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Essay Assignment

Your assignment is to write an essay in which you “respond” to both the CTW article and TKaM. You
may approach the essay from any angle that you choose. However, both literary works must be
present in the article. A couple of options are: 1) compare/contrast the characters/people, ideas,
scenarios, etc in the two works; 2) compare/contrast the two works in general; 3) focus on how
perception versus reality comes into play in the two works. Please refer to your comparison/contrast
sheets for ideas on how to organize a comparison/contrast essay.

Remember that a response tells how you feel or what you think about the pieces. A response IS NOT
a summarization of what happens. Please do not re-tell the stories. You may use plot points as
evidence for your thinking, but do not ONLY write about what happens.

Minimum Requirements:
• Use both works in your essay
• Respond without re-telling the stories
• Write no less than 3 pages
• Double spaced (either typed or neatly handwritten skipping lines)
• 1 inch margins all around
• 12 point font in Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri
• Give your paper a title and/or title the sections of your paper – DO NOT make your
titles/heading a larger font or contain extra spaces before/after the title.
• Use the “no spacing” option when using Word 2007 or later

Rubric (based on the GHSWT rubric):

Ideas (worth 20 points) – the student makes interesting and unique connections that show an
understanding of the content of the literary works. Ideas are well thought out and signal that the
student has thought deeply about the subject and has not just scratched the surface of the topic. The
ideas are based on the student’s individual thoughts and are not simply a summarization of the

Organization (worth 10 points) – the student demonstrates an ability to organize his or her
thoughts. He or she stays on topic and uses transition words to show how thoughts lead to one
another. The introduction grabs the reader, and the conclusion signals closure.

Style (worth 10 points) – student uses words and language appropriate for a formal essay. Word
choice shows the student’s individual perception and understanding of vocabulary. The student varies
his or her sentence length and beginnings and uses a variety of words.

Conventions (worth 10 points) – student uses proper grammar and punctuation. All sentences are
complete and contain proper end punctuation. Words are spelled correctly. An effort to proofread has
been made.

***A separate 50-point grade will be given based on surface editing and trigger words.
A list of trigger words to help you:
You Lonely this/that/these
There Everyone/body/anyone with his/her/he/she
Their/there/they’re It’s/its
It your/you’re
Characters from TKaM:
Scout (narrator):




Boo Radley:


Tom Robinson:

Bob Ewell:

Walter Cuningham (Jr. & Sr.):

People from the CTW story:

Cameron Todd Willingham:

Diane Barbee:

Doug Fogg:

Elizabeth Gilbert:

Stacy Willingham:

David Gran: