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Task 3

Write a Lesson Reflection using this Form for Every Lesson that you Teach (CLOs 1-6)

You are expected to use support from the academic literature to enhance your reflections.

Moudhi Mohammed
Lesson (unit/page) Student teacher

MST School

Class Date

What standards or LOs were being addressed in the lesson?
How did you cater for learners with special needs, and for differentiation?
I didn’t have any special needs in the class
How did you use positive reinforcement? Methods? For what?
I used positive reinforcement using classDojo points, and saying “good job”, “you are so smart keep it up”
How did you sequence or scaffold activities so that they built gradually towards the learning objectives?

Students will be able to:

Classify objects, organisms, events, or phenomena according to their different properties

Classify animals by their different features

Overall aim and context of the lesson (that is, describe the lesson’s place in the unit of work. What did
students need to know before today’s LOs were addressed? What topic comes next and how did today’s
lesson prepare students for that?)

The students were able to know the counting

Familiar to living and non-living.

Who is the lesson for?
Where did the lesson take place?
What were you aiming to achieve in your lesson?
What experiences did you provide to the students to help them to achieve your aims for them?
In this day, I had observation 2 with my MCT. I taught them math counting and sorting. I had some
struggles in matching the activities with outcome. I discuss with my MST about the activities she told me
that the activities are so good.  I tried to use simple and easy language with the kids so that they get me
and understand me easily.
Morning routine:
each morning I sing with them national anthem, and ask them about the weather, days of the week. The
students are able to know how many days are in the week. And I also ask them about how do they feel
today some said happy and some said angry.


I wanted to make the student hype and engage with me so Ask the students to count till number 5, and
let them use their fingers to show the numbers I asked them to open the camera to show me. I show the
students different kind of animals and ask them how many feet do they have and start sorting by the
numbers of the feet’s. They were able to answer and know count, after that I asked the students if they
know how to count till number 5 the students used their finger to count, after they finish I ask them to use
the online whiteboard https://whiteboard.fi/ to draw for me like “can you draw for me 3 cats”, they
weren’t be able to draw cats so I told them to draw any two objects, some students drew sun, and some

in the closing activity, I played with them two activities one about sorting and one about counting
In sorting activity: I will have played them a table with three different animals and they must tell me
where it has two legs or 4, some students were able to know and some no. the struggle I faced that I
couldn’t see them because I was sharing my screen
In counting activity: I shared my screen and played with them an online game about counting to make
clearer for them and game also were linked to the theme, they enjoyed it and be able to engage with me

I think my lesson was good because I matched the activities with the learning objectives and with the
theme. In this lesson, I had a messy class because they were talking all in one time. The next lesson I will
improve the management class.

Were students excited, always occupied, and remained on task during the lesson?
Why do you think the students responded the way that they did?
How well did your teaching relate to the students’ prior understanding?
The students were excited because the PPT was fully colored and there was a video I show it to them.

Explain the nature of the experience from the students’ perspective.
Did your lesson meet your teaching goals? Use your students’ performance on the end of lesson
assessment as support (Give proof in your portfolio)
I think my lesson was good because I matched the activities with the learning objectives and with the
theme. In this lesson, I had a messy class because they were talking all in one time. The next lesson I will
improve the management class. In the end of the class I play with them an online game about counting.

How might you enhance student learning of this lesson in the future?
What are the implications for your professional practice of helping students to enhance their learning in
this particular way? (i.e. what skill will you have to develop or learn? What professional development will
you have to undertake?)

This lesson will help the students in the future, both in counting and they will be familiar and know the
difference between living and non-living things.