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Imtiaz ali


Ghala mandi branch LQP

Contents of Report

Acknowledgment 3
UBL, where you come first 4
Consumer Banking
UBL Address 4
UBL BusinessLine 4
UBL CashLine 4
UBL Credit Cards 4
UBL Drive 5
UBL Money 5
Commercial Banking
Agriculture Products 6
Small Business Schemes 6
Investment and Saving Accounts
UBL Basic Banking Account 7
UBL Business Partner (Current Account) 7
PLS UniSaver 7
PLS UniSaver Plus 7
UBL Rupee Transaction Account (PLS Saving) 7
UBL UniFlex 7
eTransaction (Current Account) 8
UBL Profit COD 8
Complementary Services
Insurance Certificate 10
UBL Wallet VISA 10
UBL Orion 10
UBL Net banking 11
Humrah 11
UBL e-statement 11
My Learnings
Account Opening 12
Clearing of cheques 19
Demand Drafts 24
Pay Orders 24
Uni Remote 24
Security Deposit Receipts 25


By the Grace of Almighty, the most Merciful, the most Beneficial, I'm today
submitting my internship report, at the end of my first pragmatic experience and I'm glad
to have it with UBL, where you come first, only if you're the customer. Thirst of learning
is inside you, and whatever the environment, if you're willing to learn, you do. At UBL, I
had a new, challenging, yet a perfect environment to learn. My parents' prayers and their
teachings were always with me and hereby I will like to take this opportunity to show my
gratitude to all those who made my internship an adventurous outwit.
Here I am, from more professional and rather corporate environment of UBL
C.C. Satellite town branch. I never knew what it all going to be. As I enter the branch, it
took me a minute to realize that the person sitting in the half fortified walls is the
manager. Maybe I was expecting him in a glass sheeted room. At a glance, I grasped the
interesting personality of the manager and today at the end of my internship; he’s one of
the persons I’ll always remember. Sir whatever I learnt from you is always going to be
respected, no matter whatever business field I choose. Those tips are always in my
memory bag.
Despite of the most hectic schedule, Maa'm Saiqa helped me so much. I'm really
grateful to you maa'm for clarifying my concepts and making me learn from your
experience. Whatever I learnt from you will definitely help me in my upcoming study
and the professional life ahead. Thank you so much for being so co-operative and so
helpful every time. I hope maa'm I have been up to your expectations.
In the end, I'll like to thank all my other colleagues, Mr. Ghaffar, Mr. Mirza, Mr.
Latif, Maa'm Beenish and all my other fellow internees, here and in cantt branch, for their
unconditional support and help in making me learn in a good environment.
Umair Javed

Consumer Banking

You as an individual can gain and benefit the most through UBL Consumer Banking. In
UBL you get friendly, efficient and attentive personalized banking services - a unique
banking relationship experienced by each UBL client. You can utilize the following

UBL Address

Owning a house of your very own is a cherished dream. A lot of planning and hard work
is involved in making this dream come true. That is why, at UBL we aim to make your
decision easier, by offering you the right ingredients that can help you realize your dream
with absolute convenience.

UBL Address empowers you to become the proud owner of a home by offering a variety
of product and pricing options that are flexible yet affordable. So choose the best product
option and pricing to suit your needs. All product options are amortized and range over a
tenor of 3-20 years.

Buying a home

Why rent when you can buy? Buying a home of your choice has never been so easy.
With a maximum financing limit of 80% you can easily buy a house or apartment that
best fits your requirements. So go ahead and start the search for your dream home
because with easy and affordable installments you need not think of renting a house when
you have hot UBL Address.

UBL Business Line

UBL Businesslin a complete solution to all your Business Financing needs. With UBL
Business Financing facility, you can now take your business to greater and newer heights,
and achieve the level of success that you truly deserve. UBL Businessline is a running
Finance facility that not only provides funds for growth but also enables you to capitalize
on profitable opportunities.
With UBL Businessline, now you will surely say. “Ab Hui Kamiyaabi Meri Manzill”.
Now, UBL Businessline credit line is here to solve all your cash flow problems. You can
utilize up to Rs.10 million with the help of which you now focus on your business
expansion and growth.

