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Transition - Transformation By Apostle Rick Watts

We go through periods of our lives when we know that we are going through a transition. As a matter of
fact, if you think about it, our entire lives are full of transitions! However, the word "transition" does not
appear in the Word, but there is a word that appears a number of times that is of greater significance and
greater worth. That word is "transformation." It is of a higher order, an order that swallows up the lesser
and brings us into Divine destiny.

Transition - "passage from one state, stage, subject, or place….to another."

Transformation - "an act, process, or instance of being transformed (changed)."

Changed in composition or structure. Changed in outward form or appearance. Changed in character or


Other words for transformation are transfigured and metamorphose.

This is an artistic example of a metamorphosis.

In Matthew 17:2 and Mark 9:2 we see that Jesus was transfigured before Peter, James and John on a
mountain (It is very notable that this took place AFTER six days - another teaching). In this place He
was joined by the two witnesses (another teaching) that represent the law and the prophets, Moses and
Elijah. Peter wanted to set up three tabernacles, representing the Feast of Tabernacles (again, another

In their presence, Jesus face began to shine like the sun and His clothes became whiter than any launderer
on earth could whiten them. Jesus was transfigured before them. What was actually in Him (for He was
the true light, the light of the world, the light that shown in darkness) brought a change to the outward
form or appearance. He had already shown the manifestation in character and condition, and those who
could see in the Spiritual realm recognized that. But here was something they could see in the physical

In Romans 12: 2 Paul instructs us to not be conformed to this world, but to be transformed by the
renewing of our minds. The prefix "con" means "with." The prefix "trans" means "through." So Paul is
saying, "Don't be formed with this world, but be formed through the renewing of your mind."

Conformation is a self-induced adorning of the outer appearance to a model or pattern of the world
system. It is very evident that there are even many who conform to religious systems such as Islam,
Catholicism, and even Christianity. There are many who have conformed to "church," and going further,
many have conformed to denominational beliefs.

Transition deals more in the realm of conformation. It does represent change, but it is not a change from
an inward process. It is a passage from one state to another. It is the movement from what you are
conformed to now to what you see you want to be conformed to next. It is the movement from one place
to another. It is your personal action, or choosing, to move from where you are to what you see. It is
seeing something different from where you are and moving toward it.

Church meetings are full of people who are hearing a presentation and deciding "that's what I want" or
"that's where I want to be." They are not understanding the process that brought the end result, they are
just looking at the final result or final product. Therefore they begin to move self to that end, and this is
not the working of God in their lives.

Sometimes people find themselves confronted with results they don't like, maybe even destructive results.
So they look at other options and decide what would be the place to have a more positive result and begin
to transition toward that place. Still, this is not the working of the Spirit in their lives.

However, Paul is beseeching us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Transformation is an

act, a process of being changed in our mindsets, the inward man, that brings a change in our composition,
structure, outward form, appearance, character, and condition. The Word says, "As a man thinks, so is
he." It doesn't say "As a man does, so is he." God deals with our minds, not the actions. Conformation
and transition focuses on changing the fruit, but transformation focuses on changing the root! And
transformation brings about change by renewing our minds with "the mind of Christ." (See Philippians

The renewing of our minds is a renovation to knowing what we knew before we came into this world and
were conformed to the worldly system. Our minds are renewed as we see ourselves in the Word of God
through study and the spirit of revelation to open the eyes of our hearts to see as God sees. (See Ephesians
1: 15-23)
2 Corinthians 3: 18 says, "But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord,
are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord." As we
look into the Word of God, a metamorphose will take place in us - even to the transformation that took
place through Jesus on the mountain. A metamorphose is another word for transformation and it means
"to change into a different physical form by supernatural means." Isn't that what the Spirit of God wants
to do in us?

So, we need to get out of a transitional mindset, which is self-induced to a transformational mindset
which is Spirit-induced. Let's get our minds off of ourselves and what we want, and focus on God and
what He wants!

NOW……before we leave these thoughts on transformation, let's look at an imitation. Remember I said
that a lot of Christians are self-seeking, caught up in conformation to Christianity, and are in constant
transition to obtain the "blessings" or constant transition to avoid the "curses & consequences?"

I think we have grasped the difference between transition and transformation, but there is a type of
transformation that is counterfeit to the working of God.

Look at 2 Corinthians 11:13-15. Here we see that Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light,
and his ministers transform themselves into ministers of righteousness. This is an imitation. The word
transformation here means "to transfigure; to disguise; to transform self." What is the difference here
between this type of transformation and transition? It is based upon selfish ambition, a self-willed person
seeking opportunities for promotions, and even resorting to any method for winning followers by giving
them a false gospel that brings confusion and focuses on earthly things.

Satan is self-seeking. Satan desires followers. Satan puts on disguises.

God desires sons - heirs with Him on the throne who will rule and reign with Him in truth. These sons
focus on heavenly things.

Take some time to study the entire 8th chapter of Romans.

God Bless You