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Indian IT Software and Services Industry


CeBIT 2009
Hannover - Germany
3rd - 8th March 2009


Supported by : Organised by :
PHD House, 3rd Floor, Ramkrishna Dalmia Wing,
Opp. Asiad Village, New Delhi-110 016 (India)
Tel.: 91-11-26964463, 26965103 Fax: 91-11-26853412 Department of Commerce
E-mail: esc@vsnl.com • Website: www.escindia.in Ministry of Commerce & Industry ELECTRONICS AND COMPUTER SOFTWARE
Indian IT Software and
Services Industry
Hannover - Germany
3rd - 8th March 2009

Supported by :

Department of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Government of India

Organised by :


PHD House, 3rd Floor, Ramkrishna Dalmia Wing,
Opp. Asiad Village, New Delhi-110 016 (India)
Tel.: 91-11-26964463, 26965103 Fax: 91-11-26853412
E-mail: esc@vsnl.com • Website: www.escindia.in
To ensure that the views and concerns of ESC are heeded by policy makers

and legislators
To be proactive on policy initiatives that are in consonance with its mission

To remain sensitive to the development needs and concerns of its

D.K. SAREEN members
Executive Director
To broaden the membership base

With its headquarter in New Delhi and a network of Regional Offices in India To provide platforms to its member exporters for networking with ICT

such as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata and its Representative buyers overseas
Office in Dubai, UAE, ESC is India's premier export promotion organisation
sponsored by Government of India. The main objective is to promote the ESC's International Co-operation Activities
Electronics and Information Technology exports from India to the global ESC organizes and participates in international conferences and industry level
market. With over 2300 members, ESC has transformed itself into a dynamic, talks. It implements joint activities with international trade associations to
proactive institution equipped to meet the aspirations of Indian IT industry in exchange information, provide technological support and exchange trade
this fast changing technological world. missions.
ESC maintains its tradition to look into the needs of the ICT Industry as the Some of our companies have outlined their strengths and offerings in this
concept of "Industry - Government partnership" is assuming significant booklet. Many more whom we could not accommodate in this event await
importance and has to be prudently fostered to speed up the economic and your overtures with equal interest. No matter what your question is, be it a
industrial development of the nation. ESC is committed to assist member search for an Indian partner or policy clarification, just a simple fax, e-mail or
companies to compete globally and maintain their lead in the IT and a call to ESC will get things moving. ESC will take you through the entire
Electronics sector. ESC shoulders the responsibility of serving its constituents process from enquiry to ultimate business with India. We invite you to come to
efficiently and effectively. India and enjoy a long, trusted, profitable relationship for years to come.
As the bridge between exporters and policy makers;
● As a catalyst for the Indian ICT industry, ESC is a one stop window to assist
overseas buyers of ICT products and services, telecom products, electronic
As a proactive matchmaker between exporters and global buyers;

instruments etc. for exploring the possibility of business co-operation,
As a one-stop-shop for information on ICT exporters and as the first port
● strategic alliances with Indian firms. ESC also helps foreign firms seeking
of call and intermediary for Indian and foreign electronic, telecom and IT investment opportunities in India in the electronics hardware and IT software
firms wishing to expand their business activities in India and beyond their and services sector.
national border; and
ESC has Memorandum of Understanding (Molls) with over 46 prestigious
By organising Indian participation in specialized ICT meets / international
● world trade development bodies across the global markets and is on the
trade fairs mailing list of all the Indian Missions abroad.
Today, ESC is acknowledged as the principal voice of Indian ICT industry both Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council
with the policy makers and the international business community at large. PHD House, 3rd Floor,
With its heterogeneous membership, it combines the entrepreneurial spirit 4/2, Siri Institutional area
and business acumen of ICT stalwarts with the management skills and August Kranti Marg
expertise of professionals, to set itself apart as an institution with a difference. New Delhi-110 016
Tel: 11-26510632 / 26964463 / 26965103 (Extn. 231)
Mission Fax: 91-11-2685341
As a representative organ of corporate India, ESC articulates the genuine, Email: scray@escindia.com
legitimate needs and interests of its member exporters. Its mission is to Website: www.escindia.in
impact the policy and legislative environment so as to foster a balanced
economic, industrial and social development

2 3
animation work, BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) assignments, Call centre
IT Software & Services Industry in related assignments, as well as Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) / Legal
Process Outsourcing (LPO), medical lab, diagnostic and dental services,
India - an Overview medical transcription services, e-publishing including data conversion or
digitization, type-setting, copy-editing, content and design, graphics etc.
In recent times, Software Development and Information Technology Enabled India's Global IT Software Services Exports
Services (ITES) including business process outsourcing (BPO) / knowledge The numbers in the following tables given the story:
process outsourcing services (KPO) industry in India has emerged as one of
the most dynamic and vibrant sectors in India's economy. With a small TABLE-I
beginning in early Eighty's, it has now grown into a broad based Growth in Exports of Computer Software & Services (Including ITES)
comprehensive industry. 2002-2003 to 2007-2008
180000 175000
The Government of India has announced promotion of IT as one of the five
priorities of the country. India has embarked on a policy agenda, which aims 160000
to restructure its economy with enhanced global participation. The Foreign 146000
Direct Investment (FDI) to supplement domestic investment for achieving a 140000
quantum jump in growth rate is now an integral part of Government of India
policy initiatives. Imparting greater transparency to business procedures and 120000
integration with the global market place are seen as the hallmark of new
industrial, trade and fiscal policies.
Today, India's competence in IT, more significantly in computer software and 80000
information technology enabled services is recognised globally. 58000
Indian IT firms and IT professionals have won world-wide recognition in terms 46500
of their technical competence, domain knowledge, experience and expertise 40000 33757
for offering quality IT services, and their exposure to working on various 17216
platforms and systems. 20000

