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are meditation and hypnosis. It is important to see a Are men or women afflicted with Sleep Talking
specialist about Sleep Talking as it is usually an more often?
indicator of more serious sleeping problems.
Both men and women are equally afflicted by
Sleep Talking. There is also no difference in
Frequently Asked Questions severity.
Are there any medications to deal with Sleep
Talking? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somniloquy
Just like Sleepwalking, there are no medications http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/s/sleep_talking/
that cure Sleep Talking or help with the symptoms misdiag.htm
associated with Somniloquy. † WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ¢
http://www.sleepdisordersguide.com/ Are you waking up your spouse or living partners
If my Sleep Talking is not bothering anyone, is it sleeptalking.html because of noise you make in your sleep?Sleep talking
necessary to treat? is a problem which affects about 5% of the adult
http://www.stanford.edu/~dement/sleeptalk.html population, but it is a lot more prominent in the child
Though Sleep Talking generally occurs because of population, affecting 50% of children and up to 80%
bad sleep habits/hygiene, the talking itself is http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/excessive- of toddlers. Sleep talking is generally harmless, but
harmless. Therefore, if it is not bothering anyone, sleepiness-10/talking-in-your-sleep can may be allied with other, more serious sleeping
disorders. Read this pamphlet to see if you are one of
then it is not totally necessary to sleep. However, it http://www.livestrong.com/article/124982- the people who may need help with controlling their
may be a sign of a different (possibly worse) remedies-sleep-talking/ sleep talking.
parasomnia which may require treatment.
niloquy Somniloquy Somniloquy Somniloquy Som
in REM and NREM sleep stages of sleep. Diagnosis
People who sleep talk have no idea that they talk
Many people who Sleep Talk have an underlying
in their sleep, and that is why sleep talking is not
condition, such as another parasomnia, which
usually considered a problem unless it is
could be related to the Sleep Talking. Though
damaging to a relationship within closed
not commonly used, Polysomnography can be
used to diagnose. Sleep Talking, but more
Symptoms importantly, other sleep disorders which may be
the root of Sleep Talking. Sleep Talking seems to
The symptoms of Sleep Talking range from
be a hereditary disorder, meaning if your parents
muttering and frequent grunting to loud use of
had it, you are far more likely to have Sleep
profanity and speech in sleep. The sleeper is not
Talking. Another way that Sleep Talking is may
able to tell that they are talking in their sleep.
be encountered is during an unrelated sickness in
Often people who are sleep talkers have
which you have a fever; sometimes people with a
underlying conditions which are the cause of
fever are found to talk in their sleep. The most
Sleep Talking as a symptom; for example, many
common way to be diagnosed with Sleep Talking
people with Bruxism (Teeth Gridning), or Night
is to have a sleeping partner confirm the patient’s
Terrors Sleep Talk as well as scream in their
symptoms with a specialist, as a Sleep Talker is
sleep. Sleep Talking may also come with fatigue
not able to describe his own Sleep Talking.
and stress (see treatment).

Treatment of Somniloquy is generally through
lifestyle changes. People who talk in their sleep
often live with high stress levels, do not sleep
enough, and have poor “sleep hygiene”. Good
sleep hygiene pertains to living a lifestyle that is
not harmful to your sleeping patterns. One can
Background live with good sleep hygiene by doing a few
things, for example getting regular exercise and
Somniloquy, more commonly known as
not consuming alcohol close to bedtime.
Sleep Talking, is a relatively common
Essentially, to treat Sleep Talking, there are
parasomnia (sleeping disorder characterized
many things one can do. Sleep Talkers should be
by unnatural sleeping behavior). It tends to
making sure that they are getting enough sleep
occur mostly in children, but it still affects
every night, as low amounts of sleep are
about 5% of the adult population. In sleep
detrimental to this condition. If the Sleep Talker
stages 1-2, people are able to talk with
is living in a high stress situation, it would be
understandable speech. In sleep stages 3-4,
beneficial to reduce the level of stress in his life
Sleep Talking occurs more likely in form of
as this contributes to Sleep Talking. Poor diets
mutterings and random noises (grunts and
also influence Sleep Talking, especially when one
other utterances). Sleep talking occurs both
eats close to bedtime. Other treatment options