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A BYTE OF LIFE Tuesday, August 19, 2008

04 03
DJ YUSUF Made in Chennai
talks about dropping Currimbhoys and 120
standards of clubbing years of crockery


Paal promises to be a
brave new attempt in
Tamil cinema, exploring
the trials and
tribulations of
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02 NAMMA CHENNAI ERGO Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Madras Day alert

‘Madras: Impressions 18th to 20th century’ – an
exhibition of paintings by art director P. Krishnamurthy –
is on display at Gallery Sri Parvati, 28/160, Eldams Road.
The collections are on display till August 31.

A promise by fire
Puzhal inmate dies in Housewife set ablaze by her husband pulls him in
A convict admitted to the Government
Royapettah Hospital for treatment died on

homemaker, who was set ablaze by
Monday. her husband after a quarrel, clung on
Police said the deceased was to the latter, also setting him ablaze in
Marudhanayagam (38) of Tiruchy. He was turn. The woman died in hospital
lodged at Puzhal prison since the past two while her husband’s condition is critical.
months in connection with a murder case. The shocking incident occurred on Sun-
Following health complications due to day evening in Choolaimedu and the victim
hydrosol, Marudhanayagam was admitted was identified as Manjula (25) of Perumal
to the hospital on August 8 and was Kovil Street of the area. Police said Manjula
scheduled to undergo an operation. was residing with her husband Saravanan
On Monday morning he died at the (36), a painter by profession. The couple
hospital. had been married for the last two years and
didn’t have any children.
Pharmacy owner murder Saravanan’s drinking habits and abstain-
ing from work led to frequent quarrels be-
case: 3 surrender tween the two. On the day of the incident
Saravanan came home in an inebriated
Three persons involved in the murder of a state and had a heated argument with Man-
pharmacy owner on R.K. Salai surrendered jula. The argument turned violent and Sara-
in a city court on Monday morning. vanan beat up Manjula, doused her with
On August 9, one Bhaskara Pandian (36) kerosene and set her on fire.
was stabbed to death inside his pharmacy Just when Saravanan was about to step
on R.K. Salai following a long-standing out of the house, an ablaze Manjula caught
disagreement with the owner of a hold of him. The neighbours who rushed in
neighbouring building. One person was after hearing their screams found the cou-
arrested soon, but five others involved in ple engulfed by flames. They doused the fire
the case were absconding. and rushed them to the Government Kil-
Kannan (33), Anand (32) and Periaswamy pauk Medical College hospital, police said.
(32), who were involved in the case, Before succumbing to her burns, Manjula
surrendered at the George Town court on held her husband responsible for her condi-
Monday. The three were remanded to tion.
custody. Police registered a case of murder against
The prime accused in the case, Gururaj (55), Saravanan who is also admitted in the same
is still absconding. hospital with third-degree burns. ■
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Festival offer
SpiceJet offers a discount of 50 per cent on base fare to help travellers
plan better for the upcoming festival season. The scheme is applicable
for tickets purchased 15 days prior to the date of travel.

FRAGILE Karim Bhai’s 120-year-old legacy is

now in the hands of three brothers


n an era, when family squab-
bles cause the run-down of
most enterprises, the Cur-
rimbhoy brothers have a dif-
ferent story to tell. Navaz, Ishtiaq
and Imran Currimbhoy are carry-
ing forward a legacy that was
started 120 years ago. The three
brothers maintain their own
identities with the segments they Time line
each specialise in under the same 1899 Karim Bhai
label. Be it crockery, kitchenware started trade in
or even electrical appliances, the Chennai
Currimbhoy outlets are the best
places to shop. 1939 The Evening
Bazaar shop was
Platform to showroom built
Karim Bhai came to Chennai in 1991 The enterprise
the late 1800s to escape the fam- Brother Act: Navaz Currimbhoy (left) and Ishtiaq Currimbhoy at their Evening was restructured
ines of Gujarat. He started selling Bazaar Road showroom. PHOTO: S.S. KUMAR
lanterns and chimneys outside 2000 Adyar branch
the mosque in Parrys and soon Keeping with the times that companies and hotels could tions in the city. Be it a special was set up
gained popularity. When the First get all their crockery and cutlery occasion at the office or a cele- 2005 4 kms before
World War broke out, the increas- How does the enterprise move custom-made. bration of a successful project, Pondicherry, the next
ing number of English army offi- ahead with the times? “If a cus- Each printed item comes with a many organisations like to gift
outlet was launched
cers in the area created a need for tomer walks in for a coffee mug, one-year guarantee. “If you can their employees mugs and cups
fine crockery and cutlery. Karim he will also find everything that remove a Currimbhoy print with- that have the company logo. 2008 Looking to
then diversified to the kitchen- goes along with it, from coffee- in a year we will give you a fresh This is where Currimbhoys start an outlet in
ware segment and set up a little makers to the coffee plungers re- piece,” says Navaz amidst laugh- comes in. Lift the coffee mug Coimbatore
shop in Evening Bazaar. The shop quired for French press coffee,” ter. your boss gave you and you
saw gradual progress over the says Navaz Currimbhoy. might just see the Currimbhoy
years and today, five generations The cutlery is also embossed Corporate world seal on it. Even the canteen trays
29, Evening Bazaar Road
later, it is a three-storey building for those who want a particular With the printing solution at that most IT companies use are
Chennai – 600 003
that may seem like a maze of goo- label or design. They set up their hand, they receive a lot of orders manufactured by the Currimb- Ph: 044–42358282
dies for any homemaker. own printing sector in Adyar so from many corporate organisa- hoy enterprise. ■
04 KALEIDOSCOPE ERGO Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I had an epiphany a few years ago where I was out at
a celebrity party and it suddenly dawned on me that I
had yet to meet a celebrity who is as smart and interesting as
any of my friends.
Moby, American musician

