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A Profile of the Vaccination Awareness

Movement in Australia

A report compiled on behalf of the Australian

.Vaccination Network


Trevor Wilson

January 1999


Most people accept the advantages and benefits of mass vaccination programs as self-evident. ln recent
years, a number of groups and authors have questioned the conventional wisdom. This has occuned not
only in Australia but also in other countries that support mass vaccination programs, notably the United
States and the United Kingdom. Several vaccination awareness groups have been formed in Australia in
recent years. Most are affiliated with the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN), an organisation with a
membership over 1,000. To collect data on the AVN membership, a postal survey of all members was
carried out. The number of questionnaires received was 445, a response rate in excess of 40 percent

The majority of respondents were female (89 percent) and most families represented in the survey were
either couple or single parent families with children (94 percent). The average age of all respondents was 38
years. The major reasons for joining the AVN were to support the group and to receive information on the
vaccination issue.

ln terms of weekly family income, respondents were largely representative of the Australian population.
However, in terms of education, respondents had higher levels than found in the adult population. Seventy
percent of respondents had a post school qualification, with half being educated to diploma or degree level.
Most respondents had taken the initiative to access a wide range of sources of information on vaccination.

Respondents overwhelmingly had negative attitudes to the practice of childhood vaccination. These negative
attitudes were displayed by respondents' answers to 18 statements contained in a Likert attitude scale. For a
majority (80 percent), this was the result of a change in attitude in recent years. ln fact, slightly over half had
become less positive to childhood vaccination in the last five years.

The negative attitudes to childhood vaccination were reflected in vaccination practices. Forty-five percent of
respondents with children had not vaccinated any of their children and a further 22 percent had vaccinated
only the first born. Only 26 percent of families with children had vaccinated all children. Further, respondents
have increasingly rejected vaccination in recent years. For example, only 14 percent oÍ 26 babies born in
1996 and 1997 had been vaccinated, while none ofthe 33 babies born in 1998 had been vaccinated.

Vaccination records were given for a total of 1738 family members. Sixty-five percent had received at least
one vaccination. The vaccination rate for the older family members was much higher than for the younger
members. Only 26 percent of males llve years and under and only 23 percent of females of this age had
been vaccinated. Overall, the incidence of some type of adverse reaction for those vaccinated was 28
percent and the incidence of reported long-term effects was 24 percent.

A wide range of adverse reactions was reported. The most commonly mentioned were:
fever/sweating/temperature (133 family members), inflammation/swelling (87), screaming/high pitched
scream (58), crying (32), listless/off colour (28), feeding problems (21), sore limbs (17), sleep disruption (16)
and diarrhoea (15). Fourteen family members were hospitalised as a result of vaccination.

Three respondents reported they had babies who died as a result of a vaccination. Also, a high number of
long term effects was reported. The most commonly mentioned were: asthma/bronchial problems/croup (62
family members), allergies (26), immunity problems (31), ear infections/glue ear (26), eczema (26), chronic
fatigue syndrome (16), arthritis (13), attention deficit disorder (12) and learning problems (11).

A correlation of a four point scale indicating the health level of family members with the vaccination status of
the family member showed that unvaccinated individuals were generally rated as healthier than those who
had been vaccinated. This relationship applied across all age categories. The survey results also suggested
that family members who had been vaccinated were more likely to use the services of both medical
practitioners and alternative health providers.

Large numbers of respondents also made additional comments on various aspects of the vaccination issue.
Many said they did not see any benefits in vaccination while there was general criticism of government
vaccination policy, the medical profession and the vaccine industry. Many indicated there was a great need
for more information and research on the long term effects of vaccination and that there was a need for
greater community education with accurate information. Some respondents also described the social
difficulties being faced by families who had decided against vaccination of their children.

The survey results indicate that most members of the AVN are in family circumstances where vaccination is
an issue for their families. They are generally well educated and have used a wide range of vaccination
information sources. They are rejecting vaccination. Further, a very high proportion is claiming adverse
reactions to vaccination in their family and, more alarmingly, serious long-term effects. These results indicate
that there is an urgent need for soundly based long-term research on the part of health authorities to assess
the validity and accuracy of the claims they are making.

The author wishes to acknowledge the contribution of the following people in compiling this report:

Meryl Dorey and Susan Lindberg who both supported the project from the outset.

My brother Greg whose thorough research over many years alerted me to the dangers of

Suzette Venour who volunteered her time to do the data entry.

Ted Whybrow who commented on a draft of the questionnaire and arranged for the supply
of Australian Bureau of Statistics data.

Roger Tomes who provided useful editorial comment.

The members of the Australian Vaccination Network who responded to the survey.


Trevor Wilson is employed as an agricultural economist with the Queensland Department of

Primary lndustries. He has 30 years of work experience in that organisation and has specialised
in economics and social science research. He has degrees in agricultural science and economics
from the University of Queensland and a master of science degree from the University of Guelph
in Canada. He has been a member of the Australian Vaccination Network for three years.
Contact details:

IAshford Place, PARKINSON 4115

Phone: 07 32738288
Email : lillianw@bigpond.com.au


The AVN was formed in 1994 by a group of concerned parents, health professionals and others.
AVN came about primarily due to a demand for adequate information on vaccination, to address
concerns regarding discrimination and to uphold the right of freedom of choice on this issue.
Contact details:

PO Box 9086 PO Box 177
Phone: 0266 871699
Fax 0266872032
Email: van@mypostbox.com.au

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Background 1
Problem stâtement and objectives 1
Significance and limitations I

Data collection 2
Response rate 2
Data analysis 2


Background factors 3
Sources of information 5
Attitudes to childhood vaccination 6
Health levels of family members 7
Family vaccination levels I
lncidence of adverse reactions and long term effects 9
Relationship between health and vaccination 11
Generalcomments 13


Listing of adverse reactions and long term effects 17

Respondents' descriptions of adverse reactions and long term effec{s 18


Table Page

1 Family units and number of adults following the vaccination issue 3

2 Reasons for joining AVN 3

3 Household weekly income and educational levels of respondents 4

4 Comparison of percentage distribution of income of respondents with the 4

Australian population

5 Comparison of percentage distribution of educational levels of female 5

respondents with levels in the adult female population

6 Sources of vaccination information used 5

7 Distribution of respondents by the number of information sources used 5

I Percentage distributions of replies to statements about childhood 6


9 Distribution of total attitude scores 7

10 Reasons given for a change in attitude to childhood vaccination 7

11 lndicators of the health levels of family members I

12 Vaccination levels in families with children I
13 Vaccination rate among babies born in the last five years o

14 Vaccination status of individuals by age and sex and the incidence of I

adverse reactions and long term effects

15 Adverse reactions by age group 10

16 Long term effects by age group 11

17 Comparison of health levels by vaccination status 11

18 Comparison of percentage distributions of indicators of health levels by 12

age and vaccination status


The majority of people accept the advantages and benefits of mass vaccination programs as self-evident. Both
the government and the medical profession promote vaccination of babies from the age of two months onward.
The common perception is that vaccines have been largely responsible for the declines this century in the
incidence of diseases like whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria and polio.

ln recent years, a number of groups and authors have seriously questioned the conventional wisdom. This has
occurred not only in Australia but also in other countries that support mass vaccination programs, notably in the
United States and the United Kingdom. Vaccination programs are being increasingly questioned on two levels.
Firstly, it is claimed that the declines in disease incidence have occurred primarily in response to higher
standards of living resulting from better standards of hygiene and nutrition. Secondly, it is also claimed that
many of the vaccines used are actually harmful with the potential to cause brain injury and deleterious effects
on the body's auto immune response.

A number of vaccination awareness groups have been formed. in Australia in recent years. Most are now
affiliated with the Australian Vaccination Network (AVN). The AVN has published a quarterly newsletter mailed
to all its members for the last four years. Cunent circulation is in excess of 1,000 copies. The most recent
newsletter (November 1998) contained contact details of 49 different awareness and support groups across
Australia. All states and territories have at least one group in operation. Queensland and New South Wales
combined have 40 of these groups.

Problem Statement and Objectives

There has been a rapid growth in the membership of the AVN in the last three to four years. However, apart
from fragmented anecdotal evidence, little data are available on the characteristics of the people who choose to
become members.

Specific questions of concern are

a What are the biographical characteristics of members? For example, are their levels of education and
income different to that found in the general population? Do members mostly have young families with
children of an age when vaccination is an issue?

a What factors influenced members to join an awareness group? What do they expect to get out of

a How strong are the anti-vaccination attitudes that these people undoubtedly hold? What were the factors
that influenced them to form their views?

a What vaccination procedures have members used in their families? To what extent do members believe
that vaccines have affected family members? What are the health levels of family members and are there
relationships between these factors and vaccination?

To provide answers to these questions, a postal survey of all people who are on the mailing list of the AVN
newsletter was carried out.

Significance and Limitations

The survey provides for the first time reliable data on the people across Australia involved in the vaccination
awareness movement. The data will have a number of uses. Most importantly, the data will be used to
demonstrate to medical policy makers and health authorities the concerns that large numbers of people hold
about vaccination and the basis for these concerns. This should improve communications between the different
groups involved in the debate.
The study is being carried out with a very biased sample of the general population. This group of people
unquestionably holds negative attitudes to vaccination. However, the intent of the study is not to extrapolate
results to the general population but simply to document the characteristics of this particular group.


Data Collection

A questionnaire was developed and sent to AVN members in the newsletter posted at the end of May 1998.
Approximately 1000 people were sent newsletters.

A key objective of the survey was to assess members' attitude to childhood vaccinatíon. A Likert attitude scale
was developed for this purpose. A draft attitude scale was tested and validated with members of AVN and with
colleagues from the author's workplace. Most of this latter group indicated before testing that they were in
favour of childhood vaccination. This ensured that the attitude scale was developed and tested with people with
a range of attitudes. Eighteen statements were included in the final scale - 10 statements favourable to
childhood vaccination and eight that were unfavourable.

Respondents were asked to indicate their agreement with each statement on a fìve-point scale. All statements
favourable to childhood vaccination were scored: strongly âQtêe = 4, agree = 3, neutral/undecided = 2, disagree
= 1 and strongly disagree = 0. The unfavourable statements were scored in reverse order. The scores were
added for each respondent. This resulted in an attitude score with a possible range of zero lo 72. High scores
indicated a positive attitude.

The following data were collected:

1. Background factors (type of family unit, role of the respondent in the family, number of adults in the
family taking an interest in the vaccination issue, reasons for joining AVN, socio-economic factors e.g.
family income and education, postcode).
2. Source of information used on vaccination.
3. Attitudes to vaccination, including any reasons for a change in attitude in recent years.
4. Vaccination and health status of family members (age and sex of all family members, general levels of
health, annual visits to medical professionals and alternative health providers, vaccinations received,
adverse reactions and long term effects suffered).
5. General comments about the vaccination issue.

There were also questions about respondents' current and likely future involvement in AVN activities.
Responses to these questions have been collated separately and are not reported here.

Response Rate

The number of questionnaires received was 445. This represents a response rate in excess of 40 percent, an
excellent response for a mail survey utilising a single mailing. Thirty four percent of respondents used their own
stamp rather than relying on the reply paid envelope provided and B3 percent gave details of their contact
address, name and phone number. The representation from states was: New South Wales (including ACT)
31ol0, Queensland 30%, Victoria 13olo, Western Australia 11%, South Australia 11%, Tasmania2o/o and Northem
Territory 2olo.

Data Analysis

Data from individual questionnaires were entered into a database and analysed using standard survey analysis
procedures. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) was used for analysis. Computer output
was mostly in the form of frequency distributions and selected cross-tabulations, together with relevant
statistical tests where appropriate.


Background factors

Table 1 shows the types of family units represented and the numbers of adults who follow the vaccination issue.

Table 1. Familv units and number of adults followino the vaccination issue.
Number Percentaoe
Family type:
Couple family with children 377 85
Couple family without children 20 4
One parent family 38 I
Other 10 2
TOTAL 445 10Ùo/o
Number of adults in the household taking an inlerest in lhe vaccinafion issue:
One 75 17
Two 343 77
Three or more 27 6
TOTAL 445 100o/o

The majority of respondents (94 percent) had children. Eighty-five percent were from couple families with
children while nine percent were from single parent families. Respondents ¡n the 'other' category were mostly
grandparents. There were two adults who took an interest in the vaccinat¡on issue in most households (/7
percent of households).

Eighty-nine percent of respondents were female, with 87 percent of respondents being mothers from couple or
síngle parent families. The average age of all respondents was 38 years, with a range from 22 years to 91
years. Ninety-four percent of respondents were aged under 50 years.

The reasons for joining the AVN are grouped in Table 2. (Some respondents gave more than one reason).

Table 2. Reasons for nln AVN

Support the group 180
To get information 175
To stop compulsory vaccination/support prochoice 24
Get information for sake of the children 17
Moral supporUstick together 12
To be involved 4
Because of an adverse reaction 3
Because of a I ono term effect 1

The data clearly show that a desire to support AVN and a need for information were the major reasons for

Table 3 shows data indicating the socio-economic status of respondents.

Weekly household income was spread across all income categories. For example, 19 percent of respondents
had a weekly income of less than $400 while 19 percent had a weekly income in excess of $1200. All
respondents had completed some level of high school (two said they were still at school). Seventy percent had
a post school qualification. Around half of all respondents had an education level to diploma level or above.

The most commonly mentioned fields of study for those respondents with post school qual¡f¡cat¡ons were:
education (14 percent of all respondents), nurs¡ng (nine percent), other health studies (16 percent) and business
and administration (nine percent). A high proportion of respondents in the 'other health studies' category had
studied some aspect of alternative medicine.

table 3, Household weekly income and educational levels of survey respondents
Number Percentaoe
Waekly family income:
Up to $399 83 19
$400 - $799 166 37
$800-$1199 82 18
$1200 and over 85 19
lncome not stated 29 7
TOTAL 445 100%
Age left schoo/:
Still at school 2 1

14 yrs & under I 2

15 yrs 54 12
16 yrs 81 18
17 yrs 144 32
18 yrs 94 21
19 yrs & over 55 12
Not stated 7 2
TOTAL 445 100o/o
Posf sc/¡ool qu alific atio n :
Yes 309 70
No 129 29
Not stated 7 I
TOTAL 445 100o/o
Highest qualification level:
Higher degree/postgraduate diploma 37 I
Bachelor degree 94 21
Underg radu atelassociate diploma 89 20
Skilled/basic/vocational qualification 82 19
Not stated 14 3
No post school qualification 129 29
TOTAL 445 100o/o

Table 4 shows a comparison of the distribution of weekly incomes of respondents with figures for the Australian
population. This compar¡son shows that the distributions âre very similar, indicating that the survey
respondents were broadly representative of the general population ¡n terms of income levels.

r"þ.lpl.,-c."g"mng.rj."'.p..n..9[.p.çßp,nl.:p.ç.9!"?.lltþ""ylig,t..el,j|l.g.ng..ç.f'.1.ç.:r"on{.çj:'Js with the Austrarian population

AVN Survey 1996 ABS Statistics
Weekly family income:
Up to $399 19 20
$400 to $799 37 28
$800 to $1 1 99 18 20
$1200 and over 19 20
Not stated 7 12
TOTAL 100o/o 100o/o
Source: Unpublished 1996 Census Data, Auslralian Bureau of Sfafrsflcs

Table 5 shows a compar¡son of the educational levels of female respondents with levels found in the adult
female population.

These data clearly show that female respondents, accounting for 89 percent of all respondents, had higher
education levels than found in the general female population. Seventy percent had a post school qual¡f¡cation
compared to only 36 percent in the population. Forty-eight percent had an education at diploma level or above
compared to 17 percent in the population. lt should be pointed out that the AVN respondents were comprised
mainly of younger adult females who would have had more educational opportunities. Nevertheless, ¡t can be
concluded they were a highly educated group.

ln general, the males responding to the survey had even higher levels of education. For example, 60 percent
of the males had a diploma or above.

Table 5. Comparison of percentage distribution of educational levels of female respondents with levels in the adult female
AVN Survey 1996 ABS Statistics
Highast education level of adult females:
Higher degree/postgraduate diploma 6 2
Bachelor degree 21 I
Undergraduate/associate diploma 2'l 7
Skilled/basic/vocational q ual ification 19 6
Post school qualification not stated 3 13
No post school qualification 30 64
TOTAL 100o/o 100o/o
Source: Unpublished 1996 Census Data, Australian Bureau of Slaû'sfrbs

Sources of information

Respondents were asked to indicate from a list of 10 possible sources the sources of information on vaccinat¡on
they had used. The numbers indicating they had used each source are shown in Table 6.

Table 6. Sources of vaccination information used

umber Percentaqe
AVN newsletter 411 92
Natural health magazines 261 59
Medical literature 161 36
lnternet 97 22
Books 378 85
TV 218 49
Medical professionals 172 39
Alternative health providers 369 83
Friends etc 306 69
Vaccination meetinos/semin ars 188 42

Predictably, a very high number (92 percent) said they used the AVN newsletter for information. Another
source of information used often was books (85 percent), w¡th 63 percent saying they had read up to five books,
16 percent between six and 10 books, and six percent saying they had read more than 10 books. lt was notable
that 83 percent indicated they used alternative health providers while only 39 percent sa¡d they used medical
professionals. Thirty-six percent said they had accessed medical literature and 22 percent had used the

Table 7 shows the number of these sources respondents had used.

Table 7. Distribution of respondents by the number of information sources used

Number Percenta
No. information sources used.
Upto3 49 11
Four to six 245 55
Seven and over 151 34
TOTAL 445 100o/o

It seems that a majority of respondents had act¡vely sought a range of sources of information on vaccination.
Eighty-nine percent had used four or more of these information sources. Twenty percent of respondents also
listed other sources of information they had used. The sources most often mentioned were: magazines and
newspapers (22 respondents), the AVN and affiliated organisations, some overseas (22 respondents), cassettes
and v¡deos (17 respondents), classes and clinics (10 respondents) and rad¡o (5 respondents). Five respondents
said it was part of their training and f¡ve said they observed the effects of vaccination in their pat¡ents. These
respondents had training in alternative health.

One other respondent said her phone number was listed at the Citizens' Advice Bureau in New Zealand and
that'she was told of adverse reactions by hundreds of parents'.

Attitudes to childhood vaccination

Table I shows the responses to the 18 attitude statements.

Table 8. distributions of es to statements about childhood vaccination

Strongly Agree Disagree Strongly
Aqree Undecided Disaoree
Stafemenfs Favourable to Childhood Vaccination
Schools should exclude non 0 0 1 4
Parents who do not vaccinate are irresponsible 0 1 7 91
Unvaccinated children pose a risk to others 0 2 15 82
We need the majority ofchildren to
be 0 5 2',1 73
vaccinated for the incidence of diseases to
Vaccination is a soundly researched medical 'l 0 4 20 75
Vaccination will help us eliminate infectious 0 1 6 20 73
diseases from the human race
The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the 1 1 6 22 70
Doctors can be trusted on issues like 2 0 4 25 69
Vaccinated children have less severe 4 4 27 27 38
symptoms if they do catch the disease
Doctors have the knowledge to warn parents of 6 14 19 28 33
adverse reactions to vaccination
Sfafe¡nenfs U nfavou rable to Childhood Vaccin ation
Parents need nformation about the risks 95 4 0 1
of vaccination
Parents and not the government should decide 94 4 0 0 2
whether children are vaccinated
Children can still catch diseases they were 87 11 1 0 I
vaccinated against
There are more adverse reactions to 84 13 1 1

vaccination than get reported

There are better ways to protect children 76 18 4 1 1
against disease than traditional vaccination
Vaccination could be responsible for the 60 31 5 2 2
increase in chronic diseases such as asthma
and diabetes
On average, non vaccinated children tend to be 49 33 17 1 0
healthier than those that have been vaccinated
Parents who decide not to vaccinate have 46 42 I 2 1
done their homework

The responses h¡ghl¡ght the negative attitudes of the respondents to childhood vaccination. There was general
disagreement with the statements that were positive to vaccination and agreement with the negative

A total attitude score was calculated for each respondent (see Methods section for an explanation). This score
had a possible range of zero to 72, with high scores indicating a pos¡tive attitude to childhood vacc¡nation. The
distribution of scores is shown in Table 9.

This distribution of scores again highl¡ghts the overwhelming negative attitudes to childhood vaccination. Only
three respondents could be considered to be neutralto the practice, w¡th the majority being strongly against.

