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Individual Presentations and Group Work Process

As I’ve mentioned, I am a person who deeply enjoys spending time socializing with a
wide variety of people. Through my life, I have been in many groups, and have
presented in front of an audience numerous amounts of times. However, there have
only been few presentations and group work processes that I think have truly went well.
In terms of presentations, I tend to speak with a clear voice and natural tone. I try my
best to come across calm and collected, even if I may feel opposite. Everyone gets
nervous during presentations, but your audience doesn’t need to know that. When I am
about to present, I take deep breaths and try to remind myself that I can do this, and
that I know the information. Knowing the information very well helps, because that way
you have a higher chance of being able to answer most of the questions that you might
get asked. With that in mind, I usually try to go over my material once more before I
present, and then practise not looking at the text. Being able to not rely on text is
something that I have been really working to improve, and have definitely improved on
compared to when I was in high school. In the past, I have relied on my groupmates to
answer questions and read out long slides, while now I am able to do both of those very
confidently. In summary, presenting will always be a struggle for me, but if I continue to
do my preparations and calming exercises, I feel confident that I will be successful in
delivering an effective and entertaining oral presentation.
Now, with group presentations come the actual group work process. In my experience,
many of the groups that I have been in have been very accommodating, and we tend to
work well together both as a group and as individuals. When I think about the group
work process, I think about communication, collaboration, and creativity.
Communication is a very big part of group work, because not everyone understands
information the same way, and you need to be able to voice what is confusing you.
Collaboration also comes hand-in-hand with communication, because you need to be
able to work together effectively as a team, with 100% communication. Collaboration
requires people working together in harmony and being able to handle a task
appropriately. Lastly, creativity is a part of group work because it’s what makes being a
group possible. Being creative means being able to work with what your group has
come up with, and put it into action. In my experiences with group work, we had two
forms of communication going at all times. We had the group chat on the designated
website that was part of my college program, and we had a separate one on our
phones. In my case, we usually used WhatsApp or Messenger to communicate outside
of school. This really helped me communicate if I was running late, or if I needed a
quick answer for my part of the project. In conclusion, group work takes time and
dedication, and knowing how your members learn and communicate is an essential part
of an effective group. Without cohesion in the group, the process will be long and
chaotic, with a very low chance of success.