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Founded in 1892
OFFICERS Published from 1892 until 1922 as
Published from 1922 until 1948 as the
ADDITIONAL MEMBERS OF THE COVER: AAA Defense at Suwon In First U.S. Korean Ground Action.
ANTIAIRCRAFf AT SUWOA'. By Captain P. LeB.. Loomis, Artillery 2
By Captain Jack E. Faughn, Artillery', USNG 6
By First Lieutenant Elmo E. Cunningham, Artillery 7
Th, purpose of the Auodation shall be to
GUERRILLA (Part I). By Colonel Samuel B. Griff1th, l!, U.S.M.C 15
promote the effidency of the Coast Artillery
Corps by maintaining its standards and tradi- WHY ARE WE FIGHTING IN KOREA? By Warren P. Austill 18
tions, by disseminating profeuional knowl- i\IE;\IBERSI-IIP LISTING 19
idge, by inspiring greater effort toward the WE'RE GETTIN' TOUGHER. By Major Forest Kleimllall 44
improvement of materiel and methods of
training and by fostering mutual understand-
ing, respect and cooperation among all arms, 228TI-1 AAA GROUP. By Colollel D. W. Bet/lea, Jr., S.C. N.G 46
branches and components of the Regular YOUR JOURNAL 47
Army, National Guard, Organized Reserves, DELA WARE GUARD. By Lieutenant Jack D. Hunter, Del. N.G 48
and Reserz'e Officers' Training Corps.
ROTC SU;\Il\IER CA;\IP. By Colonel M. A. Hatch, Artillery 50
The JOURNAL prlnta artid •• on .ubjecta of
professional and K'eneral interest to personnel TYPICAL FAULTS AND FAILURES AAA AUTO;\IATIC
of all the compon.nts of the Coa.t Artill.ry WEAPONS. By Captain Henry A. Oehrig, Artillery 52
Corp. in order to stimulate thou&,ht and pro ...
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and conclusions drawn In artieles are In no By Major John B. B. Trussell, Jr., Artillery 54
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M Sgt Fred P. Presnell, Business Manager
Sgt Ralph No Charleswn. Cir. Mgr.
Sgt lel Fred A. Baker, Bookkeeper

Publi.h.d bimonthl,. h,. the United Stat.s Coast Artillery A.sociation. Editorial and ex.cutive offices. 631 P.nn.,.I ....nia Avenu., ~.W.,
Washington 4, D. C. T.rms: $3.00 per y.ar. Foreign .ubscription., $4.00 per year. Single copi•• , 75c. Entered as .econd-class matter
at Washington, D. C.; additional .ntry at Richmond, Va., under the Act of March 3, 1879. Copyright, 1950, b,. the United State.
Coast Artillery Association.
Following the events started on Sunday, 25 June, when for the mission had at least six months vet to serve in the
the North Koreans crossed the 38th Degree Parallel, Lieu- Far East Command, but it was later Fo~nd that two men
tenant Colonel \Villiam S. Fultz, commanding an AAA who had been selected would have to be re-enlisted before
A \\1 Battalion in southern Japan, received an order from they could make the trip ... So, Sergeant \Villiam S. Hasse,
the Commanding General, FiFth Air Force. Acting on that Grand Junction, Colorado, and Private First Class Clarence
order Colonel Fultz organized an antiaircraft detachment 1. jVlyers, Commodore, Pennsylvania, stood in full field pack.
for "an air transported mission." The exact destination and beside the plane which was to carry them to Korea, raised
further details were guarded in close secrecy. Even so, most their right hands and were sworn in by Captain I-Iarry F.
of the officers and enlisted men in the battalion managed Mooney, Battalion Adjutant, to extend their enlistments
to volunteer For an assignment in the detachment. for eligibility on the mission.
As evellts developed this detac11111ellt spearheaded Finally on 29 June, details completed, men, ammunition
the Arm)' cOlllbat ullits colllmitted to actioll ill Korea. and equipment aboard, Colonel Fultz gave last minute in-
structions to the detachment commander, Captain Frank
J. McCabe, Flushing, New York, and his assistant, 2nd
In the meantime it was learned that the detachment Lieutenant Joseph V. Bailey, Salt Lake City, Utah, and the
would man four Iv155s, quadruple caliber .50 machine planes roared down the runway-destination Korea. In a
guns. Three officers and 32 enlisted men were selected for briefing just prior to departure-Major Stanley J. Paciorek.
the assignment. Care was exercised to insure that all chosen Battalion Executive Officer, had told them that they were

M-1S halt-track moving to a new position along the Kum River.

to establish air defense of a field in Korea-but particulars the runway. They made four passes, dropping three me-
were to be given them hours later once the situation was dium-light bombs, and strafed the field at each pass. One
sized up on the spot. plane crashed beyond the field and the second, obviously
On the way over, most of the men slept or dozed as the crippled, was losing altitude as he left the area. I labeled
ships droned steadily over the Japan Sea, across the coast it a probable, and its destruction was confirmed a short
of Korea and inland over the mountainous terrain toward time later by South Korean rural police who reported find-
their destination, the Korean airstrip. Shortly after 0900 ing the wreck close to the place where it was last seen."
hours the planes came in for a touch-down at the field. The One plane dove on Sergeant Sidney T. Holman's section
men swung into action-so rapidly that many did not have and attacked it by dropping bombs in trail. Observers said
time to remove their "l\llae \Vest" life jackets. The M55s that a row of cannon shells tore up the earth on both sides
were unloaded from each plane as it rolled to a stop on the of the gun section. Sergeant Hasse got a neat crease in his
field and hurriedly established within ten minutes in pri- helmet and Private l-Iarland S. Scoville, l\lindoro, \Viscon-
mary positions, with the aid of the eager assistance of South sin, immediately after pulling the operating handle saw it
Korean soldiers. Improvement of positions was being shot awav. PFC Thomas Merante, Hudson, New York,
carried out along with other field requirements, assistance received ~ broken leg from a piece of concrete thrown from
still being provided by Korean soldiers; the language bar- the runway by a bomb explosion. Positions had to be se-
rier being the only problem of fullest cooperation between lected close to the runway because of rice paddies surround-
the Koreans and detachment members. ing the field. The plane was later destroyed and the pilot, a
major of the North Korean Air Force, was captured by the
police. At no time during the action did any men of the
With the immediate chores of field occupation completed, detachment leave the guns.
men of the detachment took time off to survev their new Crews continued to improve gun positions and all was
surroundings which for the most part can be described as quiet until 2000 when a "dusk patrol" of three NK fighters
terrain of hilly to mountainous nature with rice paddied came over on two strafing passes. The guns went into
,'alleys and corridors leading through the ring of hills sur. action again, but no kills were made. The fighters, now
rounding the airstrip, with the city lying to the northwest. more wary of the ack-ack, fired only short bursts and were
It looked for the present that no apparent action was pend- driven off after two passes. It was "growing dark now and
ing-but by 1615 hours (29 June) as the sun was dropping guards were established about the field, supplemented by
behind the hills-the situation in this respect changed. In Korean soldiers. The night passed uneventfully, with the
the distance there appeared, what most of the men at the gunners getting a much needed rest, between guard tours.
gun positions thought were F-5! "Mustangs"-four of them Early on the morning of the 30th of June another C-47
-but they soon proved themselves otherwise! "Looking arrived carrying six communications men headed by 'A'ar-
toward the town about four miles away we heard an ex- rant Office; Junior Grade Darrell J\'1. Clagett, Omaha,
plosion," recounted Sergeant l\\elvin E. Tyra, Pleasanton, Nebraska, who immediately began to establish and improve
California, "and seconds later we caught it." Captain Mc- communications under Captain McCabe's direction. Phones
Cabe, detachment commander, said, 'The four planes ap- were installed to the guns where runners had previously
proached the strip from the northwest at about fourteen been employed.
hundred feet. They formed with a pair in front followed by That morning a C-54 with much needed supplies and
the other two in single file and power-glided on our position ammunition developed engine trouble just short of the strip,
area, in an apparent attempt to destroy planes parked near came over, circled and decided not to land, so it returned to
its base in Japan. The problem of ammunition and food
supply then fell on Captain l\lcCabe's shoulders as he
Capta;n Phillip LeR. Loomis. a farmer journalist, served in the ETO
scrounged the area. He secured ammunition from South
during World War II. Much of his service has been in Public Infarma.
tion assignments in which copacity he now serves in the Far East. Koreans and food from other nearbv units.
Shortly after 1300 on the 30th,' five airplanes appeared.
miles d.own the highway picking up Korean civilian vehicles.
all obviously going the same direction. A halt was called
and Captain ~lcCabe was gi,'en orders to prO\'ide a rear
guard action which called for a 4S-minute wait. The pur-
pose of this action, ~ IcCabe learned later, was to provide
protection for the ADCOM, GHQ. On the move again
difficulty with the Korean trucks made it necessary to
abando~ the three originally procured-the last abou~ 25
miles from' our destination. Bv a system of walking and
shuttling, the detachment finall). rea~hed its southern desti-
Defending an airfield in Korea.
During the stay at the new headquarters location, which
Three were obviously F.80s and two several hundred feet lasted until the night of July 2d, members of the detach-
below looked like F-Sls. \Varrant Officer Clagett asked ment worked with other personnel around the area. It was
Captain McCabe, "\Vhat are they?" Captain McCabe said, 2000 hours that night when word was received that the
''I'm not sure yet." Clagett continued, "\Vell, I guess we'll detachment which had participated in the first organized
know if they peel off and start shooting." As he voiced the ground combat action in Korea was to be airlifted back to
final word, the two lower planes did just that! The guns Japan for re-equipping and return to action. \Vhen they re-
immediately took them under fire, but no kills were made, turned to their home station, Colonel Fultz and the rest of
as they spl;ttered the area with small 23mm cannon shells the battalion welcomed them with a steak dinner with all the
which burst upon impact, spraying pellets. One of these trimmings at the service club.
inflicted a slight wound on PFC Lawrence E. Rogers,
Purple Heart Medals were mvarded to Captain Mc-
Searcy, Arkansas. The F-80s gave chase and shot down the
Cabe; Lieutellant Bailey; Corporal BlITley T. Blallken-
two strafers. ~ lost members of the detachment expressed
ship, Richlmuls, Virginia; Private First Class Thomas
difficulty in distinguishing between North Korean fighters
A'Iermlte; Private First Class Frmlk A. Pierce, Marinier
and F-Sl "Mustangs," and were obliged to depend largely
Harbor, New York; and Private First Class LmllTellce
on the hostility of action of airplanes of this type before
E. Rogers.
taking them under fire.

EVACUATION ORDER At this writing most of the original detachment are back
in Korea. Like other antiaircraft, they have no Korean
The afternoon of the 30th following the attack was quiet, planes to engage, but they are busily engaged in ground
with no "dusk attack" as of the day before. By 211S word support roles with the divisions.
was received from Advanced Command, GHQ, FEC, then
under command of Brigadier General John Church, to pre-
pare to evacuate the airstrip. It was also learned that the Members of the AAA detachment in the Army's
South Korean line had been penetrated by North Korean first action in Korea.
Ground Forces.
Orders were relayed to gun sections to prepare for the 2d Lt. Joseph V. Bailey, Salt L1ke City, Utah.
movement and three trucks were obtained from South Ko- \VOJG Darrell M. Clagett, Omaha, Nebraska.
rean Army personnel at the field to evacuate the detach- Capt. Frank J. McCabe, Flushing, New York.
ment to a new location. Guns were rendered inoperational, Pvt. Roberto Alaniz, Los Angeles, California.
as ordered, and the convoy moved out quietly without lights, Pfc. Albert C. Allen, Jonesville, Virginia.
en route to the south. The convoy had moved some fifteen Cpl. James N. Bishop, Cumberland, ~'Iaf).land.
Cpl. Burley T. Blankenship, Richlands, Virginia.
Pfc. Henry P. Bond, Brooklyn, New York.
Pfc. James F. Bowman, Knobnoster, Missouri.
Pfc. Herbert L. Bumgarner, Hudson, North Carolina.
Cpl. Fred W. Cobb, Leesville, La.
Pvt. Robert L. Davis, Rockville, J\larvland.
Cpl. Richard J. Drapeau, J\leriden, C~nnecticut.
Pvt. Harold E. Forsyth, J\llarysville, Iowa.
Pfc. Donald E. Gentzler, Honolulu, T.H.
Pfc. Solomon H. Hall, Glamorgan, Virginia.
Sgt. \Villiam S. Hasse, Grand Junction, Colorado.

Sgt. Sidney T. Holman, Negaunee, Michigan.
Pfc. Robert J\1. Lutz, Stewartstown, Pennsvlvania.
~./~' -
, _f Pfc. Johnie McGee, \Vyterville, Virginia. '
......... -... ,.. Pfc. Thomas Merante, Hudson, New York.
, "'" ~:~ Pfc. Clarence 1. Myers, Commodore, Pennsylvania.
Unloading in a hurry. Pfc. Frank A. Pierce, J\larinier Harbor, New York.
cpt Ray E. Everts, Yakima, Washington. \\ithdraw, PFC Howard L. Swailes, Rome, Iowa, had to
Pfc. Roger E. Johnson, Jamestown, New York. crawl through intense mortar fire from one track to another
Sgt. Walter R. Reavis, Lufkin, Texas. to give the location of the enemy and directed the fire that
cpt Leslie G. Todd, Minooka, Illinois. destroyed them. Swailes is a radio operator and driver of a
Sgt. Charles L. \Vorrol, Milford, Connecticut. half-track, which he has affectionately dubbed "Guardian
Pfc. Bolivar Riviera, Boston, Massachusetts. Angel." ,
Pfc. Lav.rrence E. Rogers, Searcy, Arkansas. PFC Alfred Dillingham of Marion, North Carolina, told
Pvt. Harland S. Scoville, Mindoro, Wisconsin. of having used the half-tracks to tow heavy artillery pieces
Pvt. Kenneth W. Shields, Dallas, Texas. to their new positions when trucks weren't available. "One
Pvt. Charles Vaughn, Clearwater, Florida. time," he revealed, "one of the artillery outfits was set up in
Sgt. Melvin E. Tyra, Pleasanton, California. a dry river bed and was swamped by a flash flood. Most of
Pfe. Richard J. Vertz, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. the howitzers and heavy equipment would probably have
been seized by the enemy if it hadn't been for the half-tracks
which pulled them to safety."
AAA Unit Effective As Infantry Support In addition to being an all-round heavy-duty vehicle,
By Corporal Robert H. Sykes every half-track is a formidable fortress of defense and fire
power. Cannoneer PFC Donald Harrison, Cincinnati,
With the absence of an enemy air force, the 1st Cavalry Ohio, explained that the four caliber .50 machine guns
Division's Antiaircraft Artillery unit has another mission in mounted behind an armor shield on the track are capable of
the Korean conflict. downing a plane in flight and added, "They're just as effec-
Lt. Elliott B. Hill of Texarkana, Texas, platoon leader tive against ground troops, we've found, especially the mass
who first committed his heavily armed half-tracks in the attacks used by the Reds."
battle of Yongdong stated: "\iVe were assigned to protect Sgt. Keith McFarland, Fairfield, Iowa, said the half-track
the flanks of the Field Artillery at Yongdong, but we also crews have been used mainly as a perimeter defense and
had to support the Infantry on several occasions in the same security guard for artillery battalions.
area. In our first encounter with the enemy, bands of guer- "We haven't had any enemy planes to shoot at yet," Sgt.
rillas swept in on our flanks and we had to shoot our way McFarland said, "but if they do show up, we'll be ready for
out of it. To do this, our gunners used their antiaircraft them. And meanwhile, we'll fight as infantry and support
guns as groun d weapons. " the artillery."-Reprinted with permission from The Army
When they were required to break up a roadblock to Times, 26 Aug. 1950.

General Marquat Among Key Staff Officers With

"" ~

General MacArthur Since Corregidor

In a feature article by Ray Falk, the North American Newspaper Alliance
released information on "Men Around MacArthur" recently.
Three members of the Far East Commander's top staff have served with
him continuously since 1941. They escaped by PT boat from Corregidor
with him and fought their way up to Japan from Australia under him.
Prominent among the top advisors on FECOM staff is Corregidor veteran
Maj. Gen. William F. Marquat, who throughout the last war was Mac-
Arthur's antiaircraft officer, a title he still retains. He has been decorated
for the performance of his ack-ack guns during the early days of the Pacific
war. With the loss of our air power, Marquat's AA fire was our only de-
fense against hundreds of Japanese planes.
General Marquat heads MacArthur's economic and scientific section.
Although he would rather fight in Korea than hold down a desk job, on
Marquat's shoulders now falls the greatest share of the occupation duties,
since rehabilitation of the Japanese economy is today's prime aim of the
Born 56 years ago in St. Louis, Marquat once was automobile editor of
the Seattle Times. He still carries a Seattle press card. A great baseball fan,
he has contributed much to the development of this game among the
By Captain Jack E. Vaughn, Arty. USNG
The Radars SCR 584 are the eves and ears of the anti- tries in the maintenance log and supervision of the opera-
aircraft artillery gun battalion. TI;ey require constant care tion log.
and talented attention. In addition to the supervisory duties mentioned hereto-
Radar maintenance is essentially a battalion problem. fore. the battalion mechanic is responsible for first echelon
The whole plan of coordination and training should be maintenance on all of the radar spare parts and spare units
approached from that level. Battalion is best equipped to in the battalion supply. This includes periodic rotation of
make fast radar repairs, particularly under combat condi- the spare units in the headquarters battery radar to make
tions, because of the unit replacements available in the sure that they remain operational. He is responsible for the
battalion spare parts. Sheer bulk and weight prohibit the submission of requisitions for radar spare parts for the entire
issue of the complete unit replacements at the battery level. battalion and for the maintenance of stock record accounts
The battery is equipped with sufficient tools, equipment on these parts.
and spare parts to effect the repair of defective parts but This plan for radar maintenance can best be outlined bv
cannot replace the whole units. Consequently, the most using a sample problem as an example. Suppose the rad;r
efficient radar maintenance plan will take full advantage at Battery A goes haywire. The radar mechanic in Battery
of the personnel, tools, equipment and spare parts available A does three things in this order:
to the battalion as a whole. \\lith a sound battalion radar I. Localizes the trollble witllill tIle radar, i.e., nmge
maintenance plan, the battery-level problem is greatly sim- 111Iit, receiver, tnmsmissiol/ lilies.
plified. 2. Notifies the battalioll radar ofl1cer or iI/ llis absellce,
The unit commander, in most cases, will not be a techni- tIle battalioll radar medwl/ic.
cian capable of giving his radars the constant care and pro- 3. Attempts to repair tIle radar by aliglllllel/t or by re-
tection which they require. He must rely on his radar per- placil/g tubes.
sonnel. The most highly skilled radar maintenance man in I want to emphasize point two before proceeding further.
the battalion should be assigned as the battalion radar main- The battalion must be notified of the radar failure before
tenance mechanic. He coordinates the battalion radar main- time is consumed in attempted repairs. \Vorld vVar II ex-
tenance plan, instructs and trains the other radar mainte- perience proved that more operational time was lost by
nance personnel under the supervision of the battalion radar failure to call upon battalion for assistance immediately upon
officer. Each battery requires a qualified radar maintenance failure than time consumed in repairs. It's far better to call
sergeant, and that job will keep him busy. Unfortunately, for battalion assistance and not need it than to need it and
qualified personnel are not always available in the battery for not have it.
such assignment. Every effort should be made to qualify men Continuing with our sample problem, we move now to
by attendance at school and more important still, by on-the- the battalion level to examine the action taken there upon
job training. However, by approaching the problem of radar receipt of the advice from Battery A that the radar is defec-
maintenance from the battalion level, either with or with- tive. The battalion radar mechanic will take the necessary
out the assistanse of a Signal Radar Maintenance Unit, we replacement units to Battery A and with the aid of the bat-
obtain the maximum maintenance with the talent available. tery mechanic, install them and get the radar operational.
If a Signal Radar Maintenance Unit is attached they work This accomplishes the principal mission of radar mainte-
directly under the supervision of the battalion radar officer. nance-the radar is once again on the air!
The mission of all radar maintenance is to keep the radars The battalion mechanic then returns the defective unit
operational. The personnel, tools and equipment provided to the battalion maintenance shop, or if available the
in the T /0 & E are adequate to accomplish this mission if SHJ\! U, for repair. Parts for the repair of the defective unit
their use is properly planned. Before outlinin~ in detail this will be drawn from the battalion supply. When the defective
plan for radar maintenance, let us examine the duties and unit is repaired and tested it is placed in the battalion supply.
responsibilities of the radar maintenance personnel at -the There is no need to be concerned about the serial numbers
batten'. of the various radar units except to see that upon installation,
Th~ battery radar mechanic is responsible for first echelon numbers are entered into the maintenance log of the radar
maintenance only. This consists of tuning, alignment, re- concerned. These serial numbers are not used in supply
placement of defective tubes, cleaning and preserving, en- accountabilitv.
In the eve~t of a major rad?r breakdown in one of the gun
batteries, the headquarters battery radar will be used to re-
Captain Jack E. Vaughn graduated from OCS at Camp Davis, N. C.
place the defective gun-battery radar. The battalion will
and was commissioned a second lieutenant in June 1942. He served as
be responsible then for the repair or evacuation of the de-
radar officer of the 161st AAA Gun Bottolion in New Guinea ond the
fective radar. It should be emphasized that the gun batteries
Philippines. He is now on active duty os rador officer of the 260th
have priority on operational radars.
AAA Group, D.C. N.G.
The few principles outlined in this plan are simple, but
they have proven to be sound in combat.
The One-Twenty Millimeter Gun
By First Lieutenant Elmo E. Cunningham, Arty.

The requirements of the Antiaircraft Artillery are greater is 80 degrees. This is made possible by the fact that the gun
and more diversified than ever before. Its general mission proper which consists of the gun and its recoiling parts is
to attack and destroy hostile targets in the air. on the ground, supported on its trunnions at the breech end of the gun.
and on the water means that AAA will continue to perfonn Continuous traversing of the top carriage which supports
di\"ersified roles with the field combat forces in all theaters the tipping parts, is made through a complete circle of 360
of war, and at the same time in conjunction with the Air degrees. The remote control system applies electrical data
Defense Command maintain an extensive air defense wher- and power to automatically position the gun in azimuth and
n'er required. elevation under control of the remoteh. located director. In
To accomplish this big job we need the best weapons that automatic operation, the remote contr~l system replaces the
can be de\'eloped. \Ve also need to exploit the maximum men necessary to operate the gun manually; however. the
capabilities of the weapons by a thorough understanding of system may be set for manual or match-the-pointer method
their operation and use. when so desired.
In regard to heavy AAA guns, we have heretofore con- The recoil mechanism, a conventional hydro-pneumatic
sidered the 90mm gun as being the standard. Its big brother, type using oil and nitrogen gas, functions with smooth and
the 120mm gun has now established itself as a standard rapid ease in absorbing the force of recoil and returning
weapon. This was particularly evidenced by the AA expan- the gun quickly to battery. Maximum recoil, 39 inches, oc-
sion program which began in 1948. It is interesting to note curs at 45 degrees elevation; minimum recoil, 33 inches,
that farsighted people began work on this weapon as early occurs at minimum elevation. The tube has long recoil slide
as 1939 with the purpose of providing a superior gun capa- rails which ride in greased guide ways, and thus controls
hIe of dealing with any airplane then imaginable; this idea the path of recoil and holds recoil bucking action to a mini-
still prevails. mum. The recoiling characteristics of the gun are very sat-
\Ve will confine this discussion to the description and isfactory and largely contribute to the firing stability of the
capabilities of the 120mm gun using the 9Chnm gun as a weapons.
basis for comparison. The fuze setter-power rammer is an ingenious mechanism
peculiar only to the 120mm gun. This device will automati-
cally set a fuze and load a round in one cycle of two steps;
The 120mm gun is a trailer type, mobile weapon weigh- or will omit the fuze setting process altogether if desired as
ing about 31 tons in traveling position when mounted on its when firing V-T ammunition. The ammunition is a special
two dual-wheel bogies. The towing vehicle is a high-speed type which consists of two separate increments, the projectile
tractor which weighs 38 tons when loaded with the 13-man and the sealed cartridge case. These are placed separately
crew, and 32 rounds of ammunition. on the loading tray, and when the gunner pulls a clutch
Time to emplace the gun requires 25 minutes for a well control lever, the fuze setter advances, sets the fuze, and
trained gun crew. Hydraulic jacks housed in the side out. retracts itself; the tray drops into line with the breech and
riggers are used to lift the gun from its supporting bogies the complete round is rammed into the chamber in one
before lowering the mount to the ground. A time-consum- sweeping motion by the "mechanical ann" of the power
ing part of emplacing is the necessity of racking the gun rammer. The fuze setter-power rammer is mechanically
tube into battery. In the traveling position the gun tube complex and has been a source of malfunctions in the field.
is racked and secured 70 inches out of batten' in order to However, modifications and impro\'ements are constantly
equalize and distribute its weight over both bogies. For this improving its operation.
reason the 120mm gun is never fired from its wheels. The hydro-pneumatic type equilibrator system on the
The firing stability of the gun is remarkable. In the firing 120mm gun is a departure from the conventional use of me-
position the mount is supported on the ground by the chanical spring arrangements. This mechanism at times
pedestal and is stabilized by the four outriggers. If the em- becomes somewhat temperamental in its functioning, and
placement site is smooth and even, the gun will settle and therefore deserves special attention.
stabilize itself readily. All artillery guns require an equilibrator system, a mecha-
A high angle of fire is an essential characteristic of any nism which will counterbalance the weight of the overhang-
t\t\A weapon. The maximum elevation of the 120mm gun ing tube, and mechanically equalize the effort required to
elevate and depress the gun. The pulling energy of the
lieutenant Cunningham graduated from the USMA in 1946. He is pres.
perfect equilibrator system must vary proportionately with
ently assigned as an instructor in the Heavy AA Section, Gunnery Dept., the changing weight of the gun tube as it is elevated and
01 the AAA and GM Branch of The Artillery School at Fort Bliss, Texas.
depressed. As the gun is elevated the center of gravity
moves reanvard toward the trunnions, thus requiring less
energy to compensate for balance. heat create a troublesome effect on the s\'stem. E\'en work
The hydro-pneum:ltic equilibrator system derives its pull- heat C"duSed by gas compression during opemtion has a
ing energy through the use of two ch:lins att:lched to the noticeable but not serious effect.
rear end of the cmdle and further connected to piston rods The original 120mm gun was equipped with only one
and pistons which :lre housed in cylinders. A pressure tank centml tank for gas and oil. There were no arrangements
located between the two cylinders is primarily filled with for compensating for changes in tempemture resulting in
nitrogen g:lS under pressure, and in direct surf:lce cont:lct chanoes
o of Qas
pressure. This meant th:lt when the 0Un

with :l sm:lller volume of oil. The oil, under pressure, p:lsses crew found the gun hard to elevate in the morning because
through manifold tubes into the cvlinders :lnd :lcts with of g:lS contraction overnight, the only remedy was to add
hydra~dic force ag:linst the rear of th~ pistons. As the gun is nitrogen :lnd reestablish the gas pressure, Then during the
ele\'ated requiring less b:llancing energy. the pistons mo\'c heat of the day. the gas would expand and the gun would
fOf\\':lrJ :lnd :l constant :lmount of oil is forced from the pres- be difficult to depress. This time the only remedy to re-
sure t:lnk into the cvlinders. As the oil leaves the tank, the establish gas pressure was to bleed nitrogen from the pres-
g:lS volume exp:lnd~ causing the g:lS pressure to decrease: sure t:lnk. This naturallv resulted in extra work and a waste-
thus. variable equilibrator pull is obtained throughout the ful consumption of nitr~gen gas.
elevating cycle. \Vhat greatly helped was the addition to the system of
If the gas expands too much or too little; or, too mpidly the pressure control unit, which consists of an oil reservoir
or too slowly because of an improper volume relationship tank, a fixed-dispbcement hydr:lulic pump driven by a -
between gas and oil, the gun wiII be in an unb:llanced ~ horsepower electric motor, and a v:llve control assembly,
condition, Radically changing air temperatures, :lnd sun The pressure control unit, which will compensate for a

120mm Gun Battery on Firing Range

quadrant but in turn set 800 mils on the ele\'ation dial of
the gun.


\\'e will consider the capabilities of the I20mm gun in

two respects: firing nnd mobilit~, chnracteristics.
The maximum vertical range is 19.150 yards and the
maximum horizontal rnnge. ground impnct. is 27. 162 ~'nrds.
~ote that this latter figure is almost 15 miles. At the present
time these nre beyond .
maximum effective ranoes D
for AAr\
fire becnuse of prediction limitntions of the fire control
equipment. Under good conditions n 120mm gun battery
can deliver 20 seconds of effective nre on a conventional
airplane flying nt an altitude of 40,000 feet.
The rate of fire is from 10 to 15 rounds per minute. This
is remnrknble for n gun of this size but it is n serious limitn-
120mm Gun March Order tion in terms of AAA fire because of the criticallv short time
avnilable to deliver fire on n fast flying target. This rate of
45-degree temperature range. is so designed that when the fire is so limited becnuse of the weight and size of the ammu-
(Jun becomes unbalanced. the unit is turned on and within nition, and the method of setting fuzes and loading rounds.
~n~ral minutes the gun is automatically balanced. If the The mnximum rate of fire attained is dependent on three
gun is muzzle heavy, oil is moved from the reservoir into the principal factors. First the state of training of the gun crew;
\Hessure tank thus ~Iecreasing gas volume and increasing its thm is, the ease and speed attained in placing ammunition on
- pressure. If the gun is muzzle light, oil is automatically the loading trny, and the skill and coordination of the gun-
transferred from the pressure tank back to the reservoir. ner in controlling the automatic lander and mnnuallv .; firinob
Once the balanced condition is established, continued run- the piece at the instant it is landed. Another factor is
ning of the pressure control unit has a neutral effect on the whether or not mechanical-time fuzes are being used. re-
gas pressure. quiring the use of the automatic fuze-setter. The third but
At any time when oil is pumped from the pressure tank less important Factor is the magnitude of the fuze being set.
where it is in direct contnct with gns, it will be aerated to l'v1obility of the 120mm gun is the most limiting factor in
some extent upon nrriving m the reservoir. Under certain tactical employment. I20mm gun battalions are semi-
conditions excessive foaming of the oil will occur. This will mobile in character becnuse of insufficient orgnnic transpor-
result in a small loss of gns which liberntes itself from nerated tntion to move in one march-batteries have to be moved in
oil and escnpes out through nn nir filter on top of the reser- echelon by shuttling methods. The standard speed of the
voir. Experience hns shown that these faults nre not serious 1\ 16 tractor when towing the gun on good primary roads is
and that intelligent 'use nnd care of the system has resulted 15 miles per hour; across finn terrnin, Four miles per hour is
" in sntisfactory operation. optimum. To move a complete battalion a distance of 100
t A common fault on the pnrt of using personnel is exces- miles, using organic transportation, is a major move which
~ive operation of the pressure control unit. If, after a total under adverse conditions may require five days or more.
I of ten minutes of running the unit the gun isn't balanced, Shipment by rail or water is the most efficient means of
something is wrong. Gas pressure can be established by movement involving distances over 100 miles.
\ using personnel, hut beyond this Ordnance should make the
I corrections.

For best operating results in most c1imntes, the
I equilibrator system should be checked and adjusted by Ord-
I nance three times a year to take care of seasonal changes;
if this is done a minimum of trouble will occur.
An idiosyncrasy of the 120mm gun worthy of mention is
breech-dial elevation difference. The lv110 director sends
II' - ~ ...
.dial elevation to the gun; however, the actual breech or
I quadrant elevation of the gun tube is different from the dial
Ielevation and has vnrying values throughout the elevating
cycle. Some nrtillerymen believe that this breech dial e1e-
"ation difference, inherent in the gun, can be ignored-that
f it can be corrected for in trial fire. It is true that it can be for
,the quadrant elevation at which the trial fire problem was
conducted, but this method of correction will not apply for
I all other elevation values in the field of fire. The best solu-
tion is to compensate for the difference when orienting the
gUn. Orient at 800 mils elevation which is near the eleva-
tion midpoint, and where the breech-dial elevation differ-
ence is 3 mils. In other words, set 803 mils on the gunner's Mechanical Arm of Power Rammer
Prior to road mm'ement. a detailed reconnaissance is
mandatory: it should include every pan of the route from the
initial point of departure to the individual emplacement
sites for each gun. Ri,'er bridges other than those encoun-
tered on the best of primary roads present the greatest
problems. \ Vhen a bridge is less than a 70-ton capacity the
necessary expedient is to unhook the tractor from the gun
and mo\'e each across separately. The gun is towed from
the opposite shore bv• means of a bridoe-Ienoth
0 0
cable .
Elaborate reinforcement of bridges by engineers is a non11al
requirement in areas where streams are numerous.
Soft muddy terrain and deep sand are problematic but
not serious for short distances. \ Vhen occupying a battery
position under these conditions it is best to o ouide each oun
straight to its emplacement site and "drop it." /\void maneu-
vering and turning movements as much as possible, but Phanrom View: Equilibrator system with pressure control unit
when necessary, make the turns as wide as a 11\' restricted
area will pem~it. The dual-wheel bogies equipped with
inHict a desired rate of attrition on an attacking enemy air
large balloon tires provide excellent Hotation; however,
force? Or, with a limited amount of materiel available. how
when making a short turn in soft terrain, the inside track on
can the maximum possible attrition rate be obtained? These
the tractor tends to slide, spin, and burrow. (luestions and their carefully computed answers form the
basis of our new tactical doctrine for heavv AAA defense.
1201\\1\\ vs. 901\\l\!
Factors involved are the size of defended area, expected
So far we have dealt with the 120mm gun, in order to altitude of attack, terrain limitations, and primarily the Sill-
become familiar with its characteristics, c~rtain peculiarities, gle sllOt probability for each type of gun. The single sllOt
and its capabilities and limitations. To better appreciate probability is the computed and analyzed probability of one
and understand these factors we will compare the 120mm round destroying an aircraft based on the combination of
gun with the 90mm gun by considering their favorable lethality and accuracy for each particular gun under various
characteristics. combinations of attack conditions.
The o oreater ranoe of the 120mm ooun will necessitate
As a result of extensive firing tests conducted with both 0
fewer batteries of this type to defend a given area against
guns under controlled conditions, analysis revealed that the
high altitude attacks. Its greater range also lends itself to
90mm gun was slightly more accurate within its limited
more Hexibility in the disposition of firing units in an AAA
ranges than the 120mm gun. Just why this is true is not en-
defense plan where terrain limitations are imposing factors.
tirelv known. l\'lateriel errors from various sources create a
\Vhen comparing the mobility of the two guns we are
cun;ulative error which is difficult to analyze; accuracy is by
dealing with their greatest basic difference. The 90mm gun
no means limited to the gun itself but involves all of the
is fully mobile; it is one-half the weight, and has over twice
related battery equipment. Theoretically, the greater muz-
the road speed of the 120mm gun which is classified as af
zle velocity of the 120mm gun should give it a prediction
semi mobile weapon.
advantage over the 90mm gun. It appears that the accuracy
capability of the 120mm gun has not as yet been fully
In light of the foregoing comparison of the two guns, cer-
The lethality or extent of damage which a certain pro-
tain broad principles in terms of general employment appear
jectile burst can inHict at various distances from an aircraft
is of primary consideration. A large airplane can absorb a
The 90mm gun is the mobile and versatile weapon. Its
great amount of damage at times without becoming a loss.
tactical flexibility lends itself to field operations to include
The 120mm projectile weighs 50 pounds as compared to 24
defense of river crossings, amphibious operations, and beach-
pounds for the 90mm projectile. If the 90mm gun is more
heads-in other words, defense against enemy tactical air
accurate at certain ranges, the greater blast and fragmenta-
force strikes on corps and army installations in the field.
tion effect of the 120mm projectile will greatly compensate
The lack of mobility but greater range capabilities of the
for the difference.
120mm gun indicates that its best use is in permanent and
The rate of l1re of the 90m gun is twice that of the semipermanent defenses such as in theater communication~
120mm gun; howe\'er, in terms of total rounds per en- zones and particularly in the air defense of the zone of in-
gagement the 120mm gun can compensate for the difference terior. It is against such areas that enemy strategic air forces
under certain conditions. For instance the 90mm gun can Hying in mass and at high altitudes are directed.
deliver about 20 seconds of effective fire on a target Hying \Ve must appreciate the fact that the 120mm gun and the
at 30,000 feet altitude, whereas the 120mm gun can fire for 90mm gun are both indispensable in performing the diversi.
35 to 40 seconds on the same target. fied roles imposed by the AAA mission. Above all, the limi'
How many of what type of gun batteries are required and tations peculiar to each gun must be acknowledged and
how should they be placed in AAA defense in order to respected.
(u.s. Army Photograph)
~lajor General Homer, Jeft backgroul/d, is shown with General J. Lawton Collins, Chief of Staff, United States Army, cel/ter, and
Brig. Gen. Bryan L. Milburn, Chief of Staff, Fort Bliss, at a press conference held during General Collins' visit to the Post.

General John L. Homer, Fort Bliss

Commander, Retires
~Iajor Gcncral John L. Homcr rctircd on 30 Scptember trict, was named as its first Commanding General. I-Ie also
aftcr 43 Ycar~ 01' active service in the Amw. His successor became Commandant of the Antiaircraft Artillery and
in comm~nd of the AntiaircraFt Artillery a"nd Guided i\'l is- Guided Missile Branch of The Artillery School and' Presi-
sile Center is l\'iaior General John T. Lcwis. dent of Army Ficld Forces Board No.4. When he took
General I-Iome~ departed Fort Bliss on 24 September For over these new assignments General Homer found himself
Chicago, Illinois, where he will servc as thc Deputy Dircctor faced with a multitude of problems comparable to those
of Civil Defense. His address tcmporarily is: c/o i\.luseum under mobilization conditions.
of Science and Industry, 57th and South L1kc Shore Drivc, The problems which faced the new Commanding Gen-
Chicago 37, lIlinois. Due to illness 1\ Irs. Homer departed eral of Fort Bliss and its associated activities included: (1)
For Chicago earlier in the month. planning, organizing and training of the U. S. Army's first
Honoring General Homer, the troops at Fort Bliss turned Guided Missile units; (2) expanding thc Antiaircraft Artil-
Out in review on 20 September. This rcview was attended lcry in the Zone 01' thc Interior twentyFold; (3) provision
by a huge throng 01' his civilian and military friends From for family housing for his officers and men; (4) extension
EI Paso, City 01' Juarez, and vicinity. In the evening, follow- of ranges and maneuver areas to accommodate the expanded
ing the rc\'iew, a reception was held at the Fort Bliss Offi- antiaircraft and guided missile program; (5) establishing
cers Mess. The Chamber of Commercc and the civic clubs new courses and expanding the Facilities of the Antiaircraft
of EI Paso held a Farewell party for General Homer at the Artillery and Guided 1\ Iissile Branch of Thc Artillery
EI Paso Country Club on Scptember 23d. School; (6) supervising and expediting studies and projects
The achievements at Fort Bliss during General Homer's through Army Field Forces Board No.4, with a view toward
command constitute a splcndid chapter in the history 01' improving and obtaining new antiaircraFt artillery and
.\ntiaircraft Artillerv. guided missiles weapons and equipment; (7) furnishing
~ Shonk after the'Antiaircraft Artillerv and Guidcd :<'Iis- logistical support and solving administrative problems per-
,ile Center was established at Fort Bliss'in J ulv 1946, Gen- taining to activities at Fort Bliss; (8) regaining the confi-
eral Homer, then Deputy Commander of the 'Panama Dis- dence and support of the civilian community and the
SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER, 1950 r------ 11
A constant concern for the ,,'e1fare of the personnel of his
command was an outstanding feature of General Homer's
leadership. He ,,'as one of the first to realize that the alle-
dation of inadequate and unsatisfactory • housino ::> conditions
in and around military reservations was a basic requirement
It is 'oCithe:clrne regret th&t I ocncll:1e ~ I.J ,.vars o! actin for improving the caliber of Army personnel and for main-
.ervice 'oCiththe U. S. ~ a:xl with special regrrl that I leAve taining a high morale and reenlistment rate. His action
¥bOt bas beeeM """ o! II)" DOSt 1J1tere.t1J\g am pleuam. &s~". .. brought about better conditions at Fort Bliss and in the
.... U:at o! C~ General o! the Ant.1a1rcra!t .I.rt.1llery and neighboring communities to provide satisfactorv hOusin.l
Guided I\1 .. U. Center, ~ o! the J.nt.1a1rcr3tt Artlllery &td
conditions. - ~
Gtlided lI.1.oU. Branch o! The J.rtUlery Sohool and President o! J..r.q General Homer appointed a housing board at the Post to
riel<! Fore •• Board 110. 4 at Fcrl 511...
make a thorough study of the entire housing situation. As a
result of the studv he instituted a drive which resulted in
The ~bl.,.. wh1ch arose d1:rlJlg the expau10n aM or;;antsatio:o
providing Fort Bliss with 211 prefabricated homes for non-
at the .lnt1e1rcrdt ArtUlcry and Guided )'.i.oUe Center were
commissioned personnel and their families, the first project
d1!t1c:ul.t ones acd could not have been solvEd odUoat the wbale-
of its kind in the military service. A private trailer park to
hearted a:xl capable .~ at nery o!1'1c.r, enlisted ""'" acd
accommodate 200 families and sufficient trailers from Go\'-
c1'1111an e.'tplO1". Th<' wa,. 10 which thes. d1ft1c:ul.ti.s ... n ernment sources to accommodate 300 additional families
sobed 11 a tr1buto to OT.ry :>e::ber at this am I w1.ah
etr....,.Jl.nd were the direct results of General Homer's interest in pro-
to cxpre .. f1q gratital. tor the tine cooperation aM abl. a.. 1st- viding accommodations for military personnel and theil
&DC. to everyone conce~. families. After more than fifteen months of delay, an 800-
IIpcc conclusion at f1q act.ive .srnee, on. thoag}rl; od.ll re-..a1D unit housing project for Fort Bliss was processed 'under the
uppenIOst 10 JIfJ' heart acd a1nd .... the ....U-bo1Jlg or tho Ar.oed \ Vherry Bill to become the first project of its kind to be com
Forces at the Ut1ited States.
pletely processed through the Federal I-lousing Authority.
As a result of General Homer's housing program on the
post and his efforts with civilian builders which sparked the
largest year of home construction the City of EI Paso had
ever known, the morale of military personnel at Fort Bliss
was greatly improved. The result was a saving to the Army
further development of good will with the citizens of of hundreds of trained and experienced noncommissioned
i\.lexico. officers whose services were urgently needed, but who would
Operating with a small staff and without benefit of pre- not have reenlisted at Fort Bliss had not the living conditions
vious experience in this field, General Homer directed the for families been alleviated.
organization of the first unit to employ guided missiles in The accelerated Guided Missile program and the Anti.
tactical employment. This unit was brought to a high state aircraft f\rtillery expansion program brought about the need
of training and subsequently reorganized into a regiment,
and later a group, to prepare for service firing of all types
of rockets to perform necessary experimental work.
During General Homer's command the Guided i\.fissile
course was organized at the AA and GM Branch of The
Artillerv School. This is the only course of its nature, and
selected personnel of the Army, 'Navy and Air Force have
received training and instruction in this field.
As Commanding General of the Army's only Antiaircraft
Artillery Training Center, Generall-lomer was called upon
to plan and direct the expansion of Antiaircraft Artillery
from one group and two battalions to the present Army
strength in AAA, with supporting troops. The normal dif-
ficulties of this expansion were aggravated by lack of en-
listed personnel in both quantity and quality of the types
required as cadres for the newly organized units and a seri-
ous shortage of Antiaircraft Artillery officers.
The necessity for conducting basic training for large
numbers of fillers required for new units, the serious short-
age of housing for units and for families of personnel, and
serious shortages of material and equipment further compli-
cated the expansion program. In spite of these and other
difficulties, General Homer carried out the expansion, (U.S. Ann)' photograph)
brought the new units to a high state of training, and in General Bradley and Major General Homer talk over the situa-
addition, trained thousands of individual replacements for tion during a review held at Fort Bliss on the occasion of
assignment overseas and to other commands. General Bradley's visit.


Born September 16, 1888, in Mount Olive, Illinois, Gen-

eral Homer was graduated from the United States Military
Academy and commissioned a second lieutenant of Coast
Artillery on June 13, 1911.

~\ In World War I, serving with 6th Coast Artillery, he par-

ticipated in the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne offensives as
-\ battery and battalion commander of the first American
Major General and Mrs. Homer ride as Grand Marshals in the G.P.F. units.
Sun Carnival Parade at £1 Paso, Texas, January 1, 1950. Between the wars General Homer graduated from the
Coast Artillery School, Command and General Staff, the
for additional firing ranges and maneuver areas. As a result Army Industrial College and the Army War College. He
also served in important assignments at West Point, San
of General Homer's efforts, Antiaircraft Range No. 2 (~Ie-
Francisco, Chicago, and Washington.
Gregor Range), of approximately 353,000 acres, and ma-
On June 20, 1939, he took command of the 61 st Coast
neU\'er areas aggregating 125,000 acres, were obtained for Artillery (Antiaircraft) at Fort Sheridan, Illinois.
military use. Successful acquisition of land was due. in a Promoted to the temporary rank of brigadier general on
large measure, to his intimate knowledge of this area and April 7, 1941, he was assigned to command the 40th Coast
the cordial relationships he had established with ranch op- Artillery Brigade at Fort Sheridan.
erators and landowners in \Vestern Texas and Southwestern From August 1941 to September 1942, he served as Chief
New i\1\exico. of Staff, Iceland Base Command, and subsequently was
General Homer was primarily responsible for the devel- awarded the Legion of Merit, "for exceptionally meritorious
conduct in the performance of outstanding service" in that
opment of Army-Community relations in the El Paso area
that have been a model for Anlly-Community relations
He became a major general on August 3, 1942.
throughout the United States.
After his return to the United States he became Com-
Early in General Homer's tour at Fort Bliss he recognized manding General, New York-Philadelphia Sector, Eastern
the necessity of developing strong and lasting friendly rela- Defense Command, with station at Fort Hamilton, New
tions with the Mexican communities in the vicini tv of Fort York, and in February, 1944, was named Commanding
Bliss and EI Paso. The esteem and good will he established General, Southeastern Sector, Eastern Defense Command,
at Raleigh, North Carolina. In April, 1944, he was assigned
with the i\\'\exican Army and people were demonstrated
to the Fourth Air Force, San Francisco, California, as Com-
when, in the City of Juarez, i\1\exico, on May 5, 1949, manding General of the 4th Antiaircraft Command. He
he was awarded the Military i\'\edal of Merit, the highest became Deputy Commander of the Panama Department in
award given by the Mexican Army. January, 1945.
After a short tour of duty at Fort Bliss, Senator Henry He continued in this capacity until July, 1946, when he
Cabot Lodge, Jr., in a report to the Chairman of the Armed assumed command of the AAA and Guided Missile Center
at Fort Bliss.
Services Committee of the U. S. Senate, evaluated General
He has been awarded the following American and for-
Homer as follows: "In command of this enterprise, with its
eign decorations: Distinguished Service Medal; Legion of
population of 22,000 people and its treasury of human in- Merit; Army Commendation Ribbon; Ecuadorian Order of
telligence, is Major General John L. Homer, a professional Arbon Calderon, First Class; Panamanian Vasco Nunez de
soldier in the finest sense of the word. His technical knowl- Balboa, Grand Officer; Chilean Order AI Merito (Gran
edge, his administrative capacity, his ability to meet an issue, Official); and the Medal of Military Merit, Mexico's highest
his ingenuity and vigor and his vision all make him a fine military award, given by President Aleman.
public servant. It is most distressing to think that the Gov- General Homer also received an honorary degree of
LL.D. from Blackburn College, in 1948.
ernment is going to be deprived of his services in this vital
and difficult field because of the fact that the law requires
him to retire next October."

Annual Coast Artillery Party

The officers and ladies, still nourishing happy memories of the Coast
Artillery, continue the tradition of an annual social party in Washington.
The family reunion will be held this year at the Army and Navy
Country Club, Friday, 24 November at 7:00 P.M. The signs indicate a
Those who can arrange to be in Washington on that date should
notify the Journal Editor.
*** ** * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * *
**88Ih AAA Airborne 8attalion **95Ih AAA Gun Battalion **705Ih AAA Gun Battalion
Lt. Col. Page E. Smith Maj. Nelson C. Wahlgren ll. Col. M. P. DiFusco, R.1. N.G.

**228Ih AAA Group *791h AAA Gun Battalion 753d AAA Gun Battalion
Col. David W. Bethea, Jr., S.c. N.G. Lt. Col. William A. Smith
Lt. Col. Henry W. Ebel
**105Ih AAA Brigade
**107Ih AAA AW Battalion (MI **768Ih AAA Gun Battalion
Brig. Gen. Alfred H. Doud, N.Y. N.G.
Lt. Col. Thomas H. Pope, Jr., S.c. N.G. ll. Col. Theodore H. Kuyper, III. N.G.
**105Ih AAA Operalions Detachmenl
**305Ih AAA Group *229th AAA Group
Copt. Paul D. Vancelette, N.Y. N.G.

Col. John S. Moyer,

sl AAA A W Battalion
Maj. John F. Reagan
N.Y. O.R.C.

Col. Edward


AAA Group
Col. George T. Stillman,

N.Y. N.G.
**127Ih AAA AW Battalion
Lt. Col. Hartley G. White,
N.Y. N.G.
** 51 81h AAA Gun Battalion
**59Ih AAA Battalion (SPI **204Ih AAA Group Lt. Cal. Harry Hewitt
It. Col. london A. Witt Col. John Barkley, la. N.G.
**214Ih AAA Group
**69Ih AAA Gun Battalion IMI **251 sl AAA Group Col. Jock G. Johnson, Go. N.G.
It. Col. Alfred Virag Col. Anthony long, Col. N.G.
**202d AAA Group
* 101 sl AAA Gun Battalion IMI **35Ih AAA Brigade Col. John W. Anslow, III. N.G.
It. Col. Henry J. Ellis, Go. N.G. Brig. Gen. Robert W. Berry 31 31h AAA Group
**19Ih AAA Group 1071h AAA Brigade Col. A. F. Hoele, Po. O.R.C.

Col. George R. Corey Col. John W. Squire, Va. N.G. *781h AAA Gun Battalion
**39Ih AAA AW Battalion (MI *3401h AAA AW 8attalion IMI It. Col. Thomas W. Ackert

It. Col. Edward 1. Ashworth It. Cal. George V. Selwyn, D.C. N.G. *6981h AAA Gun Battalion

**4Ih AAA AW Battalion IMI **103d AAA Brigade

It. Col. Frank Monico, III. N.G. I

It. Col. Chester T. Borton

AAA Operations Delachmenl

Brig. Gen.

Russell Y. Moore,

AAA Group
Conn. N.G. **97Ih AAA Group
Col. Joy T. Wreon *1
Maj. A. J. Montrone Cal. Joseph A. Moore, N.Y. N.G. **507Ih AAA Operalions Delachmenl
Copt. Edwin F. Bookler
**75Ih AAA Gun Battalion **227Ih AAA Group
It. Col. John F. Ballentine Col. Percy l. Wall, Fla. N.G. *651h AAA Gun Battalion
ll. Cal. Robert F. Moore
*401h AAA Brigade Illh AAA Group

Col. Morris C. Handwerk

AAA AW Battalion ISPI

Col. John l. Golf

**34Ih AAA AW Battalion

*7121h AAA Gun Battalion
It. Cal. Harry H. Taylor, Jr., Fla. N.G. *1
22d AAA AW Battalion

Lt. Col. Arthur F. Schaefer It. Col. James R. Gillard
It. Col. Robert J. Jones
**226Ih AAA Group **527Ih AAA AW Battalion
*3741h AAA Group
Col. John D. Sides, Ala. N.G. ll. Col. Joseph H. Cunningham, la. N.G.
Col. Thomas F. Mullaney, Jr., 111.O.R.C.
** 1461h AAA AW Battalion (SPI 71 sl AAA Gun Battalion
*8671h AAA AW Battalion
Lt. Col. R. H. Franklin, Mich. N.G. It. Cal. Clair M. Worlhy
Maj. Samuel M. Arnold
**70Ih AAA Gun Battalion 443d AAA AW Battalion (SPI
**21 61h AAA Group
Lt. Col. Francis Gregory It. Cal. Robert G. Finkenaur Col. William E. Johnson, Minn. N.G.
**68Ih AAA Gun Battalion **715Ih AAA Gun Battalion **302d AAA Group
ll. Col. Raymond C. Cheal Lt. Col. William H. Uter, N.Y. N.G. Lt. Col. Arthur R. Arend, Ohio O.R.C.