ïable 9. Distribution of total attitude scores.
Number Percentaoe
Attitude score range:
Strongly in favour
63 -72 0 0
45-62 0 0
28-44 3

10 -27 128 29
0-9 314 70
Strongly against
TOTAL 445 100o/o

Eighty percent of respondents said they had changed their attitude to childhood vaccination in recent years.
For most, this change of attitude had occurred in the last 10 years. Seventy-three percent had changed their
attitude since 1987, with 58 percent say¡ng they had changed their attitude ¡n the last five years (¡.e. in 1993 or
later). The reasons given for the changed attitudes are shown in Table 10. (Some respondents gave more than
one reason).

Table 10. Reason s otven for a chanoe in attitude to childhood vaccination

Number of times mentioned
Readi ng articles/books/magazines 139
Research prompted by a birth 109
Became informed/started to think 85
Child with adverse reactions 68
lnformation from family and friends 46
Contact with natural health provider 41
Saw long term effects in own family and others 33
Attending lecture/seminar 16
Part of training 12
Ethically opposed 12
TV program/media I
Awareness of possible adverse reactions 7
Child cauoht d isease it had been vaccinated for 2

Access to and reading of written mater¡al was the most frequent reason given. A large number had also
decided to do research on the subject with the impending birth of a child. Adverse react¡ons following
vaccination had also caused many to rethink their attitude.

Health levels of family members

Details of the general health levels of family members, including the number of visits to medical professions
and alternative health prov¡ders were prov¡ded. The total number of people involved was 1738 (867 males, 871
females). Table 11 shows details.

Around half (48 percent) of family members were listed as being 'very healthy', while 42 percent were listed as
'healthy'. Forty-nine percent had not consulted a medical practitioner in the last 12 months while only 33
percent had not consulted an alternative health provider. lt seemed that visits to this latter category were more
common than to medical practitioners. For example, 37 percent had three or more visits to an altemative
health provider compared to only 14 percent having this number of visits to medical practitioners. (A number of
female respondents indicated they had visits to a medical practitioner because of a pregnancy. These visits
were excluded).

Table 11. lndicators of the health levels of familv members
Number Percentaoe
General health level:
Very healthy 828 48
Healthy 732 42
Unhealthy 79 4
Very unhealthy 15 1
Not ascertained 84 5
TOTAL 1 738 100o/o
Number of yr'sÍs to medical practitioner in last 12 months:
0 861 49
1 391 23
2 188 11
3 73 4
4 39 2
5 26 2
6 or more 69 4
Not ascertained 91 5
TOTAL 1738 00o/o
Number of yisrTs to alternative health provider in last 12 months:
0 579 33
1 231 13
2 179 10
3 109 7
4 85 5
5 53 3
6 or more 383 22
Not ascertained 119 7
TOTAL 1 738 100o/o

Family vacc¡nat¡on levels

Family members were recorded as be¡ng vaccinated if they had received one vaccination or more. Details of
individual vaccinations were provided. These data have not been fully analysed for this report. Vaccination
details were unclear for many of the older family members. However, 98 percent of respondents reported at
least one family member as being defìnitely vacc¡nated. Further, 48 percent reported adverse reactions by at
least one family member and 43 percent felt at least one family member had suffered long term effects from

Table 12 shows a classification of families with children by the vaccination status of the children.

Table 12. Vaccination levels in families with children

Number Percent
Vaccination status:
One child families
Fully or partially vaccinated 28 7
Not vaccinated 101 24
Two or more children
All fully or partially vaccinated 79 19
Some vaccinated 27 7
Only the first born vaccinated 93 22
None vaccinated 88 21
Total 416 100o/o

This table shows that respondents are mostly rejecting vaccinat¡on of their children. For example, 45 percent of
respondents with children had not vaccinated any of their children and a further 22 percenl had vaccinated only
the first born. Only 26 percent of families with children had vaccinated all children.

There had been a marked decline in vaccination in recent years. To further investigate this aspect, Table 13
was prepared to show the numbers of babies born in the last few years and their vaccination histories.

Table 13. Vaccination rate babies born in the last five vears
Year born
1993 1 994 1 995 1996 1997 1 998

No. babies born 71 89 90 106 1 20 33

No. vaccinated 30 37 26 23 I 0
Percent vaccinated 42 42 2S 22 7 0

The figures dramatically show the extent to which respondents have rejected vaccination the last few years.
Forexample,226 babieswere born in 1996 and 1997 and only 31 (14 percent) have been vaccinated. Thirty-
three babies had been born in 1998 at the time of the survey and none had been vacc¡nated (Some may have
been under the age when vaccination is recommended).

lncidence of adverse reactions and long term effects

Table 14 shows further details of the total number vaccinated and also shows the reported incidence of adverse
reactions and long term effects.

Units UptoS 6to Over UptoS 6to Over

yrs 20 yrs 20 yrs yrs 20 yrs 20 yrs

Number in study No. 265 159 443 244 156 471 1738

Vaccination status:
Vaccinated o/o
26 67 84 23 78 87 65
Not vaccinated o/o
74 33 2 77 2'l 4 29
Not ascertained o/o
0 0 14 0 1 I Þ
Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 100

No. with adverse reactions No. 43 58 39 39 52 84 315

Percent of those vaccinated o/o
63 55 11 70 43 21 28

No. with long term effects No. 24 45 53 18 32 104 276

Percent of those vaccinated o/o 35 42 14 32 26 25 24

Overall, 65 percent of all family members had definitely received at least one vacc¡nation. The vaccinat¡on rate
for the older family members was much higher than for the younger members. Only 26 percent of males five
years and under and 23 percent of females of this age had been vaccinated. The reported incidence of adverse
react¡ons and more particularly, the reported incidence of long term effects are real causes for concem.
Overall, the incidence of some type of adverse reaction for those vaccinated was 28 percent and the incidence
of reported long-term effects was 24 percent.

The reported incidence of reactions and long term effects was much higher among older females than in older
males. There would be some bias here. Most respondents were female and they would undoubtedly have a
better idea of their vaccination histories than those of their partners. Apart from that, there were not large
differences between males and females in the reported incidence of reactions and long term effects.

Respondents described the adverse reactions and long term effects they felt had been caused by vaccination.
Table 15 shows the adverse reactions mentioned more than five times. Appendix A contains a listing of the
reactions described while Appendix B contains a detailed description of both adverse reactions and long term

Table 15. Adverse reactions a u
Age p
Up to 5 yrs 6 to 20 yrs Over 20yrs Total
No. in age group in survey 509 315 914 1738
No. vaccinated 125 228 781 1134
No. affected with adverse reactions 82 110 't23 315

Number of times symptom mentioned:

Fever/sweati n g/tem peratu re 49 50 34 133
Flu 0 2 I 11
Cold/chest infection/bronchitis/mucus 3 5 4 12
Breathing problems 2 2 5

lnflammation/swelling 30 30 27 87
Sore limbs 1 2 14 17
Local pain 2 2 4 I
Screaming/high pitched scream/unusual cry 26 26 6 58
Crying 11 20 'l 32

Collapse/limp/shock 7 3 3 l3
Convulsions/seizures 2 6 4 12

Eczema I 3 6 17
Rash 2 2 3 7

Feeding problems f0 10 1 21
Diarrhoea 7 5 3 l5
Vomiting 6 5 1 12

Sleep disruption I 8 0 16
Headaches/migraines 0 2 I 10
Ear infection 3 5 0 I
Listless/off colour/drowsiness/lethargy/malaise 10 I I 28
Irritability/whingy/clingy 7 13 1 21
Nausea 0 2 13 15

Hospitalised 4 7 3 14
Cauoht illness after iniection 2 1 3 6

Table 16 conta¡ns a listing of the long-term effects mentioned more than five times. Appendix A lists all
problems that respondents claimed were caused by vaccination. There were three deaths that respondents
claimed were attr¡butable to vaccination. All resulted from vaccinations at either two months or four months of
age. ln one case, a baby lived for 11 months after a violent react¡on. Another was a SIDS case. Details of the
third were not provided except that the baby died from a Triple Antigen shot.

Table l6. Lono term

No. in age group in survey 509 315 914 1738
No. vaccinated '125 228 781 1134
No. with long term effects 42 77 157 276

Number of times effect mantioned:

Allergies 4 4 18 26
Hay fever 0 2 6 8

Asthma/bronchial problems/croup 11 25 26 62
lmmunity problems 4 I 19 31
Respiratory problems 0 2 4 6
Colds 3 0 2 5

Hyperactivity/behaviou r problems 3 6 0 I
Autism 1 4 2 7

Tonsillitis 4 3 I 15
Cough (persistent) 4 4 0 I
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) 0 3 13 16
Arthritis 0 2 't1 't3

Ear infections/glue ear 12 10 4 26

Eczema 11 10 5 26
Skin rash 3 1 4 I
Food sensitivity 4 4 3 11
Gastro intestinal problems 1 1 4 6

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) 0 I 3 12

Learninq problems 0 I 3 11

Relationship between Health and Vacc¡nat¡on

The health levels of family members described prev¡ously were compared w¡th their vaccination status to
assess whether relat¡onsh¡ps ex¡sted between these factors. These compar¡sons are shown in Table 17.

Table 17. Comparison of health levels by vaccination status

Vaccinated Unvaccinated
Number Percent Number Percent
Very healthy 453 41 358 73
Healthy 574 51 126 26
UnhealthyA/ery Unhealthy 88 I 5 1
TOTAL 1115 100o/o 489 100o/o
t4sÍs to medical practitioner in last 12 months:
Zero 562 51 274 56
One to five 489 44 204 41
Six or more 53 5 13 3
TOTAL 1104 1O0o/o 491 100o/o
VlsÍs fo alternative health provider in last 12
Zero 376 35 186 38
One to five 421 39 213 44
Six or more 287 26 86 18
TOTAL 1084 100o/o 485 1O0o/o
Note: Persons with vaccination status not delermined and missing values are excluded.

The table shows a strong relationship between the subjectively assessed level of health and vaccination. ln
general, the family members in the survey who had not been vaccinated were rated by respondents as being
healthier than those who had been. For example, 73 percent of those not vaccinated were rated as being 'very
healthy' whereas only 41 percent of vaccinated individuals were rated in this category. CIhe relationship is
statistically significant at a one percent probability level).

Further, people who had been vaccinated were somewhat more likely to have visited medical professionals in
the last 12 months. For example, fifty-six percent of unvaccinated people had not visited a medicat practitioner
compared to fifty-one percent for vaccinated people. Vaccinated people were also more likely to have visited
an alternative health provider. Thirty-eight percent of unvaccinated people had not visited an alternative health
provider compared to thirty-five percent for vaccinated people. (Both of these relationships are signifìcant at a
five percent probability level).

The number of visits to medical practitioners in the last 12 months was positively correlated with the number of
visits to alternative health providers. ln other words, people who visited medical professionals more often
tended to also visit alternative health providers more often. This relationship was significant at a one percent
probability level.

These relationships were further explored by comparing the health levels of family members with both their
vaccination status and age. These relationships are shown in Table 18.

ln all age categories, unvaccinated individuals were generally rated as 'healthier' than those who had been
vaccinated. For example, 76 percent of unvaccinated family members under the age of six years were rated as
'very healthy' whereas only 51 percent of those in this age category who had been vaccinated were rated as
'very healthy'.

Further, in all age categories, vaccinated people were more likely to have visited a medical practitioner. For
example, 52 percent of children five years and under had not visited a medical practitioner compared to 36
percent of vaccinated children.

A similar result holds for visits to alternative health providers, with the exception of the s¡x to 20 years of age
category. Thirty-seven percent of unvaccinated children fìve and under had not visited an alternative health
provider compared to 23 percent of vaccinated children of this age.

Up to 5 yrs 6 to 20 yrs Over20 Up to 5 yrs 6 to 20 yrs Over 20

yrs yrs
Very healthy 51 46 37 76 68 59
Healthy 44 44 55 24 30 34
UnhealthyA/ery unhealthy 5 10 I 0 2 7
TOTAL 100o/o 100o/o 'to00/o '|.00o/o 100o/o 100o/o
(1221. (224) (76e) (3771 (83) (2e)
VlsÍs fo medical practitioner in
last 12 months:
Zero 36 65 49 52 68 77
One to five 52 32 47 45 32 23
Six or more 12 3 4 3 0 0
TOTAL 100o/o 100o/o 100o/o 100o/o 100o/o 100o/o
(122',) (221). (761) (380) (85) (26)
l4sÍs to alternative health
provider in last 12 months:
Zero 23 49 32 37 40 52
One to five 49 31 40 45 43 28
Six or more 28 20 28 18 17 20
TOTAL 100o/o 100o/o 100o/o 100o/o 100o/o 1000/o
(1201 (2171 (7471 (376) (84) (25)
Note: Iâe numbers in brackets indicate the numbers of persons on which percentages are based.


Over half of the respondents volunteered comments about the risks and benefits of vaccination and about other
aspects of the vaccination issue. These comments covered a range of issues and points of view. However,
they fell mostly into the following four areas:

1. Comments about the benefits of vaccination

2. Comments about current government policy on vaccination and about the role of the medical profession
and vaccine manufacturers.
3. Comments about the need for more information on the vaccination issue.
4. Comments about the difficulties faced by parents who had chosen not to vaccinate their children.

There were other comments about ways that the AVN could operate in the future. These comments are not
reported here.

Benefits of vaccination

A quarter of respondents made comments on this topic. By far the most common point of view was that there
were few benefits from vaccination. Many said that the long-term effects were not known. Some comments

The vaccination recípient has absolutely no idea of what foxic suÖsfances or carcinogenic contaminants
are in these dangerous cocldails.

Cannot see any benefîts. Iåe risks honify me and affect me emotionally every time I read or hear about

There is not enough space to describe fhe nsks - I just think its the worst thing medicine has ever done!

Very concerned about long term unknown effects on immune sysfem and high incidence of asthma,
chronic fatigue syndrome and drseases where the immune sysfem has broken down.

I have noted that vaccinated children of friends suffer more from croup, bronchitís, coughs, and ear

I do not see any benefits. I go cold for allthose poor innocent baþies that have no choice. I worked in
childcare for 15 years and always believed children were normal havîng coldg sore ears etc all year.
My own sons þom 1993 and 1996 are not vaccinated and rarely have colds.

I work in childcare. I see children vaccinated on the weekend. They are sick on Monday moming and
off sick on Tuesday. They come back on Wednesday on antibiotics.

Comments about current oovemment oolicv and the role of the medical orofession and vaccine manufacturers.

One fifth of respondents made comments on these aspects. Many respondents were highly critical of the pro-
vaccination policy of commonwealth and state governments. Respondents also had a low level of trust in both
the medical profession and vaccine manufacturers. The fact that vaccine manufacturers and doc{ors profit out
of vaccines was mentioned by some. Some comments were:

I am annoyed beyond belief at the attitudes of the govemment and Health Departments to adverse
reactions. I want mandatory reporting and follow up of all adverse reactions. Ihis issue has strongly
impacted on the degree of trust we have in Govemment and the medical profession.

I feel that docfors and health professionals are either grossly misinformed or completety ignorant on this
issue. More public education, not brainwashrng as practised by the government, is needed.

Sadly doctors are so brain washed.

Mosf GPs are uninformed. They do not want to know the truth because they would have to ochuck in
their jobs if they felt their conscience.

is not about drsease eradication but the creation of global non-specifîc i/lnesses like hay fever
I believe it
and eczema that manufacturers can sell their relief products for ie Sudafed. It's all about creating a

The world is not honest about its actions. Vac,cination rs used for fînancial gain. lt makes me sick that
small children are the guinea pigs. I am thankful mine are not in this equation.

From a young mother with a son born 1997 who appears to have suffered severe effects from
There has been discrimination and badgering öy GPs without a sympathetic thought to what we have
been through. There is no compensation - the money does not mean much, a child's life can be ruined.
The brainwashing and pushing of vaccination disgusfs rne as nearly every piece of literature does not
explain the consequences of bad reactions.

Cunent government scare facfics are osfensiþly designed to make parents feel guilty about not
vaccinating but are in reality designed to produce public outrage against such parents. Such rneasures
and financial incentives are designed fo sfop parents from Íinding out more information. On economic
considerations - what would happen if the truth about vaccination was made public after all these years
- the legalbills against doctors, drug companies and the government would cripple the economy.

Need for vaccination information

One fifth of respondents mentioned the need for more information on the vaccination issue. There were two
main aspects mentioned. Some respondents mentioned the need for more accurate information to be made
available to the public. Secondly, some respondents mentioned the need for further studies to assess the long-
term effects of vaccines. Some comments were:

The biggest problem rs fñaf most parents want to feel safe and vaccination fits that safety. What needs
to be done is to make people feel safer not vaccinating.

I believe parents are unable to assess the health of their child because they become unhealthy fotlowing
the first vaccination. From then on, they are assessed against a generally unhealthy condition that has
become the norm.

There is not enough information available to inform properly. Early childhood nurses are all for
vaccines. Young mothers think they are gods and are very vulnerable.

Would love all parents to be able to read allthe information we have available and then decíde.

We need good honest literature from doctors and the government. Do not need gtossy vague
propaganda. lf is very important to keep strict records of adverse reactions. Although I think westem
medicine is very important, I have come to disfrusf the industry. The official affogance, blindness and
inability to admit they are somefimes wrong scare me.

We need more information and research into ways to protect your children. t think parents are
concemed about srUe effecfs but do not know where else or who else to tum to for advice and

Comments about oroblems for non-vaccinatino parents

This aspect was commented on by six percent of respondents. Some comments were:

One friend continues to vaccinate desprTe her doubts on the issue. Sñe is trightened to be non
conformist. That is a öig rssue with a lot of people. I know herd mentality. No doubt I will have my
share of debate once the krds gef to pre-school and school age. And I do not look forward to it at att.
We live in a rural community and everyone likes to do the "right" thing.

I am not willing to be too public till my baby (bom 1997) is af /easf fwo as there is already too much
pressure to vaccinate - so far my family think its an oversighf. H,s health comes /îrsf.

I am concerned about speaking out too vocally. We live in a smallfarming community and my husband
is a teacher at the localschooL l gladly talk to people who show an interest but am reluctant to push the
issue for fear of alienation.

I tind the intimidation process the govemment applies with wrong information (leaflets conceming
eligibility for childcare rebate, school enrolment proc'ess and immunisation certificate) really disgusfing.
lf I d¡d not know þetter l'd believe ff was compulsory to vaccinate.

Its ho¡rid that I do not know another parent who knows fåe nsks of vaccination. I am disgusfed that a
doctor told my husband 'There are pockets of people like you forming in society who are spreading

I wish it wasnï an rssue


The survey questionnaire was enclosed with the AVN newsletter posted to all members at the end of May 1998.
The number posted was approximately 1,000. Four hundred and forty-five questionnaires were returned, a
response rate in excess of forty percent. The following are the major survey results:

1 The majority of respondents were female (89 percent) and most families represented in the survey were
either couple or single parent families with children (94 percent). The average age of respondents was 38
years, with a range from 22 to 91 years. A majority of respondents (94 percent) were aged under 50 years.
Although it was generally the female parent in the family who responded, two adults took an interest in the
vaccination issue in most families.

2. The main reasons for joining the AVN were to support the group and to receive information on the
vaccination issue.

3. ln terms of weekly family income, respondents were largely representative of the Australian population. For
example, 19 percent of respondents had a weekly income of less than $400 while 19 percent had an
income of over $1200 a week. This is a similar distribution to that found in the general population. ln terms
of education however, respondents had higher levels than found in the adult population. Seventy percent of
respondents had a post school qualification, with half being educated to diploma or degree level.

4. Respondents had generally taken the initiative to access a wide range of sources of information on
vaccination. For example, 89 percent of respondents said they had used four or more sources of
¡nformat¡on. The AVN newsletter was read by g2 percent of respondents. Other sources of information
used by more than half of respondents were books (85 percent), alternative health providers (83 percent),
friends and family (69 percent) and natural health magazines (59 percent). lt is notable that 36 percent had
taken the trouble to read medical literature while 22 percent had accessed the lnternet. Medical
professionals were used as a source of information by 39 percent of respondents.

5. Respondents oven¡rhelmingly had negative attitudes to the practice of childhood vaccination. This negative
attitude was displayed by respondents' answers to 18 statements contained in a Likert attitude scale. For a
majority (80 percent), this was the result of a change in attitude in recent years. In fact, slightly over half
had become less positive to childhood vaccination in the last five years. The main reasons given for the
change were reading books, articles and magazines, and research prompted by a birth in the family.

