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Namaskar, I am very happy to see that there are minds like you who devote their precious

time for “Bhagwan”, which also means you are serving “Bharat” and its culture and shielding
this pious land means you are protecting the world,

Samjay Devkar

I wish to share an incident that has happened, there is a devotional music based website
http://www.aradhnamusic.com understanding that would get to listen to some godly songs, I
started selecting kirtans for the list mentioned, as a shock what I realized was it was a bait for
people who wished to listen to devotional music the owners of the website would make you
listen to songs of Jesus Christ, now this is yet another way they have also selected to convert
our people into Christianity.

I couldn’t stop from writing to them and I wrote

“This will take you people nowhere, this is pure cheating.”

Shri. Pete answered the next day….

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 11:31 PM, Aradhna <aradhnamusic@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear Sanjay,

Would love to hear more of your thoughts. Why do you think it is cheating?



On Feb 7 I wrote…


By saying that you would love to here more of my thoughts, my brother; forget “my thoughts”
please turn the pages of our (Bharat's) history, the group in the name of “East India Co”.,
(EIC) were sent into this very pious land, that was both spiritually thus financially prosperous,
they ruined it on both the levels, more over on the spiritual front.

This nation though being the ancient most; stands tall as the only sacred land that did not
harm or encroach any territories and this saga is still practiced, the West with the support of
the EIC literally crucified my ancestors for no fault of theirs, applied heavy taxes upon them;
10% of which was shared with the missionaries to propagate the crucification of Lord Jesus,
what a pity on the ones practicing the Holy Bible, a religion is and should not be a number
game, you people are simply out to increasing on numbers and not on growing the spiritual
ability of the ones existing.

Rest it is for you to learn about the atrocities the West showered upon us, ruined us and titled
us as a third world country, it is time for you all to analyze and improve, finally there has to be
some reason for the restlessness the anxiety and the downfall of the so called reach and
cultured West, which we the Bharatiya are least bothered about.

With the blessings of Bhagwan Shri Krishna, a surprise for the whole world this third world
country today is immerging as a super power, so now let me not say anything, you ask for your
own self, is this ethical ? Would the Lord Appreciate what ever your ancestors did and is it
correct if you still continue?


II Hari Bol II
II Vande Mataram II

Feb 9 Pete’s reply

Thanks for this note, Sanjay. I completely agree with what you have stated below. The West
and Christianity have much to answer for in their treatment not only of India but of many
countries around the world. As a follower of Christ, I apologize to you on behalf of my culture.

As for what we are doing. This is music of reconciliation and peace; an encouragement to
ourselves, our indian and western brothers and sisters, to remember that God is the greatest
advocate of peace known to us and that to follow in his example we are to live in peace and
respect with people from all cultures and religions. That is our hope, that through this music,
many will see a part of the beauty that India has to offer the world, of which we are grateful

So I thank you and the history that you represent that has blessed me and countless others.

bless you, brother.


The same day I replied back, stating…..

I am most delighted with some of the lines you have expressed in the letter, specially the one
that makes you feel guilty, this is the most important element that supports to elevate one to
godhead, “your confirmation on agreeing to the misdeeds done by the West and Christians not
just to India but also to other countries in the world” I am happy to see you moving on the
right track, only one thing that you have to also concentrate on is; seeing that you don’t repeat
the same misdeeds ever again.

We are not a religion at all, the word “DHARM” was forced to be considered as Religion; this
was the most deadliest of all other misdeeds the West did by separating a few of our Eastern
minds by claiming that as they were followers of Lord Christ they were blessed with the riches
and the ones who didn’t resulted being slaves at the feet of our reach culture.

Elaborating a little about the our culture, we basically are Vedic; followers of the worlds ancient
most brochure of this complexes Universe; guiding the people on planet earth how to go
about shielding the creators creations the “VED”, meaning wisdom of
sustainability and DHARM is its execution and not protecting it for the coming generation

The word Hindu is non-Vedic, the people of the middle-east pronounce the letter H as S thus
when ever they had to refer about the community leaving on the other side of the river Sindu,
they addressed us as Hindus and when the West encroached our territories they pronounced
Sindu as Indus and enforced the title India sidelining its original name BHARAT.

A literate not of this Education System enforced by the West the “English convents” where the
converted Catholics are taught that the Hindus are stupid; they worship so many, some of
them are demons and the rest are all myth, thus the ancestors of this planet earthShri. Shiv,
Shri. Vishnu, Shri. Brahm and so many other gods, who descended from the havens to teach us
the true principals of living in harmony and the reason why, were tagged as Mythology and
today even a Hindu when refers about the Ramayan or the Mahabharat he says “the
mythological!” not understanding its meaning.

I hope you know the meaning of your website, IIAradhana II

and you mention about Aradhana’s music being reconciling and peaceful; an encouragement
to the people in the West, I wish you and all the minds in the West the very best in being
sustainable even in your slightest thoughts.
Wonder why a Sanskrit name when you are talking about a time tested and “failed” philosophy
which did not give its own West any kind of contentment at all, thus focused on to dominate
over the creator’s creations and only weekend it, from all its sides.

I wonder why didn’t the EIC take away the real requirement which we had and still possess in
abundance, be it an individual our a country the need was and is “Spirituality” the only
element that supports sustainability, a time tested proof- thisVedic philosophy still exists the
modern science is now stating that Krishna and his Dwarka from the Hindu scriptures, could
have lived some where between thirty and thirty-two thousand years ago as per the
archeological finds from the beds of the Arabian sea.

The biggest catastrophe about the West, both the political and the religious psychic; they have
planned a strategy to have just, “one world” comprising of one language and one religion, i.e.
English and Christianity, which is why it commenced with the conversion of the Holy Bible from
its original pious language “Hebrew” to this brutal “English” and the Holy language Hebrew is
now getting faded, no Christian is concerned about this fundamental misdeed.