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Teacher Professional Growth Plan 2020-21

PS1 Student Name: Zara Johnson - 001201490 School: Nicholson Elementary School in Golden, BC – Grade 4/5

Date: November 2nd, 2020

Inquiry #1:

If I plan and design learning activities that reflect short, medium and long-term planning will my planning and instruction

Professional Goal #1:

I will create my lesson plans with the ‘end in mind’ and use the theory of understanding by design to formulate my lesson

Inquiry #2:

How could collaborating and being open to feedback enhance my overall learning experience throughout my PSI practicum?

Professional Goal #2:

Develop a respectful and meaningful relationship with my Teacher Associate that further offers a safe environment where
critical feedback can be accepted and used to enhance my learning experience.

Rationale #1:

Understanding by Design is an educational planning approach that focuses on considering and assessing learning outcomes.
The framework assists in designing consecutive lessons, unit plans and performance assessment tasks. Using this framework
to help throughout the lesson planning process will provide me with the opportunity to focus on teaching and assessing my
students for transfer of knowledge across subject areas. This resource will support my learning by encouraging me to create
objectives that inspire my students to acquire knowledge and construct meaning. This will further promote the goal of
successfully transferring learning across various situations.

Rationale #2:

Recognizing and appreciating the knowledge, professional dimensions and expertise that my Teacher Associate has to offer
with regard to her teaching practice will provide me with the opportunity to learn new ideas, build a relationship and improve
my overall teaching capacity. In order for growth to occur, it is essential to be open and willing to adjust accordingly to both
positive and negative feedback. I strive to ask questions that will encourage me to enthusiastically obtain feedback from my
Teacher Associate, with the overall goal of enriching my PSI experience.

Teacher Quality Standard #1:

Competency 3: Indicator (a) – planning and designing learning activities that reflect short, medium and long-range planning.

Competency 3: Indicator (b) – using instructional strategies to engage students in meaningful learning activities.

Teacher Quality Standard #2:

Competency 2: Indicator (a) – collaborating with other teachers to build personal and collective professional capacities and

Competency 2: Indicator (b) – actively seeking out feedback to enhance teaching practice.

Strategy(s) for Goal #1: Timeline for Goal Resource(s) for Goal Indicator(s) of Success for Goal #1
#1 #1
- Create a meaningful and thoughtful - My students will have achieved the
lesson plan that is based in the theory - I will teach this - The Understanding desired results for the lesson.
of the Understanding by Design lesson the week of by Design
framework. November 30 (this Guide/Framework - My lesson will be approved by my
will give me a bit of TA.
- Deliver the lesson(s) to my students. time to practice and - Seeking examples of
lesson plans that apply - I can justify and provide proof of
- Continue creating lessons based in get comfortable engaging with the three stages of
with applying the this specific design
this framework and adjust as throughout their backward design (ie. Understanding
appropriate. framework.) by Design)

- Having a
conversation with my
TA to see if she has any
experience applying
this approach within
her classroom and
using her as a resource
if applicable.

Resource(s) for Goal

Strategy(s) for Goal #2: Timeline for Goal #2 Indicator(s) of Success for Goal #2
- Take notes and keep track of both - Learning and keeping - Identifying, explaining and
positive and negative feedback - This goal will be notes of my Teacher providing examples on how I am
provided by my Teacher Associate. ongoing throughout Associate’s knowledge utilizing specific feedback to improve
the 6-week and instructional my overall learning experience.
- Reflect on and adjust my teaching practicum.
practice with regard to the provided practices. - Create a meaningful relationship
feedback. with my Teacher Associate and
express my desire of using both
- Ask my Teacher Associate meaningful positive and critical feedback to
questions that will positively build our improve my teaching practice and
relationship and contribute to my experience.
learning experience.

Reflection Midround: I have been working on my first goal throughout my practicum while teaching Math 5 times a week.
Having this level of consistency has allowed me to develop short-, medium- and long-term planning throughout my lesson
plans. I am forever grateful for the relationship I have developed with my TA so far. She makes receiving critical feedback feel
‘easy’. She extends feedback in a professional, respectful and meaningful way.

Reflection End of Practicum: I am super happy I picked the first goal, ironically my TA just graduated with her master’s in
Education from the University of Lethbridge last year. That being said she has had direct teaching with regard to the
Understanding by Design framework and is working hard to implement the process into her classroom. She has shown me the
resources that she uses to begin with the end in mind and I have shared with her the resources I have worked to implement.
Through using various formative assessment strategies, I have been able to track my students progress with their subtraction
skills during the first 3 weeks of my practicum and now I am tracking their progress in Geometry. Using the backward design
framework and teaching math consistently throughout my practicum has provided me with the opportunity to reflect on how
important it is to begin with the end in mind.

Throughout my practicum I have been very open and responsive to receiving feedback. After I got my formative assessment
back, I wrote down a list of goals for the last 2 weeks of my practicum. One of my goals was to integrate technology into my
lessons even though it made me uncomfortable. I have been using the interactive whiteboard with my students in my lessons
ever since. I am thankful for the relationship and experience I have had with my TA during this practicum. She has made
receiving critical feedback feel less challenging. I appreciate all the time and effort she has put into observing me and giving
me thoughtful feedback. It means a lot to me as I take it as an opportunity to learn and grow as a teacher.