global using on
usic and
DJ Yusuf from Pune wants more from the clubbing junta

Japanese farmer Tsutomu Takemori displays

a cluster of recently-developed ‘Ruby Roman’
grapes at his vineyard in Kahoku city in
Ishikawa prefecture, northern Japan on
August 11, 2008. A Japanese hotel has
auctioned a first bunch of ‘dream grapes’
developed over 14 years at 910 dollars, 30
dollars for a grape, to delight customers.
The bunch weighed some 700 grammes. As
the reddish-skin variety boasts the size of
each grape, which can be as big as three
centimetres in diametre, the bunch had
about 30 grapes.

DJ Yusuf Kapasi performs at OPM at The Accord Metropolitan Hotel PHOTO: S.S. KUMAR

cy a year ago, he enjoys playing then depending on how drunk

ERGO CORRESPONDENT by demand because crowds these the crowd is, I move on to house
feedback@goergo.in days do not club because they and trance.” In fact, his stash of
DJ Yusuf, who rocked the Inde- like the music. “The appearance Bollywood mixes are only for spe-
pendence Day clubbers at OPM, matters more. Frequenting a par- cial events such as Independence
finds namma Chennai a potential ticular club to be seen or heard is Day and weddings.
for developing electronic music. more on the agenda. When the But what Yusuf does like are
The deejay from Pune special- clubbing culture first began in In- the local deejays, who he feels are
ises in electronic music and has dia, I was there. I played tracks by not cut throat. “I like the fact that
been playing for 14 years, before the Scatman and La Bouche and deejays here chill out by day, dis-
clubbing as a culture actually de- all those techno favourites. And cuss their taste in music, and go
veloped. He has played all over when they listened to those back to work the next night. No
the world, listing continents in- songs, they danced because they one wants to push anyone out of
stead of countries. liked the music.” business here.”
“And yet, I find that Chennai One of the biggest draws of Yu- Having played a number of
has huge potential because of suf’s music is that he plays a times in the city since 2004, he
niche clubs like Speed and the mixed bag set for an event, ap- finds that the Chennai crowd is
newer OPM. The crowd is gener- pealing to all age groups and mu- yet to grow up where music is
ally growing up,” he says. He sic buffs. concerned – a mention was made
played desi mixes for Indepen- “I tend to start with 80s rock for of the Annanagar Boys, who are
dence Day at OPM, Accord Met- the older crowd, move on to the well-known in the city’s clubs for
ropolitan Hotel where the 90s with some pop, then some using their political influence to
dancefloor was hot till 1 a.m. hip hop because by 9 p.m, the play koothu music in the midst of
While he gave up club residen- college crowd will come in and a theme night. ■
Colombian actor Diego Ramirez
performs during the Day of Laziness The appearance matters more. Frequenting a particular club to be
in Itagui, Antioquia Department,
Colombia on August 17, 2008.
seen or heard is more on the agenda
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Websites of the day
For thousands of years the noble art of Sumo US $ 43.23

Wrestling has been practiced in Japan. Order
your own sumo suit at: www.supersumo.co.uk Pound 80.89
Stuck for gifts ideas? www.buyanything.com Euro 63.80
100 Yen 39.26