UBL Cash line

UBL Cashline is a flexible loan that provides you cash up to Rs.500,000 without any
security requirements. It empowers you to take control of your finance. UBL Cashline is
aimed to make your life easier…ZINDAGEE ASAAN. Whether you are a salaried
individual or a businessman, UBL Cash line takes care of your cash requirements.

UBL Credit Card

Welcome to the world of UBL Credit Cards the most exciting and vibrant credit card
brand in Pakistan. We offer you a range of innovative and exciting cards that is not only
powered by the security of chip but also enable you to personalize it any way you want…

UBL Drive
Accelerate your life; Drive the way that suits you! UBL Drive is a unique auto financing
product which offers you features, option and flexibility unmatched by any other bank,
because at UBL, You come firs t.

New Car Financing

UBL Drive allows you to drive away in your own car by making a down payment of just
15% and to top that with low monthly installments.

Used Car Financing

With UBL Drive you can buy favorite used car (up to 5 years old) at the most affordable

Cash Your Car

UBL Drive is not a car loan; it’s financing facility that gives you Cash on your car, you
can get up to 75% of your car value.

UBL Money
UBL money, the personal installment loan from UBL provides you with power, Control
convenience and the flexibility to manage your financial requirements and realize on your
It’s about buying new furniture or marriage expenses, financing the education of your
child or enjoying vacations abroad! UBL Money caters your needs handsomely. You can
borrow any sum between 50,000 to 500,000 (PKR) and payoff up till 5 years. We know
what you need at what time. Just give us the opportunity and let us serve you best.

Other Services:
• UBL Net Banking
• UBL e-statement
• Hamrah
• UBL Wallet

UBL Net Banking:

UBL Net Banking is an internet banking portal offering a simple, convenient and
secure method of accessing bank accounts on the internet. Its never being so easy to
access and manage your finances in a secure real-time, online environment

UBL e-statement:
UBL is pleased to announce the launch of the UBL e-statement facility which it
easier for you to get your statement of accounts and automated transactional debit/credit
alerts right into you inbox.

UBL has always been adding the forefront in identifying and meeting the
financial needs of its valued customers. UBL was a pioneers an introducing Rupee
Travelers Cheque facility in Pakistan, as early as 1971. In continuation of the same
tradition, UBL in the shape of, “HAMRAH” Rupee Travellers Cheque enhances this
facility for the convenience of its valued customers by offering denomination up to
Rupees 10,000.
UBL has a 24 hours customer’s help-line, providing its customers with round the clock
tele-verification of HAMRAH Rupee Travellers Cheques.

UBL Wallet:
UBL Wallet VISA as your debit card, you can shop all you want, eat all you can
or fill up car tank without carrying any cash.

Commercial Banking

To stand tall among the world’s leading banks, UBL has developed a YOU
attitude to understand its customers well. When you talk, we speak for you. For small and
middle size investors, UBL has so much to offer, so much to deliver. You live the way
you want; we will always be shadowing you. Walk in to any nearest branch of UBL,
enter the world class bank and let us serve you with what you need.

Small Business Scheme
Under the Small Business Scheme, UBL is providing loans on easy terms to those
who wish to set up their own small-scale business. This scheme is aimed at spreading
prosperity in the country by reducing unemployment.
As more and more people start their own industrial units, the country will move
steadily towards economic self-reliance.

Investment and Saving Accounts:
At UBL, we offer you the most beneficial and secured financial investment and
saving options. You can choose from the following list of accounts anything that serve
your needs best.

UBL Basic Banking Account

Exempted from Minimum Balance charges, UBL BBA holders can carry out two
deposits and two withdrawals each month as per the bank policy. Through 24hrs
ATM services, they can carry out transactions as and when desired, staying in the
daily withdrawal limit.

UBL Business Partner (Current Account)

For our regular customers, we offer the ultimate option, UBL Business Partner
(Current Account). With unlimited deposits and withdrawals, we offer you
convenience of UBL netbanking, UBL Wallet, UBL Orion and other exciting
consumer products. Customers are liable to maintain minimum balance of Rs. 10000
to avoid the minimum balance charges until and unless they are exempted from it.
Remember! We are not just a business; we are your caretakers; we know what you

PLS UniSaver
Let your savings earn you bucks. PLS UniSaver offers you semi annually profit
disbursement with profit being calculated upon average monthly balance.

