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1) Which of the following transportation providers is not subject to percentage tax?

A. School bus operators

B. Cargo Truck Operators
C. Passenger Jeepney Operators
D. Car rental Business

2) Determine the carrier that is subject to percentage tax:

A. Resident foreign corporation operating as international shipping carrier
B. Non-resident foreign corporation operating as international air carrier
C. Domestic corporation with international flight
D. Domestic Corporation with international voyages

3) Dayoc Airways Inc. a resident foreign corporation has following collections for the month of May
 Passengers airfare from China to PH 1,800,000
 Passengers airfare from PH to China 1,500,000
 Airfare for Cargoes from China 700,000
 Airfare for cargoes from PH to China 1,300,000

How much is the common carrier’s tax payable for the month?

A. 60,000
B. 39,000
C. 84,000
D. 159,000

4) Bulwagan ng kabobohan Broadcasting Company, a non-vat holder of a franchise to operate a

radio and TV network reported the following gross receipts (net of ay tax)

Year Gross Receipts

2014 9,000,000

2015 12,000,000

Business tax liability is:

2014 2015

A. 270,000 360,000
B. 1,080,000 1,440,000
C. 270,000 1,440,000
D. 1,080,000 360,000
5) Meralco is a holder of franchise to sell electricity. It also leases its first class auditorium and
theatre. In a particular month, its gross receipts from sale of electricity amounted to
P10,000,000. The gross receipts from the lease of its auditorium and theatre amounted to
2,000,000. How much is the franchise tax due for the month?
A. 1,440,000
B. 1,200,000
C. 300,000
D. Zero

6) Melinda Cellular Inc. has the following collections for the month of April 2014:
 Overseas call originating abroad 1,120,000
 Overseas call originating in the PH 880,000
 Local calls 2,240,000

How much is the communication tax to be remitted by Moon for the Month?

A. 220,000
B. 88,000
C. 200,000
D. 80,000

7) Based on the preceding number, how much is the output tax?

A. 240,000
B. 454,286
C. 360,000
D. 268,800 (naay output tax ani ha, kay daan naman gud ni na problem, so ang threshold pa ani na time kay
1,919,500 dili pa ang 3 Million nga TRAIN Law)

8) Giselle Insurance Co. furnished as its data shown below:

 Insurance premiums collectible is 3,750,000
 The breakdown of the above premium is as follows:
o Life insurance premiums 75%
o Non-Life Insurance Premiums 25%
 During the month, life insurance premium collected represents 70%.

The premium tax payable is:

A. 94,437.50
B. 39,375.00
C. 78,750.00
D. 196,875.00
9) One of the following is subject to amusement tax on gross receipts
A. Owners of winning racehorses
B. Proprietors of karaoke and KTV houses
C. Owners of winning cocks in the cockpits
D. Lessees of bowling alleys

10) Jumar operates a cockpit in Bacolod City. Inside the cockpit is a restaurant which he also
operates. The data during the month are presented below:
 Receipts from Entrance fee 780,000
 Gross receipts from restaurant:
o Sale of food and beverages 42,000
o Sale of wines and liquors 66,000
 Expenses 444,000

How much is the business tax liability?

A. 79,920
B. 159,840
C. 143,640
D. 140,400

11) Based on the preceding number, suppose the restaurant is owned and operated by Far Han, a
non-vat registered person, the percentage tax payable is:
A. 3,240
B. 159,840
C. 19,440
D. 79,920

12) Continuing the above problem, the percentage tax due on Jumar is:
A. 79,920
B. 159,840
C. 143,640
D. 140,400
13) Len Ei a KPOP fan, operates a coliseum. During the month it had the following gross receipts
from various activities:
 Concert by Blackpink 1,170,000
 Professional Basketball Game 1,240,000
 Boxing Exhibition 1,780,000

Note: The boxing exhibition is a world championship fight between Mayweather and Rogelio Jr.,
an American versus Filipino fighter. The fight is promoted by Bob Arum, an American Citizen.

How much is the amusement tax payable?

A. 186,000
B. 364,000
C. 178,000
D. Nil

Hinete has the following winnings (losses) during the year

 Cockfighting 90,000
 PCSO lotto 2,000,000
 PAGCOR 1,000,000
 Horse racing winnings 100,000
 Cost of tickets( 1,000 pertains to winning tickets) 30,000
 Billiard losses (400,000)
 Casino Losses (300,000)

Business tax on winnings?

a. 9,900
b. 18,900
c. 249,000
d. 319,000

Mang Jose had the following records of his horse races in the month of May

Horse Type of winnings Gross Winnings Cost of winnings

 Horse 1 Trifecta 90,000 40,000

 Horse 2 Ordinary 250,000 50,000
 Horse 3 Double 60,000 10,000
 Horse 4 Ordinary 175,000 25,000

How much is the tax on winnings?

a. 45,000
b. 48,500
c. 39,000 (pag bettor ka)
d. 57,500 (pag owner ka)