Product engineers were
honoured in this annual
day celebrations

spire Systems went all out to cel-
ebrate their 12th anniversary by And the day was
organising their annual day at fun for the children
Don Bosco Auditiorium. The of Aspire employees,
company which was incorporated in who were not left
1996, is a leading name in the out- out of the day’s
sourced product development space. celebrations
Every year, early second quarter is
when the company’s annual day is cel-
ebrated with the employees of Aspire
along with their families and friends.
This year’s theme, according to Sat-
ish Chathanath, Head of Corporate
Communications was ‘Producteers –
The Kings and the Queens of Product
Engineering’. “It is a tribute to the
product engineers and their exception-
al work in the niche software product
engineering space,” he says.
Every year, the company day is cele-
brated inside the campus at Siruseri IT
Park but due to uncertain weather con-
ditions this year, the big-day was
planned in an indoor auditorium.
Aspirians and the invited guests had The DJ’s corner
fun time playing carnival games, all turned out to be
based on royalty, and also treated quite popular, with
themselves with the candies, pop- song requests
corns, drinks and coffee to keep them constantly pouring in
going on and on. There was a special
jukebox corner where people came in
to dedicate songs to their loved ones
and a photo corner where one posed
for pictures on a real chariot, driven by
real horses.
The evening then started with the
CEO of Aspire Systems, Mr. Gowri
Shankar Subramanian welcoming the
crowd by hitting the gong, as done in
ancient times when a king entered the
A plethora of activities were hand-
picked by the directors of ‘Da Vinci’,
Aspire’s entertainment club, who
helped the performers in getting the
appropriate costumes, props; arrang-
ing for rehearsals and mock stage
The atmosphere was charged with
heart gripping tension and excitement
As part of the
as nobody was aware of the winners of
carnival, some
the various prestigious awards lined up
’Takeshi’s Castle’
for the night. The tension eased off and
type games were
the air resonated with ‘rock and roll’ as
Aspire’s Music Band, Rock Darbar
strummed and drummed spicy num-
bers to end the show with a bang. ■
06 VILLAGE ERGO Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Buy my stepdad
A woman is selling her flat - and has included her stubborn
step-father in the sale. The Swedish lawyer inherited the
apartment when her mother died a few years ago and now she
wants to sell the property. Her stepfather won’t budge from the
apartment, despite a court order telling him to do so.

25TH TIME Extramarital sex during divorce no

LUCKY IN crime: SKorea court
Having sex with a third party during consensual divorce
proceedings is not illegal, South Korea’s supreme court

23 YEARS has ruled, even though adultery remains a criminal

offence in the country. The court on Sunday overruled a
lower court’s conviction of a man surnamed Chung who
had an affair with a bar hostess during divorce
Ramachandr Katuwa says he has found proceedings, a court official told. The lower court had
given Chung, 57, and the hostess a suspended six-month
true love at last prison sentence, a ruling upheld by an appeal court. The
supreme court ruled that Chung and his wife “had no
intention of continuing their married life” and therefore
I t took 25 marriages for Ram-
chandra Katuwa to finally meet
his soul mate, bringing an end to
“I married one after another
when they left me,” Katuwa, who
managed to remember only eight
sex with a new partner did not constitute an offence.
his 23-year-long spree. of them, said, adding that his
Katuwa, 49, who married 25 wives left him because of poverty.
times within a span of 23 years, Katuwa, who earns his living as Pay your fine, only then
has now changed his mind to re- a porter, said his 25th marriage
marry again as his seven-year-old
wedlock with current wife Shara-
proved successful and he has
been sharing his joy and sorrow
can you play
The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has told pace bowler
da has proved successful, The with Sharada for the past 7 years. Shoaib Akhtar that he can only play in next month’s
Kathmandu Post reported. Having ensured a happy mar- Champions Trophy if he pays an outstanding fine. The
He married for the first time at ried life, Katuwa now wants to fo- 33-year-old fast bowler won a court battle in July to
the age of 26 but his wife eloped cus his attention on the temporarily suspend an 18-month ban for disciplinary
shortly following which he mar- education and wellbeing of his problems, but a fine of seven million rupees was upheld.
ried again. The process contin- three children and dreams of “Since the court maintained the fine, the PCB cannot
ued unabated until he married owning a land. ■ allow him to play for Pakistan as it would be tantamount
his 25th wife, the report said. PTI to flouting the ruling of the court,” said PCB legal adviser
Taffazul Rizvi. An original five-year ban, imposed in April
for criticising the PCB’s failure to award him a central
contract, was reduced by an appeals commission to 18
months but the commission also imposed the fine.

Titanic sailor faced

life-long humiliation
Relatives of the sailor, who was steering the
Titanic when it sank, have revealed about the
life-long humiliation he faced following the
disaster. The family of Robert Hichens has kept
quiet about the 1912 tragedy for 96-years.
However, now niece Barbara Clarke, 83, has
revealed how Hichens was branded a coward,
rejected for jobs, drank heavily and finally jailed
for shooting a man. He was ordered to take a
lifeboat away from the sinking ship to save the
people in it but was later accused of abandoning
others in the water.

Britain recruiting gay spies

Britain’s domestic intelligence agency is actively
recruiting gay spies and wants its staff to be more
open about their sexuality, the Financial Times
reported on Monday. The chief executive of
Stonewall, a gay rights lobby group, told the business
daily it had been hired by the Security Service –
better known as MI5 – to help the agency encourage
more gay applicants for positions. “Historically, public
services were delivered by the man from the ministry,
who was white and heterosexual and got the 4:30 pm
(train) back to Tunbridge Wells every afternoon,” Ben
Summerskill said. “This is recognition that the
establishment is changing and slowly becoming more
reflective of wider society."
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Pug marks This day, that year
A tiger’s paw prints are called pug It was in August 19, 1934 that
marks. A tiger’s forefeet have five Germans voted to give Adolf Hitler
toes and the hind feet have four the presidency in addition to being
toes. All toes have claws. The claws Chancellor.
are 80 to 100 mm in length.