**10Ih AAA Group

Col. W. H. Hennig
**265Ih AAA Gun Battalion
Maj. Harry Botts, Fla. N.G.
**398Ih AAA AW Battalion
ll. Col. louis B. Dean
(SPI *
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By Colonel Samuel B. Griffith, II, USMC
PART I support of guerrilla operations; it is of little if any use in
directly combating them.
Orthodox militarv thouoht has consistentlv deprecated
. '" . In a stud!, of guerrilla war in history we find quite definite
[he achievements and potentialities of partisan or guerrilla patterns constantly recurring. These recurring patterns are
operations in warfare. It is difficult to discover a ba.sis ~or to be found on both sides of the cloth, so to speak. That is,
[his opinion: it is certainly not founded On an objectIve they repeat themseh'es in terms of guerrilla theory and ac-
Jnalvsis of histon', for experience since Napoleonic times tion, and in terms of the steps taken to counter such actions.
indi~ates c1earlv ~hat ouerrilla operations can make a de-
. to the
cisi\'e contribution
'" outcome of a war. Partisans have One finds 1\ losby in Virginia, Lawrence in Arabia, and Mao
Tze Tung in China, three "intellectual" guerrilla leaders,
not \\-on wars in the past nor will they win them in the
expressing identical tactical theories and putting them with
future. But their activities can be of a magnitude and in-
consistent success to the test of action. On the other hand
tensity sufficient to prevent one side or the other From win-
one discovers the French in Spain, Kitchener in South
Africa, and the Japanese in North China attempting in
Guerrillas are a feature common to all ideological wars.
turn to suppress guerrilla warfare by measures which were
Their operations have been a significant aspect of such unifonnlv unsuccessful.
struggles since the days of our Revolution, and should
Spain between the years 1808 and 18 I 3 was the scene of
there be a third great war they will inevitably be of the
nationwide guerrilla operations which in point of intensity
greatest importance. In a future war in which ideological
and effectiveness have not been equalled in history. Dozens
issues are clearly drawn guerrilla activities will be dispersed
of talented guerrilla leaders were developed, and to their
over vast areas and will draw sustenance from all levels of
skill and -darino \Vellinoton owed a oreat measure of his
populations. The quality of operations will be signi~cantly I:> '" I:>
success in the Peninsular \Var. The guerrillas themselves
improved over the past; modern weapons and equIpment
could not have driven the French from Spain, but neither
will make the guerrilla of the future a fonnidable antagonist
could \Vellinoton have done this without their aid and the
in the type of warfare that he will conduct.
Great Duke never'" deprecated the contributions of the gller-
For these reasons the history• of ouerrilla experience can-
t> rilleros to his success .
not be ignored. It was the guerrillas of Spain and Russia
Here we see for the first time strategic and tactical coordi-
quite as much as the generalship of \Vellingt?n and Kutu-
nation between conventional formations of both the tlmlY
zov that brought Napoleon to St. Helena. TI1JS was not ap-
and the navy• and oro<1nized ouerrillas; we ma)' trace the
preciated in 1815; it may not be fully appreciated in 1950. I:> I:>

development of poorly equipped bands into well trained,

Nevertheless, it is true, and it counsels us to more fully
highly mobile, hard striking combat groups, elusive and
acquaint ourselves with partisan theory and partisan action.
pervasive as mist. In their independent operations, the
The assumption that guerrilla warfare cannot flourish as
in the past is faulty. The structure of western. industria~ sc: Spanish gllerrilleros established the general pattern of parti-
san war with which we are familiar.
ciety provides a fertile field for partisan operatIons, ~nd It IS
a safe assumption that guerrillas of the future wIll have Frequently week after week passed with no communica-
ample opportunity for extremely effective w~rk .. tion between the Emperor in Paris, the higher headquarters
It is equally incorrect to assume that the aIrplane has lIm- of the French armies in Spain, and their columns operating
ited either the scope or effectiveness of guerrilla activities. in the field. Hundreds of couriers carrying official des-
Guerrillas cannot be discovered by aerial cameras or observ. patches were captured, foraging parties were ambushed and
ers and they do not concentrate to present profitable targets annihilated, and isolated garrisons were overwhelmed in
to bombardiers or aerial gunners. The airplane proved in surprise attacks. Supplies for the armies were intercepted,
the last war that it can be an important instrument for the great sums of money were stolen from paymasters, traitors
- *Reprinted with permission of .i\larille Corp; Gazelle.
on whom the French relied for information were searched
out and summarily executed. These activities produced in

Col. Griflith graduated from the Naval Academy in 1929 and was
commissioned in the Marine Corps_ Prior to World War II he studied
Chinese and served in Nicaragua and Chino_ During the war. he served
in England and commanded the First Marine Raider Battalion on Guad.
oleanal. He is presently attached to the Deportment of Strategy and
Tactics of the Naval War College and is a contributor to service

the French feelings of complete frustration, which in turn bring the war in the Peninsula to an end, was not interested
caused them to take punitiye measures that were ill- in such reports. He considered Bessieres a pessimist. As a
considered and sen'ed onk to intensih. resistance. Hean' matter of fact, the marshal was an optimist.
detachments were required to guard th~ vulnerable lines of During the spring and early summer the guerrilleros in
communication, to hold the principal cities and to protect the north were recei\'ing arms and equipment from British
conmys with the result that forces 3\'ailable for the field cruisers operating in the Bay of Biscay and were steadily
were ;educed in strength. Thus were a few able to immobi- becoming stronger. The e:\:pedients the French adopted to
lize many, to retain the initiatiye, to create consternation control them were fruitless. Destruction of towns, taking of
and to p~oduce results out of all proportion to their numeri- hostages, deyastation of the countryside, execution of pris-
cal strength. oners, construction of blockhouses-all were in yain. Occa-
The first popular reactions to A'apoleon's iniquitous coup sionally a French flying column managed to catch a guer-
d'etat in Spain took place on 24 May, 1808 in the Asturias, rilla group unaware and destroy or scatter it-if the latter the
the province that \\'as over a hundred years later to contrib- partisans soon reassembled none the worse for wear.
ute the most hard-bitten fighting men in Spain to the Re- The French commander Abbe signalized the opening of
publican ranks. the year 1812 by the issuance of a proclamation which pro-
The first of the great Spanish guerrilleros was Juan- hibited "quarter" for guerrilleros, made their families and
i\hrtin Diaz, nicknamed "El Empecinado," "The Obstinate villages responsible for them and authorized the execution
One," who in the fall of 1809 "raised large bands during of hostages. Mina promptly announced that he would shoot
the absence of the normal garrisons and swept the country- four Frenchmen for every Spaniard, a threat that he carried
side capturing convoys and cutting the lines of communica- out with punctuality and exactitude. Abbe withdrew his
tion- The French governors on every side kept reporting proclamation. The French concentrated 30,000 troops to
their perilous position 'when they could get a message destroy the partisan chief and his band of 3,000. As the in-
through to Madrid." vaders busied themselves trying to track him down, Mina
The Emperor bombarded his commanders with advice fell upon an immense convoy escorted by a force of 2,000
as to how to repress the guerrillas. His orders resulted "in troops and completely destroyed it. The entire Army of the
much marching and countermarching of the newly arrived North spent the remainder of April and the month of May
troops but to little practical effect in the way of repression in futile pursuit of this phantom.
for skilled leaders like Mina, the Empecinado and Julian
Sanchez nearly always slipped between the fingers of their Moscow, the capital, beckoned Napoleon. Once the Em-
pursuers. " peror had established himself in the Kremlin the Tsar would
Sir Charles Oman estimates that in 1810-11, there were come to terms; he would have to; everyone had always
never more than 20,000 guerrillas under arms between the done it that way. He could not comprehend why the Tsar
Guadarrama Mountains (north of Madrid) and the Bay of would not sue for surrender after Borodino. He berated the
Biscay. Yet he writes: "despite their weakness in the open Russian generals as inept fools and cowards because after
field ... they rendered good services to Spain and inciden- Borodino they would not stand and fight, but chose instead
tally to Great Britain and to all Europe by pinning down to to fall back slowly laying waste the countryside and arming
the soil twice their numbers of good French troops. Anyone the peasants. Swarms of hard riding Cossacks and partisans
who had read the despatches of Napoleon's 'Military Gov- attacked the flanks, rear and trains of the French Army.
ernments' or the diaries of the officers who served in Reille's The people burned the hayricks and villages, drove off the
or Dorsenne's or Caffarelli's flying columns will recognize a livestock, fired the crops standing in the fields and poisoned
remarkable likeness between the situation of affairs in the wells. When Napoleon reached Moscow he established
Northern Spain during 1810 and 1811 and that in South himself in the Imperial apartments in the Kremlin from
Africa during 1900 and 1911. Lightly moving guerrilla whence he vainly endeavored to convince the Tsar and
bands unhampered by a base to defend or a train to weigh Kutuzov that Russia was beaten. But the Russians would
them dov\!ll and well served as to intelligence by the resi- not agree. Finally, frustrated, and unaware that the march
dents of the countryside can paralyze the action of an in- to Moscow was but the prelude to the greatest debacle to be
finitely larger number of regular troops." recorded in the annals of military history, the Emperor gave
By January 1811, Napoleon (\'I,'hohad lost patience with the order for retreat.
generals unable to suppress the guerrillas in the north of From Moscow to the borders of Poland his freezing, starv-
Spain) .named Marshal Bessieres to command the "Army of ing army fell back through burned-out towns from which
the North" and gave him among other missions that of put- all the inhabitants had fled. On the wav the columns \,\'ere
ting an end to the partisans. This proved to be a task quite continuallv harassed: -'
beyond the means at the Marshal's disposal, and he reported "Cossacks kept up perpetual raids along the roads, which
to the Emperor that the guerrilla bands were daily increas- they constantly crossed between one division and another
ing and that if he concentrated as much as a third of his -or even, when there was a gap, between one ~egiment
60,000 effectives to subdue them, all communications would and another .... Wherever transport wagons were moving
be lost. He concluded this despatch by pointing out that along in disorder, or unarmed stragglers were making their
victory in Spain did not depend upon the outcome of a way as best they could, the Cossacks improvised sudden
battle with the English, but rather upon the pacification of attacks, killing and wounding, robbing all those whose lives
the country. His master, obsessed with the idea that a they spared, and looting wagons and carriages when they
brilliant cainpaign culminating in a climactic battle would came upon them.
"It is not difficult to imagine the perturbation spread by is utterly defeated, the people is completely conquered. So
such tactics and their effects on the Armv's morale. \Vhat (according to history) it has been from the most ancient
was worse, they made communications e:.;.tremelv difficult, times up to the present. All Napoleon's earlier wars serve
not onlv betw;en one division and another. Th~ General as illustrations of the rule. As the Austrian annies were de-
Staff, a~ I have already explained, received no reports; its feated, Austria was deprived of her rights, and the rights and
orders either did not arrive at their destination or if the" power of France were increased. The victories of the French
arrived were too late to be of any use. Staff officers, wh~ at Jena and at t\uerstadt destroyed the independent exist-
bra,'ed every sort of danger, were frequently captured. Then ence of Prussia.
there was the ice of the many who went after food, but "But suddenly, in 1812, the French gained a victory be-
few returned Cossacks and armed peasants captured fore l\'loscow. 1"loscow was taken, and in consequence of
many of those straR.~lers." that, with no subsequent battles, not Russia, but the French
Years later Leo Tolstoi in 'Var mul Peace described the anny of six hundred thousand, and then Napoleonic France
sombre spectacle of the Grande Armee stumbling down the itself ceased to exist."
ice-covered road to Smolensk toward the border of Poland;
herded along by Kutuzov, done to death by Famine, winter, The curtain next rises in the Middle East where Co\.
the blindness of its commander, and the Cossacks and T. E. Lawrence-Lawrence of Arabia-developed and ap-
hordes of peasant guerrillas. This is what he wrote about plied his theories of guerrilla warfare against the Turks.
the nature of the death struggles of the French Army, and The British by this time had obviously learned something
about the agents who presided at that historic scene: from history and they empowered Lawrence to dangle the
"TIle battle of Boroclino with the occupation of 1'loscow apple of freedom and independence before the eyes of the
and the Right of the French, that followed without any Arabs in exchange for active participation in the war and
more battles, is one of the most instructive phenomena in the cooperation of the world of nomadic Islam against the
historv. Turk.
"All historians are agreed that the external activity of Lawrence made a unique contribution to military
states and peoples in their conRicts finds expression in wars; thought. He perceived immediately that one of the great
that the political power of states and peoples is increased or strengths of guerrillas was their pervasiveness; their ubiquity.
diminished as the immediate result of success or defeat in Guerrillas could be everywhere, but at the same time be
war. nowhere. To permit-indeed to encourage-the enemy to
"Strange are the historical accounts that tell us how some occupy cities and towns was not a bad idea, providing one
king or emperor, quarrelling with another king or emperor, could isolate them and keep them isolated. This the Arabs
levies an army, fights a battle with the army of his foe, gains did with the Turkish garrison in Medina which sat in
a ,'ictory, kills three, five, or ten thousand men, and conse- trenches destroying its own power of movement by "eating
quently subdues a state and a whole people consisting of the transport" it "could no longer feed." The guerrillas
several millions; and incomprehensible it seems that the de- ranged over 99% of Arabia; Turkish military power decayed
feat of any army, one hundredth of the whole strength of a in Medina and in their isolated outposts.
people, should force that people to submit. Yet all the facts Lawrence developed his theory of guerrilla warfare while
of history (so far as we know it) confirm the truth of the he lav ill for several months. He was not too ill to reflect.
statement, that the successes or defeats of a nation's army "I began idly to calculate how many square miles ... per-
are the causes or, at least, the invariable symptoms of the haps one hundred and forty thousand square miles. And
increase or diminution of the power of a nation. An army how would the Turks defend all that? No doubt by a trench
gains a victory, and immediately the claims of the conquer- line across the bottom, if we came like an armv with ban-
ing people are increased to the detriment of the conquered. ners; but suppose we were (as we might be) a~ influence,
An army is defeated, and at once the people loses its rights an idea, a thing, intangible, invulnerable, without front or
in proportion to the magnitude of the defeat; and if its army back, drifting about like a gas? Armies were like plants,
immobile, firm rooted, nourished through long stems to the square miles, and a fort would not be less than tl.venty men.
head. We might be a yapor, blowing ,.:here we listed. Our If so thev would need six hundred thousand men to meet
kingdoms lay in each man's mind; and as we wanted nothing the ill wills of all the Arab peoples, combined with the active
material to live on, so we might offer nothing material to the hostility of a few zealots.
killing. It seemed a regular soldier might be helpless with- "Ho~v many zealots could we have? At present ,ve had
out a target owning only what he sat on, and subjugating nearly fifty thousand: sufficient for the day. It seemed the
only what, by order, he could poke his riRe at. assets in this element of war were ours. If we realized our
"Then I figured out how many men they would need to raw materials and were apt with them, then climate, railway,
sit on all this ground, to save it from our attack-in depth, desert and technical weapons could also be attached to OUr
sedition putting up her head in every unoccupied one of interests. The Turks were stupid; the Germans behind
those hundred thousandsquare miles. I knew the Turkish them dogmatical. They would believe that rebellion was
army exactly, and even allowing for their recent extension absolute, like war, and deal \vith it on the analogy of war.
of faculty by aeroplanes and guns and armored trains Analogy in human things was fudge anyhow; and war upon
(which made the earth a smaller battlefield) still it seemed rebellion was messy and slow like eating soup with a knife."
that they would have need of a fortified post every four (To be continued)

Why Are We Fighting In Korea?

The following statement was written exclusively for the northern border and through their eyes the whole world
Armed Forces by Ambassador Warren R. Austin, United saw that in reality it was Communist aggr~ssion from the
States Representative in the United Nations. Although ad- outside that menaced Greece-and the rest'of the world, too.
dressed to the United Nations Forces in Korea, Mr. Austin's In that instance Greek soldiers, aided by the United States
statement is of vital importance to every man and W'Oman and British equipment, stood off and defeated the Commu-
in the Armed Forces. nists for themselves and for the rest of us.
Then, the Communists centered their attack on Berlin.
UNITED STATES MISSION The Soviet Union tried to squeeze the rest of the world O'ltt
TO THE UNITED NATIONS of that city. Illegal force -was defeated once more-by a dra-
matic United States-British-French airlift, hy German citi-
August 25, 1950 zens willing to endure diffLCult privations, by United Na-
To the United Nations Forces in Korea: tions peace negotiations.
Korea was next, and the worst of all. What is happening
You and I have a great deal in common. Although our in Korea is part of the Communist effort to dominate the
duties and responsibilities are somewhat different, we are world. Your victory in Korea will be the most crushing
partners in the first international "police action" in history. setback the Communists have ever received. Your victory
We are working together to suppress the lawbreakers who will demonstrate that the free peoples of the world are de-
have attacked not just Korea, but who have attacked the termined that aggression wiU not be permitted to succeed
whole United Nations effort to build a peaceful and a better -even when it is attempted in a place so remote from our
world. What we do at Lake Success and what you do in homes as Korea. Fifty-three nations are united in recogniz-
Korea affects the future of people everywhere. ing that a battle for freedom and for world law and order is
Our object together is to halt aggression. The world now being fought. We know that aggression must be
failed to do that when Hitler and Mussolini and the Japa- stopped before it gets a head start if we and the peoples of
nese were rising to power nearly 20 years ago. Aggression in other countries are to remain free.
Ethiopia, Manchuria and Austria went unchallenged. To-
day the story is different. The United Nations has success-
fully challenged aggression in a number of instances.
About three years ago war broke out in Greece. It turned
out that the Communists were behind it-not just Greek WARREN R. AUSTIN
Communists, but Communists from countries north of United States Representative in the
Greece. The United Nations sent military observers to that United Nations

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Chase, Md. ton 25, D. C. Orleans, La.
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Washington 25, D. C. PM, San Francisco, Calif. ton, Fla.
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Ottman. William, Ritz Carlton Hotel, New York D.C. Bean, W. F., Lancaster, N. H.
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Richardson, Wm. 1., Patrick AFB, Cocoa, Fla. Fla. 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
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Todd, Henry (Ret), 2301 Connecticut Ave., Rinard, Paul R., Del. NG, Wilmington, Del. Fla.
N.W., Washington, D. C. Rutledge, Paul W., Hq., Eastern Army AA Com- Bennett, Rowland K., 40-27 218th St., Bayside,
Tschappat, W. H. (Ret), East Falls Church, Va. mand, Stewart AFB, Newburgh, N. Y. L. 1., N. Y.
Weible, W. 1., CG, Japan Log. Comd., APO 343, Sage, Charles G., PO Box 1018, Santa Fe, N. M. Bentley, G. T., 23731 Marshall Ave., Dearborn,
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Schuyler, C. V., Qtrs. 21-A, Ft. Myer, Va. Mich.
Wilson, Waiter K. (Ret) , 1661 Crescent PI., Starr, R. E. (Ret), Gloucester, Va. Benz, H. T., Bordentown Military Institute, Bor-
N.W., Washington 9, D. C. Strong, Alden G. (Ret), 2301 Connecticut Ave., dentown, N. J.
Wilson, William H. (Ret), 20 Harrington Ter- N.W., Washington, D. C. Berle, C. H., c/o Innis, Speiden & Co., Niagara
race, Burlin&J:on,Vt. Tilton, Rollin (Ret), 100 Hampton Roads Ave., Fall, N. Y.
Hampton, Va. Berry, C. 1. (Ret) , 428 S. 2d St., Warrington,
BRIGADIER GENERALS Tobin, Ralph c., Pen Craig, Newport. R. 1. Fla.
Badger, G. M. (Ret), Rm. 330 Martin Bldg., Townsend, J. R. (Ret), 1821 Dalton Rd., Greens. Bethea, D. W., Jr., 228th AAA Group, Cpo
Columbus, Ga. boro, N. C. . Stewart, Ga.
Berry, Robert W., Hq., Western Army AA Com- Underwood, Edgar H. (Ret), 3209 Riverview Bibbs. E. S., 210 W. 55th St., New York 19,
mand, Hamilton AFB, Calif. Blvd., Bradenton, Fla. N.Y.
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Church. Va. Abbey, Walter W., 2217 "C" St., Vancouver, Bottoms, Maitland, 6340 Woodline Ave., Phila-
Cunningham, ]. H., 44 River Rd., Gloucester, Wash. delphia 31, Pa.
Mass. Adair, A. c., RFD 3, Vienna, Va. Bowen, W. S. (Ret), 2022 Columbia Rd., N.W.,
Doud, Alfred H., 89 East Ave., Rochester 4, N. Y. Adams, E. F., 2300 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C.
Drowne, H. R., Jr., 400 Madison Ave., New Washington 8, D. C. Bowering, Benjamin, 401 Border St., Hot Springs,
York 17, N. Y. Ark.
Evans, E. A., 2517 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Adams, Gilbert N., Arty. Sec., Hq., 8th Army,
APO 343, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Bowers, A. T., Hq., Second Army, Ft. Geo. G.
Washington, D. C. Meade, Md.
Fellers, Bonner (Ret), 3535 Springland Lane, Alter, Dinsmore, Box 9787, Los Feliz Sta., Los Boyd, H. R., 22d AAA Gp., Ft. Custer, Mich.
N.W., Washington, D. C. Angeles 27, Calif.
Boyer, C. M., 3518 S. Utah, Arlington, Va.
Flory, 1. D. (Ret), 3224 Cathedral Ave., N.W., Allingham, S. c., 621 N. Workman St., San Brackman, Roy, 430 Spring, Webster Groves 19,
Washington, D. C. Fernando, Calif. Mo.
French, Charles A. (Ret), 4036 Via Solano, Palos Allport, H. H., 209 S. laSalle St., Chicago, Ill. Brady, W. I., c/o Mrs. Brady, 1000 W. 64th
Verdes Estates, Calif. Amoroso, A. A., ROTC Hqs., Georgia Tech, At- Terrace, Kansas City 5, Mo.
Hamilton, W. M., 103d AAA Brigade, Ft. Bliss, lanta, Ga. Braly, W. C. (Ret), 16 Sanborn Rd., Orinda,
Tex. Anderson, G. B., Norwich University, Northfield, Calif.
Hardaway, F. P. (Ret), 427 N. Florissant Rd., Vt. Brandon, David R., 6 Adams St., Port Washing-
Ferguson 21, Mo. Anderson, R. A., 141 Mead Rd., Decatur, Ga. ton, N. Y.

Bray, W. P., 674 Reef Rd., Fairfield, Conn. Dayharsh, T. J., 6152 12th St., N., Arlington, Va. Harris, Charles S., 4514 Connecticut Ave., N.W.,
Brucker. W. H., Log. Div., GSUSA, Pentagon, De Graw, K. E., PO Box 793, South Miami, Fla. Washington 8, D. C.
Washington 25, D. C. Denner, W. L., Clarks Summit, Pa. Harriman, J. E., ROTC Mississippi State College,
Brusher, H. A., Hq., SBAS, Ft. Scott. Calif. Dennis, L. C. (Ret), 720 20th St., W., Braden- State College, Miss.
Bucher, Oliver B., VMI, Lexington, Va. ton, Fla. Harry, John, TI.'SAF, APO 206, c/o PM, New
Bukey, N. J., 6191 Rogers Park PI., Gncinnati Denson, L. A., 412-A Westchester Apts., Wash- York,N. Y.
13, Ohio. ington 16, D. C. Hartman, A. R., 808 Grand View Drive, Alex-
Bullene. L. R., 26 Clairidge Court, Montclair, Denson, P. B., Hq., 35th AM Brigade, Ft. andria, Va.
N. J. Meade, Md. Hartman, N. E., Mil. Dept., Fordham University,
Burnell. N. A., II, American Embassy, The Detwiler, H. P., 741 Jewell Ave., Pacific Grove, ~ew York 58, N. Y.
Hague, Netherlands. Calif. Hastings, F. H. (Ret), Rt. 5, Box 121, Lakeland,
Burnett, J. R., 407 E. Cambridge St., College Dingley, Nelson, III, U.S. Embassy, Stockholm, Fla.
Park, Ga. Sweden. Hatch, M. A., PMS&T, Univ. of Illinois, Cham-
Burnham, C. V. H., 2925 Russell St., Berkeley 5, Dinsmore, J. P., 3112 N St., N.W., Washington paign. Ill.
Calif. 7, D. C. Hause. F. A., University, Newark, Del.
Byers, L. W., Hq., AFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. Dodge, F. B., Jr., 15th & Dodge St., Omaha, Neb. Havighorst, R. K., Box 1564, Rt. 4, Miami 43,
Campbell, A. H., 989 Lombard St., San Fran. Dodge, J. H., Jr., 754 Titus Ave., Rochester 17, Fla.
cisco 11, Calif. N.Y. Haw, J. c., 7755 Dep. Sch. Det., APO 403, c/o
Campbell, R. J., 105 Woodside Rd., Pittsburgh Donigan, R. L., 328 Wesley Ave., Evanston, Ill. PM, New York, N. Y.
21, Pa. Donnelly, P. E., Cranston Street Armory, Provi- Hawthorne, H. B.• Hq., Sixth Army, Presidio of
Caulk, J. D., Jr., 10 S. Stuyvesant Dr., Wilming- dence, R. 1. San Francisco, Calif.
ton, Del. Dowling, R. J., 6376 Brookside Ave., Oakland, Hayden, J. 1., 29 Eucalyptus Rd., Berkeley 5,
Carey, Geo. R., Box 105, TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Calif. Calif.
Carroll, J. B., 68th AAA Gp., APO 942, c/o PM, Duff, C. B., 200 Raymond St., Chevy Chase, Md. Haynes. W. E., 92 Rockingham St., Concord,
San Francisco, Calif. Dunham, W. H., Jr. (Ret), Charlottesville, Va. N.H.
Carswell, R. M., PO Box 606, Eustis. Fla. Dunn, G. W., Jr., 726 King St., Wilmington, Hearn, G. ]., Box 206, Monroe, Ga.
Carter, M. S., 138th AAA Gp., APO 994, c/o Del. Heathcote, E. W., AA & GM Cen., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Dunwoody, W. K., 2246 S. 16th Ave., Maywood, Heilfron, Milton. State Bldg., Reno, Nev.
Cary, Milo (Ret), Mobjack, Va. III. Heinlen, H. c., 894 43d St.• Los Alamos, N. M.
Case, Homer, 2301 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Dutton, D. L., 192 S. College Ave., Newark, Del. Henderson, Richard, 869 Ridge St., Wethersfield,
Washington 7, D. C. Duval, H. H. (Ret), 1501 Mt. Eagle PI., Alex- Conn.
Cauthen, Wm. A., PO Box 429, Washington, Ga. andria, Va. Hendrix, R. R., Logistics Div., Pentagon, Wash-
Catlett, J. T., 5 Pleasant St., Ashburnham, Mass. Edgecomb, F. E. (Ret), Quaker Hill, Conn. ington 25. D. C.
Chamberlain, F. R., Jr., Charlottesville, Va. Elder, Bowman, 622 Chamber Commerce Bldg., Hennessy, H. P., 874 N. Jacksonville St., Arling-
Chamberlain, L. c., 72D Devon Court, San Diego Indianapolis, Ind. ton, Va.
S. Calif. Elliott, W. W., 700 Alice Drive, Northbrook, Ill. Hennig, W. H., 10th AAA Gp., APO 660, c/o
Chandler, H. L., 14 Kensington Rd., Concord; Ellis, H. J., Statesboro, Ga. PM. San Francisco, Calif.
N.H. Ellis, Walter F., Hq., 31st AAA Brigade, Ft. Herwitt. H. H., 8220 Michener Ave., Philadel-
Chaplin, R. T., 3045 S. Abingdon St., Arlington, Lewis, Wash. phia 19. Pa.
Va. Englehart, E. c., 39 Hillcrest, Mill Valley. Calif. Hewett, Hobart, USARPAC, APO 958, c/o PM,
Chappelle, Vergne, 7-13 Washington Square, England, J. M., Adm-Liaison Office, HI COG, San Francisco, Calif.
North, New York, N. Y. APO 742. c/o PM, New York, N. Y. Hibbert, G. W., 2126 Scottwood Ave., Toledo 2,
Chester, G. A., 11 W. Woodbine St., Chevy Erwin, ]. F., 2009 N.E. 79th Ave., Portland 13, Ohio.
Chase, Md. are. Hickey, D. W., Jr., c/o American Embassy,
Christian, F. L., 89th St., Virginia Beach, Va. Ericson, Richard, FEC, APO 500, c/o PM, San Karachi, Pakistan.
Christie, W. E., 23 E. Verano, Rt. 2, Orinda, Francisco. Calif. Higgins, C. W., ROTC, Vniversity of Cincinnati,
Calif. Fagan, F. K., BOQ, Bolling AFB, Washington Cincinnati, Ohio.
Clarke, G. L., 146 Alta Ave., Yonkers 3, N. Y. 25, D. C. Hill, R. E. (Ret), Palma Sola Park, Bradenton,
Cleek, G. W., 1813 N. Quesada St., Arlington, Featherston, J. H. (Ret), 747 Park St., Charlottes- Fla.
Va .. ville, Va. Hillberg, Lauri ]., USMA, West Point, N. Y.
Clement, A. W., 150 Canoe Brook Parkway, Fisken, A. D., Far Eastern Inst., Univ. of Wash- Hincke, J. I., Mil. Dept., University of Pitts-
Summit, N. J. ington, Seattle 5, Wash. burgh, Pittsburgh 13, Pa.
Cibula, A. M., PO Box 699, Reading, Calif. Flagg, K. P., 470 Capitol Ave., Hartford, Conn. Hines. V. G., 606 Olympic Blvd., Everett. Wash.
Cocheu, G. W. (Ret), 3lD6 Foxhall Rd., N.W., Folk, F. T., 326-3 Doniphan Ave., Ft. Leaven- Hodkms, H. W., 358 Winnetka Ave., Winnetka,
Washington, D. C. worth, Kan. Ill.
Cook, H. W., Avondale Farm, Rt. 2, Elkton, Md. Foote, W. c., 3408 Lowell St., N.W., Washing- Hoehle, A. F., 614 Rock Springs Rd., Pittsburgh
Cook, J. W., 725 Grizzly Peak Rd., Berkeley 8, ton 16, D. C. 34, Pa.
Calif. Ford, C. R., 323 Pearl St., Moorestown. N. J.
Connor, Robert T., 80th AAA Group, Ft. Devens, Forman, O. T., 1st GM Regiment, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Hoge, Dan, Blacksburg, Va.
Mass. Francis, 1.. 1.., 138 E. 68th Way, Long Beach 5, Holcomb. C. W., 1443 18th Ave., San Francisco
Corbin, Frank, 210 N. Edgewood St., Arlington, Calif. 22, Calif.
Va. Franklin, A. G., Jr., G-1 Div., Pentagon, Wash- Holden, B. M., Jr., 750 Main St., Hartford, Conn.
Cordiner, D. C. (Ret), U.S. Soldiers Home, ington 25, D. C. Holder, Wm. G., Mississippi State College, State
Washington, D. C. French, P. N., 3681 Upton St., N.W., Washing- College, Miss.
Corkan, L. A., 34th AAA Brig., Ft. Wadsworth, ton, D. C. Holt, Roger H., Qtrs. 94-B, Ft. Sheridan, Ill.
N.Y. Gage, W. L., 1610 East 4th St., Tucson, Ariz. Hopkins, Armand, PMS&T, Vniv. of Delaware,
Cotter, C. E., 631-3 McClellan Ave., Ft. Leaven- Gallagher, F. F., 935 26th St., S., Arlington, Va. Newark, Del.
worth,Kan. Garber, F. H., 5102 Northampton St., Richmond, Hopkins, R. H., 86 Pine Lane, Falmouth, Mass.
Cowen, E. G., Pers. Cen., Ft. Hamilton, N. Y. Va.
Cox, A. B., 1310 Columbus Ave., Burlingame, Howard, Chas. E., 135 E. Washington Blvd.,
Gard, H. P., Qtrs. 02, Ft. Meade, Md. Lombard, Ill.
Calif. Gettys, C. W., Bremerhaven POE, APO 69, c/o
Craig, David M., Pacific Sector Engrs., Ft. Clay- PM, New York, N. Y. Howell, J. F., 3222 Oliver St., N.W., Washing-
ton, Canal Zone. Gibbs, G. G., State Armory, West Hartford, ton, D. C.
Craig, J. L. (Ret), 315 22d St., W., Bradenton, Conn. Hunt, Paul M., Walter Reed Gen'l Hospital,
Fla. Goff, J. L., Ft. Lawton, Seattle, Wash. Ward 9-A, Washington 25, D. C.
Crawford, H. F., Jr., 122 Fairview Rd., Spring- Goodman, S. J., Box 661, Ft. Clayton, Canal Hunter, H. W., Staunton Military Academy,
field, Pa. Zone. Staunton, Va.
Crews, L. R., 860-D W, 29th PI., San Pedro, Gough, A. D., 4418 "Q" St., N.W., Washington Iromer, W. L., 407 E. Bodley, Kirkwood 22, Mo.
Calif. 7, D. C. Irvine, M. M., Army War College, Ft. Leaven-
Cron, L. N., 217 Sheridan Rd., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Grinder, R. H., Hq., Japan Log. Comd., APO worth, Kan .•
Crowell, E. R., 4603 Walter Way, El Paso, Tex. 343, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Isaachsen, Edward, 2222 N. 77th Court, Elmwood
Cummings, L. E., NG, 638 Kettner Blvd., San Gross, M. A., 3528 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh Park, Ill.
Diego, Calif. 17, Pa. Jaccard, P. A., Hq., Fourth Army, Ft. Sam Hous-
Daly, R. D., 5811 Walton Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. Guhl, Robert c., Alanton, London Bridge, Va. ton, Tex.
Dance, C. A., 1701 Fairfield Ave., Shreveport, La.
Daneker, J. L., Cas. Pers. Cen., APO 503, c/o Haakenson, N. T., Box 221, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Jackson, H. R., 7 Stetson St., Lexington, Mass.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Hallock, R. F., 206 E. Poplar St., San Antonio 2, Johnson, H. A., 2349 Carquinez Ave., El Cerrito,
Davis, J. W., 210 Pope Ave., Ft. Leavenworth, Tex. Calif.
Kan. Hamilton, W. L., 459 Antlers Drive, Rochester Johnson, H. R., 1188 Park Ave., Plainfield 6,
Davis, Lee J., 315-4 Pope, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. 7,N.Y. N.J.
Dawson, C. A. W., 1369 Hyde St., San Fran- Handwerk, M. c., Hq., 40th AM Brigade, APO Johnson, H. S., 4188 Bennett Valley Rd., Santa
cisco 9, Calif. 713, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Rosa, Calif.
Johnson, J. G., 218 Lumpkin St., Thomson, Ga. Markle, H. A., Jr., 2026 Walbert Ave., Allen. Papenfoth, W. H., 855 N. Kensington St., Arling-
Johnson, W. L. (Ret), 2511 S.W. 24th Court. town,Pa. ton, Va.
Miami 33, Fla. Martin, D. D., GHQ, FEe, APO 500, c/o PM, Peay, J. H. B., Jr., 3202 Edgewood Ave., Rich.
Jones, A. W., 56 West St., Portland, Maine. San Francisco, Calif. mond, Va.
Jones, Gifford (Ret), Norcross, Ga. Martin, E. G., 724 Ballywood Rd., Irving, Tex. Peca, Peter S., 718 Timber Branch Rd., Alex-
Jones, R. T., 75 Melbourne, Youngstown 7, Ohio. Martin, Robt. ]., G-3, Hq., 1st Army, Governors andria, Va.
Jordan, John R., Ivie Rd., Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Island, New York 4, N. Y. Peddicord, E. D., Qtrs. No.7, Aberdeen Prvg.
Joseph, Henry B., 55 Buckingham Way, Apt. 302, Massello, Wm., Jr., 326-7 Doniphan Ave., Ft. Grd.,Md.
San Francisco, Calif. Leavenworth, Kan. Perry, W. A., APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Kane, F. B., Hq., AFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. Maxfield, C. L., 166 Bolton St., Portland 4, PhiIIips, W. S., University of New Hampshire,
Kauffman, Roy K., GHQ, FEC, APO 500, c/o Maine. Durham, N. H.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Mayer, J. S., 808 Richmond Rd., Staten Island, Pongrace, O. W., 597 Neff Rd., Grosse Pointe
Keller, G. E. (Ret), 2714 31st St., S.E., Wash- N.Y. 30, Mich.
ington, D. C. Maynard, H. H., 925 N. Orlando Ave., Winter Price, F. A., 610 S. 9th St., Fort Pierce, Fla.
Keller, James S., I.G.D., GSUSA, Rm. 3C-338, Park, Fla. Pulham, C. T., 515 N. Northwest Highway,
Pentagon, Washington 25, D. C. Mazeau, Camille, 8 Ettador Park, Milford, Conn. Park Ridge, III.
Kelly, P. K., 5917 N. Broadway, Chicago 40, Ill. Means, D. E., Dept. Ext. Courses, Ft. Sill, Okla. Putnam, W. F. (Ret), 621 Alcazar Ave., Coral
Kemble, Franklin (Ret), 219 S. High St., Selins- Mendenhall, C. M., Jr., N. Walnut St., La Habra, Gales 34, Fla.
grove, Pa. Calif. Radnor,]. c., Federal Trade Commission, Wash.
Kendall, Wm. H., Army Exch. Service, 25 W. Mercandino, J. F., 25-39 31st St., Astoria, N. Y. ington 25, D. C.
43d St., New York 18, N. Y. Merkle, E. A., PMS&T, Fordham Univ., New Rasmussen, K. E., U.S. Embassy, Oslo, Norway.
Kimball, D. G., 505 Hilltop Drive, Stratford, York, N. Y. Rawls, W.O., 1805 37th St., N.W., Washington,
Conn. Merritt, W. B., Box 138, Blacksburg, Va. D.C.
Kimmel, M. M., 3<>37Chesapeake Ave., Hamp- Meyer, C. B. (Ret), 2818 1st Ave., W., Braden- Recer, B. W., 1672 Dayton St., Wichita Falls,
ton, Va. ton, Fla. Tex.
Kochevar, J. H., Hq., AFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. Meyers, F. X., 2915 Sherwin Ave., Chicago, Ill. Reuter, H. c., Ft. Monroe, Va.
Kreinheder, W. R., Commanche Ranch, Boerne, Meyers, H. F., 2025 Belmont Rd., N.W., Wash- Ritchie, I. H., APO 500, c/o PM, San Francisco.
Texas. ington, D. C. Calif.
Kress, C. G., Forest Hills, East Rochester, N. Y. Meyers, M. D., 3422 Warden Drive, Philadel- Rose, G. E., 712 Harter St., Winfield, Kan.
Kreuter, R. H., Ft. Monroe, Va. phia 29, Pa. Rothgeb, C. E., OMGT, APO 719, c/o PM, San
Krueger, R. H., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Millis, E. L., 575 Vinewood Ave., Birmingham, Francisco, Calif.
Tex. Mich. Roy, Paul A., 322-4 Doniphan Ave., Ft. Leaven-
Kyster, O. H., Jr., 3527 Valley Dr., Alexandria, Miller, Edwin, 575 Johnson Ave., Brooklyn, worth, Kan.
Va. N.Y. Russell, R. W., AA&GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Lafrenz, W. F., 1386 Hillside Cirde, Burlingame, Miller, R. L., 4453 Volta Pl., N.W., Washington Russell, Sam c., c/o JAMAG, Navy 100, FPO,
Calif. 7,D.C. New York, N. Y.
Lane, V. A., One Madison Ave., New York 10, Mitchell, J. D., 7810 SCU, APO 139, c/o PM, Samuels, Andrew, Jr., 3717 Woodley Rd., N.W.,
N.Y. New York, N. Y. Washington, D. C.
Lanza, C. H., 1911 Elm St., Manchester, N. H. Mitchell, L. c., OMA, Damascus, Syria. Sawyer, J. A., JAMAG, US Navy 100, c/o FPO,
Lapeyri, F. J., 771 20th Ave., San Francisco 21, Miter, F. F., OMA, Lisbon, Portugal. New York, N. Y.
Calif. Moore, J. A., 120 W. 62d St., New York 23, Schabacker, C. H., University of Minnesota, Min.
Lavery, A. L., Rm. 219, PO Bldg., Manchester, N.Y. neapolis, Minn.
N.H. Morrison, D. E. Wildwood, Ga. Schmick, Peter, Army War College, Ft. Leaven-
Lazar, A. M., 3704 Manor Rd., Chevy Chase, Moss, Joe D., 4309 Van Ness St., N.W., Wash- worth, Kan.
Md. ington, D. C. Schulz, G. ]., Hartly, Del.
Lazarus, F. L., 510 Madison Ave., New York 22, Mott, F. E., 211 Rockingstone Ave., Larchmont, Schweizer, W. c., 7 Lloyden Drive, Atherton,
N.Y. N.Y. Calif.
Leary, Thos. H., 148 N. Arlington Ave., East Mountford, F. A., 906 26th Pl., S., Arlington, Va. Schwendemann, E. T., 4001 Grand Blvd., East
Orange, N. J. Mozley, ]. M., 63 Hanley Downs, Richmond Hts. Chicago, Ind.
Lepping, A. ]., 3112 Savannah St., El Paso, Tex. 17, Mo. Sellards, D. F., Jr., 4434 Moorpark Way, North
Linot, John H., 3542 Beachwood Pl., Riverside, Mullaney, T. F., 3100 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, Ill. Hollywood, Calif.
Calif. Muller, ]. A., PO Box 1491, New Orleans, La. Sells, W. A., 5252 Aldama St., Los Angeles,
Lewis, Parry (Ret) , 260 Little Farms Ave., Mundt, G. H., 526 S.E. 14th St., Portland 14, Calif.
Hampton, Va. Ore. Seltzer, J. W., Jr., 828 Kenwick Rd., Columbus,
Liwski, Francis A., CA Br., P&A Div., Pentagon, Munford, T. W., c/o American Embassy, Jak- 9. Ohio.
Washington 25, D. C. karta, Indonesia. Seward, J. R., USARPAC, APO 958, c/o PM,
Long, Anthony, 4106 5th Ave., San Diego, Calif. Murphy, J. G., 051 Butler Ave., Ft. Meade, Md. San Francisco, Calif.
Longanecker, C. R., G-3, Sec., Hq., 4th Army, Murphy, R. F., 52 Lord Kitchener Rd., New Shaver, M. P., 420 Grand Ave., Ft. Leavenworth,
Ft. Houston, Tex. Rochelle, N. Y. Kan.
Loupret, G. ]., 18 Irvington St., Boston, Mass. Musselman, A. c., 91 Cornwell Ave., Valley Shaw, L. E., c/o American Embassy, Caracas,
Lowe, P. S., Water Div., NYPE, Army Base, Stream, L. I., N. Y. Venezuela.
Brooklyn, N. Y. Myers, Harry (Ret), 2045 38th St., S.E., Wash- Shelton, C. Q., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss,
Lucas, W. F., 1426 President St., Brooklyn 13, ington, D. C. Tex.
N.Y. Nelson, O. A., RFD 3, Concord, N. H. Shepherd, C. E., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Luce, Dean, 1107 W. Jackson St., Olympia, Nelson, P. B., AA & GM Cen, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Sherman, E. W., 127 W. 83d St. New York 24,
Wash .. Nesmith, James, II, 107 10th St., Garden City, N.Y.
Lunn, W. V., 233 Forest St., Shreveport, La. N.Y. Shumate, J. P., PO Bldg., Manchester, N. H.
McBride, W. E., Ruston, La. Nichols, G. F., 27 Lester St., New London, Conn. Shunk, P. W., Box 117, TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
McCarthy, E. B., Ft. Devens, Mass. Nickerson, C. R., 411 Littleback River Rd., Hamp- Shutt, Logan 0., Fallston, Md.
McCroskey, S. L., Hq., AFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. ton, Va. Sides, John D., Hq., 226th AM Gp., Ft. Bliss,
McFadden, W. c., PMS&T, Utah State Agr. Col- Norris, Don R., 211 17th St., Santa Monica, Calif. Tex.
lege, Logan, Utah. O'Connor, Daniel A., Armed Forces Staff College, Simmons, ]. F. (Ret), 115 Pochin Pl., Hampton,
McFeely, H. G., Army War College, Ft. Leaven- Norfolk 11, Va. Va.
worth, Kan. Smith, D. H., Hq., MARBO, APO 246, c/o PM,
Olson, G. P., 110 1st St., S.E., St. Cloud, Minn. San Francisco, Calif.
McGarraugh, R. E., GHQ, FEC, APO 5<l0, c/o Ogden, M. L., Mil. Security Bd., APO 742, c/o
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Smith, ]. c., 1122 E. Louisiana, Norman, Okla.
PM, New York, N. Y, Smith, P. McC., DSMA, West Point, N. Y.
McGeehan, C. W., 1700 Ramblewood Rd., Balti-
more,Md. Ostenberg, F. T., 412 Argyle Drive, Alexandria, Snodgrass, John T., Orgn. & Trng. Div., Penta-
McLean, Donald, Hq., South Post, Ft. Myer, Va. Va. gon, Washington 25, D. C.
McManus, C. F., Riverside Drive, Elsinore, Calif. Ostrom, C. D. Y., 3024 Gay St., San Francisco Sohn, M. G., 1156 McClellan St., Los Angeles,
McWilliams, W. A., 43 E. Division St., Dover, 15, Calif. Calif.
Del. Palmer, G. W., Ft. Totten, N. Y. Spangler, R. S., c/o Army Sec., MMG, APO
Mabbott, Harold C. (Ret), 417 Harvard Ave., Pamplin, D. G., 1006 W. Lake St., Minneapolis, 205, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Swarthmore, Pa. Minn. Sponsler, J. B., 65 Prospect St., Huntington L. I.,
MacDonald, D. E., 6024 Benjamin, New Orleans, Pape, Robin B., Qtrs. 409, Ft. Bliss, Tex. N.Y.
La. Parmelee, A. L., Ft. Wadsworth, Staten Island, Squire, John W., Box 30, Danville, Va.
Mackin, R. N., Newton, Conn. N.Y. Stark, H. W., 3620 Rubicoux Dr., Riverside,
Madison, ]. H., The Citadel, Charleston, S. C. Passarella, P. F., G-3, Hq., 2d Army, Ft. Meade, Calif.
Mann, LeRoy S., 260th AAA Group, Cpo Ed.- Md. Stayton, Tom V., Hq., FEC, APO 500, c/o PM,
wards, Mass. Patterson, C. G., 552 Argyle Drive, Falls Church, San Francisco, Calif.
Maris, W. R., 815 Boulevard, Westfield, N.]. Va. Staub, L. ]., 17 Webster Rd., Orono, Maine.
Steele, John C, Plans Div., Hq., L'SARPAC, Woods, F. T., Bridge Rd., Ross, Calif. Borum, V. 1., 431 E. 20th, Apt. 10-F, Peter
APO 958, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Wrean, Joy T., Hq., 97th AM Gp., APO 331, Cooper Village, New York 10, N. Y.
Steele, Preston, Ofc., Chief, AFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Bowman, Jas. W., 607 Williams Ave., Natchi-
Stevens, Vernum C, Hq., AFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. Wrenn, O. I., 409 Scott Ave., Greensboro, N. C. toches, La.
Stillman, G. T., The Caldwell, Troy, N. Y. Wright, A. G., 950 Lombard St., San Francisco Boyce, W. c., Jr., Bldg. 154, TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Stockwell, F. E., 40 Elmwood Rd., New Haven, 11, Calif. Boys, R. c., USMA, West Point, N. Y.
Conn. Wyman, B. E., 2861 N. Beachwood Drive, Holly- Bradley, F. X., 088 Highview Ave., Orangeburg,
Stoebe, R. W., 4949 N. 33d Rd., Arlington, Va. wood 28, Calif. N.Y.
Stone, Raymond, 41-B Ingalls Rd., Ft. Monroe, Young. Alexander, 2538 11th Ave., W., Seattle, Bradshaw, Leon 5., Box 1099, Salisbury, N. C
Va. Washington. Brady, D. J., 417 Lowell St., Reading, Mass.
Stopford, F. W. (Ret), Palma Sola Park, Braden- Young, C. G., Post Hq. Bldg., Cpo Roberts, Calif. Breite, W. W., 720 Sheldon Bldg_, 461 Market
ton, Fla. Young, Ellsworth, 7322 Highland Ave., Kansas St.• San Francisco 5, Calif.
Strong, J. E., 285 Paseo Colon, Buenos Aires, City 5, Mo. Brewerton, H. R., 522 W. Beechtree Lane,
Argentina. Young, John P., Renwick Drive, Ithaca, N. Y. Wayne, Pa.
Stuart, LaR. L., University of San Francisco, San Zartarian, S. M., 66 Richfield Rd., Arlington, Britton, T. A., 2 Britton Lane, Montgomery 6,
Francisco 17, Calif. Mass. Ala.
Stubbs, G. H., 406 Dickman Rd., Ft. Sam Hous- Brown, Gerhard E., Stu. Det., C&Gsc, Ft. Leav-
ton, Tex. LIEUTENANT COLONELS enworth, Kan.
Supple, E. 1., PO Box 495, Albuquerque, N. M. Brown, R. 1., 37 Hilton St., Noroton Hgts.,
Sweeney, F. c., 335 W. Passaic Ave., Bloomfield, Aatman,.]. R., 1054 St. Joseph St., Lancaster, Pa. Darien, Conn.
N.J. Ackert, Thos. W., 78th AM Gun Bn., APO 59, Brown, R. 1., 609 S. Jefferson St., Roanoke 16,
Swett, F. S., 62 Alden St., East Natick, Mass. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Va.
Symons, Arthur, 2621 N. Quantico St., Arlington, Adam, James, Jr., 34 Garrison Rd., Wellesley 81, Brown, W. Z., 3933 Centenary Dr., Dallas 5, Tex.
Va. Mass. Brownlee, 1. H., RA Instr., N. M. NG, Box 158,
Tarrant, 1. K., APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Adams, Arthur A., Hq., 12th AAA Group, Ft. Roswell, N. M.
Tasker, H. P., 53 Laurel Ave., Cornwall, N. Y. Bliss, Tex. Brownson, H. N., Hq., EUCOM, OrOO. Div.,
Thomas-Stahle, Charles, Centre Furnace, State Adams, 1. W., 7177 AMG Det., APO 209, c/o APO 403, c/o PM, New York, N. Y.
College, Pa. PM, New York, N. Y. Burrows, John E., 1802 Euclid Avenue, Lawton,
Thompson, E. B., Qtrs. 530, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Adamson, Weir, c/o International Nickel, 67 Okla.
Thompson, M. R., American Embassy, APO 58, Wall St., New York, N. Y. Bush, E. 1., 4th AAA AW Bn.-M, Ft. Meade,
c/o PM, New York, N. Y. Adler, J. M., 1822 W. Morse Ave., Chicago, Ill. Md.
Thomson, E. W., 151 Monticello Ave., Annapo- Albergotti, J. S., Box 669, Lancaster, S. C. Butterfield, Kenneth c., 16261 Snowden Ave.,
lis,Md. Alexander, W. V., Jr., 22 Revere Dr., Apt. 3-E, Detroit 27, Mich.
Tilton, Kenneth E., USMA, West Point, N. Y. Stamford, Conn. Button, Ronald E., 8210 Custer Rd., Bethesda 14,
Timberlake, E. W. (Ret), Utah State Agr. Col- Alfrey, John, 64th AAA Gun Bn., APO 713, c/o Md.
lege, Logan, Utah. PM, San Francisco, Calif. Byers, Lawrence W., OCAFF, G-3 Sect., Ft.
Toenes, Henry K., Route 6, Box 380, Mobile, Ala. Ames, Gee. W., 20385 Prospect Rd., Cupertino, Monroe, Va.
Totten, James (Ret), 1661 Crescent PI., N.W., Calif. Cacho, Miguel S., Calle-de-Camora 95, Apt. 5,
Washington, D. C. Anderson, C. A., 502d AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Colonia Condesa, Mexico, D.F.
Tracy, Maxwell W. (Ret) , Lexington, Va. Tex. Camp, Sanders, 342 McDaniel St., Monroe, Ga.
Tredennick, D. c., 3619 Alton PI., N.W., Wash- Anderson, C. E., 21045 Roscoe Blvd., Canoga Campbell, R. 1., 6617 Lake Shore Dr., Minne-
ington 8, D. C. Park, Calif. apolis 19, Minn.
Turnbull, H. T. (Ret), 2824 S. Columbus St., Anderson, Chas. A., 1606 Textile Tower, Seattle, Carlen, J. ]., 61 Stone St., Concord, N. H.
Arlington, Va. Wash. Carothers, Earl M., 3850 Greenbrier Rd., Long
Vandersluis, H. C, Qtrs. No.4-A, Ft. Hamilton, Andrews, Chas. 1., Hq. Btry, 76th AAA AW Bn.- Beach, Calif.
N.Y. SP, APO 323, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Caterson, R. B., 740 N.E. 139th St., North
Vestal, S. c., 554 E. Howard St., Pasadena 6, Anson, P. A., Box 37, AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Miami, Fla.
Calif. Bliss, Tex. Cheal, Raymond C, Hq. & Hq. Btry., 68th AAA
Vickers, 1. T., M.A.A.G., APO 794, c/o PM, Ashworth, Edw. T., 716 N. Edgewood St., Arling- Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Wash.
New York, N. Y. ton, Va. Chirico, Carl F., Hq., Ft. Lesley J. McNair,
Villaret, Eugene, 3230 Holland PI., Washington, Atwood, G. Lloyd, Army Language School, Pre- Washington, D. C.
D.C. . sidio of Monterey, Calif. Clafee, Robt. A., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Vlack, J. B., 10330 S. Wood, Chicago 43, Ill. Baker, J. 1., 2024 E. Florida St., Long Beach, Clements, Robt. H., 7506 S. East End Ave., Chi-
Von Daacke, F. ]., 5501 Eastland, Detroit 13, Calif. cago 49, IlL
Mich. Baldry, Geo. A., 530-3 Kearney Ave., Ft. Leaven- Cleveland, Conrad P., Jr., c/o Piedmont National
Walker, E. B., 107 W. Underwood St., Chevy worth,Kan. Bank, Spartanburg, S. C.
Chase, Md. Ballagh, R. S., 138 Coronado Dr., EI Paso, Tex. Clewe, T. S., 1805 N St., Apt. 6, Sacramento,
Wall, P. 1., Duval County Armory, Jackson, Fla. Ballentine, J. F., 14 Berkeley PL, Montclair, N. J. Calif.
Wallace, Everett c., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester Baltzer, N. W., Qtrs. 2694-G, Mapes Rd., Ft. Cochran, M. D., 408 Madison Ave., Cottage
20,N. Y. Meade, Md. Grove, Ore.
Wangeman, A. J., 1515 Spencer St., Lansing, Bane, John c., 8 Central Ave., Morris Plains, Coffman, Burness L, 825 N. Elm St., Nevada,
Mich. N.J. Mo.
Waters, T. 1., 766 Stevens Ave., Portland, Maine. Barfield, T. H., G-3, GHQ, FEC, APO 500, c/o Cohen, R. S., Jr., 824 Milledge Rd., Augusta, Ga.
Watson, H. J. (Ret), 1831 Stanwood Rd., East PM, San Francisco, Calif. Coles, C. E., 2441 Arlington Ave., Davenport,
Cleveland, Ohio. Barnes, Richard W., 3120 S.W. 25th St., Miami Iowa.
Watson, P. D., PO Box 584, Newport, R. 1. 33, Fla. Commons, W. c., Jr., 320 Church St., Apt. 12,
Watt, Raymond, 3151 Main St., Stratford, Conn. Barrett, A. B., 97th AAA Group, APO 331, c/o Whitinsville, Mass.
Weber, Milan G., c/o Uscuela Ant., Mar del PM, San Francisco, Calif. ComoIli, Joseph F., 251 South St., Concord, N. H.
Plaza, Argentina. Barry, Robt. B., Jr., 410-5 Kearney, Ft. Leaven- ConeH, J. c., 2959 S. Columbus St., Arlington,
Weddell, W. A., PO Box 272, Dillon, S. C. worth,Kan. Va.
Welch, J. M., 1055 Montague Rd., Park Hills, Barton, C. T., Qtrs. 2692-E, Ft. Meade, Md. Congden, N. A. (Ret) , 2037 19th Ave., W.,
Ky. Beckman, Chas., 1610 Mahan Ave., New York Bradenton, Fla.
West, M. H., 3860 Atascadero Drive, San Diego 61,N. Y. Conrad, J. E., Box 308, Roxboro, N. C
7, Calif. Beebe, Curtiss L., 3726 N. Albina Ave., Portland Cook, J. E., Jr., Box 558, Rt. 1, Annandale, Va.
Wilkinson, J. B., 455 Caroline, Houston 2, Tex. 12, Ore. Cooper, A. J., Jr., G-4, GHQ, FEC, APO 500,
Willard, R. W., Box 471, Mankato, Minn. Bell, Daniel G., 9714 Rockbrook, Dallas 9, Tex. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Wilmer, R. H., 2600 31st St., N.W., Washington, Bellamy, Paul E., Hq., 5th Army, Chicago, Ill. Cooper, H. B., Jr., NG Armory, Talladega, Ala.
D.C. Berg, F. T., 1743 Pickett Ave., Baton Rouge, La. Cooper, Robt. c., 1 Perry St., Bristol, R. 1.
Wilson, A. E., State Armory, West Hartford, Berry, Edw., Box 12, McNair Hall, Ft. Sill, Okla. Corcoran, J. F., Jr., 277-C Reichfelt Ave., New
Conn. Best, Gee. H., 526th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Milford, N. J.
Wilson, A. M., Jr., USAF Antilles, APO 851, c/o Tex. Cormier, E. 1., 49 Forest Park, Portland, Maine.
PM, Miami, Fla. Bieber, C. V., 1 Fordham PL, Hempstead, 1. 1., Corum, D. R., SBAS-DSM, Ft. Scott, Calif.
Winton, Arthur, Westchester Apts., 39 Cathedral N.Y. Cox, Thos. R., 152 Seaside Ave., Stamford, Conn.
Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C Biggar, James, 12, Hawthorne St., Cambridge, Creasy, Roy V., 58 Ash St., Park Forest, Chicago
Wirth, A.J., Box 222, Norwich, Conn. Mass. Heights, IlL
Wood, F. 0., 710 E. Central Ave., Albuquerque, Birch, W. H., Box 222, Herndon, Va. Cressman, H. A., Box 142, RD No.1, Kutztown,
N.M. Blethen, John A., The Seattle Times, Seattle, Pa.
Wood, Robert J., Ft. L. J. McNair, Washington Wash. Cummings, W. J., 5835 Avenida Commercial,
25, D. C Bolton, H. A., 306 S. 5th St., Griffin, Ga. La Jolla, Calif.