Presence of Global IT players in India 0

2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08
There are a large number of multi-national IT enterprises operating in India
in sectors such as: Integrated Chip Design, System Software, Communication Annual Growth rate during 2001-02 to 2007-08 : Rupee term = 30.35% US$ Mln.
US$ term = 35.24% Rs. Cr.
Software, R&D Centres, Technology Support Sector, Captive Support Sector,
BPO Sector etc reaping the cost and quality advantages. TABLE-II
These multinationals include Siemens/ Philips, Intel, Texas Instruments etc. FOR COMPUTER SOFTWARE / SERVICES DURING 2006-2007
(Chip Design); Siemens, Motorola, Lucent Technologies, Sony, Nortel etc.
2.50% 1.60%
(Communication Software); Microsoft, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, HP, Compaq 2.14% 2.00%
etc. (Systems Software); Google, Yahoo etc. (R&D Centres); Axa Business 2.00%

Services, Swiss Shared Services, Siemens Shared Services etc. (BPO Sector); EUROPE(NON EU COUNT.) (26.50%)
Accenture, DELL, HSBC, GE Capital, Fidelity etc. (Captive Support Sector). SGP, HKG & S.A. (2.14%)
26.50% 0.35%
JAPAN, KOREA & F.E.C. (2.50%)
Spectrum of IT Services/ITES from India MIDDLE EAST (1.60%)
India has already established her brand equity in the global IT market. Indian EUROPE (NON EU COUNT.) (2.00%)

IT software and services firms offer software products/packages; a wide AUSTRALIA & OCEANIC (2.00%)

spectrum of IT services including system management and maintenance, AFRICAN COUNTRIES (0.77%)

consultancy services, system integration, chip design, E-Goverence, LATIN AMERICA (0.35%)
E-Commerce, IT enabled services covering banking/financial/insurance RUSSIA & CIS COUNTRIES (0.14%)
sector. Their IT enabled services also include CAD/CAM, multimedia,

4 5
India's IT Exports to EU countries Cost reduction upto 50 per cent

A peep at India's exports to EU countries reveals that India's export of IT Wage differential

software and services during 2007-08 touched a level of US $ 11.518 billion Lower infrastructure costs

i.e. 26.50 per cent of India's total IT software / services exports to the world Favourable time lag:12 hours with US & 5 hours with Europe

market. India's IT exports to major EU countries during 2007-08 were as Overnight turnarounds possible

under: Comparatively low rate of attrition

TABLE - III Resources with experience of industrial, financial and legal systems similar

India's IT Export to EU Countries to the west
Strong domestic IT services industry to support IT led BPO

Country Computer Software/ Computer Software/
Services 2006-07 Services 2007-08 Largest pool of SE1CMM companies worldwide

US$ Million US$ Million
Quality Certified Companies
United Kingdom 6474.53 6668.59
Quality Certification No. of Companies
Netherlands 580.65 916.17
German F Rep 526.20 1173.31 SEI-CMM Level 5 Certification
● 151
Belgium 319.32 246.46 (40% of the worldwide certified (Total: 379)
companies are in India)
Finland 283.95 205.35
France 240.71 233.95 Already acquired ISO 9000 or
● 300
Ireland 223.60 94.99 SEl Level 2 or equivalent
Sweden 156.48 88.76
Denmark 107.73 96.42 Central and State Government Initiatives to Promote IT
Spain 67.62 282.85 Production and Export from India
Italy 32.82 104.40
In order to promote domestic investment, foreign direct investment, transfer
Austria 14.40 99.87 of technology / process know-how, technical collaboration, joint venture etc
Greece 6.14 19.92 in India and export IT software products and services from India to the global
Portugal 3.31 6.27 market, both Government of India and State Governments in India are
Luxemburg 1.13 12.65
offering a series of policy packages including tax breaks, import duty
concessions etc under various schemes which include:
Others 75.86 1269
Export Oriented Units (EOUs) Scheme

Grand Total 9114.45 11518.88
Electronics Hardware Technology Parks (EHTPs)

Manpower and Costs Software Technology Parks (STPs)

Over 1,20,000 IT professionals are being trained and added to the talent Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Scheme

pool every year as compared to 25,000 IT professionals in the USA. 62% of The aggregate domestic IT market demand curve is now in an upward swing,
the Indian technical work force has more than 4 years of experience; over and consequently, the Indian IT industry is gearing itself up and the flow of
70% have engineering degrees/ technical background. According to McKinsey foreign direct investors to India in the IT sector is increasing fast not only to
Study, fully loaded costs for offshore work in India are 30-50% lower take care of the fast expanding Indian domestic IT market demand, but also
than those in the USA or Europe. to position themselves strategically in the Indian sub-continent to foray into
Advantage India the emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region, SAARC and Central Asian
India today enjoys a comfortable position to meet the global requirements
because of the following: It is reported that the Indian telecom and IT sector is stated to witness
investments worth US$ 20 billion by 2010 with commitments of US$ 17
Two million students graduate each year
● billion already available.
122,000 Engineers pass out every year

Indian manpower is English speaking and IT savvy

6 7
Exhibitors' Profile
S.No. Company Name Page No.