Jade Goody in Big Brother India

Shilpa shocked and happy on Goody’s decision

ollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty has ex-
pressed shock over her ex-rival Jade
Goody’s bid to take part in the Indian
version of Britain’s ‘Big Brother’ TV show.
Goody was thrown out of ‘Big Brother’ show
in Britain last year after she was shown bullying
Shetty. The 27-year-old mom of two was also
labelled a racist and her effigies were burnt in
the streets in India.
In fact, Shetty was branded ‘Shilpa Poppa-
dom’ by Goody in last year’s ‘Big Brother’ show.
However, she went into the Indian ‘Big
Brother’ home this weekend ‘to clear her name
and prove to people that she’s not a racist’.
But, Shetty was quoted by leading British tab-
loid ‘The Sun’ as saying: “When I found out Jade
was going on Big Brother India I was as shocked
as when I first met her. Why go through this
“But part of me was really happy as it is an
opportunity to show how welcoming we are.
She’s going in as someone who has had mis-
conceptions about our country. I hope Jade
learns first hand about our culture and how
wonderful our people are.”
As many as 12 celebrities are expected to take
part in the show which may last upto three
months. ■

Needed: Rock in mud

Unattractive women
T he mayor of an Australian out- some 25,000 people.
back mining town has come “Well I said beauty disadvan-
under fire for urging unattractive taged,” he told national radio.
women to move in, assuring “Now beauty is in the eye of the
them they will find a man be- beholder. Beauty can be a good
cause there is a shortage of wom- set of teeth, beauty is nice wavy
en. hair. Beauty can be blue eyes or
John Moloney, mayor of Mount green eyes.
Isa in northwestern Queensland, “There is such a thing as dispo-
told a newspaper his town was a sition, temperament, manners,
place for ‘ugly ducklings to flour- general attractiveness, attitude
ish into beautiful swans’ and and demeanour; all those things
called on the ‘beau- tend to make a
ty-disadvantaged’ to Mayor of an person attrac-
flock there. tive.” Mount Isa
In the face of out- Australian town city councillor
rage over his re- urges unattractive Gary Asmus said
marks, Moloney that while there
stood by his com- women to move in, was a shortage of
ments, saying he did assuring they will women, Molo-
not mean to cause find man as there ney’s comments
offence but wanted were an insult to 쒀 Music fans enjoy a mud bath during the second international musical festival
to highlight the gen- is a shortage of the town’s men- Be2gether on Sunday in Norviliskes. Rock and techno fans have flocked to this
der imbalance in the women folk. ■ frontier town for the music festival. AFP PHOTO
remote town of AFP
08 SPORT ERGO Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hackett may swim on to Delhi Games

Grant Hackett may have crossed off the 2012 London Olympics
but he may swim on to the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games
at the tail-end of his stellar swimming career, Australian head
coach Alan Thompson said.

Paddler Neha crashes out

I ‘I’m very happy to
n yet another disappointing day for India
in the Olympic Games on Monday, its
challenge in the women’s table tennis
fizzled out with Neha Aggarwal bowing
out in first round.
Delhi teenager Neha, making her first

be number one’
appearance in the Olympics, lasted precisely
34 minutes as she went down to 35-year-old
Chinese-born Australian Jiang Fang Lay in a
five-setter 12-10, 8-11, 11-13, 8-11 and 4-11.
Neha, India’s lone woman paddler in the
Olympics, looked determined to avenge her
previous two defeats against Jiang, and
went neck-and-neck in the first game till
they were levelled at 8-8.
The Indian soon broke loose, much to the