Cunningham, Joseph H., Bldg. 45, Jackson Bks., Fultz, W. S., 50"7th AAA AW Bn., APO 201, Janowski, R. A., Qtrs. 172, West Point, N. Y.
New Orleans, La. Unit 1, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Jefferson. D. K., 190 Hillside Ave., Mt. Vernon,
Currie, A. A., Bell Telephone Labs, Whippany, Gamble, A. S., SCT.!7815, APO 178, c/o PM, N.Y.
N.J. New York, N. Y. Jeffries, J. c.. Jr., Stu. Det. C&GSc, Ft. Leaven-
Daley, Paul W., 1310 Garfield Ave., Auroroa, Ill. Gauen, G. R., 1130 11d St.• Sacramento 17, Calif. worth, Kan.
Danielson. D. c.. 615 Denison, Manhattan, Kan. Gayles, James D., 415 Partridge St., Albany, Jeter, Russell. Church St., l'nion, S. C.
Darrah, J. T .. 106 Meadowbrook Terrace, Greens- N.Y. Johnson, T. W., Wolcott, N. Y.
boro, K. C Gearhiser, Wm. P., Box 650, Greenwood, Miss. Johnson, W. B., Jr., 1513 Weaver Rd., S.W.,
Davis. T. 0., 417 K. Rogers, Olympia, Wash. Gee, John R., Jr., La Plata, Md. Roanoke, Va.
Dawson, Gordon M., 1911 Bancroft St., San George, Max S., 1815 N. Highland St., Arling- Jones, Robt. J., 22d AM AW Bn., APO 331,
Diego. Calif. ton 1. Va. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Day, Frederick E., Apt. 303 1111 Coston Dr., Giffin, Stewart S.. Bainbridge, Ohio_ Kallis, S. A., Hq .. 4th Army, Ft. Sam Houston,
Silver Spring, Md. Gifford, J. R., T-5205, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Tex.
Dean, 1. B.• Hq., 398th AAA AW Bn.• Cpo Ed- Gilbert, Chas. M., 48 Amherst Rd., Stoughton, Kallm:lO, M. M., Stu. Del., C&-GSC, Ft. Leaven-
wards, Mass. Mass. worth,Kan.
De Frees, L ]., 205 N. Emerson St., Arlington, Glassen, Chester E., D5-Apt. 3, Syracuse Heights, Kamenar, J. M., 436 Independence St., Fairport
Va. Syracuse 10, N. Y. Harbor, Ohio.
De Martino, F.. Mil. Att.-Italian Embassy, 1601 Glines, V. 1., Asst. G-l, AA & GM Cen, Ft. Bliss, Kaplan, M. E., 34 Bulke!ey Ave.. Hartford, Conn.
Fuller St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C Tex. Keisler, D. S., PO Box 1, Newberry. S. C.
Dennis, K. R., 6011 Oberlin Ave., Seattle 5, Grant, Fred S., Jr., Center St., Dover, Mass. Kelley, S. R., 124 Babcock St., Brookline 46,
Wash. Green, John W., c/o Geophysics Service, Inc., Mass.
De Rita, Joseph, Box 553, AM & GM Br .• TAS, 1416 Esperson Bldg., Houston, Tex. Kendall. J. W., c/o Bekins Van Lines, 1335
Ft. Bliss, Tex. Gregory, F. G., Jr., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Figueroa St., Los Angeles 15, Calif.
Derrer, 1. H., 49th SSM-AAA Regt., RCA, Sault Meade, Md. Kenison, F. D .• 47 Maple St., Littleton, N. H.
Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. Grevemberg, F. C, 5710 Louis the 14th St., New Kerr, Allen D., Hq., 96th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
DiFusco, M. P., 42 Gentian Ave., Providence, Orleans, La. Bliss, Tex.
R.1. Griffin, James J., 4344 Central Ave., San Diego Kessler, Robt. H., Box 24, AA & GM Br., TAS,
Dimmick, H. S., 341 Kathmere Rd., Havertown, 5, Calif. Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Pa. Haggerty, F. V. ]., 2705 N. Broom St., Wil- Kimm, V. M., Box 25, AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft,
Dixon, G. A., 262 E. 2d St., S., Rexburg, Idaho. mington, Del. Bliss, Tex.
Dodson, M. B., Chief, Propulsion Sect., AA & Hain, Robt. W., 15th AAA AW Bn., Ft. ]..ewis, Kinard, Wm. H., Jr., 311-1 Third St., Ft. Leav.
GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Wash. enworth, Kan.
Donelan, Thos. E., 219-16 139th Ave., Spring- Hamelin, R. W., 2482 ASU-ROTC, Valley Forge Klink, W. W., 1000 Lomita Dr., Bakersfield,
field Gardens, N. Y. Military Academy, Wayne, Pa. Calif.
Donnelly, Paul I., 1831 Delaware Ave., Wil- Hancammon, W. H., Jr., 8 Terrace Walk, Wil- Knape, David R., 14892 Wadkins Ave., Gardena,
mington, Del. mington, N. C. Calif.
Dougan, M. D., Qtrs. 47, Presidio of Monterey, Hart, James A., 60 Rodney PI., Rockville Centre, Knapp, E. c., Qtrs. 7-12, Governors Island, New
Calif. N.Y. York 4, N. Y.
Dougan, R. c., Tactics Dept., AD., The Inf. Haskell, Harold G., Armed Forces Staff College, Kopscak, A. A., 11846 Cherry Ave., Inglewood,
School, Ft. Benning, Ga. Norfolk 11, Va. Calif.
Drew, B. ]., Bldg. 1519, Apt. 1, Ft. McPherson, Haskett, G. M., 501 Columbia St., Olympia, Kopp, P. J., 1305 N. Adams St., Arlington, Va.
Ga. Wash. Koscielniak, A. A., G-3, Hq., 1st Army, Gover-
DuBois, Jesse B., 762 Franklin St., Grenada, Miss. Haynes, D. F., 209 Raymond St., Chevy Chase 15, nors Island, New York 4, N. Y.
Dueker, F. E., U. S. MiL Mission, Iranian Md. Kushner. G. 1., 2121 Berkeley Ave., St. Paul 5,
Gendarmarie, APO 616, c/o PM, New York, Hays, G. M., Bloomfield, Ind. Minn.
N.Y. Heaney, E. J., 36 Davis Ave., Dalhalla, N. Y Kuyper, Theo. H., 7154 Armitage Ave., ChicagiJ
Duke, David H., Shell Oil Co., Box 1191, Tulsa, Hearn, J. V., Jr., RFD 3, Vienna, Va. 35, Ill.
Okla. Heesch, Herman F., 101 Lincoln Blvd., Merrick, Laird, Wm., Kopperston & Eastern Gas & Fuel
Durschnitt, S., Hq., USARFANT & Mil. Dist. of 1. I., N. Y. Assts., Kopperston, W. Va.
Puerto Rico, APO 851, c/o PM, New York, Hendrickson, Anselm, 12 Prescott, Nashua, N. H. Land, Jas. D., 1508 N. Brown Ave., El Paso, Tex.
N.Y. Henry, E. F., Jr., 7108 Buffalo Ave., Jackson- Laney, Jas. R., Jr., Office, Chief, AFF, Ft. Mon.
Dyer, G. R., 361 6th St., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. ville 6, Fla. roe, Va.
Ebel, Henry W., Hq., 79th AAA Gun Bn.- Herrod, John T., APO 733, c/o PM, Seattle,
120mm, Ft. Custer, Mich. Langford, C. A., 64th AAA Gun Bn., APO 994,
Wash. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Edwards, H. A., 2528 Homehurst Ave., Pitts- Hewitt, Harry, Hq., East. AAAC, Stewart AFB,
burgh, Pa. Newburgh, N. Y. Lanterman, John V., OMA, c/o Intel. Div.,
Eisenbrown, Joseph D., PO Box 936, Reading, Hiddleston, E. W., Hq. & Hq. Co., 7th Engrs. GSUSA, Msg. Cen. Br., Pentagon, Washington
Pa. Brigade, Main Navy Bldg., Washington, D. C. 25, D. C
Ellert, 1. J., Civ. Compo Group, D.C.-SO, Hq., Hilbert, T. E, Jr., 330 First Ave., New York 9, Larson, W. 1., Qtrs. 542, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
USAF, Washington 25, D. C. N.Y. Laskowsky, R., Stu. Det. "C," C&GSC, Ft. Leav-
Emmert, H. D., Jr., 5705 W. Burnham St., Hoag, R. W., 4120 Xenwood Ave., Minneapolis enworth, Kan.
West Allis 14, Wis. 16, Minn. Ledeboer, F. W. c., 6814 ASU, University of
Eubank, Perry H., Stu. Det., G&GSC, Ft. Leav- Hodges, R. D., 4827 Montrose Ave., Ft. Wayne Washington, Seattle 5, Wash.
enworth, Kan. 5, Ind. Lee, John K., Jr., Hq., 40th AAA Brigade, APO
Everett, P. 1., GHQ, Antiaircraft Sed., APO Hoffman, T. F., Det. R, Regensburg-Sub-Post, 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
500, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. APO, 225, c/o PM, New York, N. Y. Lee, Smith, 1311 Michelle St., West Covina,
Fambrough,-James Md., 2026 Branard St., Hous- Hoffmann, T. 1., AFF Board No.4, Ft. Bliss, Calif.
ton 6, Tex. Tex. Leonard, Robt. J., 70 Beech St., Cuyahoga Falls,
Farnham, Geo. W., 31-8 Elk Court, Hempstead, Ohio.
1. I., N. Y.
Holland, E. 1., 112 Beacon St., Hartford 5, Conn.
Farnum, S. H., 24 Keith Ave., Brockton 28, Mass. Holt, N. B., Qtrs. 408, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Leunig, A. H., 4214 Redwood Ave., Jacksonvi!!e,
Farquar, M. T., 98 S. Hillside Ave., New Hart- Hopper, D. A., 77 Grant PL, Irvington 11, N. J. Fla.
ford, N. Y. Hotchkiss, A. G., 1571 Dean St., Schenectady, Lewis, Donald 1., 441 Dogwood St, Park Forest,
Farren, James H., 1775 Ridge Rd., North Haven, N.Y. Chicago Heights, Ill.
Conn. Howard, Chas. E., 135 E. Washington Blvd., Libit, Edw., 2430 W. Jarvis, Chicago, Ill.
Finkenaur, R. G., 3207 Idalia St., El Paso, Tex. Lombard, IlL Lind, H. D., 217 Meade, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan.
Fischer, C W., 35-31 203d St., Bayside, N. Y. Hubbard, Wm. H., Qtrs. 112-A-6, Governors Linderer, 1. W., 376th Abn. FA Bn., 82d Abn.
Fisk, S. W., 4317 S. 35th St., Fairlington, Arling- Island, New York 4, N. Y. Div., Ft. Bragg, N. C.
ton, Va. Hudgins, S. F., 34th AAA Brigade, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Lipscomb, 1., Jr., Hq., 6th Army, Presidio of
Foote, S. W., 322-3 Doniphan, Ft. Leavenworth, Hudiburg, H. B., Army Command, JLRPG, San Francisco, Calif.
Kan. Cocoa, Fla. Littman, A., 76-47 Veigh Pl., Flushing, L. I.,
Foster, R. ]., Bishops Lodge, Santa Fe, N. M. N.Y.
Fowles, L. 0., Box 1043, Olympia, Wash. Hufford, R. W., Warrenville, Ill.
Hutchinson, Geo. W., 4052d ASU, AA&GM Logan, W. B., Log. Div., GSUSA, Pentagon,
Francis, Wm. H., 324-7 Doniphan PL, Ft. Leav- Washington 25, D. C.
enworth, Kan. Cen., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Franklin, R. H., 13132 Winchester Rd., Hunting- Iverson, Noel A., 12060 Lake Ave., Lakewood 7, Lombardi, Lucian, 20 Sachem St., Devon, Conn.
ton Woods, Mich. Ohio. Long, John V., Hq., 746th AM Gun Bn., Ft.
Frohman, I. G., 91-01 Blvd., Rockaway Beach, Jackson, Robt. H., Box 167, RD 1, Wexford, Pa. Lewis, Wash.
N.Y. Jacobson, Julius, 3801 Kensington Ave., Rich- Loos, Alfred R., RFD, Orangeburg, N. Y.
Fuller, Arthur 1., National War College, Wash- mond, Va. Lovejoy, Jos., Jr., Queens Farms, Conn.
ington 25, D. C Jaeger, A. P., 2921 Briggs Ave., Bronx 58, N. Y. Luczak, B. R., 221 Iris Way, Palo Alto, Calif.

Lutes, LeRoy, Jr., GHQ, FEe, APO 500, c/o Nicholson, Wm. H., 753d AM Gun Bn., APO Rehkop, R. G., 180 Wyoming St., Carbondale,
PM, San Francisco, Calif. 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Pa.
Lutz. J. C, 6407 Hammel Ave., Gncinnati 12, Nadell, Richard E., Box 215, Farmingdale, N. Y. Renfrew, C L, 68 Fowler Ave., Kenmore 17,
Ohio. Norrish, V. M., c/o International Geneml Electric N.Y.
McCormick, G. E., Jr., 22d AM Group, Ft. Co., 570 Lexington Ave., New York 22, N. Y. Reubel, H. R., Prairie View A & M College,
Custer, Mich. Nunamaker, R. 0., 905 Woodrnont Blvd., Nash- Prairie View, Tex.
McCormick, J. K., 440-lQ Kearney, Ft. Leaven- ville, Tenn. Rice, Wm. B., 228 Seaton Rd., Stamford, Conn.
worth, Kan. Nye, David B., c/o J. C Haskett, Oceana, Va. Ridgell, J. McF., ]r., 1004 Tenth St., Alexandria,
McCrae, James L., BOQ, Ft. Lesley J. McNair, Oakley, A. C, 431 S. Fourth St., North Wales, Va.
Washington, D. C Pa. Rieman, Wm. H., 3642 Devonshire Rd., Detroit
McDermott, F. A., 236 W. 256th, Bronx: 63, O'Connor, ]. c., 80 Norman Ave., Brooklyn 22, 24, Mich.
N.Y. N.Y. Riley, John A., 8409 Palmetto St., New Orleans,
McGee, Chas. L., 1431 Judson Ave., Evanston, Ogilvie, J. M., Jr., N. H. Mil. Dist., Manchester, La.
Ill. N.H. Ritterbush, M. F., Hq. & Hq. Sqdn., AAAC,
McGuire, M. J., 62 Patterson Ave., Stratford, O'Malley, C S., Jr., 933d AAA AW Bn., APO APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Conn. 713, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Robbins, A. D., Comptrollers' Sect., Hq., 2d
McKee, Geo. S., 411 Fairview Rd., Springfield, Orman, L M., 45-3 Revere Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. Army, Ft. Meade, Md.
Delaware County, Pa. Owen, Richard W. Antiaircraft Journal, 631 Robbins, H. M., Hq., 519th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
McLamb, N. A., 4th Inf. Div., Ft. Ord, Calif. Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington 4, D. C. Lewis, Wash.
Mclean, Harold A., 132 Belvedere Dr., Mill Page, R. M., Jr., College of William and Mary, Robbins, O. 0., 1911 Kenwood Parkway, Minne-
Valley, Calif. Williamsburg, Va. apolis, Minn.
McMillan, E. E., 120 Hope St., Bristol, R. 1. Parker, James C, Hq., 96th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Rochow, H. E., 301 Spencer Ave., Lancaster, Pa.
McMinn, James, Box 386, Carlsbad, N. M. Bliss, Tex. Rogers, Daniel, Linglestown RD No.1, Dauphin
McSwiney, F. B., 197th AM Gp., Cpo Gordon, Parks, N. G., Marsh Rd., Pittsford, N. Y. County, Pa.
Ga. Payne, B. S., 2425 16th Ave., San Francisco 16, Rogers, Paul W., 1445 W. Third Ave., Columbus
MacGrain, Donald, Sr. Instr., OBC Team "2," Calif. 8, Ohio.
The Ground General School, Ft. Riley, Kan. Payne, L. E., c/o Jackson & Moreland, 600 Park Root, W. G., Hq., Transportation School, Ft.
Mannes, CO., Jr., 4509 W. Holgate St., Seattle Square Bldg., Boston, Mass. Eustis, Va.
6, Wash. Pelzer, E. D., Bq., 717th AM Gun Bn.-90mm, Roth, Arthur, 7712th E.CI.S., APO 172, c/o PM,
Marsh, CT., Jr., Qtrs. 114-11, West Point, N. Y. Box 495, Albuquerque, N. M. New York, N. Y.
Marshall, O. K., 318-6 Doniphan Ave., Ft. Persell, R. M., 7216 Zimple St., New Orleans, Roth, Irving D., 305 Sherman Ave., Ft Leaven-
Leavenworth, Kan. La. worth, Kan.
Martin, John B., 414 S. 47th St., Philadelphia Peterson, A. C, 408 Juniper Lane, Falls Church, Rothwell, F. G., Amer. Embassy, Bucharest,
45, Pa. Va. Rumania, c/o Msg. Ceo. Br., Intel. Div.,
Martz, F. L., Hq., 10th Group, Ft. Lewis, Wash. Peterson, Capers L., 119 Montague Ave., Green- Pentagon, Washington 25, D. C
Mathes, Edw. S., 40th 1..1..1.. Brig., APO 503, c/o wood, S. C. Rouliot, P. (Lt. Cmdr.), French Naval Att., 1759
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Peterson, 1. A., 607 Jenney's Lane. Alexandria, "R" St., N.W., Washington 9, D. C
Matthews, V. S., 425 MacArthur Ave., San Jose Va. Routh, D. B., 3637 Chesapeake Ave., Hampton,
28, Calif. Phillips, A. ]., Jr., 3401 Centenary, Dallas 5, Va.
May, M. A., Jr., Hq., 34th 1..1..1.. AW Bn., Ft. Tex. Rumph, Raymond W., Dept. of M.P.&L., USMA,
Bliss, Tex. Pierre, Geo. H., 518th 1..1..1.. Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, West Point, N. Y.
Michael, Don T., 323 Plum St., Gncinnati 2, Wash. Russell, M. R., Stu. Det., Armed Forces Staff
Ohio. Pindar, Geo. F., Hq., 552d 1..1..1.. Gun Bn.-90mm, College, Norfolk 11, Va.
Miller, Gay E., OCAFF, G-3, Ft. Monroe, Va. APO 403, c/o PM, New York, N. Y. San Souci, R. A., 657 Colusa Ave., Berkeley 7,
Milmore, O. H., 1028 Merced St., Berkeley 7, Pindell, John H., 2813 E. 75th St., Seattle 5, Calif.
Calif. Wash. Santilli, Carl, Hq" 260th 1..1..1.. Gp., Cpo Edwards,
Mitchell, Elmo C, 230 E. Cambridge Ave., Col- Pirkle, R. L., ]r., 501st 1..1..1.. Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Mass.
lege Park, Ga. Md. Santos, M. M., Hq. & Hq. Det., Seacoast Br.,
Mize, W. W., 530 N. Oxford St., Arlington, Va. Platt, R. G., 64 Williamsburg Rd., Alexandria, TAS, Ft. Scott, Calif.
Va. Saylor, L. C, 126 Vernon St., San Francisco,
Meagher, J. M., 2956 Bainbridge Ave., New York Pope, Thos. H., 1807 College St., Newberry, Calif.
58,N. Y. S. C Schaefer, A. F., 62d 1..1..1..AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Hood,
Meermans, L. H., RFD 3, Allison Park, Pa. Porter, G. V., OCAFF, T-513, Apt. 1, Ft. Mon- Tex.
Meinert, F. H., 30th 1..1..1.. AW Bn., Ft. Custer, roe, Va. Schisgall, L., Hq., 212th Group, 126 W. 62d St.,
Mich. Potts, Hubert T., Carter St., Front Royal, Va. New York 23, N. Y.
Moehle, Wm. F., 514 Columbia Ave., Des Powers, A. B., OFC Army Instr., NG, PO Box 9, Schouman, Hazen C, Hq., Ft. MacArthur, San
Plaines, Ill. Ft. Bliss, Tex. Pedro, Calif.
Monico, F., 698th 1..1..1.. Gun Bn., 5917 Broad- Prado, Eduardo, Spanish Embassy-Air Attache, Schrader, J. R., Jr., c/o Math. Dept., VSMA,
way, Chicago 40, Ill. Washington, D. C West Point, N. Y.
Moody, A. E., 107 W. Highland St., Malvern, Pratt, Ford E., Hq., Alaskan Command, APO Schreiber, Wm. L., 1420 Mt. Vernon Memorial
Ark. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Blvd., Alexandria, Va.
Moore, Robt. F., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331, Price, H. D., 3795 Kipling Ave., Berkley, Mich. Shriver, S. V. B., Knox Ave., Cockeysville, Md.
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Price, W. B., Jr., Hq., CINC, Carribbean, Quarry Schumacher, CA., 1116 Embury St., Pacific
Moorman, R. R., INFOSECT, Hq., 8th Army, Heights, Canal Zone. Palisades, Calif.
APO 343, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Priest, Perry B., G-l, Hq., 8th Army, APO 343, Schweidel, K. R., AI.. & GM Br., TAS, Box 137,
Morgan, R. L., 18 Woodland Rd., Barrington, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Ft. Bliss, Tex.
R.1. Pyle, T. H., 110 W. 30th St., Wilmington, Del. Seitz, J. A., Secretary, TAS, Ft. Sill, Okla.
Morse, W. W., 1155 9th St., Berkeley, Calif. Quinlan, Edw. W., 2509 ASV, District of Colum- Sell, W. B., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Mullender, J. D., 1443 N. Velinda Ave., Puente, bia, 2001 E. Capitol St., Washington, D. C Selwyn, Geo. V., 200 Wootten Ave., Chevy
Calif. Quirey, W.O., 3543 S. Vtah St., Fairlington Chase 15, Md.
Murphy, A. J., 3019 Ferguson Rd., Cincinnati, Apts., Arlington, Va. Shannon, I. H., 230 Plum St., Nogales, Ariz.
Ohio. Raleigh, R. C, 3243 ASV, ROTC, Jacksonville Shearouse, ]. D., Hq., 65th AAA Group, Ft.
Murray, D. B., Hq., ROTC, VCLA, Los Angeles St. Tcrs. Co., ]acksonville, Ala. Clayton Canal Zone.
24, Calif. Ramey, H. S., Box 7, Fabens, Tex. Shepardson, F. H., ORC, Sect., Hq., USAF, An-
Murray, W. H., Hq., West. AAAC, Hamilton Ramsay, W. W., 832 Erie St., Oakland 10, Calif. tilles, APO 851, c/o PM, New York, N. Y.
AFB, San Rafael, Calif. Ranney, D. A., AA & GM Cen. Ft. Bliss, Tex. Sherman, Elmer R., 2 Benefit St., Westerly, R.I.
Nagel, Jas. R., 303 Palm St., National City, Calif. Ratcliffe, L. C, Bq., Eastern AAAC, Mitchell Shoemaker, John ]., 612 McClellan, Ft. Leaven-
Neill, Sam S., Hq., 7809 SCU, APO 403, c/o AFB, N. Y. worth, Kan.
PM, New York:, N. Y. Rauch, A. R., Corom. Basic Phys. Sc., Research & Shreve, Chas. V., 716 Ford Bldg., Detroit 26,
Nelson, J. G., VS Army GHQ, FEC, APO 500, Development Board, Pentagon, Washington Mich.
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif .. 25, D. C Shumaker, T. P., 1..-7, Vniversity Court Apts.,
Nelson, W. M., Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Rawls, ]. W., Jr., Rt. 1, Box 43-1.., Falls Church, Tuscaloosa, Ala.
San Diego, Calif. Va. Sigel, Dave, Grayland, Wash.
Neprud, Leif, Hq., 8th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Raymond, M. B., 3132 Willington Rd., Alex- Sills, T. W., G-4, Hq., USARPAC, APO 958,
Custer, Mich. andria, Va. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Newcomer, F. K., ]r., 1516 Timber Lane, Falls Reed, F. ]., 4027 Morrell, San Diego 9, Calif. Simon, L. A., Bq., AI.. & GM Cen., Ft Bliss, Tex.
Church, Va. Reed, P. L., 20217 Lanbury Ave., Cleveland 22, Singleton, B., Bud:roe Beach, Va.
Newlin, S. A., 42 Washington Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ohio. Singleton, C E., 8023 Comp. Sv. Co., APO 7,
Ky. Regmund, Jerry, Box 814, Corpus Christi, Tex. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Skinrood, N. A., Armed Forces Staff College, Wald, John J., Dept. Math., USMA, West Point, Banks, P. T., 17 Lennon Ct., South Boston 27,
Norfolk 11, Va. N.Y. Mass.
Slavin, Geo. E, 143 Willow St., Garden City, Walla, J. E, 20-09 21st Ave., Astoria, 1. I., N. Y. Bard, Robert T., 6415 Fairfax Rd., Apt. 21,
1. I., N. Y. Wallace, Wm. A., 120 S.W. Lynnridge Ave., Chevy Chase 15, Md.
Slavin, John, 34 Pilgrim Rd., Wellesley 81, Mass. Cedar Hills, Beaverton, Ore. Barker, Edmund 1., 41 Allison St., Concord,
Smigelow, H. G., 3545 S. Stafford St., Apt. B-2, Wallis, S. T., III, 1502 Delaware Ave., Wilming- N. H.
Fairlington, Arlington, Va. ton, Del. Barker, Leonard C, 76th AAA AW Bn., APo
Smith, Eugene, 5345 Zara Ave., Richmond, Calif. Wardell, H. 0., RFD 1, Box 60-B, New Castle, 713, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Smith, H. T., Staff & Faculty, Ft. Sill, Okla. DeL Barnett, W. H., 2721 Wheeling St., El Paso, Tex.
Smith, Kimball C, Hq., 933d AAA AW Bn., Warfield, Benj. M., 810 Allan St., Jefferson Vil- Bartlett, Kenneth R., 9 Russell St., Plymouth,
APO 704, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. lage Apts., Falls Church, Va. N.H.
Smith, Page E., 88th Abn. M Bn., 11th Abn. Watson, John T., 50 Sena Plaza, Santa Fe, N. M. Barton, Jack E., G-4 Sect., GHQ, FEC, APO 500,
Div., Ft. Campbell, Ky. Weaver, 1. C, 5050 London Rd., Duluth 4, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Smith, R. G., Jr., NW MiL & Naval Academy, Minn. Bassford, N. D., Box 208, Torrington, N. Y.
Walworth, Wis. Weld, Seth 1., Jr., Hq., 5th AAA Group, North Bastian, Benj. H., 3639 Villa Terrace, San Diego,
Smith, Wm. A., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO 919, Richland, Wash. Calif.
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Wellenwreiter, F. 1., Dept. MS&T, University of Bayerle, Geo. J., Jr., Dept. Materiel, TAS, Ft.
Spaans, Harold R., 210 Pine St., c/o Bell Tele- Cincinnati, Ohio. Sill, Okla.
phone Co., Harrisburg, Pa. Whitaker, W. F., 415 S. East Ave., Oak Park, Ill. Bazar, eM., 1440 Westminster St., Providence,
Spann, C E., USMA, West Point, N. Y. Wilkes, John S., Hq., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. R.1.
Spengler, H. M., 214 Meade Ave., Ft. Leaven- Meade, Md. Beavers, Von D., 1711 S. 11th St., Temple, Tex.
worth, Kan. Williams, A. C, 6807 ASU, ROTC, University of Beck, Willard S., 200 N.E. 79th Ave., Portland
Spoon, D.O., Box 919, Aberdeen, Wash. California, Berkeley, Calif. 13, Ore.
Stearns, Reid F., 278 Orchard Rd., Newark, DeL Williams, Robt. B., 24 Bonita Ave., Piedmont Behrend, W. R., 39th AM AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
Steely, O. B., 61st TC Group, Rhein-Main AFB, 11, Calif. Md.
APO 57, c/o PM, New York, N. Y. Williams, R. C, Arty. Sect., Hq., 1st Army, Gov- Bekaert, Chas. J., 2712 Mimosa PI., Wilmington,
Stevens, R. A., Jr., 124 Highland Ave., Fitchburg, ernors Island, New York 4, N. Y. N.C .
Mass. Wills, Harold P., 22d MA AW Bn., Hq., APO Belin, R. M., Hq., 12th MA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Stewart, Joe R., Box 1060, Silver City, N. M. 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Bell, Francis 1., PO Box 510, Lancaster, S. C.
Stewart, 1. M., Hq., USARAL, APO 942, c/o Wilson, Donald B., Hq., Caribbean Command, Bell, W. B., VPI, Blacksburg, Va.
PM, Seattle, Wash. Quarry Heights, Canal Zone. Bennett, Allen, N. 32d St., W., Bradenton, Fla.
Stockdon, W. I., Jr., 1915 3d Ave., Richmond Witt, Landon A., Hq., 59th AM AW Bn.-SP, Bennett, W. J., Hq., USA Carib., G-1 Sect., Ft.
22, Va. Ft. Bliss, Tex. Amador, Canal Zone.
Stone, W. T., 33 Stoddard Way, Berkeley, Calif. Wollaston, P. H., 800 S. Arlington Mill Dr., Benit, Dudley J., Hq., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO
Suddard, H. A., 437 Main St., Wareham, Mass. Arlington, Va. 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Sullivan, D. M., Loch Lomond, Dingmans Wood, J. E., Jr., 3414 Porter Ave., EI Paso, Tex. Berendt, Herbert W., 250 Orchard Ave., North-
Ferry, Pa. Woodbury, K. ]., G-3, GHQ, FEC, APO 500, ville, Mich.
Sullivan, M. T., 2409 Edgewood Ave., Anderson, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Berg, Edmund H., 1201 7th Ave., W., Seattle,
S. C Woodes, R. C, Ok Army Instr., N.J. NG, 122d 99, Wash.
Talbert, A. E., Apt. B-1, Windsor Tower, 41st AAA Gun Bn. Armory, Atlantic City, N. J. Berry, G. G., 50 Parcot Ave., New Rochelle,
St. & Tudor City PL, New York, N. Y. Worthy, eM., 71st AM Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir, N.Y.
Tarves, Kenneth J., 245 Freidenburg Rd., Mt. Va. Bertelmann, W. P., 1938 E. Tremont Ave., Bronx
Penn, Reading, Pa. Wuest, W. J., Qtrs. 544 Ft. Bliss, Tex. 62, N.Y.
Tate, Roy A., Hq., 11th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Zacharias, R. M., 617 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. Bettge, Henry M., 50 Sadlier Dr., Indianapolis
Lewis, Wash. Zimmerman, P. J., 1427 Elm St., Pittsburgh 21, 19, Ind.
Thomas, G. C,6 Quintard Ave., Old Greenwich, Pa. Biggar, Walter T., 46 Wayside St., Springfield
Conn. Zwissler, Herman A., PO Box 504, Patchogue, 8, Mass.
Thomas, R. G., Qtrs. 403, Ft. Bliss, Tex. 1. I., N. Y. Biscup, F. S., 4632 S. Sacramento, Chicago 32,
Thompson, E. H., Jr., 4401 Gladwyne Dr., Be- Ill.
thesda 11, Md. MAJORS Bogue, Wm. B., Hq., 60th AM AW Bn., Ft.
Thompson, G. C, Marmion Military Academy, Ord, Calif.
Aurora, IlL Abston, Aaron A., 413 Gore Blvd., Lawton, Okla. Bolton, J. C, Sr. Instr. ORC, APO 851, c/o PM,
Thompson, W. G., 925 Maycroft Rd., Lansing, Ackner, Ned, 209-3 Third St., Ft. Leavenworth, New York, N. Y.
Mich. Kans. Borges, W. H., 119 Wellington Rd., S., West
Thorkelson, W. 1., Apt. 4, Oakdale Court, Syra- Adams, Robert C, 250 Morrison Dr., Pittsburgh Hempstead, N. Y.
cuse, N. Y. 16, Pa. Bornscheuer, W. H., 27 Ninth St., Carle PI., 1. 1.,
Thorp, K. E., 523 Summit Ave., Crookston, Minn. Ahrens, A. M., PO Box 25, Ft. Clayton, Canal N.Y.
Timmerman, CA., 28 Polo Rd., Great Neck, Zone. Bowles, Thos. P., Jr., 1600 Bellevue, Richmond
1. 1., N. Y. Allbee, Harold J., Nye Lane, North Falmouth, 22, Va.
Towner, J. G., 3525 Stanford, Dallas 5, Tex. Mass. Boyer, Jack K., Box 213, Taos, N. M.
Townsend, H. F., 3820 Mesa Verde Dr., Albu- Allen, T. 1., 102 N. Prevost St., Anderson, S. C Boyer, John F., One Wall St., New York 5, N. Y.
querque, N. M. Anderson, John E., Jr., 162 Alexander St., N.W., Boynton, J. E., 12 Butler St., Laconia, N. H.
Tredennick, J. C, G-l, Hq., USAF, APO 777, c/o Atlanta, Ga. Bradford, C B., Jr., 1124 Wellesley Way, Mo-
PM, New York, N. Y. Anderson, Robert W., Rt. 5, Box 507, Puyallup, desto, Calif.
Tubbs, Harry S., Hq., AFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. Wash. Bresnan, D. E, 1125 Massachusetts Ave., Arling-
Turner, John G., Hq., 8th Army, G-3, APO 343, Arant, 1. N., 2603 1st Ave., Seattle, Wash. ton, Va.
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Arnold, Samuel M., Hq. Btry., 867th Bn., APO Brightman, J. Y., Box 444, AAA and GM Br.,
Turner, Robt. A., BOQ 243, Ft. Bliss, Tex. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Twyman, J. H., Jr., 1408 Greenwood Ave., Mo- Arthur, John E., Jr., University of Delaware, Broussard, Dennis, Hq., 40th AAA Brig., APO
bile, Ala. Newark, Del. 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Ulano, B., 320 Broadway, New York, N. Y. Arthur, J. G., 50 E. Hawthorne, Valley Stream, Brown, Chas. M., Ft. Belvoir, Va.
Underwood, G. V., Hq., 867th MA AW Bn., N.Y. Brown, H. W., 643 Perry St., Gainesville, Ga.
APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Asherman, George, 256 E. 68th St., New York, Brown, Lloyd C, Box 386, AAA & GM Br., TAS,
Uter, Wm. H., 843 Park PL, Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y. Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Utke, Russell 0., 3653 41st Ave., W., Seattle 99, Aylward, J. P., Jr., 1312 E. 79th St., Kansas City Brown, P. G., 502d AM Gun Bn., APO 937, c/o
Wash. 5,Mo. PM, Seattle, Wash.
Vail, Wm. H., Jr., 6510 Glenmore Dr., Apt. 18, Backstrom, B. H., 5038 38th Ave., N.E., Seattle, Brown, Ralph E., Box 86, Clinton, Miss.
Falls Church, Va. Wash. Browne, J. T., Hq., 903d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Clay-
Vestal, Wm. M., 504th MA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Badger, A. R., Opns. Res. Office, Johns-Hopkins ton, Canal Zone.
Mich. University, Ft. McNair, Washington 25, D. C Bruns, Stock D., 176 Sussex Ave., Newark, N. J.
Virag, Alfred, 2230 Montana St., EI Paso, Tex. Bailey, J. H., 10 E. Church St., Elberton, Ga. Buchanan, Frank M., 3901 S.W. 60th Ave.,
Voehl, W. E. H., 4404 ASU, PO Box 1018, Santa Baker, Phillip H., 3431 S. Labrea Ave., Los Miami, Fla.
Fe,N.M. Angeles, Calif. Burlingame, John H., 928 Judson Ave., Evanston,
Von Kolnitz, H., Hq., 8th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Baker, Russell E., 8637 S. Bennett Ave., Chicago, III.
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. Ill. Burns, Burton, 9651 S. Merrion St., Chicago, Ill.
Voorhees, John S., 62 Beech St., White Plains, Baker, W. A., 209 New St., Belleville, N. J. Burns, William C, 5715 25th St., North Arling-
N.Y. Balding, W. R., Jr., 20 Center St., Geneseo, ton, Va.
Wahlgren, N. C, 6527 94th St., S.W., Tacoma, N.Y. Burt, RusseII E., Court House Annex, Laconia,
Wash. Ball, Marvin T., Jr., 216 Berry Ct., Sandston, Va. N.H.
Buskirk, Winfred, 1807 E. Lead Ave., Albu- Crowe, J. H.,.AA & GM School, TAS, Ft. Bliss, Fleck, Levan R., 205 W. Post Rd., White Plains,
querque, N. M. Tex. N.Y.
Caffey, Wm. G., Jr., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Crowley, Francis, BOQ 1851, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Flint, B. P., Jr., 67th .AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Bliss, Tex. Cummings, Hugh G., 6001 S.W. 46th Terrace, Tex.
Calkins, James E., Hq., ASA, The Pentagon Miami, Fla. Flook, Kenneth G., Dependent Mail Sect., APO
Bldg., Washington 25, D. C. Cunningham, H. A., Jr., Hq., AFF, Bldg. 4, Gen. 201, Unit 5, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Campbell, E. W., 2804 Norwood Ave., Merchant- Elec. Co., Schenectady, N. Y. Floto, John 1., 419 Eureka St., Pittsburgh 11,
ville, N. J. Cushing, C. B., 30th and Virginia Ave., Newport Pa.
Campbell, G. 1., 2927 Louisville St., El Paso, News, Va. Folk, H. A., 26 E. James St., Lancaster, Pa.
Tex. Dalrymple, R. K., Stu. Det., AA & GM Sch., Fortunato, N. J., 664 E. 223d St., New York 66,
Campbell, John E., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Ft. Bliss, Tex. N.Y ..
Meade, Md. Daniel, Robert J., 290 Walton Dr., Buffalo 21, Foster, Russell G., 607 N. 4th St., Mankato,
Cannady, Preston B., APO 206-A, c/o PM, New N.Y. Minn.
York, N. Y. Daniel, Roy E., Jr., Hq., 11th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Fox, Elmer W., 1219 Tapt, Lawton, Okla.
Carpenter, E. H., ARCI1L Test Br., OCAFF, Lewis, Wash. Francis, Joseph H., 102 Edgars Lane, Hastings
APO 733, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Davenport, C. M., Jr., Fla. A&M College, Talla- on the Hudson, N. Y., N. Y.
Carrera, R. c., 368 Summer St., New Bedford, hasse, Fla. Frei, John K., Hq., 10th AAA Gp., APO 660,
Mass. Davis, D. D., 5553 Belmont Ave., Cincinnati 24, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Carter, Erle P., 2218 Sulgrave Ave., Baltimore 9, Ohio. French, J. H., 10371 Louisiana Ave., Los Angeles
Md. Davis, Dale V., 409 Military Ave., Dodge City, 25, Calif.
Casey, Chas. W., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Kan. Fuller, Carl W., 4329 Memphis St., El Paso, Tex.
Caswell, John 1726 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Davis, Gerald W., 50 Park St., Bonne Terre, Mo. Funke, Nath. L., 26 River Rd., Cos Cob, Conn.
Washington 6, D. C. Davis, Ovid M., Btry. C, 37th AAA Gun Bn., Furr, Carl J., Army Lang. School, Presidio of
Caulfield, Thos. D., 3422 Hueco St., EI Paso, APO 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Monterey, Calif.
Tex. Davis, S. 1., Benoit, Miss. Gamble, David S., 2314 Alameda Ave., El Paso,
Cazaubon, Wm. E., 3105 Patterson St., New Davis, T. D., 604 Franklin Ave., Brooklyn 16, Tex.
Orleans 14, La. N.Y. Garber, M. M., 12 Putman Heights, Hartford,
Chamberlin, Lawrence N., 3221 Gaylord Ave., Defreese, S. J., Monroe, Ga. Conn.
Dormont Pitt 16, Pa. Degyansky, Wm., 1664 Roberts Lane, Falls Gardner, Richard M., 761 Highvue Rd., Pitts-
Champion, Goo. E., 1217 E. 82d Terrace, Kansas Church, Va. burgh, Pa.
City, Mo. DeLatour, F. A., 227 Jerome Ave., Carle PI., 1.1., Garwood, E. F., U.S. Consul. Gen., APO 742,
Chapman, Wm. N., 7405 Ridge Ave., Chicago, N.Y. c/o PM, New York, N. Y.
Ill. Deluce, Louis F., 1511 E. 36th PI., Tulsa, Okla. Gebrian, M., Box 223, Southampton, N. Y.
Chavis, Thos. N., 612 Mission Rd., El Paso, Tex. Demoisy, R. G., 4010 Union Bay Circle, Seattle Gercke, Fred, 900 N. Lombardy St., Richmond
Cheetham, James A., Dutton, Mont. 5, Wash. 20, Va.
Chesney, G. R., 215 Marshall, Lansing 12, Mich. Denby, Roland E., C&S Dept., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Glasgow, Ralph E., 1016 43d PI., Bellview
Chittenden, A. 0., 8259th SU, APO 957, c/o Tex. Heights, Birmingham, Ala.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Denton, Carlton, 5845 Russell St., Detroit, Mich. Glickson, Arthur W., 851 E. 80th St., Chicago,
Cito, Albert V., 552d AAA Gun Bn., APO 403, Dever, R. E., n05 W. 6th St., Aberdeen, Wash. Ill.
c/o PM, New York, N. Y. Dillon, James R., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Goettl, J. P., Box 112, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Clanton, Henry M., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Doane, Leslie 0., 4323 Bliss St., EI Paso, Tex. Goldblum, K. D., Box 75, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Tex. Donahue, Frank J., 3741 N. 53d St., Milwaukee Goodman, Wm. M., 1458 Hampton Rd., San
Cleaver, Thayer, University of Illinois, Urbana, 16, Wis. Marino 9, Calif.
Ill. Donnell, C. P., 1533 W. Glenrosa Ave., Phoenix, Goodfellow, F. A., 21 Price Ave., Runnemede,
Clements, Thos. H., 695 Monticello Dr., Falls Aiz. N.J.
Church, Va. Downey, John J., Jr., Hq., 35th AAA Brig., Ft. Goodwine, Wm. c., W90 St. Nicholas Ave.,
Cole, Cecil R., Box 366, Danville, Calif. Meade, Md. New York, N. Y.
Cole, D. M., Jr., 1351 23d St., Manhattan Beach, Downs, C. R., Holly Hill, S. C. Gordon, T. F., 6807th ASU, ROTC, University
Calif. Doyle, Jos H., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO 919, of California, Berkeley, Calif.
Cole, Harold S., Seaford Inn, Seaford, Del. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Grambort, E. A., Hq., 19th AAA Gp., Ft. Meade,
Coleman, David A. Holton, Kansas. Drachman, A., 825 N. Patton Ave., Arlington Md.
Collingwood, Wm. T., 605 E. Rio Grande, EI Heights, Ill. Grant, Andrew R., n05 Taylor Ave., Lawton,
Paso, Tex. Droke, A. B., 6614 GM Br., 2210 Selby Ave., Okla.
Collins, 1. D., 101st AAA Gun Bn., Cpo Stewart, West Los Angeles, Calif. Graves, A. B. c., 224 Cromwell Terrace, N.E.,
Ga. De Pare, J. M., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Washington, D. C.
Collison, T. D., 67 Hoffman St., Columbus, Ohio. Dyar, Robert W., Liberty St., Washington, Ga. Gray, Kenneth S., 4033 Violet St., La Mesa, Calif.
Colman, A. S., 8 Granite St., Portsmouth, N. H. Eastes, G. D., 928 B St., Portsmouth, Va. Greene, A. Lewis, 217 Monroe St., Falls Church,
Colomb, H. P., 539 Carol Dr., East Jefferson Eaton, Harry E., 502d AAA Opns. Det., Ft. Va.
Parish, La. Custer, Mich. Greening, O. 1., W6 S. Vancouver St., Kenne-
Colquitt, R. M., Jr., Hq., East. AAAC, Mitchel Eckstein, Paul A., 373 N. Granda St., Arlington, wick, Wash.
AFB, New York, N. Y. Va. Haaland, Harold A., 11536 Cumpston St., North
Comenos, Chas., 494th AAA AW Bn., 31 Water- Edwards, Chas. c., 2707 Chamberlayne Ave., Hollywood, Calif.
hill St., Lynn, Mass. Richmond, Va. Haley, John F., 5 Ellsworth Rd., Nahant, Mass.
Cone, Sidney 1., Hq., USARAL Ardot, APO Ellard, Geo. E., 28 King Ave., Medford, Mass. Hallstrom, Irving T., 6511 Evergreen Hwy., Van-
942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Ellerthorpe, S. V., 84 N. Main St., Ellenville, couver, Wash.
Conlyn, A. G., 906 N. Fillmore St., Arlington, N.Y. Hammerle, R. I., 4940 Maplewood Ave., Los
Va. Elliott, Glenn P., Hq., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO Angeles 4, Calif.
Connelly, John B., 504th AAA Opns. Det., Ft. 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Hanny, A. B., Harts Run Rd., Allison Park, Pa.
Bliss, Tex. Engel, R. H. M., III, AAOC 1, Stu. Off. Det., Ft. Hanson, A. F., 27 W. Preston, Sherwood Park,
Connelly, R. J., Hq., 19th AAA Gp., Ft. Meade, Sill, Okla. Hampton, Va.
Md. Epley, Albert D., 85 Feme Blvd., Drexel Hill, Pa. Hardy, Robt. M., Palmerdale, Ala.
Cook, Daniel G., 116 Orange St., San Rafael, Evans, B. S., Jr., Dept. of Chemistry, West Point, Harlan, Robt. D., Combat Arms Det., USMA,
Calif. N.Y. West Point, N. Y.
Coontz, John B., 1002 21st St., Santa Monica, Falls, R. E., 1911 Eugene Field, St. Joseph, Mo. Harris, Z. c., Hq., 78th AAA Gun Bn., APO 660,
Calif. Farr, Alonzo W., 270 Stanley PI., Hackensack, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Corley, W. E., Jr., Duval County Armory, Jack- N.J. Harrison, A. c., Apt. 71C Parkway Apts., Had-
sonville, Fla. Farrar, Wm. 1., Co. A, Army Lang. Sch., Presidio donfield, N. J.
Cosper, Wm. R., Jr., 3155 Ridgewood Rd., N.W., of Monterey, Calif. Hart, Mathew J., Jr., Glidden, Wis.
Atlanta, Ga. Farris, S. c., American Embassy, Rome, Italy. Hartung, Edw. W., Jr., 43 Thackeray Ct.,
Counley, R. T., 590 Walnut Ave., Grand Junc- Tonawanda, N. Y.
tion, Colo. Ferguson, 1. W., Brty. A., 29th AAA AW Bn,
APO 7, Unit 4, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Hartwell, 1. G., 110 Main St., Sandwich, Mass.
Covert, John R. M., 204 Kensington Rd., Garden
City South, 1. 1., N. Y. Fisher, H. M., 1002 W. Franklin St., Richmond, Harvey, Earl F., 709 Prince St., Alexandria, Va.
Cowan, R. W., 3215 Clark St., Des Moines, Iowa. Va. Hassler, G. 0., 413 W. 5th St., Tulsa, Okla.
Cox, Edwin B., 68 Valley Terrace, portchester, Fisher, J. P., 239 Noble St., Kutztown, Pa. Hatch, C. E., Jr., 110 McPherson Lane, Green-
Fleming, Thomas J., 4308 N. Verde, Tacoma 7, ville, S. C.
Cox, Wm. B., 2133 St. Roch St., New Orleans, Wash. Hatch, F. M., 8409 S. Rhodes, Chicago 9, Ill.
La. Flagg, L. S., III, 79 Decatur St., Brooklyn 16, Hawkins, Clarence c., 4015 McKenley Ave., EI
Creamer, Frank c., Box:713, Anderson, S. C. N.Y. Paso, Tex.
Crook, Sydney 1., 64 Frost St., Cambridge 40, Flanagan, J. R., Poplar Ave., Box 341, Westville Hawkins, W. J., 82 Federal St., Brunswick,
Mass. Grove, N. J. Maine.
Hawley, Gee. C, 904 West Ave., Austin 21, Tex. Kaufman, Louis, 316 N. Brand, San Fernando, McDuffie, T. F., 1028 S. Walnut St., San Ga.
Hayes, John H., 120 Elizabeth Dr., Pittsburgh 21, Calif. briel, Calif.
Pa. Keller, H. W., Hq., 21st AAA AW Bu., Ft. Bliss, McEniry, Chas., P&C Office, Ryukyus Comd.
Hickey, Peter ]., 15 W. 75th St., New York, Tex. APO 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. '
N. Y. Kelley, C W., 868 Wilbur St., San Diego 9, McFadden, D. B., Jr., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft.
Hipp, Earl C, Glenn St., Whitmire. S. C Calif. Bliss, Tex.
Hirsch, R L., 432 Belmont Ave., Chicago 14, Ill. Kelly, las. ].. Jr., Army Sec., J.R, USMC, APO McGrath, D. R, Hq., 5th AAA Gp., North Rich-
Healy, J. G., 1156th ASU, State Armory, Bridge- 676, c/o PM, New York, N. Y. land, Wash.
port, Conn, Kelton, John E., Hq, 10th AAA Gp., Ft. Lewis, McIver, E. R., Jr., Box 154, Conway, S. C
Heim, H. V., Hq., 3d Trng. Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Wash. McKee, Francis L., Harrington, Del.
Heist, F. W., 4455 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago 15, Kemp, A. D., 36 Rip Van Winkle Way, Buzzards McKeever, R. L., Jr., 10501 Georgia Ave., Silver
Ill. Bay, Mass. Spring, Md.
Hennessy, J. I., 1129 Maple Ave., Lawton, Okla. Kemp, Clair A., 2126 Monroe Avej, Rochester McNeil, T. H., 317 W. Cambridge St., Green.
Henry, Chas. E., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, 18, N. Y. wood, S. C
Tex. Kenney, Clinton, 1210 Montana St., El Paso, Tex. McQueenery, Wm. A., 97th AAA Gp., APO 331
Henry, James M., 22 Clyde Rd., Baldwin, N. Y. Kenz, John, Hq., 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. '
Henson, N. B., 374 Holcomb St., Hartford 5, Tex. Maisel, Alex, 4845 Louise, San Diego 5, Calif.
Conn. Kerr, R. E., Hotel Thayer, USMA, West Point, Maki, G. E., 146th AAA AW Bn., 14415 Arch.
Hermann, Edw. K., Jr., 1020 Greentree St., New N.Y. dale Rd., Detroit 27, Mich.
Orleans, La. Keyson, Wesley A., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Dix, Makowsky, Raymond, 631 Hope St., Bristol, R. I.
Herrick, H. C, Jr., 2111 N. Scott St., Arlington, N. J. Maline, Paul ]., 1724 Saunders Way Rd., Glen
Va. Kirby, Lee M., Raeford, N. C Burnie, Md.
Hogan, Chas. E., 204 Ramona Dr., EI Paso, Tex. Kirschner, Paul, 277 Avenue C, New York 9, Malone, Duane W., Fordham University, New
Holdsworth, E. H., 10th AAA Gp, APO 660, c/o N.Y. York 58, N. Y.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Klunk, M. C B., Jt. Mil. Mission, Turkey, APO Malone, Thos. C, 40th AM Brig., APO 503
Holland, A. W., 306 Glenmore Ave., Baton 206-A, c/o PM, New York, N. Y. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. '
Rouge, La. Knox, Wm. W., Jr., Rt. 9W, Selkirk, N. Y. Mangels, Conrad, Jr., 2731 Whiteoak Lane, Jack-
Hollander, W. V., 283 Avenue C, New York 9, Kosinar, Wm. C, 2400 Cooper Ave., Evanston, sonville, Fla.
N.Y. Ill. Markstemer, Norman F." 5716 W. Eastwood Ave.,
Holley, ]. S., Rt. 2, Waterbury 82, Conn. Kruegel, C W., 1038 lidy St., Wenatchee, Wash. Chicago, Ill.
Holliday, CD., 3756 Pioneer PI., San Diego, Labarre, Rene L., 15 Corey St., Woonsocket, R. I. Martin, Fred M., 1209 Sherwin, Apt. 312, Chi-
Calif. Lahatte, Wm. F., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. cago, IlL
Holt, Arthur E., Hq., N.Y. & N.]. Sub Area, Ft. Laing, James A., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Mater, M. H., 728 N. 4tb St., Corvallis, Ore.
Totten, N. Y. Tex. May, CO., Jr., 1633 St. Johns Rd., El Paso, Tex.
Horowics, Leo S., Hq., 97th AAA Gp., APO 331, Lake, Gerald A., 64th AAA Gun Bn, APO 713, May, Jos. B., 30th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer,
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Unit 1, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Mich.
House, A. W., Newbury, Vt. Maxfield, Gordon T., 72 Chestnut St., Fairhaven,
Hovell, Bergen B., 512 Vista Dr., Falls Church, Lambert, W. H., 4124 Bliss St., El Paso, Tex.
Va. Lanpher, R. A., 865th AAA AW Bn., APO 713,
Unit 3, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Maynard,]. B., Jr., 1113 Chadbourne St., El Paso,
Huffman, Joseph C, 200 Virginia Ave., Front Tex.
Royal, Va. Laraway, W. B., 108 Coolidge St., Malverne, Megan, T. 1., LaSalle Street Staton, Rm. 1025,
Hujsak, Karol L., Rt. 3, Box 321A, Tulsa, Okla. L.I., N. Y. Chicago, IlL
Hull, Keith M., NGB, Dept. of the Army, The Larson, Lee W., 725 Arguello Blvd., San Fran- Miller, Galen V., 2580 Folk St., San Francisco,
Pentagon, Washington 25, D. C cisco, Calif. Calif.
Huston, R. M., 501st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Lash, Eugene L., 40th AAA Brig., APO 503, c/o Miner, Timothy G., Adair, Ill.
Tex. PM, San Francisco, Calif. Mitchell, A. W., 213 N. Manzand Dr., Albu-
Irish, Robt. G., 1504 Barclay PI., Schenectady, Lathrop, A. W., 77 Newport Rd., Rochester 9, querque, N. M.
N.Y. N.Y. Mizulo, John, 684 Magnolia Ave., San Mateo,
Isenson, R. S., 901 Ainslie St., Chicago, Ill. Lavin. Thos. F., Peekskill Military Academy, Calif.
Iuliucci, T. P., 1918 Kinyon Ave., Lawton, Okla. Peekskill, N. Y. Mobley, CR., 3077 S. Woodrow St., Arlington,
Jaekle, ]. G., 151 Housatonic Dr., Devon, Conn. Laxton, Harold, 16713 Ashton Rd., Detroit 19, Va.
Jakubowski, W. M., 540 Seaview Ave., Bridge- Mich. Moody, Douglas N., 3907 Floyd Ave., Richmond
port 7, Conn. 21, Va.
Leonard, W. H., 525 Whedbee St., Ft. Collins,
James, Lee B., 3364 W. Imperial Hwy., Ingle- Colo. Moore, Geo. C, 2426 31st Ave., San Francisco,
wood, Calif. lesperance, L. ]., 3429 Van Buren St., EI Paso, Morgan, Harry T. (Ret), 1431 Somerset PI.,
Janz, D. H., Office, Scty. of Defense, The Pen- Tex. N.W., Washington, D. C.
tagon, Washington 25, D. C lewis, James N., 56 Hortense St., Rochester 11, Morreall, W. H., 1614 Main St., East Rochester,
Jay, Robt. F., 3666 20th St., San Francisco, Calif. N.Y. N. Y.
Jeffries, C C., Box 31, TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Lewis, Raymond D., 945 Grosvenor Rd., Roches. Morrill, C, Jr., Hq., 260th AAA Gp., Cpo Ed-
Jenson, James H., 3402 E. 7th St., Vancouver, ter 18, N. Y. wards, Mass.
Wash. Lieber, Geo. M., 317 High St., Fremont, Ohio. Morrissey, J. L., 10753 Northgate St., Culver
Johnson, C W., Jr., Box 1547, Athens, Ga. Lilley, M. J., 1516 Kingsway Rd., Baltimore 18, City, Calif.
Johnson, Geo. M., 157 S. Oliver St., Elberton, Md. Morse, Henry P., 1st GM Regt., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Ga. Lindsay, D. C, River Glen, Farmington, Conn. Moucha, M. F., 10 Cozzens Ave., Highland Falls,
link, Howard C, Highwood Ave., Southington, N.Y.
Johnson, Malcolm C, 5802 Edgepark Rd., Balti-
more 14, Md. Conn. Muccio, F. J., 256 Naubuc Ave., Glastonbury,
Johnson, Ogden, 635 N. Woodbine, Oak Park, long, Alvan M., 673 Brookwood Rd., Oakland, Mulder, John H., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Ill. Calif. Mundy, Reuben W., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft.
Johnson, Theodore, 435 Homestead Rd., La Longacre, T. M., 716 Hallwood Ave., Falls Bliss, Tex.
Grange, Ill. Church, Va. Murphy, Dennis V., 603 Middle St., Fall River,
Johnston, H. C, 309 Farmington Dr., Alexandria, Lott, Hamilton, 1220 Woodrow St., Columbia, Mass.
Va. S. C Nagel, B. M., 5401 Winthrop Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Johnston, Robt. H., Hq., 76th AAA AW Bn., Loughran, J. ]., 530 HiIbar Lane, Palo Alto, Neill, Wm. H., 56th Fighter Wing, Selfridge
APO 323, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Calif. AFB, Mich.
Jones, Clarence H., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Lucas, P. R., 65th AAA Gp., Ft. Clayton, Canal Nelson, Woodrow L., 5917 N. Broadway, Chi-
Bliss, Tex. Zone. cago, Ill.
Jones, Robt F., 139 Chilton Hall, Elizabeth, N. J. Lueth, Paul F., Jr., c/o "Gnion Oil Co., Oleum Nim, Carl ]., Jr., 30 New Haven Ave., Wood-
Jordan, Jas. W., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Calif. mont, Conn.
Tex. Lundeberg, T. R., 8151 Ingleside Ave., Chicago, Oakes, Ray E., 37 Donald PI., East Rockaway,
Judson, Wm. L., 127 S. Adelle Ave., Deland, Fla. Ill. N.Y.
Kabin, A., 1147 Hellerman St., Philadelphia 11, Lynch, CR., Jr., Box 35, Lebanon, Va. Oberst, L. P., 1649 Edison Ave., Bronx 61, N. Y.
Pa. Lynch, W. J., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex. O'Brien, John A. Weapons Dept., TAS, Ft. Knox,
Kane, T. F., Jr., 310 Federal Bldg., Minneapolis, McCachern, W. Y., 533 Argyle Dr., Falls Church, Ky.
Minn. Va. Oehmke, B. H., 951 Britton Rd., Rochester, N. Y.
Kapsiak, Thaddeus W., 66 Greeley St., Buffalo 7, McCaffery, Benj., Jr., 122 Ravenwood Way, Olhausen, J. N., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss,
N.Y. South San Francisco, Calif. Tex.
Kauder, Marvin N., 933 Juno Ave., St. Paul 2, McCann, Donn M., Hq., 7th Inf. Div., APO 7, O'Malley, John J., 2747 N. Kilbourn, Chicago,
Minn. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Ill.
Oritt, Jack, 5205 Drexel Rd., Philadelphia 31, Pa. Rosen, Merton N., Rt. 1, Box 3OA,Walnut Creek, Stephenson, F. 1., Stapleton Apts., Lewistown,
()sthues, H. E., Cas. Off. Pers. Cen, Ft. Lewis, Calif. Mont.
Wash. Ross, Ralph N., Box 1277, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Stevens, D. K., Box 227, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Paciorelc, S. J., 507th AAA AW Bn., APO 201, Rousey, D. 1., 5545 N. Magbolia, Chicago 40, Ill. Stevens, J. L, 1326 Highland Terrace, Richmond
Cnit 1, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Rousseau, Thos. H., Jr., 303-3 First St., Ft. Leav- Heights 17, Mo.
Paddenburg, J. A., Hq. Btry., 50th AAA AW enworth, Kan. Stewart, Wm. W., 38 Moses Pl., Unionville,
Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Rousseau, Walter, 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Conn.
Paffurd, P. M., 383 White Rd., Mineola, 1. I., Tex. Stiles, M. R., 1706 N. 2d St., Sheboygan, Wis.
KY. Ruddell, N. c., Hq., Camp Crouch Yamaguilu, Stokes, J. B., Jr., 65 E. Main St., Moorestown,
Paj?e. Benj. N., 617 E. Alameda St., Santa Fe, APO 24, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. N.J.
N.M. Russell, Wm. T., OCAFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. Story, R. M., Jr., Rt. 2, Mansfield Center, Conn.
painter, C. H., 319 E. Walnut St., Butler, Pa. Saberhagen, H. A., G-2 Sect., Hq., 5th Army, Strasser, ]. R., 1922 Roseland, Royal Oak, Mich.
!'allister, F. J., OCAFF, Ft. Monroe, Va. Chicago, Ill. Strickland, Z. 1., Box 40, Ft. Sill, Okla.
Palizza, M. J., 77 Court St., Dover, N. H. Sager, Wesley c., 204-15 26th Ave., Bayside, Stroud, Roger c., 37 S. Warner Rd., Lafayette
Pappas, C. 1., Qtrs. 7-B, Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. N.Y. Hill, Pa.
Parent, Joseph 1, 111 Rochambeau St., New Bed. Sampson, A. E., 76 Deming St., San Francisco, Sturgis, John E., Highland Ave., Keene, N. H.
ford,Mass. Calif. Sullivan, J. A., 5 Clifford St., Dover, N. H.
Parish, Claude 1., 711 Oak St., Anniston, Ala. Sanders, Albert ]., 189-02 64th Ave., Apt. 7-G, Sullivan, John 1., Jr., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
Parr, Wm. R., 4327 Nashville St., EI Paso, Tex. Flushing, N. Y. Meade, Md.
Parrott, J. B., 67th AAA Gun Bn, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Santino, Mathew, Hq., C&GSC, Ft. Leavenworth, Sweek, Jack G., AFF Ed. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Parsons, G. E., 1533 Laurel St., South Pasadena, Kan. Swisher, S. G., 34 W. Stella Lane, Phoenix, Ariz.
Calif. Schafbuch, D. V., 3134 Aurora St., EI Paso, Tex. Switzer, Jas. W., 66 E. Bellevue PI., Chicago, Ill.
Parsons, M. 1., 40th AAA Brig., APO 503, c/o Schaill, H. A., 9838 Hudson Rd., Rock Hill, Md. Syphers, LeR. S., Wildwood Park, Portland,
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Schiebel, W.]., 3100 Avenue U, Snyder, Tex. Maine.
Pedrotti, Peter, Qtrs. 230 Sheridan Rd., Ft. Bliss, Schmader, Wilbur P., 933d AAA AW Bn, APO Taggart, W. ]., Jr., c/o Equitable Trust Co.,
Tex. 713, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Wilmington 99, Del.
Peeples, E. T., 504 Knollwood Dr., Falls Church, Schmidt, Daniel H., 208 Granville Dr., Silver Tarver, Thos. H., 224 Orndorff Dr., EI Paso, Tex.
Va. Spring, Md. Teberg, D. E., 1333 Franklin St., Bellevue, Nebr.
Penney, Thos. F., 88th Abn AA Bn., Ft. Camp- Schnur, James F., 11th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Terry, Frank E., 11th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Lewis,
bell, Ky. Schwartz, E. G., Rm. 201 Federal Bldg., Waco, Wash.
Perry, Ben W., TIS, GHQ, FEC, APO 500, c/o Tex. Test, Wm. D., 357 Webster Ave., Elmhurst, Ill.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Schwartz, Howard, 5630 Hobart St., Pittsburgh, Terzian, E. ]., 300 Stanford Ave., Menlo Park,
Pettit, M. W., Box 1001, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Pa. Calif.
Philbrick, K. R., Box 347, Ft. Sill, Okla. Scott, Albert T., 746th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Timeson, N. 1., Dutch Village, Menanda, N. Y.
Phillipps, Joseph F., 2804 E. 76th St., Chicago, Wash. Todd, James c., 19th AAA Gp., Ft. Meade, Md.
III. Scott, John A., 1665 Rugby Rd., Schenectady 8, Traver, Cory P., 2335 Wisconsin Ave., Mil-
Pierce, J. A., Jr., 443d AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. N.Y. waukee, Wisc.
Devens, Mass. Seidman, H. W., 130-28 223d St., Laurelton, Treu, Wm. 1., 617 Woodside PI., Webster
Pike, Lloyd F., 150 Spring St., Gardiner, Maine. 1. I., N. Y. Groves 19, Mo.
Plate, M. M., 55 W. Wood St., Palatine, Ill. Shagrin, R. A., 4320 Memphis St., EI Paso, Tex. Trussell, ]. B. B., Jr., 418 The Esplanade, Hack-
Pollard, Wm. B., Jr., Rt. 5, Greenville, S. C. Shaver, W. F., Jr., 2155 Webster St., Alameda, ensack, N. J.
Pratt, John S., 869 Park Ave., Columbus, Wis. Calif. Twiggs, Albert J., 1011 Meigs St., Augusta, Ga.
Price, W. P., Box 173, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Shepard, Wm. McK., Madison St., Herndon, Va. Twitchell, R. M., Ft. Sill Exchange, Ft. Sill, Okla.
Pryor, Frank D., Jr., 309-4 First St., Ft. Leaven- Sheppard, D. G., Box.662, Pensacola, Fla. Twomey, 1.A., Qtrs. 90-A, Presidio of Monterey,
worth, Kan. Sherman, Welford A., Jr., Orange, Va. Calif.
Purcell, C. F., 619 Carnation, Corona del Mar, Sherrets, D. c., 69th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tysko, S. 0., 7926 Ramsgate Ave., Los Angeles
Calif. Tex. 45, Calif.
Purick, H. W., 114 W. Marie St., Hicksville, Shoemaker, Kenneth W., 86 Dewey Ave., Buffalo, Unterguber, R. T., 604 S. High St., Harrisonburg,
N.Y. N.Y. Va.
Rachmanow, R. R. (Ret), Box 186, La Jolla, Short, R. M., Sardis, Miss. Urbach, Robt. G., 1311 Grove Ave., Richmond,
Calif. Shoss, M. 1., Mil. Dept., University of California, Va.
Rackley, P. 1., 903d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Clayton, Berkeley, Calif. Van ExeI, Otho C, 1063 Sterling PI., Brooklyn
Canal Zone. Sigley, W. B., 5641 N. 20th, Philadelphia 44, Pa. 13,N. Y.
Radke, Donald G., 15886 Fordham, Detroit, Sikes, Vernon F., 2946 Downing St., Jackson- Van Fleet, Henry B., 1647 Kent St., Columbus
Mich. ville, Fla. Ohio. '
Ramberg, R. J., 157 Beal Rd., Waltham 54, Mass. Simpson, Allen H., 18 Chestnut St., Lakeport, Van Gundy, D. F., Box 134, Ft. Sill, Okla.
Rauffenbart, W. E., 500 Camden Ave., Moores- N.H. Vaughn, F. M., Box 7, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
town, N. J. Simpson, Robt. E., Valley Falls, Kans. Vesoloski, J. ]., 434 Thompson St., Stratford,
Reagan, John F., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Skinner, G. 1., 560 N. 21st St., Salem, Ore. Conn.
Tex. Smith, Clarence 1., Jr., 303 Guaranty Life Bldg., Wadsworth, C. Q., 1st GM Regt., White Sands
Reeves, Chas. W., ROTC, Michigan State College, Jacksonville, Fla. Proving Grounds, Las Cruces, N. M.
East Lansing, Mich. Smith, Edward ]., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester 20, Walker, Norman M., State Armory, Berlin, N. H.
Regan, J. 1., Jr., 1692 Avon Ave., S.W., Atlanta, N.Y. Wallis, John P., 62 Tate St., Elberton, Ga.
Ga. Smith, E. 1., Rm. 3-E-180, The Pentagon Bldg., Walmer, Richard, 933d AAA AW Bn., APO
Rettgers, F. I., 1926 Arlington Ave., Lawton, Washington 25, D. C 704, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Okla. Smith, G. S., Box 483, Winnemucca, Nev. Walsh, Thos. J., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
Reynolds, N. 1., 2320 Somerset Rd., Jacksonville, Smith, Henry G., 199 Brandon Ct., Danville, Va. Md.
Fla. Smith, Hoyt P., 3112 Nations Ave., El Paso, Tex. Ward, ]. A., Jr., 2906 W. Clay St., Richmond 21,
Rhodes, John M., 30 Cranch St., Quincy, Mass. Va.
Smith, Ross c., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss,
Rice, Herbert E., 1124 ASU, Boston Army Base,
Tex. Watson, A. c., 2803 Erie St., S.E., Washington
Boston, Mass. 20, D.C.
Richard, A. P., Box 188, Wilton, Maine. Smith, Vallard c., 18 W. Preston St., Hampton, Watson, R. 0., Hq., 260th AAA Gp., Cpo Ed-
Rimes, Wm. P., Statesboro, Ga. Va. wards, Mass.
Rinngold, Chas. 1., Army Instr., 218th Gp., Soherr, Ludwig, Crown Point Rd., Thorofare, Watson, Ronald, SOCTAS, Ft. Knox, Ky.
O'Hara & Thackeray Sts., Pittsburgh, Pa. N. ]. Watson, Wm. W., Box 12, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Ritchie, Edw. 1., Jr., 823 21st St., Oakland, Calif. Southard, J. E., Stoy, Ill. Weltmer, Noyes, Jr., 5th AAA AW Bn., Ft.
Roberson, Alvin B., Jr., 13 Center St., Newark, Sparrow, Albert W., 2 Somerset Rd., Baltimore Sheridan, Ill.
Del. 28, Md. Whitaker, E. H., 1404 B St., Lawton, Okla.
Robertson, Wm., Jr., 15 Duncan Ave., Jersey Spengler, John T. H., Box 605, St. Augustine, White, Howard S., 6700 Lake St., Falls Church,
City, N. J .. Fla. Va.
Robideaux, Robt. J., 8285th AU. USAPAC, APO Spickelmier, ]. P., Grd. Gen. Sch., Ft. Riley, Kan. Wickersham, C. 1., Box 429, Washington, Ga.
958, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Spiller, B. A., Box 643, Dover, Del. Wiegand, J. A., 559 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair,
Robinson, F. N., Box 1261, Lubbock, Tex. Stackley, J. A., 907 Beaumont Ave., Baltimore N. J.
Robotkay, H. J., 2146 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago 12, Md. Wiggs, John H., 65th AM Gp., Ft. Clayton,
22, Ill. Stacy, R. 5., Youngstown College, Youngstown, Canal Zone.
Roddy, Francis ]., Box 55, Ft. Kobby, Canal Zone. Ohio. Wilde, H. B., Box 537, Huntsville, Ala.
Roeper, Edw. J., 240 Lombard St., Rochester 4, Stein, 1., 901 N. Sacramento Blvd., Chicago, Ill. Williams, D. B., Qtrs. 238, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
N.Y. Steinmetz, T. M., 861 Laurel St., Alameda, Calif. Williams, W. J., OACOFS, G-3, The Pentagon,
Roever, F. 0., 124 Beach St., Westerly, R. 1. Stephens, Richard H., 1323 4th St., N.E., Wash- Washington 25, D. C.
Rolph, Herbert F., AFIS, Carlisle Bks., Pa. ington 2, D. C. Wilson, Paul F., Dept. of Gunnery, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Wilson, R. J., Dept. Ext. Courses, T.AS, Ft. Sill, Beattie, S. W., Box 384, Red Wing, Minn. Burger, L. J., Hq. & Hq. Co., 60th Inf. Regt., Ft.
Okla. Beaumont. John, 53 Francis Ave., Harrison, N. Y. Dix, N. J.
Wilson, Simeon, 3221 W. Division St., Chicago, Beauseau,]. S., Raveuswood, W. Va. Burrows, 1. A., 89 Kirk Dr., Rochester 10, N. Y.
III. Beazley, 1. K., 3162 Tennsyon St., N.W., Wash- Burt, Wm. A., 753d AM Gun Bn., APO 919.
Wingard, B. F., Box 272, Dillon, S. C ington 15, D. C. c/o PM, San Francisco. Calif.
Winstead, E. D., 1204th ASU, N.Y. & N.J. Sub Beck, C A., 1613 19th St., S.E., Washington 20, Burton, 1. R., 1110 Ash St., Lawton, Okla.
Area, Ft. Totten, N. Y. D.C Cahill, M. J., 29 Mistletoe Rd., Levitton, 1. I.,
Withum, John F., 1810 Maple St., Munhall, Pa. Behr, G. T .. 327 Spencer Rd., Rochester. N. Y. N.Y.
Witt, E. c., Jr., D.C. NG Armory, 2001 E. Capi- Bell, H. 5., Jr., PO Box 535, Elberton, Ga. Cairncross, R. 1., Jr., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO
tol St., Washington D. C. Belote, ]. N., Jr., Market Street Armory, Onan- 919, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Wood, David M., 4143 Southwestern, Houston cock. Va. Caldwell, Edw. G., 105 14th Ave., Dillon, S. C.
5, Tex. Benchich.]. ].,32115 Genesee St., Wayne, Mich. Calhoun, A. R., 18962 Edinborough Rd., Detroit
Wood, Frederick M., 19 Pearl St., Concord, N. H. Beneshan, W. A., 305 South Ave., Poughkeepsie, 19, Mich.
Wood, Harland G., 4632 S. 31st Rd., Arlington, N.Y. Callahan, P. P., 1320 Columbia Ave., Chicago,
Va. Benford, T. E., 2029 Breuning, Ferndale 20, IlL
Wood, Oliver E., 401 Lexington Dr., Silver Mich. Cameron, H. 5., 3576 N.E. Bryce St., Portland,
Spring, Md. Benner, J. D .• 69th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Ore.
Woodruff, J. Y., %0 E. 223d St., New York, Bennett, C C, Jr., 1421 Pierce St., Birmingham, Cameron, Wm. ]., Dutch Village, Menanda,
N.Y. Mich. N. Y.
Worley, T. G., Dept. of Ext. Courses, Ft. Sill, Bennett, G. E., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Campbell, Merle E., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 4th AAA
Okla. Mich. AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Md.
Wright, Bertram C, Mil. Dept., UCLA, Los Bergsten. Robert, 2812 Grant Ave., El Paso, Tex. Canfield, R. G., 1641 Noble Ave., Bridgeport,
Angeles, Calif. Bergquist, A. ]., Box 650, Rt. 1, Homestead, Pa. Conn.
Wylie, F. B., University Station, Knoxville, Tenn. Beuck, R. F., 216 S. Depeyster St., Kent, Ohio. Cannon, J. E., 314 W. Palmetto St., Florence,
Yanisch, O. F., 7780th OMGUS Gp., Bavaria Bigger, W. K., PO Box 652, Ft. Clayton, Canal S. C
Sect., APO 407-A, c/o PM, New York, N. Y. Zone. Card, Roy B., Hq., 95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis,
Yarborough, N. A., Office of Sr. Instr, NOPE, Billman, A. B., 71st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir, Wash.
New Orleans, La. Va. Carnrick, Geo. W., 26 Bowers Rd., Caldwell,
Young, Claude C, University of Pennsylvania, Birnley, F. W., 64th AAA Gun Bn., APO 994, N.J.
Philadelphia, Pa. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Carson, T. M., Hq., Eastern AAAC, Stewart AFB,
Bishop, W. A., 530 Falstaff Rd., Rochester, N. Y. Newburgh, N. Y.
CAPTAINS Blacher, Oscar, 290 Terrace, Buffalo 2, N. Y. Carter, Edw. B., 23 N. Rodney Dr., Edgemoor
Blackman, W. D., Box 96, Cedar Grove, N. J. Gardens, Wilmington, DeL
Abel, CR., 2602 E. Garfield, Albuquerque, Blalock, H. F., 506 S. Adair St., Clinton, S. C. Carter, N. C, 1004 S. Jennings, Bartlesville,
N.M. Bland, R. A., Box 11, Charlotte, N. C Okla.
Abbott, G. C, 4208 Kecoughtan Rd., Hampton, Blankley, W. E., 323 Park Ave., Newark 7, N. J. Carter, Roy C, Jr., 1139 9th St., Berkeley, Calif.
Va. Blum, Milton, 75 Cliff St., New York 7, N. Y. Caruso, P. A., Box 184, Dunbar, Pa.
Adolphson, ]. F., 5000 Pennsylvania Ave., St. Bond, ]. B., 1816 N. 22d St.• Lawton, Okla. Casement, Wm., Jr., Sedan, Kan.
Louis 11, Mo. Bookter, E. F., 507th Op. Det., APO 331, c/o CasscelIs, K. J., 188 Bard Ave., Staten Island 1,
Akley, H. 1., 230 Palmer Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. PM, San Francisco, Calif. N.Y.
Alacam, Fethi, AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Booth, Arthur, 734 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Chaquette, 1. T., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Devens,
Tex. Botts, Harry, 307 Payne Rd., Pensacola, Fla. Mass.
Alexander, D. B., 4863 Terrace Dr., Seattle, Bouis, P. ]., 3915 Clematis St., New Orleans, La. Chastain, D. R., Btry. D, 678th AAA AW Bn.,
Wash Bouknight, J. R., 1409 Drayton St., Newberry, Williamston, S. C
Allen, S. C, Hq., 40th AAA Brigade, APO 503, S. C Chavez, J. R., 215 E. Seventh, Bartlesville, Okla.
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Boyd, J. E., 620 Reynolds Ave., El Paso, Tex. Childress, H. J., Jr., 104 Handy Circle, El Paso,
Amende, Jas. K., G-4, Hq., JLC, APO 393, c/o Boyle, ]. R., 23831 Lloyd Ct., Dearborn, Mich. Tex.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Brann, D. D., 515 Madison Ave., New York 22, Christ, ]os. P., 4653 N. 5th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Anderson, G. K., 2477th ASU, University of N.Y. Christenson, P. A., Bloomington Ferry, Rt. 4, c/o
Delaware, Newark, Del. Brannan, W. E., Chipley, Fla. Guthrie, Minneapolis 20, Minn.
Anderson, I. B., 106 Custis Ave., Woodcrest, Braun, ]. H., Btry. E, 1st GM Regt., China Lake, Churas, F. A., Box 206, Franklin, N. H.
Wilmington, Del. Calif. Chuvala, A. T., 209 Hillcrest Ave., Benicia, Calif.
Anderson, J. C., Box 2, Quarry Heights, Canal Brennfleck, ]. B., 260 McAllister St., San Fran- Cichon, J. ]., 1916 S. Spaulding Ave., Chicago
Zone. cisco, Calif. 23, IlL
Andrews, E. N., 49 Oakwood Ave., Rye, N. Y. Breslin, Thos. P., 101-F Stadium PI., New Or- Clark, A. V., Army Educ. Cen., Yokohama Comd.,
Angier, ]. F., 239 Maple Ave., Takoma Park, Md. leans, La. APO 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Appleby, Robert C, 647 Schwartz St., Green Bay, Breuning, E. G., 5045 W. Fulton St., Chicago, Clark, Alton C, Box 713, Anderson, S. C
Wis. Ill. Clark, Robt. W., Hq. Btry., 59th AAA AW Bn.-
Aquilina, R. F., 40th AAA Brigade, APO 503, Bridge, E. W., 3014 S. Columbus St., Arlington, SP, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
c/o PM. San Francisco, Calif. Va. Clark, Wm. 1., 19 Castello Ave., Parkmerced,
Ashe, 0.].,3556 Wabash Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. Brinkwart, Hugo, Jr., Hq., Sep. & Re-asgmt. Br., San Francisco, Calif.
Aurand, Paul B., 2}66 Fifth Ave., New York 35, Cpo Kilmer, New Brunswick, N. J. Cloke, T. H., Jr., 1148 Pleasant Ave., Oak Park,
N.Y. Broad,]. H., 461 Burns Dr., Detroit 14, Mich. IlL
Austin, C. F., 116 Monument St., West Medford, Broderick, H. F., 671 Eureka Ave., Lodi, Calif. Coble, Jay C, 625 N. Church St., Burlington,
Mass. Brokaw, N. A., RR 10, Box 359-N, Cincinnati N.C
Austin, ]. A., Jr., Box 1751, High Point, N. C 27, Ohio. Cochran, J. B., 182d AAA Gun Bn., Ohio NG,
Babb. Leo D., 88th Abn AA Bn., Cpo Campbell, Broudy, Harold, Qtrs. 1050-B, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Box 487, Middletown, Ohio.
Ky. Brown, Cameron, Spring Valley Rd., Ossining. Coffin, Edw. J., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Devens,
Badey, William, Hq., West. AAAC, Hamilton N.Y. Mass.
AFB, Calif. Brown, Cecil J., Btry. D, 867th AAA AW Bn.-M, Coggins, S. M., Hq., 31st AAA Brigade, Ft.
Badura, S. J., 4304 W. Iowa St., Chicago, III. APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Lewis, Wash.
Bailey, W. 1., Inwood Rd., RFD 7, Pittsburgh Brown, Chas. B., Hq., Btry., 76th AAA AW Bn., Colbert, Edw. F., 52 Flint St., Salem, Mass.
29, Pa. APO 323, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Cole, F. W., Armory, Klamath Falls, Ore.
Baisinger, D. H., 1304 S.E. 48th Ave., Portland Brown, Ernest A., Hq., 4th AAA AW Bn.-M, Fr. Cole, Gordon T., 74 Arrowhead Dr., Rochester,
15, Ore. Meade, Md. N.Y.
Brown, Francis A., PO Box 374, Calais, Maine. Cole, Thos. J., Hq. Btry., 39th AAA AW Bn.-M,
Baker, G. A., 40th AAA Brigade, APO 503, c/o
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Brown, John 5., 1626 Sedawick Ave., Bronx 53, Ft. Meade, Md.
Baker, M. C, 252 St. Matthews St., Green Bay, N.Y. Colo, F. W., 1900 Worden St., Klamath Falls,
Browne, E. W., Jr., 8504 Irvington Ave., Be- Ore.
thesda, Md. Combs, Reed, 202 S. Broad St., Middletown, Del.
Baker. R. W., 63d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Brownlee, J. I., Jr., Marianna, Fla.
Barbee, R. C, 4th AAA AW Bn., Mt. Meade, Brundage, F. W., 2259 Tipperary Rd., Kalama- Conlyn, Robt. M., 1936 35th St., N.W., Wash-
Md. zoo 40, Mich. ington, D. C.
Barboza, P. F., 960 E. 223d St., New York, N. Y. Bruno, N. J., 504th AAA Gun Bn. Hq., Ft. Coonly, W. J., Jr., 4001st ASU, BOQ 243, Rm.
Barnwell, C B., York, S. C. Custer, Mich. 13, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Barth, E. G., 7333 Piney Branch Rd., Takoma Buchbinder, Raymond, 2001 E. 9th St., Brooklyn Cooper, Henry R., 95th AAA Gun Bn., Qtrs.
Park, Md. 23, N. Y. 3408-B, Ft. Lewis, Wash.
Barth, Lester, 215-37 43d Ave., Bays,ide, 1. 1., Buchler, Edw., 5031 N. Nashville, Chicago 31, Cope, Ralph H., Hq., 97th AAA Group, APO
N.Y. III. 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Beam, B. T., 30th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer, Buckley, J. 1., 5501 4th St., N.W., Washington, Copeland, R. T., Hq., 65th AM Gun Bn., APO
Mich. D.C 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.

