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June 1, 2010


Detroit corruption should sound familiar to Chicagoans
What's going By MOLLIE PELON Suspicion around Riddle began earlier Forty minutes before arriving at the courthouse

on abroad? “The difference between Detroit corruption

this year when ex-Detroit councilwoman
Monica Conyers was convicted of bribery.
Riddle tweeted, “Hold on. I’m coming.”
Other tweets include, “Deal with it. Do the
and Chicago corruption is that Chicago found She is currently serving three years in prison. time. Try 2 stay alive. Get these people outta
a way to make it work, whereas Detroit’s Riddle turned himself in, in hopes of serving my fking life.” As well as, “Do not be in
schemes just bury the city into a deeper hole,” time in a federal prison as opposed to a state denial. Detroit is a hard ass city that eats its
said Robert Fidler, a journalism major at prison. Riddle’s attorney, Richard Convertino, babies.”
DePaul. As a Detroit-area native, Fidler said prefers federal prisons because he believes English student Sam Carlton, a freshman
corruption cases no longer phase him. they are better funded and managed than state from Michigan said, “Sam Riddle’s use of
Former Detroit political consultant Sam prisons. social media such as Twitter and Facebook
Riddle turned himself in to federal authorities. Throughout his career, Riddle has been is diminishing his credibility as a public
Image courtesy of Rachel Metea According to the Detroit News, on May 25, very active on social media such as Twitter servant by using phrases such as, ‘straight
Riddle arrived at the federal courthouse, bible and Facebook. In an earlier case he tweeted, up respect 4 you.’ These pages make me
DePaul students working in hand, and said, “It’s a beautiful day. The sun “The power of the individual in America must sad to see the city of Detroit in the hands of
at community center Emil- is shining, and it’s a great day to go to jail.” never be underestimated or trivialized for such an immature and unprofessional figure.”
iano Zapata Sur. Earlier this month, Riddle pleaded the power of one is mighty indeed.” In this Some Detroiters joked about former mayor
From left: Joel Lydic, Jeff guilty in a federal court to charges deadlocked case, many questioned his motives. Kwame Kilpatrick and Riddle sharing a cell
Lynd, Leah Jeedas and of bribery, extortion and tax evasion. In his current case, Riddle has actively as Kilpatrick was recently sentenced to 18
Beatriz Marquez. He is also being tried for civil crimes. posted on his Facebook and Twitter. “I months to 5 years for violating probation.
In February, he returned home to find love Detroit,” he wrote. “I love the energy “Detroit is actually a great city and it’s
Three DePaul students
former state representative, and his live-in of my supporters and even find a tad of people like him that give it a bad name,”
are currently engaged
girlfriend, Mary Walters in bed with another love for the haters that I believe simply said Annie Edwards, a psychology student.
in a community-based
man. Angered, he pulled a shotgun on Walters. want decent and honest government and “Hopefully the new mayor can turn it around
research project in the
Riddle is now facing up to five years in state leadership. The people deserve no less.” and make it into the city it has the potential
Emiliano Zapata Sur
prison for assault charges. Adding, “posts from the cell will follow.” to become.”
community in Mérida,
Mexico. Students are
working to understand
the impact of community
engagement for the com-
munity and themselves
Texas textbooks rewrite history
as students.
By J.V. SIEGEL means that other states, who may completely
“The objective was
to help the community disagree with the new material, would be
define its strengths and Changes to Texas textbooks have caused stuck with Texas’ books. States with different
weaknesses as well as outrage across the country. On May 21, political and cultural ideologies will have to
find a common identity,” the 15-member Texas Board of Education take Texas’ textbooks.”
said Joel Lydic, a senior voted 9-5 to pass new standards that apply Some states plan to take action against
who is participating in to all civics classes. The board argued Texas' textbook changes. Before Texas’
the program. “We want that the teachers that wrote the curriculum vote took place, SB 1451, a bill which
to learn about these types were too liberally biased and believe the would make California report any standards
of stories and families corrections they made to include Republican stemming from Texas’ new standards, to
and observe how they political philosophies and the portrayal of the California state legislature and the
work together.” conservatives in a more positive light. secretary of education was presented. The
Their research will be The proposals had been made several bill describes Texas’ new academic standards
contributed to a book months ago by the board. Under the new as “a sharp departure from widely accepted
chapter to be published standards, the word “capitalism” will be historical teachings that are driven by an
for an edited volume on replaced by “free enterprise system.” There inappropriate ideological desire to influence
International Service- will be a stronger focus on biblical and academic standards for children in [Texas]