PLS UniSaver Plus

Big amounts earn you big; but with PLS UniSaver Plus, we make it bigger for you.
With deposits starting from Rs. 25 million, we offer 5.00% but more you put in, more
profit rate will we offer.

Avg Balance per month Profit Rate*

Rs. 25 million 5.00%
Rs. 25 million to Rs. 100 million 5.10%
Rs. 100 million to Rs. 250 million 5.20%
Rs. 250 million to Rs. 500 million 5.30%
Above Rs. 500 million 5.50%
* Profit rates are for the month of July only

UBL Rupee Transaction Account (PLS Saving)
Have your money box at UBL! Put in your savings and let us earn you 5% p.a. over
your daily savings.

UBL UniFlex
Have couple of thousands spare? Come invest in our UBL UniFlex Accounts, we will
make you earn handsome.

Amount Profit Rate

1000-50000 7.0%
50001-100000 7.25%
100001-200000 7.5%

With UBL UniFlex, we serve you with fix profit rates at maturity.

E-Transaction (Current Account)

In the era of glooming computerization, even Chicago, Tokyo, Sydney, all are
seconds away from you. Internet has turned distance into time, and we have turned
your account into a shear pleasure. Now sitting at home, or at office or anywhere in
the world, we offer you a wide spectrum of world-class electronic services and
banking products each time you log in. Use your account like a regular account plus
use the premium Internet & Mobile banking services for Instant Fund Transfers,
Instant Shopping, Instant Bill payments, Instant Mobile top ups, Alerts, Statements
and much more. You love surfing, come surf with UBL.

UBL Profit COD

Make fix investment with us, choose your profit option, and we will serve you the
best rates in Pakistan. What if you earn at 16.25% p.a. Stop imagining, come invest in
our Certificates of Deposit! At maturity, we offer you the following rates:

Deposit Tiers & Products Jul 1 – Jul 31, 2008
3 months 8.25%
6 months 8.50%
1 year 9.50%
2 years 11.50%
3 years 12.75%
4 years 13.25%
5 years 13.75%
6 years 14.25%
7 years 14.75%
8 years 15.25%
9 years 15.75%
10 years 16.25%

Complementary Services

Insurance Certificate
UBL not only cares about you, we care about those too who are dependent upon
you. So UBL now offers enhanced Free Accidental and Disability Insurance Certificate
coverage to all existing and new account holders.

Closing Balance at month end Insurance Limit (PKR)*

1 – 10,000 100,000
10,001 – 100,000 250,000
100,001 – 500,000 500,000
500,001 – and above 1,000,000
* Terms and conditions apply


Imagine you are shopping in a big mall and you are ever so watchful about your
cash in your wallet. Every time you shop, you're in a mess! Let UBL Wallet Visa ease
your shopping. Shop around and pay your expenses directly from your account through
UBL Wallet. Not only can this, individuals and sole proprietors, through more than 925
ATM machines, debit their accounts as many times as they want. You can choose
according to your need. We offer

Card Annual fee (Rs.) Daily Limits (Rs.)

Primary Supplementary ATM Debit Card Funds Transfer Funds Transfer
Withdrawal Spend (From UBL to UBL) (From UBL to other
Gold 500 250 40,000 100,000 250,000 250,000
Silver 300 150 20,000 50,000 250,000 250,000

Moreover, the convenience and excitement of Internet Shopping is also available

at UBL Wallet VISA ATM/ Debit Card. So surf around and feel free to shop. We are
here to help you pay miles away.

UBL Orion
‘Buy W100! (Message tone)
Dear customer your voucher # is 1456894525796324
Thank you for using Orion’

Your finger tips might have not been that powerful before. Just type in commands
and at your ease, buy mobile cards and pay your utility bills. With UBL Orion Mobile
Wallet, running around for mobile cards and queuing to pay your utility Bills is no longer
a part of your life. Live your life at your finger tips.

UBL Net banking

UBL is very much determinant to make banking as you will. How about being in
office, or on your way, at home or at anywhere in the world but still connected to your
account! Through UBL NetBanking, Access your accounts any time, pay anyone you
want, pay your bills, buy vouchers you need and get account alerts, all integrated with
one of the best security systems in the world.