o>ppola, W. M., 77 Glenhrook Rd., Stamford, Douglas, D. E., 2033 N.E. Thompson St., Port- Fox, Gabriel, 1122d ASU, Boston Army Base,
Conn. land, Ore. Boston 10, Mass.
O>rcoran, Frank, 613 Wood St., Coraopolis, Pa. Douglass, W. E., 717 Anneslie Rd., Baltimore 12, Fox, Wm. M., 2005 W. 3d St., Kennewick, Wash.
O>tter, A. E., 51 St. Charles St., West Hartford, Md. Francis, O. ]., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Devens,
Conn. Dowling, J. B., Qtrs. 15-A, Ft. Worden, Wash. Mass.
Counts, J. W., 1607 Nance St., Newberry, S. C. Downer, Wm. V., MiL Sc. Dept., Kansas State Franklin, Gen. H., Hq., 21st AM AW Bn.-SP,
O>x,John S., 365 Birch St., Jacksonville, Fla. College, Manhattan, Kan. Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Cox. Richard F., 75th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Doyle, H. 1., 12 Whipple Ave .• Cranston, R. 1. Franklin, Geo. W., Btry. B, 21st AM AW Bn.-
Md. Drake, Wm. G., 20 Santa Clara Ave., San Fran- SP, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Crane. M. E., Box 233, Fonda, N. Y. cisco 16, Calif. Fredricksen, A. E., 443d AM AW Bn., Ft.
Crawford, Chas. D., 71st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bel. Drury, Wm. N., 5613 N. Winthrop, Chicago, IlL Devens, Mass.
voir. Va. Dryfoos, Hugh, 505 Carroll St., Brooklyn 15, Friddle, H. E., 411 Pomona Ave., Coronado,
Crayton, J. B., Jr., Box 713, Anderson, S. C. N.Y. Calif.
Crigler, Thos. H., 825 7th Ave., N., Columbus, Dugan, Edw. F., Btry. D, 95th AM Gun Bn., Frohock, W. E., Jr., 259 Princeton St., Hartford,
Miss. Ft. lewis, Wash. Conn.
Croneborg, R., 2123 Le Roy PL, N.W., Washing- Dumestre. C. J., Jr., 827 Louisiana Ave., New Fuller, G. D., Lordsburg, N. M.
ton 8, D. C. Orleans, La. Furth, S. M., 8209 Blackstone Ave., Chicago 19,
Cubberley, Robt. T., RD 2, Lambertville, N. J. Dunn, F. 1., 2535 Somerset Dr., Kansas Gty 5, Ill.
Cummings, John W., 345 N. Main St., Fall River, Mo. Gabel, Austin, Hq., 2l3th AM Gun Bn., Ft.
Mass. Dunnahoo, Jack R., 443d AM AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Cushing, 1. W., Btry. D, 450th MA AW Bn., Devens, Mass. Gabriel, Jas. S., Hq., 216th AAA Gp., Cpo Gor-
Ft. Bliss, Tex. Dunson, N. B., Btry. B, 76th MA AW Bn., APO don, Ga.
Czarnecki, S. S., 10 Skillman Ave., Jersey Gty, 323, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Gadler, Herman J., 379th AAA Bn., 709 Pence
N.J. Durham, John D., 2 Roselle Ave., Pleasantville, Bldg., Minneapolis 3, Minn.
Dando, R. R., Jr., Ofe. Sr. Army Instr. 2726 N.Y. Gaines, Gen. A., 225 Heard St., Elberton, Ga.
Anderson Dr., Raleigh, N. C. Duvall, Wm. E., Jr., 409 Church St., Cheraw, Gallagher, T. R., 209 E. Mississippi Ave., S.E.,
Dane, Wm. R., 11-6 S. Callow Ave., Bremerton, S. C Washington, D. C.
Wash. Dye, Robt. F., Apt. 49, Bldg. 5, Callaway Apts., Gallant, F. X., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 68th AM Gun
Danfelt, E. D., 465 Western Ave., Albany, N. Y. 251 lOth St., N.W., Atlanta, Ga. Bn., Ft. Lewis, Wash.
Daniels, J. E., Btry. B, 867th AAA AW, Bn.-M, Dyer, Eph, Jr., 155 N. Michigan Ave., Pasadena, Gallaway, A. S., Liberty St., Washington, Ga.
APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Calif. Galloway, ]. C, Box 5147, Five Points Station,
Daugherty, Wm. R., 428 Oakland Ave., Pitts- Eddy, W. W., 1411Yz Calumet Ave., los Angeles Columbia, S. C.
burgh 13, Pa. 26, Calif. Garcia, Herman, 6739 Roeblin Ct., San Diego 11,
David, Robt. E., Box 427, Camden, S. C Edwards, Dave W., Brty. C, 95th AM AW Bn., Calif.
Davis, Harry V., Hq., 62d AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Ft. lewis, Wash. Garcia, Obaldo, 64th AAA Gun Bn., Btry. C,
Hood, Tex. Eggert, F. W., Jr., 718 E. 236th St., New York APO 994, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Davis, Paul A., 88th Abn. AA Bn., Ft. Campbell, 66, N. Y. Gardiner, S. K., 3513 Casanova lane, San Mateo,
Ky. Ellis, Edwin F., 1025 Chartiers Ave., Pittsburgh Calif.
Day, V. K., ]311 E. Yonge St., Pensacola, Fla. 20,Pa. Gay, Travis R., 4310 35th St., San Diego 4, Calif.
Day, Wm. G., 443d AM AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Emery, Earl E., Hq., 62d AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Geehan, B. T., 5404th ASU, ROTC Det., Michi-
Tex. Hood, Tex. gan State College, East Lansing, Mich.
Deemer, E. 1., 4021 Gifford Ave., Cleveland, Emmerich, Gen. M., 6650 Bock Rd., S. E., Wash- Gehrke, Robt. E., 25 Belvedere St., San Francisco,
Ohio. ington 20, D. C. Calif.
DeFlorin, H. E., 8344 Delaware Ave., Jackson- England, 1. C, 8 Greenwood Ave., Rumford, Geissinger, C B., 62d AM AW Bn.-SP, Ft.
ville, Fla. R.1. Hood, Tex.
DeFranco, Theo. ]., Btry. B, 59th MA AW Bn.- Enkio, S. 1., 1900 24th St., Washington 8, D. C Genero, Peter P., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade,
SP., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Erdman, Gen. W., Box 636, AA & GM Br., TAS, Md.
DeLeon, E. F., Keppler Farm, Enterprise, Ore. Ft. Bliss, Tex. Gerig, Fred 1., Btry. C, 97th AAA Gun Bn.,
Denny, ]. E., 391 Emerson PI., Uniondale, N. Y. Erikson, E. E., 170 Avenue "A," Shanks Village, APO 323, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Denson, W. S., 3908 Liberty Heights Ave., Bal- Orangeburg, N. Y. Geruon, Richard W., Btry. D, 96th AAA Gun
timore 7, Md. Erwin, Roy C, Btry. B, 69th AAA Gun Bn.-M, Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Dent, Burney, 1328 Ryder St., Vallejo, Calif. Ft. Devens, Mass. Gershon, G. M., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss,
DePass, M. M., 507 Carolina Ave., Isle of Palms, Evasick, H. E., 11 Fenway N., Milford, Conn. Tex.
S. C Ewing, ]. K., 24th HAA Regt., RCA, Trail Gettinger, C E., RFD 2, Box 299, Naperville,
Detwiler, R. T., 8104th Sv. Det., G-3, APO 331, Armouries, Trail B. c., Canada. Ill.
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Fadden, V. ]., 776 Cromwell Ave., St. Paul 4, Gibson, PaulL., A-1st AAA Trng. Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Dibble, R. 1., 535 Oakmoor Ave., Bay Village, Minn. Tex.
Ohio. Farley, A. W., Jr., Hq., 40th AAA Brigade, APO Gilbert, Edw. N., 9 Wayland Ct., Milford, Conn.
Dickerman, C C, 15831 Marlowe, Detroit 27, 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Gilmore, H. H., Jr., 223 Forest Hills Dr., Wil-
Mich. Farley, R. F., 85-04 253d St., Bell rose, 1. I., mington, N. C.
Dickson, Lon R., 7lst AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bel- N.Y. Gipson, 1., 395 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
voir, Va. Farra, John S., Hq., 35th AAA Brigade, Ft. Gjertsen, A. R., 1649 W. Juneway Terrace, Chi-
Diediker, V. W., 2119 Hillcrest Dr., Redwood Meade, Md. cago 26, III.
City, Calif. Glover, C 1., Jr., 53 S. Cannon Dr., Edgemoor
Fay, R. J., 3295 West Blvd., Cleveland 11, Ohio.
Diez, J. R., Jr., 2200 Hayes St., San Francisco, Gardens, Wilmington, Del.
Fedosi, Alec 1., Hq. Btry., 69th AAA Gun Bn.- Gluch, J. ]., Btry. A, 865th AAA AW Bn., APO
Dillon, Gregory M., Hq., 736th MA Gun Bn., M, Ft. Bliss, Tex. 7, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Cpo Gordon, Ga. Fenniman, A. A., Jr., 80 John St., Rm. 1607, Goedthe, N. M., 276 Chase St., Gary, Ind.
Dito, ]. P., 1922 45th Ave., San Francisco 16, New York, N. Y. Gondos, Victor, Jr., Rm. DC-6, National Ar-
Calif. Ferdon, Donald C, 601 79th St., Brooklyn 9, chives, Washington, D. C.
Dixon, Wm. R., 504Yz W. Kennewick Ave., N.Y. Gorman, C. ]., Rm. 708, Bank of Manhattan
Kennewick, Wash. Field, J. H., Jr., 803 McCabe Ave., Baltimore 12, Bldg., Long Island City, N. Y.
Doane, Don 1., 323 S. Princeton Ave., Albu- Md. Gorman, D. F., 4 Massachusetts Ave., New Brit-
querque, N. M. Fink, R. A., D Btry, 50th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. ain, Conn.
Bliss, Tex. Gossett, Henry M., Mil. Dept., The Citadel,
Doe, Norman H., 68 Roxborough Rd., Rochester,
Fischer, E. F., 9400 Saybrook Ave., Silver Spring, Charleston, S. C.
N.Y. Grace, R. E., 406 Strawbridge Ave., Westmont,
Dolan, Wm. N., 207 Lexington Ave., Providence, Md.
Fisken, A. D., Jr., Hamilton AFB, Hq., West- N.J.
R.1. Grady, Wm. G., 52 Chamberlain Ave., Revere 51,
Doody, R. E., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester 20, ern AMC, San Rafael, Calif.
N.Y. Fitzgerald, E. J., 801 West-End Ave., New York Grant, Chas. E., Hq., 212th AAA Group, N.Y.
Dooley, Wm. J., Hq. Btry., 50th AM AW Bn.- 25,N. Y .. NG, 120 W. 62d St., New York 23, N. Y.
SP, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Fitzgerald, John, 37-D Picotte Dr., Albany, N. Y. Grant, J. W., 3107 N. Piedras Dr., El Paso, Tex.
Dorohkov, M. N., 2552 Belmont Rd., N.W., Fjelstad, R. E., 240 W. 13th, Tulsa, Okla. Gray, Harry A., Btry. B, 34th AM AW Bn.-SP,
Washington, D. C Flaherty, Gerald H., 2309 W. 1st St., Kennewick, Ft. Bliss.. Tex.
Dorrough, T. A., Hq., 22d MA AW Bn., APO Wash. Grasty, H. L., Orange, Va.
331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Fogler, H. H., 86 Wyndham Rd., Rochester 12, Gray, J. G., Hq., 118th AM Group, 51 Well-
Dorsey, Alec, Hq., 503d Abn. M Bn., Ft. Bragg, N.Y. ington Rd., Ardmore, Pa.
N.C. Fonde, John P., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Green, Julius S., 65th AM Gun Bn., APO 331,
Dougherty, H. S., Hq., 10th AAA Group, Ft. Tex. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
lewis, Wash. Fore, W. c., Lamar St., Latta, S. C. Greenspun, 1., Box 596, Devon, Pa.

Grieg, V. D., Rt. 7, &x 191, Salem, Ore. Holman, Gerald C, PO Box 1301, Pensacola, Fla. Kilbourne, J. C (Ret), 1460 Cortez Ave.
Griepp, F. R., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Hope, Chas. P., Jr., RID 1, Abingdon, Va. Burlingame, Calif. '
Md. Hopkins, John R., Apt. D-l, 99 Peachtree Me- Kimball, F. M., 514 Pleasant St., Charlotte, Mich.
Griffith, W. C, 218 Bentwood Ave., Johnstown, morial Dr., Atlanta, Ga. King, Eugene H., 50 Lancaster Rd., West Hart-
Pa. Hoppe, R. M., 56 Cherry Rd., Rochester 12, N. Y. ford, Conn.
Grogan, John F., Hq. Btry., 519th AAA Gun Bn., Hoppe, W. C., 677 Wilson St., Winona, Minn. Kingsley, E. H., 5326 N. Winthrop Ave., Chi.
Ft. Bliss, Tex. Horneij, E. H., State Armory, 37 Coit St., New cago 40, III.
Guertin, Sabin W., Canterbury, N. H. London, Conn. Kirk, A. C, 408 Briar PI., Chicago 14, III.
Guglielmino, S. P., 670 34th Ave., San Francisco Horton, K. G., 2220 Pacific Ave., Aberdeen, Kissam, R. V., Jr., AOAC No.1, 4050th ASU
11, Calif. Wash. Stu. Det. "C," Ft. Sill, Okla. '
Guitian, A., Spanish Nav. Au., 2700 15th St., Horton, LeRoy, Jr., 341 Hawthorn, Glen Ellyn, Klepacl, M. V., 66 Clinton St., New Britain,
N".W.,Washington, D. C III. Conn.
Gwinner, H. H., Btry. B, 62d AM AW Bn.-SP, Hotvet, W. B., Box 152, Belmond, Iowa. Klon, F. P., 3406 S. 22d St., Milwaukee 15, Wisc.
Ft. Hood, Tex. Howell, J. A., Jr., 129 Pender St., Suffolk, Va. Knapp, K. ]., Jr., TIS, Hist. See., GHQ, FEC
Haddon, M. C, 14416 S. Parnell, Chicago 37, III. Huff, Harold W., 2222 W. 106th St., Chicago 13, APO 500, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. '
Hage, Russell E., 1544 Ridge Ave., Muskegon, III. Knapp, Vincent E., 624 E. 20th St., New Yode
Mich. Hufstetler, J. R., 30th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer, 9, N.Y.
Hagebuch, J. ].,262 Belmont St., Watertown 72, Mich. Knarr, F. E., Clyde Rd., Box 503, Montgomery
Mass. Hughes, Gordon, 307 Blakely Rd., San Antonio County, Bryn Mawr, Pa.
Hall, Edw. M., 1419 Henry St., Berkeley 9, Calif. 9, Tex. Knight, J. B., 29 Putnam Ave., Apt. 2-B, Brook-
Hall, Frank S., 10 Chapel St., Harrisville, R. 1. Hulsizer, F. W., 317 W. 9th, Apt. 5, Tulsa, Okla. lyn, N. Y.
Halliday, Michael, IG Sec., Hq., Yokohama Hultgren, R. A., 117 W. 57th St., New York 19, Koelemay, 1.., Jr., 4403 Finley Dr., Shreveport,
Comd., APO 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. N.Y. La.
Halsey, B. P., 2346 Broadway, Redwood City, Hundhausen, G. H., 3037 Ashfiled Lane, San Kohlhagen, W. S., 5850 Geiger Rd., EI Paso, Tex.
Calif. Diego, Calif. Kolesar? A. M., Stu. Det. "C," AOAC No.1,
Hamilton, R. B., 4325 Bliss St., El Paso, Tex. Hunt, James M., Box 710, Elberton, Ga. Ft. Sill, Okla.
Hampton, Rex H., OMA, Navy 100, c/o FPO, Hurney, ]. H., 4 Harvard Ave., Dorchester 21, Koon, John C, Box 1731, Greenville, S. C
New York, N. Y. Mass. Korecki, Steven, 1109th ASU, HD of L.1.S., Ft.
Hand, B. C, 1724 Pine St., Philadelphia 3, Pa. Hutchins, 1.. W., 929 Belleforte Ave., Oak Park, H. G. Wright, N. Y.
Hansen, Henry M., 55 Learned St., New London, Ill. Kori, J. B., Jr., 3337 Post St., Jacksonville, Fla.
Conn. Hutchinson, J. A., Jr., Waynesboro, Ga. Kotick, John F., 10056 Drury Lane, Westchester,
Haring, David P., 1931 Orrington Ave., Evans. Igersheimer, Milo, Qtrs. 417, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Ill.
ton, III. Ingle, David, Jr., 3919 Washington Ave., Evans- Krangel, Albert, 3216 Kossuth Ave., Bronx 67,
Harney, B., 1903 E. 4th St., Spokane 15, Wash. ville, Ind. N.Y.
Harper, ]. R., 120 W. 123d St., Apt. 94, New Ingram, H. B., Lewes, Del. Krause, H. W., 4842 Oakdale Ave., Chicago 41,
York 27, N. Y. Isaachsen, Robt., 1627 Summerdale, Chicago 40, Ill.
Harris, K. D., PO Box 561, Lancaster, S. C Ill. Kreiser, 1.. G., PO Box 76, Rexmont, Pa.
Harris, N. W., Va. Elec. & Power Co., South Isham, O. A., Hq. 69th AAA Gun Bn.-M, Ft. Kressin, H. R., Stu. Det. "C," AOAC, Ft. Sill,
Boston, Va. Bliss, Tex. Okla.
Hart, Wm. ]., 58-14 41st Ave., Woodside, L. I., Israelson, N. H., 62d AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Krofchik, P., Hq., East. AAAC, Mitchel AFB,
N.Y. Hood, Tex. N.Y.
Hartman, P. E., Jr., RR 3, Box 532, Battle Creek, Jacobson, J. W., Hq., 96th AAA Gun Bn., APO Lacouture, A. ]., Jr., A Btry., 867th AAA AW
Mich. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Bn, APO 942, c/o PM. Seattle, Wash.
Hartt, D. N., Jr., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester 20, Jahnke, K. E., Box 178, Hillsboro, Ind. Ladd, Leon F., 4052d ASU, AA & GM Cen., Box
N.Y. James, Melvin E., 5 Veazey St., Charleston 1, 859, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Hartwig, H. H., Hq. Btry., 867th AAA AW Bn., W.Va. Laffitte, CO., Btry. C, 68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Jansen, F. ]., 213 S. Judson, Tacoma, Wash. Lewis, Wash.
Haskins, C A., 927 Bartholomew St., New Or- Jemmott, A. H., Jr., Hq., '79th AAA Gun Bn.- Lamar, E. F., 4065 3d Ave., San Diego, Calif.
leans, La. 120mm, Ft. Custer, Mich. Lamb, Keith W., 3518 Garvin Ave., Richmond,
Hatch, Donald 1.., 197 E. Robbins Ave., Newing- Jensen, F. T., 1533 Rosewick Ave., Baltimore 6, Calif.
ton, Conn. Md. Lance, O. P., 1217 Prospect Ave., El Paso, Tex.
Haughton, R. E., 1712 Columbia Ave., Lawton, John, R. C, 3500 Nebraska Ave., N.W., Wash- Landsman, Harry, Hq. & Hq. Btry., 68th AAA
Okla. ington 16, D. C Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Wash.
Heimer, Gerard, 31st AAA Brigade, Ft. Lewis, Johnsen, Russell H., 4227 Liberty St., San Diego, Lane, W. K., 618 Colorado Ave., Brush. Colo.
Wash. Calif. Lanelli, 1.. P., 6707th ASU, ORC, Sr., Instr.,
Henderson, J. W., Mayer Ave., Newberry, S. C Johnson, Melvin 1.., Hq., 11th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Seattle, Wash.
Henderson, Robt., Jr., 242 Beverly Dr., New Or- Ft. Lewis, Wash. Langdon, ]. N., 77 Fernwood Park, Rochester 9,
leans, La. Johnson, Robt. E., Jr., 2617 Haste St., Berkeley, N.Y.
Hendren, K. H., Ofc. Army Instr., 118th AAA Calif. Langford, Edw. P., 22-05 202d St., Bayside,N. Y.
Group, 32d & Lancaster, Philadelphia 4, Pa. Johnson, W. S., 600 S. Cherokee, Bartlesville, Langstaff, ]. D., Jr., I11th SWU, Sandia Base,
Hendrickson, R. A., 5693 New Hampshire, Chi- Okla. Albuquerque, N. M.
cago, Ill. Jones, Lee G., 5513 Grace St., El Paso, Tex. Laramy, J. M., 1857 Graham Ave., St. Paul 2,
Herbring, Wm., 2427 N.E. Mason St., Portland Jones, R. A., 1826 Audubon St., New Orleans, La. Minn.
11, Ore. Jones, Remus 1.., 1218 W. 7th Ave., Corsicana, Larson, D. E., 315th AAA Group, 1339 N. La-
Herr, E. D., Forest, La. Tex. fayette Ave., Bremerton, Wash.
Jones, Wm. H., N. Second St., Seneca, S. C Laukaitis, A. B., Hq., 59th AAA AW Bn.-SP., Ft.
Herren, J. C, Box 744, AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Jordan, H. E., 405 N. 16th Ave., Pensacola, Fla. Bliss, Tex.
Bliss, Tex. Kajencki, F. C, 3800 Mountain Ave., El Paso, Lawlor, J. D., 145 Winthrop St., Taunton, Mass.
Hesketh, Wm. N., 194 Whittington Rd., Roches- Tex. Lawrie, D. W., 512 N. Ford Ave., Wilmington,
ter, N. Y. Kane, Frank R., Jr., Hq., 68th AAA Group, APO Del.
Hess, F. S., 411 E. 53d St., New York 22, N. Y. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Lawrence, H. F., 50nh AAA AW Bn., APO
Hesser, W. F., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Kearney, P. ]., 19 Pearl St., San Francisco, Calif. 201-1, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Hewitt, R. A., Btry. A, 870th AM AW Bn., Keenan, W. E., 545 Ridge Rd., Wethersfield, Leadbetter, H. G., 72 Maple St., Dobbs Ferry,
2366 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. Conn. N.Y.
Heyburn, H. B., The Heyburn Bldg. Co., 1407 Kelly, A. Roger, 1 Hawthorne PI., Nyack, N. Y. Lee, 1.. M., Apt. "C-12-C" Carvots, Columbia,
Heyburn Bldg., Louisville 2, Ky. Kelly, ]. P., Jr., 102d AAA Brigade, N.Y. NG, S. C
Hiebler, T. E., 45 Mareeta Rd., Rochester, N. Y. 3250 Perry Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. Lehne, CA., Hq., 59th AAA AW Bn-SP., Ft.
Hiles, John C, Btry. B, 11th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Kelly, R. B., Jr., 715 S. Flower St., Santa Ana, Bliss, Tex.
Lewis, Wash. Calif. Leisten, H. J., 6056 N. Ottaway, Chicago 31, III.
Hill, Benj. 1., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Kelsey, David, Box 5664, Chicago 80, Ill. Leland, Lester D., RR 4, Plymouth, Ind.
Hoddinott, Geo. R., COAC No.1, Stu. Det. "C," Kenan, Jas. S., Statesboro, Ga. Lemere, F. P., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
4050th ASU, Ft. Sill, Okla. Kennedy, D. H., 2329 Main St., Hartford, Conn. Lennig, Edw. N., Jr., 5508 Locust St., Philadel-
Hodge, Wm. 1.., Hq., 11th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Kennedy, Wm. D., Jr., Hq., 22d AAA Group, phia, Pa.
Lewis, Wash. Ft. Custer, Mich. Lenning, C F., Hq., Ft. Story, Va.
Hofstatter, F. W., 2211 Garfias Dr., Pasadena 9, Kenney, A. W. Geo., 103 Guion PI., Apt. 2, New Leslie, E. E., Jr., Wynerlie, Bristol, R. I.
Calif. Rochelle, N. Y. Levendusky, H. G., Stu. Det., Mil. Police School,
Holberton, W. E., 244-B Thomas Dr., Monroe Kershaw, Rostron, 17 Subway Ave., Chelmsford, CpoGordon, Ga.
Park, Wilmington, Del. Mass. Lewis, Jack 1.., 820 Hamilton, St. Louis 12, Mo.
Holder, J. M., Hq., 65th AM Gun Bn., APO Kerwin, W. J., 2232 Washington Ave., Silver Liberato, A. C, 181 Gambetta St., San Francisco,
331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Spring, Md. Calif.