1. AGS Sundyne Technologies Pvt. Ltd...............................................10

2. ANGLER Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. .............................................12

3. DPH Software Services Pvt. Ltd......................................................13

4. Elecom Software Pvt. Ltd. ..............................................................16

5. e-Zest Solutions Ltd. .....................................................................17

6. Gateway NINtec Pvt. Ltd. ..............................................................18

7. Indus Net Technologies..................................................................19

8. Kayako Infotech .............................................................................21

9. Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. .......................................22

10. Neosoft Technologies .....................................................................24

11. N-Tier Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. .................................................25

12. Orissa Computer Application Centre (OCAC)................................27

13. Q3 Technologies ............................................................................28

14. Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. .......................................................30

15. Sprylogic Technologies Ltd. ............................................................31

16. Vernalis Systems Pvt. Ltd. ..............................................................32

17. Zansys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ........................................................34

18. Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council......35

AGS Sundyne Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
(A Group company of AGS Infotech Pvt. Ltd.)
Sandeep Gandhi
Managing Director
B-601-2, Trade World, Kamala City, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (E),
Mumbai – 400013, India.
Phone : 91-22-6795 7200
Mobile : 91-9322644323
Fax : 91-22-6795 7181
E-mail : sandeep.gandhi@agssundyne.com
Website : www.agssundyne.com Please visit
us in
B.No. F68/2-10
Representative : Mr. Sandeep Gandhi Hall No. 4
CeBIT 2009
Designation : Managing Director Hannover - Germany

Major Export Markets (Countries) :

UK, USA, Germany, France, Singapore, Taiwan
Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : 5 Million USD
No. of Employees : 50
Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Products: • Embedded firmware & Embedded OS • Remote administration &
management software, • Digital signage software, • Bill payment service middleware for
utility & Telecom including VAS.
Solutions: • Thin client computing & virtualization, • Dynamic digital signage solutions, • Utility
bill pay & VAS solutions, • POS & In-store solutions for retail • Mobile/handheld POS solutions.
Services: • Software development & customization of embedded OS including embedded
Linux, Windows CE 5.0/6.0, XP embedded, Remote administration & management systems.
• Retail software solutions for Utility bill pay, VAS, POS, In-store back office systems, Interface
with merchandising systems based on J2EE & .net.
Enterprise domain Specialization: • IT Virtualization, IT Infrastructure, Thin client terminals
• Retail, POS, Kiosk, Utility /VAS, RFID • Banking, Logistics, E-Commerce, ASP • Digital signage,
Interactive TV, IP STB
Technical expertise: • Designing technology & application frameworks, • Embedded systems
software development (firmware, OS, protocols, device driver & applications), • Systems
software development (GNU/Linux(Red hat, Novell Suse Enterprise editions), Microsoft
Windows 2000/2003), • Enterprise software development for Retail & POS (J2EE, .net)

Company Profile:
AGS Sundyne Technolgies Pvt Ltd (a Group company of AGS Infotech Pvt. Ltd.) was
founded in February 2003. They are headquartered in Mumbai (India). They serve clients
worldwide. They possess professional expertise in development of embedded systems
software and enterprise software. They focus on developing software products & solutions
for Thin clients based virtualization, dynamic digital signage system, utility bill pay / value
added services software, enterprise POS & instore back office software with inventory
management system.

ANGLER Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. DPH Software Services Pvt. Ltd.
Jayanthra Jayachandran Abhishek Aggarwal
Director & CEO Manager
1144 Trichy Road, Coimbatore - 641045, Tamil Nadu, India.
3rd Floor, 77 Sanchi Building, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019, India.
German Office: Am Palmkaeulchen 32, D-50765 Cologne, Germany
Phone : 91-11-41080111, 41080113
Phone : 91-422-2312707, 91-422-2313938
49-221-959-11-43 Fax : 91-11-26477044
Mobile : 91-98430-16875, +49-170-299-06-25 E-mail : abhi@dph-india.com
Fax : 91-422-2313936, +49-221-959-11-42 Website : www.dph-india.com
Please visit Please visit
E-mail : jayanthra@angleritech.com; us in
Representative : Mr. Abhishek Aggarwal us in
friedrich@angleritech.com B.No. F68/2-14&15 B.No. F68/2-1
Hall No. 4 Hall No. 4
Website : www.angleritech.com CeBIT 2009 Designation : Manager CeBIT 2009
Hannover - Germany Hannover - Germany

Representative : Mr. Jayanthra Jayachandran, Director & CEO Major Export Markets (Countries) : US, UK, New Zealand
Designation Mr. Friedrich H. Steinkuhl, Sr. Manager (Germany) Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : 2 Million (Appx.)
Major Export Markets (Countries) : USA, UK & Europe
No. of Employees : 200 (Appx.)
Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Offshore Software Development Services with full local country support for European, Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
US and UK companies in the areas of Outsourced Product Development (OPD), Web They specialize in the following areas giving their valuable customers the
Application Development, E-business software applications and Multimedia solutions. best services in the industry:
Technical Skills in .Net, PHP, RoR, Windows Mobile, iPhone, VC++, Qt, Embedded C, Web Mining: They offer an entire range of web solutions to various
Java/J2EE and Web / UI Design. organizations & individuals with proven skills of their expert work force in
Software Products on CMS (Content Management Systems), CRM/SFA, Mobile order to provide efficient & cost effective solutions. Their specialization &
Applications and TimeSheet solutions. experience have helped them in creating a niche for themselves. They are
Major International Client / Projects : currently extending their services to various companies in US, UK & Australia
for varied web mining requirements.
• BASF Chemicals, Dorma, Novartis, Unilever etc. • Web Application Development,
Web Portals, Content Management Systems, Interactive product CDs. • Additional Bulk Data Processing: DPH has the capability and capacity to handle any
expertise in SCM, CRM, CMS, Telecom, Mobile, SmartPhone / PDA solution domains. type & size of data entry and data processing projects.
Quality Certification : ISO 9001:2000 certified by TUV Germany
Database Creation & Management: They have created databases of
Company Profile: White / Yellow pages of USA & UK. This has been one of their major
ANGLER is an India-based offshore software development company with a local ongoing projects over past few years. They follow all Open Database
German management focused on being a reliable, competitive offshore Connectivity (ODBC) compliant formats.
development partner for end-clients and IT companies in Europe, US and UK.
Scanning: They undertake projects involving onsite scanning i.e. their
With a successful track record of 7+ years and a dedicated team of 160+ professionals, they professional team with high speed scanners would visit or be based at the
provide their clients with their own virtual offshore development centre that can deliver client's site and scan the documents there itself ensuring security of
value-added offshore development services in software application development
documents. They have scanned about 500 million pages till date & are
(php/java/.Net/C++/RoR/iPhone/Qt) and creative design / multimedia.
continuing further.
They also have products for CMS (Content Management Systems), CRM/SFA, Mobile
Applications and Timesheet software. Technical Skills include .Net, php, RoR, iPhone, Quality Certification : ISO 9001 : 2000
Windows Mobile, Java, VC++, Qt and RDBMS. Their focus areas include Web Application
Development, E-Business Software Applications and Multimedia solutions.

