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Norielyn B.


Right from the very first day of the subject UGE, I chiefly perceived our professor as someone
who’s kind of strict but little did I know that she exudes a cheerful persona that most of us weren't aware
of. That time when we first met I had mixed emotions of excitement and stress. I know this is another
phase I need to encounter as a student. Honestly, I never imagined that this subject brings me an
eagerness to learn something from different kinds of things such as some activities that we do to this

The first thing we do that day is to introduce ourselves in the most creative way in front and from
what course did we take, etc. The next day my teacher started to teach us a new lesson that makes me
learn something from it. I really did my best to make notes every time our professor is going to discuss
our topic. When I received my first assignment I was quite nervous I thought to myself what should I do?
And many questions that I have in my mind answered the day when I finally put my paper in front.

I can't deny the fact that my teacher did handle the class very well. I really had so much fun in
her class 'cause she's so good at handling students and also due to her strategic techniques which manifest
her profound knowledge in the scale of teaching profession. Her joyous aura never cease to shed light
even from the gloomy instances that some of us are encountering. Every time she starts the discussion,
she never fails to give us essential life lessons that we can apply with the mundane affairs of everyday

A week the day that we finally await is our exam. But before that, my teacher let us do some
exercises from the book for our preparation for the incoming exam. That is one of the activities that we do
in the first term. Despite from the fact that every exam is another level of difficulty, she always motivates
us to reach at least some satisfactory remark.

Then after days, came our judgment day this is where my professor give our test paperback with
grades and remarks. I remember feeling simultaneously anxious to get the paper in my grasp. It turned
out, in any case, that I had nothing to stress over.Every week we always have an activity like essay from
what we read in the book my teacher doesn't forget to give us a quiz to test our knowledge. The end of our
first term is more on reading nothing had happened between those 2 months it is just a usual daily class

Second term is quite fun I really have fun because of many activities that we do. Which makes
our subject interesting and more enjoyable. Our teacher let us do some activities like drama that teaches a
Norielyn B. Teodoro

moral lesson. There are a couple of times that I do feel a lack of confidence to perform in front that's why
I pushed myself to do better in class and let my negativity throw away. So much for that, I never thought
that our role play is successful.

We also did a reading together with my classmate to enhance our reading skills. Every day we
have another sheets to answer that is related to our topic. It has many questions that we need to answer it
was great because it helps profound our knowledge towards the subject and to develop our
comprehension. As time passes by, the struggle is gradually becoming evident as we were bombarded by
quite numerous stuff to do with. But given the situation, we are fortunate enough that our professor is
ever bounded by unwavering compassion, giving us an adequate time or either dispensing us with some
consideration one way or another. I realize that my capacity to compose and communicate my thoughts,
considerations and information has developed more grounded every semester.

Perhaps, the most notable experience I had which etched a mark to me was when the time we
performed our respective declamation pieces. Albeit we appear to misremember some lines, still, she took
it into account. I must say I’ve done well, I pay attention in class and I learned a lot from it.

I must say I’ve done well, I pay attention in class and I learned a lot from it and learned how to
be responsible for many things such as passed the requirement on time. Do not procrastinate, do not
underestimate this subject and give value to the things that are more important, and take it seriously.
Apparently, the semester is about to end and whether we like it or not, it's time to bid goodbye. I will
surely miss the moments we have shared together as a class and I'll definitely treasure those for lifetime.