Humrah is your secured cash, something that’s safe anywhere and accepted
everywhere. Offered in the denominations of 10,000 and 5,000, "Hamrah" Rupee
Traveller Cheques are the ideal and safest way of carrying cash when travelling anywhere
in Pakistan. Let it be business; property; trade or personal needs; we make you have the
most convenient option. Moreover, Humrah RTC's are now accepted at more than 2000
places such as hotels, shops, real estate agents, jewelers, car dealers, etc and of course at
all our UBL branches.

UBL e-statement:

During your busy hours, you don’t have to bother about visiting us to get your
account statement. Neither there’s a risk of anyone else knowing your account details.
Subscribe today, free of cost to UBL e-statement facility and let us share details with you
daily, weekly, monthly, quarter or semi-annually. Get debit/credit alerts and know as
soon as you get money or pay off.

My learnings

Standing on the forth floor of UBL Islamabad head office, I heard the good news
of me having a six week opportunity to interact with a world class bank. All these six
weeks were full of events, full of learning and most importantly full of professional
working. Here 'professional' regards in all from clerical to managerial work. In these six
weeks period, the best thing to me was the authority and dependency of customers upon
me, when they come with a hope that I'm there to guide them through. Knowing all is not
learning, the real learning is to convey right. I tried to learn real, see real UBL, and tried
to comprehend the difference between what we look from outside and what is going on
UBL is full of experienced and professional traditional bankers. As it perfectly
suit the environment we are operating in, You attitude has helped UBL in capturing
masses. In the private sector, no doubt its a fast growing bank, but here's something that's
still unrealistic to the policy makers. The line of unsatisfied customers is increasing, not
because we are not serving well, it's because customers are not understanding the YOU
attitude right. Every customer wants to make sure his work is done at the first
convenience, but they are not concerned about the responsibility with which every
employee is working. We need to put in some guidelines for our customers, as they walk
in. This will not only save their time but will also motivate staff members to work more
promptly, because if customer and employee engage into some unhealthy quarrel, the
whole environment will be disturbed.
Back to my real learnings. In my six week internship, I worked in customer
service department, as well as in clearing department. Because of some work load, I was
unable to learn much about other cash and accounting department. Here is my count
down learning of six weeks.

Account Opening:
Penning down information and keying it into the system does seem a simple and
tedious job but it is not. My initial five days at customer service department was the
liveliest experience of my internship. Though physically I was there just to assist the
account opening officer, but it turned out to be much more for me. That is when I first
actually imitated as a presenter of UBL to customers, when to many people, I'm their
UBL offers a variety of options for anyone; to everyone. You are an investor,
regular businessman, middle man, salaried person or a house wife; UBL serve you in
every way it can through its commendable and reliable services, because at UBL, YOU
come first.
Working at Customer Service Department, I did counter with different types of
customer and opened their accounts under the supervision of the officer. When you have
the sole responsibility to open the accounts, it's always very important to understand the
needs of your customer. Understanding the psyche of customer is very important. Until

and unless you're completely satisfied that the customer has genuine reason and need to
open the account, don't do so.

Account Opening Form:

In all the documentation within the bank, clearness and tidiness are the major
features. Over writing and cutting should always be avoided as it may lead to any
misinterpretation. Account Opening Form is the most important documentation when a
customer walks in for commercial banking and wants to develop a relationship with us.
In AOF, all the necessary information should be completely scrutinized before the
customer walks back. Now let’s look at some of the salient requirements of AOF and
their importance.

Currency and Type of Account

It offers you all the eight different types of accounts mentioned before. First
understand why the customer is here and what type of account suits him a lot. Scale down
all the options suiting his investment or requirement and help him choose what is best for
him. Outline all the salient features of that particular account to him and make him tick
the best box.
Mark the currency box if the customer wishes to deposit in currency, in case,
other than PKR.

Nature of Account
Understand and choose the desired nature of account.

Individual Account (Single/Joint) determines if the account is personal or joint. Once

again understand your customer here. Illiterate and gullible customers should better opt
for joint account for their own security.

Particulars of Account
First of all the title of account is entered by which it will be called off.
Following is the Key/Secret Word of six characters which is mostly preferred to
be mother’s name because it’s simple unforgettable. Key word is used to verify
the customer on phone or while other subsequent inquiries. Next comes the
mailing address; where the bank should mail anything it has to. Next is the
permanent address of the customer which should be copied from the CNIC of the
customer. E-mail address is mandatory for Net banking and e-statement facility
whereas Mobile number for mobile banking. Lastly it’s your choice to hold your
statements for collection or mail it to you.
*Here make sure mandatory fields are entered and any valid contact
number must be provided.