6. A majority of family members (90 percent) were categorised as being 'very healthy' or'healthy' on a four-
point scale ranging from 'very healthy'to 'very unhealthy'. Forty nine percent had not consulted a medical
practitioner in the last 12 months while only 33 percent had not consulted an alternative health provider. lt
seemed that visits to this latter category were more common than to medical practitioners. People who had
more visits to a medical practitioner also tended to have more visits to an altemative health provider.

7. The negative attitudes to childhood vaccination were reflected in vaccination practices. For example, 45
percent of respondents with children had not vaccinated any of their children and a further 22 percent had
vaccinated only the first born. Only 26 percent of families with children had vaccinated all children.
Further, respondents have increasingly rejected vaccination in recent years. Only 14 percent of the 126
babies born in 1996 and 1997 had been vaccinated, while none of the 33 babies born in 1998 had been
vaccinated at the time of the survey.

8. Almost all respondents reported at least one family member as being vaccinated at some time in their life.
Around half felt that at least one family member had suffered adverse reactions to vaccination and 43
percent felt that at least one family member had suffered long term effects from vaccination. Vaccination
records were given for a total of 1738 family members. Sixty-five percent had definitely received at least
one vaccination. The vaccination rate for the older family members was much higher than for the younger
members. Only 26 percent of males five years and under and 23 percent of females of this age had been
vaccinated. The incidence of some type of adverse reaction for those vaccinated was 28 percent and the
incidence of reported long-term effects was 24 percent.

9. A wide range of adverse reactions was reported. The most commonly mentioned were:
fever/sweating/temperature (133 family members), inflammation/swelling (87), screaming/high pitched
scream (58), crying (32), listless/off colour (28), feeding problems (21), sore limbs (17), sleep disruption
(16) and diarrhoea (15). Fourteen family members were hospitalised as a result of vaccination.

I0. Three respondents reported they had babies who died as a result of a vaccination. These babies had died
from vaccinations received at two or four months. One lived for 11 months afterwards. Another was a
SIDS case. Also, a high number of other long-term effects were reported. The most commonly mentioned
were: asthma/bronchial problems/croup (62 family members), allergies (26), immunity problems (31), ear
infections/glue ear(26), eczema (26), chronicfatigue syndrome (16), arthritis (13), attention deficit disorder
(12) and learning problems (11).

11. A correlation of the four point scale indicating the health level of family members with the vaccination status
of the family member showed that unvaccinated individuals were generally rated as healthier than those
who had been vaccinated. For example, 73 percent of those who had not been vaccinated were rated as
'very healthy'whereas only 41 percent of those who had been vaccinated were rated as 'very healthy'. This
relationship applied across all age categories. The survey results also provided some evidence indicating
that family members who had been vaccinated were also more likely to use the services of both medical
professionals and alternative health providers.

12. Large numbers of respondents also supplied additional comments on various aspects of the vaccination
issue. Many said they did not see any benefits in vaccination while there was general criticism of
government vaccination policy, the medical profession and the vaccine industry. A significant number
indicated there was a great need for more information and research on the long term effects of vaccination
and that there was a need for greater community education with accurate information. Some respondents
also described the social difficulties being faced by families who had decided against vaccination of their

The survey results indicate that most members of the AVN are in family circumstances where vaccination is an
issue for their families. They have children of an age where vaccination is recommended by health authorities.
They have gone to considerable trouble to use a wide range of vaccination information sources. They are
rejecting vaccination. Further, a very high proportion is claiming adverse reactions to vaccination in their family
and, more alarmingly, seríous long-term effects. These results indicate that there is an urgent need for soundly
based long-term research on the part of health authorities to assess the validity and accuracy of the claims they
are making.


Adverse reactions: Elephantiasis Numbnessi/heaviness

Back arched Encephalitls Paralysis
Back pain Eyes rolling back Pink urine
Eacterial infections Fatigue Personality/behaviour change
Black marks under eyes Feeding problems Pneumonia
Blood po¡soning Fever/sweat¡ng/temperature Recombinant DNA
Blood drained from face Flu Rash
Blood pressure dropped Gastric reflux Red in face
Blue lips and face Glandular fever Rolling eyes
Body went cold Greasy hair Screaming/highpitched screaming/unusual cry
Breathing problems Grey skin Skin discoloration
Caught illness afier injection Headachesy'migraines Sleep disruption
Crying Head banging Sleepy
Colds,/chest infection/bronchitis/mucus Hives Sore limbs
Colic Hospitalised Stiffening of body
Collapse/limp/shock lnflammation/swelling at injection site Stiff arm
Coma lrritabilitylnñlngy/clingy Stomach aches
Conjunctivitis Jerky movements Swollen body parts
Constipation Listless/of f+olour/drowsiness/lethargy/malaise Swollen glands
Convulsion/fiUseizures Local pain Throat lnfection
Eczema Locked jaw Tonsillilis
Diarrhoea Lymph system affected Ulcers
Disease vaccinated against Mental illneslpsychosis Ugly sore
Dehydrated Morbid lifeless eyes Very sick
Delirium Nausea Vomiting
Depression Weight loss
Ear infection

Long term effects: Eczema Multiple sclerosis

Abnormal blood count Elephantiasis Myalgic encephalomytis
Allergies Epilepsy Nephritis
ADD Erthema nodasum (red lumps and swelling on Nosebleeds
Anaemia skin) Pancreatic problems
Anxiety/depression Febrile convulsions Paralysis
Arthritis Flbriomyogia Permanent disab¡l¡ty
Asthma/bronchial problemVcroup Flu like symptoms Pernicious anaemia
Autism Food sensitivity Pneumonia
Bed wetting Food refusal Personality change
Behaviour problems Gastro lntestinal problems (bloating, Polio
Bladder cancer constipation, diarrhoea, coeliac disease) Protein in urine
Blood toxins Glandular fever Psoriasis
Brain swelling Gluten intolerance Respiratory problems
Eurst blood vessels in eyes Gout Rubella
Cancer (general) Growth problems School sores
Candida Hay fever Seizures
Cerebral palsy Headaches/migraines Shingles
Cervical cancer Hearing loss Sinus problemlnasal coryza
Colds Hernia Skin rash
Colic symptoms Hodgkín's disease Sleep apnoea
Cough (persistent) Hyperactivity Sleep problems
cFs lmmunþ problems Solar urticcuria (Sun allergy)
Deafness Jolnt problems Speech deficiency
Death Juvenile diabetes Still has hard lump
Delayed development Learning problems Stomach sickness
Demyelination in brain Leukaemia activation Swollen glands
Drug allergies Lump Tonsillitis
Drug dependence Meningitis Ulcers
Duodenal ulcers Mental illness Vomiting
Ear infections/glue ear Mononucleosis Warts
Ear nose and lhroat problems Motor problems Weight gain poor
Wounds not healing



Lifetime experiences with vaccines

From a sfngle male born 1958 - from chlldhood to now

I look back at my childhood as a historian looks back upon history: the events that impacted, shaped and created the future. The history I look
back on is my own childhood and youth and the medical and illness influence that shaped and impacted to create a large portion of my future.

Fkstly, I wish to apologise for the lack of details and idiosyncrasies you are probably looking for but my childhood is one I wish to forget and most
aspects of it I have - the historian who has perhaps intentionally forgotten history because it is not a pleasant one. Here then is my medical history.

My childhood was very sickly - lllness and general ill health walked with me ln all my endeavours. lt was a lonely time for me. I remember a
friendly doctor visiting each week to administer an lnjection deep ln my shoulder. Sometlmes he would come hMce a week. I was tenified of that
nightmarish needle that actually caused me pain as the needle was put directly lnto the muscle rather than the periphery ln comparison to
injections today going into the arm. The chemical cocktails were injected ¡nto me due to the numerous allergies and childhood diseases ihat would
attack me. My memory of my childhood is of having breathing problems - diagnosed as'acute bronchitis'. I also experienced at different times
through my childhood green boils covering my body. My mother used to cover my body ln a grey brown foul smelling cream then bandage me up
especially when going to school. I also suffered from eczema through my youth. There were the obvious learning and education difficulties, of
which teachers and my parents would say lwas lazy and stupid, coupled with hyperactivity.

ln. my teenage years, my skin afflictions went away but the breathing difficulties and learn¡ng problems stayed. However, I started getting
migraines. The weekly immunisation was only in my infancy but I continued to run the full gauntlet of full immunisation being insisted uponby my
doctor. My parents, deifying the medical profession, followed their instructions to the letter, lncluding immunisation for flu. As an adult when my
doctor and the pharmacist pushed my family all to get their flu shots (remember the Hong Kong flu scare when someone in Hong Kong was
supposed to have died?) I got the last flu shot of my life. And what happened - I got the flu full blown.

Sincelhen, I have taken up martial arts and running as well as doing self awareness courses and emancipating my thinking to think totally for
myself rather than organisations and individuals in authority telling and manipulating me through fear. I have never suffered from any skin
diseases since, although I discovered I have ADD and still have bronchial problems and some allergic reactions but nothing compared to the
childhood I would prefer to forget.

lmages, albeit fleeting, come to mind such as whenever the injection (in childhood) was administered a lump, an unsightly welt would appear
drawing the attention of my parents. I cannot remember if I had any reactions afrer the administration of the needles. I remember in prìmary
school go¡ng to receive the delicious raspberry syrup on a plastic spoon. Was lhis for polio? When this stopped, my teacher told us we nó bnger
required it as'that disease' had been eradicated due to the raspberry syrup we had been taking yearly.

Current allerg¡es - seafood, penic¡ll¡n, dusVgrass mites, dairy products, sulphurs (preservatives), vacc¡nation (l get what I am being vaccinated
against), nuts, sugar - think that's about it.

From a slngle dlsabled lemale pensloner (formørly a nurse) bom 1048.

Following a typhoid vaccination as a young student nurse, I became ill - nausea, dizziness, weakness. ln the next two weeks, I developed flu
symptoms, which I had for a further two weeks. I was taken to hospital and diagnosed w¡th bronchlal asthma. lt took six weeks conrralescing to
recuperate. I was unwell for several months following this vaccination. The reaction was not attributed to vaccination. All the nurses suffered the
initial reaction.

Within five years of this vaccination, I had a major arthritic flare followed by five years of solar urticaria (allergy to the sun). The flare settled br¡t I
developed duodenal ulcers with¡n the next two years. I perforated and continued to develop ulcers. Finally, a partial gastrectomy and vagotomy
were performed. ln 1988, I had another major arthritic flare which finally rendered me so cr¡ppled I was wheelchair bound in 1995. I have tried and
continue to use alternative medicine for my condition. One cannot reverse damage already done.

lwould like to point out that I have no positive evidence that the vaccinat¡on I rece¡ved in f 965 was responsible for my chronic condition. However,
I am convinced it was the cause. I suffered a major life threatening reaction to penicillin shot about 10 years before the typhoid vaccination. I
stopped having tetanus shots because I had adverse reactions.

ln my opinion, there are some people who are much more sensitive to reaction from laccination than others. lt w¡ll never become evident until the
medical profession take their heads out of the sand and begin to build a database on adverse reactions. Such a database would indicate if there
were common links between the adverse reaction sufferers.

I have had two very nas$ experiences with two hospitals over my refusal to have a tetanus vaccination. On both occasions, I was taking an
immunosuppressant. When I pointed it out to the doctor, he ignored me and continued to press me to take the shot. Finally I said I was allergic to
tetanus vaccine. He asked what my symptoms were. I gave the symptoms of anaphylactic react¡on. He claimed I probabiy would not have [hose
symptoms again and pressed me to have the shot. I pointedly refused.

I find it difficult to believe that the registrar at a regional country hospital would not know that you NEVER give VACCINATIONS to a patient who is
taking IMMUNOSUPPRESENTS. To claim that a patient who has previously suffered anaphylactic reaction to a vaccination may not do so again
almost borders on medical malpractice. ln short, the vaccination issue seems to drive common sense out of a medical practitionãr's mind. I have
not v¡s¡ted a medical practitioner for nearly two years because I fear for my life.

From a mother bom 1936 (fomerly a nurse) wlth îour grown up chlldren.

Possibly not vaccinated as parents went bush in 1936 ln Mctoria when I was two months old. Steedman's powder for teething. Only one
sleepless n¡ght when bitten by a splder on the big toe. Excellent health otherwise. Mother grew own vegetables.

ln 1942, I clearly remember diphtheria vaccination. Squatting in school yard and clutching painful lefr arm. Some memory of being told it was
normally given ln the lefr arm so you could still write with the right. Chronic disorders began with cyclic vomltlng that year. Severe nosebleeds
began that year also. Whooping cough in the winter and chicken pox later that year. Boils sometime that year and sties in the eyes.

ln 194, chilblains and tonsils and adeno¡ds removed. Dragging of muscle in left leg when I tried to do dancing lessons so I had to give them up.
Very nervous and crying that year although I liked school. ln '1945, remember a terrible red then purple rash spreading under my lefr arm early in
the year. Had to see a specialist about it. Measles sometime añer VE day. Did not return to school that year as family moved again.

Caught up with schoolwork at a new school in 1946. Attended a convent in Gippsland from mid f 946 to end of f 947. Measles epidemic at the
convent in 1947 but othenryise the glrls were remarkably healthy. One dose of castor oil every Saturday moming. Afier one holiday break that year,
we were told at assembly of the death of one girl from polio during the holidays. I do not recall any vaccinations at the convent and I think my only
visit to the dispensary was for laryngitis.

A new school for 1 948 - 1950. ln 1950, children received a tiny iodine tablet weekly. Vague recollection of belng llned up for another vacclnation
as well. Paralysed feeling ln the arm but different from the diphtherla paln. Family moved to Perth from Motoria and I was surprised I nns
developing catarrh. Took LentigenD. Developed chronlc appendicitis and this was removed in November 1953.

Began nursing in January 1954. cood health until 1957. Possibly had Salk r¿accine ln 1956 (or early 1957), as there was a scare in 1956 when
the Queen visited. Do not reoall any other vaccinations at the psychiatrlc hospltal where I worked, or other slck nurses.

Began general nurslng at WA government school of nursing ln 1957. We had a Mantoux test for TB and if negative, BCG vaccine followed by
another test to see if it had taken. Also smallpox vaccination as well as tetanus and diphtheria booster and finalty typhoid laccination. I remember
thinking it was all too much at once when my arm was so heavy and painful with swollen lymph glands. Feellng so ill and yet expected to work as
usual. There were always nurses ln sick bay. The oral Sabin at least was a great relief from the painful Salks I recalled earlier. We were not told
at the t¡me it was a trial (Sabln raras not given out to the public until the early 1960s in WA).

ln 1958, I developed ear trouble and was treated by a hospital doctor with antibiotics. This ear problem was not under control till about 1968 or
1969 afier I had seen nine different doctors and a specialist. I did not recognise ¡t as a breakdown of the lmmune system at the time. Even today I
have to take great care with diet, avoiding draughts, wet hair and excessive tiredness. I was not well for years, cerlainly at the end of f958 and
could not finish nursing after holidays when I did recuperate sufficiently to complete final exams that year. When one is young, one gets over
these short-term effects, not realising the more serious long-term effects of the break down of the immune system.

I also had regular flu vaccinations at about this time. All I can say for sure is that flu always followed the vaccination. I had it every winter for some
years. Finally it was only stopped with a life saving drug. Some time later I found out I had an increased white cell count. I asked why bt¡l was not
told the cause, if indeed anyone knew the cause.

Worse was to come when I married in 1959 and had four children, then smallpox vaccination in 1974. That is another story. As depressing as all
this is for my family and me, lt is nothing compared to the loss for parents rvhose children die or are lefr helpless or brain damaged requiring full
time care.

Adverse react¡ons and long term effects ln children as reported by parents

Mother of two sons and a daughter. All children are unvacclnated and healthy. The frtst bom, a son, died ln 1977 as a result of vacclnation.
Baby was vaccinated at two and four months with triple antigen and OPV. Convulsions, seizures, perslstent screaming, eyes rolling back,
stiffening of the enlire body. Yes seen by health provider. Reactlon not repoded. I was told it had nothing to do with traccination. Death was the
long run effect afier I I months. No natural therapist was sought at the time due to ignorance of natural therapies.

Motherwith 4 children - son aged nlne, a daughter agød seven and twln daughters agød frve. Nl have recelved tetanus and polio only.
Baby born I 987 - lost thls baby to cot death not long after second nccination. I trusted the doctors and the govemment. Hall Hall
Two elder children - both had very strong reaction to tetanus booster. The twins were not given the tetanus booster.

Mother of four children - sons aged nine and six and daughters eight and three years. The eldest received all baby vaccinations and thø nørt
two children are parlially vacclnated. The youngest is not vaccinated.
Eldest son - had high pitched screaming for about five hours afrer his first DPT at two months. He developed sleep apnoea and other breathing
problems. Afler his MMR, he was hosp¡talised with what the doctors called gastro but what I now think was encephalitis. He has continuing
growth, breathing and immune problems. He has seen many allopaths and specialists, chiropractors, homeopaths, naturopaths, a kinesiologist
and an anthroposophical doctor.

Mother of ñve (Bachelor of Nudng) - sons aged nine and four, and daughters aged si, three and one. The e/desf is fully vaccinated, the nêxt
threø arø pañially vaccinated and the youngest is unvacc¡nated.
Eldest son - noticed quite a personality change. lrritable and distant on lirst dose at two months. Son very hyperactive, bordering on ADD but
unable to pinpoint this to vaccination due to age. Symptoms too vague to report to doctor. Child ended up seeing a naturopath about hyperactivity
and lung problems. Lots better but attention span still limited as well as concentration. Cannot sit still for periods of time.
Eldest dauqhter - after fìrst dose of hiple antigen, had high pitched inconsolable screaming and skins problems/rashes. Reaction stated to doctor
on second visit for vaccination and was told ¡t was "normal'. Believe there are no long-term effects only because of homeopathic treatment and
vigilance in diet.

Second dauohler - she was getting chronic colds/chest infections so did not give her any more vaccinations afrer second dose.

Mother of a vaccinated son aged frve and unvaccinated twin boys aged two.
Eldest son - from extreme famlly pressure, my lirst born aged four months had his f¡rst vaccinations (diphtheria, tetanus and polio). He had severe
temperature and screaming. Took him back to the doctor and u¡as told to give Panadol and 'he will be rlght ln the moming'. His second
vacclnation was at five months (same as the first). My family doctor pushed me to have il because he was behlnd ln hls rraccinatlons. That night
he was floppy in my arms and went grey in the face and hls eyes were roll¡ng in his head. So my mother and I took hlm back to the doctor to be
told 'glve him Panadol and he wlll be OK in the mornlng'. lt took him a few days to get better. Since then I will never trust yacc¡nes agaln on any
of my three small children. And I read books and information on vacc¡nes and choose never to use them again.

Father oftwo daughters aged three and one (both unvaccinated).

My niece became ¡ll with men¡ngitis soon afrer vaccination - very close to death and still has speech difficutty. Not sure of the interval.

Mother of two - daughtêr seven years old and son aged one. The daughter is fully vacclnated and the son is not vaccinatød.
Dauohter - had asthma as a child and eczema. I would like to know if they are associated with vaccination but I would not know where to begin. I
believe we will all suffer - poor immunity, genetically etc. But we will never know if there is a link.

Mother of two - claughter agød four years and son aged one. Both ars vaccinated.
Dauohter - at two months had triple antigen, Hib and polio. Minor reaction - fever and wouldn't feed for a couple of weeks. She has had minor
problems with allergies but lt's hard to know if vaccination is responsible. She takes a wide range of herbs and supplements and is healthy.
Son - born with eczema whlch worsened the next day aner vaccination. Doctor admitted vacclnation had probably aggravated it. Exycma was
quite bad for a few months. Was seen by a holistic doctor who put him on some herbs. lt is practically gone now and he is healthy.

Mother of three - a daughter nlne and sons seyen and frve. Nl are vacc¡nated.
Younoest son - had a severe reaction to the MMR at 12 months. He stopped breathlng, went limp and turned blue and was taken to hospital
where hewas revived. Up to that point, all kids had the required shots. Since then, none have had any and they have never been healthler. All
three kids seemed to have a persistent skin rash that is only now starting to subside.

