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Version: <1.0>
<Project Name> Date: <03/01/2011>
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Revision History
Date Version Description Author
03/01/2011 1.0 Introduction,Functionality,Usability Parvathy.R

03/01/2011 1.0 Reliability,Performance,Supportability Prasanth.G

Design Constraints

03/01/2011 1.0 Priyadharshini

Online User Documentation
,Help System Requirements,
Purchased Components


03/01/2011 1.0 Rahul Radhakrishnan

Licensing Requirements,Legal,
Copyright and Other Notices
Applicable Standards

Confidential <Info Banking System>, 2000 ii

Version: <1.0>
<Project Name> Date: <03/01/2011>
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Table of Contents
1. Introduction 4
1.1 Purpose 4
1.2 Scope 4
1.3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations 4
1.4 References 4
1.5 Overview 4

2. Functionality 4
2.1 <Unique code> 4

3. Usability 4
3.1 <Usability Requirement One> 5

4. Reliability 5
4.1 <Password> 5

5. Performance 5
5.1 <Performance Requirement One> 5

6. Supportability 5
6.1 <coding> 5

7. Design Constraints 6
7.1 <Software> 6

8. Online User Documentation and Help System Requirements 6

9. Purchased Components 6

10. Interfaces 6
10.1 User Interfaces 6
10.2 Hardware Interfaces 6
10.3 Software Interfaces 6
10.4 Communications Interfaces 6

11. Licensing Requirements 6

12. Legal, Copyright and Other Notices 6

13. Applicable Standards 7

Confidential <Info Banking System>, 2000 iii

Version: <1.0>
<Project Name> Date: <03/01/2011>
<document identifier>

<Project Name>
1. Introduction
The purpose of this document is to analyse the define high level needs and
features of Online Banking system.It focuses on legal and regulatory
requirements and application standards
1.1 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to describe the supporting requirements
needed for the online banking system
1.2 Scope
The scope of this document is to specify the functionalities of the online
banking system
1.3 Definitions, Acronyms and Abbreviations
OBS-Online Banking System
1.4 References
The terms used in the document are referred from the glossary document
1.5 Overview
The document describes the various functional requirements for improving
the performance characteristics of the OBS
2. Functionality
The OBS system is useful for viewing the customers account details,perform
money transfer from and to an account,applying for loan.But all these
functionalities need some requirements to perform them

2.1 <Unique code>

The CS having account in the bank had been given a unique secret code to
access the system
3. Usability
Normally the CS need no training. He can use just by reading the given
guidelines of usage.The transactions can be performed in span of seconds

Confidential <Info Banking System>, 2000 4

Version: <1.0>
<Project Name> Date: <03/01/2011>
<document identifier>

3.1 <Usability Requirement One>

For performing the functions like transfer,applying loan etc the CS should be
a member of the bank that is he/she should have account in the bank
4. Reliability
Requirements for reliability of OBS is specified below:
Availability-in OBS the system is available at anytime for accessing
Mean Time Between Failure(MTBF)-in OBS the failure occurs due to lost of
power supply during transaction
Mean Time TO Repair(MTTR)-in OBS the failure can be recover easily
within one hour itself
Accuracy-The system is more accurate than existing manual banking
Maximum bugs or defect rate-The system have defect rate only when more
no of users use the system and entering invalid password more times

4.1 <Password>
Entering the invalid password more than once can be avoided to improve the
5. Performance
Response time: A few seconds
Throughout: Depends on the no of users at that time
Capacity: Unlimited
5.1 <Performance Requirement One>
The customer should have their system at good performing speed
6. Supportability
The OBS requires well designed coding and database for faster transactions
performed in the system
6.1 <coding>
The code for the OBS is done using visual Basic to enhance the

Confidential <Info Banking System>, 2000 5

Version: <1.0>
<Project Name> Date: <03/01/2011>
<document identifier>

7. Design Constraints
Visual Basic software
7.1 <Software>
The software for online banking system should be efficient

8. Online User Documentation and Help System Requirements

In OBS the system help for online user documentation and help system
requirements by creating account in the bank and keep transaction with the
9. Purchased Components
We have a personal licensing which is confined to certain rulesonly on
following the rules any user will be allowed to enter our website
10. Interfaces
The interface provided to the user should be of ease of use and it should
allow only the authenticated user to work with system
10.1 User Interfaces
Logic function provides an interface to the user to specify themselves to the
10.2 Hardware Interfaces
All protocols that provided for browsing.
10.3 Software Interfaces
A VB platform is needed.
10.4 Communications Interfaces
A GUI interface is needed.
11. Licensing Requirements
Defines any lincensing enforcement requirement or other usage restriction
requirement which are to be exhibited by the system.
12. Legal, Copyright and Other Notices
This describes any necessary legal disclaims,warranties and copyright

Confidential <Info Banking System>, 2000 6

Version: <1.0>
<Project Name> Date: <03/01/2011>
<document identifier>

13. Applicable Standards

This includes the legal quality or regulatory standard,industry standard for
usability.GUI standards

Confidential <Info Banking System>, 2000 7