pain’s Rafael Nadal has re- very well, too.
surprise of the Australian, to pocket the placed Roger Federer as the “I was very happy being the
game in five minutes and go one up in the new world number one in number two. So finally I’m num-
match. the ATP rankings released ber one. For sure there’s satis-
In the second game too, Neha looked sharp on Monday. faction, but at the same time ... I
as she raced to a 4-2 lead before her Federer, 27, relinquishes his don’t know. I don’t have time to
opponent turned the table and eventually hold on the top spot after 237 celebrate. I play New York in one
overtook her. Neha could not withstand the weeks. week.”
onslaught of Lay and surrendered the game. The Swiss player has strug- He is seeking his third Grand
The third game followed the same script gled all season, while Nadal, 22, Slam in a row after beating Fe-
with Neha leading 10-8 before the has played some of the best ten- derer in the finals in Paris and
Australian came from behind to grab the nis of his career, winning eight Wimbledon.
game and go 2-1 up in the match. titles including Roland Garros, Olympic finalist Fernando
Neha found it hard to tackle the deceptive Wimbledon and the Olympic Gonzalez of Chile moves up four
returns of her Australian rival and once gold. places to 11th, while Argentine
again lost momentum in the fourth game as Asked about his feelings on Juan Martin Del Potro, winner of
Lay ran away with the next three points and becoming number one, the Mal- his fourth consecutive title in
the game and the match. lorcan left-hander, said: “I’m ve- Washington Sunday after Kitz-
It was all over for Neha in the fourth game ry happy to be number one. But buhel, Stuttgart and Los An-
as the Australian had taken an unassailable the feeling doesn’t change too geles, moves to 17th.
3-1 lead by then, but she had to play the much because the last years I did AFP
fifth game only for formalities and Lay
virtually ambled her way to win the game
“I think I played a decent match. Of course I
could have done better and should have
won it, but still I’m carrying a lot of
positives,” Neha said after the match.
“Having lost to her twice in the past -- both
were close matches -- I was determined to
make amends this time but towards the end,
things didn’t go my way. Her backhand was
better than mine and I was missing my
smashes as well.
“She was hardly missing anything. All of a
sudden, she came blazing all guns and I just
could not cope with that,” she said.
“Still it was overall a great experience and
I’m happy that I tried my best,” Neha added.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Ivanovic regains top spot
Serbia’s Jelena Jankovic was ousted as world number one by compatriot Ana Ivanovic on Monday
after holding the position for just one week. Ivanovic will retain top spot for at least three weeks.

strike twice in
same place?
sain Bolt won the Olympic 100 meters by so
wide a margin that he would have had time to
stop for his favourite snack, fried chicken nug-
gets, and still get to the finish line in world-
record time.
If the Jamaican sprint hero shows the same form in
Wednesday’s 200m final, he could probably pause
long enough for chips and a drink too, Bolt giving a
new spin to the term "fast food" with his 100m pre-
race meal.
Bolt will chase a golden double at the Bird’s Nest on
the eve of his 22nd birthday. Not since Carl Lewis in
1984 has anyone swept the 100 and 200 in the same
Bolt would join a list that also includes Soviet
sprinter Valeriy Borzov in 1972, Canada’s Percy Wil-
liams in 1928 and Americans Bobby Morrow in 1956,
Jesse Owens in 1936, Eddie Tolan in 1932, Ralph Craig
in 1912 and Archie Hahn in 1904.
Bolt’s victory, breaking his own world record to win
in 9.69 seconds, was the first for Jamaica in the Olym-
pic 100 final.
But should Bolt win the 200, he would follow in the
footsteps of another Jamaican legend, 1976 Olympic
champion Don Quarrie.
“I’m hoping I made the country proud and I hope to
make them proud again in the 200,” Bolt said.
American Michael Johnson set the 200m world rec-
ord of 19.32 seconds at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics on
his way to a 200-400 double.
“I’m not really worried about the world record,”
Bolt said. “I’m just coming here to win. That’s the aim
for me.”
Bolt has the fastest 200m in the world this year, a
19.67 effort on July 13 at Athens into a slight

10 FLICK ERGO Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropic Thunder
The title of the film Tropic Thunder is a
play on ‘Tropic Lightning’, nickname of
the 25th Infantry Division which did see
action in Vietnam.

Paal will see a transgendered playing

The third gender the lead role, perhaps the first
commercial film in India to do so

Tamil film is attempting
a path-breaking portrayal
of the transgender.
Director D. Shivakumar’s
Paal (meaning ‘gender’) has a
transgendered playing the
protagonist to effectively
convey the trials and
tribulations of the transgender
in society. The movie is set for
a September release.
“People always blame the film
industry for portraying the
transgender in poor light,” the subject, travelled to areas
Shivakumar says. “Paal is my in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and
attempt to remove the Bangalore where the
stigma.” transgendered reside and
Besides being Shivakumar’s first stayed with the communities as
Tamil film, Paal is also the first part of my homework,” he
ever Indian commercial film to recalls.
feature a transgendered in the Finding the lead actors was a
lead role. bigger struggle than expected.
“It is an emotional appeal to “The search was heart-rending
pull the transgendered from as most of the leading heroes
the fringes of begging and were reluctant to act except
prostitution that the society ‘Kaadhal’ Kandas.
pushes them into. I hope It was very hard to find a
people will change their heroine as I was very particular
impression about the that only a transgendered
transgendered once they watch should play the role.”
this film.” “The entire script revolves
A disciple of well-known Tamil around the heroine, who is an
director Amirjohn and intellectual and a professional
acclaimed Kannada film filmmaker.
director Upendra, Shivakumar She has all the reasons to hide
has already done a directorial her gender from the society.”
venture in Kannada. However, Despite her love for the hero,
his thirst for his mother tongue she declines his proposal.
brought him to the Tamil A stunning climax puts an end
industry and he landed a new to her turmoil. Is it parallel
script. “I always had a nagging cinema? “Not at all. The film is
feeling as a filmmaker composed of all commercial
(regarding the portrayal of the elements – songs, dance
transgendered in films). This sequences, comedy and even
made me direct Paal.” action to avoid a documentary-
He began his journey with Paal like presentation,” adds
a year ago. “I studied books on Shivakumar. ■

