where Mulder 01.26.1997, Production Code: 4X14
starts yelling “Maria” followed by the look he got from Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
Scully – or her mumbled “West Side Story” rendition. I Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
enjoyed some of the jokes like the “purple rain” bit
Guest Cast: Morgue Attendant · Don Ackerman, Uni-
and Scully's slam at the coroner. The amused look that
formed Officer · Peter Bryant, Local Officer · Sean
Scully shoots Mulder after his Chupacabra explanation
Campbell, Michele Wilkes · Jennifer Clement, Dr
was wonderful. We even had a “Mulder, it's me.” and
Charles Burks · Bill Dow, Pathologist · Dave Hur-
a funny “Scully, I've been thinking – I know that's dan-
tubise, Bearded Man · Ken Jones, Security Guard ·
Brad Loree, Elaine Tanner · Marjorie Lovett, Leonard
However, I think my reaction can be best ex-
Morris Betts · Paul McCrane, New Partner · Greg
plained by the episode's last line: “The truth is nobody
Newmeyer, Female EMT · Laara Sadiq, Male EMT · J
Douglas Stewart, EMT · Lucia Walters
Random Musings
 Retreads: The County Coroner was an agent in
“Grotesque” and Dr. Steen was in “Irresistible”.
Leonard Betts | 121

Case File Synopsis crack a smile with the paperweight joke and was very
The disappearance of a pleased with himself for it.
man's body from a hospi- In fact, this episode really stood out for its down-
tal morgue leads Mulder right amusing interaction between our favorite FBI
and Scully to investigate agents. The playful banter between the two of them as
the strange circum- the outlandish theories (“It's weird, huh?”) and ratio-
stances surrounding the nal explanations (“Mulder, they're worms”) whizzed
man's death. back and forth was delightful. Only Duchovny and
Anderson could diffuse the content of that squishy and
squeamish medical waste scene so successfully by hav-
Autumn's Report
ing so much fun with it. From Mulder's face-making at
“I'm sorry, but you've got something I need.”
the whole prospect to Scully's asking for assistance be-
I imagine that this episode was written backwards cause his “arms are longer” (which I couldn't help but
with this point in mind. The trio of Gilligan, Spotnitz, wonder if it was a sly payback for that “little feet”
and Shiban knew where they wanted to go with this comment he hit her with last year) I was giggling
one – the terrifying and stunning revelation that Dana throughout. However, Scully still does have that edge
Scully's worst fears have been realized: she has that after being told to examine the head when she asks
undiagnosed cancer ailment that we learned about in “While you do what?” – which is becoming almost as
“Nisei” as a result of her abduction. Luckily, in con- pervasive a Scullyism as “Mulder, it's me” it seems.
structing a monster-of-the-week episode around this While “Leonard Betts” was a prime example
crucial revelation they created an entertaining throughout of Gillian Anderson's consistently amazing
Frankenstein monster with bits of horror, humor, and ability to make the absolute most out of the nuances of
humanity stitched together in an intriguing fashion. her character, the ending was even more exciting as
This episode was a gruesome one effects wise, but things are off and running with the much anticipated
for some reason this trip to Pennsylvania didn't bother “Scully arc”. From her quiet order to Mulder to “get
me as much as the trip “Home” earlier this year. I over here right now” we are in for a ride to the end.
found myself creeped out in the teaser (which actually The stricken look she gets to Betts' insinuation about
rarely happens to me), but the old thumping with the her health segues directly into the strongest Action!
headless guy in a morgue accompanied to scary music Scully sequence we've ever had. Finally Scully wins a
trick did get to me this time. The supporting perfor- fight on her own with some pretty convincing kicks,
mances were definitely of the caliber we so often enjoy punches and quick thinking – a defib to the brain –
on this show with Paul McCrane (Leonard Betts) doing what a way to go!
especially good work as an interesting cross between a The best of Anderson's performance is yet to
healer and a killer and Jennifer Clement, as his come though as we move to that truly heartbreaking
doomed partner, making the most out of her part. scene in the car where the weight of her realization has
There were some nice shots in this one by director Kim crushed and dulled Scully's spirit. When she whispers
Manners. I really liked the headless reflection in the “Cancer?” to Mulder we see the sad defeat. You know,
teaser and the reflected shot in the “mother's duty to Mulder is so smart, but sometimes when it comes to
provide” scene. What didn't work for me were the simple math – like putting two and two together he
cheesy special effects as the naked sweating Leonard just fails miserably – it may be long term exposure to
sheds his old body or the excessively huge explosion FAX machines. He can figure out almost anything on
as apparently Scully hits the tank instead of the tires this case except why Scully is so upset after her fight
on the fleeing car – seems to me that it wouldn't be “by with Betts (despite the fact it is he who figures out the
the book” to blow up your suspect and we know she's cancer connection). At least he knows something is
a good shot. wrong when he misreads her reaction for regret at
I especially enjoyed the head autopsy scene killing Betts and gives her the “You did a good job
where Scully freaks out enough to drop her scalpel Scully” speech. The last image in this show is a vivid
and then immediately launches into her scientific de- one – spelling out with a precision that even folks with
fense mechanism as she, still obviously spooked, stut- denial that runs as deep as Dana's cannot ignore –
ters her explanation to Mulder as “I experienced an there is something seriously wrong with our dear Dr.
unusual degree of post mortem galvanic response”. Scully.
