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A Resource For Dark Continent.

Bibliography of African Explorer's Books

This document lists publications by African explorers from the period relevant to
the Dark Continents RPG. Many can be found as text files on the internet, some
are still in publication and can be purchased through a reputable bookstore or
online via Amazon.

For anyone trying to get a feel for the period I would particularly recommend
Stanley's account of his journey through the Dark Continent, available in two
volumes as modern reprints from Dover Books.

• Alvarez, Father Francisco. Narrative of the Portuguese Embassy to

Abyssinia During the Years 1520-1527. London, 1881.

• Azurara, Gomes Eannes de. The Chronicle of the Discovery and Conquest
of Guinea. London, 1896.

• Austin, Major H. H. Aong Swamps and Giants in Equatorial Africa. London,


• Bain, Andrew Geddes. Journals of Andrew Geddes Bain, Trader, Explorer,

Soldier, Road Engineer, and Geologist. Cape Town, 1949.

• Baker, Samuel White. The Albert N'yanza, Great Basin of the Nile, and
Explorations of the Nile Sources. London, 1866.

• Baker, Samuel White. Eight Years Wandering in Ceylon. Philadelphia, 1874.

• Baker, Samuel White. The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia and the Sword
Hunters of the Hamran Arabs. New York, 1896.

• Baker, Samuel White. Ismailia: A Narrative of the Expedition to Central

Africa for the Suppression of the Slave Trade. New York, 1896.

• Barbot, John. An Abstract of a Voyage to Congo River, or the Zair, and to

Cabinde, in the year 1700, in Awnsham and John Churchill, A Collection of
Voyages and Travels. London 1746.

• Barrow, John. An Account of Travels into the Interior of Southern Africa.

London, 1806.

• Barth, Heinrich. Travels and Discoveries in North and Central Africa.

London, 1857-58, Philadelphia, 1859.

• Battell, Andrew. The Strange Adventures of Andrew Battell of Leigh in

Angola and the Adjoining Regions, in Purchas His Pilgrimes. London, 190l.

• Belzoni, G. Narrative of the Operations and Discoveries in Egypt and Nubia.

London, 1820.

• Bennett, Norman R. Stanley's -Dispatches to the New York Herald, 1871-

72. New York, 1877, Boston, 1970.

• Ali Bey Travels in Morocco, Tripoli, Cyprus, Egypt, Arabia, Syria and Turkey.
London, 1816.

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A Resource For Dark Continent.

• Bovill, E. W. Missions to the Niger: The Journal of F. Hornemann and the

Letters of A. G. Laing. Cambridge, 1964.

• Bowdich, T. E. Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee. London, 1819.

• Bowdich, T. E. An Account of the Discoveries of the Portuguese in the

Interior of Angola and Mozambique. London, 1824.

• Browne, W. G. Travels in Africa, Egypt and Syria. London, 1806.

• Bruce, James. Travels to Discover the Sources of the Nile, 1768-1773.

Edinburgh, 1813.

• Burkhardt, J. S. Travels in Nubia. London, 1822.

• Burton, Richard Francis. Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Mecca and El

Medina. London, 1822.

• Burton, Richard Francis. First Footsteps in East Africa London, 1856.

• Burton, Richard Francis. The Lake Regions of Central Africa. London,


• Burton, Richard Francis. Wanderings in West Africa. London, 1863.

• Burton, Richard Francis. Abeokuta and the Camaroon Mountains. London,


• Burton, Richard Francis. A Mission to Gelele, King of Dahome. London,


• Burton, Richard Francis. Zanzibar: City, Island and Coast. London, 1872.

• Burton, Richard Francis. Wanderings in Three Continents, London, 1901.

• Burton, Richard Francis. and Verney Lovett Cameron. To the Gold Coast for
Gold: A ersonal Narrative. London, 1883.

• Burton, Richard Francis. The Nile Basin. London 1864.

• Caillié, René. Travels Through Central Africa to Timbuctoo and Across the
Great Desert to Morocco, 1824-1828. London, 1830.

• Cameron, Verney Lovett. Across Africa. London, 1877.

• Cameron, Verney Lovett. Our Future Highway. London, 1880.

• Canot, Theodore. Adventurers of an African Slaver: Being a True Account

of the Life of Captain Theodore Canot, Trader in Gold, Ivory, and Slaves on
the Coast of Guinea. New York , 1928.