Karpaga, the heroine

My native place is Erode. When my parents came to know
that I wanted to become a transgendered they didn’t yell at
me. But I didn’t want to be with them so I went to Mumbai
and stayed there. I worked at a beauty parlour as a
beautician after finishing my beautician course. When the
director approached me and asked me if I could star in a
movie I was scared that they would portray me in poor light.
But after I accepted the project they provided me training
for half a month to mellow down my dressing sense and
gestures. Though I was being myself in the movie I had to
prepare myself for the role. After a photo
session the director introduced me to the
hero and announced that I was to play the
heroine of the movie. I was so surprised
and happy. Every one in the crew calls me
‘madam’ and I love it. In real life, I don’t
want to marry as I prefer staying a
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
School of Rock Sweeney Todd
Stuntmen were used to catch Jack Helena Bonham Carter rehearsed her
Black at the end for the stage dive songs while practicing baking
(just in case) according to IMDB. techniques in order to perfect the
quick, syncopated rhythm of the

‘Ranbir is an ideal co-star’

he is only three years old in the industry but Is it because the film comes from the Yash confident.
has already emerged an actor of substance. Raj banner? Yes, I am confident as well as excited. I am look-
For Minissha Lamba, it’s good work that ing forward to a great success story in the form of
pays. She is romancing Ranbir Kapoor in Who wouldn’t have been? They are the biggest Bachna Ae Haseeno.
Bachna Ae Haseeno. The actor on her role, career in India and for an actor like me, who is only three
and future plans: years old in the industry, it’s a big thing. I think my So, are you happy the way you have come
good work has finally paid off for me and I will try up as an actor?
How have you been? You sound excited. and utilise this in the days to come. Oh yes. So far it has been great. I am really
I am good and, yes, I am excited too. You know happy.
why. Do you think this has been by far the
biggest thing to have happened in your But you have only one film in hand after
Perhaps it’s because you are opposite career? this…
Ranbir in Bachna Ae Haseeno. (Laughs). I have done quite a few films and It’s Kidnap and you are right. That’s it, but I
Well, I play only one of his haseenas. But I am whether all have worked or not my performance don’t have any problems because I am getting of-
really excited because it’s a big film for me. I have has been appreciated. That has always been a kind fers and it’s up to me which one I will consider
long been waiting for such an offer to come my of satisfaction for me. But I have always believed in because I only do something I enjoy. My last film,
way and I really feel blessed and honoured. going slow and not losing patience. And that’s how Shaurya, too did pretty well. So, I have that faith in
this film happened. myself. ■
Trans World Features
How was the entire experience of working
with Yash Raj?
In one word, awesome. The best thing
about the film was that it was a young team
and we all had a ball. The film is a very
sweet romantic film and that is what will
draw the audience to the theatres. They
are bound to enjoy it.

You play Mahi and that too a 17-

year-old girl.
That was a sweet experience. I don’t
play my age…a bit younger, but I en-
joyed it a lot. I could relate to the charac-
ter of Mahi. She is a sweet girl from
Amritsar for whom love is a very pure thing.
She is a perfect girl who always believes in
love and life and wants a perfect married life
filled with love. In fact, everyone in this film can
relate to his or her own character. It’s a love story
but touches upon reality and that is why one
would like this film.

And what about Ranbir?

This is something I keep on telling. Ran-
bir is an ideal co-star, someone who de-
spite coming from a family of stars does
not throw attitude and that’s because he
knows his work and is extremely talented.
And, moreover, he is a thorough gentle-
man. (smiles)

But, at the same time, you also have

strict competition, given that Deepika
Padukone and Bipasha Basu are also
I don’t think so and I don’t think even
they would think so. It was a great team
and we have great friendship. I have
worked with Bipasha earlier in Corpo-
rate and she is the same, gorgeous and
loveable as always. So is Deepika.
Though we don’t have much screen
time together, we all had great fun dur-
ing the shoot of the music video. Have
you checked that out? You must it. You
will see Ranbir getting beaten up by all
his haseenas. It was complete fun.

It’s seems that you are really

12 SCAN ERGO Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Battling insomnia
According to TV.com, Drew Barrymore
has battled insomnia for many years
now. She has found that reading helps.


SAB Star Movies Star World Travel & Living

Left Right Left – 9-30 pm The Rock – 9 pm Prison Break – 10 pm Nigella Feasts – 10-30 pm
Set in an army school, this story is The true story of young Sergeant Michael tries to figure out how to Nigella Lawson’s cooking up a
about confused, disoriented youth Matt who is assigned to and tunnel in a building that houses a delicious bite-sized feast that’s
on their way to finding their destiny becomes obsessed with the Zodiac guards’ break room, Kellerman and perfect to share with a crowd. On
and giving their life a new case and the riddle writing Hale attempt to kill Veronica and the menu - red kidney bean and
meaning. Season2 has new cadets, murderer, neglecting his wife Laura LJ, and T-Bag tries to dodge roasted eggplant dips.
mission and challenges. and son Johnny. responsibility for Bob’s murder.