Mother of two sons aged lfve and two. Only the elder ls vaccinated.
Elder son - vaccinated under protest at two and four months. DPT and polio. High-pitched screaming and temperature afrer first lot. Settled afrer
six hours. Same on the second dose plus periods of collapse followed by screaming. Panadol lnduced an all over body rash. Couldnt be settled.
Continued for eight hours. Took him to a homeopath that issued the rescue remedy. Doctor did not report the lncldent but did suggest avoid¡ng
the DPT next time. There was no next timelll Approx. six months later, the baby developed a patch of skin initation on his foot. With various
natural health methods, it disappeared afier a couple of months. He would continue to suffer terribly with heat rash though. Two years ago, the
same skin condition took hold behind his leñ ear. Añer numerous attempts, it continues to improve and deteriorate quite randomly. I believe it is
vaccine induced.

Mother w¡th three children - daughter aged 16 and sons aged 10 and lour (all vaccinatød)
Daughter - Received early shots. High fever and screamlng. Seen by doctor and told not to give whooplng cough in fr¡ture.
Elder son - high fever and sickness at four and six months. No whooping cough añer that.
Younoer son - high fever and screamlng at s¡x weeks. Rang doctor, was told it was normal and to glve Panadol.

Father of daughter aged 12. Baby was hosprfa/ised after lour monthly shofs. Ihis has been ofñcially recorded with the Health Dept as an
adyerse reaction.
Very healthy baby prior to vaccine. Has had two, four and six monthly shots. At two months, stopped feeding appropriately, screamed on and off
for 24 hours, weight loss, lethargy. At four months, hospitalised for four days, 18 hour feeding strike, screaming, would not settle, tube fed in
hospital. At six months, went ahead on medical advice. Reaction not as severe but poor feeding cont¡nued. Has had no vaccinations since. The
baby has been taken to a naturopath/chiropractor and an excellent paediatrician. Continued gasho/intestinal problems i.e. bloating, constipation,
diarrhoea. Chronlc food refusal, two trips to Sydney hospital for intensive feeding program and stomach biopsy. Poor lmmune system, poor
weight galn, more tube feeding.

Mother of a daughter aged seven and a son aged one. Only the daughter has been vacc¡nated.
The baby fitted the day after her MMR. She was a perfectly healthy ch¡ld. She was hospital¡sed and then came down rvith tonsillitis. When she
came home, she was like a little drunk walking lnto everything and falling over. She developed asthma, adenoid problems and eventually a tumed
hip and feet. She has gross motor problems and suffers ADD. We have been to kinesiology and stress clear¡ng chiros. She ls about to start with
a reflexologist. Here's hopingll

Mother of frve chlldren - sons aged I I and frve and daughlørs aged n¡ne, slx and three. Nl children have been vacclnated.
Eldest son - vacc¡nated two and four months with triple antigen and polio. Screamed for 30 straight mlnutes, lemperature. Afrer 12 monthly
measles and mumps, got'baby mumps". Doctor sald lt had no connection. ls now an asthmatic and has allergy problems. Went to altemative
health provider and ls now off all medication. Fabulousll

Mother of twin boys aged two. Both have been vacc¡nated w¡th DPT, polio and Hib.
Out of all vaccinations, the smaller twin was very sick with the last Hib shot. I will never have any more needles put into any of my children afrer
that. Sick, vomiting, hot, diarrhoea and listless for two to three days. I hope he hasn't suffered any long-term effects. He is too young to kno¡r.

Mother of 2 sons aged eight and one. Only the elder has been vaccinated.
Our eldest son who ls eight years old was normal ¡n every way until he was about l4 months old when he had his MMR shot. He was diagnosed
with autism at four years l0 months. We believe the MMR at 14 months is the cause of his autism - referred to as late onset autism.

Mothor of three - daughter aged frve and sons aged four and one. Nl children have been vaccinated, the third child only pañially.
Dauohter - had her MMR shot at 12 months and 14 days later developed a nlsh on her body and had a low grade temperature, runny nose etc.
Took her to the GP thinking she had rubella. Was told it could not possibly be that because symptoms began at I 4 days not 10 - 12 daysll Wish
somebody would tell the bugs thatl
Youngest son - añer second DPT, H¡b and polio shots, began high-pitched soreaming. Could not put him down and had to hold him under his
bottom as he screamed if I touched his legs (he had a shot in each thigh). Had raging temperature that Panadol did not touch. Slept only for one
to two hours for the next two days and temperature vas up for three days. Vomlted every breastfeed he had. Soon afier, eczema llared up and he
had cortisone treatment for that. He has recurring gastric upsets ever since as well as croup. His eczema has settled with papaw oinlment. He is
given herbal remedies for gastric and croup from herbalist.

Mother of two daughters agad frve and fwo. Only the elder ls vaccinatød.
Elder child reacted at age three to DPT and Hib. lmmediate swelling and redness travelling down the arm, listlessness, fever lasting several days,
lethargic for a week or more. Had a cough lasting three months.

Mother ol two sons aged nine and seven. The elder has beøn paíially vaccÍnated and the younger ls not vacclnated.
My first chlld received only the first diphtheria and tetanus (not whooping cough) vaccination and he is without doubt the one with the weakest
lmmune system. He is the one to most oflen get a cough, colds elc (minor lllnesses). I am unsure if thls ls related to his being r¡accinated at turo

Mother of three - son aged 18, and daughte,rc aged 15 and thrøe. All children are vaccinated.
Second daughter - reaction to 12 monthly MMR/DPT Hib vaccination - high temperature, very unsettled bouts of screamlng and discomfort for a
few days.
First started to doubt vaccinatlon when first daughter caught a gevere case of measles. She was fully vaccinated.

Mother of two-year-old daughter who ls padially vacclnated.

Within 24 hours of her four monthly vaccinations she suffered eczema all over her body. Definitely linked to vaccination. Not reported by the

Mother of three children - fwo sons aged 23 and 17 and a daughter aged 21. Nl childron are vaccinatød.
Dauohter reacled to pertussis vacc¡ne. Despite being partially vaccinated, both she and her younger brother got whooping cough together ln later
years. Daughter suffered severe lump and bouts of scream¡ng affer first vacclnation. Was only given two and a half doses for the second and
was not given a third. As elucidated ln Coulter's most recent book, she still has problems with consc¡ence and cognit¡on. She always struggled at
school. Got the lowest OP score in her year. ls now an apprentice. Both her parents and siblings are very intelligent and have achieved

Mothør with daughter aged ñve, partially vaccinated.

Eczema occurred on baby two weeks after vaccination. Lasted a few months and luckily has not returned.

Mother oî a son aged 10 and daughter agød ñve. Only the son l,as ôeen vacc¡natod.
Son - reacted to third DPT by go¡ng very red in the face, crylng. Felt sure he had a bad headache, th¡gh swollen like a football. Told the welfare
nurse who said the lump was caused by aluminium and she would tell the doctor to be more careful in future. He developed asthma at age one
but do not know if the vaccination caused it. Consulted a naturopath for the management of this and any other lllnesses he has had. His asthma
has decreased and is virtually gone. He has had no vaccinal¡ons since the 12 monthly MMR.

Wtfø with two children aged six (daughtør) and another child aged one. Only the elder child has bøon vacclnated.
Daughter - had severe eczema afler three monthly Trlple Antlgen. Synptoms occurred not more than 16 hours after the needle. Homeopathic
treatment was sought. A link was suggested but I was never advised not to revaccinate. Was told to give certain remedies before the next shot.
She still suffers from eczema although it ¡s much better. Have enlisled the aid of a trustworthy naturopath.

Mother w¡th ñvø children - son aged 10 (fuily vaccinated), daughters aged six, thrøe and two (all padially vaccinated) and newbom son nof
Elder son - had DPT and Sabin at 10 weeks. Excessive crying bordering on screaminS, jerky muscle movements even with Panadol and
Phenergan. Slight temperature. Was advised against any further DPT vaccinations.

Mother of three daughters aged seven, ñve and four. Ihe e/desf is fully vaccinated, the second is padially vacc¡nated and the youngest
Two elder daughters suffered "usual and expected'fevers with the second hav¡ng a pea sÞed lump on her thigh for at least three weeks. At the
t¡me I thought it was normal.

Mother of two daughters aged frve and thrøe. Only the older ¡s vacc¡nated.
Dauohter had two monhly DPT, Sabin, Hib. Screamlng fits, high temperature and dysentery. Screaming contlnued for two weeks at certain times
ofthe day. lnformed doctors and nurses but was told to have four monthly shots, as the reaction was not bad enough. After second shot same
reaction but more ¡ntense....... Visited child specialist for answers.

Mother ol sons aged three and newly bom. Only lhe elder¡s vaccinated.
Elder son - ear infections, chest infectíons constantly. Switched to homeopathic treatment, as I did not agree with constant antibiotícs. We have
successfully used this to get through some tough times and boost his natural immunity. Now gets over colds himself without infection.

Mother of a son aged four and daughter aged one. Only lhe son is vacclnatød.
Son - reacted severely to first, second and third needles. I stopped vaccination at that point. Had fever, persistent screaming, not feeding, tennis
ball swelling, coughing blood, restless, sleeplessness, vomiting. He was the sickest little man the f¡rst 10 months of his life from those needles.
Had asthma. eczema, ear infeclions, tonsillitis, bronchitis, constipation. From 12 months of age, has not had a sick day in his life.

Mother (Reglsterød Nurse) w¡th seven ch¡ldren - daughters aged 25, 10 and eight and sons aged 20, 17, 16 and six. Atl chitdren with the
exception of the youngest have been vaccinated.
Second son - long term effect has been asthma (since one year old).
Third son - long term effect has been learning difficulties.
Younoest daughter - fever and high pitched crying and screaming at six monthly DPT. Unable to put foot on floor for three days afrer 18 months
DPT. Gastro several weeks later.

Mother with son aged three wl¡o l¡as been pañially vaccinated.
Son - persistent crying and irritability lasting for about two weeks gradually decreasing in lntensity. lnsecurity and demanding constant round the
clock feeds (Unsure if this was from thirstiness or just wanting comfort). Long term effects have been lowered immunity, food sensitivities and
hyperactivity. lt's hard to determine if this is from vacc¡nation as son was only breastfed at the time.

Mother (Registered Nurse and MidwifQ with a daughter aged two. Daughter vacclnated for tetanus onty.
Dauqhter - was 18 months old and had tetanus shot as we moved onto a farm. For some time around 36-48 hours later she was very ratty, cl¡ngy
and whingey. That night she woke frequently. Thought it possible it could be caused by vacc¡nat¡on but hard to say because she had these
periods lntermittently anyway.

Mother of daughtør aged 10 and son aged si.

Only the daughter has been vacc¡ndted.
Dauohter - lmmediate adverse reactions were screaming non-stop for over eight hours, would not feed. Long term effects were asthma, ec¿ema,
and aluays ill and ear infections.

Motherwith fourchildren - sons aged 15,10 and sevon (the eldesttwo arevacclnated) and avacc¡natod daughteraged 12.
Eldest son - has cerebral palsy. Can be difficult to separate CP from vacclnation damage.
Second son - redness and swelling. lrrltabil¡ty for a few hours. Only gave hlm two needles. Child developed severe glue ear. Today hls speech ls
not 100% due to early childhood deafness from glue ear.
We see only ch¡ropractorsy'naturopaths for treatment of any of our four children.

Wtfe with daughter aged eighl and a son aged three. Both children are vaccinated, the son only padiatty.
$9¡ - suffered adverse reactions to his two, four and six monthly shots. Ended up in hospital for wet dressings as his eczema flared. Have a
letter from a paediatric dermatologist suggesting no further booster shots except for 12 monthly MMR. Have not subjected my son to any shots
añer slx months. Long term effect has been eczema. Have tried many treatments and have settled on a chiropractor that has studied altematives.

Mother with eight childran - sons aged 15, 10, eight, six and four and daughters aged 13, 11 and newty bom. The frrst six children were
All babies - all had minor redness and swelling and some irritability. All had sore and swollen arms for about two weeks.

Mother with sons aged 14 and six years. Tho older was vaccinated with DPT and polio vacc¡nø. The youngør is unvaccinated.
Elder,so0 - at s¡x monthly vaccination, suffered swelling at site of injection, persistent crying, altered sleep pattern, digestive problems and
constipation. Long lerm effects have been - asthma, ADD, hyperactivity, chronlc nasal coryza, ear nose and throat probiems and behavioural
problems. Have consulted homeopaths, chiropractors, holistic healers, naturopaths and psychologists.

Mother with son aged eight and daughtør agød six. Both children have been vacclnated. The daughtør has recelved fewer vaccines than the
son l¡as.
$g - afrer first or second shots (can't remember) he cried, had temperature, couldnt be settled seemingly all night. Later diagnosed with asthma
and acute gastro-enteritis. Afrer introducing solids at eight and a half months, could not tolerate many things. Naturopath saved the day with
homeopathlcs. Sklct diet for three years. He ls now eight and has not had any antiblotic treatments recently and is not asthmatic. He is a very
healthy boy.... now.
Dauohter - has had fewer vaccinations than her brother and ls healthy too.

Mother of four - daughter aged 23 ¿nd sons aged vx, frve and one. Thø daughter received meas/es, mumps and rubølta vacclnes onty. The
sons aro unvaccinated.
Daughter - suffers bad skin rash like a form of eczema.

Mother of two - son aged four and daughtør aged one. The son røceived al! usual chitdhood vaccinations. Daughter is unvaccinated.
Son - Triple Antigen, two months - swelling, four months- abscess, six months - fever 410, vomiting, crying, screaming, dianhoea. Was seen by a
paediatrician at four months and afrer six months shot by a GP and CAFHS Nurse. DonI know lf they reported reactions. Son has recuning lung
and sinus problems, coughs, and skin cond¡tion. We have been to naturopaths and continue to go when the need arises. This treatment quickf
alleviates the symptoms, when combined with diet control.

Mother of two (Nudng Ceúifrcate) - son aged 15 and daughter aged 12. Both children have been vaccinated.
Son - aged three months received first polio and triple antigen. lmmediate reaction was crying, red lump at injection site followed later by a mild
temperature, given Panadol, irritable all day, not breastfeeding very well. Slept well that night and OK next day. Other vaccinations - only cried
when first g¡ven injection, otherwise OK.
Dauohter- much the same history.
Both children have had chiropractic care since birth and as far as we know there are no long-term effects.

Father of threø - fwo sons aged 10 and nine and a daughter aged seven. Older son had the usuat chitdhood vaccinations. Nof sfafed whether
the other two children were vaccinated.
Eldgr s9! - first symptoms about four years old. I have only suspected a connect¡on with vaccination. His eczema was on different parts of the
body. Afrer many trips to the doctor and had been given co¡lisone cream there was no improvement. A naturopath d¡d a saliva test. My son was

kept off the worst of the foods, wheat and milk. He then improved very well. At f 0 now he st¡ll gets small amounts of eczema but only now and

Molher of two - a son agød 10 and a daughter aged s¡x. Both children have received Triple Antigen and Polio vaccinations.
Son - reacted adversely to Triple Antigen. Afrer the second dose he had a very hlgh fever. Not seen by GP but reported to him. Pertussis not
given again just Diphtherla and tetanus. No more reactions.

Motherwithlourchildren-daughtersaged13, 11 andñve. Nl werevacc¡nated. Asonagedtwolsunvaccinated. Anotherchild,adaughter,

died from e brain tumour ln 1995 at agø ñve.
Eldest dauqhter - screamed for three hours afier two monthly vaccination.
Younoest daughter - at six months, had high temperature and developed severe throat and ear infections within 24 hours.
Deceased dauohter - do not blame vaccination directly but it was a contributing factor.

Mother with four childran - daughters aged 23 and 15 and sons agød 21 and four. Only thê two elder children are vacc¡natod.
Elder daughter - presented with what was called gastric reflux to which surgery was advised. This was lmmediately añer vaccination. At that time
I believed the doctors but did refuse surgery. I also refused boosters.
Elder son - had what I now know to be violent and dangerous reactions gplcal of tetanus vaccination. He uas severely allergic. More recently he
was ¡n hospital unconscious from an accident. They automatically gave him a tetanus lnjection wilhout permission. I nearly lost him. The hospital
refused responsibllity for hls reaction, which was paralysis, headaches and delirlum. I recognised the synptoms from the first reaction when he
was young. Thelr attitude was "¡ts too late novy'' (their words). They thought he vnas drunk or drugged and lnsisted that was the cause. When
tested, he was neither.

Mother of two daughters aged sx and three. Older daughter was vacc¡ndted up to but excluding pr*school. Younger child is unvaccinated.
Elder dauohter - triple antigen, within a couple of hours she began to scream. Thls went on for six hours, prolectile vomiting when we tried to give
her Panadol. Second trlple antigen was severe. She screamed until exhausted and I couldn't touch her stomach e.g. to change her or hold her,
whlch I had to do all nlght. She wouldn't breastfeed, she vom¡ted and her temperature was high. I felt she couldn't be moved to a hospital. I felt
very distrustful of a hospital because of my own experiences and I didn't really realise how dangerous a situation she was in until later. I did tell my
GP. A homeopath gave her'medication'to counteract the effects. She experiences problems with food lntolerance to dairy products. Her nose
runs like a tap and she gets very bad chest infections. Soya products caus€ eczyma. She began getting eczyma when she was a few months old.
Younqer dauohter ls unvaccinated and appears much healthier.

Mother of two daughterc aged 16 and 14, both vacclnated.

Younqer dauohter - triple antigen at five and a half months. Extremely red blotchy skin, unsettled, change ln feeding and sleeping habits. Doctor
informed but not reported to my knowledge. She now suffers from epilepsy, global impa¡rments, aut¡sm, and extremely bad health. Treatment by
naturopath improved health, got rid of epilepsy and improved her quality of life.

Mother of two. Son aged eight had triple antigen and polio. Daughter aged ñve had only polio vaccination.
Eldest child had polio vaccine at three months and triple antigen at one year old. Had high fever, very unsettled and crying. Both children
developed cold immediately after their polio vaccine - never hav¡ng had one before.

Mother of one son aged two who has been vacc¡nated.

Son - high temperature and cr¡ed a lot. He developed eczema days afrer the vaccination. He has been left with the long-term effects of
neutropenia (not enough white blood cells), eczema and multiple allergies. I have started my son on a course of Thuja (Homeopathic remedy) to
reverse the effects of vaccination. His eczema has cleared and his neutropen¡c count has finally gone up to normal.

Mother with four children - daughters agod 23 and two yoaß and sons aged 17 and four. All children arø vaccinated.
Younqest son - fully vaccinated. Suffered from ulcers in the mouth, strep throat that inflamed hls liver, ear infections, colds, ulcers on his legs,
croup. We use natural treatments now and his health is good. Use naturopath instead of a doctor. He was breastfed until two years and should
have been healthy.
Younqest dauqhter - vacclnated at two months. Would not breastfeed, change ln bowel movements. Vacclnated at four months. Agaln would not
feed, same bowel movements, ulcers in the mouth and ear infections. Seen by naturopath and now very healthy. No more vacclnes since four
months of age and still breastfeeding.

Mother with one son aged onø vaccinated to thø age appropriate level.
Son -10 weeks old fîrst shots. Triple antigen, Hib and oral polio. Bright red swelling at site of injection and low€rade temperature rvhich cleared
with Panadol. Two weeks and six days later, severe seÞures, approximately 100 over a period of one month, hospitalised for the whole time.
Seizures lasted from seconds to over an hour. The day before the lirst seizure occuned, my son had a high pitched screaming lasting up to three
hours and I sat ln a cool bath with him for two hours and then he seemed fìne. He was placed ln lntensive care afrer his second seÞure lasted one
and a half hours and he didn't respond to the sedating mediclnes to stop fitting. Over a month he had many extensive tests - two lumbar
punctures, at least a dozen blood tests. EEGs, scans, MRls, was placed on a drip for a week or so and was prodded like a pincushion with no
diagnosis at the end of A. Doctors put it down to a virus that was apparently undetectable. When I mentioned that I thought it was a reaction to his
first vaccinations, the doctors said it couldn't possibly be this long añerwards. We knew ln our hearls that vaccination was the reason. Some
younger doctors admitted it may have been but there was no way of telling. My son's fitting finally ceased and we were allowed to take him home
on three medications. Over time this was reduced lo two and eventually one Epilim which he still takes, His s€izures started recuring afrer his
release from hospital aner about four months of normality. First he had eye-fluttering episodes and then getting worse as short little shaking
lapses. He ls developing normally. We see a physiotherapist and an occupational therapist regularly. Although the doctors say vaccination was
not the cause, I was advised not to vaccinate him again until further notice from his doctors. We had already decided NEVER EVER AGAIN with
any children.
I have to be with my son all the t¡me to catch him when he falls when he is having a seizure and just to watch over him. He is a beautiful, gentle,
very happy and intelligent little boy who has just amazed us and doctors and therapists under the circumstances. Now we live ln fear of his
condition ever ending. All of the doctors and therapists at the hospital we are in contact w¡th are good and respect our op¡nions. However,
everywhere else, at family GPs etc we find ourselves getting ¡nto arguments. Recently I took my son to a family GP we have been seeing for over

30 years. He advised me that my son u¡as now 12 months old and he should have his MMR shots. I stood my ground but will not be able to retum
there again for medical attenlion. I had actually gone to see him as my son had an ear infection. He had had a string of them over the previous
few months.
Every time I mention my son is on homeopathics and a very healthy child othenivise, doctors have scoffed and voiced their very disagreeable
opinions. We have never been offered any answers for our son's condition. What I can't understand ls why we keep getting hassied to ôntinue
his shots wñen he is still having seÞures. I couldnt imagine what reactions he would have then.