Personal Information
Following portion summarizes social with standing of a person.
Applicant’s name, Father’s or husband’s name, gender, marital status, Date of
birth, nationality, country of residence and identification source and its number
should be enter. Make sure the source of identification is not expired. Enter NTN
if available. Know the occupation of the applicant and check the respected box.
In case there is more than one account applicant, fill in all the above
mentioned information for other applicant as well.
*It’s a good practice to ask for the original identification source of the
customer and pen down the number and expiry date directly from it.

Next of Kin
In case if the account holder is somehow not contacted, this portion
provides information of the person who should be contacted instead. Person’s
name, relationship, address and Telephone number should be provided.

Business Account determines that the party has its own entity under which the account
will be supervised. Match the respected category and check the box.

Particulars of Account
Here the information about the business is filled in. Title of account,
company/business name, and nature of business, office/mailing address, head
office /registered address, office email and NTN are mandatory information
required for business account. CNIC is required in case of sole proprietor ship and
information of few persons are required who can be contacted in case of
companies. Here we need to know that who will be operating the company

Additional Information
Existing relationship with UBL
In case if the customer already has some relationship with UBL, it should
be mentioned here. This is just in case to formally know and cross check the
customer’s provided information.

Existing relationship with other banks

This is to know what relationship the customer has with other banks, if

UBL Wallet ATM/Debit Card

Here first define your customer what ATM card is, what are its features
and what is the difference between its different options. Enter the name of the
customer in ‘Name on card’ field. Then is the option of supplementary ATM card.

A customer can issue up to 9 supplementary cards. If supplementary card is
required, a UBL Wallet VISA card requisition form is filled in which details
about supplementary card holders is penned.

Zakat Deduction (only on PLS A/C)

PLS account holders can directly pay Zakat from their accounts, if they
are willing to.

Other UBL Products

Account holders can opt for UBL Netbanking, UBL Orion, Credit card,
Personal loan, Car Financing, Mortgage and Business Finance.

Operating Instructions
This identifies the signing authority of the account. It can be operated
singly, either or survivor, jointly, mandate or by any other in special cases.

Statement of Accounts
This specifies how early the account statement is required. It can be daily,
weekly, monthly, quarterly or semi annually. Customers can choose Mail or e
Statement or both.

Special Instructions
Special instructions, if any, are registered here. It usually certifies further
the operating instructions of the account.

Account referred by
Detail of person referring the customer is entered here.

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions outline the policy of bank about its accounts’
regulations. Abidance by state bank laws and bank’s policy is compulsory and
customer’s signature at the end of the statement is his abidance by the law

Indemnity and Undertaking

Here the customer agree by the bank policies and agree to its terms.
Applicant sign the undertaking and officially agrees to be a part of UBL.
*As an account opening officer, you must enclose all the signatures and
should verify them. Every cutting on the AOF should be verified by customer's
signature, and officer should verify the customer's signature.

For Bank Use Only
Special Category of Account
If the account is of minor, UBL staff, Illiterate, Blind or Registered Alien,
it should be checked respectively. Passport size Photographs are required in this
case and customer can only make the transaction personally. Make sure signatures
are not too simple or shaky. If so, again passport size photographs may be
required and transactions can only be made personally for customer's own

Service Charges
This is the minimum balance penalty which is applicable to all except
students, mustahiqueen of zakat and government employees' salary or pension
purpose accounts

Know You Customer

Here's an assessment that the account opening officer do in order to
understand some aspects of the new customer relationship.

Individual Account
The customer is marked as walk in, marketed or a referral; he/she is a
public figure or not. Moreover what will be the customer's sources of funds. What
would be the usual mode of transaction and what would be the intentions of
account with UBL. Who will be the ultimate beneficiary and what is the
approximate value of transaction per month.

Business Account
The customer is marked as a walk in, marketed or referred customer.
Name of parent and other companies are entered. Geographical area of activity is
mentioned. How the business earn is mentioned to know the business type. Then
similarly mode of transaction, ultimate beneficiary, initial deposit and
approximate maximum value of transaction per month is recorded.
*Finally after fulfilling all the necessary requirements, the officer here by
recommend to open the account of the customer.