Duchovny's playful teasing with the winking comment
and “Scully, you're not saying it's alive are you?” were Random Musings
perfectly executed. The one liners were fast and furi-  Let's start with the retreads. The first a character re-
ous throughout and Mulder even almost got Scully to peat from an actor we've seen on the show a num-
122 | Season 4

ber of times, but here Bill Dow reprises “The Kevin's Report
Calusari” alternative photo scientist. You might also Despite plentiful amounts of gore, this tightly written
recognize the pathologist working with them from stand-alone about a self-regenerating killer who sur-
“Roland”. vives on cancer cells is one of the better “monster”
 Alright. After Mr. Gilligan so impressed me with episodes of the fourth season, helped partly by Mul-
his ability to remember past episodes in his earlier der's sick sense of humor playing off the gruesome sto-
efforts I felt the continuity police fell asleep at the ryline.
wheel here – especially after I thought they were 
leading up to a tie in to season one episode. I was
annoyed at having to hear Scully say “Salamanders
are one thing, but no mammal possesses that type 13 Never Again
of regenerative power” when I can clearly remem- Writers: Glen Morgan & James Wong, Director: Rob
ber her being so intrigued at this same possibility Bowman, Original Broadcast: 02.02.1997, Production
(even involving salamanders) in “Young at Heart”. Code: 4X13
 There was a new Director of Photography listed in
Cast: Special Agent Dana Scully · Gillian Anderson,
the credits: Joel Ransom. They certainly are going
Special Agent Fox Mulder · David Duchovny
through them these days. Even more curious is that
the esteemed John Bartley was also in the credits for Guest Cast: Ms Vansen · Rita Bozi, Mrs Shima-Tsuno ·
2nd unit work. Marilyn Chin, Comrade Svo · Bill Croft, Detective
 I guess if actor Paul McClane (Leonard Betts) ever Gouveia · Jay Donahue, Kaye Schilling · Jillian Fargey,
needs to send someone head shots for his next job Cindy Savalas · Jen Forgie, Betty · Jodie Foster, Han-
he will have plenty, eh? nah · BJ Harrison, Bartender · Barry 'Bear' Hortin, Ms
 Gee, is it obvious that we are in sweeps now or Hadden · Jan Bailey Mattia, Vsevlod Pudovkin · Igor
what? Cancer, car crashes, explosions, and a pre- Morozov, Edward Jerse's Lawyer · Peter Nadler, Ed-
view that plays up Scully and sex. ward Jerse · Rodney Rowland, Detective Smith · Ian
 For those of you who are sure to freak out over Robison, Judge · Carla Stewart, Russian Store Owner ·
tonight's little revelations – remember this is good Natasha Vasiluk
drama, Scully will not die (but we will be blessed
with tons of angst), and Gillian is not leaving the Case File Synopsis
show. So take some deep breaths, calm down and Reluctantly pursuing one
enjoy the ride. of Mulder's leads alone,
 So, great car crash in the teaser, but really – not only Agent Scully finds her
do we have a poor ambulance driver, but don't life in danger when she
those folks in PA know how to yield to emergency becomes involved with a
vehicles? man bearing a deadly tat-
 Anyone else nervous when Mulder was in that too.
bathroom? You know how evil bathrooms are on
this show – I guess he's just lucky he didn't stick Autumn's Report
more than his fingers in the tub as tubs are always
“This isn't about you. Well maybe it is indirectly.”
especially gruesome.
 Guess that little snow blizzard cleared up on the This episode, while definitely not focusing on Mulder,
way over to Mrs. Tanner's house where the son al- still does have everything to do with him – indirectly
ways shines. of course. This isn't an easy episode to watch, but it is
 Scully has a bit of a geography problem with her fascinating. It isn't a happy episode. Mulder and Scully
statement that the mother was “here in Pittsburgh” do not behave in the way that in our perfect world we
while they were at Burk's Maryland lab. want them to behave towards each other, but guess
 So, medical waste it ground up and zapped until it what? The world isn't perfect. Relationships aren't per-
is “sterile soot” and then used as road fill? Thank fect. Mulder and Scully aren't perfect, and angst
you for that special explanation Ms. Scully. abounds. This doesn't, in my opinion, make their be-
 I travel a lot for a living, but I've yet to be able to havior in this episode the least bit out of character.
rent one of those “Lariat” rent cars seen so often