Learning. The chapter Christian traditions as well. public schools.”
will document the rela- “The purpose of history should not be to The Texas Board of Education's decision
tionship and partnership present only the positive stories about the does not not appear to be popular iwith all
that has developed be- past,” said Dr. Margaret Storey, a history Texans either.
tween DePaul Univer- professor at DePaul and an expert on the Image courtesy of MCT Wire Service "This bill is absurd," said Bobbi Rutter, a
sity and Marista Univer- south "We don't live in a hermetically sealed Texas State Representative Mike DePaul mother who sent three kids through
sity (situated in Mérida, world—how will the students deal with a Texas public schools. “I do agree that this
Villarreal holds a news conference to
Mexico) and its impact world that presents them with moral or country was founded on Christian morals,
political contradictions?”
protest proposed changes to the new but this is going extreme. I don’t believe in
on both the community social studies textbook guidelines.
and the students. Texas’ Board of Education reviews the homeschooling at all, but if these textbooks
The most interesting state’s public school curriculum every ten had been around when any one of my
years. The current board of education, which Rights, Governments are instituted among children were going through school, I would
thing the research has
includes a self-described “fundamentalist Men, deriving their just Powers from the have homeschooled all of them."
found, said Lydic is on
Christian” voted for Thomas Jefferson to Consent of the Governed.” Jamie Rutter, a student who went to
the Maya people.
be omitted from world history classes as The inaugural address of Abraham Lincoln, Texas public schools said, “It’s terribly
“In Mexico, Maya are
an influential philosopher. This is due to and Confederacy president Jefferson Davis embarrassing. There are enough stereotypes
marginalized like Mexi-
Jefferson’s belief of the separation of church will also be studied. Davis’ will be studied associated with Texas, but now the schools
cans are marginalized in
and state, a term he coined. so as to understand that the Civil war was are bringing in these asinine changes. Now
the US,” said Lydic. “So
The study of the McCarthy Era in the U.S. fought, not because of slavery, but because I’ll have to tell people I was educated there
Maya income and stan-
places a strong emphasis on the release of of state’s rights according to the Texas' Board before the changes were made.”
dard of living and so on
papers that implicated some of those brought of Education. The liberals on the board of education
is very, very low, even
to trial by McCarthy in the late 1940s and The Texas public school system has 4.7 settled for debating individual changes
compared to poor other
early 1950s. million students, which is second in the including they debated the rationale behind
Mexican’ incomes.”
“This board, like many Americans, believes nation only to the 6.2 million students in the reason to use Barack Obama’s first name
“Maya immigrants in
that this history education will provide an California's public school system. when referring to the current president. They
the US tend to make
opportunity to build citizens in a mold they Due to Texas’ large amount of students, also would not allow the term “slavery” to
more money, hold better
find appealing or suitable,” said Storey. “This other states are worried that publishers be taken out of the text in favor of “African
jobs, be leaders in their
doesn't necessary make for good history, will cater to the state’s demands, and the triangular trade.”
communities and so on,”
though.” other states will receive books with Texas The changes are slated to become effective
said Lydic. “So within
Under the new standards, the state will standards. Due to the economic status, many in August of 2011, despite the strong criticism
Mexican diasporas in the
observe “Celebrate Freedom Week.” Students states cannot pay full attention to textbooks. from citizens in the state and abroad. “It’s
US, Mayan people are
in Grades 3-12 will study and recite, “We “The Illinois state legislature is too a shame that public education is such a
better off.”
hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all embroiled right now to pay attention to convenient target. We can’t call the Texas
Men are created equal, that they are endowed its students receiving Texas’ books,” said public schools a battleground though,” said
by their Creator with certain unalienable Dr. Harold London, professor of education. Dr. London, “but I can’t think of a better title
Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and “The fact that Texas is such a large state for the situation.”
the Pursuit of Happiness–That to secure these and has such a large demand for textbooks,
Nation & World. June 1, 2010. The DePaulia 9

This week in world news

6 A defiant North Korea said it would
sever all ties with South Korea, cut
off communications and expel workers
from a jointly run industrial park in a
bellicose response to the South's efforts
to seek redress for the sinking of one of

8 Elton John performed in Morocco and raised an outcry. Is-

its ships.

lamists in the North African kingdom were outraged by the gay

pop star's visit, while the royal palace, government and his many
fans backed his appearance."