Lieber. Simian. 3027 S. Columbus St., Arlington, Manniello, F. P., Oak Hill, N. Y. Moser, R. F., 32 Village Lane, Rochester 10,
Va. Mariconda, A. F., Stu. Det. "c," AOAC 1, Ft. N.Y.
Ligon, 1. R., 4528th ASU, ROTC, Louisiana Sill, Okla. Moulton, M., 4975 West Point Loma Blvd., San
State University, Baton Rouge. La. Marion, Wm. R., Depot Rd., West Harwich, Diego r. Calif.
Lindstrom. G. F., 38 Fuller Terrace, West New- Mass. Mulrain, Mandas S., 31 Carmen St., Patchogue,
ton, Mass. Marshall, J. E., Jr., 2119 Lake Ave., Lawton, N.Y.
Little, H. G., Jr., 8 Murphy Rd.• Deerhurst, Wil- Okla. Munz, John H., 25 E. Fernbank Ave., Delmar,
mington, Del. Martin, Roy E., Box 713, Anderson S. C. N.Y.
Livingston, K. c., 3388 W. 151st St.. Cleveland, Martinec, S. J., Jr., 4 W. Water St., Coaldale, Pa. Murello, Chas. E., B-60th AM AW Bn., Ft.
Ohio. Marx, Geo. H., U.S. Army Troops, Richland, Scott, Calif.
Lochrie, Wilmer R., Hq., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Wash. Murphy, F. F., 1541 Manchester Ave., West-
Meade, Md. Massey. Wm. M., 1729 Filbert St., Oakland, chester, Ill.
Lockyer, R. H., Hq., 867th AAA AW Bn, APO Calif. Murphy, James R., 2915 22d St., San Francisco,
942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Massingtill, J. H., Jr., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO Calif.
Loew, R. W., 765 Maple Ave., Glen Rock, N. J. 919, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Murray, Jos., Jr., 2017 Edmunds St., Seattle 8,
Lorck, Horace c., Hq., East. AMC, Mitchel Matey, J. G., 3525 Cliftmont Ave., Baltimore, Wash.
AFB,N. Y. Md. Musselwhite, E. 1.., Jr., 4054th ASU, Ht. Btry.,
Lowe, H. A., 1913 Liberty St., Lawton, Okla. Matthews, J. H., Jr., Hq., 59th AAA AW Bn.- AA & GM Cen., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Lown, James M., Hq., 19th AAA Group, Ft. SP, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Myers, E. F., Co. C, 809th Engr. Avn. Bn., Ft.
Meade, Md. Matz, E. 1.., 23 Olga Rd., Vilone Village, Els- Francis E. Warren, Wyo.
Lowry, Wm. K., 2720 Lee St., Columbia, S. C. mere, Del. Nason, R. B., Blacksmith Hill, Middle Haddam,
Lund, Carl R., 133th AM AW Bn.-SP, 3146 N. Maust, A. A., 133 N. Dithridge St., Pittsburgh Conn.
Sawyer, Chicago, Ill. 13, Pa. Natal, S. M., B-64th AAA Gun Bn .• APO 713,
Lyon, David 1.., AOC Regt., Team "L," Ft. Riley, Maxwell, Edw. c., Hq., 715th AAA Gun Bn., Cpo Unit 1, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Kan. Gordon, Ga. Nelligan, M. H., Ft. Washington, Washington 20,
McCallum, A. R., Jr., 7805 Boston Ave., Silver Maykovich, J. J., 502d AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, D.C.
Spring, Md. Tex. Nemeth, S. A., TAS, Ft. Sill, Okla.
McCarthy, Chas. R., 81 Florida St., Rochester, Mazzucchi, R. A., 1925 Oak St., Lawton, Okla. Neprosazatis, F. E., 3734 Oriole Ave., Chicago
N.Y. Meadows, ]. ]., 2658 N. 81st St., Milwaukee 13, 34, Ill.
McCarthy, Max R., 552d AAA Gun Bn., APO Wis. Nery, Carl N., 901 Rolling Rock Rd., Pittsburgh
403, c/o PM, New York, N. Y. Mee, W. S. 1., III, 34th AAA Brigade, Ft. Bliss, 34, Pa.
McCartney, Dan A., Hq., 1100th ASU, New Tex. Newcomb, B. 1.., 22DWest St., Stockbridge, Mich.
England Sub Area, Boston 10, Mass. Meehan, Robt. 1., 28 Woodside Ave., Larchmont, Newman, James W., 5450 St. Charles, EI Paso,
McCartney, Robt. W., 5700 St. Charles, EI Paso, N.Y. Tex.
Tex. Melas, Chas. c., 590 W. 204th St., New York, Nicolson, D. M., 112 Sherwood Way, South San
McConnell, J. W., Jr., A-71Uh AAA Gun Bn., N.Y. Francisco, Calif.
Cpo Gordon, Ga. Merrell, E. A., 3028 Bosque Blvd., Waco, Tex. Nicolson, H. M., Jr., 3406 Devon Way, Redwood
McCormack, J. 1., 1118 Clifford Rd., Cleveland Merriell, D. M., Eckhart Hall, University of Chi- City, Calif.
Heights 21, Ohio. cago 37, Ill. Nighbert, D. W., Box 495, Hq., 717th AAA Gun
McCoy, John P., 1236 Astor St., Chicago 10, Ill. Messer, Zora, Btry. A, 62d AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Bn., Albuquerque, N. M.
McCoy, Richard N., 921 Pleasant Hill Rd., Wal- Hood, Tex. Nikas, Peter T., 616 W. 207th St., New York
nut Creek, Calif. Messner, M. H., Box 236, RR 2, Hughes Rd., Mt. 34,N. Y.
McCravey, J. 1.., 570 Blacker St., E1 Paso, Tex. Healthy 31, Ohio. O'Bryan, Wm. H., 1403 N. 69th East Ave., Tulsa,
McDaniel, C. A., Btry. B, 753d AA Gun Bn., Meyer, Geo. c., Jr., 4208 Homer Dr., El Paso, Okla.
APO 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Tex. Odette, R. E., 615 Hastings Rd., Baltimore 4, Md.
McDonald, John A., 103 W. 141st St., New York, Meyer, Thos. D., 2632 Boundary St., San Diego O'Donnell, Chas. F., Hq., 35th AAA Brigade, Ft.
N.Y. 4, Cahf. Meade, Md.
McDuffee, V. c., Box 227, Augusta, Kan. Mielke, ]. W., Hq., 59th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Oesterreicher, A. W., 3447 Sunnyside, Brookfield,
McElligott, Jos. E., 1205 N. Lafayette St., Albu- Bliss, Tex. Ill.
querque, N. M. Miklautsch, Jos., 6220 Magnolia, Chicago 40, Ill. O'Hea, J. T., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
McFadden, John J., Hq. Btry., 88th Abn. AA Bn., Milkowski, S. 1..,10 Blueberry Rd., Queen Sewell Olson, A. H., PO Box 305, Los Altos, Calif.
Ft. Campbell, Ky. Park, Buzzards Bay, Mass. Omohundro, Robt. J., Hq., 40th AAA Brigade,
McGilton, H. J., 5120 Martin St., Los Angeles Miller, K. H., Jr., 256 S. 45th St., Philadelphia, APO 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
32, Calif. Pa. Onderdonk, G. G., East Millstone, N. J.
McGinn, Boyd, Btry. B, 68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Miller, R. E., 3027 Indiana St., Coconut Grove, Oppenheim, David S., 3D7 E. 44th St., New York
Lewis, Wash. Fla. 17, N.Y.
McGuire, J. F., 3142 Buena Vista Terrace, S.E., Miller, R. J., 5119 Jamieson, St. Louis, Mo. Opperman, R. c., Hq., 39th AAA AW Bn.-M,
Washington, D. C. Miller, Roger W., A-92d AAA AW Bn.-SP, APO Ft, Meade, Md.
McGuire, Wm. B., Box 91, Shadyside, Anne 201-3, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. O'Quinn, G. c., RFD No.1, Newberry, S. C.
Arundel County, Md. Miller, Wilbur W., Hq., 717th AAA Gun Bn., Ostby, K., Nav. & Air Att., Norway Emb., 3409
McKay, W. D., 2518 Hartzell St., Evanston, Ill. Box 495, Albuquerque, N. M. Fulton St., Washington 7, D. C.
McKee Henry R., Box 128, Greenwood, S. C. Millett, Elwood, Box 23, South Orrington, Maine. Oviatt, Wells, 206 4th St., San Salito, Calif.
McKee: R. A., 530 Atkins St., Shreveport, La. Milmore, Chas. W., 34 Bellevue Rd., Swamp- Oyen, A. 0., Dept. Extension Courses, TAS, Ft.
McKenna, J. F., Hq., 96th AAA Gun Bn., APO scott, 11:ass. Sill, Okla.
942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Milner, Geo. 1.., Ft. Meade, Md. Packer, Ellis R., 1808 23d St., S.E., Washington,
McKibben, Roy H., RFD 1, Little Falls, N. J. D.C.
McKinley, D. R., 235 Scholfield Rd., Rochester, Minch, H. G., 4052d ASU, AA & GM Cen., Ft. Pajunas, Albert, 88th Abn. AA Bn., Ft. Campbell,
N.Y. Bliss, Tex. Ky.
McKinney, ]. c., 1273d ASU, NG Armory, Jersey Miner, J. c., 209th AAA Group, 68 Ashland Pallman, Geo. H., Hq., 76th AAA AW Bn., APO
City 6, N. J. Ave., Buffalo 13, N. Y. 713, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
McKnight, Wm. c., 338 Beach, 147th St., Nepon- Mittelkauf, Geo. E., c/o Bisceglia, 278 E. 237th Palmer, Robt. E., Hq., Western AAAC, Hamilton
set, 1.. 1., N. Y. St., New York 66, N. Y. AFB, Calif.
McLeod, Wm. J., N. 8th St., Dillon, S. C. Mockbee, Jack, Hq., FEC, GHQ, APO 500, c/o Pandorf, E. c., 8029 Winton Rd., Cincinnati 24,
McManus, J. B., 50 English Rd., Rochester, N. Y. PM, San FrancisC<l,Calif. Ohio.
McNair, D. c., Dept. Materiel, Ft. Sill, Okla. Moeller, R. 5., 41-A Parkway Village, Cranford, Parker, Adam G., Hq., 97th AAA Group, APO
McNamara J. R., Hq., 5th Air Force, APO 710, N. T. 331, c;o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Moen~ J. 1.., Apt. 7, 2701 Durant Ave., Berkeley, Parker, G. S., 5 Sherwood Pl., Staten Island 8,
c/o PM,' San Francisco, Calif.
Calif. N.Y.
MacDonald, G. W., RD No.1, Berger, N. Y.
Moen, James 1., Rt. 1, Box 564, Fresno, Calif. Parr, Elbert S., 201 Ramond Dr., El Paso, Tex.
MacLeod, R. H., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Devens,
Mohn, S. R., 71st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir, Va. Parrino, M. F., 837 Penfield St., New York, N. Y.
Majka, W. c., 142 Kenyon St., Pawtucket, R. 1. Molinari, M. c., 110 Alameda Ave., Salinas, Pascoe, 1.. F., 6086 Bucyrus St., Cleveland, Ohio.
Maldonado, A., Ave. Gen Vivanco, 539-F, Pueble Calif. Pashley, W. A., Jr., B-4055th ASU, 1st GM
Mooney, H. F., 507th AAA AW Bn., APO 75, Regt., Ord. Res. & Dev. Div., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Libre, Lima, Peru, South America.
Mallard, R. A., 1948 Boulevard, Jacksonville, Fla. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Pavick, Peter D., 726 N. 16th St., Lawton, Okla.
Malloy, W. ]., Hq., Eastern AMC Stewart AFB, Moore, Alva ]., A-69th AM Gun Bn.-M, Ft. Paviour, Robert F., 0239 Lincoln Alliance Bank
Bliss, Tex. Bldg., Rochester 4, N. Y.
Newburgh, N. Y.
Malone, A. G., Hq., 88th Abn. AA Bn., Ft. Camp- Morgan, Rex S., 443d AM AW Bn., Ft. Devens, Pechulis, F. V., C-867th AAA AW Bn.-M, APO
Mass. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Malone, R. J., 5520 Fulton St., San Francisco, Morris, Abraham, 30 S. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. Pederson, 1.. M., A-76th AAA AW Bn.-SP., APO
Morris, H. A., Ft. Washington, Pa. 902, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Perkins, John R., 929 law St., San Diego 9, Calif. Rose, E. 1., Hq., 50th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Sliepka, John S., 2710 W. 24th PI., O1icago 8,
Peters, Geo. F., Hq., 212th AAA Group, N.Y. Tex. Ill.
NG, 120 W. 62d St., New York 23, N. Y. Rose, Kirk M., 352 W. Vertona -R-, Seattle, Sloan, Robt. F., 7936 Justine Ave., Cl1icago, Ill.
Peterson, O. K., 597 Webford Ave., Des Plaines, Wash. Smeland, Ralph W., 2317 Flores St., San Mateo,
III. Rosenzweig, M., 2232 State St., New Orleans, La. Calif.
Peyer, G. A., Jr .. Hq., 40th AAA Brigade, APO Roskelley, 1.J., 122 N. 9th BOOI,Idaho. Smelt, Thos. ]., 33 Marlborough Rd., Rochester,
503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Roton, W. F., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO 919, c/o N.Y.
Picard, A. E., 8873 Frankstown Rd., Pittsburgh PM, San Francisco, Calif. Smith, Bowen N., Stu. Det. "C," AOAC 1, Ft.
21, Pa. Rowley, O. B., Box 97, Pettus, Tex. Sill, Okla.
Pierce, Goo. 0., 532 Orange Grove Ave., South Rudloff, L. A., 14 Butler PI., Brooklyn 17, N. Y. Smith, David R., Hq., 16th AAA Group, Ft.
Pasadena, Calif. Rudy, J. H., PO Box 271, Drexel Hill, Pa. Bliss, Tex.
Pierce, 1. W., Jr., A-507th AAA AW Bn., APO Rudy, Wilbur D., Hq., 19th AAA Group, Ft. Smith, Jas. 1., Jr., Hq., 19th AAA Group, 2003
929, c/o PM San Francisco, Calif. Meade, Md. Preston Rd., Glen Burnie, Md.
Pieri, Wm. D., Jr., 12819 Appleton, Detroit, Russell, E. 0., Jr., c/o Du Pont Co., South San Smith, Sanford A., 47th Spec. Serv. Co., APO
Mich. Francisco, Calif. 246, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Piper, R. ]., 128 St. lawrence Ave., Reno, Nev. Russell, S. R., 725 Coverdale Rd., Wilmington, Smith, S. R., 209 W. Oregon St., Urbana, Ill.
Panadeball, F. S., 654 Bolivar St., Santurce, Del. Smith, Walter M., Hq., 80th Abn. AA Bn., Ft.
Puerto Rico. Rutherford, R. D., Box 1154, AA & GM Br., Bragg, N. C.
Plant, O. M., Box 222, Richmond, Utah. TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Smith, Wm. ]., 1912 Gore Rd., Lawton, Okla.
Ply, S. R., 80th Abn. AA Bn., Ft. Bragg, N. C. Ruths, C. F., 1828 N. Quantico St., Arlington, Smith, Wm. W., Rt. 4, Laconia, N. H.
Pohlmann, C. F., 6127 N. Rampart St., New Or- Va. Smreker, H. P., 1308 Cooley Dr., Borger, Tex.
leans, La. Rutkovsky, Paul, US Army & AF Recruiting, Snead, Jos. A., Hq., 4th Army, Ft. Houston, Tex.
Poll, Michael E., 2403 Franklin Ave., New Or- Main Sta., Portland, Maine. Snell, Daniel T., RFD 1, Uncasville, Conn.
leans 17, La. Ryon, John c., Hinesville, Ga. Snyder, L. E., 8335 Grubb Rd., Apt. 201, Silver
Popiel, F. J., 12 Frank St., Providence 3, R. 1. Safire, Edw., 510 Quincy Ave., Scranton 10, Pa. Spring, Md.
Porter, Riley K., 4453 Finley, Shreveport, la. Saladin, F. N., 3032 Santiago, San Francisco, Snyder, P. F., 10104 McKenney Ave., Silver
Postol, Harry, 145th ORC Gp., 33 Bay, 22d St., Calif. Spring, Md.
Brooklyn 14, N. Y. Sanborn, Edwin H., 85 Codman St., Portland, Sobke, 1., US Army Mission, Bolivia, c/o US
Price, 1. 1., Jr., Swainsboro, Ga. Maine. Embassy, La Paz, Bolivia.
Primo, F. A., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Sandager, R. K., 707 University Ave., S.E., Min- Soltys, A. T., Hq., 95th AAA Gun Bn, Ft. Lewis,
Tex. neapolis 14, Minn. Wash.
Proctor, Frank T., Statesboro, Ga. Sandercock, Wm.]., D-76th AAA AW Bn., APO Somerville, Wm., 157 Reservoir Ave., Providence,
Proctor, Wm. M., lIth AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft. 323, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. R. I.
Lewis, Wash. Sanders, C. 1., B-732 AAA AW Bn., Klamath Soule, J. I., Hq., 97th AAA Group, APO 331, c/o
Purvis, Chas. R., 2014 Somerset St., Green Mead- Armory, Klamath Falls, Ore. PM, San Francisco, Calif.
ows,Md. Sanders, Robt. W., 5301 Olvera Ave., San Diego, Spalding, B. D., Jr., Rt. 56, Box 376, Sunset Dr.,
Radigan, Peter M., Hq., 15th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Calif. EI Paso, Tex.
Ft. Lewis, Wash. Sannes, John R., 311 10th Ave., W., Ashland, Spencer, James c., Mack Rd., Middlefield, Conn.
Raigoza, Juan, Hq., 69th AAA Gun Bn.-M, Ft. Wis. Spizzirri, 1. G., 2661 Sherwin Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Bliss, Tex. Sarles, Theo., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Spring, D. M., Jr., 2909 N. Hills Dr., Atlanta,
Rawcliffe, Wm. F., Hq., 10th AAA Group, Ft. Sawyer, W. 1., 1422 Berry St., Sandston, Va. Ga.
Lewis, Wash. Sayles, H. 1., 301 S. Brainard, La Grange, Ill. Stachelski, A. c., Jr., C-70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
Real, Stewart G., Hq., 19th AAA Group, Ft. Schenck, H. W., 6816 W. 85th St., Los Angeles Meade, Md.
Meade, Md. 45, Calif. Staffieri, L. D. F., Hq., 865th AAA AW Bn.-SP,
Redinger, ]. c., B-30th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer, Schimmel, B. H., Hq., HD, Narragansett Bay, Ft. APO 713, c/o PM., San Francisco, Calif.
Mich. Adams, R. 1. Staley, F. S., Hq., 21st AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft.
Reed, D. R., 1620 Richards Ave., La Porte, Ind. Schneider, C. 1., 188 N. Oxford St., St. Paul 4, Bliss, Tex.
Reeside, J. B., III, Box 177, Hyattsville, Md. Minn. Starn, F., Nav. Au., Netherland Emb., Bur. Nav.
Repiha, S., 266 Ann St., Clarendon Hills, III. Schurtz, J. 0., 71st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir, Att., Washington 9, D. C.
Rhodes, H. R., 209 S. Waverly St., Kennewick, Va. Stamm, C. H., 504 Cook St., Lewiston, Mont.
Wash. Schwand, M. W., 6323 Farmbrook, Detroit 24, Stanford, W. P., Box 283, Crestview, Fla.
Riccio, J. A., Hq. Btry., 867th Bn., APO 942, c/o Mich. Stanton, A. M., Box 786, Florence, S. C.
PM, Seattle, Wash. Scippa, c.]., 651 Honeyspot Rd., Stratford, Conn. Stanton, D. W., Jr., B-710th AAA Gun Bn., Ya.
Richard, Stanley G., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 62d AAA Seabrook, G. W., 1301 E. River St., El Paso, Tex. NG, 1320 Martha Custis Dr., Alexandria, Va.
AW Bn.-SP, Ft. Hood, Tex. Seeber, John A., 4413 Hueco St., El Paso, Tex. Stauffer, O1as, ]., 4773 E. Southern Ave., Albu-
Richey, Leon 1., 16715 Bringard Dr., Detroit 5, Sense, Geo. A., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. querque, N. M.
Mich. Shaffer, G. W., 3980 Rose Hill Ave., Cincinnati Steinman, Wm., Hq., 21st AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft.
Ride, W. T., Jr., Hq., 78th AAA Gun Bn., APO 29, Ohio. Bliss, Tex.
660, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Shaw, Wm. G., 729 Nottingham Rd., Wilming- Stephens, Chas. E., Hq., 80th Abn. AA Bn., Ft.
Riggs, Leland, Statesboro, Ga. ton, Del. Bragg, N. C.
Ringen, H. S. c., 15 Laurel PI., Glen Ridge, N. J. Shearman, F. W., 4 Conway Rd., Bankstown, Stephenson, E. H., Rt. 7, Box 383, Olympia,
Roberts, W. F., 27 Church St., Warren, R. I. New South Wales, Australia. Wash.
Robinson, D. S., RD 4, N. Little Cr. Rd., Dover, Sheahan, Waiter A., 958 Madison Ave., Albany, Stewart, Loren F. Qtrs. 10Go-B, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Del. N.Y. Stigers, J. W., 7522d Sv. Unit, ROTC, Mayaguez,
Robinson, E. A., RFD 2, Hicksville, N. Y. Sheehan, James T., 3125 Montana Ave., El Paso, Puerto Rico.
Robinson, G. E., 2755 40th Ave., San Francisco, Tex. Stitzlein, C. H., Rt. 1, Box 14, Loudonville,
Calif. Shelton, F. W., NG Armory, W. Wycke St., Ohio.
Robinson, N. A., 4581 Pomona Ave., La Mesa, Whiteville, N. C. Stokes, Jas. H., Hq., 34th AAA AW Bn., Ft.
Calif. Sherman, R. G., 203 N. Douglas, Peoria, III. Bliss, Tex.
Robinson, Robt. S., 17 Kent Rd., White Plains, Shockley, James W., AOAC 1, Ft. Sill, Okla. Stone, Wm. P., 126 Moffat Rd., Waban 68, Mass.
N.Y. Shook, Theo., Hq., 40th AAA Brigade, APO 503, Stout, John M., Box 114, RFD, Arlington, Va.
Rodes, Wm. R., Hq., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Strater, John B., 200 Locust Ave., Rye, N. Y.
Meade, Md. Siebels, 1. A., 3811-A Carter Ave., St. Louis, Mo. Stritzky, E. F., Hq., 212th AAA Group, 120 W.
Rodgers, Wm. ]., 274 28th Ave., San Francisco, Sieck, Wm. D., 4810 N. Winchester, Chicago, Ill. 62d St., New York 23, N. Y.
Calif. Sikorski, Wm., 4052d ASU, AA & GM Cen., Ft.
Bliss, Tex. Strong, Ralph M., Hq., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
Rogers, Carl F., 10137 Felton Ave., Inglewood, Custer, Mich.
Calif. Silverstein, M., Box 1357, AA & GM Br., TAS,
Ft. Bliss, Tex. Stucke, C. H., RFD 2, Newberry, S. C.
Rogers, E. R., Qtrs. 553-C, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Stutts, John R., D-69th AAA Gun Bn.-M, Ft.
Simon, 1. E., 10 DeBolt Lane, Richmond, Ind.
Rogers, M. A., 15-B Stillwell, Ft. Leavenworth, Simpson, Geo. F., Jr., 602 W. Blount St., Pensa- Bliss, Tex.
cola, Fla. Suhrke, R. V., 850 Lawrence Ave., Chicago 40,
Rogers, V. D., Hq., 78th AAA Gun Bn.-90mm, Sinclair, F. N., 1610 McGee Ave., Berkeley 3, Ill.
Ft. Lewis, Wash. Calif. Sullivan, D. 1., Jr., 2302d ASU, Schuylkill Ar-
Rolston, Brown, Jr., B-865th AAA AW Bn., APO Sitnik, B. E., 17121 Via Piedras, San Lorenzo, senal, 2620 Greys Ferry Ave., Philadelphia 46,
7, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Calif. Pa.
Romaguera, N. J., 3215 Louisiana Ave., Parkway Skillman, B. D., 4957 University Avenue, San SuIIivan, T. F., 2232 Davidson Ave., Bronx 53,
1, New Orleans, La. Diego, Calif. N.Y.
Rosaaen, W.O., 1367 Pierce Ave., San Leandro, Skipper, John D., Box 1671, Ft. Sill, Okla. Sundberg, E. E., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft, Bliss,
Calif. Skitsko, Geo., 3350th ASU, Box 1170, Jackson- Tex.
Roscoe, L. W., Hq., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. ville, Fla. Sutton, Geo. M., 19 Arlington Dr., Tuscaloosa,
Meade, Md. Slater, 1.Z., 526 Madison St., New Orleans, La. Ala.
Sweeney, Root. L, 3404 Manzana St., EI Paso, Walsh, W. M., 3906 W. 83d St., Chicago 29, IlL Wreidt, N. M., PO Box 5500, 133d Spec. Wpns.
Tex. Wangerian, Wm. F., 1248 Guildford Rd., Harun- Unit, Albuquerque, N. M.
Sweers, P. c., Jr., Stu. Det., TAS, Ft. Sill, Okla. dale-Glen Burnie, Md. Wright, Alexander, Alexander Ave., Washington,
Swords. L H., 1019 Farmington Dr., Peoria, IlL Warshaw, Bernard, Walterboro, S. C. Ga.
Talbot, Max V., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Washington, Chas. E., 114 Wood St., Hights. Wyckoff, Theo., l3.67th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Talbott, D. c., 4101 N. Sheridan Rd., Chicago, town,N.J. Tex.
HI. Waters, V. E., 607 Rosemont Ave., Los Angeles, Wylie, John P., 55 Haverford Rd., Warwick, R. I.
Taylor, A. B., Jr., Box 1491, Spartanburg, S. C. Calif. Wyren, Harry W., 1671 N. Prospect Ave., Mil-
Taylor, R. R., Jr., Box 1446, State College, Miss. Watts, G. E., Jr., 3524 Bandini, Riverside. Calif. waukee 2, Wis.
Tedick; Eugene, 1283d ASU, ROTC, Fordham Weader, R. J., 98 Markham PI., Little Silver, Wyss, Herman, Jr., 62 Packard Ave., Greenwood,
Cniversity, New York 58, N. Y. N.J. R. I.
Tedesco, V. N., 1716 Park Ave., San Jose 11, Weaver, Floyd E., Hq., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Yarborough, M. D., B-4th AM AW Bn ..M, Ft.
Calif. Custer, Mich. Meade,Md.
Temme, E. J., 6829 York Rd., Philadelphia 26, Webb, John B., Rt. 1, Box 105, Cantonment, Fla. Yates, Jack, 1924 Chestnut St., Wilmington, N. C.
Pa. Weir, Norman L, Hq., Eastern AMC, Mitchel Young, Blaine E., A-88th Abn. M Bn., Ft.
TenwinkeI, H. F., 1156 ASU, Ok, Sr. lnstr., NG, AFB,N. Y. Campbell, Ky.
Bridgeport, Conn. Weiss, Horton c., Hq., 59th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Young. James W., Hq., 34th AAA Brigade, Ft.
Testa, John F., Sales Officer-Whse. No.2, Ft. Ft. Bliss, Tex. Wadsworth, N. Y.
Bliss, Tex. Weisskopf, L J., 5232 W. Van Buren St., Chi- Zais, Carl G., Hq., 68th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis,
Thatcher, T. 0., c/o Entomology Dept., Colorado cago 44, Ill. Wash.
A&M College, Ft. Collins, Colo. Wellbaum, Harold, Jr., 9120 N.W. 15th Ave., Zaldo, W. T., Jr., Qtrs. 552-B, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Thews, V. W., 2300 S. Pacific Ave., San Pedro, Miami, Fla. Zillich, J. J., 1405 Ange St., EI Paso, Tex.
Calif. Welling, J. L, Jr., 1207 Fair St., Newberry, S. C. Zupancic, 1. J., 1079 E. 76th St., Cleveland 3,
Thiebauth, C. K., 43 Bonair St., West Roxbury, Wellman, N. E., Hq., 717th AAA Gun Bn.. Ohio.
Mass. 90mm, Box 495, Albuquerque, N. M.
Thomas, Earle F., 287 Avenue "C," New York 9, Weltman, A., 100 S. Village Ave., Rockville Cen- FIRST LIEUTENANTS
N.Y. ter, L I., N. Y.
Thomas, O. M., Hq., 867th AAA AW Bn.-M, Wendle, Hugh M., 1128th ASU, ROTC, Univer. Abrams, 1. W., 3116 Memphis St., EI Paso, Tex.
APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. sity of Maine, Orono, Maine. Albert, Oscar H., 3420 Livingston St., New Or-
Thomas, Robt. E., 75th AAA Gun Bn.-Hq., Ft. Werner, Donald E., 502 S. Zillah St., Kennewick, leans, La.
Meade, Md. Wash. Albro, I. c., 503d AAA Opns. Det., Ft. Meade,
Thompson, Chas. W., Engr. Sec., GHQ, FEC, Werner, F. A., 315 S. Center St., Bloomington, Md.
APO 500, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Ill. Alchimisti, E. G., 515 30th Ave., San Mateo,
Thompson, M. c., 7601 Twelfth St., Detroit 6, Wesley, J. S., Jr., 749 Putnam Ave., Brooklyn, Calif.
Mich. N.Y. Alexander, ]. B., Jr., 37th AAA Gun Bn., APO
Thorne, John H., Stu. Det., T AS, Ft. Sill Okla. West, J. H., Jr., 9 Talbot St., Montclair, N. J. 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Thornhill, J. R., 382 Falstaff Rd., Rochester, Westerdahl, Wm. E., 3820 43d Ave., S., Minne- Allen, J. H., Jr., 214 S. Yelm St., Kennewick,
N.Y. apolis 4, Minn. Wash.
Ticheli, Leo P., Hq., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Wetmore, Geo., RFD 1, Selkirk, N. Y. Allen, Robert H., Jr., Hq., 39th AM AW Bn.,
Meade, Md. White, H. P., PO Box 1852, Cleveland, Ohio. Ft. Meade, Md.
Titley, R. J., ROTC-Mil. Dept., University of White, John B., Hq., 68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Alphonso, C. P., Chalmette, La.
Illinois, Urbana, III. Lewis, Wash. Anderson, H. R., 62d AAA AW Bn.-SP, Cpo
Torrisi, Fred T., 151 Garden St., Lawrence, Mass. White, John c., Ft. Wadsworth, N. Y. Hood, Tex.
Townsend, LB., Jr., B-70th AAA Gun Bn., Qtrs. White, Paul R., Hq., 865th AAA AW Bn., APO Anderson, Richard c., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO
1216-C, Ft. Meade, Md. 7, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. 919, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Townsend, Robt. T., 1104Vz Williams St., Law- White, Thos. A., 44 12th Ave., Columbus 1, Appel, Edward J., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
ton, Okla. Ohio. Md.
Trainor, Chas. R., 305 Hillmoor Dr., Woodmoor, Whitfield, John, Rail Br., Transptn. Sch., Ft. Arant, Phillip W., 59th AAA AW Bn.-SP, Ft.
Silver Spring, Md. Eustis, Va. Bliss, Tex.
Treacy, J. J., Jr., 1461 Commonwealth Ave., Wickersham, E. B., Rt. 3, Washington, Ga. Arling, Raymond, 1204 W. Taylor St., Chicago.
Bronx 60, N. Y. Wigely, John G., General Delivery, Hermosa Ill.
Thepagnier, D. M., Building 18, Jackson Bks., Beach, Calif. Armstrong, Thomas R., Hq., 21st AAA AW Bn.-
New Orleans, La. Wilke, R. G., 459th AAA AW Bn., 3947 N. Far- SP, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Trice, Wm. A., Jr., D-4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. well Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Armstrong, William, 201 Wengler Ave., Aharon,
Meade, Md. Wilkerson, O. 0., 2605 W. Blount St., Pensacola, Pa.
Trosclair, S. J., Jr., 102 Neil St., New Orleans 14, Fla. Armstrong, William H., 867th AAA AW Bn.-M,
La. Wilkinson, R., Jr., 3244th ASU, The Citadel, APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Troska, Adam, River Rd., Lumberville, Pa. Charleston, S. C. Arnold, Allyn B., Jr., 18 High St., Bethel, Conn.
Tubridy, F. J., 2332 University Ave., New York Willett, T. A., Jr., 1021 "An St., Portsmouth, Va. Asher, John T., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer,
53, N.Y. Williams, B. c., Hq., 70th AAA Group, APO Mich.
Turitto, T., 3462 Bailey Ave., New York 63, 713, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Aulds, M. M., 443d AM AW Bn., Ft. Devens,
N.Y. Williams, R. F., 153 N. New Hampshire Ave., Mass.
Turner, E. E., 2112 Hopkins-Cross Rd., S., Min- Los Angeles 4, Calif. Avery, William H., Jr., 40th AAA Brigade, APO
neapolis 16, Minn. Williamson, W. H., Jr., 2409 Texas Ave., Shreve- 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Tysinger, James W., 615 S. Elizabeth St., Wich- port, La.
ita, Kan. Bagwell, Grady 1., 11th AAA Group, Ft. Bliss,
Wilson, Chas. A., Jr., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Underwood, John D., Statesboro, Ga. Tex.
Vancelette, P. D., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester 20, Wilson, Glenn H., Hq., 22d AAA Group, Ft. Bailey, Ewell B., Statesboro, Ga.
N.Y. Custer, Mich. Bailey, Robert 1., Superior, Wyo.
Vandervort, Chas. E., Hq., 675th FA Bn., Ft. Wilson, John M., R.O.A., Driggs, Idaho. Baker, Glen, Hq., Armed Forces Special Weapons
Campbell, Ky. Wilson, L A., Dept. Observation, TAS, Ft. Sill, Project, PO Box 2610, Washington, D. C.
Van Kamerik, J. G., 26 James St., Schenectady, Okla. Balsley, K. R., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
N.Y. Wilson, Robt. L, 813 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, Md.
Van Schelven, W. J., 4613 Harvard Rd., College N.Y. Bardsley, George W., Jr., 621 W. 47th St., Los
Park, Md. Winslow, J. G., 1148 Fifth Ave., New York, Angeles 37, Calif.
Vaughn, J. E., 1656 Mt. Eagle PI., Alexandria, N.Y. Barnes, Edw. M., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft.
Va. Winterbottom, F. W., 110 Oak St., Laconia, Devens, Mass.
Vick, Geo. R., Box 97, Huntsville, Tex. N.H.
Vivori, J. A., Jr., 715 Congress St., S.E., Wash. Barrentine, James R., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
Witty, Stuart E., Hq., 69th AAA Gun Bn.-M, Ft. Meade, Md.
ington, D. C. Bliss, Tex.
Vogt, V. G., 814 W. Roscoe St., Chicago, Ill. Barrett, E. F., 865th AM AW Bn .•SP, APO 7,
Wolf, M. J., 2160 Redfern Rd., Jacksonville 7, Unit 3, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Wagman, J. I., Merion/Garden Apts., No. 410-A, Fla.
Merion, Pa. Wood, Melvin W., 1828 S. Washington, Wichita, Barrett, F. B., 421st AAA Gun Bn., State Bldg.,
Walker, Avery W., 912 College Ave., Niagara Kan. Reno,Nev.
Falls, N. Y. Wood, Russel H., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331, Barrett, H. H., 25 Vredenburg Ave., Yonkers 4,
Walker, J. R., Jr., Hq., 867th AAA AW Bn.-M, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. N.Y.
APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Wood, Wm. B., Varnville, S. C. Barron, John I., York, S. C.
Walker, Robt. M., 1403 "C" Ave., Apt. D, Law- Woodruff, Robt. L, 81 S. Highland Ave., Ossin- Barth, E. J., 1307 N. Piedras, EI Paso, Tex.
ton, Okla. ing, N. Y. Bauer, H. H., 1014 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio.
Walsh, Chas. F., 1443 28th Ave., San Francisco, Wooldridge, K. D., 507th AM AW Bn., APO Baum, Robert E., 501 Concord Dr., Palo Alto,
Calif. 201, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Calif.
Baumgartner, I. P., 16th AAA Group, Ft Bliss, Charbonneau, V., 180 E. New York Ave., Valley Davis, Claude C, 1312 Dwight Way, Berkeley,
Tex. Stream, N. Y. Calif.
Beall, Tyson F., 2580.1.. Jefferson St., Napa. Calif. Charnley, Ralph, 11 Cottage Ave., Centredale, Davis, John c., 10th AAA Group, APO 660, c/o
Bean, John J., 1330 Rio Grande, EI Paso. Tex. R. I. PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Beckage, Paul, 69th AAA Gun Bn.• Ft. Bliss, Tex. Chase, David W., 865th AAA AW Bn., APO 7, Day, Harvey c., 504th AAA Gun Bno, Ft. Custer,
Bednarz. Joseph P., 59th AAA AW Bn..SP, Ft. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Mich.
Bliss. Tex. Chatto. Winfield 1.., 16 Franklin St., Rockland. Deane, T. ]., 1888 University Ave., New York
Belk. Roger H., City Radio & Electronics, Lan- Maine. 53, N. Y.
caster, S. C Chewning. CR., 2917 A Ave., Apt. B, National DeCecca, M. C, 92 Martine Ave., White Plains,
Bennett, Samuel c., 1027 W. 108th St., Los An. City, Calif. N.Y.
geles, Calif. Chisholm, Buff, Jr., 68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Deitch, Eward A., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO
Benton, John C., 1907 Franklin St., San Francisco Lewis, Wash. 919, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
23, Calif. Chisholm, D. H., 14614 Heyden, Detroit 23, Delong, Harry L., Jr., 818 Ventura Ave., Rich.
Bice. Vernon M., 341 W. B Ave., Glendale, Ariz. Mich. mond, Calif.
Bickerdike, C P., 11th AAA AW Bn.:Ft. Bliss, Churchill, L. G., Jr., 507th AAA Opns. Det., Demers, G. P., 760 Lassen St., Richmond, Calif.
Tex. APO 331, c/o PM, San Francisco. Calif. Demerrit, Edwin H., Camp Stoneman Personnel
Biess, Isadore, 539 44th Ave., San Francisco, Glino, Stephen, White Sands Proving Grounds, Center, Pittsburg 5, Calif.
Calif. Las Cruces, N. M. Demone, C j., 32 Main St., Hyannis, Mass.
Blustein, L. N., 19968 Hubbell, Detroit 21, Mich. Ciszek, ]. C, 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, c/o Dempsey, Fred G., 4235 Homer Drive, El Paso,
Bonfoey, W. T., BOQ, 243, Ft. Bliss, Tex. PM, San Francisco, Calif. Tex.
Boone, H. W., 76th 1..1..1..AW Bn., APO 323, Clark, George M., 865th AAA AW Bn., APO 7, Denes, George M., 596 Green Ave., Brooklyn,
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. N.Y.
Bowden, E. R., Jr., Hq., 770th AAA Gun Bn., Fl. Clark, Richard c., Camden, DeL Depaul, E. F., Box 560, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Lewis, Wash. Clark, Wallace M., 25 Calhoun St., Vallejo, Calif. Deweese, Robert, 97th AAA Gun Bn., APO 323,
Boyer, Richard E., 79th 1..1..1..Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Clark, William ]., Student Det., Army Language c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Mich. School, Presidio of Monterey, Calif. Dick, Arthur ]., FECOM, APO 500, c/o PM, San
Branch, Jesse ]., .()9th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Cochran, John J., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO Francisco, Calif.
Tex 919, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Dickinson, Charles W., AAA & GM Br., TAS, Ft.
Brantley, E., Jr., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942, Coghlan, J. E., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942, Bliss, Tex.
c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. c/o PM, Seattle, .Wash. Diehl. William A., 146 Vernon Ave., Yonkers,
Braun, Donald V., Student Officers Del., AAA & Cole, Ward W., 119 State St., Batavia, N. Y. N. Y.
GM Br., T AS, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Coleman, Geo. ]., 1901 Annapolis Rd., Meade Di\ley. Roy E., 1071 Homewood Dr., Lakewood
Braxley, S. E., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Heights. Md. 7, Ohio.
Breed, Charles R., 50th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Colhard, F. T., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942, Dillon, P. J., 812 Newhall Ave., Burlingame,
Tex. c/o PM. Seattle, Wash. Calif.
Breslin, T. P., 4.A Marlborough Gate, New Or. Collier, James G., Box 1731, Greenville, S. C. Dils, H. E., Jr., 66 E. Hillcrest, Dayton, Ohio.
leans, La. Collins, Michael G., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO Dinwiddie, E. W., 443d AAA AW Bn., Fl.
Breton, Jos. E., 2d Inf. Div., Fl. Lewis, Wash. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Devens, Mass.
Brickner F. W., 507th AAA AW Bn., APO 201, Comolli, Louie, 167 Springdale Rd., Elberton, Ga. Dixon, F. ]., 71st 1..1..1..Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir, Va.
Unit 1, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Condon, Chester, 3914 9th St., N.E., Washington, Dommer, Joseph T., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft.
Bridges, J. L., 60th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Ord, Calif. D.C. Meade, Md.
Broady, B. ]., 793 W. Parkview Ave., St. Paul 3, Conner, W. M., 1611 A St., N.E., Washington, Donohue, ]. T., Jr., Pers. Res. & Proc. Br., A.G:s
Minn. D.C. Office, Pentagon, Washington, D. C.
Broida, Donald, 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Connor, Edgar, 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Dorman, ]. R., Jr., G.4, GHQ, FECOM, APO
Tex. Mich. 500, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Brown, John, 1423 W. Emdale Ave., Chicago 26, Conroy, Geo. L., 911 Park Ave., Apt. 108, Laurel, Dougherty, G. A., 60th Inf. Regt., 94th Inf. Div.,
Ill. Md. Ft. Dix, N. J.
Brown, William F., 10th AAA Group, APO 660, Cook, Berto M., 922 E. 141st St., Cleveland 10, Drinkwater, E. C, 40th AAA Brigade, APO 503,
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Ohio. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Bruce, William ]., 1232 Butterfield St., El Paso, Coon, John E., 865th AAA AW Bn., APO 7, c/o Dryden, John F., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Tex. PM, San Francisco, Calif. Tex.
Budosh, S. ]., 4233 Audrey Ave., Baltimore 25, Cotton, John V., 914 Park Ave., Laurel, Md. Duncan, ]. B., Jr., Traffic Dept., Georgia &
Md. Cowan, Kenneth L., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Florida RR., Augusta, Ga.
Burkhardt, H. A., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO Meade, Md. Dunlap, Beverly]., 865th AAA AW Bn., APO 7,
942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Cowen, Jack M., 2324 W. North Ave., Baltimore c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Byargeon, R. I., 2622 N. 33d St., Waco, Tex. 16, Md. Dwyer, John W., III, 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
Byrnes, George L., 32.27 82d St., Jackson Cox, Charles D., 504th AAA Opns. Del., Ft. Meade, Md.
Heights, L. 1., N. Y. Devens, Mass. Dyer, Allan 0., 30th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer,
Cacchiotti, R. R., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Cox, Osburne S., 3452 W. Frances Rd., Clio, Mich.
Wash. Mich. Dyer, C P., 11 Grove St., Winchester, Mass.
Cain, Lee R., Qtrs. 546.B, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Craig, John S., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Dynia, John, 502d AAA Gun Bn., APO 937, c/o
Calkin, George R., 208 Pasadale Rd., EI Paso, Md. PM, Seattle, Wash.
Tex. Cramer, Robert H., 405 Addison Rd., Riverside, Dyson, Joseph R., E. Robert Toombs Ave., Wash.
Calvert, George 1., 406 High St., Williamsport Ill. ington, Ga.
34, Pa. Craven, M. H., Box 786, Florence, S. C. Earl, Wayde F., Park Place, Lake George, N. Y.
Camiolo, T. A., 110 Braddocks Rd., Rochester, Craw, Clarence F., 5323 N.E. 19th Ave., Port- Ebel, Henry N., Ft. Warren Det., Ft. Banks,
N.Y. land 11, Ore. Mass.
Camp, William H., PO Box 172, Estille, S. C. Crea, Rocco, 1569Yz University Ave., St. Paul 4,
Campbell, George c., High St., Cotuit, Mass. Minn. Edington, D. W., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Cantor, Sidney, 141-27 73d Terrace, Flushing, Culbreth, D. F., 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
N.Y. Tex. Eger, Robert L., 815 18th St., N.W., Washington,
Capo, Charles E., 32-45 47th St., Long Island City Cupps, Cecil c., Jr., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. D.C.
3,N.Y. Meade, Md. Eichling, Robert E., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Carey, Howard H., 88th AAA Abn. Bn., Cpo Curran, H. E., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Tex.
Campbell, Ky. Currier, R. E., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331, c/o Elliott, James S., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
Carr, j. W., Jr., 944 Rittiner Dr., Baton 'Rouge PM, San Francisco, Calif. Md.
11, La. Curtis, Arthur, BOQ 5105, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Emery, James 1., Co. A. 36th Armd. Inf. Div., 3d
Carrington, W. ]., AFF Board No.4, Ft. Bliss, Czapran, W. P., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Armored Div., Ft. Knox, Ky.
Tex. Md. Engle, Robert C, 16563 Linwood, Detroit 21,
Carter, C. A., 158 Adelphi St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Czworniak, C. F., 4339 S. Paulina, Chicago, IlL Mich.
Casey, Edgar L., Student Det., TAS, Ft. Sill, Okla. Dahlquist, Fred c., 8104 Sv. Det., APO 331, c/o English, William E., 16 Cedar St., Laconia, N. H.
PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Casey, H. T., Jr., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Daniels, John H., 10th AAA Group, Fl. Lewis, Erd, Harry S., Jr., 3503 Gratiot Ave., Port Huron,
Tex. Mich.
Cavanaugh, J. W., 682 Grand Ave., St. Paul 5, Darling, B. P., 94th AAA Gun Bn., APO 713, Evans, Trevor, 443d AAA AW Bn:, Ft. Devens,
Minn. Unit I, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Mass.
Cavin, Joseph, Jr., 2d Armored Div., Cpo Hood, Darsey, James R., Hinesville, Ga. Ewalt, Grant C, 1437 Ellison Dr., Lima, Ohio.
Tex. Daspit, Alvin, 2330 Santiago St., San Francisco, Fahey, Russell E., 5925 Monadnock Way, Oak-
Chandler, A. L., PO Box 1731, Greenville, S. C. Calif. land 5, Calif.
Chapman, James R., 69th AAA Gun Bn., Fl. Davies, William, Division Rd., East Greenwich, Farnsworth, Paul V., 4522 N. 15th St., Omaha
Bliss, Tex. R.1. 11, Neb.
Farris, Philip A., 88th Abn. AliA Bn., Ft. Camp- Griffin, Marvin R., S. Cambridge St., Ninety.Six, Hunter, J. G., 33 Pinecrest Pkwy., Wilmington,
bell, Ky. S.c. KC.
Fa}",Earl E., 1019 Britton Rd., Rochester, N. Y. Griffin, Henry, Btry. A., 21st AM AW Bn., Ft. Hurst, R. P., C-29th AAA AW Bn., APO 994,
Fender, David G., 103 W. 12th St., Jacksonville, Bliss, Tex. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Fla. Groh, D. M., 833 Harmon Rd., Penfield, N. Y. Hutchinson, L. J., Rt. 2, Box 45-A, Elsinore,
Field, Henry J., General Delivery, Seneca, S. C Grooms, Richard K., Seaman, Ohio. Calif.
Finnegan, James A., 16742 Lola Dr., Detroit 19, Guglielmino. 1. E., 92 San Pablo Ave., San Fran- Hutter, J. W., 482 E. 20th, Hialeah, Fla.
Mich. cisco, Calif. Hyatt, N. E., 305 Birmingham Ave., Wilming-
Fischer, K. P., 75th AliA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Hall, R. J., Jr., 12 Hempstead Ave., Rockville ton, Del.
Md. Centre, N. Y. Inskeep, J. H. W., Btry. A, 88th Abn. AA Bn., Ft.
Fisler, Benjamin H., 6 Burke Terrace, Rochester Hall, 1., Box 759, Hazard, Ky. Bliss, Tex.
13, N. Y. Halloran, J. V., Hq., Western AAAC, Hamilton Imy, E. W., Oakland, Miss.
Fire, Max D., 4329 N. Western Ave., Chicago 18, AFB, Calif. Irland, F., 5948 Winthrop St., Chicago, III.
III. Hamer, Jos. E., 6425 Clement Ave., South Ta- Irwin, J. G., 1852 Columbia Rd., N.W., Wash-
Fletcher, J. T., 196 Hancock St., Brooklyn, N. Y. coma, Wash. ington, D. C.
Flynn, Arthur J., 62d AAA AW Bn., Cpo Hood, Hamilton, K. 1., Btry. B, 507th AAA AW Bn, Jackman, Chas. M., 220 Suburban Pkwy., Oak-
Tex. APO 929, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. land Beach, R. 1.
Foley, Francis W., 35th AAA Brigade, Ft. Meade, Hampton, K. R., Btry. A, 867th AAA AW Bn., Jastrzembeki, }. R., 1509 N. Mesa Ave., El Paso,
Md. APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Tex.
Fonjalliaz, R. A., 78-48 267th St., Bellerose, Hamscher, G. M., 88th Abn. AA Bn., Ft. Bliss, Johns, eN., Qtrs. 10n-c, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
N.Y. Tex. Johnson, D. F., 2'6 Reese St., Elberton, Ga.
Forgue, Zoel R., 1089 Harvard, Berkley, Mich. Hanneke, L H., -65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331, Johnson, Donald c., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft.
Fort, Alvin E., Box 645, TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Devens. Mass.
Foster, Frederick, 75 Cebada St., El Paso, Tex. Hannis, Eugene A., 626 Capitol St., Vallejo, Johnson, R. E., 4915 Deal Dr., S.E., Washington,
Foster, Stanley, 1111 W. Shownshownee St., Calif. D.C.
Pasco, Wash. Hannon, 1. K., Stu. Det., Army Lang. Sch., Pre- Johnson, Raymond G., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft.
Fraser, J. P., Jr., 372 McPherson Ave., Birming- sidio of Monterey, Calif. Devens, Mass.
ham II, Ala. Hansen, E. H., Box 953, Balboa Island, Calif. Johnson, R. H., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Freeman, David G., Abn. Bn., STR., TIS, Ft. Hansen, Robt., Naples, Idaho. Tex.
Benning, Ga. Harden, Wm. H., Qtrs. 548-B, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Johnston, T. E., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
Frick, Edwin }., 507th AAA Opns. Det., APO Harper, N. M., Box 786, Florence, S. C. Md.
331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Harris, H. L., Btry. D, 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Johnstone, R. H., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
Fuller, N. A., 7735 Dolphin, Detroit 28, Mich. Meade. Md. Md.
Fuller, William M., 88th Abn. AAA Bn., Cpo Harris, W. P., II4 Court House, Jacksonville, Jones, F. G., Jr., 1060 Wolfe St., Jacksonville,
Campbell, Ky. Fla. Fla.
Furlan, James E., 2206 Park, Houston 6, Tex. Harris, Wm. W., Btry. B, 30th AAA AW Bn., Jones, }. W., Jr., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO 919,
Furman, H. W. C, Hq., 11th Abn. Div. Arty., Ft. Custer, Mich. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Cpo Campbell, Ky. Harry, J. F., Btry. A, 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Jones, S., 2314 Basset Ave., El Paso, Tex.
Gagnon, N. C, 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, Bliss, Tex. Jones, T. H., Btry. C, 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft.
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Hart, A. c., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942, c/o Bliss, Tex.
Gaines, James S., 60th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Scott, PM, Seattle, Wash. Jordan, O. R., 2411 Copper St., El Paso, Tex.
Calif. Hart, B. W., 223 Smith St., Marianna, Fla. Jorgensen, K., 13642 Military Rd., Seattle, Wash.
Gambrell, AI., Box 469, Greenwood, S. C. Harty, P. H., 97th AAA Gp., APO 331, c/o PM, Junkin, R. A., Box 1731, Greenville, S. C.
Gammon, E. A., Btry. A, 95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. San Francisco, Calif. Kaminski, M., Btry B, 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft.
Lewis, Wash. Hatch, C. W., Jr., 2125 Roosevelt Ave., Berkeley, Bliss, Tex.
Gantt, Richard E., II4-13 141st St., South Ozone Calif. Kaufman, P., Qtrs. 5606, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Park, L. L, N. Y. Hathaway, C. T., Btry. B, 82d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Kecskemety, ]., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942,
Garrett, Edw. }., Btry. B, 59th AAA AW Bn., Lewis, Wash. c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Ft. Bliss, Tex. Hayden, J. 1., 3312 Polk Ave., El Paso, Tex. Keena, E. }., 141 Bond St., Hartford, Conn.
Garvey, Geo. F., 15 Parkview Pl., Baldwin, N. Y. Hayes, D. R., 95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Keith, J. B., Jr., Statesboro, Ga.
Gaudet, A. }., Box 663, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Wash. Keller, G., Btry. B, 82d AAA AW Bn., APO 248,
Geary, John, AF Ln. Pilot Sch., Connally AFB, Haynes, F. A., 34th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Waco, Tex. Healy, M. ]., 503d Opns. Det., Ft. Meade, Md. Kelly, T. M., 41st AAA AW Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Geenty, Thos. J., 102 Cedarhill Ave., New Haven, Heard, W. S., Jr., Box 886, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Tex.
Conn. Kelso, M. 1., Btry. B, 518th AAA Gun Bn.,
Hearn, N. P., 81 Thatcher St., Atteboro, Mass.
Genta, A., 248 Prince George St., North L, An- North Richland, Wash.
Hellmuth, J. G., 3932 Mil Rd., N.W., Washing- Kendall, R. E., 3243 Mills Acres, Flint, Mich.
napolis, Md. ton, D. C.
Gertz, N. M., 6627 N. Glenwood Ave., Chicago, Kerlin, ]. 1., Btry. C, 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft.
Ill. Hemenway, R. W., Stu. Det., AA and GM Br., Meade, Md.
Gift, John }., 135 S. 14th St., Allentown, Pa. TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Kershinar, 1. P., Box 20, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Gilhooly, Wm. P., C Btry., 67th AAA Gun Bn., Hester, 1. B., 93 Cypress Ave., Vallejo, Calif. Kilcullen, E. P., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss,
Ft. Bliss, Tex. Hewlett, P. 8., 39 Montana St., San Francisco, Tex.
Gillespie, J. W., Jr., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Calif. Kimball, R. E., Camp Street RR 1, Hyannis, Mass.
Meade, Md. Hickey, D. W., III, 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Kindick, C. M., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331,
Glenn, Ray, 11th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Lewis, Wash. Meade, Md. c(o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Godfrey, H. J., Hq., 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Hill, E. B., Btry. A, 92d AAA AW Bn, APO Kinkead, W. W., Hq. Btry., 39th AAA AW Bn.,
Bliss, Tex. 201, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Ft. Meade, Md.
Gontaryk, }. M., Hq., 212th Gp., 120 W. 62d St., Hitchcock, J. W., 69th AAA AW Gun Bn., Ft. Kinnear, J. B., Btry. B, 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft.
New York, N. Y. Devens, Mass. Meade, Md.
Goodman, David, 6559 Greenview, Chicago, Ill. Kinnebrew, W. T., 3891 N.W. 4th Terrace,
Hodges, M. B., Statesboro, Ga. Miami, Fla.
Goodwin, J. W., 4413 Harvey, Western Springs, Hoff, A.P., 404 Holly Ave., St. Paul, Minn.
Ill. Klenik, R. L., Box 853, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Gordon, W. A., Jr., II53 9th Street, Berkeley, Hoff, F. E., Btry. C, 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Klerekoper, M. R., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Calif. Custer, Mich. Tex.
Gormally, J. F., 18 Main St., Potter Hill, R. L Hofmann, W. A., Btry. D, 30th AAA AW Bn., Klespis, A.]., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Gorman, K. E., 320 Exchange Pl., New Orleans, Ft. Custer, Mich. Kneckel, W. F., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester, N. Y.
La. Holden, H., 731 Spruce Ave., Pacific Grove, Calif. Knill, 1. M., Rt. 2, Box 204, Arvada, Colo.
Grammer, W. c., Btry. D, 867th AAA AW Bn., Hollerbach, }. T., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Kukla, S. W., 1712 N. Artesian Ave., Chicago,
APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Devens, Mass. Ill.
Grant, James S., Andrews, S. C. Holton, K. A., Rt. 4, Logansport, Ind. Ladd, M., 4720 W. 13th St., Cicero, III.
Greene, F. 8., Jr., 808 Boundary St., Newberry, Hopkins, W. 1., 346 Stanford Ave., Menlo Park, Lane, A. P., Btry. A, 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO
S. C. 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Greenhalgh, E. c., 2230 Grant Ave., El Paso, Tex. Horne, P. E., 61 Colburn St., North Attleboro,
Langer, R. G., 120 Floral Blvd., Floral Park,
Greenia, 1. ]., Btry. B, 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. 1. L, N.Y.
Mass. Lanseadel, R. }., 7lst AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir,
Bliss, Tex. Hostetter, E. D., Btry. D, 867th AAA AW Bn.,
Gregory, F. A., 612 Sierra Rd., £1 Paso, Tex. Va.
Gremore, W. }., 443d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, APO 942, c(o PM, Seattle, Wash. Latimer, H. D., Btry. B, 88th Abn. AA Bn., Cpo
Tex. Hubble, P. C, 500th AM Opns. Det., Ft. Ord, Campbell, Ky.
Gresham, Wm. J., Jefferson St., Washington, Ga. Calif. Lawton, F. R., 710 E. 7th St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Griffin, Joseph T., Jr., II7 Voorhies Ave., Humble, J., Jr., 814 Lone St., Kennewick, Wash. Lawton, ]., York, S. C.
Rockville Centre, N. Y. Hunt, C. E., Sr., 308 Richards Bldg., Tulsa, Okla. Lay, J. 5., 70th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Md.

