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Constitution of Introduction to Political Science


We, the people of IPSC, having resolved to constitute IPSC into a

Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Federal Republic and to
ensure all its members: Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity.
Under the National Motto: Look Back, Look Now, Look Forward.
5 years strategic plan
IPSC stands for “Introduction to Political Science Class”

***Valid Until November 2025***

Mr.Woody will be the implementer, protector, and guardian of the
constitution. Mr. Woody will be the enforcer and judge of the Law but he is
not above the Law. He will uphold these duties with respect and a pinky
promise to the entire IPSC class of 2020-2021
***This section can’t be changed, destroyed, or amended***

All of the IPSC members must abide by this constitution and the 5 years
strategic plan until the class graduates

Members must appoint a faculty/zoom meeting to enforce the constitution

every year

* Every IPSC member/former member *

are allowed to participate in the zoom meeting


Freedom of speech

- No discrimination (based on race, religion, sex, political opinion, etc.)

- No hate speech

- No saying anything that may lead to conflict

- Exceptions to the previous rule are only if both parties agree that it would not escalate out

of control of both parties

- Do not say anything that may harm someone (for example: shouting fire in a crowded


- Every opinion must be heard

Freedom to go to the toilet

- Can not go to the toilet more than 3 times per class unless there is evidence of a (related)

medical emergency or issue

- Can not stay longer than 10 minutes unless there is evidence of a (related) medical

emergency or issue

- No more than 2 people at the same time within the toilets

- Cannot go to toilet during a class wide discussion, except in cases of emergencies

Freedom to eat/drink

- No strong smelling food (examples: durian, squid, fried chicken)

- Suitable Small Snacks only (No dish worth of food)

- Be responsible

- All drinkable items are allowed

Rights to a clean environment

- If a party is involved in making a mess onto the floor, that party is responsible for

cleaning up the mess.

- After every class, the members of IPSC must push in the chairs

- Regular offenders of this section, and this section alone, will be assigned cleaning duty

after class

- Those who are fined 5 times in a month will be assigned one cleaning duty per


Rights to fair education and learning

- The class has the right to know the topic of all units beforehand

- The class as a whole can negotiate exam/quiz dates beforehand

- All classwork and homework missed during absences are allowed to be done by the end

of the week starting from the day of their return from their absence

- The class has the right to know how assignments and projects are graded; rubrics for

larger, multiple weeks worth of work, sort of assignment. The class also must be given

the knowledge of grading for smaller assignments if requested


- Tax: The Treasurer will collect 10 baht each from everyone in IPSC every week that has

at least one school day

- Public Transportation: Everyone in IPSC has the right to change seats any time before

and after class.

- Education: Everyone in IPSC has the rights to ask Mr Woody for help if they are

struggling with the class

- Public Healthcare: Everyone in IPSC that need to go to the Nurse room must have 1 other

person from IPSC to assist them

- Only applies to severe injuries; to be considered severe injuries, this will be

judged by Mr. Woody

- The first Treasurer will be assigned to Supawan Sangnuch; however, future treasurers

will elected upon first day of a new academic year

- In the case of the Treasurer’s absence, the Vice-Treasurer will assume the role of the


- The first Vice-Treasurer will be assigned to Thanawat Watthiyakorn, and as such,

the Vice-Treasurer must be elected after a new treasurer is assigned


- Work must be done within class time or no work outside of the class

- Every piece of work and assignments can be resubmitted

- Abolish the “Pop Quiz”; all quizzes must be announced beforehand by at least 72 hours

- For the majority of the time, works and assignments must be in the form of group work.

- Every quarter of the school year, there must be one big project


Defining Good: being on time, raising your hand, helping classmates, respecting each other
ideas, following the constitution

Defining Bad: sleeping in class, being tardy without a hall pass, no strong smelling food in
the classroom, submitting work late without a reason (acceptable reason up to Mr.Woody),

attempting a coup d'état, going against any part of the constitution


- Sleeping in class will result in standing up for one class

- Tardy will result in a fine of 5 baht

- Food with strong smell as defined by the freedom to eat and drink will result in a fine of

10 baht

- Submitting work late will result in a reduction in your participation score

- Tax evasion will result in a fine, the tax plus a 15 baht fine or a class in jail or 12 baht

fine and spend half a class in jail

- Coup d'état will result in public stoning using baby powder


- At the end of every week, whoever has the most participation score for that week will

receive a standing applause from everyone in the class.

Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the members of IPSC
present the Third day of December in the year Two Thousand Twenty. In
witness whereof We have hereunto subscribed our Names,
Nasayam Theampech (Timor) ___________________

Thanawat Watthiyakorn (Nexus) ___________________

Preawpailin Wannakasam (Mint) ___________________

Krit Promrokul (Sugus) ___________________

Tanakorn Mankhetwit (Japan) ___________________

Possathorn Sujipisut (Pun) ___________________

Pawat Tiptipakorn (Phu) ___________________

Na-prach Khrueasiri (Bricky) ___________________

Poonnwawit Puckdinukul (Poon) ___________________

Kongkiat Charoenjarasrerk (Jay) ___________________

Yanisa Chanotran (Prim) ___________________

Klakawee Pluemcharoen (Moodang) ___________________

Supawan Sangnuch (Mind) ___________________

Naein Chalearmchutidath (Oun) ___________________

Singhanat Chumphol (Phun) ___________________

Rungnapa Ngamsangapong (Milk) ___________________

Sunphop Suntichottrakul (Charlie) ___________________

Pongsakorn Akkho (Pat) ___________________

Pariyaphon Pinijsakkul (Ja) ___________________

Natawut Kalayanamit (Woody) ___________________