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Merriam-Webster (n.d.) defines the term 'sustainable' as the "method of

harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently

damaged." In a more straightforward definition, the term "sustainable" is the idea of

sustaining or maintaining specific resources. In our generation today, sustainability has

become one of the words discussed and researched a lot. Researchers of different

countries had been looking for a way to resolve various global issues that may lead to a

crisis. Researchers and experts came up with the idea to make a country achieve a

state called "sustainable development". This is a condition where a particular country or

state has already achieved balanced prosperity, more economic opportunities, a greater

social connection, and the protection of the environment. A simpler explanation is where

a country has made advancements and integrations without sacrificing future


After reading and absorbing the author's thoughts, I have learned many things,

but only three specific things quickly caught my mind. Here is the following learning that

I got from the article: Sustainable development is a condition where a country or state

has a well-balanced society and economy without depleting resources for future

generations; The SDGs or the sustainable development goals is difficult for a country to

attain, but it is not impossible to achieve all of these goals because they are made to

make a country improved for good; Lastly is that even though the idea of sustainable

development and the SDG, there are still countries and states who are unable to follow

or catch up to these because there lack of resources, support, and experience, and that

is what makes them the victims of unsustainability.

Even though I learned a lot of new things from this article, there are still some

things that I cannot begin to process correctly. Here are the three things that are still

unclear to me: If the SDG has been made to help a country or state to achieve the

condition of sustainable development, why is there still countries who followed this

particular step but still not able to make even an ounce of change in their development

status; If the goal of SDGs is to achieve sustainable development, does it mean that a

specific country will undoubtedly be improved and integrated if they will follow this steps;

The UN organization is the one responsible in establishing the SDGs but why does it

looks like that they only consider the developed countries when it comes to resources

and experience required to achieve sustainable development.

Before reading this article, I always thought that achieving and maintaining

sustainable development is just easy. However, after finishing this paperwork, I realized

that many challenges lie ahead to achieve sustainable development. I also once

doubted the effects of achieving the SDGs because countries and states do not prove

anything by following it. However, in this article, I realized that achieving sustainable

development by following the SDGs will take up a lot of effort, support, and time.

Lastly, after finishing this article, I immediately formulate questions in my head,

and after realizing the thought of the article, I still could not afford to answer these

questions. Here are those three questions I had in my mind: Why do some countries did

not want to put full effort and support in following the SDGs? Is it because they had a

bigger picture of sustainable development, or is it because of personal reasons? If

achieving takes up a lot of time, why does not neighboring countries unite and make a

just, fair, and balanced plan to achieve sustainable development? Lastly, The UN

established the SDGs back in 2015, and they expect every country and state to achieve
sustainable development on or before the year 2030. Is it possible for all countries and

states to achieve this kind of state of affairs in just 15 years?


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