3 The Department of
Homeland Security said,
"the number and pace of at-
tempted attacks against the
m q o
US over the past 9 months
has surpassed the number k l
j p
4 After backlash over the
of attempts during any other
previous one-year period."
n new "Like" button, Facebook
has made it easier for users
1 Cancun mayor Gre- to change privacy settings
gorio Sanchez has been ar- r and block outside parties from
rested in relation with drug seeing personal info.
trafficking, money launder-
ering and organized crime

5 Airborne lasers have "stripped"

away thick rain forests in Belize to
reveal new images of an ancient
Maya metropolis that's far bigger
than anyone had thought.

9Free speech activists in Zimbabwe

are celebrating a breakthrough
for press freedom with the
unity government's decision to
award licenses to four new daily
2 Space shuttle Atlantis landed at the Kennedy Space newspapers.
7 The violence from attempts to arrest a suspected drug kingpin in
Center marking the end of its 32nd and final mission.
Jamaica left 73 people dead and 26 injured.
Photos courtesy of MCT Wire services

Students criticize Ugandan anti-gay bill


A bill in Uganda that would have made homosexuality

world, but the world isn’t in our control.”
After being introduced, the bill drew the attention of
UN countries that saw it as a violation of human rights.
” This is a case of widespread
Rob Morrison, sophmore

punishable by death was given a serious setback this week. Threatening to pull their aid from Uganda unless the bill
First proposed in Oct. 2009, the bill would have increased is revised or dropped completely, the bill’s progress was
the penalties for taking part in homosexual activities or successfully stalled in parliament. A special committee people who are HIV-positive and gay. “It’s pretty
being HIV positive to death in some cases. The content of organized by Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni has ridiculous," he said. "I understand how AIDS and
bill was inspired by the teachings of American evangelical recommended withdrawing the bill completely on the homosexuality have been linked in the past, but I just
Christians who claimed homosexuality was threatening grounds that it is unconstitutional. Currently, the authors can’t believe people still make that connection. This is a
the moral fiber of Uganda. of the bill may reduce penalties against homosexuality to case of widespread ignorance.”
The debate about the legal treatment of homosexuality life imprisonment rather than death. Globalization, which is partially responsible for the
has inspired American activists to donate time and money The degree to which other nations’ legal systems are creation of the bill, could alleviate this kind of ignorance,
to affect the outcome of the bill. Given the content and becoming battlegrounds for American culture wars is said senior international studies major Dipesh Patel. Patel
severity of the bill, the life of the bill has raised questions equally disturbing, said sophomore information assurance said he saw the increased connectivity globalization brings
about the moral direction of the United States’ efforts student Rob Morrison. “My problem with this is that as having potential for good as well as bad to the bill.
abroad. it’s a completely American thing. When I heard it was “I think a lot of anti-gay legislation is going to change
“It’s a catch 22,” said senior CDM and history major evangelical Christians, I didn’t even bat an eye.” in the next few years," Patel said. " Because so much of it
Elliot Rahal of American ethics. “We try to play the good “It makes sense that when American evangelical relies on ridiculous ideas of what homosexuality is."
guys, but we still subscribe to neo-liberal capitalism, Christians would do one thing in a different country, then He added, "As people get more connected to each other,
which degrades human rights. Abortion rights, gay rights American groups that oppose them would do the other. there’s going to be a greater capacity for people to learn
and civil rights get attention because we can change them But are some international efforts okay just because I about sexual minorities and demystify them. I think
in our communities and because we understand how to agree with them?” Morrison said.  people are going to become educated well enough that
change them. We then superimpose those values on the Morrison said he condemns the association between they’ll either learn to accept them or just stop caring that
they exist at all.”