12 13
Company Profile:
DPH Software Services Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2001 certified company of
experienced professionals focused on providing the most advanced, high
quality, cost effective services to their client along with accommodating
individual needs with customizing programs that provide the maximum
return on investment.
They are a premier data management company offering a one stop solution
for client's data management & processing needs. Their company is
renowned for its high quality, cost-effective and dependable services to their
worldwide clients. Their mission is to provide effective and qualitative
solutions to their clients at globally competitive rates. Their vision is to At a Glance
become one of the leading business process outsourcing organizations in DPH Software Services was established in 1983 and is led by dedicated
the world. They look forward to develop business association based on professionals having over 25 years of experience in Data Processing field. We are
mutual benefits aiming for customer satisfaction & working towards better headquartered in New Delhi, India with data centers spread over 6 locations in
future. The success of their company is based on their dedication towards multiple cities. We have 32 scanning centers spread over major Indian cities.
providing qualitative service within the stipulated time for client's maximum
DPH Group of companies has a strength of 900+ employees.
satisfaction keeping in mind the data security.
Their work ranges from handling eminent clients like Passport Authority of Full range of services
India, Ministry of External Affairs & internationally handling Scanning & o Data Processing Services(DPS)
Digitization of White & Yellow Pages. They prepare, scan and index over o Web Mining Services(WMS)
6,50,000 pages per day all over India & have performed thousands of
o Business Support Services(BSS)
conversions for their customers to their complete satisfaction.
o Independent Data Quality Monitoring Services (IQMS)
They are equipped with more than 200 work stations, 10 Kodak DS-3500 o Data Enrichment Services (DES)
scanners with a speed of 80 ppm, 30 Kodak i260 Scanners with a speed of
50 ppm, 10 Kodak i160 Scanners with a speed of 40 ppm, with a capacity DPH Advantage
of increasing them as per the requirement. These Scanners virtually
DPH is one of the most experienced companies in India in the data processing
eliminate labor-intensive document presorting, jams and rescans. The feeder
field. We addresses most of the real issues involved in the data processing
accepts and feeds batches of mixed paper sizes and weights. It is easy to
field using researched products derived from our vast experience base. DPH
add more pages to a stack while scanning for continuous feeding. The
transport system gently, yet quickly, moves documents through a short path offers the following advantages:
without sharp bends of constrictions. The result is non-stop scanning that is • Right Quality
practically trouble-free. • Secure Processing
• Redundant operations
• Competitive Pricing
• 24x7 Operations
• Multilingual processing

Contact Information
77 Nehru Place, New Delhi, Pin: 110 019
Phone: 91-11-41080111, 91-11-41080112 Fax: 91-11-26477044
Email: info@dph-india.com Web: www.dph-india.com

14 15
E le C m
Software Pvt. Ltd.
An ISO 9001:2000 Company
Elecom Software Pvt. Ltd. e-Zest Solutions Ltd.
Rup Dipak Mallik Sahidul Hoque Devendra Deshmukh
Director General Manager Executive Director

“Vardaan” 25A, Camac Street, Suite # 314, Kolkata-700 016, India. Prithvi Heights, 1229A, Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411030, Maharashtra, India.
Phone : 91-33-22822646 Phone : 91-20-24463391/2/3
Mobile : 91-9830044842 Mobile : 91-9823310360
Fax : 91-33-22839513 Fax : 91-20-24463394
E-mail : rdmalik@elecomsoftware.com E-mail : devendra@e-zest.net
Website : www.elecomsoftware.com Please visit Website : www.e-zest.net Please visit
us in us in
B.No. F68/2-16 B.No. F68/2-13
Representative : Mr. Rup Dipak Mallik, Director Hall No. 4 Representative : Mr. Devendra Deshmukh Hall No. 4
CeBIT 2009 CeBIT 2009
Designation Mr. Sahidul Hoque, Hannover - Germany
Designation : Executive Director Hannover - Germany
General Manager
Major Export Markets (Countries) :
Major Export Markets (Countries) : US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Australia, New Zealand
Europe, Australia, Netherland, USA, Bangladesh, Sweden, UK, Tunisia
Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : 3 Million USD
Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : $ 625000
No. of Employees : 150
Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Software Development / Animation Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
e-Zest is an offshore software outsourcing company with expertise in
Quality Certification : ISO 9001-2000 outsourced product development and custom enterprise application
Company Profile: development services through global delivery model.
Elecom is a 100% EOU. It specialises In Object Oriented System Design and e-Zest offers the following IT services:
Implementation, Client Server and Web Application Development. It is also l Application Management services l Offshore software development
diversified into 2D and 3D animation. l Custom software development l Independent software testing l Rich
internet application development l Social application development
l Managed IT Services l Content Management & document management
services l Custom analytical solutions l Enterprise mobile application
development l Web 2.0 application development l SAP consulting services
Quality Certification : ISO 9001:2000;
SEI – CMMI Level 3 assessment by April 09
Company Profile:
e-Zest is an ISO 9001:2000 certified offshore software outsourcing company
with expertise in outsourced product development and custom software
development service. e-Zest has served 80+ industry leader clients about a
decade with 150+ software professionals on board. e-Zest offers its services
to ISVs/IT services, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Legal, e-Learning,
HR & Travel business verticals. e-Zest has dedicated Microsoft, Sun & Open
Source Competency Centers which focus on solutions and services on based
Microsoft.NET (2.0/3.5), Sun Java EE (2.0/5.0) & LAMP respectively.