Leaken, R. M., 22d AM AW Bn., APO 331, c/o Marks, 1. E., 177 S. Cooper St., Memphis, Tenn. Neuer, A., 446 Kingston Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Maroe, G. Mo, 711 W. 29th St., Vancouver, Nolan, A. J., 2709 Goodwood Rd., Baltimore,
Leandee, R. W., 7 Wachusetl: St., Worchester, Wash. Md.
Mass. Marshall, F. T., 408 N. James St., Newport, Del. Nolde, C. A., 369 Bellaire Dr., New Orleans, la.
Lee, W. F., Jr., W. Robt. Toombs Ave., Wash- Martell, D. 1., 79th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Normile, K., 2032 Seward St., Evanston, Ill.
ington,Ga. Mich. Northway, P. E., 14 Wino St., Woburn, Mass.
Leonard, R. T., Hq., 19th AM Gp., Ft. Meade, Martell, W. c., 75th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Oakley, W. S., 88th Abn. AA Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Md. Md. O'Connell, F. J., 417 Locust Dr., Baltimore, Md.
Lester, J. c., Rt. 4. Newberry, S. C. Martin, C. W., 69th MA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, O'Connor, T., 69th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Lethco, T. D., 4534 Mission St., San Francisco, Tex. Odom, A. M., Ft. Myers, Fla.
Calif. Martin, c., 4309 Sheppard Ave., El Paso, Tex. O'Donnell, J. N., AOAC, Ft. Sill, Okla.
Lewis, Chas. R., Hq., 250th AM Gp., Ft. Lewis, Martin, R. P., 845 N.E. 109th Ave., Portland, Oelschlaeger, W. E., 75th AM Gun Bn., Ft.
Wash. Ore. Meade, Md.
Lewis, J. D., Btry. D, 59th AM AW Bn., Ft. Marvel, H. D., 515 W. Summitt Ave., Wilming- O'Gwynn, P. D., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
Bliss, Tex. ton, Del. Custer, Mich.
Lichtenegger, S., Hq., 39th AM AW Bn., Ft. Manari, G. J., Rt. 1, Bessemer, Mich. Olson, C. W., 39th AM AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
Meade, Md. Matejov, S. A., Btry. A,1l5th AM AW Bn., Md.
Lienhart, A. J., Btry. D, 768th AM AW Bn., APO 660, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Olson, H. c., Btry. A, 865th AM AW Bn., APO
Williamston, S. C. Matsche, J. F., Btry. A, 65th AM Gun Bn., APO 7, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Lindh, 1. J., 5940 N. Talman Ave., Chicago, III. 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Osserman, H. H., 60th AM AW Bn., Ft. Ord
Lines, C. P., 61 Roselle Park, N. J. Mayer, M. W., Hq., 19th AAA Gp., Ft. Meade, Calif. '
Linnell, W. 1., 510 24th Ave., San Francisco, Md. Ostrom, E., 78th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Wash.
Calif. Mayes, L. S., 8th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer, Mich. O'Sullivan, D. P., 33.26 85th St., Jackson
Litvin, M., 755 S. 60th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Meinhardt, H. T., 1158 W. Montana St., Chicago, Heights, N. Y.
Lodle, E. G., Box 865, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Ill. Otterboug, C. R., 35th AAA Brig., Ft. Meade,
Logan, M. M., Btry. C, 7.()4thAM Gun Bn., Ft. Mendenhall, F. E., Jr., 1815 Whitehall, Harris- Md.
Clayton, Canal Zone. burg, Pa. Ottovich, 1., 5659 Carberry Ave., Oakland, Calif.
Long, W. T., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331, c/o Meola, R. A., Jr., 4th AM AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Palmer, N. S., 118 S. Yelm St., Kennewick,
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Md. Wash.
Longman, W. M., 2355 Leavenworth, St., San Metzcar, R. M., Cas. Off. Per. Cen., Cpo Stone- Palmer, P., Jr., USS Antietan, FPO, c/o PM,
Francisco, Calif. man, Calif. San Francisco, Calif.
Lonning, T. G., 1416 R St., N.W., Washington, Meyer, C. A., Hq., lOth AAA Gp., Ft. Lewis, Papatones, A. J., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer,
D.C. Wash. Mich.
Loud, A. W., Haverhill St., N., Reading, Mass. Meyer, D. W., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Paporozzi, 1. M., 15 New St., Lodi, N. ].
Loving, W. H., 251 Adams St., Oakland, Calif. Wash. Parker, F. c., III, Advanced Courses, Ft. Sill,
Ludlow, D. E., Hq., 22-6th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Meyer, H. E., 5255 N. Kimball, Chicago, Ill. Okla.
Tex. Meyer, H. W., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, c/o Parker, Wm. R., 604 S. 18th, Laramie, Wyo.
Luebbe, C. 1., 2753 Shafer Ave., Gncinnati, PM, San Francisco, Calif. Parrish, c., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, c/o
Ohio. Michaux, C. 1., Jr., 212 Woodlawn Ave., Buf- PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Lukas, C. T., nd AAA AW Bn., APO 201, Unit falo, N. Y. Patterson, D. F., 225 Perry, Beaumont, Tex.
3, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Migaldi, F. 1., 4852 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, Ill. Patraitis, G. A., 5726 S. Honore, Chicago, Ill.
Lumpkin, R. G., 4100 La Puz St., El Paso, Tex. Mihaldnic, P., 1701 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Paul, R. N., RFD, Ely, Vt.
Lynch, ]. J., 16 Fourteenth Ave., Haverhill, Mass. Washington, D. C. Pauley, D., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Mich.
Lynch, M. ].,31548 Alpena Ct., Wayne, Mich. Millan, 1. c., Qtrs. 171-A, Ft. Lewis, Wash. Paull, W. H., 119 Wood St., Catasuqua, Pa.
Lyon, M. E., 4245 Fletcher Ave., Indianapolis, Mintz, F., 76th AAA AW Bn., APO 323, c/o Payne, R. F., 14th FA Bn., Cpo Hood, Tex.
Ind. PM, San Francisco, Calif. Pendergraft, W. R., Jr., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
McBroom, E. T., Box 426, Canton, III. Mitchell, W. 1., 3463d Tng. Sqdn., Ft. Francis Lewis, Wash.
McCaughey, N. W., 69th AAA AW Gun Bn., Ft. E. Warren, Wyo. Pennock,). S., 1410 Spring St., Little Rock, Ark.
Bliss, Tex. Modaffari, J. H., 5 Elizabeth PI., Rochester, N. Y. Pepin, E. A., 19th AAA Gp., Ft. Meade, Md.
McClaflin, F. 1., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO 919, Mooers, S. R., 69th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Perlman, C. S., 2937 W. Buena Vista, Detroit,
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Moore, E. c., 4445 Coyle St., Houston, Tex. Mich.
McClelland, D. ]., Hq., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Moore, J. K., 507th AAA AW Bn., APO 929, Pettiford, S. E., Btry. B, 933d AAA AW Bn.,
Lewis, Wash. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. APO 994, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
McCloskey, ]. W., Box 994, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Moore, R. E., 3125 N.W. Luzon, Portland, Ore. Phillipsen, E. R., Qtrs. 548-A, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
McCoy, R. W., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 75th MA Gun Moore, W. D., 8115 Svc. Det., APO 331, c/o Pickering, H. D., 71st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir,
Bn., Ft. Meade, Md. PM., San Francisco, Calif. Va.
McCray, D. ]., 169 Belmont Ave., Newark, N. ]. Moose, H. E., 220-6 Mower St., Newberry, S. C. Piribek, ]., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, c/o
McDermott,]. P., Btry. A., 39th AAA AW Bn., Morden, C. V., 35th AAA Brig., Ft. Meade, Md. PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Ft. Meade, Md. Morgan, D., 62d AAA AW Bn., Cpo Hood, Tex. Pitcher, A. c., 9131 85th St., Woodhaven, 1. I.,
McFarland, R. R., Qtrs. 418-B, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Morgan, W. 1., Btry. A, 48th AAA AW Bn, N.Y.
McGovern, T. F., Btry B., 39th AAA AW Bn., APO 403, c/o PM, New York, N. Y. Pitsch, R. E., 1046 Chicago Ave., Oak Park, Ill.
Ft. Meade, Md. Morrison, R. c., 226 Pennsylvania Ave., Lebanon, Pohl, R. W., 3404 Exposition Rd., Austin, Tex.
McGuire, 1. A., 957 Manton Ave., Providence, Tenn. Pollack, H., 6814 Quincy St., Philadelphia, Pa.
R. I. Morrow, J. G., Btry. C, 867th AAA AW Bn., Pooser; M., Clerk's Box, Post Office, Arcadia, Fla.
McIlwee, J. B., 116.0 Cotton Ave., El Paso, Tex. APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Porter, G. J., 95th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis,
McIntyre, W., Hq., 503 Abn. AA Bn., Ft. Bragg, Morton, M. M., Btry. C, 867th AAA AW Bn., Wash.
N.C. APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Powell, R. K., Box 507, Salem, Ore.
McKim, ]. D., 3311 Federal St., Camden, N. ]. Most, S., 655 E. 14th St., New York, N. Y. Powers, G. H., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, c/o
McMartin, G. M., Hq. Btry., 39th AM AW Bn., Moyer, J. H., 1230 Sylvan Ave., Haddon Heights, PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Ft. Meade, Md. N.J. Price, J. E., Jr., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942,
McNamee, R. W., Jr., 67 Drexelbrook Dr., Mullineaux, ]. B., Jr., Rt. 6, Lancaster, S. C. c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Drexel Hill, Pa. Pride, R., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Mich.
McNeil, Wm. R., D-96th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Munguia, R. V., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss,
Tex. Propst, C. H., 69th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Richardson, Alaska. Pryor, B. H., 297 Franklin St., Athens, Ga.
MacHott, H. E., A-29th AM AW Bn., APO Munro, ]. A., 557 Maple Ave., Audubon, N. J.
Munroe, R. H., Btry. C, 11th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Pulliam, P. E., 3 West Blvd., S., Columbia, Mo.
902, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Lewis, Wash .. Rafter, W. E., 40th AAA Brig., APO 503, c/o
Mackie, W. R., 13.()4 Armstrong, Bartlesville, PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Okla. Munson, V. V. F., Rt. 1, Olean, N. Y.
Maffei, M. A., 71st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir, Murawski,
T. 0., 68th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Raineault, C. G., 867th AM AW Bn., APO 943,
Va. c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Magruder, V. E., M & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Murphy, W. ]., 62d AAA AW Bn., Cpo Hood, Randolph, W. A., 34th AM AW Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Tex. Tex. Tex.
Major, W., 1511 Highland, Camden, S. C. Murray, C. M., 59th AM AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Rapp, R. M., Jr., 17618 Ingleside Rd., Cleveland,
Malone, M. ]., 78th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Tex. Ohio.
Wash. Murray, Chas. W., AOAC No.2, Stu. Det. "C," Ray, H. D., 117 Heard St., Elberton, Ga.
Manske, R. F., 15 Belgrad St., Rochester, N. Y. Ft. Sill, Okla. Raymond, D. F., 390 West Ave., Hanahan, La
Marcotte, W. E., Rt. 1, Wood Pond Rd., West Myers, R. 1., Jr., 4526 Westmoreland Ct., River- Rebisz, C. 710 S. James St., Rome, N. Y.
Hartford, Conn. side, Calif. Redford, Jas. c., 443d AM AW Bn., Ft.
Marcyes, P. F., 4054th ASU, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Myers, W. 1., Ft. Smith Armory, Arcadia, Fla. Devens, Mass.
Margid, R., 2425 St. George St., Los Angeles, Myers, W. R., Box 677, Radford, Va. Rehfuss, J. W., 1234 N. Pulaski Rd., Chicago,
Calif. Nelson, R. V., 17717 Harlan, East Detroit, Mich. Ill.
Relun, E. R., 108 Ballard PL, Seattle, Wash. Smith, D. E., 68th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Turner, J. S. R., 911 Edgerly Rd., Glen Burnie,
Rehm, W. R., 2lst AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Wash. Md.
Reidy, W. J., 68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Smith, D. H., 502d AAA Opns. Det., Ft. Custer, Tuscany, F., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Wash. Mich. Tuttle, C. F., erc Cen., Ft. Holabird, Md.
Reitz, L. A., 2509 S. Oaswego, Tulsa, Okla. Smith, E. A., 95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Tyree, ]. H., 518th AAA Gun Bn., North Rich-
Respess, R. B., 109 17th St., N.E., Atlanta, Ga. Wash. land, Wash.
Reuter, P. W., Jr., 906 Whitehead St., Key West, Smith, H. J., 4183 Devonshire, Detroit, Mich. L'nderwood, B. 1.., 1217 Lupton Dr., Chat-
Fla. Smith, H. ]., 1331 S. Oxford Rd., Grosse Point, tdIIOOga,Tenn.
Richards, W. S., 95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Woods, Mich. Vaden, F. 1., Div. Arty. Hq., Cpo Hood, Tex.
Wash. Smith, H. R., 3521 High St., Oakland, Calif. Valle, M. A., Jr., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331,
Ridlehoover, E. M., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Smith, W. E., 518 AAA Gun Bn., North Rich- clo PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Meade, Md. land, Wash. Van Orman, G. A., 50th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Ring, K. G., 95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Snider, R., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Tex.
Wash. Somers, L. W., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Van't Veld, H. J., 2909 Q St., N.W., Washing-
Rivera, R., Box 44, Vieques, Puerto Rico. Sorrels, A. I., 441st erc Det., APO 500, c/o PM, ton, D. C.
Robinson, E., Box HlO, Harmony, R. 1. San Francisco, Calif. Verburg, K. B., 11th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Rodenbeck, E. 0., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Soucy, R. H., Queens Ave., West Warwick, R. L Voelkel, M. G., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester, N. Y.
Md. Sovitski, c., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942, c/o Vogt, B. 1.., 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Rodgers, E. C, 3410 Franklin St., EI Paso, Tex. PM, Seattle, Wash. Vranish, R. 1.., 88th Abn. AA Bn., Cpo Campbell,
Rodgers, F. T., 5 Benefit St., Westerly, R. 1. Spetz, A. B., 1199 Plymouth Ave., S., Rochester, Ky.
Roller, H. N., 19th AAA Gp., Ft. Meade, Md. N.Y. Wadkins, R. ]., 816 Joplin National Bank Bldg.,
Rollins, E. 1., 8317 S. Claiborne Ave., New Or- Spielman, G. 1.., Triumph, Minn. Joplin, Mo.
leans, La. Sprague, E. 1.., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331, Wadley, H. 1.., 938 N. St. Johns Ave., Highland
Rose, R. J., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Park, Ill.
Rosskopf, J. K., 10th AAA Gp., Ft. Lewis, Wash. Standish, H. H., 625 Larch Ave., S., San Fran- Wagner, G. A., 37 Signal Hill Blvd., East St.
Rotureau, N. P., 106 W. Cervantes St., Pensa- cisco, Calif. Louis, Ill.
cola, Fla. Stanley, 1.. A., Jr., Alberta Farms, Rt. 1, Clayton, Wagner, R., Box 1375, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Rountree, P., Chipley, Fla. Del. Walker, G. H., Jr., Peakham Rd., Sudbury, Mass.
Rowe, E. 1., 141 W. Broadmoor Blvd., San Stanley, W. G., Box 64, Fremont, N. C Walker, H. R., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331,
Lenora, Calif. Stark, D. S., Jr., 68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Ruebling, R. 1., 608 Fairfield Circle, Westfield, Wash. Walker, J. W., 62 Payson Ave., Audubon, N. J.
N.]. Starr, W. R., Citizens State Bank, Hiawatha, Kan. Walsh, C. S., 1428 E. Capitol Dr., Milwaukee,
Russell, J. N., 1316 N. 4th St., Temple, Tex. Stevens, W., Btry. B, 88th Abn. AA Bn., Cpo Wis.
Ryan, D. P., 60th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Ord, Calif. Campbell, Ky. Walter, G. F., Fullerton, Md.
Ryan, T. J., 62d AAA AW Bn., Cpo Hood, Tex. Stevenson, . J. R., 86 Whitman Rd., Rochester, Ward, J. W., Atmore, Ala.
Rybikowsky, J. A., 612 D St., N.E., Washing- N.Y. Warning, 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO 919, c/o
ton, D. C Steward, W. H., Jr., 11th AAA AW Bn., Ft. PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Sackheim, S. P., 821 Bronx River Rd., Bronxville, Lewis, Wash. Watts, B. B., Box 1400, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
N.Y. Stewart, B. A., 1649 W. Farwell St., Chicago, Wayman, J. D., 4724 W. Grace St., Chicago, Ill.
Sadler, J. A., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Md. Ill. Weaver, F.]., 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Sage, G. B., Jr., 15th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Lewis, Stewart, D. 1., 68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Weaver, O. S., 54th Trans. Trk. Bn., Ft. Story,
Wash. Wash. Va.
Sanborn, H. F., 11th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Lewis, Stine, K. E., 142 Broadway, Hanover, Pa. Weaver, W. W., 4300 Pershing Dr., EI Paso,
Wash. Stine, O. B., 438 W. Briar PI., Chicago, Ill. Tex.
Sansom, J. F., 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Stogner, H. D., 88th Abn. AA Bn., Cpo Camp- Webb, J. W., Rt. 1, Crestview, Fla.
Scarborough, S. T., 228 N. Auburndale St., Mem- bell, Ky. Webb, L. E., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
phIS, Tenn. Stoker, 1.. D., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, c/o Webster, M. W., 4019V2 Piedras St., EI Paso,
Schelles, Z. C, 103 N. Woodrow Ave., Battle PM, San Francisco, Calif. Tex.
Creek, Mich. Storm, R. W., AA & GM Cen., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Weir, R. H., Jr., 610 Woodside Pkwy., Silver
Schierenbeck, A. E., Box 180, USA Crib. Sch., Stowem, James E., Eastanollee, Ga. Spring, Md.
Ft. Gullick, Canal Zone. Stratychuck, W.O., 2922 Queen Ave., Dearborn, Wells, C. c., Jr., 312 Ewing St., Frankfort, Ky.
Schmutz, J. W., 4725 Ledge Ave., North Holly- Mich. Wells, 1.. R., 68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis,
wood, Calif. Sullivan, F. J., Rt. 2, Watervliet, N. Y. Wash.
Schofield, J. B., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Sullivan, W. F., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO 919, Wells, W. W., Le Roy, Minn.
Md. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Welsh, P. J., 660 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, Ill.
Schott, A. A., 2412 Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago, Suttmann, O. T., 2900 W. 2d St., Dayton, Ohio. Wendling, D. E., 865th AAA AW Bn., APO 7,
IlL Swain, J. W., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Unit, 3, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Schwind, G. R., Firetown Rd., Simsbury, Conn. Md. West, W. 1.., 5423 55th PI., East Riverdale, Md.
Scott, C E., Crescent Rd., Fairport, N. Y. Sweeney, W. J., 715 Marshall Rd., Rochester, Weyant, W. W., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
Seabrook, P. D., 50 Newman Circle, Clemson, N.Y. Md.
S.C Swieckowski, S. A., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Whitbread, W. W., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO
Seale, N. C., Box 1023, Pensacola, Fla. Tex. 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Secskas, E. C, 960 Hancock Ave., Bridgeport, Tanner, R. c., 24 Arlington St., Rochester, N. Y. White, C. 1.., 450th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Ord,
Conn. Taylor R. W., 60th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Scott, Calif.
Seramur, Paul L., 3593 Union St., San Diego, Calif. White, H., 2915 Madera St., El Paso, Tex.
Calif. Terry, W. H., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331, c/o White, 1.. D., 867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942,
Shaw, F. W., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, PM, San Francisco, Calif. c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Md. Tesche, W. c., Qtrs. 5624, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Wick, R. E., 308 E. 2d St., Wabasha, Minn.
Sheffield, R. X., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Teschendorf, M. C, 1822 Fruivale Ave., Oakland, Wieringa, J. S., Jr., 88th Abn. AA Bn., Ft.
Md. Calif. Campbell, Ky.
Shelhorse, G. 1., Qtrs. 550-C, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Thomas, N. A., 2419 Waters Ave., Savannah, Ga. Wiggins, J. D., 1606 Julia St., Berkeley, Calif.
Sheppard, B. E., ATD, TAS, Ft. Bliss, Okla. Thomas, R. 0., 2550 Louisiana St., Sacramento, Wilenius W., 326 Front St., Berea, Ohio.
Sherblom, H. G., 69th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Calif. Wilkins, A. M., 70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade,
Tex. Thompson, C. R., 220 W. 12th St., Port Angeles, Md.
Sherman, R., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Md. Wash. Williams, H. H., 216 Algiers Dr., Sandston, Va.
Sherwin, A. 135 Wildwood Ave., Victoria B. C, Thornton, H. 1., Rt. 1, Elberton, Ga. Williamson, P. E., Hinesville, Ga.
Canada. Thornton, S. B., Jr., 95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Willis, J. P., AAOC 1, Stn. Det., Ft. Sill, Okla.
Shuflata, G. J., Jr., 518th AAA Gun Bn., North Lewis, Wash. Wilson, H. D., 2326 S.W. 21st St., Oklahoma
Rickland, Wash. Tierney, R. E., 2-683 Marion Ave., Bronx, N. Y. City, Okla.
Tierney, R. H., 120 Kensington Dr., Utica, N. Y. Wilson, Jack R., 30th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer,
Siemen, R. F., 337 Delaware Circle, Newark, Del.
Tighe, J. J., C-50th AAA AW Bn., APO 909, c/o
Silbersien, A. P., 34th FA Bn., Ft. Dix, N. J. PM, San Francisco, Calif. Mich.
Silver, M. H., 6211 S.W., 21st St., Miami, Fla. Title, S. H., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Md. Wilson, Raymond 1., Box 37, Ft. Lewis, Wash.
Sinderman, M. L., 322Y:zKennewick Ave., Kenne- Tolbert, C C, 32d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Winstead, F. S., Box 713, Anderson, S. C.
wick, Wash. Tomlinson, F., 503d Abn. AA Bn., Ft. Bragg, Winter, Edw.]., 5938 162d St., Flushing, N. Y.
Sissons, E. A., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester, N. Y. N.C. Winters, W. W., 507th AAA AW Bn., APO 201,
Siwula, T. A., 369 Watson St., Akron, Ohio. Toms, G. E., 19th AAA Gp., Ft. Meade, Md. Unit 1, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Shelnik, R. J., 5338 W. Foster Ave., Chicago, Ill. Towles, W. P., Jr., 2020 Jarre!, Tyler, Tex. Wise, Wm. M., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss,
Skinner, A. J., Box 23, Flemington, N. J. Tumblin, G. A., 1002 Holland St., Clinton, S. C. Tex.
Slade, S. B., 230 N. Eufaula St., Eufaula, Ala. Turch, H. c., 68th AAA Gun Bn., APO 660, c/o Wonderland, H. H., 3 Belmar Rd., Hatboro, Pa.
Small, A. L., 909 Myrtle Ave., EI Paso, Tex. PM, San Francisco, Calif. Wood, R. 1., Stu. Det., Ft. Sill, Okla.

Wright, Clarence J., 79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Carroll, J. J., 529 Kenwood Ave., Delmar, N. Y. Glandorf, J. H., B-95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis,
Custer, Mich. Cavender, M. 1., A.4th AM AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Wash.
Yates, R. T., Chipley, Fla. Md. Glasby, E. F., D-678th AAA AW Bn., Williams-
Yerkes, J. M., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Chalmers, eM., Box 1731, Greenville, S. C ton, S. C
Tex. ChamperIin, Garwood, 810 Rhode Island Ave., Gobel, John J., 1921 "G" St., N.W.,- Washing-
Yost, R. D., 65th AM Gun Bn., APO 331, c/o N.E., Washington 18, D. C. ton, D. C
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Colclough, R. D., 1595 47th Ave.. San Fran- Gradoville, E. J., C-60th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Ord,
Young, J., Ill., 867th AM AW Bn, APO 942, cisco, Calif. Calif.
c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Collins, N. G., C-62d AM AW Bn., Cpo Hood, Grill, H. c., 95th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis,
Zachmann, P. J., 79 Dunning Ave., Webster, Tex. Wash.
N.Y. Collins, W. 1., C-5Oth AM AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Grimes, J. R., A-26th AM Bn., APO 24.4, c/o
Zalenko, T., 22d AM AW Bn., APO 331, c/o Tex. PM, San Francisco, Calif.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Cook, D. C, A-79th MA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Gneskiewicz, C. T., 844 N. Avers Ave., Chicago,
Zebrowski, V. J., 97th AM Gp., APO 331, c/o Mich. Ill.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Cook, J. W., Jr., 1126 Capuchin Ave., Burlin- Hailey, J. S., M & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Zenco, J., 127th Kenilworth Rd., Merion, Pa. game, Calif. Hales, W. V., 185 Vernon Ave., Logan, Utah.
Ziemba, T. P., Hq., 8th AAA AW Bn., Sault Ste. Cousin, J. 1'., RFD 1, Oak Grove, South Voven- Hamel, W. C, 311 Marlborough Rd., Rochester
Marie, Mich. try, Conn. 11,N. Y.
Ziemski, F. J., 3227 Savannah St., EI Paso, Tex. Cragin, J. M., D-39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Harbert, G. P., 932 Campbell Village Ct., Oak-
Md. land, Calif.
SECOND LIEUTENANTS Crawford, R. E., A-59th AM AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Harkins, D. E., 15th AM AW Bn., Ft. Lewis,
Abare, R. D., Btry. A., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Tex. Wash.
Meade, Md. Crolley, Edward, Rt. 2, Camden, S. C. Harrington, 1. E., D-76th AAA Bn., APO 323,
Adams, 1. M., Btry. C, 30th AM AW Bn., Ft. Cronic, H. 1'., 312 Carolina Ave., Clinton, S. C. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Custer, Mich. Crubbs, R. J., Westminster, S. C Harrington, P. W., 142 Coleboume Rd., Roches-
Adams, 1. H., RFD 5, Boscawen, N. H. Cummings, CA., 120 W. 62d St., New York 23, ter, N. Y.
Alamo, L. P., 1143 Mace Ave., Bronx 67, N. Y. N.Y. Hayne, J. R., D-76th AAA AW Bn., APO 901,
AIers, A., 57 Emeterio Ramirez St., Mayaguez, Damon, C. E., 233 Eastman St., Concord, N. H. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Puerto Rico. Darr, J. H., PO Box 31, Ashton, Md. HeipJer, J. F., 50th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Alewine, F. H., RFD 3, Greenwood, S. C. Davis, J. c., PO Box, 191, Crestview, Fla. Henson, V. A., 7655 Barton Drive, El Paso, Tex.
Allen, E. G., Btry. D, 518th AM Gun Bn., Dearman, H. G., Jr., Box 1731, Greenville, S. C. Hess, W. R., A-443d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Devens,
North Richland, Wash. Deeley, W. R., C-59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Mass.
Allums, M. M., Btry. C, 8th MA AW Bn, Ft. Tex. Higashi, R. Y., TIS, GHQ, FEC, APO 500, c/o
Custer, Mich. De Shan, P. N., 1617 W. 4th St., Wilmington, PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Allyn, J. 0., 12 Holmes Dale, Albany 3, N. Y. Del. Hiscock, J. M., AA & GM Br., TAS, Ft. Bliss,
Amarine, R. E., Btry. A, 865th MA AW Bn., Diffenderfer, G. D., 217 4th St., New Cumber- Tex.
APO 7, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. land,Md. Hooper, G. J., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331,
Amburgey, G. A., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Dodge, N. D., 20445 Renfrew, Detroit 21, Mich. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Wash. Dolan, E. F., 9345 Yosemite, Detroit 4, Mich. Huckaby, R. 0., Box 1263, McGill, Nev.
Andrews, W. H., Btry. C, 39th AAA AW Bn., Donnelly, E. F., 5610 Colorado Ave., N.W., Huff, C. A., B-79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer,
Ft. Meade, Md. Washington, D. C. Mich.
Armitage, G. N., Btry. D, 76th AAA AW Bn., Douglas, Malcolm, 36th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Hughes, D. W., 17th SMRU Det., Ft. Lewis,
APO 323, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Tex. Wash.
Austin, W. E., Btry. D, 678th AAA AW Bn., Downie, R. R., Box 495, Albuquerque, N ..M. Humby, H. B., 868 North St., Rochester, N. Y.
Williamston, S. C. Dubois, H. S., 67th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. BlIss, Tex. Hutman, H. F., 627 Randolph St., San Francisco,
Avencena, M. c., 2716 30th St., S.E. Washington, Duggan, D. F., D-78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Calif.
D.C. Wash. Irons, R. P., 82 Dean Ave., Centerdale 11, R. 1.
Bass, B. F., 78th AAA Gun Bn., APO 660, c/o Edenfield, J. 0., Swainsboro, Ga. Jacker, R. W., 80 Auburn St., Rochester, N. Y.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Elkins, P. M., 1602 W. Wallen Ave., Chicago, IlL Johnson, H. E., 5130 Connecticut Ave., N.W.,
Bass, S. A., Rt. 4, Box 222, Pensacola, Fla. Ellis, T. G., Jr., 600 E. 2d St., Eureka, Kan. Washington, D. C.
Beam, R. 1., C-79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Elness, 1. D., A-30th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer, Johnson, Jack, 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis,
Mich. Mich. Wash.
Bedell, J. F., C-713th AAA Gun Bn., Cheraw, Epstein Abraham, 4023 Clifton St., El Paso, Tex. Johnson, R. E., 18922 Moross Rd., Detroit, Mich.
S. C. Ernst,W. c., 187 Frontenac Heights, Rochester, Johnson, T. 1., 867th MA AW Bn., APO 942,
Bedenbaugh, H. M., RFD 2, Prosperity, S. C. N.Y. c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Bell, A. D., Jr., 503d AAA Op. Det., Ft. Meade, Etzold, D. E., CG, Hq. & Sv. Gp., GHQ, FEC, Jones, ]. W., Jr., York, S. C.
Md. APO 500, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Jordan, E. c., Rt. 2, Box 65, Cowards, S. C.
Beninate, 1. A., 901 Pelican Ave., Algiers, La. Fairfield, R. 1'., Dunn Hall, University of Maine, Jordan, E. S., 3350-B 21st St., San Francisco,
Beninate, V. N., Rt. I, Box 710, New Orleans Orono, Maine. Calif.
14, La. Faust, E. F., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Jordenson, J. ]., Jr., D-95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
Benjamin, E. 1., Jr., 208 Main St., Kerno, Miss. Wash. Lewis, Wash.
Bennett, K. F., 21st AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Feiger, John W., 753d AAA Gun Bn., APO 919, ]osselson, Benjamin, Gen. Del., Yemassee, S. C.
Berger, G. J., 39th AM AW Bn., Ft. Meade, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Kahn, H. M., C-4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade,
Md. Fifield, G. C, Main St., South Lancaster, Mass. Md.
Billingsley, Robert, 11 Garrett Rd., Claymont, Fink, Charles 78th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Kel1ey, F. A., C-70th MA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade,
Del. Md.
Bladen, W. A., 507th MA AW Bn., APO 929, Kelly, C. B., 507th Op. Det., APO 331, c/o PM,
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Fladmark, 1. W., 22d AAA Bn., APO 331, c/o
PM, San Francisco, Calif. San Francisco, Calif.
Bogel, J. E., D-70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Kelly, T. 1., 126 Kennewick Ave., Pasco, Wash.
Md. Fletcher, 1. C, C-79th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Kennedy, Oliver, 1337 Jefferson St., N.W.,
Booher, R. c., D-526th MA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Mich. Washington, D. C
Tex. Flitcher, B. J., 229 S. San Jacinto Dr., San Diego, Kenney, ]. D., 1220 W. Jarvis St., Chicago, Ill.
Boone, G. 0., Gen. DeL, Ninety-Six, S. C. Calif. King, ]. K., Jr., D-678th AM AW Bn.,
Boykin, C. W., Hq., 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Flood, C. J., 394 West Side Drive, Rochester 11, WilJiamston, S. C.
Bliss, Tex. N.Y. Kirbus, F. A., 1458 E. 204th St., Euclid 17, Ohio.
Boylan, F. V., 6014 Spain St., New Orleans, La. Fowler, H. ]., 97th AAA Gp., APO 331, c/o PM, Korems, K. W., 59th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss,
Bradshaw, N. F., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, San Francisco, Calif. Tex.
Wash. Freeman, B. S., Box 92, Texaco, N. M. Kownacki, S. J., 3304 N. Avers St., Chicago, Ill.
Breedlove, A. R., D-39th AM AW Bn., Ft. Fritz, F. J., Off. Stu. Det., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Krekorian, E. A., C-4th MA AW Bn., Ft.
Meade, Md. Fritz, W. N., 1362 Beaconsfield, Grosse Point Meade, Md.
Brewton, 1. R., A-59th AM AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Park, Mich. Larson, 1. R., 4201 22d Ave., S., Minneapolis 7,
Tex. Minn.
Briggs, R. D., 99 Colman St., New London, Gaffney, J. R., 35th AM Brigade, Ft. Meade,
Md .. Latimer, J. B., A-867th AM Bn., APO 942, c/o
Conn. PM, Seattle, Wash ..
Brown, G. C, 9 Walnut Ave., Wilmington 126, Gage, D. D., 58 Grant St., Needham 92, Mass. Lewis, A. 1., A-69th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. BlIss,
Del. Gale, A. 1., C-39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Tex.
Bunn, W. J., 303 E. Harrison St., Dillon, S. C Md .. Little, ]. E., 71st AM Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir,
Burch, D. H., 106 Christian St., Cheraw, S. C Garcia, .V. V., 34th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Va.
Burnett, J. A., 1st & Cota, Shelton, Wash. Gellei, S. 1., D-4th AAA AW Bn'., Ht. Meade, Lloyd, G. W. 11731 Wyoming, Detroit, Mich.
Buttler, T. B., 249 W. Harding Rd., Lombard, Ill. Md. Lockett, E. W., 1336 St. Ausin St., Detroit 7,
Callahan, T. P., 811 S. 16th, Manitowac, Wis. Gibson, E. 1., Gen. Del., Yemassee, S. C. Mich.
Lumpkin, H. R., 71st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Belvoir, Prouty, S. M., 7014 Narrows Ave., Brooklyn 9, Watterson, R., 916 St. Nicholas Ave., New York,
Va. N.Y. N.Y.
Lund, H. J., C-96th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Pugh, C. S., Hq., 11th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Lewis, Weeks, A. E., 3737 La Calle Ave., Palo Alto,
Lunn, Robt. J., 8th AAA AW Bn., Sault Ste. Wash. Calif.
Marie, Mich. Quigg, C. H., 2010 N. Troy St., Arlington, Va. Weisbond, M. H., 72 Carthage St., Rochester,
McBean, A. J., 33 George St., North Haven, Ramos, R. B., 357 Macon St., Brooklyn, N. Y. N.Y.
Conn. Rau, J. E., 1455 S. Jefferson St., Allentown, Pa. Welcome, V. E., 1 Chase St., Concord, N. H.
McCoy, P. G., A-88th AAA Bn., Cp Campbell, Reilly, F. G., 3919 23d St., San Francisco, Calif. Wells, R. K., 864 Barry Ave.. Chicago, Ill.
Kv. Reiner, R. A., Hq., 19th AAA Gp., Ft. Meade, Welty, Rex G., D-79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer,
McFadden, G. M., 2326 Bowdoin Ave., Palo Alto, Md. Mich.
Calif. Reynolds, J. W .. Greenwood, Del. Whitmarsh, J. A., Stu. Det., AA & GM Br., TAS,
McGaughey, Kenneth, 78th AAA Gun Bn.• Ft. Rice, J. A .. 4618 Driver Lane, EI Paso, Tex. Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Lewis, Wash. Richards, C. M., 4226 31st St., Mt. Rainier, Md. Wildman, R. c., 588 18th St., South Arlington,
McGlinn, E. ]., 609 Ottawa St., Leavenworth, Ritz, D. J., C-95th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Va.
Kan. Wash. Williams, C. ~t.,D-518th AAA Gun Bn., North
McGowan, J. E., Agri. Extension Bldg., Athens, Roberts, L. B., RR 2, Box 28, St. Joseph, Mo. Richland, Wash.
Ga. Rose, H. c., 11386 Centralia, Detroit 28, Mich. Williams, S. J., Hq., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
McKeon, J. P., C-39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Ross, B. A., Jr., B-75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Meade, Md.
Md. Md. Winter, A. B., C-518th AAA Gun Bn., North
McKinley, R. J., 3409 Mountain Ave., EI Paso, Ruggiero, R. F., 8423 Willow St., New Orleans, Richland, Wash.
Tex. La. Wolfe, J. E., Young Drive, Clinton, S. C.
McMillian, H. S., Gen. Del., Hampton, S. C. Ruppert, J. T., 379 W. Goguac St., Battle Creek, Woods, R. 1., 520 Shuttle Meadow Rd., New
MacGowan, H. E., 140 St. Rita Drive, Rochester, Mich. Britain, Conn.
N.Y. Russell, K. W., 1608 60th Ave., Hyattsville, Md. Wright, E. P., Seneca, S. C.
MacLean-Kennedy, D., Cas. Off. Co., Cpo Stone- Rux, Marvin E., 946 E. 223d St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Wright, N. 0., A-76th AAA AW Bn., APO 323,
man, Pittsburg, Calif. Ryan, W. J., B-70th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Mahan, J. c., 501 40th St., Fairfield, Ala. Md. Wright, W. R., Hq., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO
Maher, J. P., B-4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Sample, M. E., Hq., 31st AAA Brigade, Ft. Lewis, 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Md. Wash. Younis, E. D., 2802 Houston Ave., Macon, Ga.
Malek, E. R., A-69th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Samuels, K. M., 7536Yz Burthe St., New Orleans, Yudan, Adrian, 1110 Bunker Hill Blvd., Jack-
Tex. La. sonville 8, Fla.
Manley, J. K., 341 Rockwood Dr., South San Saylors, A. E., 512 Bond St., South Greenwood, Zelius, A. 0., 411 S. 2d St., Warrington, Fla.
Francisco, Calif. S. C. Zobel, Ralph P., Gen. Del., Helena, S. C.
MatIes, S. A., 503d Op. Det., Ft. Meade, Md. Scott, G. K., 27375 Northwestern Hwy., Birming-
Matthews, A. R., Woodbury Terrace Apts., ham,Mich. WARRANT OFFICERS
Woodbury, N. J. Semsch, P. 1., D-867th AAA AW Bn., APO 942, Abrams, Geo. c., 800 Caldwell St., Newberry,
Meaney, 1. ]., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. S. C.
Miley, J. K., 39th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Md. Sharp, D. M., Vista Hotel, Umatilla, Ore. Albritton, M. G., Box 705, Arcasia, Fla.
Miller, Sam, 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Md. Sheehan, J. J., 500th AAA Op. Det., Ft. Ord, Altman, Wm. T., Box 272, Dillon, S. C.
Milligan, T. H., 5301 Tchoupitoulas St., New Calif. Atkinson, J. L., 200 S. 6th St., Warrungton, Fla.
Orleans, La. Shelby, Roosevelt, Hq., 34th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Baadem, G. E., 237 Cloverland Dr., Rochester 10,
Mills, F. A., 211 Murphy Ave., Steubenville, Bliss, Tex. N.Y.
Ohio. Sheldon, D. M., D-867th AAA AW Bn., APO Bailey, Sam P., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, c/o
Minto, T. M., 2HJ9 Tremont, EI Paso, Tex. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Mitchell, S. 0., D-69th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Sherrard, W. H., D-678th AAA AW Bn., Wil- Benham, Leland 1., Post Hq., Enl. Pets. Sect., Ft.
Wash. liamston, S. C. Lee, Va.
Mitchell, T. c., 75th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, Showalter, ]., 2301 Portland Ave., El Paso, Tex. Borzella, Belgium, 1445 Evarts St., N.W., Wash-
Md. Simmons, H. M., Cherry Rd., Clemson, S. C. ington, D. C.
Morgan, Marion, Hq., 4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Skerkowski, F. P., B-22d AAA AW Bn., APO Bosdell, Wm. P., Rt. 2, Box 720, Greenwood,
Meade, Md. 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. S. C.
Morrell, E. N., 312 Hermosa St., Vallejo, Calif. Skipper, P. H., Rt. 1, Box 13, Avon Park, Fla. Bottari, Vincient, NG Armory, Marianna, Fla.
Morrison, M. ]., 18475 Preeland, Detroit 21, Smith, C. 1., 2014 N. Madison, Junction City, Brazeau, Chas. H., 7515 N. Oakley, Chicago, Ill.
Mich. Kan. Brown, Clifford, Box 443, Crestview, Fla.
Mullens, R. M., B-50th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Smith, Milford, Box 513, Clinton, S. C. Brown, Wm. E., 35th AAA Brig, Ft. Meade, Md.
Tex. Smith, R. W., C-50th AAA AW Bn., APO 660, Burton, F. E., 913 Wethersfield Ave., Hartford,
Nassar, D. A. Jr., 1445 Bourbon St., New Or- c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Conn.
leans, La. Sneed, R. H., 824-C, Willow St., Oakland, Calif. Buttner, F. A., 4709 Ramona Blvd., Jacksonville,
Newberry, R. 1., Rt. 4, Aghasa Dr., Traverse Soaries, R.]., 442 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Fla.
City, Mich. Solomon, H. 1., Box 1354, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Caldwell, Wm. H., Hq. Btry., 867th AAA AW
Nowak, F. S., A-79th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, Stenbuck, F. R., 84 S. Gennessee, Pontiac, Mich. Bn., APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Mich. Stevens, B. 1., Hq., 40th AAA Brigade, APO Campbell, Wm. 1., 3606 S. Main St., Anderson,
Oelschig, A. c., 1612 Skidaway Rd., Savannah, 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. S. C.
Ga. Stevens, W. E., B-88th Abn. AAA Bn., Ft. Camp. Carlson, Leonard A., 41st AAA Gun Bn., Ft.
Omelich, P. B., Stu. Det., Goodfellow AFB, San bell, Ky. Bliss, Tex.
Angelo, Tex. Stone, P. S., Waynesboro, Ga. Carlson, 1. M., Hq. Btry., 867th AAA AW Bn.,
O'Rahilly, P. J., 2160 E. Tremont Ave., Bronx Stranahan, J. W., APO 613, c/o PM, San Fran- APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
62,N. Y. cisco, Calif. Chandler, Frank 1., 1514 Berry St., Sandston, Va.
Orand, Arlie, Gen. Del., Hampton, S. C. Sturdivant, 1. W., B-867th AAA AW Bn., APO Coleman, Jos. 1., 5309 Wingate Dr., New Or-
O'Toole, J. J., 30 North Ave., Norwood, Mass. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. leans, La.
Oxner, V. c., Gen. Del., Kinards, S. C. UnderIand, L. S., AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Coley, O. F., Hq., 226th AAA Gp., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Paige, G. D., 10th AAA Gp., APO 660, c/o PM, Sylvester, O. G., 29 Bloodgood St., Pawtucket, Collins, Albert J., 2629 Haste St., Berkeley, Calif.
San Francisco, Calif. R.I. Connelly, Ralph W., Box 71, Newberry, S. C.
Park, R. Y., A-4th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Md. Tennant, C. 0., Box 1400, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Cornell, Thos. E., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester 20,
Parkerson, F. c., 1623 4th St., New Orleans, La. Terry, F. R., 1958 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, Ill. N.Y.
Payne, R. H., 510 Morgan Rd., Morningside, Md. Thomas, R. c., Hq., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Corridon, 1. T., 1627 Holbrook St., N.W., Wash-
Petersen, Chester, PO Box 562, Port Orchard, Lewis, Wash. ington, D. C.
Wash. Thomson, O. c., C-867th AAA AW Bn., APO Coughlin, P. J., 6608 N.W_ 3d Ave., Miami, Fla.
Petersen, W. R., Box 283, Hyrum, Utah. 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Cox, James c., 3120 Grove St., Berkeley, Calif.
Peterson, 1. 1., 2146 41st Ave., San Francisco, Tice, C. E., 62d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Hood, Tex. Craft, Clifford, 12 W. Legrande St., Avon Park,
Calif. Timms, C. P., 303 Green St., Belton, S. C. Fla.
Pfauth, E. V., A-8th AAA AW Bn., Ft. Custer, Tompkins, R. J., 2024 Dorothea, Berkeley, Mich. Crow, C. S., Btry. A, 867th AAA AW Bn., APO
Mich. Toner, J. P., Hq., 78th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash.
Phillips, 1. R., 27 South Ave., Fairport, N. Y. Wash. Curo, Garold W., 339 Fairway Dr., South San
Pleitner, D. H., 4210 74th PI., Bellemeade, Md. Francisco, Calif.
Toole, C. E., C-68th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Curran, Bob L., 65th AAA Gun Bn., APO 331,
Poerner, H. W., D-62d AAA AW Bn., Ft. Hood, Wash.
Tex. c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Trumbull, E. c., .6<J Fairfield St., Pittsfield, Mass. Daggett, L. E., Qtrs. 345, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Porter, R. W., 507th AAA Bn., APO 929, c/o
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Turner, E. B., 67th AAA Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex. Dennis, Floyd H., 1229 Kinard St., Newberry,
Preston, T. R., 1119 State St., New Orleans, La. Vaterlaus, C. F., Rt. 2, Preston, Idaho. S.C.
Previtali, A. 1., 154 Magnolia St., Hartford, Watson, W. R., D-llth AAA AW Bn., Ft. Dunlap, M. G., Jr., Box 713, Anderson, S. C.
Conn. Lewis, Wash. Early, Robert, 35th AAA Brig., Ft. Meade, Md.