• Capello, Hermenegildo and Ivens, Robert. From Beguella to the Territory of

the Yacca: Description of a Journey into Central and West Africa. London,

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A Resource For Dark Continent.

• Casati, Gaetano. Ten Years in Equatoria. London, 1891.

• Chaille-Long. Central Africa, London. 1876.

• Chanler, W. A. Through Jungle and Desert. New York, 1896.

• Chapman, James. Travels in the Interior of South Africa, Comprising Fifteen

Years' Hunting and Trading; with Journeys Across the Continent from Natal
to Walfvisch Bay, and Visits to Lake Ngami and the Victoria Falls. London,

• Clapperton, H. Journal of a Second Expedition into the Interior of Africa.


• Corry, J. Observations upon the Windward Coast of Africa. London, 1807.

• Crow, Hugh. The Memoirs of the Late Captain Hugh Crow of Liverpool.
London, 1830.

• Damberger, C. F. Travels through the Interior of Africa from the Cape of

Good Hope to Morocco. London, 1801.

• De Barros, João. Chronica dos Reyes de Quiloa. in Freeman-Grenville, The

Medieval Coast of Tanganyika. London, 1962.

• Denham, D., Clapperton, H., and Oudney, W. Narrative of Travels and

Discoveries in Northern and Central Africa. London, 1828.

• Denon, Vivant Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt. London, 1802.

• Du Chaillu, Paul B. Explorations and Adventurers in Equatorial Africa.

London, 1861.

• Du Chaillu, Paul B. A Journey to Ashango-Land and Further Penetration into

Equatorial Africa. New York, 1867.

• Durand, J.B.L. A Voyage to Senegal. London, 1806.

• Fynn, Henry Francis. Diaries. Piertmaritzburg, 1950.

• Elton, J. Frederic (ed. H.B. Cotterill). Travels and Researches among the
Lakes and Mountains of Eastern and Central Africa. London, 1879.

• Galvin, G. E. Diary of George E. Galvin. Chanler Expedition , Kenya.

Alburquerque, 1996.

• Golbery, S.M.X. de. Travels in Africa. 1802..8

• Grant, James. A Walk Across Africa, Edinburgh. 1864.

• Harris, Walter B. The Land of an African Sultan: Travels in Morocco, 1887,

1888 1889. London, 1889.

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A Resource For Dark Continent.
• Höhnel, Ludwig von. Discovery of Lakes Rudolf and
Stefanie: A Narrative of Count Samuel Teleki's Exploring and Hunting
Expedition in Eastern Equatorial Africa in 1887 and 1888. London, 1894.

• Hornemann, Frederick. The Journal of Frederick Hornemann's Travels from

Cairo to Mourzouk., London, 1802.

• Indicopleustes, Cosmas. The Christian Topography of Cosmas, an Egyptian

Monk. London, 1897.

• Ibn Battuta. The Travels of Ibn Battuta, A.D. 1325-1354. New York, 1962.

• Jackson, James Grey. An Account of Timbuctoo and House by El Hage Abd

Salam Shabeeny. London, 1889.

• Kingsley, Mary. West African Studies. New York, 1899.

• Lobo, Father Jerome. A Voyage to Abyssinia. London, 1735.

• Lander, R. and J. Journal of an Expedition to Explore the Course and

Termination of the Niger. 1832.

• Lander, R. Records of Captain Clapperton's Last Expedition in Africa.

London, 1830.

• Krapf, J. L. Travels, Researches, and Missionary Labours During an

Eighteen Years' Residence in Eastern Africa. London: 1860(1968).

• Junker, Wilhelm. Travels in Africa During the Years 1882-1886. London,


• Livingstone, David. Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa.

London, 1857.

• Livingstone, David. (ed. Horace Waller), The Last Journals. London, 1874.

• Livingstone, David. Livingstone's Africa, Boston, 1872.

• Livingstone, David. African Journal 1853-56, Berkeley, 1963.

• Livingstone, David. Dr. Livingstone's Cambridge Lectures, London, 1858.

• Livingstone, David. Family Letters 1841-56, London, 1959.

• Livingstone, David. Livingstone's Missionary Correspondence, 1841-56,

Berkeley, 1961.

• Livingstone, David. Private Journals, 1851-53, Berkeley, 1960.

• Livingstone, David. Some Letters From Livingstone 1840-72, New York,


• Livingstone, David. Livingstone's Travels, (ed. James Macnair), London,


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A Resource For Dark Continent.
• Livingstone, David. The Zambesi Doctors: David
Livingstone's Letters to John Kirk:1858.-Edinburgh,1964.