Mother (Pharmacist) with a ñve year old daughter fully vaccinated and a newbom son unvacclnatød.
Daggbler - due to genetic weakness, vaccination may have contributed to eczema (particularly MMR) and allergiesy'asthma due to a hyperactive
immune response. Consulted alternative health providers. Ongoing problem yet to be overcome.

Motherwith son aged three (fully vaccinaled) and daughter aged one (paftially vaccinated).
Son - fever, lump at inJection site at two, four and six months.
AauShlc! - fever, crying for eight hours after inJection, followed by floppiness and whimpering ln sleep at two months injection. Rang CAFHS
heþline. Told to ring back in two hours if had not stopped, Not reported. Developed colic symptoms by about three months. These got worse
w¡th subsequent doses of antibiotics and vacolnes until about l0 months. Oiagnosed with yeast infection and severe cor¡ræ' milk lntoleranôe. ls l7
months now and has been seeing a naturopath and may be clear of symptoms - time will tell.

Mothørwilh son agød frve (fully vacclnated) and daughter aged two (unvaccinated).
Son - fevers lasting 72 hours followed by secondary bacterial infections for all vaccinations. Afler MMR at 12 months, lost speech and failed to
progress in communicatlon and socialisation development. ls now autistic. ls under homeopath and naturopath to counteracl damage.

Mother with pañially vaccinated son aged three and unvaccinated son aged one.
Elder son - vacclnated with OPV at five months administered alone. Feverish and flushed for two days. Then a rash appeared all over his body
and did not leave for six months. lt left añer he became ill with roseola (one-day measles). Not reported by the doctor. But she recognised thè
rash as erythema multiforme. lt was a referenced side effect of the vaccine in her medical literature.

Mother with son aged 13 and daughter aged 10 (both tulU vaccinated) and unvaccinated daughter aged three.
Elder daughter - three days after five-yearold DPT injection, she experienced vomiting for two days. Continued to get vomiting attacks periodically
after that with length of time decreasing until it was happening about once a month by the time she was seven or eight. Took her to homeopath
that diagnosed low sugar bul did not indicate the cause (afier no satisfaction with GP). Took her to another homeopath wtro diagnosed pancreatic
damage due to vacc¡ne and prescribed mediclne and low sugar diet.

Molher with lully vaccinated son aged three and unvacc¡nated son aged one.
Elder son - crying, off food, fever, Panadol every four hours. Have never needed to give unvaccinated child any Panadol.

Mother with son aged ñve and daughter agod three, both ftlly vaccinaled.
Son - developed rubella a month afrer the vaccination,
Dauohter - eczema and severe food allergies within three weeks of MMR. Fixed by chiropractor/kinesiologist with homeopath support.

Molher with partially vaccinated son aged three and unvaccinated daughter aged two.
Son - temperature, screaming, l¡mp, intense pain at l4 months vaccination. Of no concern rvhen reported to medical pract¡tioner.

Mother with fully vaccinated daughters aged elght and four and unvaccinafed son aged three.
Elder daughter - extremely prolonged crying afrer two monthly DPT.
Younger dauohter - MMR at 15 months. Abot¡t a week later she was extremely sick. Vomiting, diarrhoea and change of personality almost. Had
repeated ear infections about a month later. Seen by doctor but not connected to vaccine. Was told by ear speclalist a few months ago that
grommets were needed or permanent damage could arise. At this point sought help from homeopath (new baby was due) and results speak for
themselves. I have never looked back.

Mother wilh daughter aged frve pailìally vaccìnated and son aged one unvaccinated.
Dauohter - screamed all day after first vaccination. Did not see GP as I thought it was colic as she had had this before. She suffers from asthma.
Possibly from vaccination because there is no family history. Have consulted a chiropractor.

Motherwith son aged 11 fully vaccinated.

S.on - normal vaccination Program ln UK and Australia. Symptoms - distress and very high fevers. Reactions reported but dismlssed and told to
give Panadol. He developed chronic glue ear and throat and asthma problems. Glandular fever at age five and meningitis at age s¡x. Has leaming
difficulties (dyslexia) and co-ordinat¡on problems. Been to naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, and occupational therapistè for many years for

Motherwith fhree sons aged 12, 10 and four. The frrct two are fully vaccinated and the third partiatty.
All children -all had persistent high-pitched screamlng and periods of lethargy.
Eldest son - born two months premature. Had full vaccinations. Bronchitis at seven months, persistent croup, asthma to age five. Medicated
throughout. Lots of antibiotics, recurrent ear infections/tonsillitis. Later gastric trouble and different medications. Led to ear surgery, many tests,
endoscopy, speech therapy, physiotherapy and psychotherapy. Changed to no wheat no dairy diet through naturopath at age eight. Ñow 1 â years
old - no asthma, no digestive tract problems, no medications. Regular chiropractic treatment.

Mother (Registered Nurse) with six year old son (DPT, polio, Hib) and daughters aged four and one, both unvaccinated.
Son ' received two, four and six month DPT and polio shots. lnitability and fever afler the f¡rst two shots. Developed dry cough after third shot
that developed into throat lnfection. Prescribed Bactrum. Vomiting and unable to hold down medicine three days later.'Antibiot¡cs changed to
Amoxil. Developed otitis media and bronchitis and pleurisy. Prescribed Augmenlin. Should have been hospitalised, as breathing was 70 breaths
per minute. Very sick little boy. Developed glue ear and throat problems. Had another 10 lots of antibiotics over the next twõ years. Doctors

estimated he had lost 30% of hearing that was affecting speech development. Doctors said there was no link between vaccination and his health
His sister ¡s unvaccinated with barely any medical history.

Mother with thrøe daughters aged nine, seven and three. The frrst two arø fully vacclnated and thø third is unvaccinated.
Eldest dauohter - crying, unsettled, feverish afler vaccinations. Chronic ear problems, colds, respiratory problems.
Second dauohter - also crying, unsettled and feverish. Also ear problems, colds and respiratory problems. Hard swollen lump appeared after one
vaccine (not sure which). Nurse said it happened because the child 'tensed" when the needle went in. Lump remained for weeks, months.

Mothør w¡th thrøe-yeanold fully vaccinatød daughter.

Dauohter - had larger vomil than normal on the night of the two monthly injections. At four months, cried all day and was settled with Panadol afrer
ringing the hospital. At six months, vomited and adm¡nistered Panadol continuously the night afler. At 12 months MMR, rash afrer 10 days and
swollen gland the sÞe of an almond in the leg. Paediatrlcian found all glands were swollen. Now see naturopath/homeopath as the leg stayed up
for 12 months. Contracted German Measles at two years followed by ear lnfection that wept and numerous colds. Naturopath found still had
rubella ln system. Neutralised this and desensitised allergies. Gland has gone down and ¡s much healthier.

Motherof fourchildren - daughters aged 21, 19 and 16 and a son agød 13. All children had DPT and polio.
Son - measles mumps vaccine at 18 months. Two weeks later had middle ear infection and diagnosed with mild mumps, Tetanus injection at age
10. Acute febrile condition w¡thln four hours with nausea, vomiting and lass¡tude. Doctor confirmed reaction bú not reported. Suffered asthma
every winter from two years of age. Never sick before MM vacc¡nation. Speech therapy required at 20 months due to loss of hearing and
lntenuptlon to speech milestones. Do not allow any more vacclnat¡ons for him. Treat his lmmune system with homeopathlcs and herbs as lhe
need arises.

Motherwith three children - son aged 15 (DPT, Polio, Hib), and son aged 12 and daughter aged two (both unvacclnated).
Elder son - prolonged screaming, high temperature and swollen at site of ¡njection and muscle very hard afrer first shot. Similar reactions to
second shot. We were told this was normal. Afrer third (and last) shot, he developed eplgloüls (causative organism is haemophllus lnflueruae)
then pneumonia. Lefr lung collapsed and was sensitive to a wide range of antibiotics. Hospltalised for three weeks. lt took him six months to
regain his strength.

Fathør with three chíldren - son aged sx (one shot DPT only), and a daughter aged four and a son aged one (both unvacc¡nated).
Elder son - acute reaction after initial shot. Frantic mild delirium, grey skin, cold sweat, dark morbid lifeless eyes for three hours. We swore we
would never do something like that to our children again, despite at that time having little knowledge concerning the vaccination issue.

Mother of four childrøn all vaccinated - daughtors aged eight, six and onø and a son aged frve.
Eldest daughter and son - both came down with whooping cough at the end of 1996 despite being fully vaccinated. My daughter was on a visit to
a paediatrician for a worsening asthma cough when he heard my son's cough. Daughter had a blood test and that confirmed whooping cough.
Son was not officially diagnosed with it even though the doctor knew he had it. Daughter's symptoms were no more than a bad cough. However,
son who was 18 months at the time had to get down on hands and knees when coughing. Daughter's asthma cough has mysteriously
Younqest daughter - vaccinated at two months. Reaction was screaming for two days followed by hard lump that stayed for some weeks. Did not
return to see doctor, as he was very unapproachable. She now has delayed development and is seeing a paediatrician who is unsure wtrat is
wrong with her at this stage. I have discussed her vaccinat¡on with him but he has fobbed it off.

Mother of daughfers aged 1 4 and 12 (both vaccinatød) and an unvaccinated son dged sevon.
Eldest daughter - persistent crying on and off for 12 hours after two monthly shots. Fever¡sh and not feeding. Rang Childrens' Hospital and they
advised Panadol and'keep an eye on hef. Fortunately the symptoms stopped añer 12 hours. I was ignorant of the subject at the time and
thought it was a normal reaction.

Motherof adaughter23 andsons aged22andfour(all vacclnated) andson agedone(unvacclnated).

Eldest son - fully vaccinated due to no knowledge of vacclnation. Believe his asthma was from vaccination.
Second son - Dip, Tetanus and polio at 13 months. Had only two vaccinations but afrer that he atways had ear infections requiring antiblotios.
Doctor took him off dairy products and that helped. ln 1997, he got croup and ls now an asthmatic requiring medication. Feel thls is due to
vaccination as he was healthy before then.

Motherwith sons aged three and one. Only the elder has been vaccinated.
Elder son - lirst shots at three months and he was so unsettled the day afrer like he was ln paln. Fever for three days, limp and missed two feeds.
Took him to a homeopath and he was really toxic and needed three courses of homeopathics. His well being has improved markedly.

Motharwith fl¡reesonsaged24,23and17. Iheeldeslsonwasvaccinatedforcholerabutnovaccineshavebeenusedapartfromthat.

Eldest son - had a cholera shot when a baby to lravel to Africa. lt was not opt¡onal. He had a huge reaction - high temperature, convulsions,
stopped breathing several times. He was a fretful baby for a long time afterwards. Never had the same co-ordination after the needle. He was a
very advanced baby in crawling and walking but never seemed as advanced as before.

Mother of 6 children - daughters aged 14, 12, eight, three and one and a son aged 10. All have bøøn vaccinatød except the two youngest
Son - first vaccination at eight weeks. Reaction was three hours after. High pitched scream¡ng for over six hours. lnconsolable. Took him to
emergency at hospital and was told it was reaction to pertussis vaccine and not to give it again. Was writlen on his record as a reaction but not
reported. He has severe learning difficulties and speech problems. Has had treatment by a naturopath, homeopath and a kinisiologist. This has
helped but treatment needs to be ongoing. His reaction has allered his life!!

Mother with 3 children - daughter aged six (DPT only) and unvaccinated son agød four and unvacc¡nated daughter aged one.
Elder-daughler - vaccinated DPT at three and seven months. Non stop crying lor three hours at three months ãnd foifive hours at seven months.
Would not drink or eat. Rang doctor and told to keep up the Panadol as ¡t was'normal'. High temperature for 48 hours. Was a dream baby up to
point of first vaccination. After vaccinations, health was very poor. Gastro problems, dianhoea, little weight galn. Eaby seven pounds at birth
only eight kilograms by l2 months. Child now six years old - lmmune system very poor, picks up flus and vlruses and tâkes a tòng t¡me to get over
them. other children plck up the same vlruses bul are not as badly affected. Now consult Chlnese doctor and chlropractor on a rfoutar uaËis.

Mother with sons aged four (fully vaccinatød) and two (unvaccinated).
Elder son - afrer two, four, six and 12 monlhs, he screamed and screamed. Atways had a hard lump at the site. Vomited after six monthly polio.
Would always develop a temperature within a couple of days and go off his breastmilk. Never slept peacefully, always resüess for about two to
three weeks. Never seen by a GP or any of this reported. I was this ignorant mother who thought ii was all suþposed to be OK. Just kept giving
him Panadol. Always developed some illness within days or weeks of being vaccinated. Constãntly plagued by-middle ear infections, bròken ear
drums on bolh sides (he had tubes in at 10 months), bronchitis and a case of croup that lasted '12 days and nearly killed him because he could not
breathe at all. Hospitalised for eight days for that. He developed this only days afrer his four montñry shots. Nbt long after, he developed more
bronchitis lhal developed into pneurnonia in both lungs. Then the diagnosis of childfnfant asthma for rvhich he was given more medication by a
GP. That only made him vomit violently after every dose. At around 10 months, he screamed and screamed for abor¡t 4O minutes then went all
flaccid. I thought he was dead. Never knew for rvhat reason but it was within two to three weeks of vaccination. Now four years old and he has
improved in the last six months. That is approx. how long il has been since I discovered a good homeopath. Now off the antióiotic merry go round.
Still gets croup but less severely. He develops dark circles under the eyes that I have yet to find the cause. Hate to thlnk - renaí tiouble or
perhaps his poor liver. With a series of tests from homeopath we will know soon enough. Baby was never treated in any way except by Gp or
hospital paediatrician for any childhood illnesses. I did not even know what a naturopath/tromeoþath was. Regretfully he ias ôontinúousty given
some conventional drug to counteract his illnesses. I cry ofren at this fact and also the fact that the government and the medical bodies made me
feel that to be a good mum I should vaccinate. Ha bloody hatl We are not the ones guilty of child abuse or neglecl. lt's the govemment and the
drug companies who get away with MURDERII

Motherwith a daughter aged 18 (tully vacclnated), son aged 13 and daughter agød 10 (both pailially vacctnaled).
Son' had adverse reactions but not severe. Many small health problems related to the immune system ever since.
Mother with daughter agød four (fuily vacc¡nated) and a son aged two (fu!!y vacc¡nated oxcept îor peñussls component).
Dauqhter - temperature of 38 degrees for three days, swelling and crying.
Son - temperature of 37-38 degrees for three da1æ, swollen leg, screamlng for five hours on and off, then crylng whlmpering, twitching, did not
feed for five hours.

Motherwith daughter aged søven (two doses of DPT only) and son aged four (one dosø of DPT onty).
Dauqhter - limp, cried for one and a half days off and on. Six to eight visits to doctor over the next f 2 months. Hospitalised for gastro at s¡x
&n - lump, fever and uneasy for a few days.

Mother with daughter aged 10 (tuily vaccinated) and son aged 7 (tully vaccinated up to 18 months).
Son ' between second and thkd DPT/Sabin shots, suffered brain swelling resulting from a severe eye turned, eye ball bulging out of socket (l
thought it would fall out). Severe ADD followed. Hospitalised w¡th asthma at 18 months. Complete shutdown with aut¡sm at tñreã and a half.

Mother with three daughters all partially vaccinated aged 18, 14 and 11.
Eldest dauqhter - had usual shots at two, four and six months. Screaming and would not settle. Baby health nurse was useless. I had to "ride it
out'. Reaction (l did not realise it was a reaction) was not reported. This was 198011 Long term effecf could be faügue.
Second dauohter - suffers behaviour problems.
Younoest daughter - long term effects have been irritable bowel syndrome and bed-wetting.

Mother with one daughter aged lour padially vacc¡nated, and a son aged two not vacclnated.
My daughter at six weeks had her triple antigen and polio. She had a cold so she wasn't given the rest and told to come back in two weeks.
Because she was so upset and screamed tor elght hours, I rang the CAFS and was told to kèep up the Panadol. Then friends told us of a more
caring doctor so we went there for the MMR and HlB. He suggested that we
Just cut out the whooping cough rvhen I told him how she had
reacted. She seemed to have no reaction to the MMR but had a large lump on her leg from the tetanus anO aipñtneria for a long time and a mark
where the needle went in for months. The doctor said it was a coincidence and the mark had nothing to Oo utitr ttre injection. Ñee¿less to say, I
was well on my way to alternative medicine by the time she had her MMR but still too scared to beüóve the government was so corrupt. ey ine
time her next lot of injections was due I was not sleeping with worry and I decided not to have any more. Siñce then I have read a lot and would
under no circumstances get my child vacclnated.
My son will never be vaccinated. I have leamt by the mistakes made on his big sister.

Mother of two sons aged 16 and 15, and two daughters agød seven and two. Iâe sons are fully vacclnated. The otder daughtør has had triple
antigen and polio vaccinations. Thø younger daughter ls unvaccinated.
gS had severe temperatures afler each vaccination. Older son has juvenile diabetes. I consider vaccinat¡ons a contr¡buting factor.
The younoer son had a severe case of measles from the vaccination and was very sick.

Mother of six aged 25, Z.3,22, 13, three and two, all fully or partially vaccinated.
Twenty-two year son - had a DPT shot at l8 months. Her whole arm was extremely red. Reported to doctor and was told not to have any more
Three'year-old - vaccinated under one year old with Hep B, triple antigen and polio. Had a seÞure, was deathly pale for hours, screamed for a
short period and sleepy. Wasn't seen by a doctor but as a participant in the Children's Hospital 5 in study a nurse came to look at him and
called frequently (by phone) to check on his condition. He now suffers from asthma. I'm taking h¡m to a naturopath and his condition is start¡ng to
Two year old - under one year old had DTP and Hep B. Dianhoea. Reported to Children's Hospital 5 in I study but not seen by doctor.

Mothør of a seven-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son. The daughter has received paftial tríple antigen and polio vaccinations. Ihe son
has had only tetanus vacclnation.
Daughter had a fever, prolonged crying, runny nose, localised swelling and redness. Recommended she did not have any more wtrooplng cough
raccine. She suffered unexplained febrile convulslons a few months later. Now uses a chlropractor and homeopathlcs.

Mothør of two sons seyen and two, Only the eldør is vaccinated.
Elder son - vaccinated first at about ten weeks. He was actually asleep at the time - an unusual thing, as he was not a good day{ime sleeper. He
remained asleep for five to six hours. He'd never slepl so long at any one time before. He then developed very unusual sleeping pattems for the
f¡rst three to four years of his life. He ¡s now ADHD and has Asperger's Syndrome. There is no other autism in our fam¡ly.

Mother of three sons seyen, four and one, Both the o/dersons are vaccinated,
Okler son - fever
Younoer son- fever and high pitched screaming.

Mother of three sons 27, 26, 24 who all had triple andgen and polio vaccinations.
Son 27- three months DPT and had inconsolable screaming for 12 hours. Five months DPT and had inconsolable screaming for I I hours. Each
time he was unable to take any drlnks - just writhed ln pain. He fell asleep exhausted afrer each reaction, dehydrated. I held him all the time,
frantic. I reported to the doctor and clinic sister afier the first. They said it was Just an allergy. I was persuaded to have him done again at five
months against my will. Effects from continuous screaming were a hernia and burst blood vessels ln his eyes. He was sickly for a year, loose
bowel movements, caught chesty cough/cold which lasted for eight or nine months. Very much like whooping cough.

Mother of three aged 13, threø and a baby. îhø oldest child is vaccinated, thø others arø not.
Oldest child has learning difficulties and a poor attention span.

