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What is Christmas---To You

Is it early to talk about Christmas? What
is it to you? It depends on what topic
we deal on. Ask a businessman and it’s a
big YES . Because today Christmas means
money for the business-minded people
In today’s generation not all those who
celebrate Christmas have the same
understanding of the real significance of
the season.
Originally , as the term implies,
Christmas is all about the Saviour of the
world JESUS Christ . Although the word
Christmas is not mentioned in the Bible ,
the believers in Christ consider it
meaningfully to honor a ‘child’ prophesied
to be the Messiah . The first four (4)
books of the New Testament – Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John carry the story of
Jesus’ birth and making it known to the
world that He is the beloved Son of God
sent to us conceived by the Holy Spirit
through a virgin woman, Mary. His birth as
a human being tells the world God’s
purpose for the sake of humanity. As told
in the New Testament, Jesus Christ’s birth
is the fulfillment of that prophecy.
Genuine believers in the Lordship of
Christ have only one thing in common to
say about Christmas—it’s all about Christ.
As years went by, and the world
progressed in different ways, some
business people disregard the true
meaning of Christmas. Interpreting the act
of the three magis in presenting their
individual gifts to Jesus in a manger,
various kinds of items were manufactured
to cater to the sense of preference of
things to be sold as gifts to and for anyone
on Christmas- needs from the kitchen to
the bedroom which we, women love to
acquire and possess as either for use or
decorations. Little by litt;e some
individuals who are business-minded make
Christmas a lucrative undertaking for
The five (5) Cs of Christmas = candies,
carols, cards, cakes and children have
become common in every family and
make worthy of its celebration. As such
long before Christmas day, cards fill the
post office mails for relatives, friends and
business associates here and abroad to
show the thought of the senders. Groups
of young people and the old ones organize
the caroling teams and round houses
when the season is declared and sing for a
fee. Candies in some homes are lighted
not to reject the dark but as decoration.
Later the Christmas lights have come
comm0n and their series bring delight to
the eyes of the people around. Candies are
loved by children , so some homes
provide them to entertain any visiting
child and the parents. Children are the
main concern of many parents ,so that they
are the individuals that would always bark
at their parents for anything they like in the
stores. As such, toys of different sizes and
designs are manufactured especially for
children and they sell fast. And of course
cakes are always, more often than not
homes .do have to enjoy. It’s only
unfortunate that because of financial crisis
felt today by many of our people not every
family is blessed with the 5 Cs. So, for
those who have more in life may be
preparing to share their blessings to those
who do not have. Used wearable clothing,
overused toys to share to other children
instead of just throwing them away, still
usable kitchen utensils and many more in
the homes who do have more than enough.
I am sure you would feel so good if you
can share them to the poor and needy.
There are many more ways to make
Christmas meaningful to anyone’s life by
considering the cause of the poor.
Generations come and go. Now has
come the time that when you say “Merry
Christmas” on the air as greetings to
friends and relations, such greeting is for a
fee. The same as when you have your
greetings in the newspapers and on
Yes, the yuletide season has become
commercial and its genuine meaning of the
birth of Jesus has become less and less
important. Many take it for granted. Very
We do not suggest to eliminate the five
Cs, because traditionally they have been
there and there’s nothing wrong
considering them as part of the
celebration. What we’re saying here is to
regard the birh of Jesus as the most
important .And we find time to meditate
who really Jesus is and who is He in our
lives. Then make Christmas a truly happy
celebration. Even without the 5 Cs.
Endtime surely will come for God to judge
between the good and the evil. Let’s all be
prepared by being a delight in the eyes of
God. Away with selfishness and greediness.
God loves a cheerful giver.
Yes, caroling is one of the marks of
Christmas. And whether the carolers come
in a well-organized team or just a group of
children in the neighborhood , let’s
accommodate them equally. To me, it’s
even better to give the children whether
they sing with the right tune and lyrics
because these poor children are in need
and they would be very happy to receive
something from you Aside from the
amount you give them you may also
share some slice of the cakes and candies.
Little things mean a lot to those who are
deprived of abundance in this world. It’s
the care and share love we’re saying.
Many have memorized John 3:16, but
do all understand its divine meaning?.
You may study more of this text and you
will find it’s far beyond your personal
interpretation of God’s love.

Wherever we are, wherever we go and

whatever we do, we have an obligation to
pray for any difficult situation of others.
This is the intercessory prayer. Let’s be
serious in praying for the Zamboanga City
crisis . Pray that God guides the decision
of the local and national leadership to
arrive at a peaceful solution. Also pray for
the understanding of the MNLF so peace
be restored in the area. Pray for the safety
of the hostages. Decision-making to
benefit both camps must be sought from
God. New Testament’s Colossians 3:15 says
“ The peace that Christ gives is to guide you
in the decisions you make.” Pres. Aquino,
Mr. Nur Misuari , Mayor Beng Climaco-
Salazar, and the peacekeeping forces need
it. $$$$$$$
This date Sept. 21 is related to the
Martial Law of the late Pres. Ferdinand
Marcos from 1972-1986.
I would like to recall that as a result of
this Presidential Decree a short-lived
uprising took place in Marawi City by some
lawless elements. And know what? It did
not go beyond 24 hours to restore the
normalcy of the people’s movement in
that city . It caused the closure of the
radio station MBC-DXRM we managed for
10 years. No Christian employees of the
station desire to go back to work. But the
damages on that uprising on lives and
properties were incomparable with those
in Zamboanga City.
And for this date, let me say “God
blesses you to City Councilor and lawyer
Peter Co.” Yes, today is his
birthday.Martialloha pud ninyo siya aron
maka celebrate.
So, the White House in Washington D.C.
may now be preparing for the announced
state visit of U.S Pres. Barack Obama to
the Philippines on Oct. 11 -12. It may or
may not be related to the unstable
situation in Mindanao, Zamboanga City
QUOTE : “ The peace that Christ gives is
to guide you in the decisions you make”
(Col. 3:15)
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