16 17
Gateway NINtec Pvt. Ltd. Indus Net Technologies
Niraj Gemawat Abhishek Rungta
Chairman & Managing Director Founder CEO

B-81, Corporate House, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad-380054, Gujarat, India. Module # 532, 4th Floor, SDF Building, Salt Lake, Sector-V, Kolkata-700091,
Phone : 91-79-26852554/5/6 West Bengal, India.

Mobile : 91-9824077900 Phone : 91-33-23576070

Fax : 91-79-26858591 Mobile : 91-9831151614

E-mail : ngemawat@gatewaytechnolabs.com; E-mail : talash@indusnet.co.in

gateway@gatewaytechnolabs.com Please visit Website : www.indusnet.co.in Please visit
us in us in
Website : www.gatewaytechnolabs.com B.No. F68/1-1 Representative : Mr. Abhishek Rungta B.No. F68/2-6
Hall No. 4 Hall No. 4
CeBIT 2009 CeBIT 2009
Representative : Mr. Niraj Gemawat Hannover - Germany Designation : Founder CEO Hannover - Germany

Designation : Chairman & Managing Director Major Export Markets (Countries) :

Major Export Markets (Countries) : UK, USA, Australia and Germany
Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, US, UK, Australia Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : US$ 1.89 million
Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : 15 million US$ No. of Employees : 325+
No. of Employees : 800+ Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Product Range & Area of Specialisation : Web Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing
Offshore Outsourcing & Software Consulting Services Quality Certification : CRISIL RATING – SE 2A, ISO9001
Company Profile: Company Profile:
Gateway TechnoLabs is a Software Outsourcing & Offshore Software Indusnet Technologies is India's No. 1 Internet Strategy Company, offering
Development Company specializing in the business of providing customized cutting edge Web Design, Web development and Internet Marketing services
services to its clients globally. They bring the strategic advantage of Offshore since 1997. They serve their 5000+ SMEs and FORTUNE-500 customers
Software Development to the doorstep of their customers with reduced costs from 40 countries through their delivery centers in Kolkata, Chennai and
and improved productivity. Their engagement models are flexible, scalable & London. Besides end customers they are serving Internet service companies
secure. in UK, USA and Australia as their back end production partner for Web
Verticals: Finance, Banking, Energy & Utilities, Stock Exchanges, Retail and design, Web development and internet marketing. Indusnet Technologies
Logistics, Gaming, Mortgage & Real Estate, Legal, Healthcare. employs 325+ experts with wide industry exposure to ensure that their
technology yields highest ROI. They are working on a closer to customer
10+ years of Business Experience and localization' strategy to become the preferred ' local internet consulting
Global Offices: INDIA, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, UK, company' for small business all over the World.
Belgium, France & USA.

18 19
ka ako
Kayako Infotech
Varun Shoor
Managing Director

2nd Floor, 37 G.T. Road, Jalandhar, Punjab-144001, India.

Phone : 91-181-5063970
Mobile : 91-9915700604
Fax : 91-181-5063971
E-mail : Varun.shoor@kayako.com;
Raghav.arora@kayako.com Please visit
us in
Website : www.kayako.com B.No. F68/2-8
Hall No. 4
CeBIT 2009
Representative : Mr. Varun Shoor Hannover - Germany

Designation : Managing Director

Major Export Markets (Countries) : USA
Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : 1.7
No. of Employees : 30
Product Range & Area of Specialisation : CRM Solution
Quality Certification : CMM in progress
Company Profile:
Kayako Infotech is a well established provider of web-based support desk software
and live chat solutions. They are a privately held company based in Punjab, India

The flexibility and ease of use of their software makes it popular amongst a broad
audience - including small to medium businesses, enterprises, charities and
government agencies. More than 30,000 organizations rely on their solutions to
consolidate, streamline and improve not just their support front, but also their sales
and general business operations.
● Kayako Infotech develops and sells web-based help desk software and real-time
live chat solutions.
● More than 30,000 customers worldwide, including a number of large enterprises,
small to medium businesses and government agencies.
● Kayako Infotech was established in 2001 and is currently a privately held company.
They offer all of their support desk software solutions as licensed products (install and
host it by the client) or as help desk hosting services.
With an intuitive interface, support for SLAs, reporting, teamworking and CRM, Kayako
Infotech caters to organizations, Government agencies and businesses of all sizes,
including a large number of Fortune 500 companies. They offer market leading,
business-class help desk software solutions that are affordable to companies,
organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Neev Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Santosh R. Shetty
Co-Founder, COO

No. 51, 2nd Cross, P & T Colony, R.T. Nagar , Bangalore-560032 India.
Phone : 91-80-23434413
Mobile : 91-9845076647
Fax : 91-80-23544413
E-mail : santo@neevtech.com
Website : www.neevtech.com Please visit
us in
B.No. F68/2-2
Representative : Mr. Santosh R. Shetty Hall No. 4
CeBIT 2009
Hannover - Germany
Designation : Co-Founder, COO
Major Export Markets (Countries) : USA, Europe
Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : US$ 1.4 million
No. of Employees : 100
Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Web 2.0, Rich Internet Applications , Portals, Marketplaces
Quality Certification : ISO
Company Profile:
Neev Technologies is a software service provider delivering end-to end
business solutions to their customers. They are focused on leveraging
technology and promoting innovation to aid technology serve the business
processes better. Neev started their operations in April 2005 with a
dedicated team of extremely talented, customer-focused and diligent
individuals having a diversified skill set. The teams at Neev abide by
stringent quality standards and tailor their processes to provide state-of-the
art services to their customers. They at Neev, understand the role of
Information Technology as the backbone to business and strive to deliver
unmatchable business value to their customers.