Edgecombe, A. A., Jr., 1042 Summer St., Newl Sara, John M., 2649 Green St., Jacksonville, Fla. Gordon, Leslie, pfe., 213 Range St., North Man.
Orleans, La. Schiro, Joseph A., 3025 Bienville, New Orleans, kato, Minn.
Ellis, Kirby H., Chesterfield Ave., Lancaster, Pa. La. Graham, Jas. E., Cpl., 19809 Fenmore Ave., De-
Fallgren, John R., 305 Hazlewood Dr., South Scott, Chas. c., 22d AAA AW Bn., APO 331, c/o troit, Mich.
San Francisco, Calif. PM, San Francisco. Calif. Hady, Henry P., Rct., Hq. Btry., 593d AAA AW
Ferchak. Michael P., 75th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Scrabo, Paul, 212th AAA Gp., N.Y. NG, 120 W. Bn., Iron Mountain, Mich.
Meade, Md. 62d St., New York, N. Y. Hall, Chas. R., M/Sgt., 205 Grand Ave., Trot.
Fort, Harold M. T., 717th AM Gun Bn., Box Scritchfield, A. D., Btry. C, 867th AM AW Bn., wood,Ohio.
495, Albuquerque, N. M. APO 942, c/o PM. Seattle, Wash. Hanna, Martin 1., M/Sgt., 551-11.Dickman Rd.,
Fraser, K. R., 387 Falstaff Rd., Rochester. N. Y. Shular, Wm. A., Jr., 1912 Maltravers Rd., Glen El Paso, Tex.
Garofolo, D. ]., 58 Kenneth St., Hartford, Conn. Burnie, Md. Hawkins, R. R., Jr., M/Sgt., Hq. & Hq. Btry.,
Garrison, J. E., 117 Sycamore Dr., Florence, S. C. SilleI}', John B., 19 Pierce St., Albany, N. Y. 31st AM Brig., Ft. Lewis, Wash.
Garstad. Earl, 1117th ASU. Cpo Edwards, Mass. Simmons, Samuel D., 695 Fifth Ave., Troy, N. Y. Hines, Horace L, Cpl., 450th AM AW Bn., Ft.
Goodwin. Jos. W., 5711 Argonne St., New Or- Smith, Henry M., 1225 Duval St., Mobile, Ala. Bliss, Tex.
leans, La. Stanley, C. c., Hq. Btry., 518th AAA, Gun Bn., Hodges, G. c., Sgt., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 68th AAA
Green, Layton H., 79th AM Gun Bn., Ft. Custer, North Richland, Wash. Gun Bn., Ft. Lewis, Wash.
Mich. Stanley, Chas. M., 4054th ASU, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Howland, M. B., M/Sgt., USA & USAF Rct. Sta.,
Grubola, H. M., 1327 21st St., N.W., Washing- Stone, Frank F., 4965 Brighton Ave., San Diego, Auburn, N. Y.
ton, D. C. Calif. Hunt, John H., Pfc., 368 97th St., Apt. 6-H,
Guilbault, W. 5., 5858 Marshal Foch St., New Steandall, C. A., 2826 W. Fitch St., Chicago, Ill. Brooklyn 9, N. Y.
Orleans, La. Sullivan, J. M., 95th Mil. Gun Bn., Ft. Bliss, Hunteman, A., Cpl., Box 147, Vernonia, Ore.
Hahn, H. W., 128 Mechanic St., Boonton, N. J. Tex. Hurd, Vincent A., Pfc., 2900 Eighth Ave., New
Hair, Raford, AFF Bd. No.4, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Sutton, Robt. 5., 338 W. 68th St., Jacksonville, York 30, N. Y.
Holmes, C. A., Box 11, Richlands, N. C. Fla. Hurt, P. E., MjSgt., Box 99, Mansfield, Ark.
Hoopes, Joseph V., 22d AM AW Bn., APO 331, Upthegrove, V. A., 188 35th St., N.E., Washing- Kesselring, G. G., MjSgt., Building 574, Ft.
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. ton, D. C. Lawton, Wash.
Jackson, c. A., Jr., 157-14 5th Rd., Jamaica 4, Walker, Jos. G., 15479 Turner, Detroit, Mich. King, C. H., 378 Main St., Van Buren, Maine.
1. I., N. Y. Wallace, Thos. W., Brigers House, Dillon, S. C. Knowlton, C. T., M/Sgt., 318 Highland, Ken.
Jackson, Thos. A., Btry. B, 867th Mil. AW Bn., White, Leonard M., 738 Aldine Ave., Chicago, more 17, N. Y.
APO 942, c/o PM, Seattle, Wash. Ill. Kundrath, J. ]., M/Sgt., State Armory, 1494
Kahl, Irwin N., 145 Culver Rd., Rochester 20, White, N. E., 68 Suffolk Rd., East Hartford, Main St., Bridgeport, Conn.
N.Y. Conn. Lamb, A. D., M/Sgt., Cold Spring Rd., Liverpool,
Keegan, Jas. F., 8 Landor St., Providence, R. 1. Williams, Fred D., 535 W. 151st St., New York, N.Y.
King, F. T., 5105 S. 12th St., Arlington, Va. N.Y. Landis, John F., M/Sgt., 507th AAA Opns. Del.,
King, Seymour D., Btry. A, 518th 11.11.11.
Gun Bn., Williams, John B., Hq., 717th AM Gun Bn., APO 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
North Richland, Wash. Albuquerque, N. M. Lee, Paul A., M/Sgt., Qtrs. 5l3-B, Hamilton
Knight, J. W., 227 E. First St., Jacksonville, Fla. Wilson, Jack E., 320 Chatham St., El Cajon, AFB. Hamilton, Calif.
Koman, 1. P., 1719 24th Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Lefebvre, ]. P., Sgt., 150-26 118th Ave., Jamaica
Calif. Winters, Robt. E., Hq. Btry., 59th Mil. AW Bn., 4, N.Y.
Kroes, Peter A., 1034 N. Monitor, Chicago, Ill. Ft. Bliss, Tex. MacDonald, A. ]., Sgt., 16 Post Ave., Rochester,
Kuhn, Lloyd R., 31 Belmont St., Rochester 20, N.Y.
N.Y. ENLISTED MEN Malone, Kenneth D., Cpl., 911 Swope, Colorado
Lahaie, A. F., 744th Mil. Gun Bn., State Armory, Adcox, Geo. E., M/Sgt., Co. C, 84th Tank Bn., Springs, Colo.
Laconia, N. H. Ft. Knox, Ky. Matheson, M. M., MjSgt., Hq., 97th AAA Gp.,
Langton, Luther 1., Sve. Btry., 92d FA Bn., Ahrens, Walter, Sgt. 1d., 203 Piedmont Street APO 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
APO 660, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Ext., Waterbury 81, Conn. Mehl, Irving, Sgt., C Btry., 443d AM AW Bn.,
Leake, Alan M., 1537 Short St., Sandston, Va. Allen, Virgil M., M/Sgt., 1217 Pearl St., Denver, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
lein, D. G., 1707 17th Loop Sandia Base, Albu- Colo. Miles, C. 1., Cpl., 827 Colfax St., Evanston, Ill.
querque, N. M. Baird, S. M., Sgt. leI., APO 206, c/o PM, New Miller, Chas. R., MjSgt. 609 Van Buren St.,
Lemieux, Joseph W., 22d 11.11.11. AW Bn., APO York,N. Y. N.W., Washington, D. C.
331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Bothea, Edw. G., Sgt.• leI., Hq., 65th 11.11.11.
Gun Moliterno, Joseph A., Pvt., 25-36 36th St., As-
Levine, Marvin N., 4191 N. Ridgeway, Chicago, Bn., APO 331, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. toria, 1. 1., N. Y.
Ill. Brezezinski, N. Pfc., 11858 Indian Ave., Chicago, Morrison, Robt. c., Pvt., Btry. D, 96th AAA Gun
LiIjegreen, 1. R., Post Signal Office, Ft. Lewis, Ill. Bn, Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Wash. Cassel, Jos. H., Sgt., 423 W. Oak St., Palmyra, Morton, R. E., MjSgt., Hq. Btry., 717th AAA
Lippert, Otis E., 1336 Union St., San Diego, Pa. Gun Bn., Albuquerque, N. M.
Calif. Chilson, Geo. H., M/Sgt., Box 470, Saratoga, Mott, F. c., Pfc., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 15th AAA
Lowe, Wm. A., 53 Atherton St., Devencrest, Calif. AW Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Ayer, Mass. Coakley, C. H., Sgt., 2469 E. Main St., Columbus Mujica, A. J., Sgt., 424 E. 13th St., New York
Lum, Nick, Hq., 97th 11.11.11. Gp., APO 331, c/o 9, Ohio. 3,N. Y.
PM, San Francisco, Calif. Cobb, C. B., Jr., Sgt. leI., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 22d Nash, Leslie W., Pvt., B Btry., 59th AAA AW
Martin, Jos. A., Hq., 212th Gp., 120 W. 62d St., 11.11.11.
Gp., Ft. Custer, Mich. Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
New York 23, N. Y. Cogswell, R. P., Pvt., Btry. B, 95th 11.11.11.
Gun Neumuth, R. 0., MjSgt., 5129 S. Harper, Chi-
Martin, R. F., 6319Yz Edmondston Rd., Riverdale, Bn., 10th Gp., Ft. Bliss, Tex. cago, Ill.
Md. Cohn, Ira, Sgt., 4568 Richardson Ave., Bronx 66, Nystrom, Eric, Sgt. leI., 9215 Crescent Dr.,
Meserve, Blair, 56 Teneyck Ave., Albany, N. Y. N.Y. Franklin Park, Ill.
Moehle, Walter ]., 2164 N. Clark St., Chicago, Cook, Boyd M., Sgt. leI., Btry. C, 736th AAA Olton, Wm. H., MjSgt., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 22d
Ill. Gun Bn., Cpo Gordon, Ga. AAA Gp., Ft. Custer, Mich.
Monell, R. B., 10 Avondale Rd., Manchester, Cunningham, J. A., M/Sgt., Broadway Armory, Pauzar, K. 1., Sgt., 642 Oak St., Dayton, Ohio.
Conn. 5917 N. Broadway, Chicago, Ill. Raines, Alfred K., Sgt., Hq. & Hq. Btry., 39th
Morris, C. G., 3414 Van Buren Ave., El Paso, Currivean, G. 1., Pfc., Btry. A, 26th 11.11.11.
AW AAA AW Bn., Ft. Meade, Md.
Tex. Bn.,APO 24, Unit 4, c/o PM, San Francisco, Ringrose, Dean B., Cpl., 52 Morton St., Walt-
Motyka, W. M., 3348 Monroe St., Chicago, Ill. Calif. ham,Mass.
Osteen, E. H., 638 Spearing St., Jacksonville, Fla. Dineley, R. 1., M/Sgt., 2237 Ward St., Berkeley, Ronidi, Robert, Pfc., Btry. D, 68th AM Gun Bn.,
Palmer,]. 0., 214th AM Gp., Washington, Ga. Calif. Ft. Lewis, Wash.
Parks, Henry c., 30th 11.11.11.AW Bn., Ft. Custer, Dobber, Stanley, M/Sgt., Army Comd., JLRPG, Rugg, E. H., MjSgt., 227 Soundview Ave.,
Mich. Cocoa, Fla. Bridgeport, Conn.
Pendleton, J. L., 251 First St., Ft. Myers, Fla. Donahue, R. L, Pfe., Box 233, Folsom, Calif. Rugg, W. B., MjSgt., 227 Soundview Ave.,
Pentello, Jas. G., E. Robt. Toombs Ave., Wash- Donnelly, J. S., Sgt. leI., Hq. Btry., 283d AM Bridgeport, Conn.
ington, Ga. Shapiro, T. I., Hq., 764th AM Gun Bn., Ft.
AW Bn., Devon, Conn.
Perry, Solomon, Gen'l Delivery, Orofino, Idaho. Davis, Canal Zone.
Poling, Verne 1., 65th Mil. Gun Bn., APO 331, Duffy, Thos. H., Jr., Sgt. 1d., 16 Brewster St.,
Providence, R. 1. Shurr, Phillip, Sgt., Hq. Btry., 41st AAA Gun
c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif. Bn., Ft. Bliss, Tex.
Potts, Edward J., 31st Mil. Brig., Ft. Lewis, Gallagher, 1. A., Hq., 18th FA Gp., Ft. Sill, Smith, Leslie A., MjSgt., Hq., 40th AAA Brig.,
Wash. Okla. APO 503, c/o PM, San Francisco, Calif.
Pusey, R. A., 15 3d Ave., Atlantic Highlands, Geaney, J. J., M/Sgt., 3812 S. Anthony Blvd., Ft. Smith, Martin S., MjSgt., 38 3d Ave., Pelham,
N.J. Wayne, Ind. N.Y.
Ronan, Harold J., 827 Philip. Detroit, Mich. Gonyo, W. c., M/Sgt., 4054th ASU, Ft. Bliss, Smith, Lonnie J., MjSgt., 4219 S. Berkeley Ave.,
Samuels, A. c., 4810 N. Ridgeway St., Chicago, Tex. Chicago, Ill.
Ill. Gonzales, M. D., Pvt., 101 Wildwood Gardens, Snively, L, D., Sgt., Qtrs. 159, Work Ave., Ft.
Sanders, Bobby L, Box 585, Clinton, S. C. Piedmont, Calif. Bliss, Tex.
Stephens, Abraham, Sgt., 518 Tennessee St., De- Cosden, Gilbert c., Box 283, Milford, Del. Moore, Howard H., 6433 Fairfield Ave., Berwyn,
troit, Mich. Crane, T. H., 637 Tennessee St., Lawrence, Kan. Ill.
Suter, Edwin, Sgt., 6011th ASU, Ft. Baker, Dimmer, John P., 228 W. 71st St., New York, Moorman, John, 133 Park St., Smith Center, Kan.
Calif. N.Y. Murphy, J. F., Jr., 954 St. Johns PI., Brooklyn
Szcesny, Thos. ]., Sgt. leI., 190 N. Lawndale, Dulay, John M., Barrio San Juan, Aringay La. 13, N. Y.
Chicago, Ill. Union, Philippine Islands. Navarro, John F., lOth Bn. Combat Team, Cpo
Tompkins, Daniel D., Jr., Cpl., 7th Sig. Co., Dunnington, R. E., 820 S. College, Springfield, Murphy, Philippine Islands.
APO 7, c/oPM, San Francisco, Calif. Ill. Neil, James c., Btry. c., 450th AAA AW Bn.,
Tuck, Geo. B., Sgt. leI., 3629 Myrtle Ave., Long Dunnington, T. A., Cottage City, Brentwood, Md. R Ord, Calif.
Beach, Calif. Eaton, W. P., 800 Islington St., Portsmouth, Nielson, T. 0., 12141 Charlevoix Ave., Detroit,
Unruh, Robt. H., Sgt. leI., Btry. A, 97th AAA N.H. Mich.
Gun Bn., APO 343, Unit 4, c/o PM, San Fran- Elten, R. H., c/o R. A. Winchester, Box 151, Nieman, Pat. Shawnee, Kan.
cisco, Calif. South San Francisco, Calif. O'Brien, Robt. J., 3905 Clay St., San Francisco,
Vastola, V. M., Sgt., 1533 Glover St., Bronx 61, Evans, W. c., 479 Alameda Ave., Youngstown, Calif.
N.Y. Ohio. Ohldag, Henry H., 2411 Silver Ridge, Los An.
Viall, Wm. 5., Sgt., 881 Cleveland Rd., Ravenna, Falkenau, Clifford A., 1 River Rd., Schenectady geles, Calif.
Ohio. 5, N.Y. Oleson, George, 119 8th St., S. Fargo, S. D.
Wagoner, A. E., M/Sgt., 1407 Litton Ave., Nash- Fishburne, L. G., Walterboro, S. C. Orlansky, Jesse, 10 E. 49th St., New York 17,
ville, Tenn. Franklin, Geo., 75th MA Gun Bn., Ft. Meade, N.Y.
Wallingford, H., Pfc., D Btry., 68th AM Gun Md. Parke, James W., 526 E. Taylor St., Reno, Nev.
Bn., Ft. Lewis, Wash. Fritz, Dale c., 364 6th Ave., San Francisco, Calif. Pendry, B. H., 11491 179th St., St. Albans, New
Wedmore, A. R., M/Sgt., 205 Fifth Ave., Strat- Gallagher, Francis c., 153 N. New Hampshire, York,N. Y.
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Anthony, S. A., Jr., 475 Fifth Ave., New York, Hutcherson, D. E., Jr., B Btry., 60th AAA AW N.Y.
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T HEY came at dusk, out of the saffron hills and green rice pad-
dies in front of our battalion's horseshoe position a few miles
south of Chinju. They were shooting as they came, charging
straight up, screaming between bursts from their automatic car-
bines. Perhaps they thought that we would be afraid and run
away. After all, we had run away before ... "strategic with-
drawal," I think the newspapers call it.
For more than a week we had been executing strategic with-
drawals only a jump ahead of them as they'd steam-rollered their
way toward the vital Chinju-Masan highway. Butwewere tired of
running, of being afraid, and this time we'd been told to hold.

IT was a lovely position to hold. It had We'd learned to hold our fire, to shoot he was going to assault without further
a U of beautiful big hills nicely humped to kill men and not the shadows that reconnaissance and without artillery or
at the closed end to command the fingers come to taunt the imagination at night mortar preparation.
and Hanks. They were the kind of hills when a GI and his buddy are alone in The man upon whom this break de-
that murder your legs and lungs but their foxhole. pended crouched in his foxhole on the
save your life. So we climbed those We held our fire now. Even the re- horseshoe, chewing gum from his C
beautiful brutal hills in the scorching placements fresh from the States who'd ration supper packet. As he peered
sun and dug deep into their rocky slopes joined us during the afternoon remem- through the fading light at the gather-
and crests. At the open end of the U bered what they'd been told as they were ing figures on the ridge opposite him,
we placed our pair of tanks to cover the hurried into the lines. Not a man stirred he felt for the reassuring touch of his
road, and then we waited in the too on the saffron horseshoe of hills. The riHe and grenades, and he swore softly.
peaceful hum of that hot summer after- enemy patrols grew bolder, came closer.
noon for our enemy to come to get us.
Our patrols spotted them while they
Skirmish lines began to form behind
them and move forward.
A GREEN Hare went up on the ridge
opposite Company C on one finger of
were still three miles away ... a long At the battalion command post in the our U, followed quickly by another Hare
brown column snaking along one of yard of a Korean farmhouse within the from ground facing the base of the arc.
those back roads that aren't supposed horseshoe, the staff listened to the re- A few seconds later all hell broke loose.
to be there according to the Korean ports that Hawed in from the OPs by Whistles blew and they came down
maps but always are when the enemy field phone and radio and they forgot the slopes into the narrow valleys that
comes after you. to wipe off the perspiration that dripped separated us from them. They disap-
Soon their advance patrols were scur- from their faces onto their maps. peared into the curtain of our mortar
rying around the outskirts of our posi- "Red 3 this is Baker 6 ... approxi- fire only to reappear suddenly on our
tion, trying to draw fire that would dis- mately 300 Nor~h Koreans are moving forward slopes. The holes tom in their
close our location and strength. I think onto the ridge opposite my position. ranks seemed to be filled as if by a quick
they were a little puzzled not to find us Their patrols are starting toward us now Hawing brown liquid from reservoirs be.
along the road or on the forward slopes ... Red 3 this is Able 6. Enemy moving hind them.
where they had found us before. in on us from West and Southwest. The boys from Texas and Kansas
Looks like at least two companies with and Brooklyn were firing into them as
WE'D learned that our front is the machine guns and mortars ... Red fast as fingers could touch triggers, load
four points of the compass and to pre- 3 this is Zebra 6. They're closing in magazines, feed machine-gun belts, drop
pare for attack from any and all of them. fast now. Think they are getting ready shells into mortar tubes. Tracers laced
We'd learned to fit our tactical doctrine to assault. My range is only 400 the purple dusk around them. Bits of
to the ground as it exists in Korea, not yards! ... " their ridge exploded into Hashes of light,
to the ground of the textbook examples, The S-2 and S-3 grinned at each other. and jagged metal whined ...
and to climb and climb and climb even Here was the break the 1st Battalion, At the Company C OP the artillery
when we couldn't take another step. 19th Infantry had been waiting for. The forward observer was calling prepared
enemy was walking right in with his concentrations onto the rear and Hanks
*Reprinted with permission from the October
1950 issue, Combat Forces Journal. chin out. He'd become so cocky that of the charging line. A burst of auto-
Rice Poddys

Rice Poddys

matic fire hit him in the shoulder, but the crest led by a saber-brandishing of- and there along the reverse slope,
his voice didn't falter as he spoke into ficer. A burst of automatic' carbine fire screams died into gurgles as American
the radio mouthpiece. A few minutes dropped him. A nearby GI jumped out bayonets found bellies and throats.
later the enemy silenced him, but not of his foxhole and beat two others to the At the close quarters in gun positions
before he had completed his fire orders. saber, then shot his way back to safety. and foxholes, the enemy died under
The enemy ranks were ragged now, Grenades popped out of the foxholes smashing rifle butts and the quick des-
yet the remnants came screaming over like baseballs and took their toll. Here perate thrusts of trench knives.

ABRUPTLY all firing, all of the sound and fury died away ...
The silence seeped into our numbed and drunken senses like
healing balm. The knots in the pits of our stomachs loosened
little by little and gradually we became aware of the croak of frogs
and insect rustles of the SUlumer night.
We found that we could speak again without choking on
pounding blood in our throats, and voices began to drift out of
the foxholes:
"We did it! We stopped the bastards!"
"Yeah, they ain't so tough."
"Nlaybe we're just gettin' tougher."
"Well, let's get some more ammo up here. What's left of 'em
will be back at dawn."
"Yeah, but they ain't going no place! ... "
227th AAA Group At Stewart
Only two sleeve targets out of 13 got away-and they were and practices for field units; the article was our major guide
well cut up-when 90mm antiaircraft guns of the 227th for setting up our MOC."
Antiaircraft Artillery Group, Florida National Guard, fired Firing on the big Stewart ranges were the 712th AM
on the ranges of Camp Stewart during summer training. Gun Battalion (9Omm) of South Florida; the 265th AM
The 40mm and .50 caliber guns blasted down four out of Gun Battalion (9Omm) from West Florida; the 148th AM
nine of the new, fast RCAT drones that were used as targets AW Battalion (4Omm and .50 caliber) from North Florida,
during the encampment, July 2 through July IS. attached to the 227th for training though a part of the 48th
Eight sleeves \'i'ere towed by Oklahoma National Guard Infantry Division, and the llSth MA Gun Battalion
planes from near-by Hunter Field, Savannah, Ga., during (9Omm) of Mississippi, also attached.
the first day and 227th gunners got seven. The eighth, The 90mm guns of the two Florida battalions expended
though ripped up, got away. On the second day of firing, 3,400 rounds of ammunition and the Mississippi battalion
the gunners knocked down four sleeves in two hours and added 600 more rounds firing at targets. In addition 766
IS minutes but let the fifth, shot to pieces, get away. rounds were used on trial shot, calibration and ground fire
"Some of the best shooting I've ever seen," was the com- problems.
ment of Col. P. L. \Vall of Jacksonville, group commander. The 40mm and .50 caliber guns of the 148th expended
The lighter guns had some trouble with the radio-con- S,431 rounds of 40mm ammunition and 94,300 rounds of
trolled drones, a new type capable of speeds in excess of .50 caliber machine-gun ammunition.
2S0 miles per hour. Regular Army crewmen launched the Guardsmen travelled from Florida to Stewart by special
drones from a new type of ramp, a concrete circular track train, truck convoy and plane. Mississippi sent their officers
on which a dolly supported the plane until it reached flying and men by train.
speed. The dolly was controlled by a cable from a steel Making a precedent-setting flight, were four batteries of
center post in the circle. the 712th AM Battalion from South Florida. Men and
An MOC (Antiaircraft Operations Center) modeled field equipment enplaned at three fields in South Florida
after the center described in the January-February issue of and three hours later landed on Liberty Field, located on
the ANTIAIRCRAFT JOURNAL passed a field test during a two- the Camp Stewart, Ga. reservation where summer maneu-
week summer encampment here of the 227th AM Group. vers were held. Instead of nearly two days by truck convoy,
According to Maj. Conrad Mangels, Jr., MAOC Officer the battalion made the camp trek of nearly 500 miles in a
for the group, "There is no publication available on methods matter of hours.

228th AAA Group, SCNG, at Stewart

Completes Field Training With Flying Colors

By Colonel D. W. Bethea, Jr., SCNG

The 228th AM Group, South Carolina National Guard, T. J. Thome and the 331st Operations Detachment com-
moved to Camp Stewart, Georgia, on June 2S, for the third manded by Major H. McLendon.
consecutive year of summer training at that station. The Troops moved from home stations by motor convoy. Ap-
Group consisted of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, proximately 150 officers and 1,3S0 enlisted men attended
commanded by Colonel D. W. Bethea, Jr. of Dillon; the the encampment.
107th AM AW Battalion (SP), temporarily commanded Excellent MA target practices were conducted by all
by Major E. R. McIver, Jr. of Conway; the 678th AM AW battalions.
Battalion, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel M. T. Sulli- Three B26s and two PSIs based at Hunter Field, Savan-
van of Anderson; the 713th AM Gun Battalion, com- nah, were used for towing and tracking. TheOQ 19 RCAT
manded by Lieutenant Colonel B. N. Singleton of Florence; was used as targets for AW firings. Air National Guard
and the 246th Army Band, commanded by CWO Ben units from Little Rock, Arkansas, and Tulsa, Oklahoma,
Hughes of Greenwood. The following Reserve units from furnished excellent aerial missions.
Charleston trained with the Group: 316th AM Group The 713th AM Gun Battalion shot down a number of
under the command of Colonel D. M. White, Jr., 376th sleeves and obtained several hits with the VT fuzed am-
l\AA A\V Battalion commanded by Lieutenant Colonel munition.
The 107th and 678th AW Battalions shot down ten OQs. The success of the camp was facilitated by the able assist-
The average life of the RCAT was' only three runs across ance and cooperation of the following Regular Army offi-
the AvV firing line. In addition, the AW battalions fired on cials:
towed sleeves and registered numerous hits. Colonel \V. A. \Veddell, Senior AAA instructor, assisted
All units participated in antimechanized firing 'with as- by Lieutenant Colonels J. S. Albergotti and D. S. Keisler
signed weapons on an excellent moving target course. The and I\lajor G. R. Evans, Regular Army instructors.
rocket launcher, pistol, carbine and submachine gun were Colonel K. M. Barager, Commanding Camp Stewart, and
alsofired. his staff.
The Group executed a two-day field exercise in two The 43d ReAT Detachment, commanded bv Lieutenant
phases. The first phase required the setting up of an AAA Fred Dawson, Fort Benning, Ga ..
defense of a hypothetical guided missile launching area. Instruction teams furnished by the AA & GM Branch of
The second phase was a night movement to provide an AAA The Artillery School, Fort Bliss, Texas, and by Fort Custer,
defense of the local airdrome, Liberty Field. The problem Michigan.
was prepared by the Group instructor. All officers and en- Distinguished visitors included Major General W. C.
listed men agreed that despite the mud and rain, the field Chase, Chief of Staff, Third Army, Major General James C.
problem was highly profitable. Dozier, The State Adjutant General, and Brigadier General
The Aggressor force, under command of Major James A. B. Godfrey, Commanding GeneralSlst Infantry Division
Gallaway, Group S-2, injected the local ground security Artillery. The 107th MA AW Battalion is an organic unit
aspect of combat conditions in realistic fashion. The force of the 51st Division but has trained with this Group each
consisted of three officers and twenty-five enlisted men. encampment.
They claimed the capture of a lieutenant colonel (battalion In attendance and in training value this was the most
commander), a captain, and a number of NCOs and other successful encampment of the 228th AM Group since the
enlisted men. The Blue force captured nine members of the reorganization of the South Carolina National Guard in
Aggressor team. 1947.

Your Journal

As most of our readers know, two years ago the Infantry Meanwhile, the main effort at present is being directed
Association submitted a proposal for the Armored Cavalry, toward the continuation of the ANTIAIRCRAFT JOURNAL un-
the Coast Artillery, the Field Artillery and the Infantry der existing policies. Appropriate action will be initiated to
Associationsto merge into the Association of the U. S. Army change the name of the Coast Artillery Association to the
and to publish one journal for the combat forces. Antiaircraft Association.
This proposed merger involved for all both advantages In January the Armored Cavalry Association voted not
and disadvantages. Your Executive Council believed, how- to participate in the proposed merger and to continue the
ever, that if the merger could be worked out harmoniously, publication of their Journal. The Association has now be-
it would serve to further unification within the Army and come the United States Armor Association. It publishes the
that the over-all advantages to be gained thereby would excellent journal, Armor, as the medium for armored war-
outweigh other factors. The Council also realized that the fare.
Antiaircraft members desired to support teamwork in this In August the Infantry and Field Artillery Associations
matter. Accordingly, the Council has favored the merger merged to form the Association of the U. S. Army and to
and has participated in conferences and discussions in an publish the United States Army Combat Forces Journal.
earnest effort to work out a sound and equitable basis for This excellent monthly is maintaining the high standards
such a merger. of both of its predecessors.
The Council believes that the Antiaircraft membership The Infantry School Quarterly at Fort Benning, Georgia,
would desire appropriate recognition and participation in continues to cover in capable fashion the latest thought on
the policies and management of the proposed journal. Thus technical and tactical matters of interest to the Infantry.
far, however, it has been unable to secure terms which All of these combat magazines give your Antiaircraft
would meet that requirement. The Council stands ready to Journal valuable cooperation. We wish them continued
cooperate further toward a harmonious merger. Should success.
events later offer a proper participation under the proposed The Council wishes to thank the many members who
merger, the Council will promptly submit the proposal to have given help and suggestions on the proposed merger.
the membership. Any further comment will be welcomed.
Photo by Charles C. Minker. Wilmington. D.l.
A 40mm crew of the Delaware National Guard's 94Sth Automatic \Xfeapons Battalion knock down their gun for a two-week
session at Dewey Beach, Del. Mostly recruits, this outfit turned in an impressive score.

Delaware Guard at Fort Miles and Bethany Beach

By Lieutenant Jack D. Hunter, Arty., Del. NG
The captain squinted into the humid sky and said: Although the shooting was, in the words of Brig. Gen.
'Those boys are shooting like they're mad at those targets." John B. J\il00 re, the brigade's commanding general, "the
As he watched, 40mm tracers needled through the slight best I've ever seen at any Guard encampment," Delaware
haze and clipped shreds from the red nylon tow sleeve with had its problems.
almost scissor-like precision. First, the deployment of troops and equipment over an
"Yes, sir, those boys are hot-I mean hot." area that stretched from Fort J\ililes, at the mouth of the
The captain, an ex-combat paratroop officer and now a Delaware River, to Dewey Beach, about 10 miles south, to
battery commander in the Delaware National Guard, had Bethany, about IS miles farther down the coast.
dropped in for a chat at the Group CPo He chuckled, then Second in line of training troubles was the fact that
lit a smoke. impact areas put an overlay on one of the biggest commer-
"The darndest thing about it all is that they're only high cial and pleasure fishing spots on the East Coast. This, in
school kids, most of 'em." addition to the recurrent complaints of boat operators, com-
The captain just about summed up the performance of plicated things by calling for special safety procedures.
Delaware's 26lst AAA Brigade at its 1950 training encamp- The third crimp in Delaware's style came from the re-
ment at Fort Miles and Bethany Beach, Del. pairs of the Indian River Inlet Bridge that spans a deep
His outfit, part of the 945th Automatic \Veapons Battal- stream leading to the ocean. The bridge was not available
ion, was putting up a show that was typical of all other to vehicular traffic, and supply and liaison vehicles were
units in the brigade. forced to take a 40-mile detour on runs from Fort Miles to
To the south, on a strip of sand at Bethany the 90mm Bethany Beach.
guns were also busy making targets unusable. There, the But none of these offered an insurmountable barrier.
736th and I93d Gun Battalions, also manned mainly by Brigade staff officers put their heads together and directed
fuzz-faced boys, were told to "bracket and layoff those the laying of direct phone lines between headquarters at
sleeves" to save time consumed in target replacement. Miles and group and battalion CPs down the coast. A
shuttle-bus was also instituted so that liaison personnel when on the second day of the encampment the 736th Gun
could cut in half the time required to detour the inlet. Battalion and the 361st Signal Radar Unit were given notice
To get around the fishing Reet problem, firing of all thev would be called into full-time Army duty at an earlv
weapons was held only in the afternoon and early evening ~~ ' ..
-the period when boats were out to sea and dear of the The Korean show, in the opinion of old-timers in the
impact areas. brigade, was brought much closer to home when other out-
For other vessels that happened along during the shoot- fits saw their buddies in the 736th and 361st start a lot of
ing, a Regular Army liaison plane and safety boats hurried letter-writing as the first step in settling affairs at home.
to warn them off. Interruptions due to these wanderers As soon as the 736th returned to its home armory in vVil-
were few as a result. mington, applications for enlistment ran high, the ~ncensm;
Fishing craft operating out of the inlet and from other among recruits bein& "we're going to be drafted anyho\y
points adjacent to the firing lines 'were informed daily as to -so why not go with a home-town outfit?"
the schedule of shooting. When weather cancelled opera- The 361st had no recruiting problems and was, according
I tions for two days, that information was posted as quickly as to Second Army training teams helping out on the range,
possible. "ready for combat at any time."
All units except the brigade headquarters and the state Both outfits are now in their first training period with
staff moved directly into bivouac on the first three days of the Army at Camp Gordon, Ga., where many of their offi-
the encampment. In that period, guns were emplaced, cers trained in World War II.
communications established, and ammo dumps prepared. Lt. Col. Frank T. Lynch, commanding officer of the
From bivouac, troops with the gun battalions moved into 736th, had this to say about the highly effective fire put up
permanent shelter at Bethany Beach and the automatic by his gun crews:
. weapons outfits took over barracks at Fort Miles. Each "They're young, yes, and most of them never heard a shot
morning troops at both sites entrucked for the firing points. fired by somebody with a hard nose. But they're all smart
Morning sessions were devoted to schools on everything and tough-we won't take drugstore cowboys and eight-balls
from first aid to field fortifications, then after noontime -and they get the knack fast. Let me work them out for
chow, crews went to their guns for four to five hours of prac- awhile and you'll see one of the hottest antiaircraft artillery
tice. outfits in the world."
At both points, sections of the 262d Ordnance Medium On Lynch's last day of firing this summer, his outfits
Maintenance Company set up machine shops to handle backed up his boast by knocking a half-dozen targets into
part replacements or repair. The 361st Signal Radar Unit the ocean.
operated between the two ranges. "Y ou seer"'" th e co1one 1 gnnne.
. d "Y'au Just can ,t mak e
Probably the biggest training impetus was given all outfits 'em bracket."

Exercise Metro
The 35th AAA Brigade, Fort Meade, Maryland, Colonel The 85th Bombing Squadron, Light, from Langley AFB,
Pierre B. Denson, commanding, conducted EXERCISE Virginia, participated in the exercise, simulating air attacks
METRO in Washington, D. c., and vicinity during the night and day on objectives in the defended area. In con-
period September 11 to 23. The following units partici- junction with the Eastern Air Defense Command and the
pated: 647th Aircraft Warning Squadron, the Brigade tested the
early warning service, communications, and unit efficiency
19th AAA Group, Colonel Harold P. Gard, command- in the antiaircraft defense.
ing The primary purpose of the exercise was to gain experi-
503d AM Operations Detachment, Major Alfred J. ence in the problems involved in the establishment of a
l\lontrone, commanding defense in a metropolitan area. Similar exercisesare planned
4th AAA AW Battalion, Lt. Colonel Chester T. Bar- for other metropolitan areas.
ton, commanding As the Brigade moved to positions the weather cooperated
39th AM AW Battalion, Lt. Colonel Nyles W. Balt- to furnish interest in the form of steady rains which con-
zer, commanding tinued throughout the first week. Old ~1diers and recruits
70th AM Gun Battalion, Lt. Colonel Francis G. Greg- alike 'weathered it and were rewarded in the last week with
ory, Jr., commanding better luck.
75th AAA Gun Battalion, Lt. Colonel Peter L. Urban, Colonel Denson and his troops received many distin-
commanding guished visitors.
By Colonel M. A. Hatch, Arty.
The AAA ROTC Summer Camp for the First, Second, and in disapproval by higher authority of some of the
Third and Fourth Armies was conducted at Fort 1\'leade planned instruction. This latter included elimination of
during the period 17 June to 29 July. It was conducted interior guard duty. It had been planned to help the hard
jointly with Infantry ROTC units. The author served as pressed antiaircraft troops by guarding their equipment.
the Senior AAA Instructor. A resume of the highlights in spotted for drill purposes in the ROTC area, and at the
successful achievements. as well as a few of the difficulties same time providing future officers with valuable ex-peri-
and disappointments, may be of interest. ence. It is believed that commissioned officers should have
At a planning conference at Second ArnlY Headquarters some background experience as privates and noncommis-
in 1\'larch we were advised that we were to be restricted in sioned officers of the guard. However, this was not included
our service practice to three specific afternoons in the third in the Department of the Anny program for summer camp.
week of camp: July 5th, 6th and 7th. No alternative dates In view of the limited time allotted for regular service
were pennitted. These restrictions were the result of objec- practice it was hoped to be able to take the students to t\. p.
tions by local commercial fishing and resort operators and Hill for demonstration and practice in ground firing with •
conflicts with National Guard firing dates. antiaircraft weapons. However, since this again is not pro-
The primary benefit of an antiaircraft camp is the AAA vided in the training directive and would have involved
firil1g. To hold it in the middle of camp is undesirable; to additional expense, it was also disapproved by Second Army.
limit the prescribed 65 hours to a maximum of 18 is de- The camp was organized along regimental lines. There
plorable, especially when uncertain weather, safety of the were two battalions of infantry and one of antiaircraft.
field of fire and other factors are sure to reduce the time Senior instructors were battalion commanders and were con-
even further. The superior conditions at Ft. Bliss are well cerned primarily with training. The camp headquarters
known. TIle very fine range at I-laven, \Visconsin, on the functioned as a regimental headquarters and relieved the
shore of lake Michigan was used last year and found to be battalion commanders from the bulk of administrative de-
so ~(Jood and free from interference that the lease was re- tails. There were 450 students in the AAA battalion, divided
newed for five years. All this and more was reported through into three batteries.
Fifth and Second Armies to the Field Forces. The result The 90mm guns were set up at Bethany Beach. Two bat-
was an indication that some other site might be considered teries of materiel were available, less one gun manned by
next year. OR personnel. The automatic weapons firing point was
As it turned out, we were rained out only one day of the about ten miles away near Rehobeth Beach. One battery
three. In addition, 4 hours were lost because of unsafe field of materiel was manned by ROTC and one battery by OR
of fire. Tow target trouble and waiting for new sleeves to personnel. Both 40mm and M55 Cal. .50 MG's were fired.
replace those shot down accounted for 2;,.2hours. Rotation of personnel was effected after each course. Maxi-
After returnin(Jo to my• home station from the Second mum instructional benefit was the object rather than target
Army conference I revised the Master Schedule, prepared. practice excellence.
tentative weekly schedules and contacted PMS&T's con- Because the service firing was held in the middle of the
cerned to ascertain the best specialties of their instructors camp period it was desirable to emphasize some other phase
who were due to attend camp. From this information in- of training as a second climax. Therefore, much of the time
struction teams were planned and members notified of their that would othenvise have been devoted to sen'ice firing
committee assignments. Also, PMS&T's were given avail- was utilized in preparation for and execution of the pre-
able information for use in briefing their students prior to scribed field exercises. Major D. W. Malone did a fine job
camp. in planning the problem involving the defense of certain
The instruction staff reported for duty at Ft. 1\leade five corps units in a defensive situation. Students were given.
days before the opening date of the camp. Some revision their assignments on Friday afternoon of the fifth week,
was necessary in the detailed schedules because of changes after they had completed necessary ground reconnaissance
in dates of planned demonstrations by supporting troops for positions. The exercise took place Monday and T ues- •
day of the sixth week. Materiel was dug into field positions.
Colonel Melton A. Ha!ch graduated from the U. S. Military Academy L-16s "strafed" positions at dusk on Monday and at dawn
in 1918 and entered the CAe. During World War II he served as the on Tuesday. During the hours of darkness on 1\londay, all
Antiaircraft Officer and Deputy Chief of Stafl of the Eighth Army in the
For East. He now serves as the PMS& T at the University of Illinois. units were tested by a force of aggressors furnished by the
3d Cavalry supporting troops. Instructors were assigned as
umpires. There was very little sleep I\londay night. Stu- rain or shine. One whole afternoon, and manv other inter-
dents found that doing the job in the field was much tougher vals on the firing ranges, were lost to shootin"gbecause of
than they imagined from reading about it. Nearly all the inclement weather and other causes. Such time was utilized
expected mistakes 'were made by some cadets at some time. in instruction in nomenclature, orientation, tracked vehicle
These, of course, were reviewed at the critique. The stu- instruction, additional instruction on the radar and 1\1-9di-
dents appreciated the great value of the lessons learned. rector and in T.I.P. presentations prepared and staged bv
There were a number of demonstrations on subjects not students . .,
prescribed in Army Training Program No. 145-3. These in- A 16mm motion picture record was made of the camp.
cluded 12Omm,MaR, a trip to Aberdeen Proving Ground After spoilage and necessary cutting about 800 feet of good
and small day and night infantry demonstrations followed film resulted. This should be of considerable value and
by practical problems. interest on the campus, especially for those anticipating next
One afternoon of the fifth week was devoted to a mass summer's camp.
athletic meet. Every antiaircraft student participated in two The outstanding instruction of the training committees
events. The primary benefits were in the preparatory try- and the exceptional support given by the personnel of the
outs and training and in acquainting future athletic officers 19th AAl\ Group, 3d Armor Group, and the lIth Airborne
with the mechanics of running this type of athletic meet. Division made possible an interesting and successful camp.
Altogether 84 events were run off, many simultaneously, Cadets from the following AAA ROTC units participated
and at a stepped up tempo entirely foreign .to the conven- in the camp:
tional type of meet. Many of the events were taken from
TM 21-221. Others were the brain children of our able University of Alabama
athletic officer, Captain Kaltenbach. Excitement was great University of Cincinnati
as evidenced by the comments and attention given to the The Citadel
master scoreboard. C,ompetition was keen and the outcome Universitv of Delaware
undecided till near the end. The famous pie-eating contest Florida A' & M
I climaxed the day. Fordham University
Special effort was made throughout the camp to utilize Georgia Institute of Technology
students to the maximum in positions of authority and re- Hampton Institute
. sponsibility. Changes were made weekly. More frequent University of lllinois
. changes would have been undesirable in that the time would University of Maine
have been too short for real accomplishment. Wherever Michigan State College
practicable students were used as instructors. Over 100 University of Minnesota
were used in the first two weeks alone. For weapons and Mississippi State College
communications, for example, each battery was divided into University of New Hampshire
ten sections. The committees concerned had to work over- Utah State Agricultural College
time in training the instructors after hours in preparation for Virginia Polytechnic Institute
their duties. By these means each student was given a \Vashington University
number of assignments involving some practical application
of leadership. More than four hundred students successfully completed
Special attention was given to make every hour count, sum:r:nerencampment.

Artillery School Changes

The Artillery Officers Advanced Course, no,,\' in progress The change was approved by the Chief, Army Field
at Fort Sill, will be divided into two sections about 6 Oc- Forces to provide intensive instruction in their respective
tober. Thereafter the Antiaircraft officers will go to Fort fields for both the Antiaircraft and the Field Artillerv offi-
_Blissfor a six months' course in Antiaircraft. Field Artillerv cers. It is understood that the change WftS dictated by im-
officers will remain at Fort Sill for a like course in Field mediate requirements for expansion, and that it does not
Artillery subjects. reflect any change in the long-range plans to achieve a
This course was originally programmed for 42 weeks, genuine integration into one Artillery.
with roughly one-third of the time allotted each to common Specialist courses for motor officers, motor sergeants,
subjects, Antiaircraft, and Field Artillery. This program in- motor mechanics, FA and AAA gun mechanics, communica-
tended to have all officers take the instruction in all three tion and meteorological specialists will be conducted at Fort
fields. -The change ,,\'ill take place upon completion of the Sill. Radar, electronics, and guided missile specialists will
common subject instruction. receive their training at Fort Bliss..
'IV i.. f..- tHf;fJ. S-t<>-1lit 1\v
-:-)'r;ica. Fau~ts and t:a:iures A.A..A..t\utomatic \Veapons
By Captain Henry A. Oehrig, Arty.

In this article we shall cover the typical personnel faults to run the sections. The safety officers (line of metal)
and materiel defects noted in the antiaircraft automatic should let the chiefs of section run the gun crews and not
weapon firinoo and maintenance at one of our busv. summer interfere, except in safety procedure. More initiative, re-
camps. Corrective measures are also indicated. In most of sponsibility, and respect should be given the section leaders.
the units involved the men were comparatively inexperi- Usually the battery officers acted as line of metals officers.
enced, though quite intelligent and enthusiastic. The obser- They should hold critiques immediately after the course is
vations made are quite applicable in the training program over and correct all mistakes, includino o those made bv. the
in which we are now entering. Other articles in the JOUR- chiefs of section.
NAL cover the commendable progress which was made by Gunners should be alert at giving "cease fire" should the
determined efforts. gun go beyond the limit stakes. Gunners consistently failed
Naturally, the salt spray and sand at the seashore firing to engage the azimuth clutch within the limit of safety, thus
point had a terrific effect on the materiel. 11le units had failing to get those important first rounds up there on the
such heavy training schedules that they initially allowed approaching leg for the first possible "Ay-through"; usually
only one hour a day for maintenance of equipment. This they opened up about midpoint. The majority of gunners
was inadequate and the guns soon began to show the effects. neglected to check recoil after each course. Some did not
The maintenance period had to be increased to two full know the proper method of checking level of oil in recoil
hours per day. During the night and early morning hours cylinder. It is the gunner who emplaces the gun and levels
salt spray came in over the shore and permeated into every it, not the chief of section; and it is his duty to know how
nook and corner of the materiel, so that rust formed over- to perrornl this important function. It is, however, the re-
night. This plus the blown sand caused a very serious prob- sponsibility of the chief of section to check the level and an
lem. Every morning it was necessary to completely strip officer should double check this. Gunners quite often
down the equipment and clean it thoroughly. All parts were neglected to check the elevation clutch after it was engaged.
freely coated with light oil before reassembling, especially The results were obvious.
the bolt and top plate cover of the caliber .50 machine gun. Manv courses were wasted because the loader and firer
The lower chassis and top carriage also required careful failed t~ feed the first round on the loading tray, due to in-
cleaning. The sand, salt spray, and film that had formed correct handling of ammunition. Too often he neglected to
during the night on all the materiel had to be removed disengage the hand operating lever and put it in the vertical
carefully. position. Frequently he failed to place the fire lever on
Materiel deficiencies noted on the 40mm gun were: check "safe" after firing the course, thus breaking one of the most
lever pins sheared off; catch head release pins sheared; important safety regulations. In several instances the loader
br:oken closing springs; and spline shaft pins severed. Ord- and firer did not have the feed control thumb lever to the
nance personnel had to replace two defective oil gears on left; and, the old standby, he allowed cartridge clips to get
the firing line. The fire control electrician made minor under the firing pedal, causing the piece to misfire. Some
adjustments on others. Three directors had to go to Ord- new loaders and firers continue to watch the tracers and the
nance for repair due to short circuits. Elevation switches target instead of feeding the gun; consequently, the rate of
jumped out quite often during firing; this was corrected by fire was very irregular. In a number of cases the weapon
wiring down the switch each time a course was fired. Per- jammed due to incorrect loading. The old phrase "keep it
haps an adjustment could be made on the equipment to nose heavy" still holds! ~ 1uch time and stress must be
prevent this nuisance. placed on these points before allowing a number seven man
On the caliber .50 machine guns there were several driv- to fire the 40mm gun.
ing rod springs and driving rods, weak or broken, that had Ammo handlers were observed watching tracers instead of
to be replaced; this was done immediately on the line. handing ammunition to the loader and firer! Also they were
It was quite apparent that most of the trouble encoun-. handing it incorrectly, that is, backwards, which naturally
tered was due to the using personnel. Chiefs of section did caused delay, confusion, and a poor rate of fire. Clipping of
not sound off the commands effectively. More emphasis 40mm ammo was poor and the handling was too rough and.
should be placed on discipline within the section during careless.
daily drill. Chiefs of sections should be trained and required As for the director crews (units had both 1'\11-5A I and
M-5 A2 Directors) there were many significant errors made
that could have been corrected before firing. The range
Captain Henry A. Oehrig was commissioned in the CAC from the
ronks in 1941. He served as an AW unit commander in active com.
spotters and range setters, depending on the director used,
poign, in Alaska and in Europe. Now assigned as 5-3, 4th AAA AW were not observing tracers at target to make spot correc-
Bollolion, he served as the senior Instructor of the 35th Brigade AW
Instruction Team at Fort Miles, Delaware, during the post summer.
tions. Sometimes they were not waiting until trackers
sounded off "on target" before repeating command. They
also made spot corrections too erratic during the excitement front and rear stop pawls reversed; bolt switches reversed;
J firing. It was found that a special class of instruction had top covers not secure; and ammo loaded upside down. Dur-
to be given the range spotters and range setters after several ing firing, assistant MG gunners watched tracers instead of
,days of firing to get the hits and Hy-throughs desired. By guns. The links and ammo were dirty causing stoppages.
this time the sections as a whole were obtaining line shots The majority of the MG crews were unfamiliar with
and the tracking had smoothed out considerably. The class orientation, headspace and timing adjustments, and tests and
was conducted at one of the directors. Great pains were adjustments for the M-55 mount. A complete understand-
taken to e:\:plain the exact errors that were observed being ing of the Mark XI sight was another noted \veakness, and
made by the range spotters and range setters during the a working knowledge of the power charger vIas lacking.
previous day's firing. Also the errors made by other mem- Therefore. the instructors had to spend a good bit of time
bers of the range section were discussed. Spot corrections on some phases that could have been covered at the annory
were discussed and explained in detail. Questions were before coming to the range. "T" blocks had to be made o~
welcomed and answered freely. This proved to ge very the line as most of the time the units had not brought
satisfactory and helped most of the units in their firing. them along.
Some of the errors observed made by the azimuth and Line of metal officers, since they are drawn from the unit
elevation trackers were: 0) leaving rate in directors, (2) firing, must be well briefed and thoroughly conscious of the
not tracking steadily (this was usually corrected after a few importance and seriousness of their job. In general, safety
days on the range), and (3) turning switch off before pull- officers were careless in observing safety limits of fire and
ing clutch out. failed to pull the loaders and firers foot off firing pedal upon
Range adjusters did not know how to collimate range receiving command to "cease fire." Some of the safety offi-
finders, and during firing made too great a change in alti- cers were more interested in observing tracers than the safetv
tude for constant altitude courses. In several instances the measures of the firing point. Telephone operators on the
director range switch was turned on before coincidence was safety phones were not always on the phones nor were they
obtained. The range jumped to maximum and the tracers alert enough in warning the line of metals officer of the
were then observed two-thirds of the way up the cable. Such "cease fire" command; they did not always watch the tower
errors not only endanger the tow plane, but also may damage for forthcoming signals. Guns were frequently left loaded
the range limit stops in the director as well. after a course was fired, and the command was given "rear
Power plant operators were not alert in observing chief of of piece, fall in." The fire lever was left on single fire in-
section commands, and did not check the readings on the stead of safe. Several times the operating handle was left
voltmeter and ammeter. When the power plant was not in in the forward position after a course was fired. More than
use, operators failed to turn off the gas. Some operators had once a loaded gun was pointed toward troops at the rear. In
main load switches on when starting and stopping the unit. target practice the correction is obvious and simple. How-
Checking the level and orientation by the gun crews must ever, positive attention is required. In battle this matter is
.be stressed continually, because they just don't understand more difficult, and it is imperative to prevent needless fire
, the necessity or importance of accuracy. Invariably it was on friendly troops or installations.
noted that a gun was out of level or out of orientation. In all AM automatic weapon fire there is an unfailing
Crews are not familiar with the three methods of orienta- tendency to shoot behind the target. The gunner, or the
tion; especially. one pole parallelism and scribe mark range setter, or whoever adjusts the fire has a natural tend-
parallelism. In fact the majority of units needed a great deal ency to sense the tracer as having reached the target before
of instruction and training in all methods of orientation and it actually does, and consequently his adjustment places
procedure of orientation. Until this is obtained and under- the stream of fire behind the target. This error increases
stood there can be no good shooting. This holds true for progressively at ranges beyond 600 yards. This tendency is
trial fire, as most crews had not the least conception of what even more pronounced in battle than it is in target practice,
trial fire was or what they were doing it for. The trackers because the gun crews will fire at excessive ranges until they
have to be thoroughly familiar with what i\lheyare looking are better trained.
for, and then be perfectly honest and draw the exact path In target practice the corrective action is to assign a
of the tracer observed on the prepared sketch of reticle, not capable coach to each weapon. For each course he takes
what they would like to have seen. position well out in the direction toward which the target
There was a tendency to neglect the M-55s, and most of is Hying; at least 75 yards, and further if the range is over
the training was on the 40rnm guns. This of course is 1,000 yards. He notes the stream of fire through the course
definitely wrong, for the M-55 is equally as important a and comes in immediately to coach the gunner or other crew
fire unit as the 40rnm gun. Its crew should receive the member who adjusts fire. He has been in a better position
same amount of training as the 40rnm gun crews. Instruc- to observe the fire accuracy. The weapons should be sepa-
tors consequently found the majority of MG gunners mak- rated sufficiently to facilitate the identification of the stream
ing innumerable mistakes, such as: not cleaning the barrels of fire from each gun and the coach should concentrate his
from the breech end; making solenoid adjustments v\'ith the attention on the fire from his own gun.
power charger not running; running the mount with power With well trained crews antiaircraft automatic weapons
charge off; trying to adjust solenoids "withinterrupter switch have deadly effectiveness against enemy planes ",rithin
set for use in truck; backplate locks on 100verguns wrong range. With poorly trained crews the fire is sad. Every-
so that they would hit base of mount "\il:henthe guns were bodvon the battlefield can see that it is sad, and don't think
elevated; bolt switches in the incorrect position for feeding; they \Nill hesitate to tell you about it!
Texas Artillery Foiled A
Yank Invasion
By Major John B, B. Trussell, Jr., Arty.
Civil War lore is rich in heroic charges and knightly gallantry and marksmanship on several occasions. Company
heroes. Yet the action which as much as anv other catches F had forty-two enlisted men, a captain (F. H. Odium) and
the imagination was an unromantic slugging match. More a lieutenant (R. \\1. Dowling), four smoothbore guns (two
than a gallant gesture, it has a sound claim to a place in twenty-four pounders and two thirty-two pounders) and
historv because, for the number of men involved, it was one two thirty-two pounder howitzers.
of th~ war's most significant engagements .. The task force approached the coast on the night of Sep-
By 1863, Union forces had occupied much of the Deep tember 7. \Vhen it was light enough to see, Lieutenant
South. Texas, practically untouched by war, remained a Dowling (who commanded the earthwork in Captain Od-
Confederate source of men and supplies, so General N. P. Ium's absence) reached his decision: auainsto one I:'>uunboat
Banks, commanding Federal forces in Louisiana, planned alone he might have tried to bluff by putting up a show of
an expedition against Texas For summer of that year, using Force; but against four his only hope was an ambush.
5,000 troops under General \Villiam B. Franklin. Admiral The Cliftoll approached first. For an hour, from beyond
Farragut Furnished eighteen transports and four gunboats the Confederates' range, she shelled the Fort, within \~hose
under Captain Francis Crocker-the Arizonll, Granite City, walls, spotters reported, shells repeatedly burst; but no gun
Sachem and, flying the commodore's pennant, the Cliftoll. spoke in reply and no sign of liFe was seen. Crocker decided
Franklin would steam to the Texas coast, disembark and that the earthwork had been abandoned. Nevertheless,
march overland to capture Beaumont. A larger force would. when the Clifton led the Sachem and Arizonll into the Pass,
Follow through Louisiana to join him. Crocker proceeded slowly, observing From a distance until
Success seemed probable. Few Confederate units barred midaFternoon.
the way: I-Iome guards garrisoned Beaumont; recruits and Dowling, fortunate in his unit's fine discipline, withheld
militia protected Houston; and Galveston, vulnerable to fire. The men stood silently to their guns. Onlv when all
attack from the sea, must retain all available forces for its three of the gunboats were in reach did Do\,:ling order,
own defense. Beaumont's principal protection against sea- "Commence firing!"
borne attack was the swampy, bayou-cut plain lying be- Crocker brought his ships in to a range of one thousand
tween it and the Gulf. The only feasible approach was yards. Though his weight of metal was crushingly superior,
through Sabine Pass to Sabine Lake, up the lake's western every action the Davis Guards had fought had earned them
shore, then cross-country for some fifteen miles. To block praise for superior gunnery. Eventually their fire began to
Sabine Pass the Conf~derates had erected a three-sided tell. After a little more than an hour's exchange, a rebel
earthwork which, Banks and Franklin were sure, could round struck the Sachem's boilers. As she drifted helplessly,
easily be by-passed. her captain could surrender or be slaughtered. He struck
No hint of the expedition reached Texas. In any case, his colors.
no troops, time or material were available to strengthen the Determined to end the fight, Crocker steamed the CliftOll
defense. The fort's weakness was an accepted thing: its up to extremely short range. But as he brought her broad-
officers, advised to abandon it, had put the question to a vote; side to bear, one of Dowling's rounds found her boilers and
the men elected to remain. she ran aground. No course remained but to join the Sadlem
• This garrison was composed of the First Texas Heavy in surrender.
Artillery's Company F, otherwise called the Davis Guards. The Arizonn, already damaged, withdrew to the waiting
Colonel Joseph J. Cook, the Annapolis graduate command- convoy. The Granite City had been on her way in when the
ing, had instilled in his men unusually high standards of Cliftoll and Sachem surrendered; not wishing to brave
discipline. Veteran gunners, the regiment as a whole and singly the opposition which had been too much for the
Company F individually had been highly commended for other three gunboats combined, her captain fled without
comIng In range.
The fight was over. Amazingly, after an hour and a half's
Majar Jahn B. B. Trussell, Jr., served during Warld War II as the Flak intensive bombardment, not a Confederate had even been
Analysis Officer af the 67th Fighter Wing af the Eighth Air Force in the
ETO. After the war he served as a member af the Okayama Military
wounded. But how were they to take into custody prisoners
Government Team in Japan. numbering perhaps five times their own strength? To make
his garrison appear strong, Dowling posted a few men as
sentries where they could be seen from the ships, and with Guards were present, they were silent when the laurels
Ihe rest took charge of some 150 prisoners. Fortunately for were passed out.
the Confederates, reinforcements brought by the cannonade The Federal task force's repulse was a real victory for the
kept the Federals from discovering their captors' numerical South, for had Franklin's plan succeeded, T exas \~ould al-
weakness. most certainlv have been overrun. The Davis Guards could
Throughout the Heet, three Union officers and 9-1-enlisted not alter the" war's outcome, but thev altered its course to
men lay dead and approximately 200 vmunded. The Con- the extent that they bought immunity from further major
federates captured eighteen cannon and quantities of am- Federal attacks on the state for almost a vear. Invasion and
munition, food and other supplies. General Franklin, most occupation came only when the entire- Confederacy was
of his naval protection lost, could only return to New Or- crumbling.
leans. There were, of course, charges and countercharges At Jefferson Davis's behest, each participant in the action
regarding responsibility for the failure. Some Union offi- was awarded a silver medal, inscribed "D. G.", for Davis
: cers claimed that a second fort, on the other side of the Guards, and "Sabine Pass, September 8, 1863," the only
Pass, and Confederate gunboats had joined the defense. medals ever presented by the Confederacy. Few medals
Certainly it is odd that, if Southern forces besides the Davis have been earned against heavier odds:

Write it up! Send it in!