Documentation to be obtained

Photocopy of CNIC/Alien Registration No./ passport
Photocopy of service card/employment card/student card

Sole Proprietorship
As above and NTN/Sales Tax Registration Certificate

Application to open account on sole proprietorship letter head
Rubber stamp of sole proprietorship to be affixed on AOF and SSC.

Photocopy of CNIC of all partners
Application to open account on partnership letter head signed by all
Attested copy of Partnership deed
Copy of Registration certificate with Registrar of Firms
Authority letter in favor of person responsible to operate the account.
Rubber stamp of partnership to be affixed on AOF and SSC.

Joint Stock Companies

Certified copies of:
Resolution of BoDs for opening of account and certifying the person
responsible to operate it
Memorandum and Article of Association
Certificate of Incorporation and Commencement of business
CNIC of all the directors
NTN/Sales Tax Registration Certificate
Rubber stamp of Company to be affixed on all documentation

Clubs, Societies and Associations

Certified copies of:
Certificate of registration
By-Laws/Rules and Regulations
Resolution of governing body to open an account, certifying the person
responsible to operate it.
NTN/Sales Tax Registration Certificate
Rubber stamp of Company to be affixed on all documentation

Agent Accounts
Certified copy of 'Power of Attorney'
Photocopy of CNIC

Trust Accounts
Photocopy of Certificate of Registration
Photocopy of CNIC of all trusties
Certified copy of instrument of trust

Executors and Administrators

Photocopy of CNIC of Executor/Administrator

Certified copy of Letter of Administration or Probate

Specimen Signature Card (SSC)

Whenever a customer visit us to make a transaction, we cannot all the time verify
his signature by AOF. For this purpose SSC is signed and then scanned into the system.
So whenever the signature requires verification, it can be done through systems next to
employees. SSC comprises of Branch code, A/C No., date, customer's name, special
instructions and two signatures.

Cheque Book Requisition Form

At the opening of account, this form is filled, identifying the account number,
number of leaves and whether to hold cheque book for collection or to mail it.

Letter of thanks
A letter of thanks is dispatched to the mailing address of the new account holder
and its copy is attached to the AOF. Actually this letter of thanks is for the confirmation
of this fact that customer actually lives at the mentioned address.

Clearing of cheques:

Outward Clearing

My experience at C.C S.Town branch started from the clearing

department. Right in the morning cheques collected from the drop box simply
flood over my table. According to all I learnt through listening, viewing and
questioning is summarized below.

Documentation of Consumer Cheques:

All the cheques collected are first categorized into

o Credit Cards
o Auto Loans
o Personal Loans
o Cash Line

Having categorized, firstly loan number of each cheque is verified. For the
verification of the prescribed loan number, following ledgers are credited

Credit Cards G3540223

Personal Loans G3540627
Auto Loans G3540601
Cash Line G5610014 (Head Office)

Verified cheques are then validated before being documented into the drop box
collection sheet for our daily drop box collections record. To anticipate the
approval of cheques, we need to validate some important specifications of all the
cheques. They are:

• Date: Cheque should not be post dated or out of date.

• Figures: Amount in words and figures should match.
• Signature: Drawers signature must be clear.
• Intercity: Cheques must not be of other cities. Intercity clearing
cheques for consumer departments are not entertained
• Payee’s Name: Payee’s name should be written, and endorsement
should be as per the beneficiary of the cheque.
• There should be no over writing in every thing penned.

All the filtered cheques are then entered into the collection sheet in which
following information is entered.

• Cheque No.
• Name of bank
• Name of Customer
• Loan No.
• Amount
• Document No.

All the documented consumer cheques are then posted into the system.

Posting of the Consumer Cheques

For clearing, we opt for second option in Banking category, and after entering the
posting date, clearing date and transfer delivery date, we opt for single entry
option. Now all the cheques are credited in the clearing schedule in their
prescribed ledgers.