Mother ol four aged 18, 14, ninø and four. The oldest child received diphthería, fofanus and potio. The second child was pañiatly vacclnated.
The younger children are unvacclnated.
Son aged 14 - at nine months received second diphtheria, tetanus and polio vaccinations. Crying immediately afrer needle, not able to be
comforted- W¡th¡n twenty minutes his nose was streamlng. He was sick for the nexl three months needing constant carry¡ng. He lost weight, was
diagnosed with glue ear by GP. He uas not given any more laccinations.
I dont think vaccination was solely responsible for long term symptoms. He is very susceptible to viral infections, headaches, food allergies,
chronic fatigue syndrome and has learning difficulties. His illness always starls with a clear running nose and exhaustion. He ls now under a
homeopath's care and is making good progress.

Mother ol three aged six, three and one. Slï-year-o/dis fully vaccinated. Three year old tripte antigen and HtB. One year old unvacc¡nated.
SiX year old - two monthly triple antigen, crying, red, hot swollen
leg. Unable to wake child. Would then wake and scream for thirty minutes. Then
fall silent and sleep (not a natural sleep) and wake screaming again. About four hours before some normalig returned. Rang doctor. Was told'it
was normal. Just give Panadol.' The same react¡on followed the four and six monthly shots.

Mother of two sons aged six a nd three. Older son glven diphtheria, tetanus and polio vaccines. Younger child ts unvdccinated.
Older son - at 14 months had mlld temperature. Was told thls was normal and to treat with Panadol.

Mother (tralned nursø) of one daughter aged two who ls pañÍally vaccinated (recøived only one shot with perfussrs rn f).
DAughtqr - ten weeks old, DPT. Añer four hours suffered hypotonic episode, floppy, non-reactive, extremely pale wouldnt feed. Seen by Gp then
admitted to hospital overnight. Several more episodes documented by doctors. Blood drained from face, limp, lethargic, and almost ðomatose.
Recovered afrer 24 hours. Observation only, no treatment. Reported on register with GP and hospital.

Mothør of four aged 27, 26, 23 and 21. Older two werø given DPT polio and rubølla vaccines. Younger two had MMR as wel/.
Son. second youngest - school entry triple antigen. Frequent episodes of going stiff and blue. Suffered from ep¡lepsy until treated by a

Mothar with four children - daughters aged nlne and two and sons aged seven and srx. Elder daughter is the only one vacclnated.
Elder daughter - a week after double antigen vaccination at four months (the only one she ever received), she suffered the first of many d¡zzy
spells which she still suffers from. lt ls called'benign paroxysmal verligo'.

Mother of two children - son agod lour and daughtor aged one. only the son is vaccinated.
Son - high pitched screamlng for three to four days, lump like a golf ball, could not walk or get up, looked unwell. When I touched him, he would
scream and cry. Called the doctor. She said it was normal and to give Panadol. I cried with hlm, as he looked awful. Long term effects -
tonsillitls, ear lnfections, colds, eczema, measles (hMce), food allergies, high metal lead poisoning showlng ln the blood. Treated by naturopath
only now, working on reduc¡ng glands, food allergies getting better.

Mother with three children - daughter aged l5 and sons aged 14 and 12. The frrct two children åad e// sâofs to 18 months and the third had ail
strofs fo sri ¡nonfhs.
Younoer son - constant asthma sounding cough. GP's recommendation was antibiotics to clear chest then possible asthma treatmen¡
Naturopath consulted and all symptoms passed.

Mothør of two sons aged thrøe and one. Only the elder is vaccinatød.
Elder son'received all vaccines on time up to two years of age. With each shot, he virtually fell asleep in my arms. This was out of character for
a very colicy, unsettled baby who rarely slept. I believe his body went into a state of shock. He also had a lump that stayed for up to six months.

Mother of ñve children - daughteß aged 10 and onø, and sons aged eight, síx and three. Nl have been vaccinated except the younget
Eldertwo sons - both were given DPT at recommended ages. They both received these vaccinations between 9 and 1Oam and at lpm they both
started approx. six hours of non-stop screaming. A doctor was consulled añer this happened to the elder and he said the baby had reacted to the
needle and not the DPT and to give Panadol next time. Both boys refused to breastfeed during the bouts of screaming and the elder could not
stand for two days afler shots at seven months.

Mother of a 24 year old vaccinated daughter.

First 3 rounds of vacclnation as a baby produced hlgh fever, runny nose, sneezing and a bruised and swollen arm. Taken to doctor, diagnosed as
flu and given antibiotics.

Father with son bom 1959. Son was vaccinated with all vaccines used af fhe öme with the øxceptÍon of tetanus.
Son - is a facial psorias¡s sufferer. Long term vacclnation effect. Received remedial benefits from a herbalist and condition is now under control.

Mother with adult children agød 28, 25, 24 and 22. Children had fefanøs sâ ots only.
We had our 4 children vaccinated for tetanus and all reacted with swollen arms and rashes to various degrees. One chlld (our second) reacted
very badly so we stopped having any more when we were lnformed he could die if he was given another tetanus shot.

Mother of four children - son bom 1970 and daughter bom 1972 (both vacc¡nated DPT and polio), and a daughtør aged four and a son aged two
(both unvaccinated).
Elder daughter - had first shot at three months and stopped breast-feeding at three and a half months. She got asthma at thls time. Spent a lot of
time in hospital as a baby. At the time, I did not connect asthma to lraccinatlon bul I now believe the two are linked. She is 25 not and suffers
badly with asthma, allergies and runny noses. She strongly urged me not to vaccinate my last two children and I am glad I did not. They are very
healthy and I breastfed them longer.

Mother with fwo sons €ged elght and slx, both vacclnated.
Elder son - intense crying and temperature at elght weeks. Loss of appetite/drowsy and grumpy at 16 weeks. Restless at night at 25 weeks. Sore
arm at 13 months. Reaction for three to four days at 19 months and again at five years. Suspect vacc¡nation could have caused learning
difficulties - vagueneslconfusion/lack of concentrat¡on.
Younoer son - raised temperature at two and four months. Breastfed to two months well but changed drastically aner two monthly shots and
ceased altogether at seven months. He has suspected leukaemia activation as shown from naturopathic tests. We are still testing him

Reactions and effects in people currently adults and also in their children
Mother bom 1957 and father bom 1955, both vacclnated. A son bom 1979 died lrom his ñrst DPT injection. They also have a daughter aged 17
and a son aged 16 (both vaccinated) and daughters dged n¡ne and seven (both unvaccinated). The two youngest are both strong and healthy.
Father - his mother thought he had arthritis for six years afrer injections when he was 10 (polio, tetanus, and diphtheria). Still has arthr¡tic Jolnts.
Mother - I was vaccinated in 1967 at 10 years. Red welts crept all over body within one hour of injection. Very arthritic child - growing pains it was
called then. My second daughter caught measles whlle I was breast-feeding - I had been vacc¡nated for measles and did not pass on natural
Eldest dauqhter - coaxed to give CDT when she was slx years old. Suffered swelling. Suffered swollen joints and ch¡ldhood arthritis. Took her
two years to become healthy.
Son born 1982 - also had CDT, at five years, Was hospltalised for four days afrer third inJection with bad throat. Suffered from Jolnt palns. Took
lhree years to be healthy añer near death from second shot. Caught everything - pneumonia, glandular fever, croup (a honor year).

Mother (Registered M¡dt¡!¡fe) bom 1959 with three daughters aged 19, 15 and 12. Nl tha family are tully vacclnated.
Mother - typhoid/cholera vaccine at age 17 years pr¡or to commencement of nursing trainlng. Shot glven at Spm. 8y 7pm, fevers and rlgours.
Alternate sweats and chills, very nauseated and dizy. Difficulty with visual perceptlon and focus, pounding headache, moist chesty cough. ln
bed by 8pm - slept on and off. Next mom¡ng very sore muscles, probably the effects of the rigours. Long term effects - multiple admissions to
hospital and treatments for asthma after 17 years of age to 25. No admissions for asthma slnce then. Did have previous admissions for asthma
but last one was at f 0 years of age.
Second dauohter - Tlple ant¡gen at four months. Arm became so grossly swollen that baby u¡as unable to move arm at all and screamed
piteously when I moved it to undress her. Lasted four to five days. Reported to GP. Comment was - "she had best not have pertussis vaccine
again'. Given only CDT from then on. No further reactions. This person currently suffers knee pain, worse in right knee. MMR given in 1993 at
age 10. Severe measles ep¡sode in 1994 age 1 f . Onset of knee loint pain in 1995, becoming more severe through 96, 97 and 98. Acupuncturist
consulted - needling and moxa give symptomatic relief. X rays indicate no degeneration of the joint.
Third dauohter - DPT at '12 months at 1pm. Slight fever at bedtime (7PM). Babe woke at midnight with high-pitched screaming lnterspersed w¡th
periods of febrile convulsions (l didn't know what they were then). Babe's body rigid, head thrown back and back arched, eyes
staring......screaming and screaming. Refused breast, water. Could not swallow Panadol. lt leaked out the corner of her mouth. Finally stopped
screaming around 7pm and fell asleep exhausted. She seemed fine when she woke at midday. Breastfed and fever down. Reported to GP.
Comment - "....fairly normal reaction. She should be lìne now. Any furlher reaction, bring her in'. Developed diarrhoea three weeks later followed
by constipation. At five years, she was given a pre school booster triple ant¡gen. Spoke to GP prior to this. He said she should not react this time
'cos she is a lot bigger now and should be able to tolerate ¡t'. Shot given at I pm. By 3pm, feverish and started screamlng again. Unable to
reason with child and she seemed unable to tell me where she was hurting. Screamed for two hours non-stop. Given Panadol and tepid bath.
Not soothed by holding/rocking or anything. Put to bed at Spm in dark room wilh face washer over eyes and fan on. Slept until 7am. Woke
cheerful and starving.
She has had behaviour problems since the booster shot. Has been unable to modiff her behaviour. Temper tantrums from age five. Prior to
booster shot, she was a very sweet loving child. Suffers pendulum swings from loving and kind to violent, aggressive behav¡our - hitting and
punching siblings and parents, screaming and yelling, rampages through the house. Refuses to take respons¡bility for her actions. Untidy in
personal habits i.e. does not shower or clean teelh. Untidy in bedroom, refuses to pick up possessions but can be the sweetest most loving child.
She has learning problems. Problems cited by teachers - short attention span, does not pay attent¡on, seems quite bright but does not apply

herself, nothing seems to make sense to her, seems to have it in her head but cannot get it to her hands, poor short term memory. Was unable to
wite her own name by end of grade two. Diagnosis - no automatic eye movements and a lack of spatial awareness. Treatment - glasses, vislon
training (three months), learning behaviour program (iMce), remedial help in classroom, special English education class for two years. Nor ln
grade 7 and still unable to recite the 2 times table despite our continuous help. Was taken to a homeopath in 1997 and given'antidotes'to
vaccines. Big improvement in behaviour, not as aggressive and ls more amenable to discipline but still has problems with schoolwork. Overall
seems to be maturing to chronological age of 11.

Mother with husband bom 1958 (vacclnatedJ and sons aged I 5 and I I (both vaccinated) and a frve year old unvaccinafed son.
Husband - had Hep B double booster at 39 years of age. Suffered extreme lethargy, extreme joint pain, diarrhoea, flu like symptoms. Now has
medically induced CFS, immune system damage. Has had to leave work. Family goes through periodic strain with workers' compensation claims.
This has been denied.
Eldest son - cried for many hours after four monthly shots. He was a terrific sleeper till then and this took many months to come back.
Hospitalised at four and a half months for croup. Again at three years. Has been under chiropractic care.
Second son - had four monthly shots and was hospitalised at four and a half months with bronchitis and asthma. ls also under regular
chiropractic care.

Mother bom 1959 vaccinated in childhood. Daughters aged 11 and eight. Older daughter received Triple Antigen at four months only - none
after that. Younger daughter is unvaccinated.
Mother - developed asthma at l5 months. Developed arthritis in my early teens soon afrer my rubella shot. Through natural med¡c¡ne and lifestyle
these can be controlled.
Eldest daughter - añer Triple Antigen was l¡stless and groggy for three days. I have little enough faith in the medical profession so I did not retum.
At the time I knew of no way to report her reaction.

Mother bom 1962 with two children - son agedsríx and daughtør aged three. Only the son is yôccln€fed.
Mother - suspect rubella shot may have caused mystery illness when 12 years old. Swollen painful Joints, rash on body, protein ln ur¡ne. Was
declared mysterious by doctors and I never went back for blood tests (too scared and was improving). My knees have alurays given problems lf I
bend them too much. Become swollen and will last for couple of months. I am improving as I get older. No medico or alternative heallh provider
has been able to identifr the problem.
Son - received two monthly triple antigen and polio. We were always very anti-vaccination but had our arms twisted by family and infant welfare
nurse. I was terrifiedll Our son screamed for two solid hours and had a huge swelling on his thigh. I will never let the bastards overrule my
strong instincts again!l!

Mothør bom 1962 and fully vaccinated with lour children - sons aged 12, 10 and eight years and a daughter aged slx. Nl children are
Mother - severe allergies, weak immune system.
Eldest son - asthma from age two years, ear infections from early age. Taken to naturopath and is now healthy.
Second son and daughter - allergies.
Youngest son - hyperactivity, severe asthma attacks for a week after vaccination, chest problems for a month after.

Mothør bom 1966 w¡th a son aged eight, and three year old twin boys. The mother was vacc¡nated, including typhoid. The older son was
partially vaccinatød and the fwins are unvacclnated.
Mother - at 22 had typhoid vaccination. I became very ill for two days. lwas very listless and unable to get out of bed.
Oldest son - suffered minor reaction to DTP and Sabin so put off MMR until 18 months. Was given MMR and DPT. High temperature,
screaming, constant crying, unable to sleep and listless. He became very ¡ll with ear, nose and throat infections and required antibiotics. Not
given any more vaccinations.
For the last five years the whole family has been treated by a homeopath and our general health has improved immensely.

Mothør (bom 1960) and father (bom 1961) with a daughter aged 18 and a son aged two. Nl four have bøen vaccinated with DPT and potio
vaccine. The mother has a/so l¡ad ruôella and overseas yaccines.
Mother - Hep A injection at 11 years of age. Became unwell, rash all over body, returned to hospital for another injection to help me. Overseas
vaccination - vomiting and diarrhoea for three days, very ill for a week. Had eczema throughout childhood.
Daughter - became unwell about three months old, constantly crylng/screaming, fever, dianhoea and vom¡ting, thick mucus cough. No known
cause. Developed asthma, eczema and allergies.
Son - healthy born although had a rash all over body that could have been side effects from drugs used ln caesarean section. One eye weeped.
No problems until two monthly vaccination. Crying, restless, very unwell. Añer four monthly vaccinat¡ons, fever from 38 degrees to 39 degrees
while constantly given Panadol. This lasted over four weeks - dianhoea, thick mucus cough, saturating night sweats, very hot back of head - all
the same symptoms of two months only worse. Eczema and diagnosed with developlng asthma. All symptoms consldered by doctor as purely
coincidental. Afrer he recovered, he developed wtrooplng cough at 13 months as well as an ear lnfect¡on. All treated by homeopath. Had medical
centre check his health. Given the all clear.

Mothør bom 1970 with four-year-old daughter. Both fnlly vaccinated.

Daughter - suffered intense cry¡ng, fever, swelling at injection site, loss of sleep and irritable afier baby vaccinations.
Mother - suffers allergies and sees a chiropractor and a naturopath,

Mother bom 1952 and vaccinated with two children - daughter aged 20 and son aged 12. Both children are vacclnated.
Mother and son - think my son's asthma is due to vaccinat¡on and some of my health issues.

Mothør (Registøred Nurse) bom 1962 and vaccinatedwith threo children - daughters aged 12 and 10, both vaccinated, and an unvaccinated son
aged four.
Mother - rubella at age 12, collapsed unconscious for half an hour after. Away from school for a few days.
Elder dauohter - DPT resulted in high fevers, screaming, unsettled, red and swollen s¡te at age three, five and eight months approx.

Younger daughter - same as elder daughter for first and second shots. On third shot, had episodes of blue lips and face, 'not quite there' most
mornings for about a month. Then frts and unconscious. Was hospitalised. Tests included lumber puncturdcat scarVullrasound/EEG with no
result. Doctor even now refuses to give explanation or implicate vaccinat¡on. Long term effects have been poor concentration and memory.
Stares into space but still conscious and responding, poor loglc, slow to pick up on new skills. Consulted naturopath and vega test showed
vaccine damage. Giving homeopathic medicine and R&L brain exercises only just commenced.

Motherbom1962,pañnerbom1971 andsonsagedl4andthree. Nlarevaccinatedøxcepttheyoungerson.

Mother - susceptible to sinus and hay fever and puts this down to effects of r¡accination. Consults a homeopath.
Partner- had a fever following a TB shot lasting about a week. Smallpox shot produced similar result.
Elder son - vacclnated with DPT at two, four and six months of age. Consistently ¡rritable for several days each time. Has had intermittent sinus
and hay fever problems. Also consults a homeopath.

Mother bom 1962 with pailially vacclnated daughler aged frve and unvacclnated daughter aged three.
Mother - had Hep B at age 20. Localised swelling and heaviness in arm.
Elder daughter - localised swelling and redness for a few days afrer infant lnjections. Was irritable when awake and slept for longer periods
following vaccination.

Mother bom 1968 with new baby (unvaccinated).

Had rubella shot in f 968. Redness in the area and temperature rise, nausea and faintness.
lepþg¡g received hls shot at two months in 1986 and he went blind withln 14 days with cataracts. They were removed at three months and he has
worn glasses ever since.

Mother (bom 1959) of two daughters aged nine and two. Only the elder is vaccinated.
Mplher - had a really bad flu from the flu injection in about 1983. Also had a dreadful reaction to tetanus shot in 1992. Never againll
El4er daughter - high fever, rash and sensitive eyes and was very tired afrer the measles inJection aged one. For the first couple of years, she had
a dreadful cough at night and especially when she got a cold. I gave her lots of garlic tablets and Hypol - cod liver oil - high in vitamin A and she
seems OK now.

Familyoffour-fatherbom1956,motherbomlg62andtwosonsagedfâreeyearsand12months. Thøeldersonhasbeenvaccinated.
EAlhgf received meningitis shot al 30 years of age. Local paln and off colour for a few da¡a.
Mother received a Hep B shot aged 27. Læal pain at the site of the lnjection.
Elder son received 12 monthly MMR/DPT and was feverish and had local swelling. Was seen by administering GP. The frst sickness (ear
infection) in child's life occurred after this vaccination. Treated by adminlstering GP with ant¡biotics. Then three or four more ear infections in
quick succession treated sim¡larly. Consulted homeopath and treated mlraculously. Vaccination homeopathic "antidote" administered. Child not
sick since then apart from minor coughs and colds.

Mother bom 1947 (vaccinated cholerar'typhoid) with three children - sons aged 21 and 18 (both DPT and potio) and son aged 12 (tetanus only).
Mother - at age 34 had cholera/typhoid shots. Flu type illness with fever and chills lasting three to four days. Had anencephalic baby bom I I
months afrer vacc¡nat¡on. Suspect a link but not proven and dlsmissed as a possibility by doctors.
Eldest son - long term effect was asthma. Outgrew at around age seven.
Middle son - developed asthma at age three aner catch¡ng measles from a freshly vaccinated child (l believe).

Motherboml9SSandfatherboml9S3withlourdaughtersagedlS,ll.fourandonøyear. Bothparentsandthetwoeldergilsarøvaccinated.
Both parents - long term effects have been general fatigue.
Eldest dauohter - has developed an asthmatic condition in the last 12 months.
Second dauohter - afrer receiving her postponed pre-school vaccination aged six, she fell into immediate shock, temporarily losing consciousness.
Doctor kept her under observation for about an hour. She was still very cold, clammy and weak when I carried her to the car. She remained quiet
and listless for about 24 hours before full recovery. She suffers from bronchitis every winter.

Mother and father (bom 1957) of thrøø children agød seven, fwe and three. Mother, father and oldest child futty or partiatly vacc¡nated. Thø two
you nge r ch¡ldre n a re unvaccin ated.
Mother - I suffer from arlhritis and feel this may be due to rubella vaccination I received prior to conceiving our first child. This is now under control
by following dietary advice from naturopath.
Eldest child - afrer MMR at eighteen months, d¡scomf¡t, crying, temperature. Red lump on arm.