Neosoft Technologies N-Tier Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
– A Division of Web Werks
Nikhil Rathi B. Sundararaman
Director CEO

124 Unique Industrial Estate, Off VS Marg, Prabhadevi, Mumbai-400025, Ground & 3rd Floor, Sreyas Virat, No. 14, 3rd Cross Street,
India. Raja Annamalaipuram, Chennai-600028, India.
Phone : 91-22-40500600 Phone : 91-44-42303168
Mobile : 91-9820130547 Mobile : 91-9840044732
Fax : 91-22-40500630 Fax : 91-44-42303163
E-mail : nikhil@neosofttech.com Please visit E-mail : sraman@ntierbusiness.com Please visit
us in us in
B.No. F68/2-4 B.No. F68/2-9
Website : www.neosofttech.com Hall No. 4 Website : www.ntierbusiness.com Hall No. 4
CeBIT 2009 CeBIT 2009
Hannover - Germany Hannover - Germany
Representative : Mr. Nikhil Rathi Representative : Mr. B. Sundararaman
Designation : Director Designation : CEO
Major Export Markets (Countries) : Major Export Markets (Countries) :
US, UK, Europe, Australia, Middle-East US, Australia, Singapore
Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : $6 million Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : US$ 1.3 Million
Product Range & Area of Specialisation : No. of Employees : 60
Software Development, Offshore Manpower outsourcing, Web Hosting, Web Design
and Graphic Design. Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Medical Instrument Interfacing applications, Business application
Company Profile: development
Neosoft Technologies is a 10 year old ISO 9001:2000, Microsoft Certified technology
Company Profile:
company and also an ICANN Accredited Registrar with over 50,000 + customers
world-wide. They have a manpower team size of 200+. They have offices in the US N-Tier Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. specializes in creating world – class
and India, and representation in UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and business applications for clients from different domains. They build value –
UAE. enriched tools, which are high on performance and usability.
They offer Software Development, Web Hosting, Web Development and Domain
registration services. They have their own Web Hosting, Web Development and They have successfully completed intricate projects in fields such as
Domain registration services. medicine, data management, security, industrial manufacturing and many
others. Their expertise across platforms and technologies has helped them in
They have their own data centers in the US, hosting more than 2000 servers currently.
harnessing this power to create outstanding solutions.
Some of their customers include Gillette, Castrol, Mercedes Benz, Tata Group, Bajaj,
20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Reliance Industries, MSN India, Ebay, iDream They will take the clients' business online. They develop interactive and
Productions, Zee TV UK, Airtel, Zee Cinema, HDFC Bank, ING Vyasa, Cox & Kings, smart portals that will make the clients' business more manageable.
Hutch, Epson, BMG Crescendo, UB Group, Orange, Birla Sunlife, Zenith Computers,
Pell Firschman, Aamir Khan Productions and many more. When the clients work with N-Tier they are guaranteed of working with a
team who understand their business. Each service is tailor-made to fit the
clients' need. This ensures the clients' complete satisfaction at every stage.
The clients' project is monitored from design to deployment by able project

24 25
Orissa Computer Application Centre (OCAC)
A.K. Panda
Head, State IT Promotion Cell

OCAC Building, Acharya Vihar Square, Bhubaneswar-13, Orissa, India.

Phone : 91-674-2580151,
EPABX: 0674-2588 064/283/ 295
Mobile : 91-9937222399
Fax : 91-674-2582642
E-mail : panda.ashokkumar@gmail.com Please visit
us in
Website : www.ocac.in B.No. F68/2-7
Hall No. 4
CeBIT 2009
Representative : Mr. A.K. Panda Hannover - Germany

Designation : Head, State IT Promotion Cell

Major Export Markets (Countries) :
OCAC is a Govt. organisation and encourages export of computer software
and services through the Units / Companies promoted by it.
Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Providing Value added IT Solutions, Services, Strategic consultancy
Contributing towards the creation of quality IT infrastructure
Plays the role of Single window clearance agency for IT projects
Acting as
l the Nodal agency for formulation of e-Governance plans and
Promoting investment in IT sector
Talent development in the IT and ITES sectors
Conducting wide range of Training Programmes including those in foreign
Entrepreneurship development in the IT & ITES Sectors

Company Profile:
Established in 1985, OCAC is the Technical Directorate of the Department of IT,
Government of Orissa. It has evolved as a Centre of Excellence in providing strategic
IT applications & consultancy, e-Governance solutions and computer related training. It
conducts a wide range of training programmes to create IT enabled manpower. OCAC
is spearheading the implementation of Orissa State Wide Area Network, Common
Services Centre and State Data Centre under the National e-Governance Plan. It also
facilitates various Govt. Departments in realizing the Mission Mode Projects. OCAC
has also been focusing on investment promotion in IT and ITES sectors by participating
in major IT events inside the country and outside.