"The main benefit of writing is to the writer. Before he cctn write clearly he
must know the facts and lwlle them logically arranged in his own. mind. When I
fOU1'ulmy knowledge deficient in any matter connected 'with my work, 1planned
and wrote an article abO'Utit, after collecting and arranging th.e facts. 1 recom-
mend the policy.JJ-Rear Admiral Lucius lV. Johnson, USN, Retired, in The
Military Surgeon.

In this connection we are happy to report a splendid im- factors to prevent that in the future?
provement in the number and quality of articles received To our readers in Korea we appeal for stories and photo-
for the JOURNAL.KEEP IT GOING. graphs about the actions in ground support or in local de-
If you have found a way to make the guns more accurate, fense. We need to hear about the mistakes, as well as the
tell us about it, whether it is a simple step, or a comprehen- successful achievements. We are interested in enemy tac-
sive program. Our readers prefer short articles, brief and to tics, both by the main forces and by guerrillas. -
the point. A few healthy arguments would add tone to these col-
We need more articles on the maintenance of antiaircraft umns. If you have an idea or a gripe that sounds like
and motor equipment. During the last war we had too many constructive criticism, send it in.
guns and vehicles on the dead line. What are the essential Notify the Journal of your change of address.

By Lieutenant Colonel Dorsey E. McCrory, Inf.

Infantry is the basic combat arm. The primary purpose

of other ground arms and sen'ices is to project the infantry
[om'ard from objective to objective until the final objective
is captured and enemy ground forces either surrender or
are destroyed. It follows, then, that the infantf\' division is
the basic 'combat organization in our ground 'forces. The
infantry division is the smallest unit composed of all the
essential ground anns and sef\'ices which can conduct, by
its own means, operations of general importance.' It can:
1. Strike mId penetrate effectivel)'.
2. Mmlellver readily.
3. Readily absorb alld employ reillforcillg III/its.
4. S lIstmlI acticn! in (my type of terrain.
5. Act alolle or as part of a larger force.
A number of changes in the organization of the infantry
division manifested themselves as desirable during \Vorld
\\Tar II. \\Then the war was over in Europe and while
troops were being shifted to the Pacific Theater, the more Chart I
pressing of these changes were made. They included sub-
stitution of self-propelled weapons for towed weapons in staff sections, 'The general staff sections, in their respective
the antitank and cannon companies of the infantry regi- fields of personnel and administration (C- I), intelligence
ment, inclusion of the newly developed 570101 and 750101 (C-2), operations and training (C-3), and logistics (G--l),
recoilless rifles in the infantr" battalion, an increase in wire are the principal agencies of the division commander for
construction facilities in tile signal company and the planning, coordinating and supef\'ising the activities of the
increase of the military police platoon to a company. But division. The special staff sections are specialists in their
it was not until 1946, following termination of \\Torld \Var respective fields and are the advisers to the division com-
II, that the present division organization was formulated. mander in matters pertaining thereto. The division signal
It is the result of the best thoughts evolved from war ex- officer, provost marshal, ordnance ofIJcer, quartennaster
periences. It is based on recommendations of the General officer, engineer officer and division artillery commander
Board of the European Theater, the Patch-Simpson Board, act as special staff oBJcers in addition to their duty of com-
recommendations of commanders of all grades and, more manding their unit. The light aviation section and the
specifically, of the Infantry Conference held at Fort Ben- public infonnation section are postwar additions to the divi-
ning, Georgia, in June 1946, for the specific purpose of for- sion headquarters.
mulating its postwar organization. As with any other The division 11l~adqllarters compml)' is the sef\,icc unit for
organization, changes, relatively minor to date, continue to division headquarters. It consists of a company headquarters,
be made. a mess platoon, a transportation platoon, a defense platoon
and a light aviation section. The defense platoon has three
ORGA.."<IZATION rifle squads and an antimechanized section armed with
Chart I shows the organization of the postwar infantry three 750101 recoilless rifles with which to establish local
division. It consists of division headquarters, division head- ground defense of division headquarters. The light aviation
quarters company, a signal company, a military police com- section is equipped with eight liaison type airplanes for
pany, a reconnaissance company, a band, a division head- courier and reconnaissance purposes.
quarters medical detachment, an ordnance company, a quar- The signal company contains the division signal officer's
termaster company, a replacement company, 3 identical section, a headquarters platoon, a signal supply photo and
infantry regiments, a medium tank battalion, a medical maintenance section, a construction platoon and an opera-
battalion, a combat engineer battalion and division artillery. tions platoon. This unit establishes communications with-
in division headquarters and to subordinate units working
DIVISION HEADQUARTERS directly under division headquarters. The construction pla-
Division headqllarters (Chart II) consists of the division toon has seven wire construction teams and three wire
commander, the assistant division commander, the chief of maintenance teams with which to :stablish and maintain
staff, who supef\,ises and coordinates all staff activities with- wire communications. The opentions platoon consists of
in the division headquarters, and the general and special a message center and messenger section, a radio relay section,
.a radio section and a telephone and teletype section. Radio
telay and teletypewriter communication facilities are post-
war additions to the company and likewise to the division.
Also new are six 35mm still cameras, one 35mm movie
camera and still picture processing facilities in the signal
supply photo and maintenance section. These cameras
lIlay be mounted in airplanes and are intended for taking
pictures for current and historical uses.
The military police company includes the provost mar-
shal's section, a company headquarters, three traffic platoons
and a police platoon. This unit, in the area between the
regimental rear boundaries and the division rear boundary,
is responsible for maintaining law and order, cooperating
with civilian police agencies, controlling traffic, apprehend-
ing stragglers and deserters and guarding prisoners of war.
The World War II platoon was inadequate for these pur-
The reconnaissance company consists of a company head-
<Juartersand three reconnaissance platoons. Each platoon has
a scout section with four :y,f-tontrucks, a tank section with
two light tanks, a rifle squad and a support squad armed
with an 8lmm mortar. Light tanks and full-tracked armored
personnel carriers replace the half-track and armored
car of the World War II unit. This unit has the mobil-
ity and fire power with which to secure information of the
enemy and communication facilities with which to get that
information back to division headquarters in time to be of
use. 1ts mobility and fire power make it effective for pre-
venting enemy ground reconnaissance of its parent division Chart II
and also make it capable of combat action. Since its per-
sonnel are highly trained and difficult to replace, a division division quartermaster, a company headquarters, a supply
commander would hesitate in committing it to sustained platoon, three truck platoons and a field service platoon. The
combat unless the situation was an emergency. supply platoon has Class I, Class II and IV and Class III
The band is the standard division band consis~ingof two supply sections. Each truck platoon is equipped with sixteen
~warrant officersand 68 enlisted men. This is a valuable and 2:y2-ton trucks and one-ton trailers. These constitute the
,versatile unit within the division. Not everyone under- primary source of cargo vehicles within the division. The
stands the value of the band to a division during combat. field service platoon, a completely new addition to the com-
,It is true that there is little place for horn playing in modem pany, has lYdth,laundry and graves registration sections.
battle. But the band provides the only reserve of labor with- The replacement company is a post\var addition to the
in the division, it is useful for augmenting military police, division to meet the pressing need evidenced during the
for guarding assembly areas and command posts. l\1any last war for an organization to administratively process, to
, members of vVorld War II bands wear the Purple Heart provide special equipment and training, to battle indoc-
decoration because the band was the usual source of addi- trinate and to forward to units of the division replacements
. tional aid men and litter bearers when fighting was heavy received. These functions during the last war were per-
and casualties surpassed the ability of medical personnel formed, if at all, by inadequately trained and equipped
to care for them. special duty personnel. As a result it was found that if a
The division headquarters medical detachment operates replacement joining front line combat units lived through
an aid station, provides emergency medical treatment, and the first ten days of combat he had a good chance of sur-
supervises the sanitation of the separate companies of the vivaL During this period such replacements completed
division ,vhich have no organic medical personnel. self-indoctrination but casualties among them during the
The ordnance company includes the division ordnance period were excessive. The company has a company head-
officer'ssection, a company headquarters, a supply platoon quarters and cadre personnel for four platoons, each of
and two maintenance platoons. In comparision with the which is capable of administering approximately fifty re-
World War II company, supply facilities have been mate- placements at a time ..
rially increased to provide for the increased strength and
fire power of the division, and maintenance facilities and
equipment have been increased to provide' maintenance for An infantry regiment (Chart III) consists of a head-
the increased number of weapons and vehicles in the divi- quarters and headquarters company, a service company, a
sion including a large number of full-tracked vehicles. heavy mortar company, a medium tank company, a medical
The quartermaster company contains the office of the company and three identical infantry battalions.
quarters company, three rille companies and a heavy weap-
ons company. The headquarters and headquarters company
includes the battalion commander and his commissioned and
enlisted staff, company headquarters, an intelligence sec-
tion, a communication platoon and a pioneer and ammuni-
tion platoon. The pioneer and ammunition platoon is the
battalion version of engineers. It is trained toperform simple
engineering tasks, primarily battlefield expedients m;ing
any available materials, and in laying and removing mines.
One of its most important tasks is the operation of the bat-
talion ammunition supply point.
A rifle company consistsof a company headquarters, three
riRe platoons and a weapons platoon. A riRe platoon consists:
of a platoon headquarters, three riRe squads and a weapons
squad. The weapons squad, a postwar addition to the pla-
toon, is armed with a light machine gun and a 2.36-inch
antitank rocket launcher commonly called the "bazooka."
Chart III During World War II it was found that a light machine
The headquarters and headquarters company includes gun was desirable for every engagement of the riRe platoon
the regimental commander and his commissioned and en- so one has been made organic to it. The rocket launcher
listed staff except the SA, a counterfire platoon which em- provides the platoon with light, mobile, organic antitank
ploys electronic sound locating devices to locate enemy protection. The riRe squad now consists of the squad leader,
weapons, a security platoon which performs the duties of assistant squad leader, five riRemen and an automatic riRe
military police in the regimental area, an intelligence and team of two men or a total of nine men. The W orId War
reconnaissance platoon, an antitank mine platoon and a II squad consisted of twelve men. Combat conclusively
communication platoon. proved that eleven other men are too many for one man t~
The service company consists of a company headquarters control as evidenced by straggling, and the ugly truth is that
which includes the regimental S-4, the regimental admin- straggling was by no means unknown in the American Ar-
istration platoon with personnel, supply and graves regis- mies of World War II; and as evidenced by the fact that the
tration sections, and the regimental service platoon with highest casualty rate 6f any group in our combat forces was
tank maintenance and truck maintenance sections as well among riRe squad and platoon leaders. They had to expose
as gasoline, oil and ammunition vehicles for the companies themselves excessively in moving about, coordinating and
of the regiment. The tank company and the medical com- controlling their overly large commands. The weapons pla-
pany have organic kitchen trucks; kitchen trucks for all toon, armed with three 60mm mortars in the mortar section
other companies are provided by the service platoon. and three 57mm recoilless riRes in the 57mm riRe section,
The hecwy mortar company replaces the cannon com- provides close fire support for the riRemen.
pany of World War II. It consists of a company head- The heavy weapons company consists of a company head-
quarters and three platoons each of which is armed with quarters, a machine gun platoon, a mortar platoon armed
four 4.2-inch mortars. Fire direction center methods are with four 8lmm mortars and a 75mm riRe platoon armed
employed in firing. The fire power of a 4.2-inch mortar is with four 75mm recoilless riRes. The four squads of the
comparable to that of a 105mm howitzer. machine gun platoon are armed with both the caliber .30
The medium tank company replaces the antitank com- light and heavy machine guns. Both weapons are employed
pany of World War II. It consists of a company head- defensively but usually only one, the light gun, is employed
quarters and four platoons each of which is armed with offensively, particularly if the situation is fast moving and
five medium tanks mounting 90mm guns. There are two across country requiring hand carry. A caliber .30 machine
more of these tanks in company headquarters making a gun to replace both the present guns is under development.
total of 22 tanks in the company. The company has the The heavy weapons company constitutes the battalion
dual mission of providing antitank defense and close fire commander's primary source of organic fire support.
support for the regiment. The medium tank battalion, along with the tank com-
During World 'Var II a collecting company from the divi- pany in each infantry regiment, replaces the tank battalion
sion medical battalion \\'as habituallv attached to each in- and tank destrover battalion habitually attached to infantry
fantry regiment. In the postwar regiment a medical com- divisions in Eu'rope during World War II. It consists ~f
pany is organic. It consists of a company headquarters, a a headquarters and headquarters and service company, three
collecting platoon and three battalion platoons. The col- tank companies and a medical detachment. The head-
lecting platoon contains a collecting station section, a litter quarters and service company, in addition to being the,
bearer section with 24 litter bearers and an ambulance command, administrative and supply unit of the battalion,
section with nine +4-ton ambulances. The battalion pla- contains a reconnaissance platoon. Each tank company i5
toons provide each battalion with an aid station, twelve identical to the company contained in the infantry regi-
litter bearers and fifteen company aid men. ment. This battalion has the mission of providing antitank
An infantry battalion consistsof a headquarters and head- defense and dose fire support for the division. It provides
the division with a highly mobile, heavily armed and ar-
JIlOredunit capable of shock action and particularly adapted
to counterattack. Tank companies of the battalion may be
employed to reinforce the infantry regiments or the entire
battalion may be employed with a particular regiment or
as all or a part of the division reserve.
\Vith the inclusion of organic medical companies in the
infantry regiments, the medical battalion has been reduced
toa headquarters and headquarters company, an ambulance
company and a clearing company. The headquarters and
headquarters company is the command,. supply and ad-
ministrative unit of the battalion. The ambulance company
.has three platoons of ten %-ton ambulances each and the
dearing company has three clearing platoons. The clearing

station established by each clearing platoon has a normal
capacity of approximately 80 patients or an emergency • lOG ..

capacity of an additional fifty per cent. A clearing station

is the last medical installation through which casualties of
the division are processed prior to being evacuated to field
army medical installations.
The combat engineer battalion consists of a headquarters
and headquarters and service company, four combat com-
Chart IV
panies and a medical detachment. Postwar additions to the
headquarters and service company are a bridge platoon, batteries. In each headquarters battery of the 105mm howit-
having organic equipment with which it can construct over zer battalions, a countermortar section equipped with radar
300 feet of fixed and floating fifty-ton bridge, and an assault has been added. With this radar the flight of enemy shells
platoon. Engineers are required to perform many tasks can be picked up in the air and by reverse calculations the
under fire to which they are vulnerable. The assault pla- approximate location of the weapon which fired can be
toon is currently equipped with five dozer mounting me- determined. Countermortar fire is then placed on the sus-
dium tanks for performing such tasks. The equipment and pected weapon position. In each of the three firing bat-
maintenance platoon of the headquarters and service com- teries of the 105mm howitzer battalions are three forward
pany has much heavy construction equipment, such as observer sections which provide a section for each rifle com-
three cranes and two road graders, which makes the divi- pany in the division. As it is often necessary for the 155mm
sion engineers capable of quite heavy construction tasks. howitzer battalion to employ forward observers, two for-
Our World War II engineer battalion had three combat ward observer sections are organic in its headquarters bat-
companies and we entered the war thinking an engineer tery. Headquarters battery division artillery and each of the
platoon could support an infantry regiment. We soon dis- four howitzer battalions still have two liaison airplanes as
covered how wrong we were. With all the tasks that engi- formerly.
neers were called upon to perform, such as maintaining During W orId War II an AAA automatic weapons bat-
roads, executing demolitions, laying and removing mines, talion was habitually attached to infantry divisions for anti-
removing enemy obstacles and participating in assault cross- aircraft defense. In the postwar infantry division one of these
ing of streams and attacks of fortified positions, a company battalions, self-propelled, is organic to division artillery. It
was required to adequately support a regiment. When aU consists of a headquarters and headquarters battery and four
.three regiments were in action the division engineer was firing batteries. Each firing battery is organized into two
hard pressed for troops for other than combat action such as platoons. Each platoon is armed with four M19's mounting
maintaining the roads in the rear, building the general twin 40mm cannons and with four M16's mounting four
staff officers' houses on trailers, etc. Four combat companies caliber .50 machine guns. The weapons are capable of both
should afford the division sufficient engineer troops. antiaircraft defense and surface firing in close support of
infantry or armor.
Division Artillery (Chart IV) still includes a head-
quarters and headquarters battery, three 105mm ho~>jtzer The present infantry division, as compared to the World
battalions, a 155mm howitzer battalion and a medical de- War II infantry division, has increased fire power, increased
tachment. Each battalion consists of a headquarters and mobility, includes many new weapons and items of equip-
headquarters battery, three firing batteries and a service bat- ment and includes as organic those units formerly habit-
tery. In each firing battery the number of howitzers has ually attached. This last primarily accounts for an increase
been increased from four to six so that with an increase of in aggregate strength of officers and enlisted men from ap-
fifteen per cent in personnel strength the fire power of the proximately 16,000 to approximately 19,000. The division
artillery has been increased by fifty per cent. This increase \vas organized and developed based on combat experience
is reflected by slight increases in strength of the service in World vVar II.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * •

The President and three members of the Execu-
tive Council are to be elected on this balIot, to
replace officers whose terms of office expire Decem-
ber 31, 1950.

.. Please record )'our ,"ote by making an "X" in the

appropriate square or indicate your choice by writ-
.. ing the name of )'our candidate. BalIots received
with signatures, but with no individual votes re-
corded, will be considered proxies for the President
of the Association.
Each candidate was considered in connection
with the geographic location of his residence. The
Constitution of the Association requires that at
least fhe members of the Council reside in the
Washington area, and that at least three of them
be on acth'e duty, in order to facilitate the trans- •
action of business.
BalIots received after December 31, 1950, cannot
be counted.
Use the balIot below or prepare one to indicate
.. clearly your vote. l\lail to the ANTIAIHCRAFT
JOURNAL, 631 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., •
.. Washington -t, D. C.

FOR PRESIDENT (1951-1952) •
o Lieutenant Genera] LeRoy Lutes,
Commanding General, Fourth Army.


Gen. Bradshaw Assigned To EUCOM • •
Major General Aaron Bradshaw, Jr., well known to the •
JOURNAL readers as an Antiaircraft Commander in Africa From National Guard (One Member) •
and Europe, has been assigned to duty with EllCOM. \\lith •
station in Heidelberg he w:i1l serve as the Assistant Chief of o Brigadier Genera] Charles G. Sage,
Staff, G-4. General Bradshaw returned from the European Adjutant Genera], New l\lexico.
Theater in ] 945 and has served since then on the General
Staff as Assistant to G-4 in Departmental Headquarters.
He has long been actively connected with the JOURNAL, From Organized Reserve (One Member)
serving as Editor from ]936 to ]940 and as Vice-President
of the Association in ] 946 and ] 947. \Var decorations: o Colonel Thomas F. l\lullaney, Jr.,
D51'\'I, 55, LM(OLC), BSM, and CR. Commanding, 374th AA Group, ORC,
.,. .,. .,. Chicago, lllinois .

Journal Editor Transferred o

As we go to press, Colonel \V:i1Iiam 1. Brady, Editor of
this JOllHNAL from January, ]946 to June, ]950 sails for
dutv in the Far East. For the Executive Council, and in-
..• From Regular Army (One Member)

deed for the entire Association we express appreciation for

• 0 Colonel Pierre B. Denson,
• Commanding, 35th AAA Brigade, Fort
his outstanding work as Editor. \Vhen he undertook the
• Meade, l\'lary]and.
duty the Coast Artillery Journal was suffering a big drop ..
in circulation at the close of the war. Rip Brady, as most of
you know him, marched into the problem in his character-
istic manner to renew life in the JOUlli"'AL, to stimulate
thought on future warfare, and to give the JOUHNAL to its
.. Signature

readers. Bv his tireless efforts he rallied the Association

behind hi~ to maintain the JOllRNAL as a strong medium .. Rank & Organization
for antiaircraft artillery. He leaves the JOURNAL in sound • Addres5---
financial condition, with a growing circulation, and with
active interests in its columns . ... .

102d MA Gun Bn., N.Y., Lt. Col. \V. E. Harper
715th AM Gun Bn., N.Y., Lt. Col. \\T. H. Uter
707th AM Gun Bn., Penn., Lt. Col. Francis Fulton, Jr.
705th MA Gun Bn., R.I., Lt. Col. 1\1.P. DiFusco
71lth AAA Gun Bn., Ala., Lt. Col. N. J. \\'alton
2] 3th AM Gun Bn., Penn., Lt. Col. Kenneth A.l\ lichael

u. S. Releases Guide For Atomic Defense

1\lass public hysteria and thoughtless panic probably
would cause more deaths than atom bombs themselves in
the event the U. S. was subjected to an atomic attack,
according to a new guide to defense planning recently issued
by the Defense Department in co-operation with the Atomic
Energy Commission.
Proper planning and organization wiII save many lives
which otherwise would be lost, the book, 'The Effects of
Atomic \V capons," declares.
The book presents data resulting from studies of the
bombings in Japan during \Vorld \Var II, and explosions
at Alam.<>gordoand Bikini, indicating that advance planning
would be of tremendous benefit no matter how severe the
A disciplined civil population could do much to reduce
damage and casualties, the book shows.
An atomic bomb bursting high in the air above a target
confines the radiation danger to the first few minutes and
leaves no lingering contamination, the report states. On the
other hand, an underwater or low ground e~"plosion might
Gen. Curtis Commands AAA at Camp Gordon, Georgia present a radiation problem for months or even years. These
Brigadier General Charles C. Curtis of Allentown, Penn- circumstances indicate the need for planning to deal with
svlvania, has returned to active dutv in command of the 51st each type of bombing.
[\AA Brigade at Camp Gordon, G~orgia. An American city bombed with the type of weapon used
Having served with the 28th Division in \Vorld War I, in Japan in \Vorld \Var II, could expect demolition of all
General Curtis brought the 213th CA (AA), Pennsylvania buildings within a half-mile radius, according to the guide.
National Guard, on active duty in ]940. He assumed com- This type bomb is eClual to 20,000 tons of T.NT.
mand of the 33d AAA Brigade and the AAA defenses of Buildings between half a mile and a mile and a quarter
,San Diego in December 1941. would be made unsafe for use. Between a mile and a mile
He later took the 51st AAA Brigade to Europe in ]944 and three quarteres, the damage would range from severe
and participated in the Nonnandy, Northern France, Rhine- to moderate. Brick and stone facing probably would be re-
land, and Central Europe Campaigns. duced to rubble.
Returning to inactive status in ]946, he was soon drawn There would be little hope for the survival of people
back in service in the Guard in command of his 5 ]st A1\A caught within a half-mile radius of an explosion, the book
,Brigade! He was promoted to the grade of l\ lajor General asserts.
in the Pennsvlvania National Guard to command all non- The only 'radiation danger is direct exposure to gamma
divisional units. He gave up that assignment, however, to rays which are released during the first ten seconds after the
return to active duty with his 5] st AAA Brigade. explosion. These rays will kill within a radius of 4,000 feet.
The following antiaircraft artillery units of the recently Even the simplest kind of shelter would provide a great
Federalized National Guard are attached to the 5 ]st A1\1\ measure of protection, the book says. A cellar so reinforced
Brigade at Camp Gordon: that it would not cave in might suffice.
2]6th AAA Group, l\linn., Colonel Edwin R. Bodey Shelters would offer good protection in the case of an
209th MA Group, N.Y., Colonel Eugene J. Welte underwater or low ground blast. People in such shelters
]97th AAA Group, N.H., Colonel Albert S. Baker should remain there for two to four hours. As soon as pos-
]5]st AAA Operations Detachment, Penn. sible afterward, they should scrub themselves thoroughly
]] 5th AAA Operations Detachment, \Vash. with soap and water, and discard any clothing that might
105th AAA Operations Detachment, N.Y. have been in contact with radioactive dirt or water.-AFPS
]73d MA Operations Detachment, 1\ lass.

238th AAi\ Gun Bn., Conn., 1\lajor J. S. Winthrop

745th MA Gun Bn., Conn., Lt. Col. G. B. Webster New 'Chute May Solve Jump Danger
736th AAA Gun Bn., Del., Lt. Col. F. T. Lvnch The Air Force has developed a new automatic parachute
703d AM Gun Bn., 1\laine, Lt. Col. J. Ros~nagel which it believes will largely solve the problem of escape
from disabled aircraft at high altitudes and terrific speeds. The new switchboard will go into production this year.
The new 'chute opens with an appropriate delay after the It has twice the capacity, less than half the weight, and less
pilot bails out, and at a proper distance above the earth, than one-third the size 9f the smallest standard field switch-
relieving the flyer of the necessity for judgment of these board now used by the Army. In addition, it has retractable
factors. cords which stay dear of battlefield mud and water. When
Leaving the plane, the pilot is required only to pull a ball not in use, it can be folded into a case and carried like a
type handle which is connected by cable with the auto- portable type"writer.
J?atic release. The release works only after the pilot is far One of the new boards will provide switching service
enough from the plane to prevent entanglement, but high for 12 lines, but it is possible to stack as many as three
enough to assure a safe landing. boards, one above the other, to increase capacity. By slight
The timing device which provides a safe interval before modification of the boards when stacked, a maximum ca-
the 'chute opens, is adjustable to from one to 26 seconds. pacity of 46 lines is possible.
A delay of five to seven seconds is usually sufficient to re- The new equipment was developed by the Signal Corps
duce the velocity of the fall to a safe degree. Engineering Laboratories, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.
The altitude ~ntrol prevents operation of the 'chute Two boards in current use will be replaced by the new
release above the preset distance from the earth. Before one. One of the older boards weighs 48 pounds and has
take-off, the control is set for a height of 5,000 feet above a capacity of six lines. The other, with a 12-line capacity,
the highest point of the terrain over which the plane is weighs 72 pounds.
expected to fly. Officially designated the SB-22jPT ("SB" for switch-
If, for instance, the highest point should be 7,000 feet, the board and "PT" for portable telephone), the new equip-
altitude control would be set for 12,000 feet. Should it ment is designed to withstand immersion in water in
become necessary to abandon the plane at an altitude of packed condition and to be highly resistant to the effects
40,000 feet, the parachute would not open until after a of extremes of temperature and humidity likely to be en-
free fall of 28,000 feet. countered in field operations. The board also is designed
At 40,000 feet the shock of the 'chute opening is four to withstand vibration and shock of the type normally en-
times greater than at sea level. Also, if the parachute opens countered in transportation, loading or unloading under
at this altitude the descent will take longer and the lack of field conditions, or when dropped by parachute. "
oxygen and extreme cold would be dangerous.-AFPS Circuit components of the board are contained in units
which may quickly and easily be replaced in event of
failure. Interchangeability of parts with other types of
U. S. to Install Radar Sites For Guided Missile Tests switchboards will minimize repair and maintenance prob-
American history is being made in and around the Ba-
hama Islands with Bahamian approval for the U. S. to -f -f -f

develop radar-tracking observation stations for its guided U. S. Military Policy: 1950
missile program.
In the October issue, U. S. Army Combat Forces Journal,
The Bahamian House of Assembly recently passed a bill
General Omar N. Bradlev contributes U. S. Militarv
implementing a treaty signed by the United States and
Policy: 1950. This forthright article, which also appears i~
Great Britain calling for joint development of rockets and
the October issue of Reader's Digest, is of vital interest to
other long range guided missiles.
American soldiers and citizens alike.
With the go-ahead signal for the 3,OOO-miletesting range
for guided missiles, the Bahamas add another chapter in -f -f -f
U. S. history.
New Special Text Released at Fort Bliss
The islands already hold a special spot in Americana
since it was at San Salvador (Watling) Island that Christo- ST 44-4-3 Field Artillery Gunnery For Heavy MA (Re-
pher Columbus first reached the New World in 1492. stricted) is the latest publication of the MA and Gl\1
Branch of The Artillery School. Authorized personnel may
The Bahama Islands have an ideal geographic position
procure copies through the Book Store, Fort Bliss, Texas.
for the guided missile job. Those nearest to the U. S. lie
only 52 miles from the Florida coast, notes the National -f of -f
Geographic Society, while the archipelago's southern ex-
tremity, Great Inagua Island, reaches to within a few miles Going To War?
of Cuba and Haiti.-AFPS If you are leaving for a new assignment, our Circulation
-f -f -f
Manager is very much concerned. Please notify us of your
change of address to avoid lost motion in getting your JOUR-
22-Pound Field Switchboard Adopted As Standard NAL toyou.
By Army Your friends are also interested. This issue contains the
A 22-pound field switchboard with twice the capacity annual address listings of subscribers. Send your change
of heavier equipment which it will replace has been adopted before November 5th. It will be included in the supple-
by the Army as standard equipment, it was announced. mentary listing In the November-December issue.
DA Special Orders Covering July 1 through August
31, 1950. Promotions and Demotions not included.
COLONELS Leidy, R. L., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Haymaker, G. L., to Far East Comd, Yokohama,
lloyd, H. Roo to stu Det Army War College, Ft Ft Bliss, Tex. Japan.
Leavenworth, Kans. L~ssard, W. E., Jr., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Hendry, J. E., Jr., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM
Brady, W. I., 10 Far East Comd, Yokohama, Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Cen. Ft Bliss, Tex.
Japan. Love, H. L., to Hq Sixth Army, San Francisco, Hertz, C E., to 3441st ASU MP Sch, Cp Gordon,
C.1Cpenter. G. R., to Office Chief AFF, Ft Mon- Calif. Ga.
roe. Va. McCormick, G. E., to 6516th ASU Wash NG Hillon, E. H., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen,
Connor, R. 1'., to 110th ASU New England Sub Jntr Gp, Seattle, Wash. Ft Bliss. Tex.
Area, BoslOn, Mass. Nichols, W. R., to Hq Fifth Army, Chicago, Ill. Lambert, W. H., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM
Craig, M., Jr., to Office Chief AFF, Ft Monroe, Nye, D. B., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Japan. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Va. Olivares, J. E., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Lederman, M. D., to 3350th ASU Fla NG Jnstr
Dingeman, R. E., to 6517th ASU Nev NG Jnstr Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Gp, Pensacola, Fla.
Gp, Reno, Nev. Orrick, E. G., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty McCaffrey, B., Jr., to Hq Sixth Army. San Fran-
Dingley, N., to OARMA, Stockholm, Sweden. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. cisco, Calif.
Ell', L. B., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Japan. Page, R. M., Jr., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Nelson, H. H., to Far East Comd, Yokohama,
En}:lehart, C, to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Japan.
Ft Bliss. Tex. Penn, W. S., Jr., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty O'Connell, F. J., to Far East Comd, Yokohama,
Gard, H. P., to 19th AAA Gp, Ft Meade, Md. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Japan.
Goff, J. L., 10 31 st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Wash. Powers, A. B., to 4305th ASU Tex NG Jnstr Gp, Palina, M. J., to 1129th ASU NH NG Instr Gp,
Haakensen, N. 1'., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM EI Paso, Tex. Laconia, NH.
Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Redden, F. R., to 6515th ASU Utah Mil Dist, Ft Petros, H. c., to 3320th ASU NC Ord Jnstr Gp,
Hause, F. A., to 2327th ASU Del ROTC Jnstr Douglas, Utah. Wilmington, NC
Gp, Univ of Del, Newark, Del. Rumph, R. W., to Stu Det Ohio State Univ, Polifka, J. F., to 4054th ASU AAA and GM Cen,
Heilforn, M., to 6513th ASU Calif ORC Jnstr Columbus, Ohio. Ft Bliss, Tex.
Gp, San Francisco, Calif. Santos, M. M., to 6002d ASU Presidio of San Reiman, L. N., to EUCOM, Bremerhaven, Ger-
Higgins, C W., 10 AGO, Wash, DC Francisco, Calif. many.
Jackson, H. R., to 1122d ASU Mass ORC lnstr Schreiber, W. L., to OC of S, Wash, DC Rousseau, W. S., to Sta Com pi, Cp Breckinridge,
Gp, Boston, Mass. Shumate, E. H., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Ky.
i Kane. F. B., to Office Chief AFF, Ft Monroe, Va. Cen, Ft. Bliss, Tex. Schwartz, E. G., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM
Lavery, A. L., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Smith, R. G., Jr., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Japan. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Shagrin, R. A., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen,
i ~IcFadden, W. C, to 6515th ASU Utah ROTC Spengler, H. M., to Far East Comd, Yokohama,
Ft Bliss, Tex.
(nstr Gp, Logan, Utah. Shivers, G. W., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM
McNamee, W. L., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Stevens, J. D., to OC of S, Wash, DC Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Japan. Stone, J. E., to 4050th ASU Arty Sch, Ft Sill, Sims, C W., to 31st AAA Brig. Ft Lewis, Wash.
:-;elson, P. B., to 40Hth ASU AAA and GM Okla. Sullivan, J. A., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen,
Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Swain, 0., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Ft Ft Bliss, Tex.
Schultz, M. H., to 3340th ASU Ala NG Jnstr Gp, Bliss, Tex. Tison, G. J., to EUCOM, Bremerhaven, Germany.
Savannah, Ga. Thorkelson, W. L., to OC of S, Wash, DC Turner, H. J., Jr., to Far East Comd, Yokohama,
Scott, W. W., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Wickham, K. G., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Japan.
i Japan. Japan. Williams, W. F., to Stu Det AA and GM Br
: Thompson, E. B., to OC of S, Wash, DC Wilder, G. B., to 8th Jnf Div, Ft Jackson, SC Arty Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex.
, Utke, R. 0., to 6516th ASU Wash NG Jnstr Gp,
I Olympia, Wash.
'. Wilder, A. E., to OC of S, Wash, DC Ayer, F. A., to Hq Fourth Army, Ft Sam Houston, Babb, 1. D., to Stu Det Army Lang Sch, Pmidio
Wortman, V. W., to 2306th ASU Ohio Mil Dist, Tex. of Monerey, Calif.
Ft Hayes, Ohio. Backstrom, B. H., to 35th AAA Brig, Ft Meade, Bechel, CR., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen,
Zimmer, L. A., to 22d AAA A W Gp, Ft Custer, Md. Ft Bliss, Tex.
Mich. Bogue, W. B., to 2559th ASU DS NG Jnstr Gp, Betts, G., to Stu Det Arty Sch, Ft Sill, Okla.
Ft Myer, Va. Bianchi, J. J., to 7689th Hq Gp USEA, Salzburg,
~ LIEUTENANT COLONELS Campbell, J. E., to 9th AAA Gun Bn, Ft Bliss, Austria.
Tex. Bishop, L. 0., to Ryukyus Comd, Okinawa.
Abbey, W. W., to 6514th ASU Ore Mil Dist Hq, Coleman, H. P., to 6513th ASU Calif NG Jnstr Branter, H. R., to 31 st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis,
~ Vancouver Bks, Wash. Gp, San Jose, Calif. Wash.
Albergotti, J. S., to Hq 3d Army, Ft McPherson, Degyansky, W., to AGO, Wash, DC Coggins, S. M., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis,
Ga. Donovan, M. W., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Wash.
Anderson, C A., to 31 st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Japan. Corby, R. F., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen,
Wash. Edwards, R. R., to 1202d ASU Det 2 USA and Ft Bliss, Tex.
Ashworth, E. T., to OJC of S, Wash, DC USAF Rct Sta, NY, NY. Feaster, B. 1., to Third Army Sta Compl, Ft Jack-
\ Barton, CT., to 35th AAA Brig, Ft Meade, Md. Eichier, T. 0., to OC of S, Wash, DC. son, Sc.
'l Cooper, H. 8., Jr., to 35th AAA Brig, Ft Meade, Farrar, W. 1., to Stu Det Army Lang Sch, Griffin. B. B., to Hq Sixth Army, San Francisco,
Md. Presidio of Monterey, Calif. Calif.
'Cox, L., to 504th AAA Gun Bn, Ft Custer, Mich. Fredrickson, E. C, to EUCOM, Bremerhaven, Haney, R. W., to EeCOM, Bremerhaven, Ger-
,Elliott, C B., Jr., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Germany. many.
I Art)' Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Frei, J. K., to Stu Dtt AA and GM Br Arty Sch, Haughton, R. E., to Stu Det Univ of Mo, Colum-
I Fish, J. H., to Hq 3d Army, Ft McPherson, Ga. Ft Bliss, Tex. bia, Mo .
• Gayle, F. C, to 2128th ASU, Ft Knox, Ky. Godfrey, A. J., to 5107th ASU USA and USAF
I Heasty, C F., Jr., to Stu Det Hq 1st Army Prince- Rct Svc Gp, Mankato, Minn.
Hecht, C. M., to 2108th ASU Sta Compl, Cp
Breckinridge, Ky.
I ton Univ, Princeton, NJ. Grabove, M., to AAA and GM Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Hudiburg, H. B., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Herbert, D. L., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis,
Graham, H. E., to AAA and GM Cen, Ft Bliss,
Japan. Tex. Wash.
Johnson, H. 0., to 3d AAA AW Bn, Ft Benning, Greenberg, B. I., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Hogan, J. H., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty
Ga. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Keating, J. W., to EUCOM, Bremerhaven, Ger- Gushurst, C E., to 4052d ASe AAA and GM Izquierdo, o. M., to Far East Comd, Yokohama,
many. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Japan.
Kush, G. L., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Hansen, G. R., to 82d AAA A W Bn, Ft Lewis, Jansen, F. J., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty
Japan. Wash. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex.
leary, T. H., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Hanson, A. F., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Jennings, H. M., to 2108th ASU Sta Compl, Cp
i Ft Bliss, Tex. Wash. Breckinridge, Ky.
Johnaton, A. B., to 88th Abn AA Bn. Ft Camp- McDemott, J. P., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Golding, T. H., to 82d AAA A W Bn, Ft Lewis,
bell, Ky. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Wash.
Lagouros, J. E., to Stu Det CIC Cen. Ft Holabird, McGrane, J. A., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Gravois. F. D., to 4052d ASt' AAA and GM Cea,
Md. Cen. Ft Bliss, Tex. Ft Bliss, Tex.
McGarry. W. 1.. to 113th CIC Det, Chicago, III. McGovern, T. F., Jr., to 9th AAA Gun Bn, Ft Gross, M. G., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Wash.
Nagelmann. B. R., to 4th lnf Div. Ft Ord. Calif. Bliss, Tex. Hatcher, W. E., to 4052d ASl' AAA and GAt.
Pappas. G. S., Office Say of Def, Wash, DC. Marvin, E. A., to Stu Det ASA Sch, Carlisle Cen, Ft. Bliss. Tex.
Policastro. J. J., to 40nd ASt' AAA and GM Bks. PaT Henderson, J. M., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis,
Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Morgan, W. R., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Wash.
Queen, D. R .. to Stu Det AI. and GM Br Arty Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Holst, M., to L'S Army Caribbean, Ft Amador,
Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Mosier, H. 1.. to lIth Abn Div, Ft Campbell, Ky. a.
Roof, D. B., to 2305th ASr WVa Mil Dist. S Muh!, J. P., to 113th ac Det, St Louis, Mo. Irvine, J. M., to Far East Comd, Yokohama,
Charleston, WVa. Mullen, W. J., Jr., to 9th AAA Gun Bu, Ft Bliss, Japan.
Shelton, F. W., to 3320th ASl; NC NG lnstr Gp, Tex. Jackson. J. W., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty
Whiteville, NC. Murray, C. W., to Stu Det Arty Sch, Ft Sill, Okla. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Snead, J. A., to 4201st ASU Mil Proc, Ft Sam Newton, J. B., to 4107th ASU Det Red River Jewkes, 1. D., to 31st AM Brig, Ft Lewis,
Houston, Tex. Arsenal, Texarkana, Tex. Wash.
Stephens, C. E., to 450th 1.1.1. A W Bn, Ft Ord, Norton, H. A., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Keller, M. J., to 5th AAA A W Bn, Ft Sheridan,
Calif. Wash. Ill.
Vredenburgh, F. R., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Patker, W. R., to 88th Abn AA Bn, Ft Campbell, Lehr, G. F., to 4054th ASU AAA and GM Br
Wash. Ky. Arty Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Washboume, K. V., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Pepin, E. A., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Sch, Leishman, C. A., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis,
Cen. Ft Bliss, Tex. Ft Bliss, Tex. Wash.
pfauth, E. V., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Lemke, M. M., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Mich.
FIRST LIEUTENANTS Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Livingston, R. E., to 22d AM Gp, Ft Custer,
Adams, D. W., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Pinkett, M. F., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Mich.
Wash. Ft Bliss, Tex. Lyons, D. B., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Ceo,
Allen, R. H., Jr., to 35th A.AA Brig, Ft Meade, Roller, H. N., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Ft Bliss, Tex.
Md. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. McKeen, R. c., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Mich.
Balchinas, B. R., to 4th lnf Div, Ft Ord, Calif. Sadler, J. A., to Stu Det AI. and GM Br Arty Meyerhoff, S. A., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM
Bergschneider, F. F., to 9th lnf Div, Ft Dix, NJ. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Byrne, J. J., to Stu Det AI. and GM Br Arty Sch, Stalin, G. S., to 9th AAA Gun Bn, Ft Bliss, Tex. Miller, S. A., to Stu Det AI. and GM Br Arty
Ft Bliss, Tex. Stewart, D. 1., to EUCOM, Bremerhaven, Ger- Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Cochis, G. A., to 503d CIC Det, Louisville, Ky. many. Morgan, D., to 88th AI. Abn Bn, Ft Campbell,
Covington, C. W., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Swan, V. B., to 9th AAA Gun Bn, Ft Bliss, Tex. Ky.
Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Tharp, B. S., Jr., to Stu Det AI. and GM Br Arty Nave, N. R., to 5th AAA AW Bn, Ft. Sheridan,
Creel, N. E., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Ill.
Ft Bliss, Tex. Title, S. H., to Stu Ret AA and GM Br Arty Sch, Prewitt, W. D., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty
Daniels, G. B., to Stu Det AF Ln Pilot Sch, Con- Ft Bliss. Tex. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex.
nally AFB, Tex. Vhls, W. c., to 4th lnf Div, Ft Ord, Calif. Radford, 1. E., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis,
Dwyer, J. W., 3d., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Wallace, J. A., Jr., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Wash.
Arty Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Arty Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Ream, F. D., to 60th AAA AW Bn, Ft Scott,
Elliott. H. W., to 450th AAA A W Bn, Ft Ord, Youngs, E. c., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Calif.
Calif. Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Rondepierre, J. R., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis,
Ferguson, J. M., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Wash.
Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. SECOND LIEUTENANTS .Sakowski, J. M., to 35th AAA Brig, Ft Meade,
Ferguson, 1. P., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Mich. Akers, H. W., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Wash. Md.
Finnegan, D. J., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Barlow, R. c., to AAA and GM Cen, Ft Bliss, Sanders, B. 1., to 3d lnf Div, Ft Benning, Ga.
Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Tex. Sehorne, J. D., Jr., to 3d lnf Div, Ft Benning.
Forteau, M. B., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Belford, R. E., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Wash. Ga.
Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Bickmore, D. G., to 31st AAA. Brig, Ft Lewis, Seydel, 1. G., to 5th 1.1.1. A W Bn, Ft Sheridan,
Geary, J. c., to Stu Det AF Ln Pilot Sch, Con- Wash. Ill.
nally AFB, Tex. Buchanan, B. c., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Shear, H. W., to 80th 1.1.1. Gp, Ft Devens, Mass.
Gillespie, B., to 35th AAA Brig, Ft Meade, Md. Japan. Silk, T. R., Jr., to 82d AAA AW Bn, Ft Lewis.
Graeff, G. R., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Burchett, H. D., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Wash.
Ft Bliss, Tex. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Smithea, W. R., to Far East Comd, Yokohama,
Hamer, J. E., to 82d Abn Div, Ft Bragg, NC. Branigan, W. F., to 3d AAA A W Bn, Ft Benning, Japan.
Helya, M. D., to 3d AAA A W Bn, Ft Benning, Ga. Spann, C. 0., to 3d AAA AW Bn, Ft Benning,
Ga. Brumme, G. A., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Ga.
Higdon, K. T., to Stu Det Army Lang Sch, Mon- Mich. Starman, C. D., to Stu Det AF Ln Pilot Sch, Con.
terey, Calif. Carver, J. 0., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Mich. nally AFB, Tex.
Hoyt, K. D., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen, Clark, R. T., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Wash. Swim, C. H., to Stu Det MP Sch, Cp Gordon, Ga.
Ft Bliss, Tex. Coxe, R. 1., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Mich. Taylor, F. R., to 60th AAA A W Bn, Ft Scott,
Kane, R. V., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Sch, Dalrymple, R. K., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Calif.
Ft Bliss, Tex. Mich. Vanderbleek, J., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM
Kelley, P. A., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Day, H. c., Jr., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer. Mich. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Day, 1., to ..f50th AAA A W Bn, Ft Ord, Calif. Ward, J. W., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM Cen,
Kuneman. 1. E., to EUCOM, Bremerhaven, Douglas, J. J., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Germany. Wash. Ware, W.O., to 4052d ASL' AAA and GM Cen,
Lay, J. S., to 9th AAA Gun Bn, Ft Bliss, Tex. Etzold, D. E., to Far East Comd, Yokohama, Ft Bliss, Tex.
Lieberman, H. A., to 3540th ASU Atlanta Gen Japan. Welty, R. G., Jr., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer,
Depot, Atlanta, Ga. Fields, H. P., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Mich. Mich.
Lockard, S. E., to Stu Det ASA Sch, Carlisle Bks, Gainey, M. A., to 35th AAA Brig, Ft Meade, Md. Whayne, A. S., to 31st AAA Brig, Ft Lewis,
Pa. Gaunier, P. 1., to 22d AAA Gp, Ft Custer, Mich. Wash.
McCoy, R. W., to Stu Det AA and GM Br Arty Glover, W. D., to 4052d ASP AAA and GM Woedman. W. R., to 4052d ASU AAA and GM
Sch, Ft Bliss, Tex. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex. Cen, Ft Bliss, Tex.

Election of Officers
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Newly Revised Edition of the
Now in its third printing, this edition has been brought completely up to date and
is immediately available.
"Your compilation of selected Guided Missiles articles has brought some of the tools
of 'Push-button' warfare out of the clouds and within reach of the average officer.
The material, presented in one pamphlet, free of technical details, should prove to be
a valuable reference work for officers who, although not directly associated with
guided missiles, may wish to keep themselves on speaking terms with revolutionary
new developments."-CAPTAIN J. H. SIDES, U.S. NAVY, Deputy Assistant Chief of
Naval Operations (Guided Missiles).
"I think the articles are fine and are suitable for Regular, Reserve and National
Missile Group, Office, Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations.
"I have read with great interest the pamphlet entitled 'Guided Missiles' that you
compiled from articles that have appeared in the JOURNAL.
"In my opinion, this pamphlet is an excellent means of acquainting the average offi-
cer with some of the technical aspects of guided missiles and with the many problems
facing the research and development agencies in their work on these new weapons.
Written by recognized experts, these articles present the basic principles of the various
components of guided missiles, in an interesting and not too technical manner."-
LIEUTENANT COLONEL JAMES G. BAIN, Ordnance Department, Chief, Guided Mis-
siles Section, Rocket Branch, Research and Development Division.

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