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• Personal details
• Full name: Dr BARKAT ALI MAKOL
• Cell Phone :+92-03053542335
• e-mail : makolbarkat@gmail.com
• Nationality : Pakistani
• Date of birth: 1st oct. 1968
• PMDC Registration number: 25153-S
• Work experience
GDMO;Pakistan Air Force-----4years
HouseOfficer; 6months in medicine

Academic Qualifications
• MBBS University of Sindh 1998
• MCPS(psych), Member of College of physician surgeons Pakistan
passed in January 2008 degree awarded in 2009
• Details of professional training
• Psychiatric Training
Post Graduate fellow Training equivalent to resident medical officer
Department of psychiatry Jinnah Post Graduate Medical centre, Karachi,
Sindh, Pakistan
18 th November 2002 to 17 th November 2006
Special clinics Attended
Drug dependence clinic: Managed OPD and weekly group therapy
session for 4 years

Medicine, Neurology and Surgery

One year house job
General medicine: 6-11-1998 to 5-5-1999
General surgery: 19-5-99-to18-11-99
Civil Hospital Karachi
Sarhandi Neuropsychiatric Hospital Karachi 1st December 1999 to 30th
October 2002
General Medicine: as a part of fellowship training 2-5-2006 to 1-8-2006
Department of medicine
Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre Karachi
Neurology: as a part of fellowship training 2-8-2006 to 1-11-2006
Department of Neurology
Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre Karachi


• In JPMC I worked within a well functioning multi-disciplinary team. The

post gave me excellent experience of general adult psychiatry, commonly
having to treat florid and often very violent presentations of mental illness
• The post exposed me to a wide cross section of the elderly population
varying in culture and socio-economic status. I received a good
introduction to child and adolescent psychiatry.

• Teaching experience 1
• I have been keen to teach throughout my training and find teaching very
rewarding. The remit of my current post is developing primary care mental
health education and training packages on a national and local level..
These courses teach primary care professionals the tools for delivering
effective local primary health care initiatives. The post also involves
organising and running skills based workshops for primary care
professionals and delivering lectures/teaching to uni- and multi-
professional primary care workers.
Teaching experience 2
My other teaching experience include
Teaching and supervision of practice nurses, post graduate and graduate
nursing students · I served as a medical student tutor for Medical college.
This involves didactic teaching, inter-active tutorials, and case-based
teaching. I was also responsible for examining them·

• Research Activities: Dissertation on” Causes of Relapse in Drug

• Post-graduate training courses, workshops, conferences:
• Workshop on drug dependence management skills 24 and 25 February
Anti-narcotic force Pakistan and Narcotics affairs section (U.S Embassy)
• National Health sciences research symposium and workshops 2003 on
mental health understanding challenges at Aga Khan University , Karachi
• 41st Annual symposium2003 December-29 th -31st Mental Health : a
National Priority Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre Karachi Pakistan
Workshop on communication skills : June 23-25 2004- WHO collaborating
centre CPSP Karachi
• Workshop on introduction to computers and internet :28 June to 02 July
2004 WHO collaborating centre CPSP Karachi
• Workshop on Research methodology, Biostatistics and Dissertation
writing February 07- 11 February 2005 WHO collaborating centre CPSP
• 15 th international psychiatric conference organized by Pakistan
psychiatric society and world psychiatric association on 28-30 January
2005 at Karachi Pakistan
• Workshop on Drug intervention ,prevention and Treatment communities of
Pakistan held between 2nd may to 11 may ,2005 Karachi Pakistan
organized by PENGASIH Malaysia ,ANF, INL,U.S Department of State
• 16 th International Psychiatric Conference Disasters Impact on Mental
Health And Its Psychosocial Rehabilitation December 16-18, 2006 lahore
Pakistan organized by Pakistan psychiatric society in collaboration with
South Asian Division ,Royal college of psychiatrist London, British
Pakistani psychiatrist Association, PPS Overseas chapters U.K and U.S.A
• Workshop on Taking Therapies held on October 21, 2007Aga Khan
University Karachi
• 17 th International psychiatric conference organized by Pakistan
psychiatric society cosponsored by WPA,SAARC Psychiatric Federation ,
World Federation for Mental Health on 28th to 30 th November 2008
Quetta Pakistan
Job Aim: I would like to gain further professional experience by working in Saudi
Arabia and am also interested in other cultures and travel.

• Languages: English- - Sindhi –Urdu (Reading, Writing, Understanding
and Speaking)
• Computer literacy: Windows XP Professional, MS Office, Internet/E-Mail,
• Any special interests: addiction psychiatry
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Afridi



Head, Dept. of Psychiatry, JPMC(Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre), Karachi

PROF DR Muhammad Muneer Hamirani


Head, Dept. of Psychiatry Abbasi Saheed Hospital Nazimabad Karachi

Dr Muhammad Ishaque Sarhandi
Assistant professor Dow University of Health Sciences
: sarhandi_psych@yahoo.com

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