• Livingstone, David. and Charles. Narrative of an Expedition to the Zambesi

and its Tributaries: And of the Discovery of Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa,
1858-1854. New York, 1866.

• Lyon, G.F.A Narrative of Travels in Northern Africa. London, 1821.

• Malfante, Antonius. The Voyages of Cadmosto and Other Documents on

Western Africa in the Second Half of the Fifteenth Century. New Yor, 1937.

• Mackenzie, John. Ten Years North of the Orange River: A Story of Everyday
Life and Work Among the South African Tribes. Edinburgh, 187l.

• Moffat, Robert. Missionary Labours and Scenes in Southern Africa. London,


• Moloney, Joseph A. With Captain Stairs to Katanga. London, 1893.

• Nachtigel, Gustav. Sahara and Sudan. Berkeley, 1971.

• New, Charles. Life, Wanderings and Labours in Eastern Africa. London,


• Park, Mungo. Travels in the Interior Districts of Africa in the Years 1795,
1796, and 1797. London, 1799.

• Parks, Thomas H.My Personal Experiences in Equatorial Africa. London,


• Emin Pasha. Emin Pasha in Central Africa. London, 1888.

• Playfair, R.L. Travels in the Footsteps of Bruce in Algiers and Tunis. 1877.

• Pringle, Thomas. Narrative of a Residence in South Africa, London. 1840.

• Richards, C. G. Some Historical Journeys in East Africa. London, 1961.

• Richardson, R. Travels Along the Mediterranean. London, 1822.

• Rohlfs, Gerhard. Adventures in Morocco and Journey through the Oases of

Draa and Tafilet. London, 1874.

• Salt, Henry. A Voyage to Abyssinia. London, 1814.

• Schweinfurth, Georg. The Heart of Africa. New York, 1874.

• Schweitzer, George. The Life and Work of Emin Pasha. Westminster, 1898.

• Serpa, Pinto Alexandre (trans. Alfred Elwes). How I Crossed Africa.

Philadelphia, 1881.

• Sonnino de Manoncour, C.N.S.Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt.London,


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A Resource For Dark Continent.

• Smith, A. D. Through Unknown African Countires: the First Expedition from

Somaliland to Lake Lamu. London, 1897.

• Sparks, J. Memoirs of the Life and Travels of John Ledyard. London, 1828.

• Sparrman, Andrew. A Voyage to the Cape of Good Hope from 1772 to 1776
London, 1776.

• Speke, John Hanning. Journal of the Discovery of the Source of the Nile.
Edinburgh, 1863.

• Speke, John Hanning. What Led to the Discovery of the Source of the Nile.
Edinburgh, 1864.

• Stanley, Henry M. How I Found Livingstone. London, 1872.

• Stanley, Henry M. Through the Dark Continent. London, 1878.

• Stanley, Henry M. The Congo and the Founding of its Free State. London,

• Stanley, Henry M. In Darkest Africa. London, 1890.

• Stanley, Richard and Neame, Allen (eds.). The Explorations Diaries of

H.M.Stanley. London, 1961.

• Stigand, C. H. To Abyssinia through Unknown Lands.Philadelphia, 1910


• Teleke, Count Samuel. A Personal Diary of Exploration in East Africa.

Ontario, Canada, 1961.

• Thomson, James Baird.Joseph Thomson, African Explorer. London, 1896.

• Thomson, Joseph. To the Central African Lakes and Back. London, 1881.

• Thomson, Joseph. Through Masai Land: A Journey of Exploration among the

Snowclad Volcanic Mountains and Strange Tribes of Eastern Equatorial
Africa. London,1883..10

• Von Höhnel, Ludwig. Discover of Lakes Rudolf and Stephanie: A Narrative

of Clunt Samuel Teleki's Exploring and Hunting Expeditions in Eastern
Equatorial Africa. London 1894 (1969).

• Walpole, R. Travels in Various Countries of the East. London, 1820.

• Ward, Herbert. My Life with Stanley's Rear Guard. London, 1890.

• Ward, Herbert. A Voice from the Congo. London, 1910.

• Wellby, M. S. 'Twixt Sirdar and Menelik: an Account of a Year's Expedition

from Zeila to Cairo Through Unknown Abyssinia. 1901 (1969).

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