Grandmothør with 4 childrøn - sons ôom 1962, 1965 and 1967 and daughter bom 1964. All were vacc¡nated. Also four grandch¡ldren - a
grandson aged 12 and granddaughtørs, onø aged nlne, and two otheß agød one. The grandson had one shot ol DPT but grãnddaughters are
Eldest son (now aqed 37) - had pre-school booster at age four. lmmediately developed very high fever. Had never had a sniffle before. Had been
glowing with good health. Done at local school. Long way from doctor. Could not get off bed for three days. Taken to doctor and was told it had
nothing to do with vaccination. Prescribed antibiotics - first time family had them. Listless for months. Did not ever regain vltality. However, is
very f¡t and has been a triathelete. Has CFS. Doctors unable to find anylhing wrong. Very strict with diet and exercises frequently-but sometimes
has CFS symptoms. Chiropractor helps a lot.
Grandsgn - contracted polio few days afrer all but one of his other classmates received their polio shots. Listless for the first few da¡rs and slept
most of the time. Then he became paralysed and his joints were very painful. Chiropractor programmed body to elimlnate the virus. He missed
two weeks of school. He seems fully recovered.

Mother bom 1965 and pañner bom 1971 w¡th one son sri and onø daughter four - both parents vaccinatød. Neither child vacclnated. Daughter
was given Vitamin K.
Molhel - received Hepatitis vaccination at 10 years of age. I began having migraines about one month later. Had Rubella shot at school aged 16.
Migraines from then on were once or twice weekly. Still suffer from arthritis and migraines. Used doctors, no help. Now use naturopãth and
chiropractor, getting results slowly.

Husband - bronchitis. Used doctors and was on antibiotics for two weeks every year. Now use herbdnaturopath, excellent results, no bronchitis.
Daughter - was given Mtamin or something else, without my knowledge or permission in hospital about four hours afrer birth. Before this she was
quiet, peaceful, sleeping, looking about and happy. Since return from nursery, she was scream¡ng all the time, had to be held, sounded like she
had a cold, wouldn't sleep more than twenty m¡nutes at a time and not until exhausted. This non-sleep pattern lasted till age one, f¡rst t¡me she
slept through the night $¡as age three+. Hospital doctors ignored me time and time again that she was sick. She has recently had what I believe is
her first migraine. She ls also now a hyperactive kid and has some allergles.

Wfe with husband bom 1961 (tuW vaccinated) and two daughters aged lour (tully vaccinated) and new bom (not vaccinated).
Husband - Hep B vacclne and flu followed.
Elder dauqhter - all vaccinations caused high temperature and redness at site of injection. Uncontrollable crying afrer six monthly shots.

Single father bom 1957 with two daughters aged 13 and eight. Nl have been vacc¡nated.
Ealhq has long term effects resultlng ln "post v¡ral syndrome" ADD, non-specific allergies, partly autlslic (my mother's impression), very short
attention span.
Older daughter had chronlc ear infection as a child that caused permanent hearlng damage and I suspect learning difficulties.

Mother bom 1954 with fwo sons agød elght and frve. Mother and the elder son are vaccinated.
Mother - had smallpox vaccination ln PNG in 1962. Became febrlle and had an ugly sore. Had tonslllitls every year until age 32. Nephritis and
anaemia soon añer the smallpox shot.
Elder son - had toplcal swelling and suffered screaming and became febrile afrer first shots at elght weeks. Had plnk urlne - had been fully
breastfedll Total sleep disruption. Suffered eczema and ear infect¡ons at slx to eight months. Also suffered asthma when three years old at

Mother bom 1958 (paúally vacclnated) with ddughteß aged 20 dnd 18 (both pañially vacclnated), snd sons aged 17 (pañially vaccineted) and
frve (not vacclnated).
Mother - believe my MS was caused by vaccinations e.g. polio/rubella.
Elder daughter - had massive temperatures and ear infections at f months afrer lastDPT. Has residual deafness and scarring in ears.
Elder son - had masslve temperatures and oedema of the ankles and throat on first DPT. He never rece¡ved another but became epileptic and
All children - had pertussln ooughs for two to three years aner vaccination. This was cured by homeopathy. Second daughter's asthma and
eldest son's epilepsy has been cured with homeopathy since I became a homeopath.

Mother of three children - daughter aged sevøn and sons aged three and one. Both mothør and father were vaccinated as childrøn. Of the
children, only the daughter has been vaccinated.
Father - asthma since he was a baby. Always sick. Continued asthma into adult life. Low immunity. We only consult homeopaths and Chinese
herbalist for ailments.
Daughter - high temperatures through the night followed a few weeks later by eczema that continued for months. At the time, I did not realise the
connection. Of course the doctor did not indicate the cause - he would have truly believed ¡t had nothing to do w¡th the jab.

Mother (bom 1961) of two sons aged fhre e and two. Mother and elder son have been vaccinated.
Mother (as reported by her mother) - perfect child until three months old. Persislent screaming for 24 hours. Was hospitalised and knock or¡t
drops used from then on to make me sleep - they blamed cows milkll Sensitive to many drugs and chemlcals. As a baby, I screamed for eight
weeks. Herbs, vitamlns, good diet and teas have improved health considerably.
Elder son - high temperature and lethargic for 24 hours. Long term effects - head banging, hyperactlvity, ec¿ema, c¡nstant tonsillitis. Swollen
glands from one vaccination. lmmune s¡ætem always down. Persistent screaming for two weeks after first vaccination. GP said nothing wrong.
Chiro introduced me to other side of yaccination. Herbs and vitamins have lmproved health considerably.

Mother bom 1960 w¡th a daughter aged 12 and a son aged 10. The mother was tully vacclnatød. The daughter had diphtheria, whooping
cougá, rneas/es, mumps and rubella vaccines. Il,e son had diphtheria and whoo¡ing cough vaccinøs.
Mother - at 18 years received hepatitis shot. Had high temperature and nausea.
Daughter - afrer whooping cough, suffered temperature and crying and was lnitable. Aner measles, had temperature and was lnitable and
fu - añer diphtheria, temperature, sore and red swollen arm at ¡n¡ection s¡te.
Mothør of four children - two sons aged 15 and 11 and two daughters aged 13 and three. The threø øldest children arø vaccinated.
Mother - severe tonsillitis with tonsils removed at four years.
Eldest son - screamed incessantly, temperature, swelling and bruising at two monthly injections. Saw GP and advised to give CDT in future. Had
tetanus shot at 10 years wlth swelling in leg and limped. Had MMR at 11 years (counselling consisted of pressure to accept) and exhibited
eczema nine to I 0 months later. He had bronchitis through childhood. Has consulted naturopath.
Eldest daughter - 18 monthly lnJections were given early, Thirty-two days later she took a "febrile convulsion' in high chair. Temperature was not
particularly high and no convulsing. She slumped over and was not breathing. Just limp. Gave couple of breaths to resuscitate her on the way to
GP. Decided against EEG. Doctor believed reaction was too late to be connected to vaccination.
Younqest daughter (unvacclnated) - copes well with viruses to which she ls exposed. She never looks slck and has never been given an antibiotic.
Has had no ear infect¡ons to whlch the two eldest were prone. Very healthy and alerl.

Family ol three - father bom 1965, mother bom 1969 and one year old son. Father was fully vacc¡nated as a child, mother had tetanus, polio and
rubella shots and baby has had tñple antigen and pol¡o.
Father - suffers from impaired immuni$. ls now taking Reliv Classic a multi-vitamin supplement and that is helping a great deal.
Mother - at age 28 afrer rubella shot became ill four to eight weeks afrer vaccinat¡on. Something affecting lymph system. Was tested for glandular
fever but doctors cold not find the problem. Got better aner fuo weeks off work. Suffers from asthma. Also taking the multi-vitamin supplement
and have not used Ventolin or other medication foll2 months.

Baby - uncontrollable crying for most of the night añer four months shots. Top half of both legs extremely red and swollen and painful to touch for
up to three days. Fever as well.

Mother (Registerod Nurse) with pañner bom 1964 and two sons aged eþlrf and s¡x. Nl the fam¡U are vaccinated
Father - local infection six months afrer TB shot.
Older son - very flaccid for 4€l hours afrer third triple antigen.
Both children got measles about s¡x months after they were vaccinated.

Mother bom 1965 and fully vaccinated, husband bom 1967 also fully vaccinated and son aged two partiatly vacc¡natød.
Wife and husband - have gone to parents to see if we had adverse reactions. Answer was yes but they were told it was normal. Wife had severe
reaction to a smallpox vaccination when 1'l High fever and the sore did not heal for a long time. Wife thinks it has caused her battle with
depression and ear problems since childhood.
Son - afrer each vaccination, he screamed for at least six hours. High fever and extremely ¡rritable. He ended up in hospital one to two weeks after
his third vaccination. He stopped breathing and had huge lumps around the injection site. He has as a result suffered mini seizures, ear
infections, constant colds and permanent irritability.

Mother bom 1966 (MothercralT lVurse) with frve year old daughter and two year old son. Eoth mother and daughter have been futly vaccinated
and son has been vaccinated with DPT, polio and Hib vaccines.
Mother - suffer from aslhma and eczema, The doctor refused to revaccinate me as I was covered in a rash from head to toe. I was never
vaccinated again until my smallpox at eight years of age and rubella at 14.
Son - at hls fist vacclnation (two months), very high lemperature not controllable with Panadol, enormous swelling at the site, high pitched
screaming, very sleepy baby.

Mother with husband bom 1963 (vaccinated DPT, polio), daughter dged ñve pañially vaccinated and son eged one unvacc¡nated.
Husband - had long-term (three years) lmmunotherapy to help cope wlth hay fever. Has been told he has abnormal blood count and doctors do
not know why or what effect thls will have.
Daughter - was five months old having had two and four monthly vacclnations when hospitallsed for two days with hlgh fever. No other symptoms.
This was not an immediate reactlon but ties in with delayed reaction (V Sche¡bner's book). lmmediate reaction was extreme sleepiness for 24
hours afier. She has had weak digestion all her life. Unsure if vaccine related. She is undergolng homeopathic/osteopathic treatment.

Mother bom 1963 and fully vacclnated with daughter agød ñve (DPT, polio and Hib) and son aged two unvaccinated.
Mother - believe I am suffering long term effects from a combination of over prescribing of antibiotics and a childhood of daily antihistamines. Was
also given every routine shot and flu vaccine every winter till 17. Have had respiratory infections and allergy problems all my life. Regularly see
alternative health provider.
Dauohter - first shots at 10 weeks. Excessively tired, falling asleep through breastfeed, all droopy. Five hours afrer, she woke screaming, pale
and with dianhoea and then fever. We administered Panadol and she slept OK the next day. At the next vaccination day, told the nurse and she
said never to give pertussin part again. Gave only CDT and no ill effect. But the experience started my research.

Mother bom 1960 and vaccinafed as a child wilh two children, a daughter aged 14 and a son aged 12, both patliatly vaccinated.
Mother - tetanus needle as a toddler caused blood pressure to drop and the body to go cold. Was hospitalised due to the reaction.
Daughter - all baby vaccinations caused six to eight hours of screaming as though the body was on edge. ln 1998, she had a tetanus injection
(with Dip component). lmmediate react¡ons were a swollen arm, feeling sick and lethargic, severe headache and feeling faint. Missed three weeks
of school. Her immune system went right down and as she has had glandular fever, this caused her lymph system to react. Doctors refused to
admit reaction was caused by the needle but the health sister reported to ACIR. Then doctor admitted symptoms were due to diphtheria
component. Consequently wenl to naturopath at health shop and then to homeopath for remedies.

Mother bom 1966 and vaccinated as a child with daughters aged sx and three. The elder ls tully vaccinaled and the younger has had triple
antigen, Hib and polio vacclnations.
Mother - reaction to smallpox at three years. Fever, malaise, vaccinated arm swollen and infected.
Younger dauqhter - Reacted to first two DPT injections. The first - fever, high pitched screaming for four hours, inconsolable, thrashing about.
Reported to community nurse. Told 'normal'and to take Panadol. The second - fever and malaise.

Mother bom 1969 and vaccinated with two-year-old son vaccinated with H¡b only.
Mother - have had skin rashes that I take all sorts of things to counteract. I will never have another tetanus shot. Know a woman wtro recently had
one and she has been in and out of consciousness ever since. Doctors cannot help.
Son - Hib at three months. Swelling to area inJected, fever, irritable, clingy, loss of appetite. Second Hib at eight months and I reported similar
symptoms to the doctor. He insisted the lnjection and the symptoms were unrelated.

Motherwith three year old daughter fuily vacclnated and two year old unvacclnated son.
ì/Lother - very sore arm for several days aner tetanus shot. My brother (age 29) ls autistic and lives in a home. His progress was NORMAL up to
15 months when he received his MMR.
Dauohter - got MMR at 13 months and suffered five days of "pea soup' nappies i.e. diarrhoea. Her stomach was obviously sore and has been
since. She always comp¡ains of stomachaches and I believe it's from the MMR. Suffered chronic ear infections 15 months to two years wñen she
took lots of antibiotics. We visit a chiropractor regularly and we are all healthy. We will take no more medicines - ever (unless natural).

Mother bom 1963, father bom 1957 (both vaccinated) and three sons aged 10, eight and lîve (att vaccinated).
Mother and father - fever and extreme soreness and swelling to cholera/typhoid.
Eldest son - low-grade fever to DPT at three, five, seven and 1 9 months. Recurrent ear infections after second DPT.
Second son - fever and disabling swelling afler third DPT shot. lnfant eczema possibly exacerbated by vaccination. Swollen lymph gland in neck
possibly related to vaccination. Naturopath consulted.
Youngest son - received second dose DPT, Hib and polio at nine months. Very high fever lasting three days and extreme swelling in leg persisting
for two weeks and leaving permanent lump in thigh. Eczema possibly exacerbated by vaccination. Homeopath consulted.

Wife with husband bom 1962 (ftl| vacclnated) and sons aged eight and lhree and a daughter aged one. Only thø elder son ls vaccinated.
Husband - chronio sinusitis and glandular fever añer mumps vaccination ln 1985.
Elder son - the only chlld of the three affllcted with skin ailments. Homeopathic treatment has been of great benefrt.

Reactions and effects of vacclnatlon In people who are now adults

Mother bom 1953 w¡th a 2ùyear-old son.
ln 1992, my son. partner and I had "routine" school and work safe$ Hep B shots. All were ln peak health. My partner subsequently suffered
depression and sulclded in 24 months. My son acquired ADD as a result. I am now lotally and permanently ME/CFS disabled. I had suffered
Engerix B/recomblnant DNA vaccuse - early symptoms were unrecognised by the GP at the lime - recurrent reproductive tract infections, skin
rashes, headaches, fatigue, gastro intestinal upsets and mood swings, all of which were uncharacteristio and inexplicable. Put down to stress. I
now suffer from myalglc encephalomyelitis. MRI scans indicate scatter pattern of demyelination ln the brain. CFS ls relentless and unremitting
with fatigue, neuro transmitter and hormonal imbalance, attention and cognitive deficit. Symptoms are almost exact match of MS.

Mother (bom 1953) of two aged si and one.

Mother - in 1953 two doses of DPT was the 'correct dose'. I had one dose because I was very lll añer the f¡rst and my mother resisted bullying to
have the second dose. She said I was a healthy baby for four months, but was sick from the time of vaccination onwards. At 11 years I had
smallpox, cholera and yellow fever vacc¡nations. My mother anticipated a bad reaction because it ran ln the family. She didn't realise they were
not really compulsory for international travel. I developed encephalitis, eczema and my thigh swelled up like a red balloon and I couldn't walk. Pain
in my liver and black marks around my eyes were immediate from yellow fever. My ha¡r became very greasy. The cholera vacclne neafy killed me.
I developed severe gastro¡ntestinal problems. I am dyslexic; my brain disconnects when I am tired. The ec¿ema from smallpox lasted for years.

Mothør bom 1956 and vacclnated wlth fwo sons aged four and onø, both unvacclnated.
Mother - vaccinated ln 1991 at 34 years (unspecified vacc¡ne). Had a reaction and treated as a manlcdepressive for six months until blood test
revealed pernlclous anaemla. Was unable to continue in my $42000 job and spent two years on slck leave. Consult GP wtro acts as a homeopath
and a herbalisUnaturopath. Also a GP before lwised up that doctors are generally lgnorant and anogant. Vaccination lssue makes me very angry.

Mother (Reglstered Nurse) of a daughter aged 22 and a son aged 19. Only the daughter has beøn vaccinated.
Dauohter - developed lmpetigo (school sores) at s¡x to nine months. At age six months, before going to Thailand she had a TB shot. Maybe the
injection was not glven properly - she had an open suppurating wound for about six months. She developed asthma at age three and apart from a
consultation with a GP and two hospitalisations, I have used a naturopath ever since. She is now living away from home and rarely has an
asthmatic attack but generally has a'cruddf chest. I feel awful about it.
Son has never been to a doctor in his life and is perfectly healthy.

Single mother bom 1963 w¡th unvacc¡nated daughter aged thrøe.

I had typhoid vaccinalion at age 32 before going to Africa. Swelling in the arm and restr¡ction of movement for two days. Dizziness and general
unwellness. Yellowfever - temperature for a day.

Mother of husband bom 1960 with úñree sons aged seven, fivø and one (all three unvaccinated).
My husband received a vaccinat¡on, we think for measles, around 7 years of age. He went into a coma hours later, The hospital he was rushed to
gave a lumber puncture. Unsure of further details.

Wtfe expecting frrst chlld bom 1965.

I experienced respiratory weakness throughout childhood, particularly bronchitis and trachilis. Also food sensitivity and allergy symptoms later in
life. Eelieve these were long term effects of vaccination.

Moîher of two bom 1966.

Had Hep B aged 21. Symptoms afrer included back pain and drowsiness for a 24hour period afrer each of three shots. Progressively worse
each time. I was unable to get out of bed. Doctor did not inform me of adverse react¡on possibilities. ln the year following Hep B shots, I suffered
from ClN3 cervical cancer. I cannot say this was a direct result but I can say I had always been very healthy prior to this. Treatment with laser
surgery was successful. Homeopathlc treatment slx months later cleared me of all abnormal cells. I have remalned clear.

Grandfather bom in 1927 and vaccinated lor diphtheña at age 10 years

Swelling of arm and severe pain the following day. Mass vaccination - all the school l¡ned up at local sw¡mming baths. Metho rubbed on arm and
nurse injected the needle. Think the same needle was used for everyone.

Mother with husband bom 1965 vacclnated ln childhood.

Husband - alvr€ys sick with bronchial and stomach sickness.

Mother bom 1964 with fwo sons aged three and one, both unvaccinated.
I had tetanus shot ln March 1989. ln December 1989, I developed ery,thema nodasum rather severely and had to have complete bed rest for two
months. lt has not recurred although I was informed it would. I went to a naturopath but it was too late to do anylhing effective (Erythema
nodosum is an auto¡mmune system disease related to lupus where the immune system attacked my legs causing red lumps and swell¡ng).

Father bom 1946 and mothør bom 1947 with two children aged 25 and 22 (both vacc¡nated).
Father - had arm in a sling for days afrer tetanus shot when aged approx. 10.
Mother - had severe headaches and was in hospital for a week afrer cholera/typhoid shots when aged 30.

Molhør bom 1967 w¡th an unvaccinated daughter agød two.
I have suffered arthritis, particularly in my knees. This started when I was about 23 years old. For the next four years, each winter I would have
this quite badly - to the point of finding driving painful. This could be related to the rubella shot I received when I was about 14. But I guess I will
never know for sure.

Mother bom 1957 and vaccinated with four-year-old unvaccinated daughtør.

Mother - given cholera/typhoid for travel at age nine. Suffered temporary paralysis of limbs (one to two hours) and severe muscle ache.

Mother bom 1969 and vaccinated w¡th unvacclnated son agød one.
Mother - suffers from chronic eczema and asthma. There ls a family history of asthma, eczema and allergies. With a vaccination induced
suppressed immune system, eczema has been a long hard battle.

Mothør with husband bom 1961 and three children aged n¡ne, søven and four. Only the rtrsf fwo arc vacclnated.
Father - had reaction to'4 in l'at three months of age. His mother says' he had a tenible cold, cough and hlgh temperature after each
vaccination. ln fact, he tended to be prone to colds about every month till early school age'.

Mother bom 1967 (vaccinated) of two children agod four and two (both unvaccinated).
Mother - bad eczema and asthma as a child and continues into adulthood. Has now improved to just about nothing afrer seven years treatment by
a naturopath.

