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Dear Professor Hughes,

I must be honest; I found this assignment to be a bit difficult as it was so far out of the realm of
what I usually write. I am a double major in Economics and Mathematics, so the norm – at least
for me – is writing about analysis that has been done of numbers or abstract theories and how
they might tangentially relate to the real-world phenomena we are seeing. That being said, I did
enjoy this experience. When I sat down at my desk, forcing myself to write something for my
first draft, I had no idea how it would turn out. From the onset, I knew I could not capture the
vivid imagery that most do through writing – it just isn’t “my thing”. Moreover, as you can no
doubt tell through my story, my arguments are fairly straightforward. There is no deeper
meaning behind what I write as, much like I speak, I tend not to mince my words. Sometimes
this leads to a fairly boring story as – like my peer reviewers said – it can read like a lab report. I
did my best to move outside of my comfort zone and incorporated the summarized dialogue from
conversations I had with my friends – something I have never done in writing before. Based on
my own thoughts and the thoughts from my peer review group, I think this inclusion worked
well. In regard to if I would repeat this in the future, the answer is possibly but it would be
largely dependent on the context.

Prior to writing this narrative argument, I knew that story had its place in academic
argumentation – something I still believe after writing my story. I can now more clearly see
exactly how stories fit into the argument and what value they bring. While sometimes not
carrying the same weight, they do provide insight and meaning to the story. Oddly, this narrative
argument was really the first of its kind in terms of my writing. Even in high school, my writing
was mainly based on papers or books I had read, and not really a narrative I had written. So, this
piece truly is unique. Moving forward, I anticipate that I will probably adapt the way that I seek
peer reviews. The peer review from this class has actually been more helpful than what I have
experienced in the past. In the past, my reviewers focused on grammar and spelling – and they
were often fairly pedantic about the grammar. So, the writing itself was never critiqued. In
contrast, this peer review focused on the elements of the story and how effective they were,
which was much more helpful. In all honesty, I do not anticipate a heavy reliance upon narratives
in Economics or Mathematics papers. So, I would not say to anticipate that being incorporated in
the future - sorry.

In regard to what I would like to strengthen, I am fairly happy with how my story turned out. I
think the argument is self-evident and effective. I also think the story has a nice flow and that the
elements I chose to include work well together. I am most proud of my introduction, specifically
my first two or three paragraphs, as again they are so far from what I normally write and, in
hindsight, I am very happy with how they turned out. When I first wrote them, I honestly reread
what I had written and said to myself that it was complete “fluff” and almost deleted it (a jerk
reaction from all of the Economics papers I have read or written). Overall, it seems like my
introduction effectively sets up the argument and tone for the rest of the paper. It is also my first
foray into a new type of introduction, as usually my introductions begin by outlining the
background for my research or the theory I will be discussing. So, this was something entirely
new and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story,