26 27
Web solutions: • Visual design and conceptualization • Content development
• Web application development • Internet marketing services
Systems Integration
Business Intelligence: • Hyperion Practice • OBIEE Practice • ETL (Extract,
Q3 technologies
Building Quality into Software
Transform & Load)
Infrastructure Services: • Application Management • Network Management
Q3 Technologies • Database Administration • Systems Administration • Technical support
Feroz Zaidi Microsoft Solutions: • MOSS/ Sharepoint • MS Dynamics
Director – Business Development
SAP solutions: • Customer Relationship Management • Supply Chain
Management • Supplier Relationship Management • Enterprise Resource Plan
307-308, JMD Pacific Square, Sector-15, Part-2, Gurgaon-122002, India.
Quality Certification : CMMi Level 3
Phone : 91-124-4143781 ISO 9001 : 2000
Mobile : 91-9818577575 They are also a Microsoft Gold certified partner
Fax : 91-124-4112696 Company Profile:
E-mail : feroz@q3tech.com Q3 Technologies is a large diversified technology company offering technology
Please visit consulting and outsourced software product and applications development services to
us in
Website : www.q3tech.com B.No. F68/1-2&3
the global IT industry.
Hall No. 4
Representative : Mr. Feroz Zaidi CeBIT 2009 The development centre of the company is located in India and has over 300 software
Hannover - Germany engineers and architects providing full lifecycle product development services to their
Designation : Director – Business Development worldwide clients. The focus of Q3 Technologies through the years has been on
software product and applications development and the company has significant work
Major Export Markets (Countries) : experience with mission critical and high quality development environments.
Their major markets are USA, Canada, countries located in Europe, South-
Central America, Middle East and the APAC region. In the EU, they export
to all the major countries of Western Europe and have a significant
customer base in Eastern European countries as well.
No. of Employees : Approx. 300
Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Q3 Technologies is a large diversified technology company offering technology
consulting and outsourced software product and applications development services to
the global IT industry. Over the last 17 years, they have successfully completed over
600 software projects for some of the most quality conscious and mission critical
environments in the world. At CeBIT 2009, they would be showcasing their expertise in
building customized products and applications using cutting edge technologies in
Microsoft .Net, Java and other open source platforms. They offer the following
Technology Consulting: • Product Innovation • Enterprise Architecture
Product Engineering: • Product development • Maintenance and Support
• Product re-engineering • Configuration Management • Quality Services
• Technical documentation • Software value management
Enterprise Applications: • ERP • CRM • SCM
Packaged Applications: • Accounting solutions • BPM solutions • ECM

28 29
Silver touch
Silver Touch Technologies Ltd. Sprylogic Technologies Ltd.
Minesh Doshi U.V. Save
Director Executive Director

2nd Floor, Saffron Tower, Nr. Panchwati Circle, Ambawadi, A-1, APLAB House, Wagle Industrial Estate, Thane(W) - 400604, India.
Ahmedabad-380006, India. Phone : 91-22-25821861
Phone : 91-79-26563158/ 26443515 Mobile : 91-9223396922
Mobile : 91-9825046263 Fax : 91-22-25823137
Fax : 91-79-26561624 E-mail : info@sprylogic.com
E-mail : minesh@silvertouch.com Please visit Website : www.sprylogic.com Please visit
us in us in
Website : www.silvertouch.com B.No. F68/2-5 Representative : Mr. U.V. Save B.No. F68/1-4
Hall No. 4 Hall No. 4
Representative : Mr. Minesh Doshi CeBIT 2009 Designation : Executive Director CeBIT 2009
Hannover - Germany Hannover - Germany

Designation : Director Major Export Markets (Countries) : Europe & USA

Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : US$ 40 million
Major Export Markets (Countries) : Middle East, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, USA
Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
Product Range & Area of Specialisation : • Legacy Application Re-engineering, Software Porting & Migration Services.
Software Outsourcing: • Application Development • Web Designing & Multimedia • Software Product Development & Maintenance Services
• Custom Internet Solution / E Commerce • Product Development • Legacy Application • Software development Services in .NET, Java, Linux, PHP.
Re-Engineering • Windows Mobile Solution • Consulting Services • System Integration • Website design and development, Portals and Multimedia services.
BPO Services: • Data Entry • Document Scanning • ICR/OCR/OMR Form Processing • Software Consulting and Technical support services.
• Search Engine Optimization • Internet Marketing & Promotion • Technical Help Desk • Dedicated Kiosk Software for multiple applications
Software Products: • POS for Textile • Human Resource Information System • School • Retail Automation Software
Management Software • E Governance Software • Asset Management • Business • Point of Sale Software
Accounting Software • Queue Management & CRM Solutions
Domain Expertise: • Textiles • Manufacturing • Engineering • e-Governance • Labview Automation
• Education • Finance • Legal • Pharmaceutical • Platform Independent Network Monitoring and Management Solutions
• Product Engineering
Quality Certification : CMMi Level 3 Certificate, ISO 9001:2000 and • User Interface Development
ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate • Driver Development
Company Profile: Quality Certification : ISO 9001:2000 Certified Process
With over 500+ employees, 15+ years of experience and 500+ Offshore Projects Company Profile:
completed successfully, Silvertouch can assist the customers in their requirements for
Custom Software Development, Web Design and Development, Mobile Application SpryLogic is an end-to-end solutions provider, servicing broad spectrum of industries –
Development, Internet/Intranet Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, Legacy Application Re- from the banking and financial services sector to the more traditional manufacturing
engineering, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing or their Business Process sector. They provide products and services that encompass embedded systems to
Outsourcing. middleware to application software. Their parent company's heritage has allowed them
to expand their skill-sets across a gamut of technologies from control modules and
They have expertise in core technologies like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Linux and Windows RTOS based embedded system to Automated Teller machines, User interfaces, Internet
Mobile. They also offer Offshore Staff Augmentation services at attractive rates and help Kiosks, PoS terminals; from transaction processing systems and Network management
the customers in setting up an offshore or remote IT office. and Monitoring systems to even enterprise applications – ERP, CRM, etc. They
differentiate themselves in the IT marketplace by providing a unique Agile
Silvertouch has vast clientele for Software Development, Web Design and Development
Development model that allows their customers product feature flexibility while
and Business Process Outsourcing from USA, UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany,
balancing risks. They can undertake entire product development projects, or offer
Italy and Spain to name a few. They believe in providing the best quality software and
services for any phase of the development lifecycle - be it requirement analysis,
services within the budget and time of their clients.
development or even maintenance and software support activities.
30 31
Vernalis Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Bala Chandra

1, Shakthi Nagar, Mount Poonamallee Road, Porur, Chennai-600116, India.