Couple family of husband bom 1951 and wife bom 1960. Both are vaccinated.
Husband - smallpox shot at age I 7. Considerable fever, sweats and aches.
Wj& - oral polio at age '19. lll for two days - very tired, general aches and pains in muscles. Tetanus shot at age 24. Nm stiff and sore for a day
and generally unwell. Now aged 38 and have been generally unwell since a child. Believe the reaction to OPV helped me to go downhill fast. Got
CFS and mononucleosis at age 23 and was ill for years. Homeopathic constitutional treatment is the only thing that will work.

Mother bom 1968 and fully vaccinatød with one-year-old daughter unvaccinated.
Mother - memories of convulsions that required treatment as a young child añer vaccination. Her mother avoids discussion of this incident.

Mother bom 1958 vaccinated with one child agød three, unvaccinatød.
Mother - between the ages of 30 and 35 had tetanus vaccination. Swelling and tenderness in the whole upper arm, redness around the injection
site. The swelling and redness subsided withln three dayls but the arm remained tender for about a week. I was also 'off colou/ the first three
days. I have had two flu shots, the last one about five years ago. Since then I have been prone to severe bouts of flu. Prior to hav¡ng the Ru
vaccine, I only had occasional bouts of flu. Have since consulted an osteopath.

Mother bom 1970 with a son aged three and a daughter one. Mother is vaccinated but children are not.
Mother - I am unaware if I had any reactions afrer vacc¡nation but am convinced that vaccination is the cause of my allergies. My family has
regular chiropract¡c care, use herbal remedies, take vitamins, have acupuncture and use essential oils. My three and a half-yearold had only
visited our GP twice but afrer visiting playgroup rvhere all the children had been vaccinated, he caught the mumps and then the flu. An abscess
formed in his ear and wouldn't clear up. We had to resort to antibiotics for the first time. I am still pleased with the way our family handles illness.
99% of the time herbal medicine does lhe trick.

Mother bom 1971 (Røgistered Nurse) and ftIly vacc¡nated w¡th one year old unvaccinated son.
Mother - until a few years ago, I was always up to date with vaccinations and always had a poor immune system. Now I take care of it naturally
and am very healthy. My husband no longer suffers from asthma and our son is amazingly healthy.

Mother bom 1962 partially vaccinated with two unvacclnated children aged four and two.
Mother - typhoid/cholera, arm inflamed at site. Very sick with 'flu' like symptoms for 4{l hours. We now use a homeopath as well as chiropractors
and conventional medicine.

Mother (Registered nurse) ol two aged frve and one. Mother is vacc¡natod. The children are unvacc¡nated.
Mother - typhoid in 1981 . Temperature and general feeling of malaise. Tetanus ln I 990. Redness, swelling around the site. Very sore. Not seen
by a health professional nor reported.

Mother bom 1966 w¡th two daughters frve and three. Mother vaccinated but the daughters are unvaccinated.
Mother - al age 22, I was vaccinated because I was going to travel. Cholera and two others that I can't read were given. Arm in which shot was
administered went cold and numb, felt nauseous and had dizzy spell. Reaction not reported.

Mother and husband (bom 1968 and vacclnafed as a child) w¡th two unvaccinated sons aged thrøe and one.
Husband - long term effect of vaccines was tonsillitis. They were removed at age 14.

Mother bom 1953 and tully vaccinated with four childrøn - daughter aged 20 (DPT only) and threo unvaccinated sons aged 16, eight and six.
Mother - low resistance to sickness, hay fever etc. Have consulted homeopath and naturopath.
Dauohter - temperature and crying for 24 hours afier DPT.

Wtfe bom 1968 and ftiily vaccinated.

Received measles vaccine and st¡ll got full-blown measles in childhood. Hopefully I have natural antibodies to pass on to my children.

Mother bom 1965 (fully vaccinated) w¡th one year old unvaccinated son.
Mother - long term effects have been history of allergies and asthma (no family histories of such conditions). Naturopaths have provided advice on

Mother bom 1972 vacclnated with DPT and pollo with one year old unvaccinated son.
Mother - Dip, whooping cough and polio vaccines at age seven. Fainted on receiving the needle and lnfection at entry point.

Wtîe with husband bom 1955.

Husband - had cholera/smallpoxfryphoid at age 23. Had fever, shivering lasting a week.

Single mother (Nursing Degrøe) with unvaccinafed son aged two.

Mother - when aged 22, had to have Hep B vacoinations before commencing nursing. Got pneumonia one week afrer the frst dose and two
weeks afrer the second dose. Got pneumonia four to five times. Got off the merry go round of antibiotics and it stopped coming back. Built up
constitution by going to a homeopath. Have quit nurslng and now study homeopathy.

Wife with husband bom 1962 (fuily vaccinated) and unvaccinated son agød one.
Husband - suffers from chronio candida albicans. We believe there is a link with vaccination.

Mothør (Master of Pharmacy) bom 1964 fully vaccinated with a daughtør aged four (polio vaccination only) and sons aged two and new bom,
both unvaccinated.
Mother - redness and swelling with cholera, flu like symptoms. My brothers have digestive problems my mother attributes to triple antigen shots
when children. I have various food intolerances and some weaknesses in food absorption and digestion. Treated by kineslology.
Eggbtgt - vomited añer oral polio at home (probably a good thlng). Some grlpplng pain.
Mothør bom 1962 and fully vacclnatød with unvacclnated two-year old daughter.
Wonder lf my overload or my lmmune system for the past 13 years ln parlicular may have been contributed to by previous vacclnation. Could have
contributed to undiagnosed coelio disease until four years ago and perhaps allergies. These were present before my pregnanoy in 1996.

Mother with husband bom 1963 wilh one son one year old. Fathør had tríple anögen and tetanus. The son ls unvacclnated.
Ealhe¡ has suffered from headaches for a long time. A recent t¡ssue mineral analysls has revealed very hlgh toxlns ln hls blood and body makeup.
How could these have been absorbed lnto the bloodstream if not put there by vacclnation shots?

Mother and father of two teenage daughterc. Mother and father are both vaccinated. Daughters are unvaccinated.
Mother- suffered from flu like lllness for two weeks as a resull of the smallpox vaccination.
Father suffers chronic fat¡gue, allergies and immune system malfunction.
My two unvaccinated teenage daughters are the only ones in the family of eleven cousins who do not suffer from asthma, ear infections etc,

Mother and father of one son aged four. Mother and son unvaccinated. Father bom 1938 received polio and tetanus vaccinations ¿f scâoo/.
Father still has hard lump in upper lefr arm at vaccination site that is painful from time to time.

Grandmother bom 1941 and vaccinated for diphtheña, fefanus and whooping cough. Two adult children - daughter bom 1968 and son 1966.
Neither was vaccinated as children.
M¡¡self - dreadful whooping cough from the vaccine. Lefl me severely asthmatic. Had polio vaccine and I got that too. Do not know if mother
reported it - she did not have the other children vaccinated.
Dauqhter - had TB shot when a nurse and got very slck with a weak chest. Never vaccinated before this incident and she threatened to leave
nursing. She suffered personality change and weakened lungs.

Mother bom 1956 and vaccinaled as a child wtth two year old unvaccinated son.
Mother - had a tetanus booster at 33 years of age due to horse serum. Swelling at needle sit, collapse and fever. Treatment with natural
therapisVacupuncturist using Vega/lvlora therapy to counteract the effects.

Mother of thrøe bom ¡n 1961 and who probably received allshofs ava¡'iraô/e at thø time.
Mother - received polio vaccine when five years old and suffered from asthma chronically that year. Rubella vaccine when 15 and experienced
arthritis in fingers. I feel vaccination shots in childhood contributed to my poor general immuni$.

Mother bom 1956 with four year old unvaccinated daughter. Motherwas Íully vaccinated as a child.
Mother - have suffered from chronic fatigue. Also had glandular fever in early 2Os. Wonder if glandular fever contributed to chronlc fatigue. Or
maybe the vaccinations I received before travelling contributed. Have been treated by naturopatl/ homeopath and health has improved heaps.

Wife bom in 1971.

Afler cholera vaccinations (given regularly as we travelled overseas when I was young), I had persistent severe pain ln the injected arm, usually
lasting several days.

Husband (bom 1953) and wifø (bom 1964), both tully vaccinated when children.
Long term effects have been Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and allergies for the Wiþ, and food allergies, gluten intolerance and cancer just after
overseas vaccinations for the husband.

Mother bom ln 1960

I was vaccinated for TB and got ¡t at two years of age. The TB contributed to many problems thereafrer

Mother bom 1968 (vaccinated) ol two - daughter aged threø and son aged one (both unvaccinated).
Very bad headache and swollen and red at site for a few days in the UK after typhoid shot when aged 23.

Mother bom 1969 with two young children. Motherwas fully vaccinated as a child but her children are unvacclnatød.
Mother - developed measles as a young adult following rubella shot at 18. Also fully vaccinated with measles jabs as a child. Suffered from
bronchitis, tonsillitis, hay fever and colds constantly unt¡l d¡scovering alternative health. Have regular chiropractic care and massage. Also use
vitamlns and homeopathy. Also a good organic diet. Have not suffered from these problems for seven years.

Single male bom 1957. Vacclnated but no recollection of exact types.

Believe my asthma came from polio vacclnation. Go to medical centre for Ventol¡n and Beclaforte plus I am on the nebuliser.

Mother bom 1961 (DPT, polio, rubella) with daughters aged frve and tv,/o, both unvacclnated.
Mother - immune system was affected. Candida albicans ln my blood stream (severe). Change of diet and life style cured me (rejection of
conventional allopathic medicine).

Couple both bom 1962 w¡th unvacc¡nated daughter bom 1998.

Both husband and wife had sore arms following cholera/Hep A vaccinations. Wife also suffered fever, was nauseous and fainted. Wife
developed glandular fever after Hep B shot. Wonders if it was the cause. She went to a naturopath and an osteopath.

Mother bom 1965 and vaccinafed as a child with fwo sons aged frve and two (both unvaccinated).
Mother - suffer from allergies, hay fever and a¡lhritis. On a specialist diet to become allergy free before our next planned baby next year to give it a
chance not to have my allergies. This is second t¡me on a diet. Suffered arthritis palns in joints since 15.

Wtfe bom 1965 with unvaccinated glls aged four and two
Wife ' had Hep B vaccine aged 25. Hives appeared and lthought I had chicken pox. Went to another GP and he d¡d not knowwtìat it was. Went
back to original GP and he said it may have been a reaction to a mango I had eatenll Said they were an allergy food. Did NOT ment¡on the
possibility of the vaccine I had two weeks earlier. The rash did eventually disappear and I was not sick with it.

Fathør bom in 1960 and fully vacclnatød as a chlld.

My vacclnations were given as a child and I have no memory of adverse reactions other than my brother passlng out following vacclnat¡on.
However, I developed coelic disease as a l2-year-old and have always been more susceptible to colds and llu than I should be. I am still
concemed for the effects on my nervous system that I am not aware of.

Mother of two children bom 1957 and fully vaccinated. Neither child is vaccinated.
Around f965 (at around seven years of age), I had an oral polio vaccine. ln retrospect, I remember it as very new and exciting. Withln a few
months I myster¡ously got elephantiasis - a total blockage of the lymph vessels. I spent two weeks in bed. I had never had a day off school before
lhen. There is no other reason forthis sudden event. lt doesn't seem to have leñ any ongoing problem.

Mother bom 1968 and fully vaccinated as a child.

Epilepsy from five months to four years of age.

Mother of two children three yøars and 10 weeks. Mother ls vacclnated but children are not.
Mother - does not know of any reaction in herself but her sister contracted whooping cough ¡mmed¡ately afrer be¡ng vaccinated against it.

Mother (bom 1976) with an unvaccinated son aged onø.

Mother - immediate reaction to MMR when 12 months old was screaming for days and my mother had to carry me on a pillow my leg was so
swollen. Was taken to the doctor - mum was told I was fine (Surprisel surprisel). My immune system was shot to pieces - had bronchial
problems all my life. My doctor and hospital records were a mlle long ln 1996. I turned to natural therapy and I have not been sick and have not
been near a doctor.

Mother bom 1954 and vaccinated as d ch¡ld.

Chronic wrist pain in leñ wrist for over 20 years - rubella link? Diagnosed in lndia in 1977 as bacter¡al invasion of the joint tissue. Diagnosed in
Australia ln 1979 as arthritis. Consulted many alternative health providers but no permanent cure found.

Wtfe bom ln 1957.

Añer rubella vaccination at f 2 years of age, started one year afrer to suffer Jolnt pain and clicking ln both hips.

From a 91 year old w¡dower

Self - I was vaccinated for smallpox in the army and it caused me to faint. Had a vaccination for the flu in the 1980s and I was sick as a dog. My
wlfe died ln 198f and I always felt she would have lived longer lf she had not been vacclnated.

Mother bom 1959 and fully vacc¡nated as a child. Has a two yaar old unvacclnatød daughter.
Mother - vaccinated for pertussis (with Triple Antigen) for third time at six months. Developed pertussis 17 days later.

Mother (bom 1963) and father (bom 1961) with d daughter aged nine and son aged two. Parents were vaccínated and daughter has had polio
vacclnation only. Son is unvaccinated.
Both.parents - reduced general immune function and respiratory weakness. Naturopath consulted and effectively treated, However, weakness

Wtlø bom 1969.

Suffered from severe ear infections, constant throat problems and bad bronchitis for most of my childhood. lt's only been the last two to three
years that things have improved.

Couple both bom 1958 and vaccinated with one son aged four who is unvaccinated.
Mother - as a child I had many throat and chest infections and had tonsils removed. Also suffered from allergies

Father - developed asthma at age seven. This is difficult to prove whether it's vaccine related.

Mother bom 1968 (vaccinated with DPT, polio and rubella) with husband bom 1960 (vaccinated with DPT and polio) and unvaccinatød daughtør
aged one.
Husband - vaccinated aga¡nst tetanus when scolded as an lnfant aged 13 months. Developed polio and permanent paralysis in right arm.
Meningitis type symptoms.
yvife - \taccinated as a baby. Screamed 24 hours non-stop. Rubella at 14 years and sick with virus for two weeks about six months later. Suffer
chronic fatigue syndrome. Consult homeopath/naturopath.

Wtfe with husband bom 1955 and unvacclnaled baby son. Husband suffered polio at n¡ne months of age and dght hand s¡de arm and leg are
pañially unusable.
Polio started in r¡ght arm. Maybe a result of vaccination but unable to definitely determine. No personal records of when shot given.

Father (bom 1958) of two unvaccinated children.

Father - from age two and a half to four year old when my tonsils were removed, I had bad throat and ear infections. This may have been a result
of the assault on my immune system. ln 1959, I had three Salk polio injections and three DPT injections. Then again it may have had nothing to
do with it. I was a skinny kid who had reading and spelling difficulties and tended to daydream through my school years.

Mother bom 1963 (RegistøredNurse and Midwîle) with unvacclnafedsons aged ñve and two years.
Mother - I apparently had a very bad reaction to the DPT vaccinat¡ons. Not fitting as such but could not be put down in col Íor 24 hours. My dad
said I would go stiff in h¡s arms. I do not have any long-term difficulties as such.

Couple (wife bom 1963. husband bom 1967) with unvacc¡nated daughter aged two.
@ - tonsillitis recurring until evenlual tonsillectomy when aged elght (much to my dismay).
Husband - tonsillitis recurring with tonsillectomy. Continual ear infections and constant sinus problems.

Mothør bom 1962 and fully vacclnatød with son agad two who has had one dose ol polio vaccine only.
Mother - have had Hodgkin's D¡sease. Feel vaccination possibly played a part by lowering the immune system. Am seeing a homeopath, as is
partner to counter effects of vaccines.

Mother (Psychiatric Nurse) bom 1963 and fully vaccinated with unvaccinated daughtørs aged ñve and two.
Mother - my baby book says, "upset añer first injection, sedative given by doctof Probably DPT. Had cholera/lyphoid vaccinations at age 28 and
was nauseated for a day or two.

Mother bom 1954 (DPT, polio) with daughter aged frve and son aged three, both unvaccinated.
Mother - believe tetanus shot in the late l97Os along with misused antibiotics contributed to chronic fatigue syndrome. Used alternative medical
providers to get through this illness. Go to chiropractor every six weeks.

Mother bom 1967 and fully vaccinated with unvaccinatød baby daughter.
Mother - believe vaccinations played a part in wearing down my immune system. Also a life of drugs, including antibiotics to cure many childhood

Mother (bom 1969) with unvaccinated son aged one. Mother fully vacc¡natod as a child.
Mother - according to my mother, very unsettled with fever afier lnfant shots. Severe localised reaction to tetanus at age I 6 (cannot have another
one). Severereactiontovaccinationlhadaged22beforegoingoverseasbutldonotknowwhatilwas. lnjectionwasinthehip-severepainand
lmmobility throughout whole back for three to four days. Did not go back for second dose. Have suffered from allergies. ln late teens, finally
consulted a naturopath afrer repetitive throat infections. Have had very few throat infections since. Now see a homeopath for preventative

Mothør bom 1953 (Nudng Diploma) who received a range of vaccínadons. Son aged 18 and daughter aged 15 are both unvaccinated.
Mother - Tetanus when 1l years old afrer a car accident. Aches, collapse, severe depression, crying. I was only slightly cut in the accldent. TB
when 11. Aches all over and unwell. Typhoid rvhen 20. Thought I was going to die. Headaches, painful joints, high temperature and flu like
symptoms. Rubella when 22. lll for about 10 years. Aches in knees and k¡dneys. Was advised it was probably Rubella Arthrltis. ln 1997, I
developed ovarian cancer - wonder if vaccines contributed.

Mother born 1 966 and partner born 1 972 (both vaccinated) and one year old son who is unvaccinated.
Mother - at age seven had tonsils and adenoids removed afier years of ear and throat infections. This may have been the result of childhood
vaccines - more than likely I believe.
Partner - had a very poor immune system and was laid up for 12 months four years ago with Ross River fever. No medication, orthodox or other
taken. Last year he contracted cytomegalo virus that was conf¡rmed by a blood test. He suffered a lot of pain and took Panadine Forte but nothing
else. Both times he let the virus run its course and over the last three months he has taken Chinese herbs from Green Medicine Co and continued
a course of vitamins and mineral supplements suggested by a natural therapist. He is f 00%.

Mother bom 1967 and fully vaccinatod w¡th two-year-old unvaccínated daughter.
Mother - bronchitis afier measles shot at four years of age. No other side effects yetll

Mother bom 1941 w¡th husband bom 1939 and throe daughterc agød 27, 25 and 22. Eldest daughter a/so l¡as a on*year-old daughtør. Atl
îamily mambers have been partially vaccinated except thø baby. The baby howøver recaived v¡tam¡n K.
Father - suffers from diabetes type two.
Mother - euthroid due to autoimmune disease at age 45. Suffer from allergies and irritable bowel syndrome.
Eldest daughter - diagnosed with mild asthma, leñ-handed, severe myopia at age 13, and faulty mitrol valve/heart murmersat age 2.. Previously
undiagnosed as very healthy. Pulse too high on activity. Suspect Vit Bl deficiency and general B vit malabsorption. WheaVmilk allergies.

Second daughter - recunent lymphatic nodes swollen at neck, lymph slugglsh, hormonal lmbalance wlth hþher testosterone than normal. Multiple
allergies malnly yeast, sugar, eggs, milk, wheat. Medlum myopla at age 18.
Thlrd dauohter - CDT at three months followed by lmmediate temperature lastlng three days to 4O degrees. Afrer regular three day temperatures
and visits to doctor was prescrlbed antibiotics for all family members at half stren$h with the baby belng given full strength for what had then
developed lnto a strep throat. Went through at least two lots of antiblotlcs with no lmprovement. Tried v¡tamlns lnstead and thls cleared lt up. The
whole process was slx months ln duration. She u¡as a very colicy baby with feedlng problems. Put onto goats' milk at four months. Long term
effecls have been ' cllnlcal depression, constant letharg¡ lowgrade headaches, lack of motivatlon, allergles to wtreat and dalry, mld myoph al age
Babv - persistent hyperblllsubln (Dr says its breastmllkl), periods of colic, sleeplessness, unsettled, raised lgE lndicating previous vlral lnfection at
two months of age which uns assumed by one doctor to be rubella and by another to be heat rash.

Good news story

Mother of nine chlldren bom from 19E6 to 1997. The frrst child had one tñplø antigen and the ofåers €re not vacclnated.
Four years ago we had seven chlldren with whooping cough. Our baby at the tlme was four months old. All sailed through with no hospital visits.
One child was healed of a night-time wtreeze she had. She coughed so much her lungs expanded. That lras great.