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Marqueses, Jam Christking E.

Describe each type of quantitative research design. Give example each.

Example Survey – used to gather information from groups of people by
selecting and studying samples chosen from a population.
Example preference of T.V network of viewers in Upper Tumapoc, Burgos, La

A research design is a strategy with different components that

gives direction and solution in identified problem of the study. Two
types of research design are experimental and non – experimental
design, experimental research is concerned primarily with cause-
and-effect relationship of the variables, this design utilizes the
principle of research known as the ‘'method of difference”, this
research design have three types, the True experimental, Quasi –
experimental and pre-experimental.

true experimental research design relies on statistical analysis to

approve or disprove a hypothesis.
Example: difference to a subject A behaviour spent five hours in
playing video games and a subject B behaviour spent five hours
playing outdoor sports.

Quasi – experimental design involves the manipulation of an

independent variable without the random assignment of
participants to conditions or orders of conditions.
example: the student officers of Bearer Academy will implement a
new policy to lessen the latency While the student officers of St.
Thomas are stay in old policy.

The pre – experimental is the simplest form of research design.

In a pre-experiment either a single group or multiple groups are
observed subsequent to some agent or treatment presumed to
cause change.
Example: what is the experience of Cavite that not hit by super
typhoon and in Catanduanes that super typhoon made landfall in
the region.
Non experimental design is research that lacks the manipulation of
an independent variable, control of extraneous variables through
random assignment, or both. There are three broad types of
nonexperimental research. There eight types of non-experimental
the survey, historical research, observational research,
correlational research, descriptive research, comparative research,
evaluative research and methodological research.

Survey Research is defined as the process of conducting

research using surveys that researchers send to survey
Example: The respondents that agree and disagree about the
Sierra Madre, Kaliwa dam.

Correlational it is conducted by researchers to find out the

relationship between different groups of respondents.
Example: Being raised well-mannered might correlate with the
rude individual.

Bivariate Correlational Studies It is used to determine the

existence of relationships between two different variables
Example: If there are lot of running for politics each of those
people have different speech, we would identify it all by its political

Ex-post fact or casual comparative this kind of research derives

conclusion from observation that already accured in the past and
now compared to dependent variables
Example: The researcher wants to determine if the individual play
twelve hours in computer games the gamer would positively be
great in the game.

Comparative it usually comparing and contrasting two or more

samples of study samples.
Example: The shortage of relief goods among rural and urban
people in Cagayan region.

Normative it describes the norm level of characteristics for a given

Example: "high paying jobs should be 5-10 years' experience" and
"those politicians that committed crime are allowed to run for its
position." Are normative claims.