Phone : 91-44-42014800
Mobile : 91-9840965255
Fax : 91-44-42104628
E-mail : bala.chandra@vernalissystems.com
Website : www.vernalissystems.com Please visit
us in
B.No. F68/2-1
Representative : Mr. Bala Chandra Hall No. 4
CeBIT 2009
Hannover - Germany
Designation : CEO
Major Export Markets (Countries) :
United States of America, United Kingdom, South Africa, Liberia, Turkey,
Germany and Australia
Product Range & Area of Specialisation :
IT Consulting, IT Solutions and Engineering Solutions
Company Profile:
Vernalis Systems provides IT solutions that blend business and technological
expertise. Each application they develop reflects both their mastery of
technology and a deep understanding of the client's business requirements.
Their internet / intranet, Client / Server and Groupware solutions are built
using the most up-to-date technologies including J2EE, .Net, Open Source,
Domino / Lotus Notes and CAD / CAE.
Their range of clients includes multi-national professional services
companies, national financial services companies, sports and entertainment
organizations, and small and medium businesses.
Their business domain knowledge extends to finance, compliance, ERP,
human resources, security, space management, healthcare, workflow,
business networking, and web presence among others.

Electronics and Computer Software
Zansys Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Export Promotion Council
Amit Raheja D.P. Gupta
Director Additional Executive Director &
Director Incahrge of India Pavilion
B-155 Sector 63, Noida, UP-201301, India.
PHD HOUSE, 3rd Floor, Ramkrishna Dalmia Wing, Opp. Asiad Village,
Phone : 91-120-3089200 New Delhi-110017.
Mobile : 91-9810562866 Phone : 91-11-26964463 / 26965103
Fax : 91-120-3089210 Fax : 91-11-26853412
E-mail : araheja@zansys.com E-mail : esc@vsnl.com, scray@escindia.com
Please visit Please visit
us in us in
Website : www.zansys.com B.No. F68/2-3 Website : www.escindia.in A brief profile B.No. F68/2-11
Hall No. 4 Hall No. 4
Representative : Mr. Amit Raheja CeBIT 2009 Representative : Mr. D.P. Gupta CeBIT 2009
Hannover - Germany Hannover - Germany
Designation : Director Designation : Additional Executive Director &
Major Export Markets (Countries) : US, UK, Europe Director Incharge of India Pavilion.
Annual Turnover ($ mln.) : USD $3M Company Profile:
Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC) is a
No. of Employees : 75+
national level apex export promotion service organisation sponsored by
Product Range & Area of Specialisation : Government of India. It is engaged in promoting India's exports of IT software
and services including IT Enabled Services (ITES) / Business Process
Application Development & Maintenance
Outsourcing and Knowledge Process Outsourcing services (BPO/KPO),
Offshore/Onsite Dedicated Teams
l electronics hardware and components, IT hardware and accessories,
instrumentation as well as solar power equipment, modules, systems, solar
Outsourced Software Development
inverters etc.
Application Migration and Porting
l ESC builds bridges between
Quality Assurance
l • Buyers and Sellers
System Integration
l • Policy makers and Suppliers

Quality Certification : ISO Certified ESC is a catalyst for Indian ICT industry. Its programme of activities includes:
• Market Research
Company Profile:
• Organisation of Indian participation in global trade shows
Zansys Technologies is a global software development and IT services • Organisation of visit of Indian IT & ICT industry delegations overseas.
company providing offshore outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide. • Organisation of business alliances meets / roadshows in India and abroad
With its offshore development center in India and offices in the US and UK;
• Organisation of IndiaSoft - an international IT networking event and
Zansys provides the best of both worlds: the low-cost of offshore
Conferences - every year in India
development coupled with critical management presence with which
customers can interact with on a regular basis, they ensure off shoring ESC is one stop window to assist overseas buyers of ICT products and services,
works for the clients. solar power equipment, modules, systems etc for discussion on business
cooperation, strategic alliances etc. ESC also helps foreign firms seeking
investment opportunities in the ICT product and services sector in India.

34 35

Smt. Bharathi Sivaswamy Sihag

Joint Secretary
Dept. of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Govt. of India
Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi–110011
Tel.: +91-11-2306 2526
E-mail: bharathi.sihag@nic.in

Mr. Reinhold Umminger

CeBIT Team - Hall no. 4
Deutsche Messe AG
Messegelände, 30521
Hannover, Germany
E-mail: Reinhold.Umminger@messe.de

Ms. Ines Engel-Orsini (Hall No. 4)

CeBIT Team
Deutsche Messe AG
Tel.: +49-511-89-33143
Fax: +49-511-89-33115
E-mail: Ines.Engel-Orsini@messe.de
Website: www.cebit.de/

Ms Christine Grützmacher
CeBIT Team
Deutsche Messe AG
Tel.: +49-511-89-33639
Fax: +49-511-89-33115
E-mail: Christine.Gruetzmacher@messe.de
Website: www.cebit.de

Mr. D.K. Sareen

Executive Director
Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council
PHD House, 3rd Floor,
4/2, Siri Institutional area
August Kranti Marg
New Delhi-110 016
Tel.: 11-26510632 / 26964463 / 26965103
Fax: 91-11-2685341
Email: esc@vsnl.com / dksareen@escindia.com
Website: www.escindia.in

For necessary assistance during CeBIT 2009, please contact:

Mr. D.P. Gupta
Additional Executive Director &
Director Incharge of India Pavilion in CeBIT 2009