“I will never stick to one

particular role”
feature film of mine which will be coming soon. It

ou know him as Baskar, the menacing has all the ingredients of a commercial movie yet
husband in the hit Tamil serial Kolangal. with a different story line.
Meet Abhishek – one of the favourite vil- Apart from the characters you been
lains of the small screen. The actor made donning, what is that one role you would
his debut with the film Mogamul, for which he love to see yourself?
won the Best Actor award from the State. Later, I would like to play the character of a deaf or
he plunged into the small screen with many dumb man. It is challenging to play a role where
memorable characters. only your emotions speak. Both Sanjeev Kapoor
Would you continue to do such negative and Nana Patekar have essayed such roles, which
roles like Baskar in Kolangal? have been applauded. If not acting….
I am the only actor who has experimented I would have become a cricketer. I have played
with different roles. I played a comic role in for the Mumbai team and also at the Ranji Trophy.
Kudumbum, a loving husband in Malargal and I love teaching, especially about media and com-
a father for Venu Arvind and Chetan in Aadugi- munication.
ran Kannan. I will never stick on to one partic- Was getting the Best Actor award for
ular role. Malargal special?
I am happy that people still talk about my It was very special as I did not realise it till I
character in Kolangal. got it from the Chief Minister, Dr. Karuna-
How was it working with Ekta Kapoor in nidhi. I was nominated for three other seri-
Kudumbum? als, apart from Malargal.
We hardly met during shootings. She is a ve- Upcoming serials or movies?
ry shrewd business woman who knows how to I have not accepted any serials or
make her serials a hit. movies lately. I just play a 20-min-
You directed a short film named Kathal. ute role in the climax of the movie
More plans into direction. Azhagana Ponnu Dan with
I am interested in directing and there is a Namitha. I would like to play a
My favourites character of a deaf or dumb. It
● Actress- Tamanna and Rani Mukherjee is challenging to play a role
● Actor- Rajinikanth where only your emotions
● Food- Anything made by my mom
● Attire- Kavi Veshti (orange robes)
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Cologne fact
Cologne water, a mildly perfumed toilet
water also known as eau de Cologne,
has been made in Cologne, West
Germany since 1709.

Hi Sudha,
May this birthday
be just the
beginning of a year
Look cool
Titan Eye+ has opened a new eyewear show-
filled with happy room in Adayar and Spencer plaza. With con-
memories, temporary designs and style that matches
wonderful moments international trends, the stores will carry
and shining dreams. frames bearing the brands Titan, Eye+ and
From, Dash (for children). Titan Eye+ stores also sells
Saranya,Mahendra, frames and sunglasses of international brands.
Siva,Sravanthi,Uday The stores also offers a warranty of up to one
Tata Consultancy year.
Services, Where: Gandhinagar, Adayar &
Hello Vidhya, Spencer Plaza
Wish you many more
happy returns of the
day. May GOD bless
you and your dreams
come true with your
efforts. Regards, Team
GIT – Cognizant, Chennai

Dear B,
Photo Walks As the Madras week is being
Spoken Word and Open Mic
A poetry reading session
will be held at Vanilla
HAPPY RETURNS OF celebrated all over the city, Children Place on two
THE DAY MAY THIS Madras Musings together themes - Sins and Cities.
DAY BRING U LOADS with various other organisa- The show will be hosted
OF HAPPINESS tions will feature a series of by Sharanya Manivannan.
WITH LOVE talks relating to Madras. The session will feature
PADDI, TATA G.Chandrachoodan, a copy- three poets discussing
CONSULTANCY SERVICES writer and photographer, will and debate on the topic.
do a presentation on the sub- An open mic session
ject “Walking with a camera where audience can read
Hi Soumya, in Madras”, where you can their poems will also be
Today’s the day We see photos taken at different part of the event.
get to say We’re happy pockets of the city. Where: Vanilla
you were born. Many Where: Children Place,
more happy returns of Goethe-Institute Mylapore.
the day!!!! Wishes from Max Mueller Bhavan When: Till August 24,
Dhivya.N, Naveen.NP, Rutland Gate 7.30 p.m.
Balasubramanian.R Nungambakkam
(Wipro Technologies) When:
Dear Ravi, August 19, 7.00 p.m.
Wish you a very happy
birthday.Waiting for
your treat.
Love Pavan PV, IBM.