Credit Cards G3540223

Personal Loans G3540627
Auto Loans G3540601
Cash Line G3590991 (Miscellaneous)

Credit Cards Cheques: G3540223

During the posting, following fields are keyed in

Account Number
Credit Card Number
Cheque Number

Personal Loans Cheques: G3540627

During the posting, following fields are keyed in

Account Number
Transaction Type (Loan Repayment)
Personal Loan Number

Cheque Number

Auto Loans Cheques: G3540601

During the posting, following fields are keyed in

Account Number
Transaction Type (Loan Repayment)
Auto Loan Number
Cheque Number

Cash Line Cheques: G3590991 (Miscellaneous)

During the posting, following fields are keyed in

Account Number
Cheque Number

Cash Line Cheques are posted into Miscellaneous Sundry account when
they are forwarded for clearing and, on clearance; they are transferred to
head office (G5610014; Tr # 60) where all those cheques are credited to
their respective accounts.

Customer Accounts:

During the posting, following fields are keyed in

Account Number
Cheque Number

After entering the details into the system, we can accept, modify and reject
it. As soon as entry is accepted, computer generated document number is

* In case further modification is required, it can be done at clearing

modification option under clearing schedule.

Following the completion of posting of cheques, an add list is prepared to

calculate the total amount of cheques which is further cross-checked with the
clearing display on the system. As cheques can be either of Rawalpindi or
Islamabad, so separate add lists are prepared and enclosed with the cheques in the
NIFT envelopes.
In other case, if cheque is of city other than Rawalpindi and Islamabad, it's
either sent in intercity clearing or as OBC (Outward Bill Collection). Intercity is
presented through NIFT whereas OBC is either sent through Courier or
Dispatched to the desired branch of the bank.
Stamps in each case is as follows

Types of cheques Stamps over cheques Endorsement

Local - Consumer • Crossing Received Payment
• Clearing
Local – Commercial • Crossing Payee's Account Credited
• Clearing
Intercity • Crossing Payee's Account will be
• Clearing Credited upon realization.
• Intercity Clearing
OBC • Crossing Payee's Account will be
• OBC Number Credited upon realization.

Cleared Cheques
Now the next day when clearing is confirmed by NIFT, respected accounts are
debited. We go into the banking option and in transfer, we debit all the respected
accounts. Same is the case with intercity and OBC cheques.
In documentation, debit and credit vouchers are made, which show total amount
of clearing as per day.

Returned Cheques
All the cheques which are returned, due to any reason, are then reversed. They are
debited back in the clearing schedule. All the returned cheques are documented in the

cheque return registers and all the account holders of returned cheques are charged with
service penalty.

*All the vouchers are signed by the designated officer and all the entries over
50,000 are supervised


Demand Draft
DDs are always a secure way of paying remittances in other cities. Both
account holders and walk in customers can avail the facility of DDs. Charges tend
to differ for both customers but the advantage tend to be same. DDs are made in
the favour of beneficiary and remitter either pays in cash or through cheque.
Charges for DDs are

Up to Rs. 100,000/- 0.10%, Min Rs. 100 for A/C holders

0.20%, Min Rs. 200 for Non A/C holders
Over Rs. 100,000/- 0.05%, Min Rs. 150 for A/C holders
0.15%, Min Rs. 250 for Non A/.C holders
Issuance of duplicate DD Rs. 150 for A/C holders
Rs. 250 for Non A/.C holders

When DDs are issued, head office account are debited and remitters
account is credited, on presentation, head office account is credited and
beneficiary's account is debited.

Pay Order
POs are another safe way of paying your remittances within the city. They
are payable at any branch and then are forwarded for clearing. There charges are

Issuance of PO Rs. 75 for A/C holders

Rs. 250 for Non A/C holders
Cancellation of PO Rs. 75 for A/C holders
Rs. 250 for Non A/.C holders
Issuance of duplicate PO Rs. 150 for A/C holders
Rs. 300 for Non A/.C holders

In case of PO, remitter account is credited and PO A/C of branch is

debited. At presentation, Beneficiary is debited and PO A/C of branch is credited.

Uni Remote
Uni Remote is the online facility of depositing cash to any account in
UBL. With on-line banking, you are connected to the complete network of UBL
all over Pakistan. Uni Remote charges are Rs. 200 for cash withdrawal and Rs.
100 for cash deposit.

Security Deposit Receipts (SDR)
Security deposit Receipts are your safe way of making payments. Not only
its free of cost for A/C holders, it also offers you the best liquidity solution as the
cash continues to be with you until and unless your deal gets final and you pay
off. In case of cancellation, it's also free of cost for A/C holders and their amount
is returned to their normal account balance.
*for non A/C holders, Rs. 250 is charged. Duplicate fee is Rs. 250 (flat)