Dear Lalitha,
We wish you all your
dreams come true and
another wonderful year pan melt butter. When a little hot fry potatoes to golden
of happiness and joy.
1. Maggi brown taking care that they don’t break. Grate cheese. Beat
Happy Birthday! The Maggi noodle cake and seasoning is added into boiling cream lightly. Thinly cut cabbage after washing. Now add
Friends, Wipro Technologies water for two minutes and it is ready for consumption. Egg, cheese to the already beaten cream. Mix in salt and pepper,
seaweed or lemon can also be added to the noodles for a mustard powder sauce and vinegar. Mix well. Now on each
better flavour. potato slice put some cut cabbage, a spoon of this mixture.
Place another fried potato slice on the top. Serve with tooth
Dear Birahadish, Wish 2. Omelette pick, tomato sauce.
You Many more Happy Mix eggs, water, salt and pepper in a medium-sized bowl.
Returns of the day. Beat with a fork until combined but not too frothy. Melt a 4. Pasta
Happy Birthday Dear!! little butter (1 or 2 tsp.) over medium-high to high heat. Savour summer in Italy with every delectable mouthful of
May God Bless UJ When the butter stops foaming, pour the egg mixture into homemade pasta flavoured with freshly chopped basil leaves.
Thanks, Gayathri.N Wipro the skillet, and without moving the skillet, allow the eggs to Toss with butter or olive oil and a grating of Parmesan
Technologies set on the bottom. When eggs are set but still shiny, remove cheese.
the omelette from the heat.
5. Fruit Salads
3. Potato Sandwich Take yogurt in a bowl, add sugar and beat nicely. Add cream
Wash pre-boiled potatoes; take care to have them half and mix to form a uniform mixture. Add all the fruits one by
cooked Peel potatoes. Cut 2-3 cm long slices. In a non stick one while mixing well. Lastly, add salt & pepper and mix well
14 TRAFFIC JAM ERGO Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Actors and presidents

Bruce Willis, Bette Midler, George
Clooney, and John Ritter were all elected
and served as the class presidents of their
high school student councils.


working as a
engineer with
clicked this
picture in
Singapore Zoo
with his Nikon

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008
Word’s worth
Fish trip "Vagarious" (vuh-gare-ee-uhs) a rare word meaning ’erratic
A couple have travelled 60 miles for and unpredictable in behavior or direction.’ Its ultimate
fish and chips in their favourite seaside origin is a Latin verb meaning ’to wander,’ and this also
town every day for the past 10 years. gave rise to the English word vagary, an unexpected and
inexplicable change in a situation or in someone’s behavior.



If you don’t pay attention on work, you may end up
losing some precious moments at work. Not only
will you waste time, but you may also end up
losing interest in activities at work. Relax and take
it easy. On the love front, life will be very mushy.


You may regret hasty decisions later. Hence,
Ganesha suggests that you should be careful while
taking decisions. The best solution to this is to
handle one thing at a time. In the evening you will
have a grand time with your beloved.


It may have been a long time since you are trying
BORN LOSER to solve a few problems, but things may not work
out so soon. Ganesha advises you to focus on
positive things in life. There is no harm in being
careful. Love life may remain uneventful.
Ganesha feels that you may waste a lot of time
today over fruitless discussions. However things
might start happening in your favour after lunch.
Ganesha advises you not to be hasty. It is advisable
to understand your partner’s emotions.
LEO JULY 21 - AUG 20
The day may make you dance to its tunes. While
there nothing you can do about it, you will still
remain busy at work. Ganesha thinks your love life
will be full of action. Lovers might feel like
venturing out to some unknown place.
You may be very verbal while at work so Ganesha
FREE RANGE WORKING IT OUT finds you giving suggestions to everyone around
you. Ensure that you are not hurt if your
suggestions are not accepted. Ensure that over-
criticism doesn’t hurt your beloved one or spouse.
Relax as much as you want before you leave for
work. . You will have to take care of important
communication along with work. The best part of
the day will be the evening when your beloved will
come up with wonderful ways to charge you up.
You will feel enthusiastic and will be full of vigour.
Ganesha feels you will feel like achieving everything
in one day. Obviously being hasty might cause harm
and also attention not paid to personal life may
create troubles. On the personal front, get creative.
Without many ups and downs, the day will end in a
normal manner. You will be able to manage work
and office well, and deadlines will be met. In such
circumstances, this is the best time to spend with
family. Try to arrange a small get-together.
You might face conflict in dividing your attention for
domestic and professional front. This might confuse
you at the start of the day. The day will be
favourable for you. Ganesha feels you will spend a
wonderful time with your beloved today.
PREVIOUS Ganesha feels that this will be an astounding day
for you. Progress and success will come easily
ISSUE’S today. Love life will be so wonderful that you will
be confused as to which is better, work or love life.
SOLUTIONS Enjoy this day to the fullest, smiles Ganesha.
Ganesha feels you will get new opportunities to
learn and adapt new things. You may feel like
developing new skills at personal level to embellish
your domestic life. Ganesha finds you in an upbeat
mood throughout the day.
Predictions by Bhavesh N. Pattni
16 ERGO Tuesday, August 19, 2008